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um just want to welcome you all to our.latest cabinet meeting of bristol.city council welcome to my fellow.cabinet members counselors.and um obviously to you as members of.the public.uh so this meeting is being broadcast.live through.our youtube channel as usual.full copy the full reports are available.on the council's website.agenda items eight um which is the clean.air zone.and 17 the bristol heat network program.update are included.under apr 15 as a general exception.because they were not listed on the.forward plan as um including a deceived.key decision 28 days prior to this.meeting but i can confirm that the chair.of overview and scrutiny.management board has been notified of.these.items item 23 pengrove pfi.leisure center contains an exempt.appendix with information that is.commercially sensitive.and any discussion on the detail of this.appendix will need to be held.in a closed session agenda item 2.public forum and this is just a reminder.that statements and questions will be.taken at the time of the relevant.agenda agenda item is discussed and.members of the public and councillors.will be invited.to the meeting at that point these have.been published on our website as a.supplement to the.agenda papers i will give a reply or ask.the relevant.uh cabinet member to respond at the time.um agenda item three apologies for.absence.um there are none that we've been.notified of.in advance i think we all hear as i look.at the screen yeah.um agenda item for declarations of.interest so can i ask.cabinet members if they have any.interest declare uh relating to today's.agenda.marvin it's nicola here i just want to.declare an interest item 16 of our.pecuniary interest.okay thanks um uh nicholas so at the.time of that item you probably want to.um just step away from the meeting.i'll leave the meeting for the duration.of that so we call you back yep thank.you any others.okay um agenda item five mata is.referred for consideration by scrutiny.or fool counsel there are.none on this occasion agenda item six.reports from scrutiny commissions um so.there is a report from.osm uh jeff gollup will present this.report and i think we'll bring in jeff.into the meeting now.hello jeff i think you can hear us can.you.i can hear you okay great so i've just.introduced your.report jeffy you take the floor okay.okay thank you marvin yep um this is.really just a formal opportunity to put.on the public record.the scrutiny work program for the.current year.um cabinet members and senior officers.have been.involved in contributing to this process.but i just wanted this opportunity to.share with everybody where we're going.and what we're doing and.i'd happily take any questions if there.are any.okay so can i offer that to anyone any.questions or comments for jeff.okay not at the moment um jeff i mean.just.in in terms of your intentions for the.year ahead so let me.uh come in here so we've talked over the.years about.uh being being involved in in thinking.about.um getting involved in the creation of.policy with scrutiny as well.um do you do you see um.any uh you know real opportunity to get.involved with the.um scrutiny looking at some of the key.items as.and challenges as being laid out through.the the city plan and our work around.the sustainable development goals.yeah well i mean i i believe that would.be a very positive way for scrutiny to.be involved so we'd be delighted.we want to get engaged where we can help.um and not.and so very specifically what we don't.want to do is waste cabinet and officer.time.in in issues where we can't contribute.but where we can make a difference.we would like to be involved so members.would see that as a very positive way of.engaging.if you feel that's workable from your.point of view.i think i think the key opportunity is.it it in many ways it doesn't need to.wait for anything.there are a whole raft of challenges.that are being laid out that are wicked.challenges for us as a city particularly.as we go into economic depression.uh what's supposed to be the biggest.depression in 300 years.how we how we might approach the covid.any.intense pressure from covert over the.winter period.and particularly at a time and i think.as the nights.get longer and colder where it would be.a lot harder to mobilize.uh volunteers um identifying some of the.potential cliff edges we've got coming.up.uh particularly around um at the end of.government support packages and so forth.and anticipating some of those.challenges that we're facing as a city.um mapping those out and then doing some.pre-thinking about how we could.uh best prepare ourselves for those not.just as an authority but as a city.i think could be a really uh fertile.area to to.to step into and to the extent we're.really generating ideas.um in those in those areas um i think.we'd all be.we'd be all ears for that yeah i'd be.i'd be very keen on that you you know my.view that i.i want to see scrutiny working with the.executive not working against because.that's a.a negative experience for all involved.so very happy to play a part in.that and talk with you and chief.executive and others on on.on how we can play a part.okay that that would be uh good and just.just while i have the microphone i would.just.add in one i did i think there is as a.city we have.um crafted our response to some of the.recent political challenges quite well.um kind of the.kind of flourishing you might say um or.the dangers of a kind of extremist.politics and.and how we hold the city together in the.face of intense challenge.across our historical differences i.think is going to be one of the big.challenges we face as political leaders.as well so i think that that could be.really.uh you know a really important area for.us to be thinking about as a collection.of political leaders that transcends.party difference.actually so yeah okay thank you man okay.okay any other thoughts okay jeff's gone.okay um so let's go on to uh gender item.seven uh chairs business um so there.were three.items um for uh us today one is just a.bit of an update on.covid um we have been sharing.um our numbers well regularly.um but for us we we've been saying that.this is a cause for concern but not for.alarm.at the moment we're hovering around.about 10 000 cases per 100 000 people.um that is still uh you know less than.25.of what some of the real uh challenged.um.uh cities that have come to government.and national prominence are facing.but it is it is more cases than we've.had historically when we were around.about two cases per 100 000.so there's a nudging there's a movement.going and that nudging has been going in.the wrong direction.but we are hovering at the moment.hovering around about.10 cases per 100 000 people.it just stresses the importance of us.keeping up.our behaviors the the personal hygiene.the social distancing.um the face masks all those behaviors.that we've been asking people to take on.um to help keep us safe.and protect our services that are going.to be stretched and.and increasingly stretched as we go into.the winter period as well as i think as.volunteering will become.will come under much more um pressure um.also.we're not attributing this increase to.any particular.driver and it's not in any particular.postcode.talking to our director of public health.um.we think this is inevitable result of an.easing of lockdown.um so as locked down as ease people come.into closer uh contact they mix more.um and so there is always going to be.increased pressure.an increase in numbers so we think it is.natural but as i said.it's something for us to be concerned.about as we should this is a.pandemic for which we do not yet have a.vaccine but we should not yet be.um alarmed and we should continue with.the.behaviors we have been asking for.the second uh point i just wanted to.share today.is our just to thank helen.um really for really driving uh well.conceptualizing and then driving i would.say the.school uniform uh drive we've had in in.the city.um we have had now over a thousand items.of uniform donated from people across.bristol so so i was thanking um helen i.just want to thank.um all the members of the public um all.the organizations and all the.counsellors that have been involved in.collecting items and delivering them.to our our drop-off point here i've been.downstairs and.and kai and others have been there.helping to sort the items as well.um so that's been amazing um we've been.working with our children's centers.uh social work teams uh families in.focus teams.and we've uh directly provided uniform.now as i understand.over 150 uh children.in the city and we know the pressures of.the costa school uniform so.hugely important it's real and we've.also worked with partners from.volunteering community sector.organizations including empire.and chance young bristol lockley's.neighborhood trust.eastside community trust and serona care.who have put on uniform giveaways and.exchanges.for their local communities and in.addition to the uniform