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The Information Guidance for Confidential Vehicle Rendition Harris County Appraisal District Hcad

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Guide of Confidential Vehicle Rendition Harris County Appraisal District Hcad

so each cuts gonna go up on you 10%.every year more than likely and if you.do the math over the course of 10 years.which most people own their homes on.average 6 or 7 years but a lot of people.own them for at least 10 years and.that's a hundred percent so they've.literally a hundred percent is literally.like double okay so um your property.value will go up a ton over the course.of many many years and what's really.interesting is if you homestead and.that's only if you homestead your house.so if you own multiple properties and.they can go up as much as they want on.you okay and again not bashing h-cat but.this is this is what their primary.purpose is is to assess values on things.to tax people okay is they don't just do.property they do all sorts of stuff okay.and and it needs to be done because.that's how we pay for our schools and.our roads and our infrastructure and our.water and our police department and so.we do need all of those things so we do.need these tax dollars and we're not.trying to cheat anybody out of the tax.dollars but we want it to be equitable.and we want it to be fair and you know.we just want to make sure that we keep.as much as we can and that nobody's.paying more than they should.okay but if you own multiple properties.and your investor and you have a.vacation home you're gonna pay more.taxes that's just how it is.so homestead your house if you don't.know how to do that I will show you so.the very first year you own your.property surely this is for you they're.gonna go up on you as much as they can.as much even if it's homesteaded they.can and anytime a house changes a.homeowner or there is a deed changing it.to trust or something like that they.actually do have the opportunity to go.up on you and the reason for that is.that say for example you buy new.construction well.some point the property value was just.on the actual land okay and so then the.Builder built a house or whatever and we.actually call that an improvement um.so or the dwelling and so you're gonna.see this word improvement and it doesn't.necessarily mean that you improved your.house it just means that it was an.improvement to the property okay and so.a lot that kind of throws a lot of.people off so so then because the land.now has an improvement on it it should.go up because it now is worth more.because it has a house on it or.improvement so that's one of the reasons.why um also unfortunately we are in a.great city with a great realtor.association but each CAD does hire.realtors to go in and check the sales.prices on properties and so even though.we are a non reporting state they can.find those out so if you go and you buy.a house it's really hard to argue that.the value is lower than what you.actually paid for it especially if you.just bought it within the last couple of.months it's very hard to do that because.um and you always want to see the.appraisal value be lower than the market.value and we'll touch on that in a.second and they will reduce your.appraisal value if you can show that the.market value is lower but like I said if.you paid X amount that's the market.value you paid it you bought it you.obviously thought it was worth that and.now it's gonna be really hard for you to.protest your taxes on that but.regardless.sometimes you will bought like for new.construction this happens a lot it's.really hard to fight new construction.unless there's something else going on.and but though you know they might put.up maybe they don't know what it sold.for and they put a price on it that the.bills are had it listed for well a lot.of times we know that we try to get them.down a little bit and so you can.actually go in.and submit your closing statement to.them it's super easy to do and I'm going.to show you how to do it and then.they'll reduce your value to what you.actually paid for it so and this is.really you can do that same thing for.not even if it's just your first year.but you can do that same thing if you.buy and a foreclosure or another house.that's got something else going on with.it that's real funky so you can do that.too um okay so let's see each CAD uses.mathematical equations and assumptions.about your property in order to put a.value on it and mistakes are often made.okay.so there's pros and cons to what we're.gonna do today.and we're kind of you know we're kind of.in a unique situation because everything.has to be virtual now so this is a.perfect year and I foresee that h-cat is.gonna get inundated they've had this.program out for about I don't know a.long time four or five years maybe maybe.longer and it's called ifile okay or I.settle excuse me I settle and there's.some pros and cons but it's free and why.not why not try to get it down a little.bit so let's talk about who can protest.okay.anybody can protest your taxes and it's.free you just have to log in to h-cat.and i'll show you how to do that as well.so you can also give written consent to.an attorney a tax protest company a.friend or family member and there's two.debt there's two designations that you.have to make on each cad one's a