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youtube video

Construction Company Application Form : Customize, Finish and forward

you want to get into the construction.industry but don't know how we'll stick.around because this video is gonna.answer all your questions this is a.question I get a lot fire.you know like Twitter YouTube and also.on Instagram it's how can I get a job in.construction and this question comes.from graduates it comes from people.living in other countries who are.already qualified and it comes from.people that have very little or no.experience at all so in today's video.I'm gonna try and cover every type of.aspect so if you come from one of those.areas and you're interesting get any.construction then this video is.certainly gonna help you out now why you.give a listen to me well if you know me.from this channel I've been in the.construction industry for over 13 years.now and I've worked in several different.roles I've worked as a site manager I've.worked as a project manager I started.out as Quality Assurance engineer and.then I became a site engineer I'm now a.site engineer and a land surveyor seems.like a lot but the construction industry.is ever moving and you get a chance to.take on lots of different roles which is.what I've done over the years and I've.worked for a lot of different companies.and obviously I started from scratch so.I'm going to give you an insight into.how I started and how you can best get.your start within the industry now I.know I've been a little bit lacks on.this channel but before we start go.ahead and hit that subscribe button if.you haven't already and turn on the.little notification thing because.there's gonna be a ton of new videos.coming this way on this channel and I'm.gonna give you a few seconds now I want.everyone watching so just comment below.whether you want to be in the.construction industry or whether you.currently work in the industry and tell.me exactly what it is that you do now.and what you want to do and I'm going to.do my best to respond to everyone's.comments and give you a little bit more.guidance if we don't cover everything in.this video all right now the third thing.is you can all want to stick around to.the end of this video that's where I'm.gonna put the little nugget of the.golden information I'm going to give you.some hints and tips especially if you.want to work in the UK some links or.some places and a little bit of advice.on how you can start your journey and.aim to get that job English.[Music].okay up first graduates you guys have.studied hard for three maybe four years.and now you're launched into the market.and you're expected to just go and get a.job.pressures from parents pressures from.yourself maybe but it's hard because.there's a ton of competition out there.and everyone sits in the same position.they've got a degree and they nine times.out of ten don't have a lot of.experience if you're struggling with.this and that's stopping you from.getting the job then hopefully I'm going.to be able to provide you with some.guidance on this maybe you're having a.career change maybe you have never.worked in construction before but it's.something that you really fancy I.actually had a friend recently who.worked in video production and sound so.nothing to do with construction and he.within a space of two or three months.now has a job on a construction site.working as a machine driver and I helped.him get the job but just give him a few.hints and tips so if you're here because.you want a career change it's not too.late and you can still get into.construction have you been made done.dn't or had a career break I had a.career break because I had a baby yeah.everybody knows about that and it's not.incredibly easy to get back into the.industry but it can be done.for me it was quite a smooth transition.so I'm gonna give you some points and.tips on how you can get back into the.industry when you've had a little bit of.a break no experience don't worry there.are so many people out there like I said.at the start graduates who have very.little experience it doesn't really.matter as long as you follow some.guidelines I'm going to give you.experience will come and the job will.follow so go ahead and comment below.like I said if you fit into any of those.categories and let's get started.graduates what are you going to do and.this applies to people that have little.experience as well this is I think your.biggest thing to overcome so in the.construction industry.it's a.fast-paced environment it can be very.dangerous and employees rightfully are.worried about new people could be on.site because they don't have experience.of working around machines it's not.necessarily the meaning you can't do the.job it's just more from their point of.view you're going to be a little bit of.a liability so the best advice I can.give you is to get experience now I've.mentioned this before I had to hustle to.get experience I literally walked on to.construction sites near where I lived.and I said can I come and do a week's.work for you and it's completely free.yeah it's hard doing free work but if.you need experience and you don't have.it then this is probably the only way to.get it so I worked for free for two.weeks