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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing Mbq Voucher Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Mbq Voucher Form

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Must-knows concerningMbq Voucher Form

name is Maurice Gaston I'm a mobility.counselor here at metropolitan Baltimore.quad.I've been with the company since January.of 2008 MBQ was created from the.Thompson settlement and through a.partnership with H ABC and quad L.consulting we were able to administer a.voucher program that gave families the.opportunity to move to areas that have.better school districts safer.neighborhoods and also higher quality.housing as a counselor here at MBQ it is.our job to pretty much help the clients.get to the point of living in a high.opportunity area so what we do is we.walk them through a series of workshops.from the application process to the.leased leasing process and we hold their.hand and guide them through that process.so that's one of the jobs we do here at.meq with those workshops or specific.workshops we work on professionalism we.also work on credit or anything else.that will give them the best opportunity.in front of a landlord to be able to.lease in the higher opportunity areas as.defined in the settlement and high.opportunity areas consider less than 10.percent poverty.and less than 30 percent minority.population some of these services that.we do provide for the clients post lisa.or after they've lived in their house we.have partnered up with vehicles for.changed which gives the head of.household that is working the.opportunity to purchase a car and they.have to be working at least 30 hours a.week in order to qualify for that.particular program and it allows them.the flexibility of transportation and to.be able to drive to their job or to seek.other jobs so that's one of the.partnerships that we've made in the.program along with vehicles for change.through other funding we've been able to.pay for a driving school so we can pay.up to 75 percent of driving school for.those that are seeking to get their.drivers license.and be able to be mobile which allows.more flexibility when it comes.two jobs and also travel to their to.their house.we've also the directors actually gonna.board we do what's called the Amara.scholarship for those that are looking.to pursue education and it doesn't.necessarily have to be a university make.it be a trade school or any type of.certification and we provide that.opportunity for our clients through this.process as far as the settlement we've.partnered with the Abel foundation which.have provided funds for various.activities one of the biggest things are.security deposit.so through our program and for.first-time movers and now second time.movers they have access to security.deposit assistance and some of the more.expensive areas and also in the summer.time we've been able to assist a few.families with the cost of summer camp.which can also be very expensive in the.height where we consider high.opportunity areas or you need the.counties that are a little bit more.affluent where summer camp may cost more.money we've been able to assist some.families with funds for summer camp in.the process anyone who wished to receive.a Housing Choice Voucher they have to.apply for the program our applications.have changed because the criteria has.changed as far as who is eligible but if.you fit any the the basic criteria if.you've been on the waiting list since.1995 if you've been in public housing or.your current resident of public housing.you may qualify for our program and.they've also opened the criteria up to.Baltimore City residents with the.Baltimore City residents they may also.now qualify for the program so the.criteria is actually opened up once they.apply for the program they receive a.notification to let them know that they.they actually qualify are now put onto.our waiting list once you're put on the.waiting list you wait for an invite to.come in to an orientation the.orientation gives an overview of the.program just some pointers or general.information about the program and once.participants sit through the orientation.they are then put on what we consider.a plan to get your voucher which means.they may have to attend a few workshops.based on a general assessment done by.our workshop team some of those.workshops may include credit counseling.how to search for housing also budgeting.which is a major factor in whether you.can afford to stay someplace and.maintain we also do workshops for.housekeeping because you know some.clients may not know how to maintain a.house so we do a home maintenance.workshop and all these workshops are.designed to prepare them for when they.are going to attempt to look for a.voucher we also have additional.workshops that help with the home search.process what to ask what to say how to.dress professionally and conduct.yourself as professional as possible and.once that process is done and we see.that they're ready to receive their.voucher through that process they're.referred to the voucher team and they.access it through another workshop where.we do their final paperwork to make sure.that they officially still qualify for.the program so that means we're looking.at background checks we're looking at.actual income to make sure that they.still fit in the criteria according to.HUD guidelines to actually receive a.voucher once that process is done then.they're invited to a workshop where we.explain where to search and how to.conduct your search and they actually.are then assigned to counselors and also.search assistants the counselors help.them through the process and the search.assistants actually take them to the.properties so some clients actually get.to go on an actual tour of some of the.properties that are available to them.and if they're interested in a property.they fill out paperwork and once that.paperwork is filled out we make sure.it's affordable we make sure it's rent.reasonable and we also make sure it's in.what we consider the allowable census.tract which is another part of the.criteria the program in a high.opportunity area the unit is inspected.once it's inspected if they're approved.they can go ahead and move into the unit.our voucher process or our what we do.versus the typical Housing Authority is.our voucher actually covers the.surrounding jurisdictions of Baltimore.City.the typical Housing Choice Voucher you.can only lease in that particular County.versus our voucher were able to jump.counties without having to port the.voucher into that Housing Authority so.it kind of cuts down on the time frame.in which someone is searching for a.place another difference that we do have.is we have the additional resource of a.computer lab so the computer lab the.clients have access to come in and.search for properties on their own and.and use that to help with their search.that's another difference that we have.when it comes to our