form.for people that get paid to do it and.one's a form for people that do not get.paid and i'm not sure why they like to.have the two separate but it is what it.is now something you should know if you.have used one of these companies in the.past regardless of whether you know this.or not you agreed to have them protest.your property for the.of your life basically or until you sell.the property or until you tell them not.to do it the problem is they'll say oh.we didn't get that in time and we've.already protested it so here's your bill.or literally March 15th rolls around and.they are protesting those taxes because.it they don't really do a whole lot.they just protest them and they're.protesting those taxes like the day the.the values come out and so if you've.used one of those companies before it.might be too late or you can tell or you.can just tell them look I'm gonna do it.myself thanks but no thanks.and I'll show you how to do that - it's.called removal of agents again the.wording is kind of funny it's not like.you're firing your real estate agent.it's you're removing the fiduciary agent.that has been handling your file so okay.um how to protest okay there's a couple.different ways you can do it in person.like I did many times before and there's.prep time drive time wait time and then.ten minutes with the gate keeper the.gate keeper was that really a nice young.man that I told you about and I honestly.think that they just hire these people.to give you your ten minutes that you're.owed right sort of to pacify you so this.year obviously and I don't think that's.going to happen I think we're gonna have.to do it in person or the deadline is.May 15th and I don't know this for sure.but I kind of think that each CAD may.extend the deadline just for those.people that just really want to go in.and sit down and talk with someone and.like I said you know I got a lot of.benefit out of that I learned a lot from.that so um I'm not saying don't do that.but if you're kind of one of these.people where you want to do it you know.you're not gonna get that much off but.you want to just try to get something.off then this online thing is a great.opportunity for you and you'll probably.do better than one of the companies that.doesn't know your property um so you.could do that in person which not sure.if that's happening this year or you.could do it online it takes ten to 20.minutes depending on your computer.skills.if you've ever logged into H CAD before.you'll receive documentation once once.you go in and you file and you agree to.use the AI file or I settle program.you'll receive the documentation used by.H CAD to find your value ok so when we.see this don't print it out it's.literally like 800 pages and honestly I.don't think that it makes a whole lot of.sense to people um I have looked through.it and I literally could not make any.sense of it okay it just did not make.any sense so yeah you can look at it you.can download it absolutely don't print.it out because it's crazy it's.spreadsheet after spreadsheet and.craziness okay.so then you'll you'll go in we're gonna.log in here in just a second and you're.going to UM tell them what you think.your property is worth okay and you can.click certain things like did it flood.it does it have any damage all these.other things and you can literally write.in the reasons why you don't think it's.worth what it is supposed to be I live.on a busy street or um you know I have a.guy wire in my front yard or my property.is in a flood zone and I can't build in.the back of my house or whatever it is.okay and everyone's gonna have different.reasons and I like to get creative so um.we'll talk about that a little bit more.um and so you're gonna tell them what.you think your house is worth and then.you're gonna receive a either email or.another letter from them it's called the.value determination or something like.that.from them and you're going to you need.to do two things okay because if you.don't do one or the other it's as if you.never filed okay.you have to either accept their offer or.decline their offer.okay accept or decline if you do nothing.it's like you did nothing to begin with.okay.and so basically you're making them an.offer like hey I think my house is worth.three hundred and they're gonna come.back and go hey we think your house is.worth three twenty five and then you can.go okay I'll take that.that's better than four hundred or.whatever.um or you know no that's not enough and.you know it's gonna be a personal.decision for you to decide what is worth.your time okay if if your house is you.know multi million dollars you might.want to spend a little bit more time on.it if not it might not be a good use of.your time to move forward to the.appraisal review board so that's just.your decision but so you know you'll.make a decision there but you can upload.oh and once you I file once you give.them the I file before they've made.their determination and you can upload.photos you can upload bids from.contractors you can do all that kind of.stuff I love to get bids from.contractors and just say you know my.house might my roof needs and I need a.new roof and that's gonna be a 20 grand.or the big-ticket items right or my.kitchen hasn't been remodeled here's.some pictures of my ugly house right and.so just just I just want to note here.and you will be asked to