and then I had experience to put.down on my CV now this didn't come.instantly I had to try a lot of.companies I had to ask families and.friends but eventually someone came.through and said sure you can come.on-site now this needs me nicely onto.getting prepared for the job so if you.want to work in construction and you.have never been on a site before you.need to be aware that you need two.things now the first one is a CSCS card.you need this to work on any.construction site in the UK so anyone.out there who's also a foreign work who.wants to come to the UK you need the.CSCS card it's a little green card green.card is like the basic one but there's.lots of different types and what is a.CSS card it is a basic health and safety.test and you do this you get the best.way to describe it is it's pretty much.like your theory driving tests you get a.little book which you can go and learn.some stuff on it's not very difficult.you don't have to have experience to be.able to know what what you've got to be.answering in the book so you get the.little book and then you book in your.test I think I think I will stand.corrected if it's not but I think it's.about 22-pound I will put details in the.description where you can go to book.this test and I believe they've now.changed the rules so that you have to do.like a day's course as well which is a.little bit like a driver's instructors.course you go along they give you.don't worry about this course I don't.know anyone who has failed it but it's.like a basic criteria you need to be.able to get onto site so don't go and.ask for experience from someone without.having your CSCS card like I say it's.obtainable by anyone you just have to.book in to get it but no site well it's.not a legal requirement but hardly any.site in the UK is gonna let you want.without one so CSCS card second.it's always worth getting a reference I.know it sounds crazy but if you have.someone at university or a family friend.or anyone you've previously worked with.they can give you a reference to say.yeah this person's going to turn up.they're getting do a good job they're.responsible it's just gonna help you.just getting your foot in the front door.for this experience and you know you're.gonna be one step ahead of anyone else.that's not doing that okay so you have.experience you may be a graduate or.someone that has worked in the industry.before do a toe in and you've already.been on site but you're still struggling.to get the job let's talk about where.you're looking for the jobs not many.people know of other people that work in.the construction industry but if you ask.around you're gonna find a family friend.or someone you know who know someone who.works in construction and just tap them.up just explain to them what kind of.situation you're in.castruccio sites are ever-changing and.they are always losing workers and.needing workers at the moment the.industry is amazing it's very busy in.the UK so there is a definite need for.more construction workers at all levels.I'm talking laborer site engineer.project manager site manager contracts.manager at every level so the more you.ask around the more chance you have of.you know being at the right place at the.right time.secondly the internet I cannot say this.enough but LinkedIn is incredible.there's so many people on construction.that are just updating you know about.their sites what's happening on their.site so find these people and just drop.a comment just drop a comment on like.you know their site and get on their.radar and then eventually when the.time's right maybe just send them a.private message and say is your firm.looking for workers this is the kind of.experience I have all this is what I.want to do.LinkedIn is so powerful I have actually.been approached for so many jobs by just.updating on link to him what it is I'm.doing and what I've done in the past so.LinkedIn is key my third one and this.applies to graduates anyone that's been.in the industry everyone that wants to.get into the industry with little or no.experience agencies agencies can help.you out so recruitment agencies there.are many in the UK and in fact there are.some that will even help you globally if.you want to move the thing with agencies.is the minute that they can put you on a.site they start making money so that's.their incentive and you have to chase.agencies they'll be super keen with you.at the start they'll be like yeah I've.got a job and get to get you on next.Monday probably and then like something.happens and they never call you back but.you have to chase them because they have.so many candidates and so many companies.they're trying to place people with that.unless you follow them up you're going.to drop off their radar so don't send in.a CV and then just be like oh I didn't.hear anything back from them and just.start moaning because a you can't be.like that if you want to work.instruction you've got to be constantly.push in so recruitment agencies like I.said stick around towards the end of the.video and I'm going to give you a few.agencies that I've used in the past that.I can recommend and that should help you.immensely the normal route I went at the.start of trying to get into site.engineering and went onto construction.jobs