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North Carolina Ifta Form Inquiry Instruction

[Music].[Music].it's funny.however town and city and everybody has.a different sound and a bit less.speaking words you know the way to say.the words you know you know for harsh.islands that the people don't know you.know you've seen how some of them tote.and at one time they said you talk funny.I said you think I talk funny I said I.can't no more dude but yeah that's us me.ends up in my penis Neil I sit on the.other side North Carolina back and they.talk funny oh yeah.[Music].your old voice sounds clear and plain.like English or something like that you.know committee which money might sound.the same way to you but outside of us.somebody else somebody walk up this road.now we had never seen before you'd had.to ask him three times what he said to.me the thing that is so interesting.about dialects is the way in which it.reflects a community and when the way in.which it reflects a culture you can.probably travel throughout the entire.western part of the United States and.not find dialect differences as this.think as you get within North Carolina.itself and now we understand how diverse.our people are how interesting they are.how much language is a part of the.culture and you have to listen carefully.but it's the richness of North Carolina.[Music].holy toys what is it this is hot we toy.Boyt high tide this through the tide.comes up high you know on the science.side just sang like Pamlico sang this is.the family case I avoid throw it on the.sinusoid the remote fishing communities.along North Carolina's coast inherited.the brogue of their English and Irish.pallbearers over the years they also.added many new words and pronunciations.to the dialect.I know Merkel used to always say it.picking on me all the time you know when.I was young and you know we be fishing.you know he said come on let's get going.how are you tie it on the sign sword.I started water far like moonshine no.fish would get it going there gold pot.air you ain't been a couple days.they just pot hair blowing through my.friend Vincent anything like that.mine's a while I didn't crab mine dating.him won't bring Matt gentle a lot of.times out of Raleigh and stuff I mean.I'll go up talk to people and they'll.say well well you got Australian accent.and I'm like no I don't know you know I.got a downy so high tide actually I.don't have us right I don't have drawl I.got a high tide bird you can see and.this was a high tide bro and I said you.know it's where we live it's what's.called a high tide right high titers.yeah I forgot about that one we want to.talk the way we do in order to talk the.way we talk you really have had to have.grown that deal.if you're born and raised around it.everybody's you know you just it's.normal to yeah it's just like anything.yeah morning Japanese you talk Japanese.you know I mean what is it a lot of.people look and say what are you is that.an Irish English accent and then.somebody the to thread Mugello and then.he look at the other other guys saying.yeah I think it's more Irish English in.English Irish or something like that and.then I because I thought funny lot of.people say well how long have you been.down here on the Outer Banks anywhere.you know they asked me who I was friends.they photos from overseas and worse and.they didn't think the wonderful I was.American I said yeah so they said you.talk funny.see if you don't talk like we do well.they didn't talk like I did either yeah.people make fun of us yeah yeah where.people make fun of us but that's alright.because we think they talk different.it's made find out wherever you go.people hunters talks funny you know to.accent but you didn't think the people.know cuz oh no I don't you got a.different one you got a funny accent two.words that I always keep in my back of.my head on that is Reid and beard those.to read and read I would say these were.hidden be it tiring here is that what.they say properly I don't care we said I.don't care or I'm no say I'm scared.which is properly we say we're skew you.we're scared to death.yeah I was scared to death it's a rough.I'm scared to death I mean we don't say.scared what's really scared it's right.let me say he's scared we're scared to.death well everybody from hiders buzzing.I've been both ways to you most of us.are gonna sound the same but if you've.been down here and you've been to each.one of these communities you pick up on.in each little community talks just a.little bit different from community.before.[Music].yeah when they told me that my kid when.I started teaching that I was going to.have changed my dialect so my kids would.understand me unless they're not we're.ongoing they want because they all talk.just like I do I guess we should be very.proud of it.there's nothing to it's what you're born.real and you can't really or your life.but still laughing.here in on half Irvine.they work for what they get.were already invited.thank every.his blankets and poetry pay their bills.on Saturday night.[Music].