sign a little.affidavit saying that all this.information is true so you may not want.to lie you know it's up to you but I.just I don't know if I'd want to get.into that with them um but there's a lot.of things that you can see on here and.you'll probably find some mistakes so.let's just jump in okay um okay let me.just look at some of these chats Eliot.says okay Eliot.okay so he says I'm closing on a.property in May is there any way to.prevent sale price disclosure to h-cat.or MLS yes and no agents are required to.report the sales price okay you can talk.to your agent and/or.Houston Association of Realtors and have.that may be removed for certain specific.reasons and they may not want to do it.though because that is data and we are.very data-driven and so but it's not.like reported to the state or anything.like that but h-cat does find out so.that brings me to another topic does.that change if it's an unlisted property.yes if it's unlisted whoa that's great.then nobody knows it's private.yeah okay but that brings me that brings.me to another question sometimes people.ask me hey um should I I'm getting ready.to sell my house in this year should I.go ahead first of all as anybody selling.your house in the next year go ahead and.shoot me a little text and it depends.they want to know should I purchase my.taxes I I think you should in certain.price ranges because I think it's a.benefit to show that you've kept the.property taxes down every year because.you know that they're gonna get they're.gonna jump up when the homeowner.purchases the home and I think the lower.you can keep it the less it's that you.know the lower its going to be when they.do jump it up now cuz I think most.people most people know that that's good.to have a lower appraised value it's.good because that means less taxes we.all like that however in some of the.lower end properties the lower price.says you do have people that and.unfortunately do have the agents that.don't know what they're doing or they.don't know how to run a comparable and.they are people sometimes don't want to.use an agent see this a lot and they.look to the property tax value to.justify their offer and that's.absolutely incorrect so if you're.talking about a lower priced home maybe.maybe not but you know what I mean.there's two sides of this and the you.know the people in the lower priced.homes they may not know that they can.protest our taxes so that might be like.a really cool thing to mark it with and.say look we've we've been keeping these.taxes so especially if you can show look.our taxes are so much lower than the.rest of the neighborhood I think that.would be a selling point but anyway.limit Kate let me look at her okay.Jennifer that has no problem I just have.a house under contract on more Barry and.I'm pretty sure y'all are in the same.neighborhood that had the same thing and.we put it under contract during and this.whole corona thing so virus so it's not.an issue but we will need to look at.finding you the right place okay so like.I said let's get back to let me make.sure I'm sharing my screen okay.all right guys can everybody see my.screen I've unmuted I've unmuted y'all.everybody can see my screen okay.this is Harris County tax appraisal okay.let me look at y'all to make sure.everybody's okay.yeah y'all are all good okay so for what.we're gonna be doing this.what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna.go to HK org okay and we're gonna go to.online services okay and this is where.you file your homestead all right and.where this has agents this isn't really.real estate agents again this is the.agents who are your property protest.agents public data electronic notices.social media blah blah blah and then the.forms popular forms homestead change of.agent that kind of thing so what we're.gonna do is we're gonna go in here to.this I file protest okay so if you have.never been to this website before you.are going to need to get your form out.okay.and you are going to want to look up at.the top it's gonna say where it.basically it has the Harris County.business good below there and you're.going to have a account number and.you're also gonna have an I file number.okay.and the I file number is actually above.their website so there's two different.numbers you're gonna need and then.you'll have to need to file a personal.property rendition or extension we're.gonna say no to that we're actually.going to do the H CAD electronic filing.a notice system okay now this is where.you go if you have never signed up.before okay and it just takes a couple.minutes but they're just gonna make sure.it's you they're gonna make sure the.name and the address actually add up to.the same property that is tied to your.driver's license which is how they make.sure that you only have one homestead.exemption per state okay.don't try to file a homestead exemption.in each county they will catch you and.they will.you pay with interest okay so um you are.gonna sign in and hopefully I can.remember my password.mm-hmm maybe I need to go over here here.we go we'll do this one I know my.password dot H cat org okay okay there.we go.okay so fun fact if you own multiple.properties they will all show up here.and you can do a drop down and you can.do see all of your properties and you.can go back to many years past and play.around and see things okay so that's.super