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Instructions regardingXcel Fast App Form

in this video you can learn about how to.create a very simple application against.an Excel spreadsheet using power apps so.stay tuned every organization has tons.of spreadsheets likely in their in their.environment now in this video we're.going to show you how to create a power.app to ultimate automatically add new.records update records delete records.and also do things like auto.incrementing of records as well so we're.starting at employee ID 1 and going.incrementally down from there we'll be.using power apps today so you can go.into power apps calm or make power raps.calm to play along the example today I'm.gonna be pointing to a spreadsheet.inside of onedrive for business let's.guess you launched it real quick so you.can see it you'll see I've got a quick.list of fake employees here follow some.crazy old years here in this case now.what I want to do is I want to go.through and actually point to this the.reason I chose onedrive for business is.because from there I can store this I.can share with others and I can have a.multiple multitude of ways of getting to.that spreadsheet also it's also in the.cloud as well because it's in the cloud.and I have the ability to to edit it.right from power out so I haven't.install any kind of a gateway device so.let's take a quick peek now ultimately.you'll see I have my list employees have.my start date and I have an employee ID.which looks to be auto incrementing so.we're gonna want to do the same thing.inside of our application as well so.I've opened up web power EPS calm and.this point I'm going to go ahead and.create a brand new application so we can.go ahead and create a canvas application.but we'll start with some data first.that's the fastest way to build an.application so once we do that we'll go.ahead and click on start data from.application from data hit create this is.gonna open up the maker lab here for us.and it you'll notice one of us one of.the sources we can get data from is the.onedrive for business now notice the one.we pull data from we pull an app from.data in our case it is going to use a.phone layout now we can change at a.later time once down here the templates.and the phone in the blank apps can use.tablet or phone devices but in our case.because we are using a wizard.here it's gonna start the phone layout.and then we're going to change that at.later time to be more of a tablet layout.also saw Gwen's select phone layout and.it already pulled up my onedrive for.business so I hit create now because I'm.signed in right now with my account it.should go ahead and use my.authentication token to do that and then.ask you name and then pull a list of.files and there's my fake list right.here now I did not give an appropriate.name the default it's going to be table.one for the actual table so that's.what's pulling back from the spreadsheet.you saw right here that's the list of.these three columns and the X amount of.rows so if you want to give it a better.name you could actually do that on our.data and you can give it a better name.inside of this I can't do it inside this.web app thought unfortunately all right.so go ahead point the table one and then.we'll hit connect now it's building the.application for us right now this may.take it anywhere from you know five 10.seconds on up to 3045 seconds up to you.now when it's done though it's gonna.build the basic structure of an.application for us it'll build a.structure of an app that can do things.like reading updating deleting and.inserting of new records I can save this.application now also and publish it to.where it's now available to edit this.with a spreadsheet from a phone device.from things like Android iOS Windows.Device and also from SharePoint and.inside of the web as well so pretty easy.to manage it as you can see here once we.connect we're able to see a list of.records now it's getting a little bit of.error right now because I have that.spreadsheet open and another screen I'll.go ahead and close that spreadsheet out.hit refresh and we should now get that.row those rows back I hold down the Alt.key to do this refresh so once we have.our app there we can either hit the play.button to interact with it on the top.right or we can hold down the Alt key to.interact with it all so that's one a.nice fast ways of doing things inside of.power apps but as you can see we've got.our basic application now done and if I.open up the spreadsheet inside of here.again the few alterations it's made to.my data set now the first alteration of.notice is it created an ID inside of.Excel for uniquely identifying each.inside of power apps so it knows which.record actually do updates on and all.that so that's the only alteration.didn't make if it's not okay probably.power ass may not be the best answer for.you but kind of a cool way of unifying.this record doesn't know that one.through five is a unique record so back.in my app here again I want to be able.to add new records delete records we can.do things like sorting and searching for.employees a few things inside of here.you'll notice the search that we have if.I select the gallery this is a gallery.and this gallery is a is a list of all.the records we have so if I select this.gallery we can see that it's sorting by.columns that would calm it's sorting on.it sorting by the employee ID here art.by the employee column and that you'll.see how it's doing all the sorting here.so we can kind of sort vertically or.horizontally now this happens to be a.text column that's why it's a little.goofy on this way of sorting we won't.get into that mess right now but if you.want to sort based on pulley name we.gonna simply go in here and change that.to employee name I believe I called it I.can't know what the column is actually.called okay so let me put employee ID.for time being there we go but if we.select this this guy right here Adam.Jorgensen here for example we see is.actually it's called employee so we can.go back in here and just take that out.that ID out and in a moment as we sort.will see Oliver Thames now Adams because.he has an a is now sorted up top so it's.how we can do this change of sort order.it's the employee entity we're sort of.my employee ID first actually we're.sorting by two columns here let me let.me take that one out it's not needed.anymore.so we're sorting by the employee item.only we could sort by multiple columns.now employee