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To Complete How To Fill Outimmigration Formukappendix 2 2013 , Follow the Steps Below:

Draw Up your How To Fill Outimmigration Formukappendix 2 2013 online is easy and straightforward by using CocoSign . You can simply get the form here and then put down the details in the fillable fields. Follow the guides given below to complete the form.

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  3. Read the whole form to know what you need to create.
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  5. Double check the important information to make sure they are correct.
  6. Click on the Sign Tool to put your own online signature.
  7. Move your signature at the end of the form and press the "Done" button.
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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to create How To Fill Outimmigration Formukappendix 2 2013

youtube video

How to employ The How To Fill Outimmigration Formukappendix 2 2013 ?

hi guys and welcome back to my channel.today's video it's a walkthrough video.on how I filled out the appendix to form.I've already made a video like this for.the online application form and if you.want to watch that I'll leave the link.in the description box below I'll also.leave it in the iCard above so you can.click on either of those to watch that.so let's get into the video to find the.appendix to form you can click on any of.my UK spouse piece of videos and all you.need to do is scroll down to the.description box click on show more and.then if you scroll all the way to the.bottom where it says useful links you'll.find a link to the appendix to form so.I'm just going to click on that and then.it will open up in a new tab so it's.completely up to you how you want to.fill the form out you can print it off.and fill it out by hand just remember to.use blue or black ink or you can do what.I chose to do and that was to download.it and fill it out on Adobe Reader so to.do that all you need to do is scroll to.the bottom of the screen and then it.will come up with this black box here.and if you just click on the icon on the.very end it will download it to the.computer and then if you click on your.downloads which is just off the screen.here it will show up here and it says.appendix 2 so I'm just going to click on.that and it will come up on Adobe Reader.and all you need to click on is fill in.sign on the right-hand side here okay.so this has now made the form available.for you to edit as you like to get.started I would recommend that you read.all this information here I'm not going.to go through this with you now but it's.something that you should do for.yourselves when you fill out the form I.am going to show you how you would fill.the form out if you are applying through.category 3a I'm really sorry if you are.applying under any of the other.categories but unfortunately I don't.have much experience in those areas I.will show you how to fill the form out.if you are applying under category 3a.and with two jobs as well so to get into.filling the form out I'm just going to.scroll down and this is.where the form begins so at first it.asks you on what basis you are coming to.the UK when it says you it's important.to understand that it is asking the.applicant the form is directed to the.applicant and anytime it uses you it is.referring to the applicant you just need.to take whichever box is most.appropriate for your application and.then we move on to your relationship to.the sponsor again just click whichever.box is most appropriate to you and then.we move on to the next page to go to the.next page you just need to move to this.bottom of the screen and you just click.the arrow down and it will take you unto.page two here it asks if you have ever.met your sponsor if you click no here it.says go to question one point five if.you have met before you must continue.with the rest of the questions I'm just.going to show you quickly how you'd put.an X in any of the boxes so all you have.to do is come up here click the X here.and then you can just select which is.appropriate for you of course you can.move the box and make sure it's central.until you were happy with it and then.you just need to move on to the rest of.the questions so to put dates in these.boxes all you have to do is click on the.a B box up here click in the box and.then you can type a number that's an.example there then she just click off it.will go away and then click in the next.box and again you can just put a number.in click off and then click on to the.next box so that's how you feel the day.out you just continue filling it out.sometimes you do get a long box that.shows up we'll see if we can get that to.come up here we go if you ever find this.box comes up it is actually a hindrance.to the application to get rid of it you.just need to come up here and click on.the three box 4 icon up here and then it.will go away and you can continue.filling out a box at a time it is.time-consuming.my handwriting was atrocious and I.prefer this method of filling the form.out so you just need to continue filling.your date out and you can move on to the.question on this side so it says where.did you first meet in person so in this.box just need to click in the box and.type the city and country of where you.first met when did your relationship.begin so you can just put the dates in.here a lot of Muslim viewers of mine.asked when they should put what date.they began their relationship and as.Muslims a relationship it doesn't begin.until the couple are married so I would.put the wedding date in this section so.how often do you meet this is a real.difficult one as Mia my husband never.really saw each other after a specific.timeframe we met maybe 11 years before.we got married and then we met a year.before we got married and then we met.again when we got married so it was a.really difficult thing to put in what we.decided to do was we put that my wife is.now in the UK when did you last see your.sponsor the last time me and my husband.saw each other was the day I left.Bangladesh so that's the date that I put.in this section here it's a good idea to.look through the sponsors passport and.see when they were given their stamp how.do you keep in touch with your sponsor.we chose to communicate mainly through.whatsapp and we will