fun okay so and this is this is.only something that you can see this is.your personal stuff okay so for most.people and the final protest deadline is.gonna be May 15 okay and like I said I.think H CAD might come out with an.extension now if you have not received.your appraisal value notice it could.mean it'll say pending right here by the.way if you log into your account it'll.say pending I would go ahead and login.to your account just in case it's gone.to spam because it goes to spam a lot or.if you just moved your I don't know it.could have gone anywhere who knows.what's what what's happened but I would.just log in and if it says pending or to.be determined or something like that.then you know that you haven't been.noticed yet and just hang tight and I.feel the later you protest the better.just because you can see other people.and what they've been able to get their.property values down to and it kind of.sets a precedence precedent excuse me.okay so and we're going to go to filing.services okay and this is that I filed.protest that I told you about this is.where you can upload files um you know.documents talks are talked about your.flood zone or talk about you know.whatever it is and by the way if you.want to protest your house based on.something that your whole neighborhood.experiences that does not work okay it.really if it happens to the whole.neighborhood the whole neighborhood.either goes up or down and so this has.to be very specific to your house okay.and so you're gonna file you're gonna.we're gonna go through this in a second.you're gonna file your protest and then.once you hit done usually within a.couple of days you're going to get an AI.file settle offer or offer and this will.be a clickable link once that's.available right now it's not and then.it's also going to have if you decline.it then they will send you another email.or give you information on here as to.when you're you're hearing your.appraisal Review Board hearing is and.we'll get to that in a second I really.think it's important to reschedule it.for as late as possible.however it's risky because they will.only allow you to reschedule once and I.had this happen one time where I did my.little thing where I pushed it out as.far as possible and and I ended up.having a baby early and that kind of.messed me up and they would not budge.because I had already done it so and I.could prove I had a baby too so and then.you can enroll in the delivery of.documents again it's probably going to.end up in your spam the first couple.times so there's that's fun and then you.can add and remove property accounts so.um say you just purchased a home and.it's not showing up under you under you.or your name isn't on there you can add.a property or say you sold a house and.it's still showing up as as your.property you can remove it and these are.really good fun things to look at to.these.documents this is my appraisal notice in.case you don't have a copy of it you.know you can see what they appraised you.at and I say here and the exemptions on.the residential homestead properties I.think these are amazing to read a lot of.people don't know that they are availa.they go okay alright so we're just gonna.dig right in let me check and see if.there's any um questions real quick chat.hold on let me see if somebody said.something here oh okay so do you think.we should wait until closer to me to.file okay great question Norma I.personally would wait till like May 14th.I just that's what I would do because.like I said they will let you and then.that gives them you know they'll come.back to you let's say May 17th.okay and then say you want to go to the.ARB um then you'll say no I decline and.then they'll come back maybe May 21st.with a date and then I would wait till.like the day before your your hearing.and then reschedule it now like I said.you can only reschedule at once.I think they'll only let you reschedule.it 30 days out you can call or you can.do it online like I said you can only do.it 30 days out however I have called and.explained to them why I needed more than.30 days and I have gotten a kind soul on.the phone that L did allow me so just.depends on what you want to do okay let.again.all right so we're verifying that this.is your house okay good all right.next property owner information are we.any of these no we are not.I settle participation yes you would.like to participate that is the whole.point in this okay and then here's the.funny thing.opinion of market value they want to.know your opinion of market value notice.it doesn't say appraised value because.they're not really gonna give you what.you want it and really it doesn't matter.what the market value is it's about the.appraised value because that's what you.get talk text off of but if your market.value is lower than your appraised value.then you definitely want to put a market.value that is way lower than your.appraised value hope you understand that.and then there's some really good things.I like to check here and I want you to.be very careful here okay.value your appraised value this is it.should it's worded incorrectly appraised.value is over market value or otherwise.incorrect you absolutely want to check.this one okay.then value is unequal compared with.other properties I like that one too.this is for when your market value is.the same or you know is the same