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what's going on everybody my name is.alex allison on this formula for you.guys episode number 22 of craft night.featuring my girlfriend kaylee we are.back here at our base today.before we get into the episode though i.just want to quickly ask every single.person watching if they could just.subscribe to this minecraft channel i.post a survival series on here with my.girlfriend every other day.there's a bunch of other amazing.youtubers on the server that we play.with as well so if you guys could also.do us another favor.drop a like on the video because the.more likes we get the more the series.grows the more people sub to this.channel it really does help me out a ton.we are here.in our underwater research laboratory.because kaylie has some upgrades that.she wants to do right what level are you.37 but yeah guys today we actually have.a lot of improvements that we need to.make because as you guys know we.recently made the villager trading hall.and you know there's a lot of trades.that we want to do with the villagers.but our farms are kind of weak.our farms that we used to have were kind.of beginner farms and we need to make.some upgrades to them today so.i want to upgrade the cow farm the.chicken farm the wheat carrot and potato.farm as well.so got it oh hey what's up all right.what are you.what are you upgrading right now uh this.okay what'd you get.efficiency three and unbreaking three.that's kind of garbage.gonna be honest chief it's all right.because that's why we got villagers now.once we expand the trading hall we're.gonna have so many librarians down there.that we can literally just get the best.enchanted materials of all time.anyways um so right over here we got the.cow farm.unfortunately i lost all the cows okay.because i needed to use.literally all of them for to make one.more cows.well i had to do it because i wanted to.lock in the mending villager.so now we gotta go find some more new.cows we got the chicken farm.still in action over here this i've.actually never used the chicken farm.like ever so hopefully hopefully we can.actually use this thing for.once um i have 18 eggs hopefully this.should be.good enough come on please yay we got.one chicken yeah you like these seeds.yeah there you go just come on in here.you don't want to get in there i'll just.give you a little push don't worry there.you go you want some friends all right.don't worry i'll spawn you some.friends there you go oh okay never mind.that chicken just suffocated into the.wall.there we go this is supposed to be our.chicken farm i don't even know how this.thing works to be honest.he keeps falling out he fell down man.come here.chicken what do they like they like.seeds here do you want one how do i get.them up here now i don't think i can get.them up here i gotta make a staircase.there we go.we gotta trap them up there oh my god.they're so annoying i can't do anything.about this here i'll give them a push.come on just get in the hole this is why.i don't like these advanced high-tech.farms guys because they're just so hard.to maintain come on there we go dude.this one's a smart one the other one got.out the other one oh my gosh.all right we're just gonna have to cut.to when we finally get this.there we go perfect all right we finally.got the chickens in there we kind of.need a lot more because whenever these.guys hatch eggs they're supposed to drop.into this hopper over here or into this.dispenser i don't even know what this.thing is called i'm gonna be honest and.the baby chickens are gonna spawn right.there and when they grow into adults.they're gonna cook.and then all their stuff is gonna fall.into here i'm gonna completely tear down.this cow farm because this thing is just.way too slow so i'm gonna make a bunch.of new farms over there for cows and.then down.over here you guys probably remember.this i haven't really showed this place.in any previous episodes but right over.here i want to work on a giant wheat.crop farm so i'm gonna have to carve out.this giant chunk over here it's gonna.take me a while but it's gonna be really.worth it because now we're going to get.so much more crops to trade with.villagers we're going to get really good.books with the cow farms.and yeah that's kind of what i want to.work on today's episode i'm back.uh-huh and you know how i went out for.a cow yeah what happened uh.what did you do no nothing i didn't do.anything.where are you all the way up top what is.that.who is this guy oh he's adorable.he's a snowflake i love him like he has.a fish in his mouth.ah babe i love him should we put him.with the bears.no i think they'll attack each other and.we can't put him with the bunnies either.because he eats bunnies oh.no i think he's got to be my favorite.pet rip astro.oh babe no listen astro i don't know.what he's doing but he's just not you.know he's just kind of boring.what should we name him let's name him.what do you want to name him.oh you're usually good with the names.sniffer sniffer.no that's a terrible name at his big.nose.yeah i know he has a big nose but that's.like kind of insulting.no he's not sniffer i want to name him.like oscar awesome.oscar the fox yeah he looks like an.oscar.you name him oscar yeah all right that's.oscar he's our new pet.let's go yo let us know what pet we.should get next guys we're kind of.we're stacking up the pet farm i mean.not farm all right we're not farming.pets all right we got a lot of them.though we have polar bears we got.rabbits.boxes now dogs we're expanding guys.we're making big expansions out here.anyways what was i doing i was doing.something oh yeah i was making a farm.can you come to the organism observation.room oh gosh yes.i'll be there in a second oh by the way.guys in case you don't know what i'm.doing here i'm.basically making the layout for the room.of the entire farm that i'm.reconstructing here it's pretty much.just gonna be a.automatic crop farm so i'm gonna have.villagers actually.automatically attend this farm or.whatever it's gonna look pretty cool.once it's all done it's actually a.tutorial by.shulkercraft pretty cool guy i've been.watching a lot of his tutorials anyways.hold on let me go check this out what.are you talking about over here oh gosh.do i dare go down here what'd you do.oh my gosh.where did you find this it's tucker.tucker i like it.hey what's good tucker tucker the turtle.doesn't he need water to survive or what.how does that work.he's chilling i like tucker tucker's a.great guy he's very slow it took me a.very.long time to get him here i like him you.should make him a room yeah.you should do like a room for the fox or.oscar in a room for tucker you want me.to yeah i think that'd be pretty sick.okay oh also guys one of the things that.we can do now.so hold on where is the elytra you take.the electro by any chance oh here they.are so now that we have a mending.villager.we can actually finally use our elytra.again.so i think wait how hold on how do we.upgrade the elytra do you put in the.smelling table oh.no our anvil broke hold on can we do we.have enough we don't even have enough.iron to make a new anvil.we