drive it's.important for people to.note that um councillor anna keane has.secured government funding.to help families who may be struggling.to meet the costs of school uniform this.year.and that is still open so families can.apply for grants.through the local crisis uh prevention.fund.um so you can get the uniforms but.recognizing the work of anna and now as.well and just want to uh thank you.there's been.um it's just been uplifting to see the.city mobilizing in the name of its uh.children and young people.yet again and thanks for your leadership.on that um helen.um and the final item is also just to.for my business today is to say.congratulations.um and thank you to paul smith who.this is uh paul's last cabinet meeting.um today um has been offered a new job.and we'll be taking.that up but paul um you've picked up.the you know the key policy tool as.we've identified it.in the city which providing homes.providing.affordable homes you've.driven and helped us really drive.housing into the heart of.a local authority and change gears.helped us bring help.bring credibility to this organization.in the eyes of.developers and i've heard the testimony.from developers about how they change.the perceptions.um of the the city council so there's.lots going on.um you know around the city and lots of.politics but.on that that that commitment to to.housing um that you have.uh have led has been incredibly welcome.and i know when we.went back to visit families i'm thinking.particularly paul when we went up to.saint ann's anne's.which was a sight that took some getting.through as well in the face of protest.in the first instance.and we met those families with those.children who had moved into their own.homes with back gardens and solar panels.on a roof.and we talked all the indicators in that.family's lives have gone.in the right way their own mental health.their likely success to their marriages.uh their children's educational.performance um.and you know i and i thank you for that.and thank you for your your leadership.in that area.and we'll be hearing more about you in.today's meeting again.so thank you and good luck in the next.steps as well.thank you marvin it's been it's been a.real honor to work on this.role over the last uh four and a half.years and i'd like.i'd like to thank you for giving me the.opportunity to make an impact on.uh bristol's housing crisis which.hopefully will be a bit less of a crisis.in the future.and i i will be continuing to work.within the bristol housing world.yeah well and you did make an impact.paul thank you for that.so let's move on to agenda item eight.clean air plan update so this uh this.one.um falls to me um and this report is an.update on the development of the clean.air zone.work and seeks approval for further.consultation.um around the options for a small area.kazde.and a medium area uh kaz.see so there's a context of this and it.is the.the positive benefit and i put that in.in brackets that have come from the.lockdown.resulting from coronavirus and that's.the change we've seen to.some of the changes we've seen around.lifestyle work and travel behaviors.which has meant that travel traffic.levels have fallen and.we have seen air quality come in line.with compliant levels and i.say that because it's a 12-year average.for compliance i want to say.there were compliant levels and also.given us you know an opportunity to see.how we could.um look at different ways of moving.around.the city so this is.having looked at these opportunities.we believe that if we can if we can find.a way of.locking in those benefits that we.potentially could get to.our clean air compliance in the shortest.possible time.without having to charge or ban.certain vehicles and that is.particularly.that is a very important um opportunity.for us to pursue.because as well as trying to meet the.challenges of climate and ecology and.and air quality we're also about to move.into the biggest.economic depression in 300 years um.households and businesses are going to.come under intense pressure.and if we can get compliance without.further.um further worsening their their.their finances that is um good.for bristol so we will continue.uh to look at the medium area kaz c.and the small kazdi as options.to improve click air quality.both of those are charging options uh.the kazde does not.um charge uh private cars that are not.compliant.but casd does charge private cars that.are not compliant.so they're both charging options and we.will continue the work on those as is.being required.um by government who we've obviously.been in constant um.communications with but our hope is that.that.that work we are doing to change the way.we move.to move people onto uh public transport.um if we can if we can do that we can.avoid the charging.and so this is not just about and it's a.it's something we want to be clear.this is about what we do as an authority.but it's about what we do.as a city as well and this is the time.for us to make an appeal.to people all across bristol and.our neighboring authorities as well who.commute in and out.of bristol to work with us.to begin to change the way you move.around bristol make much better use of.active travel walking and cycling.and make use of our public transport.offers which is which kai will share.which is being enhanced.some of the measures we are taking to.try and.lock in the benefits uh that we found.uh the through uh kovid are these the.closure of bristol bridge which is.uh well known about now and is is active.and baldwin streak to.through traffic um and that has been.linked to a doubling the frequency of.the number two number two service.uh by first as well in line with our our.bus deal.lane closures in specific pollution uh.problem locations upper moorland street.marble street and lewin's.mead hay market and cycle schemes in a.proposed.clean air zone the closure of cumberland.road to inbound traffic.controlling signals to improve the flow.of traffic additional.air quality monitoring units and.empowering residents and businesses to.take responsibility.for air quality um as well um just the.point of clarification on the diesel ban.so we're no longer pursuing a diesel ban.following conversations with government.i must say i i was.kind of surprised my first conversation.with the with the previous minister.there was a fair amount of excitement uh.about the diesel bans um.described it as brave which i often.pointed out was.um double speak for rather you than me.but they nonetheless um and really.encouraged it but it now seems it would.take.government too long to push through the.necessary legislation.required um but these alternatives.and our non-charging plan which we think.is more radical.would actually clean up air quality.quicker.anyway which is ultimately going to be.the test against which.we're measured um so that's where we are.um at the moment we're continuing to.pursue the to do the work on the.charging options.but we're doing the work on the.non-charging possibilities um.as well so we've got four public forum.statements and two questions uh received.and those who indicated they wish to.speak will be.admitted to the meeting in turn so the.first statement comes from.dave regewell so dave is going to be.invited to the meeting now.hi hi dave welcome to to cabinet so.we'll we're ready to hear your.um statement thank you you get a minute.thank you thank you mayor just say that.on the um clean your zone we're very.anxious.this goes ahead transfer board's also.taking that view.and we need to improve the public.transport which is of course conditional.to the weka mayor we must make sure he.delivers that.the showcase bus route number uh 2a and.two will work.and help um we need to close more of the.city center to the private car.um i think cumberland road there's some.issues there for the tourism economy.but nevertheless i still think that's.the right decision and.on the um issue of coaches i think.that's an issue we've flagged up his.tourism coaches.4. 