as your.appraised value but it's your VAT your.appraised value is a lot higher than say.your neighbors or similar homes so.that's it the second one's a really good.one to check there however you can check.both of them exemption exemption denied.modified or canceled so you might have a.an incorrect exemption or something that.you need to correct and that's what you.would use agriculture use say you own.property and you just put a bunch of.goats on it you want to go ahead and put.that on there and property should not be.taxed in for bends or Harris County or.whatever property is not located in the.appraisal district that's what that one.is failure to send required notice I.love this one I love this one in case.you did not.get this and you have never logged in or.opened your email that they sent you you.can use failure to send required notice.and what that does is you have 30 days.after the date that they give you the.notice to protest which ever is later.okay so if it's May 15th it's May 15th.but if you don't get your value.appraisal till August 15th guess what.you have till September 15th okay.let me take some questions here real.quick let me see what we're saying here.okay appraised in order to get to my.offer mortgage private mortgage.insurance in case y'all can see that and.the company appraised value is over 100k.lower no really I would definitely.upload that baby in there that's crazy.well we're gonna have to talk about that.can you check both boxes yes you can yes.you can.okay we're gonna okay so we're gonna go.down so sale information so this is.great if you just bought the property.and the sales price was lower than what.they're saying so check this one data.purchase so excuse me sell was a.foreclosure a great um property.description is incorrect um send a copy.of the of the land house was unrepaired.damaged visible from the exterior house.had like is it like not there anymore.right I mean sometimes when people buy a.house and they knock it down.each CAD wants to still get that money.because I don't know you knocked it down.although they should because you.probably had to have a permit to have it.knocked down but whatever um so you're.gonna that's your responsibility to tell.them that house has unrepaired damage.not visible other building info notes.field on the next page so we can and.talk about that on the next page.okay um yes or no do you want the ARB to.send you a copy of the hearing.procedures sure they're online but if.you like paper go for it and give any.facts that may help you resolve your.case they only allow you 700 characters.okay however I have cheated this by.typing up by giving you no the bullet.points there and then typing up what I.wanted into a document and then.uploading it so I've gotten my way.around that oh and something else you.need to know um your value is supposedly.what it is on January 1st.okay so but a lot of people and.especially if you go in from the ARB.will say okay yeah we know that it was.supposed to be on January 1st but then.this thing happened and it's really not.fair that you have to pay January 1st.appraise Texas for this that's affected.you going forward so and that's just.something you think in your head and.we'll save that for the RV okay then.this is for the representative fill out.only if you want to appoint family.members or friends who do not charge you.okay.and then you authorize this person so.okay yes we did that oh it wants me to.put yes okay sorry and then are you.currently you currently receive the air.be scheduling notice through the UPS.mail alternate delivery options are.available email notification so next.okay yes your protest prior to submit.okay so I'm not going to file it because.I don't want to right now um but that's.basically what it looks like now I am.going to show you what you need to do.now remember this is tricky market value.is what a house would sell for appraised.value is what they um base your taxes on.okay so you want to get the appraised.value down.the only time we actually care about the.market value is when the market value is.higher than the appraised value we.always want to see the appraised value.be the same or lower okay if you can.show them that that market value is.lower than we we can get the appraised.value lower okay but they get tricky so.we're gonna go back to gonna go back to.h-cat and i'm going to show you.something okay.so we're just gonna use me we're gonna.go to real property okay because some.other search engine stuff like the real.property advanced is super confusing I'm.just gonna let you look at it because it.boggles my mind like you have to put it.in very specific if you don't it'll just.come up with no nothing um but this is.fun if you're gonna really dig in deep.and prepare to go in front of the ARB.okay so because you can find houses that.are similar to yours same kind of square.footage building code style and all that.kind of jazz so I think this is too much.for just the normal person that just.wants to do the I file and not go to.this other stuff so I did property.search I did real property it's the.second one now we can search by account.number if you know your account number.that's great um or you can search by an.address or you can search by an owner.name okay so um I am gonna search by.address I'm actually just gonna look up.my neighborhood okay and then here