sometimes.communicate on Facebook as well.Kylie we spoke on what's up so we put.what's up here you can't put what's up.on Facebook it's completely up to you.how you want to put it and we were.showing evidence for both but because.what's up was the main one and we had a.lot of evidence for what fact that was.the answer that we chose for that and.then it says are you seeking permission.to come to the UK as a fiancee for us we.were already married.if yes they would like to know when and.where you plan to marry so you just need.to put the explanation in this box and.then it asks if you're married or in a.civil partnership with the sponsor to.again click which is most appropriate to.you if no go to.point 16 and then if yes you just need.to fill out the section here for this we.put in the location and city of the.venue and the date we got married and.then it says what age were you when you.got married and what age was your.sponsor when you married but here we put.in yes months and days old and again.same for the sponsor yes month and days.old and then it asks if your marriage.was arranged so you can go back up here.select the X icon and cross yes or no.and then it asks if you and the sponsor.are related outside of marriage.so again just cross yes or no here if.yes please provide the exact details of.the relationship so you just need to.click up here where it says a be quick.in the box and fill that out if you need.to do so if not you can just move on if.you are unmarried or same-sex partner.have you been living in a relationship.akin to marriage or civil partnership of.course we were already married so this.didn't apply to us so we just had to put.across in the not applicable box so just.remember to go up here and click the X.so that you can put an X in the right.box if you click yes you just need to.provide some details of how long you.have been in a relationship but akin to.marriage or if you click no or not.applicable you move on straight to 118.so we'll do that do you intend to live.with your sponsor permanently so again.click yes or no here as you're applying.to settle in the UK then I guess the.answer for everybody here would be yes.but again it might be different for some.of you out there have you lived with.your sponsor in a relationship akin to.marriage including since your wedding.for me I took this question as meaning.have I ever stayed with my husband as.though we were a married couple Rose.this was yes though we just clicked in.the box.and then we went up here clicked on the.a B to fill it out then you click in the.box and you can explain when you live.together I put something along the lines.of we lived together from when we.married on date until my Y returned to.the UK on date and then you need to move.on to the next page so we go down here.and click on the down arrow again and it.takes us on to page 3 are either you or.your sponsor currently married to or in.a civil partnership with another person.so again tick yes or no and if yes you.just need to give the details here if.now you move on have you or your partner.previously been married or entered into.a civil partnership again just click yes.or no if yes you just need to fill out.the details here if it's the applicant.that has been married before they need.to fill out their previous partner's.details here and if it's the sponsor.that has been married before you need to.fill it out for the sponsor in this.section here and then it says down here.if there's been more than one.relationship so if one partner has been.in more than one relationship then they.need to provide the details in part 6 ok.and then it says what languages do you.speak well so here we put down Bengali.for my husband we put Bengali and.English for me and then we also put.Bengali and English for how we.communicate we didn't communicate much.in English though just a few texts here.and there in English which I did provide.with our chat logs so they could see.that and that's why I put Bengali in.English there and of course I was trying.to help my husband out with picking up.English so sometimes we would message.each other in English.but most of the time we spoke Bengali do.you and your sponsor have any shared.financial responsibilities though we.have a shared bank account a joint bank.account I wasn't sure if that was a.shared financial responsibility so for.this we're just poor now but if you.decide to put yes then just give the.details in in this box here and then you.just need to move on do you or your.sponsor have any physical or mental.conditions if it's yes you just need to.give some details here and then if no.you can move on does your sponsor have.any children if it's yes provide some.details so it put wants some details of.the children's name the children's.nationality and the children's date of.birth once you have filled that out you.can move on to page four you just need.to do that by clicking on the down arrow.at the bottom of the screen and we move.on to page four if your sponsor.responsible for supporting anyone.financially including any children.listed or both we didn't have any.children and I wasn't financially.supporting anybody else so it was no for.us but if you are you just need to.provide the full name of the person the.date of birth and how much you spend on.them per month and then we can move on.to part two which is about the.accommodation details where do you and.your sponsor plan to live in the UK for.this we put my parents address details.in there of course if you live in rented.property you can put those details in.there anywhere that you are using as.proof of accommodation does your sponsor.own this property for us this was no so.that's the box that I clicked and it.asks if you choose now to explain at the.bottom and here it says that owned by.parents as an example and that's exactly.what I put in the box does your sponsor.live in a council owned property is your.sponsor in receipt of housing benefits.or council tax if you choose yes for.this you just need to provide details in.the box then it asks how many bedrooms.there are in the property how many other.rooms there are in the property not.including kitchen bathroom and toilets.what I chose to include was the living.room.and dining room and then it asks if.anybody else other than the sponsor live.in the property and to provide a full.name their age their relationships