1.4 million million pound economy.uh 600 000 jobs mr mayor and we can't.afford to lose those.so we need to look at the coach's issue.again and i think at the moment.first group are concerned about the out.of the unions about the level of buses.and the buses and cycle lanes being new.ends meet and rupert street and that.needs a.look at we're having some issues around.the hay market keeping bus priority.we also need to push the metro here to.get portway park and ride open.and also the eight park and ride more.bus priority measures across the city.region.so it's very important we get on with.this um.we need clean air in the city mind.people it's not just cover that kills.people it's also.clean air uh bad air quality in the city.center and i'm still very very concerned.about the air quality around the bristol.world infirmary.and around the regional hospitals in.brisbane thank you.thank you very much dave i think um what.could.also be useful that with the transport.ward to pull together.um so no suggestions and you could take.license to.to write to combine authority as well.obviously i'm a part of that but metro.mayor as well.just to to say what you think is needed.so can i make that invitation to you to.to do that i will take that back to alex.i agree.with you and north somerset as well we.need to make sure we are in connection.with the.authority thank you thanks and kai's on.the call as well so we can follow this.up okay thank you very much dave.um and next up um councillor don.alexander with a statement.thanks marvin i welcome the council.taking more time.to look at alternative options for no2.compliance many of my residents are.trades people.often need to get to the center for.spare parts or tools.as well as to work and the charging zone.would unfairly impact on their.businesses.the council's ongoing consideration for.their important role in city life.is and will continue to be much.appreciated thank you.thank you don and uh we have been in.regular.communication with a number of the kind.of trades who had real concerns about.the uh.clean air zone charging options as well.and the diesel band when it's being.discussed.so yeah we take that that economic.impact very.very seriously um next um we have us.okay next up we have a question actually.from susan.audrey.hello thank you for the opportunity to.um ask a question and thank you to the.officers for all their work.so um it was just really to with the.extra monitors i wondered.if some of those are going to be put up.in some of the surrounding areas so that.we can.monitor what's what's good and bad um as.part of the test and.i think it's test and track is it that.you're that you're doing.thanks susan so um in terms of.additional.monitors um they want any plans for.those specific locations you mentioned.because we already.have the data from the monitors on wilds.roads st john's lane and bathroom.and obviously we'll continue um to.review them to see what the impact of.the the changes we're making.um are and the data from those.um are those are available online if you.want to uh.see for yourself okay.thank you very much i don't i don't have.a supplementary okay.thank you okay and.i think that's all i have at the moment.in terms of questions okay.um can i um thank you all for your.contributions can i open it up to any.cabinet member you'd like to comment on.this kai i think you wanted to say.something.yeah thanks for that marvin i obviously.welcome the report and the update to.to cabinet um they dave redgwell.obviously mentioned some of the feedback.from the.from the transport board so i think i'll.share some of that with the.with the cabinet at the moment um they.generally.um agreed with the the principle that.we're we're taking um.but one thing that they're clear about.is that there's a lot of uncertainty.and obviously uh you know this is for.many reasons the covert 19.situation is obviously the the one of.the key ones so.um they wanted us to sort of um take.that on board the uncertainty for.businesses and organizations around.around the city and there's obviously.uncertainty around travel behavior at.the moment.lots of people working at home is it.going to return to how it was.fight you know five days a week the peak.the peak morning rushes and things like.that so.even from a data point of view they.recognize that.there would be a lot of uncertainty for.us to deal with at the moment.and obviously we've got the the schools.going back at the moment as well.it'd be interesting to see what what.happens with the with the traffic.um in that in that regards they also um.recognize the need with this to engage.and consult.as much as we can especially with.businesses affected.and communities that are directly.affected by by this as well.um yeah some of the points dave redgwell.made in this.in a statement around some of the.measures we've already.introduced and there is kind of a test.and learn approach which is.the phrase that's used in in the report.um.it's um early days with bristol bridge.obviously we need to let that change.settle in.and there's obviously going to be a.period of adjustment with any major.change like that.in terms of people changing their.behavior patterns and.how they get to the city how they go.through through through the city.and now they'll have to go around if.they're not accessing the city center.and we do recognize there's some some.issues with the lewin's mead.cycle lane say at the moment a lot of.these interventions are.in on a temporary basis with the view to.make them permanent.and as we move to a permanent phase.we're hoping to iron out a lot of the.the uh the teeth and trouble that we.potentially have in with some of these.some of these um interventions at the.moment.but there's definitely a solution with.the lewins mead um.issue where we were potentially looking.at a continuous.bus lane all the way through and and the.cycle lane as well so there's a.there's a solution to to get to um once.we enter the permanent phase of the.the interventions but they welcome the.report.i think a test and learn learn.approaches is um.a good idea and obviously we've got the.ultimate backup that.if we do have to introduce a charging.zone and there's no.other option then we'll do that.thanks kai um any other cabinet members.like to speak to this item.okay i mean i'll just add a couple of.things one is.um kai something we talked about earlier.on just how.we also need to use this opportunity for.people to transition onto public.transport as well.um and the conversation we can have with.our bus.providers um uh to to facilitate that to.make sure people can do it.in a safe way and we can do that but.that that transition also helps us build.the longer term case for the mass.transit system that we're.we're bringing through also and.just secondly that this really is a call.to action um this.is this is not something that the.council.can deliver alone this is about us.as a city collectively engaging.in behavior change in the way we move.around and if we collectively.engage in that behavior change we can.uh get ourselves to compliance in the.shortest possible time.in a way that does not uh further.further compound the economic woes that.may be faced by.um households and businesses within.bristol through a non-charging.uh means of of getting there um.so we do make that call for that.collective action.but having said that in making this.decision i have taken into account the.consultation process.and the equalities impact assessment and.in terms of the decision to be made.today i approve.the recommendations are set out in the.report which are now being displayed.on the screen.okay thank you very much team so.agenda item nine the future of youth.services.in bristol um this is uh looking for a.pro.for approval to develop youth services.in bristol over the next five years.and uh counselor helen godwin you're.going to introduce this report.yeah thanks marvin um so this cabinet.paper.really marks the beginning of a large.piece of work that um.that will outline and i think.demonstrate the this administration's.commitment to.um providing exemplary youth services in.bristol.and to all our children and young people.we.um we know that a lot of other.authorities at this point in time.no longer fund um youth services for.young people other than their statutory.duties and.we are really proud actually that we've.continued to.to fund a service that we're proud of.and that we want to.make even better so the first thing for.me to do is obviously to thank.all of our youth organizations youth.workers and volunteers who.have been absolutely incredible um.throughout the pandemic.young people we know have been affected.um in.lots of different ways by the pandemic.but some of our most vulnerable.young people who were using youth.services before.still being engaged with um whether.that's through.sort of digital means phone calls.or an increasing number of detached.youth sessions that have been happening.in parks around bristol and.and street-based work and um our.youth services have once again shown.themselves to be incredibly.um agile and committed to.young people so i have to to thank.everyone and and.that includes organizations that we.don't commission and that we don't fund.but um that have just as always shown.that they are committed to.to young people and to keeping our young.people safe and.allowing them to thrive i think overall.our.relationship with the youth sector is is.a good one.i think it's positive and we've um.we've been able to to keep a really good.dialogue and to cooperate on lots of.different issues.certainly over the last three and a half.years that i've been in post and.um i think there are many many examples.of um times when individual youth.workers or organizations have really.stepped up to.to work with a particular child or young.person that has.ultimately held a family together or.kept that young person safe from harm or.from.criminal activity and um they've really.showed the best of.of of what's of a sector that's been had.a really difficult time.um so we know