we go.let's see what we find okay so this is.me and my husband okay and this is the.tax year and we can file a protest it'll.take us right there so even if you don't.know um.how to get to the online services you.can always just search and you can it'll.take you there but you will have to.login um similar owner name.find out if anybody else with my.husband's name has any property anywhere.nearby addresses this is a fun one I.like to use this one same street name.and that's kind of fun too and then.houses that are on the same like map oh.I'm sorry I don't know if y'all can hear.that and then ownership history that's.kind of fun to look at too okay so we.are going to I'm just oh we got a.question hold on Missy what is a lot in.terms of equal comparison to other.properties is there a guarantee you.won't be appraised over under a certain.amount to your neighbors with similar.properties no there's no guarantee on.anything.there's no no Elliott do you know how to.delist your name yes yes I will show you.that later you have to fill out a form.okay now okay so I want to break.something down for y'all okay.this total living area does not include.my garage and this is the land area now.I want to show you something I live in.an older neighborhood where the land is.what's most important okay and it's.really hard to fight the land if you.live in a neighborhood like this okay.now um I mean it's just hard unless.there's like a problem with the land.like for me I live on a corner and.there's also a setback with a sign and.so I can't like run around freely on my.property because there's this Stonegate.sign so um so there's things like that.if you live on a busy street or back up.to something funky right like you know.one time I had this house listed and it.backed up onto this awesome barbecue.restaurant which you would think would.be great but no because you would just.know brisket all day long.improvement again this is not how much.we improved it this year this is.actually this is we're looking over here.and so they don't really do anything.with.mine from last year okay um and so this.is how much they think my house is worth.okay it's gonna be really hard for me to.get this number down just because it's.the land it's the neighborhood it's just.what it is okay um my best thing to go.for is to get my oh my gosh we have.eight minutes left is to get the.improvement down so I'm gonna take.pictures of everything that's ugly about.my house that it needs to be repaired it.needs to be taken care of and I'm gonna.get bids and I'm gonna send them in and.I'm gonna make sure they're not fake.bids and they have to be signed by the.way if they're gonna look at them um so.that's so that's it interesting now.here's something that people don't know.see how I'm like scrolling with this.thing right and you see what's like.visible to me right now you would think.that that is all that is there right no.there is this other scrolling thing and.you can scroll all the way down not fun.okay.so supposedly my house was remodeled in.2007 which yeah but um that's a long.time ago so it needs to be remodeled.again it says that my quality was.excellent no it was a flip and the.quality was not excellent so I'm gonna.need to fight with them on that okay.cost and design extensive mm-hmm no.average condition probably average.foundation great adjustments we're gonna.talk about that physical condition.average okay.total rooms now listen this is important.you need to look at what they say your.house has okay I've seen things where.especially in this little neighborhood.called spring shadows the developer.basically sent in the plans to the city.saying houses had a half bath but then.when the houses didn't sell for the.price they wanted they reduced those.sales prices but they also took out the.half baths so there's all these houses.that on edge CAD say they have a half.bath but when I walk into him and I did.my research and saw they had a half bath.on each cat but then they don't and.people have been paying you know.taxes on half.for four years so let's make sure that.you have your your right amount of half.baths your right amount of full baths.your right amount of bedrooms I don't.know why fireplaces matter but in the.suburbs it matters and let's make sure.our square footage is correct.you know base area that's the garage.I've seen things where at our old house.they said we had an extra bedroom but.one of it but the bedroom in question.didn't have a a closet and so I was able.to get that bedroom taken off because it.did not have a closet a door and a.window they also took an aerial photo of.our house and surmised that we had a.three-car garage when in fact we did not.have a three-car garage we didn't have a.garage at all it was just a really nice.attached built into the roofline carport.so that was a big deal and nobody had.ever bothered to look and see what they.said we had so just changing some of.these and letting each CAD know about.some of these very simple things are a.great way to get your taxes down we have.a pool it is not average it is terrible.and 450 gallons that's good to know.um I'm gonna need to get a pool quote.and it's gonna need to be like a hundred.grand and I'm gonna go and tell them.that they need to come down because my.pool is anyway so that's kind of some.things that you can do I know we're.running out of