can't even fix our elytra i broke it.ah it's all right it's okay it's okay.never mind guys it doesn't look like we.can enchant our altruist today.one day eventually we will and we'll be.able to fly around in peace but the main.reason why i wanted to build this farm.is because we can actually finally have.some crops to trade with the villagers.get some good emerald and also to breed.the villagers in general because we.don't really.like this we farm over here or whatever.it's not that efficient like it's very.slow and there's also not that many.spaces for stuff to grow.and obviously over here you could tell.there's like double or triple the space.and it's going to be fully automatic so.we can literally just stand here.overnight.should have a lot of crops in our.inventory the next day that's the goal.of this thing all i gotta do is just.build it which is taking me forever.whenever you build farms underground you.literally have to carve.every single block by block and it's.kind of a hassle like it's so much.easier to build farms on land but we.still want to keep going with that.research science lab theme so i gotta.stick to the roots and continue this.hallway.more crops and vegetation let's see here.what can we do.also i know i could have probably made.an automatic sugarcane farm but.honestly i don't really care about.automatic sugarcane farms i feel like.this is just way easier.eventually if i really desperately need.this much sugarcane which honestly i.probably will need it very soon because.one of our villagers actually trades.paper for an emerald so i might have to.upgrade this as well i don't even know.man.i don't know guess we'll have to find.out and wait until uh the crop farm is.done.all right so usually before i start.building a farm i usually like to get.all the materials and items that i would.need to build it in my inventory first.just so i want to run back and forth but.this is actually not that hard of a.build you got to be kind of precise all.right so hang on let's get this started.so first we got to make a layer.all around the edges for the glass all.right so it should go a little bit like.this.obviously keeping the green glass you.know because we're aliens i guess.or whatever we are i have no idea goes.all the way around like.this hopefully this lines up and i did.my math correctly around all edges.tell me this is not going to line up but.let's hope it does because if it doesn't.i'm gonna be really sad and we're good.all right we're gonna have to leave a.space open here in the front.what actually before i add on the second.layer i think i'm gonna carve out.everything that's on the ground here i'm.gonna replace it so the farm gets the.optimal lighting.all right and it actually is gonna look.aesthetically pleasing on the outside of.this thing because i don't know why but.farms are pretty ugly but i try to make.them look pretty nice what i'm gonna do.is i'm gonna add some sea lanterns.around the edges here because i just.feel like.it's gonna make the farm look a lot.nicer especially once i fill the inside.with dirt.also i think the more lighting you have.the faster the crops grow if i'm not.mistaken i don't know.how that changes if there's a villager.inside of the farm doing all the work.though but i do know lighting has a.big play and i need to get a lot of.lighting especially since i'm building.underground i'm not getting any natural.sun.perfect all right so the rim is.completely lit up.looks really nice and so let's see how.many stacks of dirt this might take.because the more stacked means the more.props are going to grow whoa.whoa what what what oh my god oh my god.what the heck was that.what what happened this zombie he was in.our freaking.he was in the organ organism observation.center and so i walked up to him to kill.him and he.ran at me what was he really fat.was it like a kid zombie or was it a.grown one it was a grown one but he was.making like water zombie noises but he.was a normal zombie out of water.and he ran so close but yeah you guys.were requesting a lot more building on.camera so that's exactly what i want to.try to do a little bit more for you guys.if there's anything else you guys want.to see me include into the minecraft.videos definitely let me know because.this is just like a learning experience.for me you guys obviously know i haven't.been posting minecraft that long but i.want to keep doing this stuff guys this.is so much fun eventually i want to.start streaming once we get good.internet here at the house.are you good babe what happened.how did that happen like the worst day.for me ever babe.come on are you all right why do you.keep dying i don't know.guys kaley is just not having a good day.right now all right.please tell me i have enough please tell.me i have enough i think i have just.enough let's go.all right oh yeah this already looks.pretty fire to be honest gotta fill in.this top layer here.i don't know why guys but farms just.have to be my most favorite thing in the.game.just because like they take so much time.to make sometimes but you get so much.out of them like i feel like if i made.every single farm in the game that's.possible.we'd be able to make so many builds.literally every single episode.wow just looking at this makes me so sad.because it's such a.like basic newbie farm compared to the.new one that i'm making right now.guys all i gotta say is we gotta have.the coolest farms on the server like.there's no way.this is just pristine i'm getting a.little too overcarried to myself here.over here what what did i just say i.have no idea what i just said i'm.getting a little overcarried.what does that even mean i don't listen.guys it's currently 5 55 in the morning.that's how late we grind these episodes.out for you guys so if y'all could do us.a huge favor just drop a like on the.video if you haven't already.thank you guys so much seriously we.literally hustle these late nights.every single day the main reason for the.shape of this circle.thing is because every single block will.be able to be grown because of where the.water is placed so it's actually pretty.good shape to be honest i don't know.how these people create these kind of.farms but this stuff is pure genius guys.like.all right now i just got to add the carp.uh.to sell the villager that's tending the.crops does not fall into this block we.don't want them getting stuck we want to.be working at all times.all right then we got the composter the.composter is that how you say it i don't.know okay so i just carved out a little.room for storage for where.every single drop will go down into here.and i'll just simply collect it.wait why did tico just get on what the.heck it's literally this man's birthday.and it's six in the morning.we should say happy birthday i just said.happy birthday first because i'm a good.guy.you're so.we shoulda made him a birthday cake oh.yeah.yeah actually we still owe him 200.diamonds so.we're just not gonna bring that up all.right yike anyway.this is gonna be our temporary storage.area for this stuff all right so.now for the hard part i gotta get the.villagers in this thing.one problem about getting the villagers.in