that that covid.has impact adversity on young people in.lots of different ways around mental.health.around not having been in school for six.months and.with the oncoming recession we know that.there are going to be a lot less.opportunities for young people in the.workplace so.we have to make sure that bristol's.recovery.is about bristol's young people and how.how they recover because that is.that is the next generation of.bristolians that we're going to be.looking to to keep the city going.kobe's also meant that um a part of this.report.means that we have asked one of the.recommendations is that.cabinet approve um that myself.or the gcs jackie jensen can extend.the existing uh targeted youth services.for up to two years if necessary.and that's about um making sure that.we've got a continuity.of service and that we've got time to.consult on what comes after.tys this report is about a five-year.vision.um we're going to begin a consultation.next month with.the entire sector and with young people.so that we can really think about.creating a youth sector in bristol which.is not about which provider does what.where but it's actually about.how do we enable young people to get.access to the service that.they need and whether that's in in the.right part of the city whether that's an.activity that they.um are interested in and will engage.with or whether that's working with the.youth worker who's the right youth.worker for them.so we've got to really sort of turn this.on its head and think about um.a sort of grassroots up service rather.than a top-down.um service that's just purely driven by.commissioning.we want to create a youth service that.is local that focuses on.on the different needs that young people.in different parts of the city have.um and frankly we can only achieve that.if we work with.our youth organizations and providers.so a big part of this report that people.have seen is um.is around south bristol and our.intention to.uh go forward with a on-site youth zone.in the south of the city.which is a hugely exciting development.and.um something that will bring significant.capital contribution into the city from.um from from new you providers and that.will be a mix of.um philanthropy and hopefully some.government money as well.and the intention is is to to put a new.youth stone which will be at the heart.of our.focus on south bristol and the.regeneration of south bristol.and it will um hopefully give young.people in south bristol who.often at the minute have the least.opportunity.um the opportunity to be somewhere which.is state of the art which will have.um facilities that will could include um.climbing walls um recording studios.five-sided football pitches.drama studios all sorts of things um.and that will reach hopefully 4 000.young people.it will be open 40 hours a week um and.we will be very.mindful in terms of the the services.there making sure they are tailored to.young people so we'll be working with a.local.organization that knows the kids inside.out that will be.tailoring programs to to work for them.so.um this paper is really the first step.to bringing a youth zone and on-site.youth zone to life.in bristol and it's something that we.will really be focusing on now on.in terms of finding the right site uh.working with young people in the area to.make sure that this is a.a youth zone that works for them.um in other parts of the city we want to.engage in in a constructive way to build.a service that works for.young people in many of our communities.we've got.excellent youth workers and youth.organizations that really.understand the areas that they work in.sort of street by street and family by.family and what we have to do is to find.a framework that allows us to fund those.organizations.um to do the work that they need to do.with with the young people that they.they already know and work with um and.so.again we want to be innovative we want.to be agile we want to use our resources.to.um strengthen organizations that maybe.as yet.couldn't couldn't be a a sort of.provider but.but with some work and some support you.know we can we can build them up so.um there's some really interesting work.we want to do on on that as well.in other parts of the city um all of.this is about.collaboration all of this is about being.constructive.um but i really believe that we're we're.most of the way there because.i think we've got a group of people um.within bristol city council officer.level.um and and also myself and and others in.our.cabinet and administration and a youth.sector which is.um which is open up for conversation up.for working together and i think.with all we need to do is get around the.table and we can design something that.that's actually going to make a.difference i'm going to help prepare.these kids for i think what's going to.be a very difficult few years and.and give them the future that they.deserve in bristol.thanks very much helen um we've had no.public forum statements or questions.but we do have a contribution from.cancer hen and holland as well thanks.very much marvin and i just wanted to.start by.reiterating the thanks that helen has.made to our.youth organizations and i mean certainly.as hartley from whittywood councillors.we've had.regular updates from some of those.organizations about how they've.continued.to work with young people during the.pandemic which has been fantastic to see.and and they've really done a great job.but i was one of the people.who went to manchester on the visit last.year in those days when you used to be.able to get on a train you know and go.to places and see things and it was a.really really.inspiring visit and i have to say.perhaps i was a little bit skeptical.about the concept before we went to.manchester but.going and seeing we went in the evening.so it was when.when the youth zone was was going full.tilt we saw a drama production.and this wasn't laid on for us this was.this was what goes on there there's all.sorts of things.they feed the young people which is a.great.asset as as you'll know and i think the.thing that i think about it particularly.is that um having as it says in the.report.going for an iconic building in a very.visible place will be such an.important um statement about our belief.in the future of of young people.and one of the things that's been.missing although as i say our youth.organizations have done.as good a job as they possibly could.during the pandemic.one of the things that's missing in.south bristol is that open access.youth work and the idea that that young.people.whatever their age and stage and.whatever their.interests and hobbies and their friends.they will be able to go there and.there's everything is is laid on.and for me that's really really.important about being the.the interim steps to them moving on to a.successful.um training qualifications jobs careers.and and working out what they want to do.with their lives so.i'm fully behind this and i can't wait.for the development.as as we move forward um name a site.and work with other south bristol.councillors in my.ward capacity this is really not not my.cabinet one.but to make this really work for us so.thanks very much.thank you um helen um you know any other.cabinet members to comment on this item.anna.yeah just to um to echo really what um.what the both the helens have said if.you like but um i think it's a great.piece of work and just very briefly i i.really.saw um firsthand how amazing our sort of.youth service network was.during the pandemic particularly in the.work to link to.um the feeding bristol charity that i'm.involved with and.really when we were looking at what can.we provide meaningfully over the summer.the youth sector were critical in that.and their ability to get around the.table and really.work on the art of the possible under.really really.difficult circumstances because they.were operating out of you know areas.that were not really appropriate for.social distancing.parks where you couldn't control who was.coming in and out and yet they were.absolutely determined to do what what.would work in order to make sure young.people had contact and had food this.summer.so i just think that this paper is very.like bristol.in tone it's all about collaboration and.being able to do more together than we.would.ever sort of try to do as an individual.organization as a council.and it's just really exciting to see all.that coming forward for for our young.people and as you say.um helen g it's um you know it's never.been needed more a bit of like good news.and positivity going forward there so.yeah.really well done and it'd be great to.see what what what comes next.thank you helen um anna oh asha hi.yeah so again just echoing on from.the two helens and what anna has had to.say i think this is a.really a brilliant uh step forward.in i suppose uh attempting to put.back what was what was lost all those.many years ago.and we can see uh you know this has been.repeated year in year out month in month.out.we need more provision if we're going to.kind of.stem many of the issues that uh young.people children and young people are.facing here in the city.you know one way out for all of us i.remember.using youth provision when i was younger.and so.this is a step in the right direction.what i'm really pleased about.is that it's going to be open access and.it'll go back to.children as young as eight do you.remember those days when eight-year-olds.could go to youth provision.so i think it's really a brilliant step.forward.something that definitely south bristol.uh will benefit from usually.we'll see how it works and then.hopefully who knows we can roll it out.across the.uh the city uh with the help and the.support.of our one city partners so yeah well.done helen.okay any more for any more.