time so I probably have.missed some stuff and I'm sorry I am.gonna be hosting the part two of this.which is the ARB tomorrow at the same.time and I'll just I'll send all of.y'all an email with that information and.now I am actually going to take y'all.off of mute I think so that y'all can.ask questions hold on one second let's.say Jennifer what did you say here Oh.nope okay bro what does extra features.units mean like in your case this pool.so it could be.like guesthouse Oh okay before we go.we're gonna do some snooping did you.know that you can look at your.neighbours houses mm-hmm.so this is fun you can literally check.on them and so things you might see are.like a guest house or a built in gazebo.or like a summer kitchen or anything.else like that that might be a tennis.courts or you know whatever it is and so.so for example let's look at the.appraised value and you know there's.some new houses in here but and that's.why you're gonna see some that are.significantly more but you know you.might want and I'm doing pretty good.actually.and but you might want to look and see.what your neighbors are up to like these.people let's look and see what these.people are up to okay so I happen to.know what they are up to and let me show.you so you can look and see the cost and.design right here economic miss.improvement I'm really not sure what.that means but I think it means like.something can't be used in too in the.way it was meant to be used so I don't.that's something worth looking into but.you can definitely talk to them and do.your homework and we'll go into that.tomorrow okay I am going to take you.guys off of mute maybe I can figure out.how to do that mmm.meadow now participants.okay got a question anybody okay okay um.I have unmuted or I'm muting everybody.but if you want to speak if you want to.speak just unmute yourself that way we.don't have a lot of feedback I don't.know if you know how to do that or not.okay anybody else questions it literally.has like gunite falling off of it and.tiles falling off of it and like a.cracked decking I mean it's like it's.circa 1960 I mean even though the house.was built in the 70s it's bad but you.know it might.I mean if somebody's gonna look and look.at that but I mean I'd rather get the.taxes down lower than worry about if I.ever sell my pool again plus eventually.I am gonna redo it and so they don't.really have to know that I redid it so I.get it down to a really low price and.then I redo my pole.oh and here's something so I had this.guy okay so all the stuff that we've.talked about is um based on H cat okay.and other other taxing entities.basically worked the same way but they.may not their website may not be the.exact same okay.but I had this one client who he built.he bought a new construction and so they.didn't know about the pool it wasn't.there when he bought it and so then he.put the pool in and then like a couple.years later he was like yeah I want to I.want to protest my taxes and I looked at.him and I'm like well they don't know.you have a pool I don't know that I'd.want to bring this to your you know this.is before they were doing all these.thrown over anyway so you there's some.times you may not want to bring things.to their attention you might just want.to not cause any trouble so anybody else.oh we got some questions here let me.look let me see her okay okay what is.the great adjustment I think it's the.front of the house I'm not really sure.on that one I'm gonna have to look that.up for you um hi started property rather.late to share is the house still being.remodeled okay as so the house is.nowhere near complete however the.property paper so if if you've got.pictures that like you took on January 1.of the house looking awful I think I.would use that I think I would use that.January 1 to your benefit there um.receiver can same conditions great.basically is based on remodel finished.value I'm wondering if this is correctly.however the property paper I receive say.oh yeah I would I would fight that be.like nope it wasn't finished on January.1 so I'm not paying for it.um yeah yeah I agree with you okay.waiting for okay let's see what else.what else make it down what is the name.of the form to delist the property it's.gonna be under the forms and I think.it's like um I don't know what it's.called let's play around I need to break.from the seminar for showing ok ok ok.bye bye Paul okay oh is open.frame porch part of the square footage.no what if the attic is finished don't.tell them.does it get counted toward the square.footage of the house no it only gets.counted toward a square footage of the.house if they know about it and it's.air-conditioned and like actually.livable space but I don't know why you.would tell them about it I wouldn't.absolutely wouldn't any of anybody else.I don't know if I can hear y'all anybody.okay just text me because I don't think.the audio is coming in very good okay.this is for you Elliot.let's go into okay these are all great.request for termination Internet Oh whew.this one's great um user agreement with.I don't know what actually that's not.the one I thought it was going to be.never mind but I would play around with.all these separate taxation of undivided.interests report of decreased value.notice a protest request for termination.information about this protest process.is a great doc okay notice