here is that all of our villagers are.way downstairs i still have to breed.them i think i'm just gonna go steal.more villagers from that other village.on the island and bring him back i think.that might be a lot easier actually it's.not that far away.once we get the villagers in here we're.pretty much good to go i think all right.guys.i'm on the road to getting more.villagers unfortunately though.there is a lightning storm going on at.the same time so hopefully i don't get.struck by lightning while doing this.what is that.do you see that yeah hold up fam hold up.bro why do people keep putting stuff on.the top of our base that's the most.annoying place to get up to.what is it i can't see it it's too dark.what is going on up here.it looks like a giant l oh there's a.note i'll just leave this here as a.reminder.of how hashtag craft night boxing match.is gonna turn out.oh my god this is kaz's cute little.revenge.on us oh that's adorable cass that's.adorable.wait tico just got hit by lightning what.are the chances.yo i hope we don't get hit by lightning.oh no because we're on a pretty high.point right now.you know kaz if you were gonna leave.something for us here you could have at.least left it out of a cool material.we gave him some sponges all right i.gotta bring back two villagers.and then the farm is officially complete.chrome wasn't built in the day.all right yeah but this minecraft wheat.farm listen you don't understand this we.farm is going to feed us for.generations i hope there's still.villagers here to even take home.unless we already took them all no.there's no way there's got to be more oh.there's cows here babe we can make more.uh.cow farm again no way that you found.cows man i looked for like three hours.yeah.there's like three of them right here.come on down get in the boat time to.take you to your new home this might.take me a long time to get them there.but it's all good.come on up here big fella don't be shy.now climb on up get in the boat.in the boat there you go come on down.yeah don't whine now you're going into.the new wheat farm.hey let's go he's in his work station.i'm supposed to turn him into something.that's not a farmer my man's a fletcher.pretty sure i'm also supposed to do a.trade with him i need sticks.or an emerald one emerald for 16 arrows.wow that's actually a pretty good trade.i'm gonna keep you in there.all right i'm gonna trade with this guy.to lock in his trades.there we go some emeralds tico said.there's a new area.northeast of spawn if we want to see.might have to go check that out later.i'm kind of scared to check that out.yeah i don't really trust anything tico.says in the chat so.we might just have to save that for.another time but anyways i gotta go get.me another villager.please tell me that there's still at.least one villager in here somewhere.if there isn't i'm gonna be very.disappointed there's gotta be at least.one here somewhere.oh no i don't think there's another.villager here oh yes there is.hello boys don't mind me just gonna loot.your village then i'm gonna take you.home oh there's a fox here.there's two foxes it's cute all right.which one of you boys wants to come home.with me get in the boat there we go.we got him okay so for the final steps.of this farm i actually extended the.hallway so it goes even deeper so now.over here you got a room honestly i.might tear this wall down.completely like all the way through and.just have this all.be blue stained glass i don't know i.think that might look really cool.because you can see inside of all the.farms.i don't know let me know what you guys.think in the comments down below should.i tear this wall down and make it all.blue or should i just keep it like a.panel like a door panel i don't know.we'll see but anyway i got this guy.chilling over here i actually have to go.in there right now.and uh replace all of the dirt well i.don't have to replace it i just gotta.hold the dirt i guess.so here we go also gotta plant all the.carrots and then i gotta let in the new.farmer in we should wait what the golden.formula already died.okay never use golden tools that was a.big mistake right there.all right now we just need the carrots i.think they're fully grown by now.all right i don't even think i have.enough carrots to fill this thing up.what the.the guys the lag on the server is so bad.this needs to get fixed asap.because everybody has so many farms now.that the server can't even handle it oh.yeah i don't even think i have enough to.fill this entire thing but that's okay.because this should be plenty enough.overnight we're gonna have a ton of.carrots when we wake up hopefully i.don't know if this farm works or not but.we'll see in a bit i guess.now we just gotta bring in our farmer.and we should be good to go babe please.get out of the boat i don't trust you.with him.please just leave him alone babe he.doesn't deserve this let him go.please all right just get out of the.boat we can negotiate this we can work.this out.all right fine you got to go in through.here when you're when you're in there.though do not jump around okay now let's.see if he becomes a farmer he's a farmer.let's go and i don't know how the farm.works but hopefully it does work.i don't know what he does but he's.supposed to stay there that's all i know.oh i know what it happens okay so i.think when this guy.gets carrots he goes over to this guy to.socialize.so while he's standing there the hopper.mine carts will absorb all the guys.carrots.and they'll go straight down into the.chest room i think that's what happens.i'm not sure.but i hope that's how this works anyways.what did you want to show me the turtle.layer.oh no way where are the turtles.he's in there he's if you jump oh he's.swimming.yo that's so lit and there's coral and.stuff all in there and sea pickles too.so it's like lit up in there.that's so cool and when they um when we.get another one.and they make a baby we'll be able to.see the eggs like buried in the sand.that's so sick yes i'm gonna go try to.find another one now.you should add like a palm tree or.something in here we got the bears now.we got the turtles.we got the bun buns yeah i think we got.the farm working.hopefully overnight i'm just gonna afk.it and i guess we'll see what we get.i still gotta redo the cow farm i'll.probably do that next episode.yeah i don't know how efficient this.thing is but i guess we'll find out when.i wake up tomorrow.hey buddy what's going on oscar hey.oscar why does he still have that bun.bun in his mouth.he's vibing all right guys i think this.is gonna be a really good place to end.off this episode so if you guys can do.us a favor please drop a like on the.video subscribe to the channel if you.guys enjoyed this episode.we got a lot done today to be honest we.got the crop farm working we got some.turtles we got an arctic fox.we're gonna be completely redoing the.cow farm next episode maybe adding a.sheep farm.not too sure it's gonna be a lot of fun.hope you guys did enjoy once again we.love you guys go check out kaylee on.instagram.we'll see you guys in the next episode.you.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Form online