[Laughter].well pull that part up and we'll flip it.over and let all the bait out and then.we'll pull pull the top out and shoot.the crabs in there and then we'll reach.down and get bait.facebait to put back in there.and and you know just throw it right.back on me that's a whole dish about 250.times a day the way we sang I don't care.about changing I don't think you could.teach me over again I would be able to.understand it otherwise dive ball.reaches right on down I don't think.we'll ever be a time which they wouldn't.be some of it here so he got it he got a.job and get it out of something other.than that snuck in through deep I hate I.can't help that but that's what it is.I'm proud of it today I will take.nothing work for you.[Music].like I'm a talking just plain old oak.I'll say go in there and get me a sack.of them taters out of the basement and.they'll say potatoes potatoes and the.way the rhythm of it is there's a bunch.of us ham operators on talking to the.northern people in Pennsylvania and they.said we have tried and tried we can't.get to swing a peach that's right learn.cow.Tim we can't do it to save our life and.we told him we couldn't get that.northern well I'm located not far from.the Cherokee Indian Reservation here in.the Cherokee North Carolina had about a.hundred milder west of ice bill and.about a hundred miles south of Knoxville.Tennessee right here in the corner of.North Carolina join in Tennessee and.Georgia like North Carolina's coastal.villages the mountain communities of.Western North Carolina were set apart.from other communities they to preserve.some features in older forms of English.as they develop their unique dialects.what limit no out of here anyway.I've seen him set to see here new cars.sitting are smoking the statement I get.it go.now we're about to enter the canler gene.right frothy.and when turned around in the yard the.Cataloochee range one mile high we're.from Boston or somewhere not got this.they parked the car stuff like that you.know.well the way people talk around here I.guess it'd be what more like you called.hillbilly style or something I guess I.don't know there's a mountain talk where.words more simple I always thought it.was you know I always throw this whole.lot sample you know you don't had talked.all day I'd say couple things and then.be it a lot of people ask me sometimes.I'm telling tales they say you sit down.and practice that talk I said no I just.hope we're growed up and we growed up.you know kind of the old way part of his.shirt here in this binding and here's.your feed sack step on it see here you.can see a little pre it on the back of.it where it's made made out but if he'd.say the backing it's old its ragged or.not been aiming to rebind it some of its.I remember sitting on there on the porch.when I was a kid listen to my I'm.closing brother older brothers and.neighbors sitting around talking and.it's just it was just so nice lots of.people that do sometimes still use a lot.of these old words but the young it's.like I said the younger generation you.know has gone to school and they don't.hear they older people you know most of.us go and they don't hear this a.language like the older people used and.it's it's behind that my grandmother was.from an isolated section of this county.that's called big Ridge up around.Glanville my grandfather was from Macon.County and they both spoke a dialect had.a cadence to their speech in a way of.talking that you don't hear anymore.or it's very rare and it amazes me when.I still hear somebody that talked the.way my grandparents did but I was raised.by them here and as a consequence of.that I talked the way they did but when.I first went to school the teachers had.trouble talking to me I had trouble.communicating with with teachers and.they told me very early on Gary I can't.understand you when you talk you know.you need to change that this college.professor I think you from up north I.would say su he got that man of geesh me.and he said now I'm gonna taste it some.audibles words you may not understand.you know and he kept on with talkin.suggest lifting careful we got done.telling this man his wife walked up to.me and he said I understood you lot.better not eat that college professor I.got sick you know when I hear you know.said well you know somebody talk real.fun he was a fine little voice said you.ain't from around here are you.waiter you know I stayed that yes and.our grandchildren we can tell they were.raised in the eastern part of the state.they were raised in Greensboro and I.thought would then pick up our brogue.you know bye ma'am and she did the.Christmas story the other night and she.still didn't talk like Mountaineers.