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Ps Form 2567 A Should I Sign : Draft, Finish and save

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Rd can you border than.83 cents that is you get there you go.Betty.American Airlines I can't believe it.14:50 got 75 Center right there.five point one seven percent on that so.I've got the 6-3 boom we're losing it at.a 10.we're losing it at 10 we lost a bunch it.sucks it went up so much whoops.we lost from 4:14 5210 31% 31% that's.not bad.so we lost total on American Airlines.four and a half points we lost four.point five but we brought in 1140 two in.premium 692 plus another.seventy-five cents so we got 11 42 and.75 12 17 and total premium minus 450 and.a loss we made on American Airlines 767./ a 1450 stock we made fifty two point.eight percent on American Airlines not.bad.eighty-six days we had that stock not.that bad.delete alright so there we go boys and.girls those swings are working good new.picks coming out Sunday night Hertz is.making a big move from 275 through Hinds.3 its 358 on 38 million so we don't have.to go far from the house on Hertz will.be like CID M and a lot of these other.ones that were trading it may move a.little slower because of the size of the.float that's in Hertz it's up 141.percent AAL izz up 20 XS pas at 298 by.299 already been to 303 you could see.the size of the spikes that it can make.went from 240 to 270 so we got a little.Heinz at 24 million the shares in the.pre-market it's astronomical because.these companies like GN us they're doing.they're coming out with stupid news so.they can do fundings and debt financings.and people are selling shares and look.what happened to GN us Ross made money.but the rest of his room lost I watched.that video yesterday.Ross made a hundred grand in the last.four days mojo Mojo's made it copy in my.pics and on my same pics as me and then.and mojo traders have made a million a.Vissel vis sell at a dollar forty also a.swing pic Vissel was my number one pick.right here number one pick on January.19th January 17th newsletter my number.one pick this low so here's the Vissel.swing newsletter right here.[Music].right here this is technologies my.number one pick 33 cents and Vissel.right now is 3 bucks oh it's a dollar 41.for 33 money so I'm gonna stay live.today most other traders they're gonna.shut it down guys but I'll show you how.what it's like the trade life make some.good money today.[Music].right XSP a troop of eight grand on save.nice mr. money like that it's a good was.a good pick.FRS doubled XS PA such amazing picks it.was supposed to change and it didn't.it's weird.I did a room setting change and it.didn't take effect MGM one from 18 to 23.now beat boeing is 203 look at that.203 on Boeing got a trader in here that.has that you still got the MGM nice.yeah you should have held that hurt you.would have made a fortune at least sell.half and maximize no reason to always.sell all of it when the trends up.getting a rail grinding always sell half.and maximize raise the trail stop higher.and higher you can always walk away when.you get a trail stop in there.[Music].[Music].oh you guys can't I can 924 yeah.absolutely you'll do that next time no.big deal.brain fart you have those sometimes you.like hit the wrong calab you like why.the hell did I just hit that club did.like I just shot it over the green dude.I didn't one lasso two more I just show.you wince in my face 10 miles an hour.and I hit the freakin oh yeah I didn't.read that green dude holy it broke.all the way over there what the hell was.I looking at brain fart oh my gosh how.to control how many opportunities we get.and what we got going on but I'm not.gonna call out no pics until 9:30.because I have a lot of people watching.from my competitors that are like trunk.just like what's Mike gonna pick out so.I can give it to my room too and that's.what we're gonna trade today but they're.in here too because they're subscribers.I've come to figure out one or two of.the master traders that I never speak to.all my competitors because after five.years I get to know everybody you know.but there's one or two that just never.respond back they're silent quiet you.know what I mean it doesn't make sense.three years four years five years six.years with a subscription you know and.they never not like you guys you know.it's weird.Disney went from 111 to 119 it's 127.Disney's 127 I can't wait to call out my.pick for to that it's gonna be a great.day today everyone's like on the seat.like what's what are we gonna be trading.what are we gonna do oh yeah the malls.aren't cool but they're in here it's all.good.9 9 26 it's all good.what do I think about swinging a few.swings and holding the rest belong it.yeah that's what we do.you should have let's see after six.months with the Mojo swing.how many swing pics do I have 52 swing.pics crazy dude how they keep on going.up lotta a lot of good names they're.always the low well my swing picks will.always be the nads that gaining winners.dude I'm a