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youtube video

Operator Daily Checks On Telehandlers Form : Revise, Finish and forward

everyone in this video we're gonna show.you how to do a pre-op inspection on a.telehandler check this out everyone.today we're gonna go over how to do a.pre-op inspection on a telehandler now.this is a cat 943 but really the way I.go over these pre-ops they apply to any.type of equipment but I'll go over this.one with you as with all my videos not.an expert not claiming to be I'm gonna.kind of show you what I've learned but.also I hope you'll share tips and tricks.of your own and then finally with.pre-ops are probably the most important.piece of operating equipment and I.really like to go over these because I.think a newer operator especially.they're a little bit intimidated I'll.stress this up front I'm not a diesel.mechanic not claiming to be and you.don't need to be either a lot of these.things are just common sense but it's.much better to catch them before you.operate that equipment for the day so.even if you just take a two to five.minutes right before you operate and do.a quick pre-op in there can really save.your butt if you catch anything right.there so as you've probably seen with.other pre-ops I do I really break it.into three pieces the general.walk-around of the equipment the.compartment check and then these the.operators cab those are the three.different pieces that I cover and.generally run counterclockwise I try and.do the same thing every time just to.have consistency but again there is no.right or wrong here so do what makes.what you're comfortable with and just.stick to that routine.okay so first for the walk-around now.the reason I do it this way it really.gives me two circles around the piece of.equipment one is the general walk-around.then we'll go into compartments next the.reason I really like the walk-around.that's my time where I'm not really.touching anything it's more looking at.it from a big picture I've seen this.myself I've done it and I've seen others.do it where they get so focused on.checking some of the small things that.they might miss something that's just.big and obvious but because you're so.focused on that's why I really like just.the general walk around to look at it.from a distance I'd like to do.counterclockwise began not a rule here.do whatever makes you comfortable I'm.gonna start on the operators side of it.so what I'm always looking for I start.top to bottom you know looking if I see.any obvious damage so you're looking for.with the arm.are there any wherever there might be.welds if there's any damage there I'm.looking for any obvious leaks.anything that just sticks out so if I.start on this side I'm looking on the.telehandler we're gonna look at our.tires see if there's any damage.obviously if you can check pressure on.them I think a lot of operator will.probably do that weekly but you can.usually look at it and see if it looks.like it's either damaged or if it's low.making sure all the lug nuts are tight.secure making sure your planetary.they're there no damage no leaking or.anything from the center there I'm gonna.keep going around again making sure the.cab there's no damage to the cab the.glass things like that as I'm walking.I'm also looking underneath the machine.this is where if there were anything.behind the wheel there where there might.be a leak it's something that you can.catch while you're walking around the.machine and I'm still on this side again.looking all the way up top two operators.compartment making sure there's no.damage there and then checking the tire.in the back lug nuts all look tight.doesn't look like we have any leaks from.the center and the tire don't see any.obvious damage it looks like it's.inflated to the appropriate pressure and.then I'll keep coming around the back.okay now we round back this is where I'm.looking on the inside of tires for any.damage but also making sure I've got no.leaks or anything from any of the hoses.in here.any of the connections again there's you.can see the planetary and all the the.transmission everything the connections.are in there so I'm looking for anything.obvious that sticks out this is I'm not.a diesel mechanic but I can tell if.something just doesn't look right then I.keep coming around the back this we're.gonna kind of be able to see down the.arm a little bit where the hoses.hydraulic hoses are so I can look in.there and see if they any damage any.bulging in lines for hydraulic lines you.never want to try and touch those by.hand they are under extreme pressure so.you would never want to do that in case.they were to break that could literally.cut your hand so you don't ever want to.touch one of those hoses just kind of.looking at them this is a time - when.I'm around the back.I can look underneath see if I see any.obvious damage the engine for.telehandlers actually I'm the kind of.passenger side on the right side so I.can look under that side to see if I see.any obvious leaks coming around this.side looking behind the tire there all.the connections see and if I see any.leaks anything obvious.making sure all the pins the connections.where the boom arm is connected again on.both sides you're looking at that and.then coming around to the other side of.the cab my exhaust system making sure.that's intact again now we can see a big.picture of the arm up here seeing if.there's looks like any damage say the.welds or anything the hydraulic cylinder.that's on the top there all the lines.the engine compartment is here this is.what we'll check next but we'll keep.going around really easy to see if.there's any leaks or anything underneath.where this machine was sitting so if.it's been sitting here for a while this.is a time where you can see if there's.any obvious leaks or anything like that.your the front then same thing with the.tire up front same thing is what I've.checked on the others any damage looks.like it's properly inflated all the lugs.are on doesn't