[Laughter].well fantastic thanks very much um uh.helen for.all you've again more leadership for the.city and it is really.um really valued and let me hand back to.you now to take the decision which i.support and will.also be displayed on the screen thanks.marvin.in making this decision i've taken into.consideration the equality's impact.assessment.in the report and in terms of the.decision made today i approve the.recommendation as set out in the report.you helen okay so let's move on to.agenda item 10.um send sufficiency and capital.proposals um and this is a report.looking for approval to consult on and.develop.the outline proposals to ensure.sufficiency of send capacity.um in the city and uh um anna you're.going to introduce this item.thanks marvin indeed it is so i'm.incredibly proud to bring this report to.cabinet today um firstly because it.really represents a priority.of special educational needs and.disability and special school places in.our city.and i want to thank all the officers and.families and staff.of children and young.work people also if it's okay with you.marvin in the cabinet just want to take.a moment to acknowledge the.outstanding work that our special.schools in bristol have done over the.past six months particularly.the teachers leaders lsas mentors and.other staff in special schools have.really barely drawn.breadth during what has been referred to.as school closures.closure was not a concept familiar to.any of those organizations.as they remained open throughout needing.to provide for children with ehcps um at.all times from.you know the whole time that some.schools were shut and.uh they experienced like some quite.extreme ppe shortages on the on a par.with care homes initially.they continue to provide some very sort.of intimate care and support for young.people.with very complex needs as well as the.emotional physical supports parents.struggling throughout this time and that.was on and off site and it's also been.over the summer.so it's been one of those group of like.hidden heroes that you've referred to a.lot marvin during this pandemic really.quiet rafting that's just gone on.um that has meant a huge amount to.families and i'm sure won't be forgotten.so just wanted to acknowledge that as.it's so closely linked to this um.proposal.but moving on to the paper um this is a.cap this is about capital projects which.amount to.um just short of 30 million to 28.7.million pounds and 15.6 million which is.already.identified with the remaining being.secured through working with the.department for education and it largely.covers.three areas which are all detailed in.the 275 page report which i'm sure you.can.enjoy reading if you haven't had a.chance to yet so the first.is um about project rainbow and for.anyone not familiar with that this is a.bespoke.piece of work creating residential.accommodation.in conjunction with the city of bristol.college and it's now the third of its.kind in bristol and.it works to support people of school.leaving age.but who need additional support with.living they've got all got quite complex.learning.disabilities um and it's really.outstanding if anyone gets an.opportunity to visit any of the centers.are already.um in place in brisbington they're.really fantastic and we're really.pleased to see another development of.that so that more young people can.benefit from them.the second um is detailed in a huge.amount in the paper but.but briefly it involves elmfield school.for the deaf and claremont special.school.and these are both schools which have.existed in accommodation.for a long time which has become.increasingly unsuitable.and needing a great deal of repair so.it's a very significant project which.involves.co-locating parts of schools alongside.mainstream.provision and also significant.redevelopment of the buildings and.settings and sales so all the settings.that are involved.in this work with children and young.people who have extremely high level of.need.and often have multiple needs there's an.immense amount of talent in the staff.and young people in those schools.the third is all around various minor.works in mainstream schools.sort of acknowledging that for many of.our children vhcps they wish to remain.in mainstream schools and their families.wish.them to attend for example their local.school or the school where their.siblings um.go and so it's to enable suitable.provision for children.and young people with ehcps and this in.particular is planned to happen very.quickly this autumn.so the purpose of the report is to.engage with families and staff around.these outlying.proposals there's already been some.consultation work that has taken place.but this is about a more full and open.consultation and i'm sure i don't need.to sort of outline the.overall benefits to this but one of the.huge ones is it will mean that less.children and young people need to leave.the city to attend school.we have to provide special school places.rightly so for children of the acps and.we can end up sending children out of.our area.or using independent schools and so on.which isn't necessarily a bad thing but.obviously the schools we interact with.most closely are our bristol schools and.it causes quite a lot of strain on.families obviously if their children are.being.transported elsewhere and out of our.city.it's also about really making a.statement about the quality of new.provision.there's a very high benchmark and you.can see in the plans in this report.um when i visited these schools i've.been absolutely.bowled over by how amazing the children.young people are there and the skill and.the enthusiasm of staff.but it is also very noticeable the.buildings.are concerning and they do not reflect.the level of um.what is needed or in fact the talent and.ability of the children and the staff in.those areas sometimes parents have said.to me.um one parent of somebody at claremont.said that they were just really grateful.to have a school.like claremont in bristol and that's a.really.great thing to say but we also need to.make sure that we are providing the.absolute best and not just providing an.old building.um because we happen to have that in.bristol so it's really about raising our.standards of how the quality of our.special schools.and we need to be advocates for a level.of quality that really reflects the.standard of most of our mainstream.schools now.and likely where these mainstream.schools need adaptations we must reflect.that.and finally um a huge benefit is that we.are able to be reactive.we've promised to and we are rapidly.improving our response to.um ehcp education healthcare plans and.the rate in which we turn those around.and that means that there will be.a requirement for more adaptations in.mainstream and for more places in.special schools and which we want to be.in bristol and not outside bristol.wherever possible.so i'm asking cabinet to support these.proposals i know that many of you know.the sites well and have visited them in.desperate need of repair.i know that many of you have spoken with.residents or who are concerned about.this or concerned about.school places and acknowledge that the.young people who attend these schools.need the full commitment from us for.their education.both now and in the future.thanks very much anna so i think we've.got a number of questions.and we did have a statement but i don't.think that's available to us but.the uh questions the first one is from.uh sally kent oh she's not here.okay um.okay so we have a question from tim kent.okay he's just joining us now.okay here he is so uh council accounts.would you like to ask your first.question.uh thank you mr mayor i think the first.question you've got.for me is the written question and it.says uh tim you're very.muffled is there something up with your.microphone.i'll talk later that's all the best yeah.that'd be great.yeah so question one uh could you.clarify the figures for children and.young people who.have ehcps and require special provision.and also the model need for at least the.next five years.can you provide those figures with.current requirement and current capacity.as well as future projected need can you.also include the breakdown of need and.places by primary secondary and post 16.placements.as well as by send category.okay