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].yesterday ski tow heat excuse us Turner.Niko he learned Niko he don't know.keister knee the isolation that.contributed to the formation of some.mountain dialects also helped Native.Americans preserve their heritage in the.rising tide of European culture under.war on her wall.he stewardship it talks about where the.Indians used to use a cloth to make a.medicine when they used to you had to.have a cloth to put their medicine on.and that's what he's talking about on.that song.this is my fromo got the western take on.they gonna scare you.you lost me gonna gun no one that's.that's how I was making pottery yeah and.my name is Cherokee language Margo Ward.again no layoffs she'll knock down.dagger I'm all right.no L think all he loved do you look.stunning again I worked all time and.that's the Cherokee language oh yeah she.Oaks he was a tally Ned and I wanna see.you again.my youngest one he that's all he knew.when he first talked his Cherokee and he.picked up English from these other kids.before he even started school I speak.all the time I don't care if they didn't.understand my get after if I speak.English I said I always tell on my.speaking Cherokee well I used to charity.but anytime I'm talking to your Cherokee.you don't matter horse that I rather.talk Turkey.then English.I mean my grandchildren I talk to him in.Turkey and I name him with turkey names.for myself so I can call him they named.these babies so hard names I never heard.in my life and I can't say their names I.just.l'ainte naming myself an Indian name.well that's the way it was in a way long.time ago they had yeah.name a man Indian name no they don't.even know what their Indian name is.prior to colonization the area that.would become North Carolina was home to.numerous native language groups.including Iroquois and Algonquian and.Siouan language families in 1870 the.United States government established.mandatory boarding schools for Indians.across the country young Indians were.forced to live apart from their parents.in the federal schools their hair was.cut their clothes were replaced by.school uniforms and the use of their.native language was punished severely.[Music].all of these children were assigned new.English names they wanted to civilize us.I suppose they were punished for being.you for speaking Cherokee so I think.that was when it became endangered of.course you know we feel the effects of.it now.because they're so many that don't speak.the language.every time someone that spoke Kirk he.dies there's been quite a few more and.more as they get older makes me feel.kind of bad so now we use it some here.not like we did we only have one.preacher that could preach turkey.without in the English only one left.they had two and one died a few months.ago they're speaking turkey mostly all.of them way back when I was growing up.they went to it they went to many people.that speaking English just a few of them.and you'd go to the home they all speak.in Turkey there before you win and now.you can't go no horse and they'd say I.don't know how to speak in Turkey.language is almost gone it's probably.less than 300 Cherokees that speak.fluent Cherokee you know when I was a.kid I was very much aware of that that.Kayden's in the crafts shops I worked in.the crafts shops down there from the.time I was 14 there you know it's.probably been so long.clear up to when I graduated in college.they go back in the summer and work down.there in the summer one when I was in.college there's an awful lot of fake.Cherokees now a guy's making a good.living pretending to be Cherokees and.that a really excavated extraverted and.then sort of show people and you can.usually identify a fake Cherokee by his.name yeah if it's a beautiful name.floating eagle that ler you know snow.bear yeah beware beware.beware because the Cherokee names there.are some colorful ones but what you hear.more often is - now crow big meat smoker.stomper swimmer it doesn't don't have.the drama that people like in a colorful.and princess pale moon or oh look out of.course there's a genuine effort in.Cherokee to give you the true Cherokees.but lots of times the tourists aren't.interested in that they won't bloody.tomahawks and scalping and they won't.what they're accustomed to off of the TV.they want to see deer Slayer right there.on Main Street you know and if you tell.them that the turkeys were sophisticated.and agrarian they raised cotton they had.on their own alphabet syllabary and.their own newspaper back in the 1820s.they get bored that's not really what.they want it's not the image they want.[Music].the Cherokee culture and language will.survive because of the great emphasis.that has been going on for the last five.or six years and I think that we are.getting to the children at the right.time and that is birth.language is culture and culture is.language that's who we are our language.is who we are.once you start learning the language it.branches out to all other areas history.culture traditions so when they're.learning the language they're learning.you know everything about the Cherokee.people as well not many of us can fully.say things like the older people can but.we're learning.not many people can say they have they.can speak two different languages and I.mean especially a Native American.language and I think that's pretty it's.pretty cool that we that that's our.heritage that we're learning are here.like we're no offense but if you see.like white people and stuff they're like.I'll teach others about them and they.won't know I don't know it just kind of.feels good to have our own language that.nobody else could understand.