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so many always going out finally finish.them thank you guys so much.hey guys what's going on I know it's.been a minute welcome back to my channel.if you're new here make sure you.subscribe so today is restock half of.the inventory is coming in today if you.guys are new here you guys don't know.who I am my name is Angela and I owned.three businesses you know I'm kind of.under the same branch but I have my.embroidery business which is kids custom.designs it's on Etsy and then I also.have a embroidery blank business which.is my newest thing so I make shirts for.embroidery vinyl it'll focus tube tube.to focus there you go so I also make.blanks for children's clothing and I.also make ribbon let me show you that.real quick I said I'm a cribben I do not.make ribbon.I sell ribbon so I have bulk rolls so.then all the 100-yard rolls so that's.what I sell at kids custom designs.dot-com and the links to all these.always in the description so my.hundred-yard girls grand polka dot rolls.our $33.99 i have the seven eights at.double faced at and four nine fifty and.then one and a half inch double faced.sat in for 1899 1850 it's more time it's.really early because again it is restock.pay for the blinks all my ribbon pretty.much came in yesterday I still have a.few boxes that probably deliver today as.well and right here those are for the.blanks those would be the boys and then.over here will be the girls they're like.two too deep so I have to reorganize all.of this so yes I own three businesses.right now and I run them all out of my.home and that helps save money and.that's also how I can run my business.right now during cope in nineteen.because it's in my home.and I don't feel any where to do so so.here are some of the boxes guys I forgot.to show you guys in the live my boxes so.let me show you I got these boxes made.now I thought they were a lot smaller.than they are at least a little bit.smaller so these boxes will only be used.for blank orders of about 400 hours or.more so let me show you so they are the.AJ blanks boxes so I really wanted to.get my own custom boxes made but again I.ordered so many of them so they're only.put what is a 400 or more and also.here's where I keep my other boxes these.are all free boxes from the post office.USPS comstock eat them all there so I'm.gonna package some ribbon orders because.my blanks order will be getting.delivered soon so I need to pack it to.those just so that's done and out the.way so I'll package those and then soon.before 10:30 is when the blenkers.supposed to arrive there in Baltimore.right now so they're not far at all.so I'm just waiting on them to get here.now it's only 12 out of the 27 boxes.that I ordered so the rest probably be.here tomorrow but I know so many of us.need it just because of what's going on.we need to fulfill our orders for our.kids clothing so I'm just gonna go ahead.and put them up as they go as they come.in instead of waiting for everything.because people need stuff now or more so.yesterday alas I've got put behind.because they were supposed to be.delivered last Thursday but because I.was going on shipping it super delayed.and I was so upset but it's nothing I.can do it's out of my hands this what it.is so they will be coming in today and.tomorrow hopefully tomorrow fingers.crossed and I said there's go up and.we'll just start shipping them out we do.ship out most of our items or pretty.much everything we saw within 24 hours.usually because the blanks so so fast.and so many orders like I said it's my.husband and I that are processing the.orders so I mean we have two kids guys.so we try to get it out with the 24.but at the end of the day worst case two.days but we'll try to stick as close to.the 24 hours as possible also today my.father-in-law is coming to help unbox.the orders unbox the blanks because it's.a lot of work we did it before for the.first soft launch and it took a minute.and luckily Roman slept through the.entire process of us unboxing everything.so we got lucky but this order is the.today's only 12 tomorrow will be 15.boxes if they come tomorrow so Who am I.arm hurts from holding this camera so.yeah so last night I was working on.tutus so I got one made I have the.second and I was working out a third I.sewed the channel of it but I still need.to put the ribbon on it so I'll should I.get to two orders made so that is easy.just to make the shirt this is the.general miss coffee cup okay the kids.have been waking up every day at five.o'clock don't know why but the last week.five o'clock they've been waking up so I.wanted to get those done because I know.I'm super busy with the blanks the.blanks take up like all my time.literally it's like 14 hours of packing.orders packing orders packing orders.shoes so I begin to pay another sellout.we do have another order coming I'll.just say June just because I don't want.any more delays so June so the next.order will be coming in and in that.order will be adding baby gowns baby.hats so stay tuned for that so I will.just go ahead and package different.orders and I will let you guys see when.the blanks come in and then how we.package them how it's gonna be a piss.gonna be a lot I've been anticipating.this day for like five days because it.will be everyday this time but at least.it's in Baltimore so it definitely.should be here today so I'm just gonna.wait I do have to make one vinyl shirts.I forgot let me turn my heat press on I.have to make one vinyl shirt because.it's today so let me do that.before everything comes and then I get.so backed up.so I do want to say we hit 50,000.subscribers it's a my little money it's.been coming to yesterday on my Instagram.follow my Instagram I'll put it right.here they commented yesterday that I.said they followed me since