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no problem so seems like Tuesday was.with a little while ago doesn't it I am.here thank you for joining me today I'm.here to announce that in order to slow.the spread of the corona virus effective.immediately and through the next three.weeks we are limiting our branch office.operations to provide only critical.services that must be done in person and.during the next three weeks.in addition anyone who needs to conduct.one of these critical transactions in.our branches will need to make an.appointment ahead of time we will no.longer allow walk-in transactions during.this three week period the goal is to.eliminate any potential crowding in our.offices and thereby support the work of.Governor Whitmer and her administration.to protect the health of all state.employees in Michigan during this three.week period we will also expand the.number of appointments available at our.offices continue to offer same-day.appointments and extend our weekday.hours those will be on Monday Tuesday.Thursday and Friday's our branches will.be open for appointments only from 8.a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Wednesdays they.will be open as always from 11 a.m. to 7.p.m. we will no not have any offices.open for service on Saturdays we will.continue to offer services online by.mail and at our new self-service.stations that are located across the.state in our branch offices as well as.in Kroger and Meijer many of these also.accept cash and we will be lifting the.restriction that requires the.demonstration of insurance to renew.driver's licenses that oftentimes.restrict someone from being able to.renew their licenses online or at our.kiosk now the type of transactions that.we will be allowing in our branch.offices during the next three weeks will.be limited to the following three.critical services number one all new.driver's licenses and state IDs.regardless of type number two title.transfers regardless of type and number.three testing for an original commercial.driver's license chauffeur's 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and as we know the.situation is changing by the day but.that said we anticipate and we hope that.at any given time there will only be a.handful of people in a branch office who.have appointments as a result of this.directive yeah.now all dealers and their all dealers.typically have the ability to conduct.their transactions without having to go.to our branch office and so we are.working with our auto dealers to make.sure that one they're not filling up the.appointments that we want to go to.individual drivers and residents right.now and secondly that we're that they're.able to conduct their transactions with.our office off site without having go to.our branch office and so our team is.working with them directly on their.unique needs I think to underscore as we.went through this decision-making.process it was really important for us.to consider the economic impact that the.decisions we make as the licensing.licensure of vehicles in our state would.have on our dealer community and on 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of.hand it was and again every option.continues to be on the table this is.what we're doing right now and and so.you know certainly and in talking with.my colleagues around the country as well.other DMV operators and the like you.know closing access to branch offices is.something that needs to be on the table.but it was something that was seriously.considered but at this time we feel that.weighing all the options quite seriously.and recognizing the infrastructure that.we've built to allow for appointments.this is an opportunity for us to.continue to serve the knesset sort of in.the small in sort of big only one.necessary type of way in a very limited.capacity but to do so that will minimize.the economic impacts the impact on our.families and our state workers all right.thanks everyone.Thanks.

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Could an expert tell me how an out of state executor from Washington can legally transfer pistols and rifles which are located in Michigan and to be sold in Michigan?

Probably the safest method would be to consign them to an FFL dealer to complete any sales. If the transfers are to family members then there probably would not be a problem. I would consult an attorney who is knowledge in estate law and Firearms laws.

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