[Music].all our elders know it but like if we.don't learn it it's not going then it's.gonna be nobody knows it so if we don't.learn it nobody know it and it's like.our heritage is going we've got some.here yet you know speak Cherokee their.forties and fifties no kids the speak.jerky but they're learning they sing the.kids catch on quick the Cherokee the.Lumbee Indians of Robeson County have.struggled to preserve the culture of.their community though the Lumbee have.no record of their ancestral language.they have developed a dialect of English.that is all their own the Lumbees have.lost whatever tribal language they once.had but I still think that we have an.identifying way of speaking that makes.us different from any other group in the.area did you come all the way down that.ditch bank it's like an immediate.identification mechanism can I talk to.this person cannot shirk chose his.person do we share common experiences do.we have a common bond everybody wants to.belong to something you know everybody.you know everybody wants to feel like a.part of something but you anywhere away.from this immediate area people some.there they know it's different they know.something they've never heard before and.a lot times the fascinate back of it you.know it's something different I went.with the Fred to church to see a.Christmas play last year and this.the white gentleman who was from Hamlet.or Rockingham went with this and he.thought the preacher was speaking in.tongues and he was actually speaking in.lum-lum that's that's just lingo that's.just belonging when you say your lung.that that's identity teachers that come.in outside the community would really.downgrade the words that we would use.it's not proper and you'd be punished in.certain cases high school was fine an.elementary school because all my.teachers were Lumbee all my friends were.Lumbee all the way through to I.graduated but then when I got in college.it became a little problem dealing with.kids from other parts of the world I.attended Sandhills Community College.first and there was a girl who lived in.the boarding house along with me her she.was from Florida she brought her little.sister and her little sister said boy.you talk funny you don't talk right why.don't you change the way you talk I said.well darling you sounded funny to me as.I do to you why don't you change the way.you talk I didn't want any by laughing.at me and so I learned I feel like I.learned to be able to use English in.outside this community in a way that.people could understand it but yet when.I come home I can fit in with the people.at home as well.[Music].and we got this BB gun and there was.this dog to come to their house and run.yelling tried to shoot him with the BB.gun but he missed the dog but net man.jumped up running so running coming back.in the house and he says couldn't.believe I shot that man in the hand they.speak I can tell if he's alone even if.somebody been away for years there's.something that lingers about their.language that if he talks long enough.for this reason me.[Music].[Applause].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].as I thought the reporter the other day.she said why is language so important.why is there such wider does this need.to be protected I said well that's how.we recognize who we are you know not.only by looking at someone.we noticed who we are by our language.you recognize someone is from Spain.because they speak Spanish or from.France because they speak French I said.and that's how we recognize Lumbees if.we're anywhere in the country and hear.ourselves speak we know exactly who we.are language is an important part of all.social and cultural groups but it seems.to have a special place in the African.American experience.[Music].but you know what Brisby on you still.standing even inside the.african-american community when you go.from region to region they're really.different voices and sounds got in from.the White House was there in the back of.it was way better.what it's deep out there wish they had.locked some of it out but I'm back on.the woods walking bears.well usually being mean dog or glad I.moved a few paths so they can seem very.good so it's five hundred dollars that's.to go and find off the kill one so it's.a very expensive shooting berries well.she might on show me with meals i only.only back through a stream internet you.can tell the difference between an.african-american who lives near.northeast because they say scrape which.is not something you'd hear in dorm or.you'd hear in winston-salem or you'd.hear in Fayetteville but if you hear.scrape or screech you know exactly where.they came from inside the.african-american community to there is a.love of language there's a love of.listening to different styles of.language it's the music in the poetry of.the language no matter which vocabulary.set you're using xiety what they'd say.say honey child because I would always.it's just a part of my language honey.child because I talk just like the.people at the foot of the Blue Ridge.Mountain with that kind of twang and.that kind of thing is so that was just a.part of me I have noticed this every.clique has their own lingo everything it.can change from a clique standpoint to a.state standpoint to a region standpoint.you see what I'm saying we might say.stuff in North Carolina that people in.Georgia might not say.but there may there may be things that.people in Okolona ansoff colada and.georgia would say all together so you.don't and.I've been told I've taught like I'm from.the city I've been told I don't like I'm.from the country I just talked like I.talked and I am Who I am.