look like any leaks from.the center there and then I'm coming.around the front to look on the inside.of that one then once I've looked at the.front I see no leaks.everything I'm also looking up here then.all the welds seeing if there's any I.right now the if I were to want to.extend this out see everything but you.can generally look and see if there's a.look was there any debris or anything.that went into that arm there if there's.any obvious damage you've got your.cylinder up top there but I can kind of.look at any damage here and then I'm.looking at whatever my work tool is.making sure all the pins this is our.connection for the coupler for the forks.my hydraulic lines here cylinder there.and again continuing to come around the.front and then from the front same thing.I'm looking first of all my work tool.whatever I have on we have Forks on here.seeing if there's any obvious damage to.the forks where the connections are.there anything that sticks out I can see.down the entire arm here if this arm.obviously had any well this is where I'd.probably see if there were any cracks or.any curvature to that main boom arm or.anything in here that could show some.signs of damage or a cracked weld.something like that keep coming around.this is where I can also see underneath.from the front side so is where I come.down I'm gonna look underneath see if I.see any damage any leaks anything like.that come over on this side looking.inside all my connections there bolts.through.no leaks and I'm looking on the inside.of this front tire all the connections.no leaks.okay next part is compartments before I.do the main compartment here I do want.to mention on that walk around with a on.the other side there hydraulic fill.there's always gonna be an indicator on.the outside of the machine cats actually.right behind the operators compartment.so checking that - it's an hour it's.kind of a glass there you can make sure.you got hydraulic fluid everything else.these machines are relatively simple as.everything's in one place so I'm gonna.check the engine compartment the other.thing when you're looking from the.outside is making sure the screens so.you have the radiator and everything on.the back here and then there's an air.intake on the front making sure those.are clean there's no damage there once I.open that compartment again I like this.also talking about big picture I just.like to look from a look at everything.and see if there's any obvious damage.you'll be surprised some things can just.stick out that they don't look right but.nothing really sticks out on this one.then I'm gonna start from the back here.so I'm looking this is all the cooling.for the machine so I'm looking at these.fins to see if there's any obvious.damage if there's any debris in here.anything blocking it anything leaking.the hoses coming out of this but there's.looks like no damage to the cooling.components same thing on the fan blade.here you can see on that see if the.damage to the fan in like that and then.I'm checking the belts all belts and.hoses you're making sure this it's not.any obvious wear tear on them any.there's a hose that are bulging loose.connections things like that you can see.it there same thing with the overall.engine seeing any of these any hoses.cables anything looks loose anything.like that for the cap machine the.coolant fill is up on top of the cooling.so right up there there's a gauge I can.see on there that it's at the.appropriate level and then coming across.to the air filter so the main air.intakes here there is a little valve.over here that I can check to see if.there's a little red it's got a if it's.included at all where there's not.getting air flow to be an indicator.there and there's usually a dump valve.on the front of the air filter where you.can clean that see if there's any debris.in there and then you've got your fuel.filter this is generally.have a filter if there's any looking for.any water or anything that might be in.the fuel that would separate there and.the clear window there and then the.final thing would be this checked the.fluids so the oil wiping it clean.looking at it looks good and then the.transmission right here.and that looks good.so everything looks good there the final.piece is in the operator seat so after.that I get in when I open the door.making sure there's no damage to the.door the grab bars the handles.everything that be able to get in coming.in making sure seat belt works and then.from that before I turn the machine on.just check in the controls making sure.they have free range of motion the boots.that are on the joystick and there's no.damage so there's not dust debris.getting in there all the glass.everything is intact on the cab and then.on the all my steering column everything.works everything is moving nothing.broken nothing obvious there after that.I would turn it on one click over that's.what I'm going to see if there's any.indicators for anything that might be.wrong and then I would fire it up.generally I fire it up and then I just.let it idle for you know a few seconds.this is where if I hear anything that.doesn't sound right that I may need to.look back in the compartment once I've.checked everything there final thing.making sure lights turn signals anything.like that was operational but then we're.good to go.I do say once you get started there.that's where your final check as you're.driving to make sure you got free range.of motion all the controls there's no.issue with the hydraulics at all but.that's the end of that pre-op inspection.okay and that's how you do a pre-op on a.telehandler again hope you guys enjoyed.that if you have comments tips tricks.yourself on how you do one please.comment below I do want to thank Doug.speedling construction here in Hastings.Minnesota they allowed us to use one of.their telehandler shoot this video will.link to them down below thanks a lot you.guys we'll see you in the next one.[Music].

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