so i just warned you i think we got.the written answer but you're.you're really faded out um and very.muffled but never mind i think we got.the uh.question anyway anna can you hear me all.right tim.yeah i can hear you fine yeah okay so.just just first of all i'm going to tell.you a bit more detail on this now but.just so that you're aware because this.sort of questioning.asks for quite a lot of detail we want.to give that to you fully we will.um write get you a full written reply.sort of charts and so on.that's largely because we've had ever.such a lot of change and some distortion.during the last.six months with as you're probably aware.like some ehcp assessments not being.able to be done and various changes in.them.so the detail breakdown be issued by way.of follow-up and we should be able to.get that.to you in the time you get your written.answer for this.um but just give you a bit more.information on that so there's been a.rise in demand for specialist provision.with a large increase in the number of.ehcp is now being processed and this is.significantly above that which would be.expected from the general rise in this.general school population which is our.kind of sometimes referred as our.secondary bulge moving through the.system now.um existing specialist provision across.the city.is either at depending on the area or.very close capacity.and a project commenced earlier this.year to increase the number of.specialist.placements both in mainstream and.special schools.available across the city and match to.need this was adversely impacted in the.early months by covid but has resumed.and.31 school programs are being explored.through three waves of feasibility.studies.if all being delivered which does sort.of.involve us working with the regional.schools commissioner and the dfe.this results in 629 additional places.about just to give you an idea about 80.just under 80.is for scmh which is social emotional.mental health and.um autistic spectrum.disorder provision um so the current.projections focus on the next two years.looking at the urgency for places there.is then obviously a longer-term strategy.which we want to develop through.co-production of parents and carers.which will focus on the next.five to ten years so i realized i've.given you a lot of information there but.the sort of charts will follow if that's.okay.thank you uh shall i read my second.question and then i'll do it.go ahead tim so the second question is.for the past several years uh.you've been warned that your plans for.special places were inadequate.what assurances can you give parents.that this time your statistical planning.and resource allocation is correct.thank you it's um it's interesting.people often say for several years.you've been warned about it i haven't.ever had an email from a councillor.warning me about that but.but thanks for raising it now so it's an.important matter that's been neglected i.think in the council for years you're.right.for a you know a long long time as our.offset report said.um we've been really upfront about that.and about putting it right.um the work that's been undertaken.undertaken with comprehensive planning.is to address the urgent current need in.terms of assurances it's you know this.is a very long report which has taken a.lot of work to pull together it's 275.pages so there's a lot of information.there which i hope will be reassuring.and it's all the forecasting is based on.data which is now.we have you remember tim huge issues.with data over the last sort of couple.of years around dhcps particularly.it's now accurate it's now equality.assured and um your wife's question.actually that.was it was linked to our communication.with the dfe so.this is connected to that the part of.our monitoring from them which happens.every cup.every few months every four months is.looking at things like that quality.assurance.um the other thing that we're working on.and is named in our written statement of.action is about an early identification.register which has never been in place.before and that's to really enable you.know children as young as nursery coming.through.the the system if you like to have those.points flagged so that you're not in a.position where you are.having um apart from obviously some.occasional moves and so on but you're.not having a situation where you're.unsure what need is coming.through schools um at the earliest.possible point you can.do that and in looking from that.perspective at primary knee categories.and also in different areas of the city.so that looking at what's current.provision what if their provision is.likely to change and also what provision.will be needed in the future and where.thank you shall i do your.supplementaries counsellor kent.yeah okay uh so my first follow-up.question is uh.at the moment bristol has up roughly.about one third less.children in its schools with ehcps.than the national average as this is a.sufficiency program.uh what sort of assurance can you give.us that there will be sufficiency to.meet this current on that demand.i need to look at that data clearly.because i haven't looked at it in.compared to.similar local authorities but i'll take.your word for it.um the i think what i've just said to.you really that we are very closely.monitored um.i feel that we've got the best team.we've probably ever had working on this.that the what you need is to know what's.coming into the system and where.what sort of areas of need there are.likely to be in the future so that you.can make sure you're providing places.and many parents wish their child to.stay in mainstream.med and that is it can sometimes be.quite difficult conversation to have and.many parents.feel differently about that and wish.their child to be in a special school.and there are good reasons um for both.and we need to work sort of alongside.parents and carers to develop what's.needed.um i'd need to go away and look at those.figures you quoted again just to check.that um because figures aren't always um.accurate but i'll i'll check them again.well i will happily send you uh where.i've got these figures from.so please do check those as well so just.my second follow up and i thank you so.far for your answers i do appreciate.them uh.there is certainly uh concern and.confusion over the first paragraph.of the report uh here and i think this.is why i asked about.these figures because i felt if you're.doing a sufficiency program.you need to make sure that what you're.proposing is sufficient and my concern.is that.we're not going to meet all of the.current needs or the current report.refers to 190 children.it certainly implies the way it's.written that they should be.in a special school place and currently.aren't talks about another 250 children.i presume that is predominantly.the ehcp backlog that's roughly about 45.of that backlog which i think is the.rough figure but what is expected needs.special.special school provision it also then.goes on to state about meeting the.statutory obligation.it would seem clear to me that we're not.meeting the statutory obligation.for those first 190 children nor will.what's being proposed to meet that.because it's not going to turn up.by next week so what are we going to do.to ensure we meet the statutory.obligation to children.who require special school placements.yes so just to be clear i know there was.a lot of um.misunderstanding or misreporting about.about.those sort of figures there and i.understand that it was you know that i.can see.from looking at it again obviously we've.read the whole paper and we've had.briefings on it that there could.could be sort of misunderstood there and.i always think to him that it's good to.rather than perhaps go to twitter talk.to us about it and we can explain.it to you if there's anything you don't.understand but to just to sort of.clarify that.um around that the the young people that.that.refer to are requiring specialist.provision.and are receiving that in their current.setting so it may say on their eacp that.they.if another place is available that they.can receive that but their needs need to.be met.in that environment that they're in and.that will specify as i'm sure you know.any cp's to do with things like what.number of hours they will have from tas.and so on um.of those children just to be clear 113.um all of whom we've been in contact.with a great deal during covid.are ones about special school places and.11 of those.are children that there are very.specific and complex reasons for that.obviously it's not not fair for a.small number like that for me to go into.details with so there's a huge.amount of detail about specialist.placements which is.continuing and you're right it does.absolutely need to.reflect the need in the city and there's.been a massive amount of work done for.example on.the on like additional places for scmh.and for asc as you'll be aware of the.city there's a new school that's.recently opened in um will be opened on.the samwell.old timer college site that learn out of.running as well