February and.in February I said I wanted to hit fifty.thousand by my birthday my birthday is.in two weeks so I did hit fifty thousand.have in the back so hopefully you get.hit a hundred thousand subscribers by.the end of the year.make big goals here so by December 31st.my goal is to hit 100,000 subscribers so.if you guys can help me with that by.hitting the subscribe button it doesn't.cost anything and turn the little Bell.notification will click it that way you.are notified every single time I upload.a video so you don't miss anything at.all so yeah all right let me go ahead.and stop packaging these orders okay so.whenever new packages to the table I'll.use the package it's a bit of a mess but.here my packing slips can't show you it.with lanes but I put the packing slips.out on the table then I pull the ribbon.the lighting is gonna suck because of.the light coming in over there masari's.so I left all my packing slips out like.this and I will just go ahead and.[Music].[Music].okay so all the ribbon orders are pulled.from last night so I'm gonna go ahead.and start packaging them you guys I saw.I keep my packaging so I'm gonna do that.knuckle Kenan just sent me the robe fell.asleep now he's like you took a picture.of me didn't you.that's so funny oh my god oh yeah also.this is the printer I used to put my.labels the rollo printer it's currently.on sale on Amazon for I think 179 it was.$300 so it doesn't use any ink.it's just plugin it's a third book don't.want printer so it's like the heat is.what prints on it I guess that makes the.most sense of there's no ink and it's.waterproof obviously because it's not.ink and then I have so many labels for.so I buy the roll labels on Amazon I'll.link that down below as well and then I.also have this a Q tech skill that I.used for the last five years I just got.this scale last week so I use this scale.on this with $20 on Amazon I got that.because of the big boxes for the ribbon.and you can't really read the numbers.when you put a big box on this little.scale because it covers it so has the.separate separate piece to see the.numbers so yeah they're all ahead and.put these in boxes my ribbon will be.here in the next two hours right now.it's only like I think 25 minutes away.from me so we'll see we will see you.should be here by 10:30 I did forget to.mention I have I packaged my orders like.this just so that I.can see what boxes I will need because.this makes it easier I know what fits in.what box this way versus looking at the.paper and trying to figure it out see it.like this it's easy and I just grab.boxes in start packaging those are the.ribbon packages to package it up and.then the blank should be here any minute.so I'm gonna go ahead and get ready for.that and then you'll see me when the.blades come in you see all that ok got.focus focus focus hoop is on me okay so.whether you guys are behind the scenes.so the blanks of coming in and we're.going we're unloading the boxes counting.them all and putting them all in their.own sizes and getting them organized for.that when the orders come in it's easy.to just pick from each box with each box.is gonna have a certain amount of sizes.and a certain size in it that makes.sense so this is what they look like so.far and I could go ahead and keep on.loading cuz I'm on a time crunch here I.just wanted to show you guys a quick.sneak peek of what it looks like okay so.I finished unboxing oh this is all the.girl shirts so there's a bunch of.brochures 2500 girl shirts so I just put.them on the website and people are.getting them now okay so we just.launched and there's a hundred and.nineteen people on the website 56 people.active cards 14 have checked out so I.what we're looking like right now so I.gotta start packaging all these orders.so we started with 2500 we launched the.website two o'clock.and now we'll only act 600 shirts left.so that's our packaging everything ok so.it's been like three hours since we.started selling start something at 2.o'clock and we have a few packages.already packaged it's like 25 or.something.we still have given our way.you stuff a tea orders left to package a.tea orders so we pretty much blurry you.pretty much sold out of all the girls.shirts in three and a half hours.something you guys so much for all your.support I really appreciate it my.father-in-law's over here help me.package everything Keenan is upstairs.Caden is upstairs with the kids.Roman is sleeping so I'm just bored.about this post office more okay so my.concern is at UPS USPS because there's a.lot of stuff I've never had to ship I.think total sales today for the blanks.is 114 so I have a hundred and fourteen.orders today well for tomorrow there has.to ship out that's quite a bit so I hope.it fits in that car I hope they don't.need to but we'll see alright already.looks like a lot like I just showed you.guys it is quite a few and then I.haven't been over here with some more so.better keep packing it's been two and a.half hours cuz we started it takes a lot.more time than you think so yeah let me.get back to work with my mr. helper over.here so I see you later buddy this is.what this person wanted that obviously.had their name but this is what they.ordered and how I package it is I just.go ahead and start pulling from the bins.over there which are in like.alphabetical numerical order so they.ordered eight it's three six nine eight.size three three size a three-letter.three very size so - three - four - five.- six eight so I'm gonna go ahead and.[Music].[Music].[Applause].- and then I will double check or I.double check or my father-in-law double.checks we double check to make sure.every got everything correct and then it.just goes into a box and get taped up.and put over there so here's our.progress so a lot more boxes a lot more.packages making slow progress steady but.it's good making sure everything is.correct we don't want anyone getting the.wrong ideas are missing anything.