[Music].[Music].dialect suggested at times a worldview.that I was always interested in there's.a form in black dialect the B form I'd.be doing XY and Z or I'd be going or.that particular issue which always.thought was interesting but maybe very.descriptive of being in process which is.somehow not expressed in the regular.language pattern it's all but people I.know you're double you know from down.here and the way they'd be talking and.stuff the way they'd be talking and.stuff they like you can't have to.understand they have to stutter because.they don't look like a language I know.in my church there's a lot of bending of.the rules you know using of language but.it's the use of language in a way to.continue to communicate ideas and and.and oftentimes it's not just ideas it's.emotions.can't make this change when you come to.college you get folks from upstate you.get folks from down south so you get a.different variety of voices here but.then once you get to know the heart and.the spirit of folks we're all one big I.mean you always want to be connected.with a group and making sure that you're.continuing to to be to have that.touchstone of this is you know this is.where you came from and this is how the.folk this is how the people talk where.you come from it's really important to.not lose them.you have to be able to relate to your.peers and you know you know you gotta.yell what up yo what up what's going on.such a such dollar blah blah you mister.that's our lingo man what's cracking me.what's up so it's just me here and I.remote people say like most people.saying I can't explain you explain it if.my tech comes over he plays them you.know plays our daughter he's like say.word up he's like you like we're it up.you know it's just like in the sixties.if you got yeah right on and peace and.you know and all of that it's about the.same thing so it's a part of our life.it's like it's a part of that life I.guess.we use that term because that's like a a.sense of family you know I'm saying it's.like you know that that's what.determines the line you know saying if.we're real close.then we we're at liberty to talk like.that because we understand each other.we're if you're outside and offering to.know you and you know it's like hey how.you doing.yeah it's just like oh hi how you doing.man you know until I get that vibe but.you loose tennis yeah what's up you know.I mean but until it gets to that point.then you kind of just do that you know I.mean to kind of draw that line so the.more the more closer you feel to.somebody then you loosen up in the.language plays a big part of that I've.heard every walk of life say I'm.chilling I'm cooling what up bro what up.man all of that is is hip-hop music.which is the extension of 70s soul music.which comes off 60s Motown music I mean.it carries on the carries on so with hip.hop I don't know where I don't know.where our generation who would be as far.as the way we speaking everything.without hip iron every generation has to.identify itself and create its own.language they've negotiated a new space.hold it and guess I'm overloaded with.Ron's verse punchlines similes and.metaphors for better or worse I crushed.any competitors verse then I keep.spitting for PBS and fine tape off of.the top low second guessing custom.coming through with the right plan and.guessing hip-hop we do have friends and.yes here's a white man his name is Joe.Scudder and he freestyle - and about to.show you just how we do when spinning.with my cap on and I'm a passage to the.the scuttle so he can get his rap on the.clap oh I'm back on the grind again say.reminder we in the front where the line.begin you in the back what a mile I.think it's one of the many markers that.people use to decide whether you're in.the end group of the island crew and.that's one of the reasons for kind of.mimicking the speech around of people.who you're around or consciously.deciding not to we were just talking.about it on the way here how people try.to express themselves well you know you.don't need to express yourself so much.that when you get out in society you.can't function because when you go for a.job interview and the person sitting.behind the desk you know they may not.want to hear that particularly in the.african-american community there is this.idea that yes you know you can speak in.a much more relaxed intimate black.speech in certain spaces and then in.other spaces you have to speak a much.more common English and for some people.there's an internal struggle about.should you really do that should you.really be trying to talk like white folk.or should you always all the time no.matter what setting you are in speak the.same way speak the same way your mama.taught you to speak it all depends on.what environment you in expectations of.other people what they think they need.to hear from you all of these are the.kinds of things that you encounter when.you're dealing with communication.