small cap specialist I picked.them weeks before they even happen.always mourn and TGIF mister hop stone.good morning rod what's up.morning DG alright we got one minute to.the open guys look XO Em's 51.everything's up so much here's the plan.you ready.give it to you.there you go that's the plan for today.it's easy don't get too excited cuz.everything's up Mojo's the master and.I'm gonna lead you to the bank cashing.in the funds baby Benjamin Benjamin.Benjamin 929 here we go boys get ready.here we go Bing Bing Bing.I don't see anything go with the other.plan right now plan 2 right there the.second part long and short done XSP a.long 3 24 10 plus right here 3 times.added.hurts Hines 3 Hertz htz.sold excess PA right here.sold hurts right here big sell of it had.a lot of it hundred thousand shares sold.XSP a little of both left sold beautiful.they took it 309 beautiful beautiful.money making on hurts dude hundred.thousand shares sold 3 19-25 thousand.shares left sold 324 10,000 left or a.thousand whatever you want to do.sold 3000 left flat right here at the.end of sequence 339 244 flat great trade.the twenty thousand dollar trade.stocks traded 75 million shares.it's it out of excess PA I'll rebuy it.back and I got 500 Hertz left trailing.right here for the last of it that's it.great trading this morning whew 369 high.on Hertz and I didn't think I was gonna.go that high because of the freaking.size of the float but it did great job.amazing.excess PA was great trade to two.beauties and I'm in uvx why hasn't.really done anything add two more times.on UV nice that's how it's done boys.Cheers.Alex hope you got hurts I npx is a swing.pick of ours nice job guys nice job nice.job we go stopping station right here.stopping station right here guys.stopping station half size.right here done stopping station get it.done filled half-size trade 3 22 to 27.that's because mojo is the best I'll.tell them made $3,000 on Hertz this.morning following brand new to the room.paper trading with the Mojo and Hertz.beautiful expected the 318 and God told.you told you told you told you told you.boom baby boom look at that XSP a baby.boola boola I know all right let's take.some at the bottom down here risking.only 3 cents to 41 to 43 who else made.money besides I'll tell a man anybody.else make money in the Mojo room well.how much show me let me do a little show.guys do it show me the money nice line.nice Allen selling right here to 55 to.56 to 57 to 58 to 59 half trail stop.four cents lower.each raid will an update everyone else.making rod 2567 following mike on hurts.great job sold excess PA 263 264 nice.106 rocky put a dollar sign in front of.that and bloom 2004 85 ret 268 gags 438.480 Kaiser 345 steve-o 285 wali two.hundo nice work same people lose every.day in the demos can't see I can't see.how but yeah.I can't see how I.hmm.by Disney and exo-m that's why you.losing.excellence not going anywhere either is.Disney they're already up too much.they're shorts.FRS X and making a little move up Batman.480 nasir 1500 Bama 2032 money seven.thousand five hundred and forty eight.Claudio five hundred Wiley two hundred.whitey 891 nice trading in the mojo room.today it's what we do every single day.today was no really great difference.from any other day.I love the genius the other day was a.little bit better a bio was a little bit.better so Noah even was a little bit.this was like you know out of top four.out of five catching yeah is a good day.Hertz was very very good neo the other.day was spectacular made a fortune on.neo the other day and Ford we had a.great week men ship I got the ship added.the ship back at fourteen cents I got.the ship because it traded heavy volume.that day craziness on the ship I got the.ship my ship is right here see time.maritime on five eleven of six that's.sixteen cents repriced at fourteen is.thirteen still down on it on five eleven.that was the ship with solo got it with.fourteen cents oh it's at fourteen now.it just ticked up there you go beautiful.even on it.five eleven swing pick fire eyes are.doing okay DGL why is doing okay bky.eyes at 85 cents today doing okay in the.swing and Smith & Wesson.new picks coming out Sunday night for.sure not taking off I won't take off.again it won't only one half size 50,000.shares sold.still uvx why is the same I'm going to.trim down I only have very little bit so.I'm just gonna wait on you the XY TVs.you're sitting there whistles moving.whistle you know this'll nice job tugga.now I'm gonna leave LK because of the.volume up there.all right right here five 9594 a hind.six on LK.hopefull oh nine oh four oh nine you.don't sold oh for selling oh nine done.for the day.don't be fooled.Beauty Heinz trade done for the day.myself nice Friday we do this every day.in the mojo room if you want to come.join the service guys you get this one.service right here which is the day.trading room right here we're banging.out the trades you saw the other service.which is the swing trade newsletter you.get them both plus my course nothing.better