and then do a comma then.they'll you know then the start date and.so on and so on and so on.alright with that now Doug we can also.see that where we have things like.searching ability here as well see this.search right here this search is saying.search by the employee name so when I go.and hit the play button here and I do a.search okay look find a mouse here if I.once I search for a Brian let me go up.here there we go and easily searches.based on the name there as well now.here's how the code looks like now this.this code is automatically built for us.but if you want to change that.look at your gallery select your gallery.you'll see it's actually the gallery.right here and change what column on the.outside so you see here it actually is.looking at whatever it's in a text box.and searching based on the employee here.so that the biggest gotcha is you'll to.see well which which parenthesis am I in.right now am I looking at the the.parenthesis on the outside or inside.the one I thought I was altering before.was actually the search Clause and not.the sort clause this is my sort right.here and you can see that because it's.on the outside so and this is on the.inside of the search so I'm searching my.employee name here but I could search.for multiple columns like employee name.and the start date and so on now we're.not actually gonna do that because it's.actually the column a but you get the.idea okay so there's a few ways you can.do it you can see we're sort we get we.get sort ascending or descending by this.by something that little sort button.right there so it kind of recognizes.what you clicked on so this is our basic.core application now once you have this.basic core application now written we're.ready to go ahead and do some additional.things let me go ahead and change the.way we do inserts let's first of all get.rid of Brian here and when I select.Brian for example we see we can hit the.pencil icon and we're seeing the form to.actually edit Brian's record well a few.gotchas here I'm looking at this and I.don't want to be able to edit the.employee ID so if I hit the Escape key.to get out of the preview mode I can.select this employee ID I can say I.don't want to be able to to see this.this this employee ID I don't want to be.able to to somebody actually alter that.that's there the equivalent our social.security dress at pragmatic works in my.case so I can select the employee ID.text box and one of the properties.you'll notice when it quit it creates us.from the wizard one of the things that's.going to do is it locks in each of these.fields so to this lock right here if you.want to customize this field any way.outside that form creator you have to.unlock each of these fields and after.you unlock that you can then go through.and specify what do you want how was the.befit behavior you want for this now all.the way at the bottom here it says more.options in the Advanced tab you scroll.down and you'll see the display mode.listed here now that's one way of doing.the other way inside of power apps to.simply go over to left here look for.display mode all right there we go.make sure your item is selected here and.right now this says parent I display.mode we can go ahead and say display.mode dot and we can say just do and.actually it went ahead in dot view.okay so view essentially makes to the.view only field you can see but you.can't touch.there's also the ability to hide that if.you want to as well but in most cases.you're likely going to want to see that.field and you can edit it I don't.believe the way that little top left or.on the properties page on the right so.it's completely up to you so now that.we've done that let's find out what.happens when I want to go in and add a.new record so I can go ahead and change.Brian let me go and quickly run this app.again and I'm gonna change Brian - Brian.Knight - hit OK and it's gonna go ahead.and send that update back that's all.there was to ultimately making that.change now I have Brian I to go back.here we can also go to Devon Knight and.say oh I want to get rid of Devon ight.and now his records are gone so really.simple way to buy I ultimately changed.the application but when I add a new.record well here we go now we're looking.at the same employee I want type in my.new record I'll call this Bubba Jones.and in this case when the gotchas is I.can't I don't have an employee ID right.I want to go in and read what the last.employee ID was and then add one to it.so that's that's a little gotcha here we.have to do so to do that it's gonna be a.little different here we want to set the.default value if it's ultimately in this.one add mode here so to do that we're.going to have to write a little bit of.code here most of code inside of power.apps is very very simple.but in this case we're going to select.this now we're looking forward this time.it is going to be default this is the.default value we're going to pop inside.of this okay so we had to write an.if-then statement.now the expression language for power.apps would resemble the Excel language.of your Excel administrator or a user.you'll be able to kind of manage inside.of power-ups pretty easily.also if you're a power bi person there's.a lot of similarities there as well.they kind of modeled that effort Excel.so most of the code you're going to.write are single lines of code in this.case I just want to look at the excel.spreadsheet find out the last ID and add.a 1 to it increment it by 1 to.ultimately set that so let's go back.back here again and let's change this.default here and say hey if the mode I'm.in is and if I'm looking at a new record.I want to go ahead and add 1 to the last.record in the database or Excel.spreadsheet in my case otherwise just.display the employee ID as being passed.in so to do this we'll go and write an.if statement notice the top here it's.kind of helping you write the code for.you so we'll say if edit mode now edit.mode is going to say what what mode is.this format so sorry edit form excuse me.edit form that's the name of my form.here so you'll know on the left here and.it forms an a my form we ideally should.name the him name in a better a little.better name but this is the wizard.application so we're gonna go forward.here put time big if the Edit form mode.is equal to now I want to find out is.I'm actually creating a new record or am.i updating so to do that there's this.property here card form mode dot new now.this is going to specify is this