[Applause].Charlotte's the second largest banking.city in the country in the world I guess.it just has grown so much it was just a.little neighborhood mommy used to send.us up to go to the grocery store right.up there where discovery place is now in.the 20th century North Carolina cities.grew into metropolitan centers of.banking and technology as North.Carolina's urban areas have developed.and changed so has the language the.landscape of the city the language has.changed as well as the landscape of the.city just like you see a myriad of.changes with all of us the same way the.language has changed I think if we were.to look at the urbanization of Charlotte.one and the change in languages one of.the easiest ways to look is to see where.the roads were being widened to.accommodate the traffic who's moved.where most of the people here from.someplace else you don't you don't have.you know the typical Charlotte n doesn't.exist three much so when you actually.hear it when somebody says this is the.Charlotte an accent you go oh that's.what a charlatan sounds like but but it.needs to be pointed out the older folks.you know they they speak kind of the old.country type but the new people are I.mean like next door.he's from Albemarle and she's from New.York so you get a bit of a mix of the.speech but like my parents they they.speak the old North Carolina country the.minute I'd go out of town and go.anywhere they say and where are you from.Texas makes me some head I could die.it's very hard to hear a pure southern.dialect which suggests to me that it's.changed a lot in fact I'm always struck.by hearing it.ah this is someone probably from.Charlotte not from some other place.coming to Charlotte most of my neighbors.are from Pittsburgh Syracuse.Puerto Rico Detroit from New York from.you know all over the country and these.northerners come down here and we take a.man.and before you know it it ain't the same.it's really not.they don't think and act like we do well.they sure don't talk like us they have a.sharpness to that speech don't you think.most southerners you know I mean I feel.like we have kind of a soft.melodia course why shouldn't I think it.I don't know any deference so many of us.are coming to the South now and the.whole the whole nature of the South will.change because of it so we will be North.Carolinians whether whether the locals.like it or not.[Music].this community I think has always been.willing to change at the same time I.think we've had the the feeling that we.needed to preserve some of those.important qualities that set us apart.from other large urban areas I think.it's more important to be who you are.where you came from and to be of the.place I think the history of a place the.history of your family the stories that.you carry with you are much more.important than how you make a living and.growing up in this neighborhood and.knowing you know what's moving in what's.migrating in I think it's it's great I.really do.Charlotte is very progressive they want.to attract a lot of businesses and I.think that's great I think it's.wonderful I want to see Charlotte growth.and I take very I watch Charlotte and I.watch all the things that happen over.here and I think it's wonderful I don't.want us to lose all of our southern.charm but I think it's okay to lose some.of it and I think it's okay for us to.not sound so country this is a business.town business and economics and banking.or sort of the tail that wags the dog.here in order to be able to transfer in.order to be able to be promoted to be.successful it's good to sound very.professional when you get on the phone.with someone in New York or San.Francisco.so people erase the accent that makes.them who they are there certainly has.been a a subtle change in linguistic.quality if you will it was a little.different back in the days when.everybody was working in a cotton mill.and they had certain styles that were.appropriate then communication today is.so important.not only in the words you say but in the.way you say them the image that we.project is in large measure determined.by the way we say it if we aren't very.careful it we might be characterized as.as a country bumpkin for example.[Music].I don't think it's you know a great you.know big deal to lose the South in.Charlotte because Charlotte is moving up.you know if you're from the south you're.supposed to talk with the twang and a.nananananana now not anymore.I think we've changed a lot in the way.we view people and the way we see people.coming in we used to be kind of afraid.of people who came in and I don't think.we are anymore I think we're happy to.have them even if it does change our.sense of place or even if it does change.your accents or change how we talk of.what we think I think that's okay.I think that's said well we're evolving.