I mean you have to be really.careful you can't just well walk onto a.construction job but there'll always be.a little office that you can go into and.I asked around this was really hard.because it takes a lot especially being.a female to just walk onto a.construction site and be like oh hey do.you have any jobs but it was really good.for my confidence it didn't get me a job.but it has got other people I know have.had a job from this but the good thing.about this is that you know you getting.on to a job you're making that.conversation with someone and like.said the minute you leave that site they.could have someone that leaves a.position and they're desperate tomorrow.for a laborer for a bricklayer and.they've got your number they're probably.going to give you a call and if they.give you a call they might not be able.to employ you direct but they might say.hey use this agency sign up with this.agency and we'll take you on tomorrow in.construction I always say that you're.out of work one day but can be straight.into a job the next and that is the.reality so never ever take your finger.off the pulse because the job that you.want a need is right around the corner I.promise you that next up look for local.projects so there's a building site.pretty much on every corner of the city.right now there's cranes going up in the.UK is it's crazy but if you're after a.certain job where you have a certain.expertise let's for example say you're a.graduate and you have done you've.studied civil engineering and you love.working with concrete and structures and.that's the route that you want to take.there's pointless getting a job on you.know house in a state where you'll owe.very little much about the work so go.online and I'll put a link again at the.end of this video go online and look at.what projects are happening in your.local city there's huge infrastructure.projects going on and they have to be.declared on the internet for someone.that reason I don't know why that's the.case but you can go on and you can find.out which construction companies have.been awarded the tenders for these jobs.and then just contact them directly so.this brings me nicely onto kind of my.last and final point it's going direct.to the big guys a lot of small companies.will use agencies because it's just a.lot easier for them to employ people.through but the big companies like the.balfour beatty s the Karelian don't.exist anymore and macau pines the.Keir group word for so many I'm losing.my mind all the big companies they do.employ direct and for graduates a.graduate scheme is incredible you can.apply for these and they know what.they're getting from you because you've.come out University and you don't have.experience and they're ok with that.they're gonna put you on a scheme which.helps you to get to where you want to be.with your career so contact them.directly now if you're looking for a job.and you're a laborer say you're a.bricklayer or you want to get on to.machine driving and you're thinking.Michelle this this information is.completely irrelevant to me it's not so.everything that I've talked about does.apply to you as well now the tricky bit.here is if you want to be a machine.driver or a laborer and get on site.you've got to make sure that you do have.those qualifications if you want to be a.machine driver but you don't have your.machine ticket so you need to take it to.drive and operate machines on site if.you don't have these tickets I think.they're very expensive the best way in.is to get a job on-site as a laborer now.this might be a significant pay cut to.you but if you get on site as a laborer.then nine times out of ten if you show.willingness the company will put you.through and get you your ticket to be.able to drive a machine so you can have.to go in at the bottom but the great.thing is when you go in at the bottom.you gain experience so you're not.starting cold you know you already work.for the company and they'll see your.potential and you can you know go where.it is you want to go whether it be.machine driving or going into management.now it's fine let's talk about career.break so I took a career break to have.my son and afterwards I was really.worried about getting back into.construction I didn't know whether.projects would want me because I.actually only wanted to work part time.and when you're out of such a fast-paced.industry for a year you feel like you.lose the skill set but here's the truth.you don't it's crazy that is just in.your head so my advice to you is if you.wanted to get into the industry you've.had a career break is three months.before you want to start just put some.feelers out there phony agencies say hey.I'm looking for work this is the type of.work I'm looking for I'm looking for.part-time do you think that's feasible.start having the conversation because.these recruitment agencies are dealing.with companies on a day to day basis and.what I found is I'd already made up my.mind I was like no one's gonna want me.for like three days a week but the truth.is I spoke to a few agencies not like.yeah we have clients that just want an.engineer ad hoc as and when so phonus.when you're ready to come back and we'll.get something sorted and this happened I.ended up having