dudes value at a fourteen hundred.and ninety seven dollars on top of it I.give you the education man sold 614.selling 619 sold 619 selling 624.beautiful beautiful LK move done in the.fifteen minute mojo way very nice.excellent job excellent job guys.didn't take much to make a lot a lot of.money today and you know what the sad.part is you guys on my team everybody.else ain't gonna join ain't gonna join.we got the Sun we don't got 3000 people.in here we don't a lot of the other.rooms have thousands and thousands of.people's men and you know how they're.making money because they're in my room.giving the pics to their room now at.least the bigger ones that have been.around a long time the guys that set up.their own rooms they got to go out and.see how difficult it is for a long time.before they adapt to the Mojo way all.right here goes my UV I'm adding.shorting Apple three twenty seven forty.added UV 27 25 see these are the.announcements right in here this is.where I make the picks in this area just.so everyone can see them it gives a big.blinking Bing when I do it this is where.everybody chats and we get all the.chatter between all the members we right.now the 101 traders in the room this is.the live screen share the traders gonna.adjust the size of this column up and.down they can move it up they can move.it down they can make it big they can.make it small they could pop it out.right here this is the screen share in.the room and that's how we do you clear.12 5 now money nice great day nice.Friday I'd say we've made.60,000 72,000 I'd say we made eighty a.hundred thousand I'd say we made about a.hundred and fifty thousand dollars in.profits this morning on Hertz in the.room maybe two hundred thousand oh you.made seven thousand five twenty four.maybe two hundred and fifty thousand.three hundred thousand for the day.nice job rod can you believe I've been.trying to get you to do this for five.years with me dude and you can be done.in 15 minutes and go do your other job.and your other day completely whatever.you have to do you made seven thousand.dollars dude I've been telling you for.five years to do this with me so you.made seven thousand five hundred and.twenty four dollars times twenty days.that's all you get to do is a hundred.and fifty thousand a month take it with.the time factor that you only do it in.less than thirty minutes every day with.me and dude there you go so take that.one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a.month times it by twelve months times it.by five years you left nine million.dollars on the table with me so guys if.you don't want to I'll do the numbers.again seventy five twenty forty starting.to rise times twenty hundred and fifty.thousand a month times 12 months times.five years is nine million dollars are.you gonna leave nine million dollars on.the table folks or you're gonna get into.hurts right now at stopping stations 302.to 307 expected to 93 even wait for the.to 93 302 to 307 entry Hertz.they expect that that to 92-89 then then.arise to $2.99 to 302 that'll be the top.it's the exact move its gonna make okay.to the penny watch 295 294 293 292 289.bounce right back up absorb absorb.absorb right here ching ching ching.people getting stopped out.Mojo's in this is how it works I know.every tick I know every move exactly.what its gonna do and here's your 89.here we go 288 289 we add back at 95 and.she pops right back through or we get at.the next station done filled money money.Det.filled 282 got me at 282 I got it got it.here we go.selling 94 to 99 half holding half.through Heinz.don't have a big position at all eighth.eighth size eighth eighth size adding UV.adding again shorting Apple more 320 775.sold hertz 94 sold 97 to 94 sold to 97.beauty told you exactly to the penny how.it was gonna trade right.did I miss a penny on it yet have I.missed one tick on Hertz.no nailed it to the penny dude there's.no other traitor he's gonna go and he's.gonna say look oh I came in off the VIP.right down here and I trade and I made.money right there dude I knew what it.was gonna do before the bar even started.where it was gonna go what it was gonna.sold 304 sold 304 told you told you told.you to the penny to the penny to the.penny trail 302 sold 314 trail 307.great job guys great job.315 315 315 315 beautiful beautiful 324.324 trail 18 tug of 650 beautiful.you know Hertz did exactly what I think.you sir.absolutely great profits in the Mojo and.we do this every day today is no.different from any other day a you vxy.new high 27:57 new high on you you have.a very nice position in you vxy 55 new.high UV 60 new high UV my biggest day.you made another 3200 on her to your a.10,000 plus you have UV XY right you got.a little bit of hedge on UV no harm no.foul there got the Apple short going in.the UV X wide long happening absolutely.new high on UV new low on Apple Allen's.up 7005 beautiful date today say we're.probably over three to four hundred.thousand and profits in the mojo room.right now.I just got a message from Mouse.he's