as a huge number of.different projects that have gone on in.other schools.um this however and i'm glad to.hear your tone is supportive of it.because i was a bit so concerned about.that last week actually.is about you know really looking at.where we've got school places that to.maintain them and to ensure that they.can be delivered in the future.we are investing a huge amount of money.and i don't know if you've ever been to.any of these schools but you would only.need to sort of walk in to realize that.they've been neglected for far too long.and not the school itself but it as a.community but the actual.you know the buildings need need sort of.chronic repair.so in terms of that that level of.reassurance i hope the families find it.reassuring that i i mean i don't have.a member of 30 nearly 30 million being.invested like this in special schools i.would hope that gives parents great deal.of faith and care is a great deal of.faith.in what we're trying to do for send in.bristol um.you know it's always right to continue.to look at the emerging need and who and.making sure that you're meeting your.statutory requirements but.the confusion around those numbers.i think has to be really careful and we.have to be responsible as counsellors.that we don't sort of scare monger.people who are.who are worried and you know we're.talking about very.vulnerable um young children so it's.really important i think that we're.clear.on that that those the vast majority of.those needs are being met.thank you very much anna thanks very.much um tim.i don't think we've had any other uh.questions.can i throw it open to any other cabinet.members who'd like to comment on this.helen.yeah thanks marvin just really briefly.um i mean the enormity of this.issue is such that you know we are.talking.you know this is sort of i'm sure i.won't mind me saying this has sort of.dominated our.our conversations our cabinet member.briefings for the last.sort of 18 months or so um the issues.around.around send and um and it's so.complicated isn't it because it's about.families that are in.in the situation in the here and now and.um and rightly you know wanting to and.expecting sort of solutions and.a service from the council that their.child of course.needs and deserves but also trying to.to plan for the long term and to make.sure that we have.um provision in place for for children.that are obviously going to be coming up.through the system and and.children that haven't been born yet.frankly so i just think it's such an.enormous um issue to tackle and i think.obviously you know anna's anna's sort of.fronted that and.and and i think sort of manage that so.well both as a.as a as a cabinet member counselor also.as a teacher and a parent and and.seeing you know seeing all sides of how.how complicated this issue is and.and this paper to me is is as anna said.at the beginning a really.positive step forward and it's about us.making the plans that we need to make.for the future.thinking about the best possible.provision thinking about.getting um our children into safe secure.um you know well-designed future-proof.buildings.um that can can look after them and.their needs so.you know it's it's something to to sort.of celebrate in in the sense of bringing.that forward and starting to.to move on um so yeah just.you know just to to sort of congratulate.anna really and and.just to um add my my thanks to all the.officers.that i know are working extremely hard.and extremely long hours to try and.bring forward and to try and you know.turn around what has been a really.difficult and um.and and sort of painful issue actually.for a lot of us.thanks helen um any other comments from.other cabinet members.well helen i'll just add to your.comments then because it was when anna.came in.to office that this sort of thing began.to.be properly um uncovered and so having.come into the position as.uh cabinet leads for education and.skills and has grabbed this.um like you said it's been a you know a.painful process for all involved for the.families.whose stories were ultimately revealed.they've been struggling for all of those.years.going back some way and.not difficult for and difficult for anna.to come into as well as she.navigated respecting those families.being very honest about the failings.of the council uh in the past um but.also trying to.without without without seeming to.try to sidestep any responsibility that.we have as authority.also you know be be full and fulsome.about the the historical failures but um.saying all right well that's happened.that trying to get on to solve it now.and i we.really thank you anna's part of um for a.feeling of being quite blessed actually.with the people we do have in our.cabinet.who are serious and get things done so.it is really appreciated.so let me hand back to you now um anna.to take the decision which i fully.support and will be displayed on the.screen.thank you so making this decision i've.taken.into consideration the consultation.process and equalities impact assessment.in the report and in terms of decisions.to be made today i.approve the recommendations are set out.in the report.thank you very much um anna so on to.agenda item.11 securing outline planning consents.for.housing delivery um and this is looking.for approval.to appoint a multi-disciplinary.consultant team to secure outline.planning consent.for up to five council-owned sites um in.the city.for housing a lead scheme and it is.really um.appropriate as as your last um cabinet.uh pool that again you you're driving.something forward on the delivery of.council housing um within bristol.so let me hand over to you now to lead.this report.okay uh thank you marvin i mean in some.respects this is quite a straightforward.report.um and and make sure that we're in the.driving seat on sites where we.we might not be the developer or the.only developer.um for instance the site the sites that.might go to gorham.or to housing associations or be part.developed by.as council housing and or by other.providers for example.new foster way might be extra care.housing.which we wouldn't deliver plus some.other uh.more general housing and and the idea is.if we get the outline permission.we're in control of the shape of the.development.which means we can take control of those.issues that are really important to us.not just affordable housing but also uh.the quality.of the of the built environment and of.the uh public realm.uh the uh climate change agenda and the.issues around ensuring.uh environmental sustainability and also.the um issues around biodiversity.um that if if we're the organization.gaining the planning permission it just.puts us.um in the driving seat and that you know.this is a model that we've used for.instance at.romney for the development by gorham.and also at the high cliff campus site.where developments by.by live west.thank you very much paul so we have um.one public performance.statement and one question received from.those who.indicate they wish to be in the meeting.so we have a statement from.councillor tim kent.hi tim councillor kent sorry um.sorry to make your statement uh just.have one minute.thank you very much mr mayor um just.just.just to make sure you are heard you.might just want to lean forward a little.bit is.quite muffled through the system yeah.i'll speak louder.um i think i can be heard on the youtube.uh.so it may also be speakers your end i.heard some of what paul just said.so that was helpful i just wanted to.sort of restate.that uh very much the vision for a new.fast way site has always been.a retirement village extra care housing.i hope that will remain the predominant.at least uh aim of that site i think.extra care housing is something the city.needs far more of.uh it's an agenda i know many different.administrations have supported.delivery can be slow but we're eight.years in now to be really really good to.be able to.deliver that site with the extra care.housing as people had expected so i was.uh.pleased to hear what some of what paul.just said i'll shut up there thank you.thank you councillor kent um next up we.have a question from councillor martin.fodor.just joining us now.cancel a photo and you'd like to.bring your question please yes thanks.very much.um my question focused on some points.that uh.cancer smith has already uh touched on.but i'm my angle is that by.getting outline permission and by.selling the land subsequently we do.actually lose.some control over these developments we.we might lose control.uh because the new owner varies the.planning permission.and we lose control because the outline.permission.doesn't safeguard all the issues and.again.those would then be in the hand of who.we sell it to us owner.we are full control as someone who sells.it we lose control.so i am concerned how we ensure the.issues like higher energy standards and.quality.um and the final details of the scheme.can be secured.that's the question paul yeah.i mean a lot of those issues can be.secured in the disposal agreement.including not to vary