CocoSign is a browser based application and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the cushiest method to e-sign their Form.

It offers an all in one package including validity, convenience and efficiency. Follow these instructions to put a signature to a form online:

  1. Confirm you have a good internet connection.
  2. Open the document which needs to be electronically signed.
  3. Select the option of "My Signature” and click it.
  4. You will be given alternative after clicking 'My Signature'. You can choose your uploaded signature.
  5. Design your e-signature and click 'Ok'.
  6. Press "Done".

You have successfully finish the signature online . You can access your form and email it. Excepting the e-sign alternative CocoSign proffer features, such as add field, invite to sign, combine documents, etc.

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Google Chrome is one of the most handy browsers around the world, due to the accessibility of a lot of tools and extensions. Understanding the dire need of users, CocoSign is available as an extension to its users. It can be downloaded through the Google Chrome Web Store.

Follow these easy instructions to design an e-signature for your form in Google Chrome:

  1. Navigate to the Web Store of Chrome and in the search CocoSign.
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  3. Now, sign in to your registered Google account.
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After putting your e-sign, email your document or share with your team members. Also, CocoSign proffer its users the options to merge PDFs and add more than one signee.

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In these days, businesses have transitted their way and evolved to being paperless. This involves the signing contract through emails. You can easily e-sign the Form without logging out of your Gmail account.

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