a new.form if it is then we want to get with a.look at the side of our table 1 because.we might we call it a terrible name a.table 1 but give me the last table 1.record here we go these kind of writing.for me here and I want to get the.employee ID from that and add one it's.not employee but employee ID there we go.and add 1 to that otherwise just show.the employee ID ok and close that down.so basically a basic gift statement we.kind of zoom a little closer here so if.the employee ID if they form it get rid.of me so you can see the full thing here.if the if the form that we're brushing.editing right now though the form we're.looking at right now if it's a new mode.then go ahead and pull the last employee.ID and add one to it otherwise just show.the existing employee ID so if I were to.go back we're already seeing the value.of 8 here let me go ahead and go into.edit mode here we should see 3 that's.working perfectly oh let me actually go.the full full distance here we're seeing.3 so let's go Renne this again and let's.go ahead and add a new record again.we'll add table Jones we can also set a.start date to be equal to the base date.there we go now it's to be running back.record 8 there it is we're dead Bob.Jones right there number 8 is how sort.of alphabetically so let's do one more.thing I mentioned before when I set the.default date for that that start date of.equal to today again I need to unlock.the value and I want to set the default.value again here as well so default date.right now it says parent parent default.I can even find it also in a default.date here if we just go in here and type.in now open close purposes there we go.we're getting today's date so this is an.easy way to kind of build today's date.and you can ultimately go through and.fix that and the customer can still.override it but it was a good starting.point for now all right so now that.we've got that we're ready go ahead and.try this out one more time let's go.ahead and run this again and I'll call.this one Davy Jones he has an employee.ID of 9 this time let's start that again.and now we're off to the races so that.we see Davy Jones and the DS is way down.here and if we go into edit this again.we should see we can edit we can edit.Davy Jones but we can't actually change.them if I put AAA in front he should now.sort at the top there you go he's a few.seconds because we are getting a camera.this is just a good old fashioned.there's Davy Jones right there this is.just good old fashioned wizard bait.right right so at this point we may want.to make this a tablet application right.so a few things to actually get this.application you just built out to.production first of all let's go and.save it I'll do it I'll go ahead and go.to file and save it takes us right here.we'll call this just Excel app the time.being we'll hit the Save button now.after you save that though our next step.is to go ahead and publish it so other.people can use it so you'll find that.under the item share this app so we had.shared this app at all it also be called.publish after you after you saved it a.few times they have multiple versions.I'll type in somebody I want to share it.with like dev a night there we go.I'm gonna uncheck I want cinnamon.email notification right now and it's.gonna prompt him hey do you you want to.share access to this excel spreadsheet.and all this once he opens up a.spreadsheet once Oh once he opens us up.for the first time scuse me some little.my words right now.so now Devin has access to this as well.so as I saved this again I go back to.edit mode one more time here and every.time I save this application oh I.already have it open scuse me there we.go okay here it is every time I save.this application now I want to make like.a small change like skinny this up a.little bit and hit save we're seeing.version two of the app but Devin is only.seeing version one of the app and the.way you can tell that now see the.publish button right here if I say see.all versions we're going to see that.Devin is on the live version right here.and we're on the second version right.here so we're kind of editing editing.editing while Devin's still seeing the.production version so things like this.help you ultimately with application.lifecycle management to where we can.kind of edit and edit and version.controls built into this automatically.so pretty slick now our last step is.just to make sure that we have some data.here if I can't let this fake list.sometimes it takes a little while for it.to sink that's what we're seeing right.now but we're seeing Bubba Jones now in.place we his data is now not correct yet.so you're seeing that somebody's records.are a little out of sync eventually it.will sync up there we go hey baby Jones.so as we make these changes we're able.to kind of see this chain is reflecting.the spreadsheet also alright so what we.showed in this video is ultimately how.do we create a simple application using.the wizard in just a few minutes to.create an application to connect with.excel so it's a really slick way inside.of powerup to do this now that we have.this application done we can go ahead.and edit it and do things like changing.the screen size oh I did forget to show.that to you so by the way if you want to.change that screen size you go over to a.file up here again we go back here again.you go to file again and the same place.we went to save you can go over to app.settings and change the icon to color.and all those kind of things and there's.your screen size and orientation we can.say I want make this a landscape app and.I want to make it a certain size of an.app also to where it'll fit inside of a.bigger application screen all right so.that's that's a.a quick chew or a power absent how you.can use it to ultimately connect to.things like Excel I've had a lot of.requests and the comments down below.about how do you connect to Excel and.edit that so it's want to make this.quick video here to show you how to do.that also the requirement for this one.it's open just having an Excel inside of.onedrive but you can also use other.mechanisms to get to excel as well all.right I hope you enjoyed this video and.thanks so much for watching goodbye.

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Xcel Fast App Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common queries regarding Xcel Fast App Form. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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