[Applause].[Applause].so if the board order isn't full all the.way I'll put some brown paper whatever.they're called feelings so that doesn't.go like this.[Applause].I would say this Scotch sure start.because it's the quietest tape ever and.I put the shipping label.oh my goodness guys it is 7:30 7:30 so.we have quite a few packages packed up.probably like I don't know 60 packages.oh there's a dancing baby oh yeah and we.still have quite a few shirts I think we.have about 50 orders left package and.then there should be pretty much almost.nothing left.hopefully tomorrow the boys black shirts.and boys white shirts come in I don't.know fingers crossed I said everything.is held up right now so I'm gonna keep.packaging my father-in-law just left so.thank you so much for your help and I.gotta get packaging probably order some.food just so that I don't cook because.it's ru 7:30 it's cooked I mean order.food eat and then keep working until.it's done.also you guys are buying so much of our.ribbon to that kiss custom designs.dot-com so like I said we try so hard to.get everything out within 24 hours but.if I cannot make it I hope you guys.understand in worst case it'll be the.next day so thank you guys so much for.all your support I really appreciate it.and let me get back to packaging these.orders you're gonna come with me at this.time so I'm going to show you guys.exactly how I am packaging these my.father-in-law was helping me earlier but.he's gone so I'm solo over here has to.do 46 more orders so.the first order is two sides of five T's.and three sides three T's so - five T's.and the socks.so all of these this is five T this is.five T is 14 they won't expect for high.but now thank you one's over there so -.five T and then two three T no 3 3 c1 I.got these and that is one order and I.usually just put it right on top of it.like that and then keep it moving so 2 5.t + 2 3 T 2 5 2 - 3 T and I'm doing so.not to put that bit over there and then.6 5 - 6 and 8 so six five to sixty eight.six five T 1 3 5 T with one hands is.harvest of course I'm gonna double-check.and eight sighs a needs six and three.size three so eight size six.I need eight eight eight six size eight.one two three four six okay and then.three size 3 3 3.let's put this pin with of the east.[Music].bit360 is and I'm just gonna double.check all these orders.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].that is correct.so that is done it's gonna go in a bed I.have these mailers I've got from Amazon.so they're very very durable so I like.these I had the value mailers but the.labels don't stick to them that well.unfortunately so I'm gonna go ahead and.put this up in half.ich and usually if the order is under.150 dollars it goes in a polybag and if.it is over it will go in a box and then.the aj- boxes it has to be about $400 to.bring in.[Music].customs may lose its 4 pounds I would.like to go over a little bit just.because I get worried that didn't do it.right or something may have been.possible this is breaking so Riley's.coming downstairs now because she just.woke up.yes she just woke up at 8 o'clock so.today we launched 4 hours ago and we.have sold out now 9 p.m. I just finished.dinner I ate pretty quick maybe like 30.minutes and I'm back to downstairs.package I'm not trying to stay up all.night so I'll see what I can get done.there are 35 orders left so I'm gonna.try to get I would ideally like to get.them all done just so that they're done.and y'all can all get your stuff in two.or three days but we'll see you know how.one person and my children don't want to.cooperate with me so Keenan is with the.kids while I package because I'm a.faster package juror that makes sense so.we're down to the nitty-gritty on bins.and now I'm just gonna print the rest of.the packing slips and then just try to.like get them done try it so we'll see.we will see.[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].I finished I finished all hundred and.seventeen blank orders they're all done.look at all these packages there's so.many and again all these pretty much.sold within three hours of launching so.again thank you guys so so so so much.for all your support I really appreciate.it.sorry I sold out again I'll try to do.better next time I'm gonna double the.word and yeah so again this is my blanks.business and thank you so much for.watching and I will see you guys in my.next video I need to get a hot chocolate.or something and just relax ribbon those.new ribbon orders that came in today.they're going out tomorrow.I can't package it I'm tired so thank.you guys again so much and please hit.the subscribe button and give this video.a thumbs up I would really appreciate it.good night guys bye.[Music].

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Hit on answers to questions about Customs Inventory Cpc 10 000 96pr 1st Contact Shipping . Discover the most ordinary topics and more.

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What is a t1 document in the EU?

If this means what I think it does, there isn’t one. Freelancers get a 1099 Miscellaneous Income report instead of a W2, and must file their social security payment on their own based on estimates of yearly income. I might be out of date on this. Not sure if an EUist has to pay into their national plan for US income… contact your human resources or tax professional.

What is a t1 shipping document?

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I don't know that is the case. I have not heard of this from anyone. Do you have a reliable source for this assertion? It's seems this may be your own anecdotal perception.

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