an amazing role and I.then went on to pick up a couple of my.own clients and I now work part-time as.a site engineer so it can happen maybe.get refreshed on you know any tickets.that you need so if you want to go into.management this is one that I didn't.mention earlier but you have to have a.CSS card to get on site if you want to.move into management you need something.called an SM TMS ticket which is like a.five-day course I think it's about 1,500.pound and it just proves that you have.the qualifications to work as a manager.now you don't have to have the.experience before you can manager but.it's just this ticket that says hey.they've been on this course is somewhat.qualified to come on site and deal with.the basic health and safety and know.kind of what it is to be able to do this.management wrong so managers consider.getting your SM TMS and site supervisor.is the SS TMS I think I always get the.SS rip me middled up again I'm going to.put this at the end of the video all.this information is going to be in a.super helpful list there you go I think.we've covered everything so just to.refresh experience try and get.experience if you haven't got it and no.excuses of I don't know anyone you can.walk onto a construction site you can.write the letter you can write emails.you can get on LinkedIn you can really.push yourself if you're a graduate try.and do this before you finish your.degree that would be amazing and also I.should say here.my previous job experience to your.construction CV so you need to write a.new CV if you're changing careers or if.you want to get a job on a construction.site and you need to tailor it towards.the industry so for example my friend.who came from media into construction I.sat down with him and we looked at CV.and he was very good at like timekeeping.and managing people all the things that.he was doing in media related to work on.a construction site and in particular.the career that he wanted so tailor your.CV I will do another video where I'll.give advice on writing a CV for.construction so yeah don't forget to hit.the subscribe button and notifications.bell because that videos mean coming up.real soon I think I've covered.everything okay I thought I'd cover.everything but here's one last thing try.and get someone to vouch for years so.the reason why I talked about getting.experience or unpaid work which helped.me was I then had someone that I'd.worked with who could vouch for me.so when I phoned up an agency or friend.of a company and they said hey do you.have a reference I was like yes I do and.the reference was related to the.construction world this is so important.because people base their this is so.important because people do trust other.people if someone comes and if someone.rings up your reference and they're like.err yeah they worked on a site for a.week they were really good the competent.they've got you know potential it's.gonna help you massively so get someone.to vouch for you I think this is one of.the most important things and you'll.learn this when you get your first job.in construction because you're only as.good as your last job and they always.ask for a reference from your previous.job so that's how things work and.finally enjoy the process I know that's.hard I've been a graduate I've been.someone has been out of work that wanted.to get into an industry though you know.it isn't really made for them you know.it's so hard as a woman to get into.construction but you know I feel your.pain people and but just use these hints.and tips and.see if they help you get your first job.and write down in the comments below.anything like I said that you feel like.I've missed and I'll address them in a.video or I will try and help you through.any guidance I can't be super specific.do apologize I don't have a huge amount.of time so please don't ask me for a job.I work on myself.I work for myself I have my own little.company but I don't employ anyone at.this point in time I also can't spend a.huge crater time helping anyone that's.outside of the UK with like immigration.stuff as you can appreciate but I can.tell you what you do need to be able to.have a job in the UK good English.language skills that is pivotal in a.fast-paced environment where.everything's done through communication.and and through good communication you.need to be able to communicate with.others on-site there's a lot of foreign.workers in the UK on construction sites.in the UK and they're amazing you know.from all different countries all over.the world and it's incredible to work.alongside them but the one thing they.all do have in common all the good ones.are the ones that kind of survive.industry is that they know how to talk.to other people and they can communicate.well so yeah that's my advice there at.the end for any of you foreign workers I.said go ahead comment hit subscribe.button and I've got some work to do so I.will catch you soon hopefully next week.thanks for listening bye.you.

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Construction Company Application Form FAQs

Notice answers to listed questions about Construction Company Application Form . Find out the most welcome topics and more.

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