if request.for same-day prot no no split out or.combine rules oh that's if you like.subdivide policy for okay man no.affidavits where is it agricultural.special I'm gonna find it for you and.send it to you owners are nominal.evaluation worksheet that looks really.fun.correction forms let me see important.information about correction process.requested correct oh so you can change.the name request to correct name or.address I think it's in there I think.it's in there I think it's this is.that's it right there.and then let me look at all these other.ones text ceiling transfer homestead.exemption over 65 these are all I need.to they've actually added some in here.that I haven't oh if you sell your house.and for whatever reason the homestead is.still on the old house and you need to.get it off.and so you can pull it off and you can.do this one request to remove.residential homestead so you can put it.on another house like if you bought a.more expensive house I put it on the.more expensive house if I were you oh.also like if you're over 65 so for the.homestead exemption you have to wait.till January 1 but the over 65 and some.of these other ones as soon as you turn.65 you can put that on there or if.you're 65 already or older and you buy a.new house you can put it on there a 1.you do not have to wait till January 1.these are some of these are new I.haven't even seen me rendition forms ok.anybody else.questions man G I have a quick question.can you hear me.fish so one of the things I'm looking to.protest is that they quote unquote.improved our street our plumbing on our.street and they took part of our front.yard like oh yeah so so I would go for.that.but you need to know that when you Burt.when you purchase that property did they.take it by eminent domain or was it all.or was it already there you go hey.Elliott can you see this ok well anyway.and when you purchase that property.there was already something wrong ok can.you mute yourself please mute ok fish um.so you I'd have to look at your survey.but basically the city does have like.easements sometimes it's an aerial.easement sometimes it's an underground.easement or a land easement so most.neighborhoods especially if you're in.city of Houston but I think you might be.in Spring Valley have an easement so.they probably just took part of their.easement which you agreed that they can.have it anyway are you able to use it or.is it just now ugly and terrible or.what's the situation there give me some.more information on that No so when we.bought the house it was before all of.that construction it is within the.easement but they took part of our front.yard grass and so now like we have a.tree that's a Magnolia that's kinda sort.of like looking like it's gonna die in.the next couple of years because it.messed up the root systems of that tree.well I mean you can call 3-1-1 or go.online on 3-1-1 and complain and you.might get a new little tree or something.like that but unfortunately there's not.a whole lot you can do about that.especially if it was in the easement.right yeah that was my question just.because you know we bought a yard and.yep order that yard is not there anymore.yep yeah so yeah that's sort of one of.those unfortunate things but okay land.is not always your land right right.right.yeah and then quickly how much do you.think a extra bedroom is worth in terms.of the value of a home because each CAD.is listing us four more bedrooms than.what we have.what depends on the square footage of.the bedroom like is it actually not a.bedroom or is it just like not even.there or not even there oh yeah a whole.extra bedroom that we don't have yeah.and so does that change your square.footage Andy mm-hmm no I think the X.square footage is listed correctly okay.is that we have an extra bedroom that.doesn't exist yeah I would just tell him.like hey I've no idea but there's not an.extra bedroom and so what happens is.they might want to come and check on it.oh and here's another thing that I find.is really funny so sometimes they'll.send out h-cat will send out these.letters.and it'll say like please help us update.our records have you remodeled your.bathroom your kitchen do you have green.it when was the last time you put on a.new roof Pablo have you do you have a.pool and they'll ask you like all these.questions do not fill that out do not.fill that out and then it's like the.very bottom it says this is you know.voluntary you do not have to send this.out but because it looks official.everyone thinks they need to fill it out.it's another business it's just none of.their business so don't fill it out but.you know what happens is like sweet.little old ladies get it and they.they're bored so they fill it out and.you know happens anybody else but yes.they might they might send somebody to.check it and and I would make sure that.you have a representative there when.that happens I doubt it's gonna happen.because it's just one bedroom but if.your house is like a six million dollar.house they might take it very seriously.so I wish you had a six million dollar.house yeah I know right I'd be really.really nice.okay so anybody else questions concerns.okay great thanks everybody.I'm signing off now if you have more.questions text me or email me appreciate.it thank you welcome hi guys.you.you.you.

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