gonna sign on Wow.dude I have a trainer that made a half a.million dollars today one person made a.half a million he's gonna sign on later.and let you know yeah he's probably.traded five million of those shares out.of 133 million I would guess he maybe.five million of those shares rod ten.thousand seven twenty four Raj you got.to put a dollar sign in front of that.Raj I'm deleting it we use dollar signs.and commas everything is very accurate.like you're writing yourself out of.check right up there's no comma Raj No.get used to it I'm deleting it 26,000.with a comma and let me know what you.traded crushed it today.you V new high 58.65 welcome new traders to the room pro.trader mush your name is not mush you're.in the room I gotta change your name you.got to log off and log back on.Rodge Rodge.let me help you it's 26 and I doubt you.made an even thousand it's 26 thousand.with a comma like that that's how you do.it.you got to log off and log back on.$26,000 did you know be sorry it's a.great daddy wide be sorry about making.$26,000 with mojo nothing to be sorry.about their job guys Hernandez Holloway.jasbeer JB Jay Kay Kyser Melly live.today for the first time hope you made a.beautiful score Mele I'm will trow trade.a must let me see who you are you must.or mush yeah I got you you're a mush and.a must rock Iran Ruby rappin new.Terrence new nice Vic nice great job.today guys great job today great job.nice work in the Mojo room.great week great week.who looks which boxer that's a mouse you.know 795 scale into that to break the.magic number of eight and then finished.finishing you know the aid also and he.does that three times a day at the end.of the year he would be amazing 152.about another year just by doing one.simple type of trade and the best thing.that modules room does is really.identified those traits and maximizes.those trades like no other.yep that was the mouse on interview sent.me another text yeah best week in.history yeah absolutely dude really hi.hi big big big big numbers dude big big.numbers this week hey I would appreciate.an updated testimonial video at your.desk you know just like a tomb in one.minute thing letting everybody know and.about how they could sign up for the.Mojo and your win streak and how.everyone copies the Mojo and how yeah.you know I'm gonna show 186 we've won a.hundred and eighty six days in a row you.can watch my last 186 shows I stopped.counting a couple of thousand.it seems big to other people though that.copy my system that they have to tau oh.look how many days in a row unprofitable.alright you did really good June's gonna.be very very fun yeah.I know only 10% too bad I don't have the.other 90 but hey he spends three hundred.thousand dollars a month in advertising.so there's no way in the world that I'm.gonna do that no way dude I ain't.spending one dime I never have I never.will I ain't givin Google any money did.to send me people I don't care how good.their technology is what they do for.other people very happy doing what I do.same thing with the trading you don't.look at other people's trades you don't.look at other what other people do you.do your own thing then and be happy.doing it and wake up every day and the.world's crazier and crazier.dude the world is freaking crazy people.in the world I have a hunch I have a.hundred people in my room you know we're.like a fraction of the fraction of the.front that come in and been with me foot.you know Alan eight years after eight.years Bama seven years Batman five you.know years and years and do the world's.crazy out there dude we're like the only.normal people in the whole freaking.world and we don't even go out we just.trade and then do what it's crazy dude.what the hell is people doing there are.no jobs they go out and they walk the.streets like like freakin animals it's.crazy dude what if you go out and you're.in a pro and it turns bad the riot.people turn fight against each other.other pull the police come in and beat.you up it's like okay let me go out of.my house and protests and gigas get put.my life in danger and I don't have a job.and I'm gonna prove it to the world.that the world's up you don't.gotta prove nothing to nobody there's.one thing I've learned folks in my life.it's very hard to change human behavior.I Miami I'm dude I've tried with my wife.for a long time you can't do it I can.it's got a deal and managed by what it.is people behave the way they do can't.change them just got to deal with it.like everything else nothing's fair.whoever said anything's fair you want.fairness ain't happening in this world.it's who can who can Rabia right in.front of your face and get away with it.if you're good at that then you'll.succeed the government does it and a lot.of rich people do it they figured out.ways to take freakin a lot of money sit.back and do nothing and let everyone.else suffer around them.and they got to protect their own.business do what I used to work for all.these businesses the owners all they did.was care about themselves dude you