[Music].in recent years the growing.spanish-speaking population has made.Spanish a viral part of the language.singing in North Carolina.vamanos cuando llegue key D hey when you.see vengo trabajar tengo que communica.become my patron con que se Averna con.una amigo tone seis see yo Ben go key yo.tengo que venir con con la idea de.tambien aprender inglis porque este yo.pienso que si yo no pending less simple.way.estar a tanida outer persona que Rico no.se le dio una Barrera donde la escuela.se siente responsable de do Cara metros.minho's en la enseñanza del idioma glaze.siempre recalled and Ohlone esta.comunidad de que nuestra rahi say.nuestra tradición de nuestra cultura.nunca de Vanessa para ser de lo Haga.raised a metro ASEC a being important.aprender el idioma inglis single V da.knows de donde venimos para see severe.para donde vamos.si me me me see own and when I go home I.talked to my children in Spanish which.they hate by the way because they say.mom talk to us in English and I said no.you need to you know you need to learn.the language you need to be bilingual.there is a process that that you go.through as a second language speaker.becoming really comfortable with the new.culture it's very important when they.come in when the United States because.if they keep what they named did you.know how many kids you know have an.attic I think I started dreaming in.English and I remember that thinking wow.I'm becoming fluent do you know that my.dreams are in English and then there.came this place where I'm like well Who.am I now because now I write in English.I read in English and I speak English.most of the day and that was really.confusing you know and then that's.that's when I starts hitting you where.you go oh I don't know who I am.I am am I.language they're going to learn English.because they have to know how to.function in America they probably.already know English before they get.here but we as American society we're a.multicultural society or at least we.claim to be so we should at least know.how to communicate with at least one.other nationality more and more you see.the translations for both and I think.that we have to be considered of others.as well and start learning other.languages and other cultures too I.believe that little by little Spanish is.taking or acquiring a lot of importance.in the culture of the United States it.has become the second language in the.United States a lot of students are very.interested in learning the language just.because of newspapers media in other.venues of interaction with Hispanics I.would say that perhaps in the near.future this country will be bilingual in.Spanish in English.tranquilo noon today Wake Forest is.raleigh-durham free wear a suit or.initiate this and Posada traffic Jose.Luis Barbara Stella cuatro / inter.tráfico estas totalmente detainees over.the camera estamos a la cama one of the.SNL Elena winter says Punto know.everything a lot of the Hispanic said.now on automobiles they'll feel peace of.their country on their car with a be a.flag where to be their camp or something.hanging off of their mirror that.indicates who they are Hispanics are.very proud of the origin very proud of.their heritage and more so very proud of.their culture ok.English will become their first language.because that's what they're learning in.school that's what they're watching on.TV they'll have to communicate in.Spanish in order to have some kind of.correlation with the family unit but.this is a new community in neulander the.culture is something that they bring.with them and divide with them no matter.where they're at even if it's an.American person who can speak Spanish I.will just engage in the Spanish.conversation because it feels good it's.a part of who I am I am somebody who.originally was nurtured by this language.and so III want to hear it so I seek out.conversation in Spanish and then when.you but when you find somebody that is.amazingly fluent like you are in both.languages.then then what there's this interesting.dance you know like there's somebody.calls you on the phone and you hear a.little bit of an accent and so you kind.of know that they speak Spanish and they.hear you're a little bit of hacks and.then so then there's like so normally I.will make the first move and they'll say.something in Spanish and then they'll go.oh which language would you rather talk.in and then I said well whichever of the.two so we just go into Spanglish you.know.[Applause].it's what's happening to the American.mind I think in lots of ways we we've.gone through our period of adolescence.as a country we now know the value of.history we now know why we should.preserve buildings and languages and.people and traditions because they.become a part of what you really are.[Music].I play a game when I'm working with.students I ask them to lower their eyes.for a second and pretend they can't see.me pretend I'm behind a screen and.they're listening to me talk and as they.hear me talk they can hear that I have a.number of southern features that they.associate with upper middle class in my.voice with the R's the Oz and the G's.they'll hear that it's sort of southern.but I talk too fast to be deep south I.don't have that soft spread on bread.from Savannah or some of the areas.around in there you can hear that I'm.over 18 I've lost that beautiful.breathless quality that I am we hope.under 80 because it's not thoroughly.cracked you can hear that I probably.like the situation I have some education.I like the speaker and if you listen for.another minute you can hear me smile at.you you give away all of that every time.you say anything that's what an accent.[Music].Oh.[Music].only.Oh.[Music].only.Oh.[Music].Oh.[Music].[Music].

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North Carolina Ifta Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the North Carolina Ifta Form are:

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