the.sponsor their nationality and it's also.asking for their passport numbers and.then it asks if you intend to work in.the UK I think it's a very good idea to.cross yes here and then just to say that.you will find work once you are in the.UK you've got to remember that they.don't want anyone to come into the.country and take from the government so.if you're working there's less chance of.you taking from the government so you've.got to show that you're keen to find.work and pay your taxes okay and then we.move on to the next section which is the.financial requirements so it's asking if.you are exempt from meeting the.financial requirements we were not as.them so this was no for us but here if.you do cross yes it's asking you to go.to part four where I'm going to stick.with part three we're gonna go down with.this arrow here on to the next section.so we're gonna scroll down and it asks.here what is a financial requirement you.are required to meet and it gives you an.example of how much you expected to me.and of course if you have children one.child two children three children and.then it asks you to confirm the amount.here so for us we were at the top.because we didn't have any children and.then we just wrote that amount in here.okay and then we move on to three point.three and it asks to choose from the.list below of how you are going to meet.your financial requirements so again.this video is mainly focused on 3a so.that's what I'm going to do so you just.need to again click on the cross here.select which one is appropriate to you.so as was 3a and we were also in.category a as I had one job that I was.in for more than six months if you are.in a job that is less than six months.and you are having to show wages from a.previous job as well then it is category.B I don't know much about how that works.so for us it is category A with one job.the requirement or two jobs meeting the.requirement and you must have had to be.in those jobs for six months or more so.we're going to move on to page six so if.you just click the arrow down and this.section is for those applying under.three a so here it asks if the sponsor.is currently employed in the UK so again.click yes or no if no go to part three B.so we're going to stick with this.section because it's yes for us and then.it asks what is your sponsors job title.so you just need to write the title in.this box what is the name of your.sponsors employer on what date did your.sponsor commence this employment and.then what is your sponsors National.Insurance number it then asks what type.of employment this is so if it's.temporary or permanent and then it asks.for the address the landline number the.mobile number and the email address what.is your sponsors annual income from the.employment before tax so to work this.out what you need to do is add up all.six of the sponsors recent wage slips.the ones that you are providing in your.application divide those by six to get.the mean average and then you need to.times that by twelve to understand what.the income is before tax and then once.you figure that out you just need to pop.it in the box there has response have.been in employment with the same.employer and earning the amount as.detailed in 311 above continuously for.six months prior to the date of.application this was yes for us if it's.no for you you just need to fill out.some of the questions before but if it's.yes you need to go to three point two.one so we're just moving down to go to.three point two one and we just select.the next page button so three point two.one asks if the sponsors annual income.from their current salaried employment.meets or exceeds the financial.requirements and then three point two.two if you sponsor have not been.employed by the same employer for six.months prior to the application does.their total income from salaried.employment received in.months prior to the application meet or.exceed the financial requirement you.must meet this question is very.confusing for everybody because there.was just a yes/no box there isn't an.optical box and all the people applying.under category a it doesn't apply to so.what I did for this was I clicked up.here on the a B and then wrote n/a next.to the yes/no box as it didn't apply to.our application okay then then we moved.on so then it is about those that are.playing under 3b this does not apply to.us so we move down and then on the next.page again 3b move down and then we move.onto 3c so these are fee you definitely.fill these out but this doesn't apply to.me so again I'm just moving down three.e3f and this is cash saving so this.might be a fiction to fill out for a lot.of you and then we move on to part four.how far is for those who are exempt from.the financial requirements again or.wasn't a section for us to fill out so.we just carried on scrolling down onto.the next page and then it comes to top.five continuation and additional.information we didn't have any.additional information that we wanted to.include however if there is any.additional information you want to.include you can include it in here that.is the end of the application so it's.really nice and easy not as complicated.as what you would think if you have a.second job which you have been in for.more than six months as well and you are.using both jobs to prove your financial.requirements all you need to do is fill.this out with job number one print it.off and then you just need to provide.another copy of page number six where it.asks about the company the sponsor is.employed with and how much they earn.before tax per annum with that company.and fill that out again.with the second job print it off and.then shot it in to the appendix - with.page six so you have page one two three.four five six six seven eight nine up to.thirteen so that's how you do it if you.have two jobs that you are using for the.financial requirements so that's the end.of the video thank you so much for.watching I hope that this video has.helped a lot of you guys out there if.you liked the video please give it a.thumbs up and if you'd like to subscribe.for more videos please click on the.subscribe button down below you can also.turn your notifications on so that you.are instantly aware of when I upload my.next video thank you guys for watching.take care and I'll see you next time bye.

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