voucher versus the.typical voucher also a very unique.feature that metropolitan Baltimore.Kordell has is we have a counseling.component which is different than the.typical housing authority because the.counseling component kind of adds.additional help and services when it.comes to landlord mediation we do a lot.of that and also just helping with.additional services especially for.special if we have a special needs or a.handicapped or disabled client we can.provide additional services than the.typical housing authority and cannot.provide we actually have a landlord.outreach team and their position or what.their job is to actually look for.potential landlords through listings.real estate agents or calling around we.explain the program.and if they're interested we then add.them on to our list and refer the.clients out to these landlords because.they're already aware of the program.another criteria that is unique to our.program focusing on families moving to.higher opportunity areas we actually use.the census tracts these census tracts.are based on census data that's out.there and it tracks the the income in.the area the demographics of the area.and what we find is certain census.tracts have a mixed population or a.diverse population also the education.system tends to be better so anyone.coming into our program we encourage.that they stay in these areas to take.advantage of the better school districts.the safer neighborhoods and also.well-maintained neighborhoods because.those three things are key for our.families to be successful for our.children to be successful and that's one.of the reasons why this program was.created so we make sure that any.landlord that we come in contact with.and that we refer out to clients or.landlords that fit in that criteria as.far as being in an opportunity area in.the designated census tracts that we.deem would be the best move for families.given my position I actually coordinate.second time moves so when we do our.initial when they initially lease up in.our program we ask them a series of.questions because by asking these.questions we can figure out whether a.family would stay or whether they would.go and then with the resources that we.have.we then figure out if there's a resource.that we can provide for a family would.they actually stay in what we consider.an hi opportunity area and what we find.is most families that are comfortable.around other family members are usually.the ones that tend to move back to.Baltimore City because of a comfort.level there their family is nearby they.have you know friends and family that.could watch their children they're.familiar with the neighborhood.so that that's one of the biggest.reasons why a lot of families end up.moving back to because a comfort level.also lack of transportation usually in.the county the bus lines may not run as.frequently as they're used to in the.city so a lot of people who either live.in the city used to live in the city or.work in the city tend to move back to.the city to have access to.transportation because that's a little.bit more convenient for them and that's.another reason why they may move back to.Baltimore City one of the criteria and.process that we deal with or that we do.is post counseling and we do a series of.home visits and these home visits are.designed to see how a family is.adjusting and in my experience usually.within four months most of the time I.see the parents see an obvious change in.their children I've had several people.tell me my child vocabulary has.increased my child used to be a D.student and now they're an A student my.child actually enjoys going to school.and a lot of these changes happen.because the classroom sizes are probably.smaller the classroom environment is.probably more positive or a child would.look forward to going to school they.probably also feel safer in their.neighborhood so a overall comfort level.we see a drastic change in a matter of.months also as far as families are.concerned they're more likely if they.have the tools to stay in the county.because a mother who is focused on.education sees the benefit of staying in.the county and they'll try their best to.stay where they are now we do have some.that end up transitioning back to the.city and because they've seen the.positive side of staying in the county.and they go back to the city they then.come back and say I want to move back to.the county because now my child is in a.terrible school district or in a.terrible neighborhood and they saw the.differences and those differences.sometimes force families to make an.adjustment or use the resources that we.have available for them to then move.back to the.County each census track has a payment.standard and a payment standard is also.based on the type of house whether it be.an apartment versus a single-family.payment standard is based on actual.bedroom size and location so certain.locations in the county may be may have.higher rent so our payment standard.actually adjust to those counties based.on the census tract our highest payment.standard that we have and that we were.able to adjust to that most programs can.adjust to is Columbia because that's one.of our more expensive areas so we've.been able to go above payment standard.in areas like that where most programs.they stay between 80 and 100 percent.were able to go from one hundred and ten.percent to one hundred and thirty.percent payment standard so that's the.difference with our program versus the.typical program discrimination is kind.of one of those things that we know can.and does happen in the process we have.partnered with Baltimore neighborhoods.and if there is an issue we encourage.clients to report any levels of.discrimination to Baltimore.neighborhoods a particular client that.they moved to a very nice area and the.daughter was on the volleyball team and.the school volleyball team apparently is.ranked so that means the potential for.scholarship she was a a student and she.had to move because of it was either a.rental increase of something happening.where she possibly had to move and I was.able to find a way for this parent to.stay because I kind of felt for her I.felt like you know her daughter took.advantage of the program she was in a.better school district she was active in.school and she had the potential to get.a volleyball scholarship so I kind of.took it personal like I have to do.everything in my power to allow these.families to be able to stay in this area.I was able to you know make make it.happen pretty much and allow her to be.able to stay in that area so that really.stories like that kind of happened.frequently where you know someone really.wants to that that American dream allow.the opportunity for their child to be.able to be successful and I've been able.to help several families to be able to.remain in an area or at least if they.had some move move to an area where they.can continue to be successful.you.

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