were.only as good as your last sale your last.month of commission or this or that when.you become your own business owner you.realize that the only important thing is.your business and your livelihood.everything else is expendable you don't.realize that until you become a business.owner otherwise you're a pawn just.working for the man did that ask.somebody did that for 20 years.all right nothing's happening right now.oh it's impossible to change yeah you.can't change human behavior did can't.it's just impossible I gave up trying.years and years and years ago I just.adapt to what it is and that's how you.live it along if you try to always.change it dude I would have been.divorced freakin years and years and.years ago all you do is fight.friction all right Hertz is making a.little move back up 315 making a little.move nothing big though I wouldn't get.excited about anything on it.access PA made a little bit little these.little moves back up they could be.tricky it could be like a genius kind of.move where it moves up and then it.freakin halts and goes down a bunch you.know what I'm saying it's not worth it.not worth it.dude imagine like if you were like you.went away on like like icy read these.things you might've liked it went away.on like a trip and you like lost touch.with the world since like five months.ago you come back the first thing Kobe.Bryant got in the helicopter crash.you're like well I know what the world.isn't a pandemic almost half the world.almost died why and then you got Ebola.came back why the markets crashed but.then came all the way back to a new high.oh and then now you have this other.riots why more people getting killed.dying every day no that's the same.it's amazing you can't make this stuff.up.Elon Musk Tesla's at 874 you're like.Boeing is 203 like everyone was.quarantined and couldn't go out of their.house for a month you like no I shut up.did you like dude you're freaking crazy.I'm like dude this all happened in six.months imagine what the next six months.is gonna bring holy crap it's in a it's.unbelievable I'm just scared about what.I talked about yesterday with the banks.failing and the financial system.changing and them using your money.you gotta be it like a chase and like a.big bank dude and not have just yet just.enough for the federal government to.ensure it but then dude it's like scary.dude.yeah the USA is not the richest.continent third-world country heading.into the weekend great week in the room.Batman great job see you Monday it's.gonna be a rough sick next six months.but that's where the real money is made.I know I'm ready what do I think about.mini Heinz and s are any take a look.buds for 40 it already came from 397.it's at the top of the sequence I'd I'd.say there's more risk than reward or.equal risk and reward.I would I would look up I would look.other places I wouldn't wait around to.trade for a dime when you did what you.did this morning I'd go.say listen it's 10:10 rod I'm gonna end.my day I'm gonna shut it off I'm gonna.listen to my I'm gonna go to Lucas he's.gonna make me some tacos and some.hamburgers for lunch and we're gonna go.to the pool after that I'm gonna lounge.with Lucas right it's a great idea right.oh yeah that's the great idea told you.oh yeah.oh yeah absolutely I got him on my.facebook right here.let's see fly what you got I could do.that.Thank You Man nice good job dude nice.work out there on Facebook nice I mean.on Twitter let's see here let's see what.we got boys.well those are just my posts where is.the it's on my phone no you know it's on.my phone somewhere oh you had to take.off I'm gonna play golf this afternoon.for sure dude my golf got cancelled.yesterday great trading today guys good.job go surfing nice see this is what we.do in the Mojo room if you like this.kind of lifestyle guys this is day.trading we're done for the day.one hour and you could join my service.right up there mojo day trading course.let me do a little little ad you do a.little ad.we do a little ahead you know what I'm.saying.watch hi everybody pro trader Mike I'm.founder of mojo day trading welcome to.the introduction right here of the mojo.day trading room all my traders I'm.right here my traders right below me.right above me as the online number.where you see how many we have in here.and this is where I called out the pics.we traded htz.company called Hertz car rental company.and the stock traded today and.astonishing 152 million shares and at.9:37 after trading it I said to the room.show me the money let's see what the.room did as far as making money Len 416.master Allen 2005 58 rod 2005 67 on.Hertz and he increased that to over.$10,000 steve-o 285 Kizer 340 580 26:34.nantucket 549 for randy 2485 for bloom.ret 268 438 106 200 2032 7000 548 $1500.all within 20 minutes three hundred and.eighty-five dollars twelve thousand five.hundred dollars seven thousand five.hundred and twenty four dollars twelve.thousand five hundred dollars beautiful.six hundred and 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