the planning.permission.and you know if you look at the schemes.that we're taking forward at the moment.as administration we are taking forward.uh carbon neutral schemes in partnership.with other providers so.um if you look at the development of by.buck lock on airport road or the one.that's being proposed.uh by legal in general up at bonington.walk.um they're very it's very high on the.agenda and would also be part of.the decision making about who we might.dispose to as i say.we might not dispose of them at all um.but.if uh however if we've got the outline.planning permission through we've we've.sort of accelerated the.uh the process and obviously our our.prime candidate for.uh disposals if we're not going to.develop it directly through the housing.revenue account is uh.is is gorham uh which we you know we do.have uh some control over as a wholly.owned uh subsidiary.so i i don't have the concerns although.i think you know.martin's right to raise this issue.because if whether we're talking about.2030 which we are as a council or.2050 which the government's talking.about for carbon neutrality.any homes that we build now or in the.next few years.will still be here in 2030 and 2050.so it's really important that we that we.get it right.up supplementary questions martin yes.thanks so that that.i mean i i totally appreciate your.you're trying to.secure the best you can for the city.paul so that that is reassuring.but um have you considered something.like covenants or.full permission to get all all the.issues.in place because my experience on.development control is.after the permission people come back.and renegotiate they value engineer.things.bits get dropped off and bits get varied.that's what i'm most worried about.well i mean i think including.including things in the disposal.agreements because there'll be lease.agreements they're not freehold disposal.so we'll still be uh.the owner of the land building that into.the uh arrangements.does give us that ongoing uh authority.so i i think we're probably talking.about the same thing uh.covenants and uh and planning and.planning and.land agreements can can cover exactly.the same issue.okay thank you very much for that that's.helpful.is that is that you uh councillor photo.okay great thank you very much.uh for your question um can i we have no.more questions can i offer any cabinet.members.the opportunity to comment here nicola.thanks marvin i just wanted to come in.to welcome the paper as paul said it's.not kind of one of the um.most headline hitting papers that paul's.brought in the in the time he's been on.the cabinet but at the same time what it.shows is a real direction travel which i.think.should be applauded around speed i think.one of the things that we need to do is.as we all know is.we have a great um opportunity where we.are the landowner to directly control.and guide and shape what happens on our.sites but we also need to do it quickly.and so that blend of somewhere you know.as we call the hopper model that paul.and i have been working towards around.kind of.where sites end up whether they're.directly developed by gorham whether.they're sold with.outline consent or the other pathways.they can take through joint ventures i.think.this um this is really welcome news.because it just adds.more resource it gives us more.flexibility and it just.enables those sites to come forward.quicker i think outline consent really.can have it's it have it's.a role to play martin that sort of.council fodor made some of those.observations i think.in my experience and helen holland will.probably agree with this as well is.there's.often developers come back once they've.got full planning permission and try and.vary it so.in a way kind of what we don't want to.necessarily do is.spend a huge amount of time and resource.on full consented schemes that then are.varied.or could have the threat of a variation.over them so i think this is a great.balance to strike.and i'm really pleased to hear it and.i'm sort of looking forward to seeing.these schemes progress.and see those kind of as i say um.headline terms in terms of what we can.deliver.thanks nico any other comments from.cabinet.okay so thanks very much for bringing.this paul let me hand back to you now to.take the decision.which i support and will now be.displayed on the screen.in making this decision i've taken into.consideration the consultation process.and the equalities relevance check in.the report.in terms of the decision to be made.today i approve the recommendations.as set out in the report.thanks paul so on to agenda item 12.which is the pothole.action fund and uh kai dad you're going.to introduce this.this report all right thanks marvin the.obviously the one ever everybody's been.waiting for.um yeah the purpose of the report is to.accept.and spend bristol's allocation from the.uh government's pothole action fund.there was 500 million pounds fund.announced in um.the 2020 budget so um the.allocation going to bristol is 2.64.million pounds.um and obviously that 500 million pounds.is shared.by all local authorities outside of.london.obviously except scotland and wales the.funding require.requirements are to repair potholes or.stop them forming.the funding enables the authority to.undertake repairs.required by streets which um previously.unfunded so.we often get a lot of complaints about.sort of the more resident residential.type street.streets in terms of road surfacing in.potholes.so this should help us um support um.dealing with some of the issues in those.more residential areas.um the funding has actually doubled the.amount we're able to.allocate to the repair of the highway.and obviously that you know that will.assist us dealing with the backlog.and the uh depreciation of the.carriageway.asset as it sits um how we.work out where we spend the money we've.got a lifestyle asset.modeling program that works out where.the best place to spend the money is.also obviously dealing with the acute.problems of the potholes themselves but.also.where best is to put the money in terms.of the prevention to stop potholes.forming in the in the first place so.there's a.system that we use in the formula that.we use to do that.um and obviously it's one of our.statutory duties as well to.maintain the high real responsibility in.terms of health and safety.and it's not just about having a highway.or carriageway for.the private car or vans or heavy goods.vehicles to go around.obviously if you want to promote cycling.and um.walk in well i suppose in cycling mainly.that um is important that we deal with.the puddles.they can become very dangerous for.cyclists and motorcyclists as well.i might i see steve steve pearce sort of.looking at me there.given that he's a motorcyclist um so.yeah good good news story.straightforward report to accept and to.spend the.the money i hope um.cabinet approves this thank you.thank you kai um we've had no public.forums.statements or questions can i.offer it up to any other cabinet members.i want to thank you oh steve you're.coming in here yeah um.coy's offered me the bait so i'll take.it it'll be.great to not have to wobble around so.many uh potholes.absolutely there are three at the bottom.of my mum's road and.i get tweets and emails about them.regularly.so thanks kai so let me hand back to you.now to take the decision which i fully.support.and will be displayed on the screen.thank you in making this decision i've.taken into consideration the equalities.relevance check.in the report and in terms of the.decision to be made today i approve the.recommendations.as set out in the report thank you so.this on to agenda item 13 fleet services.electric vehicle center of.excellence councillor steve pearce.bringing this item.thanks marvin um.i'm really pleased to be uh bringing.this to cabinets.um businesses in bristol.are set to enjoy free electric vehicle.loans.thanks to a grant that the council has.secured of.uh it's over three million pounds uh.from highways england and it's to help.bristol businesses and switch to.electric vehicles.and reduce air pollution across the city.the investment will fund.five new electric vehicle charge point.hubs across the city.four for commercial vehicles and one for.taxis.additionally it will provide local.businesses and organizations.with free loans of electric vehicles.from a new fleet of over 60.vehicles for up to two months.it will also help with expert and.impartial assessments of.fleet operations with advice on the.potential to convert.fleets to electric vehicles.this could involve looking at charging.requirements.including available charging points.calculating reductions in pollution.and fuel costs and analysis.of routing and distances to assess.what vehicles are most appropriate to.suit a businesses needs.support for creating tailored business.cases.for upgrading to evs.including support for applying for.grants.to purchase things like uh charging.points and vehicles will also be.included.um i think this is.really exciting it's a real opportunity.to uh make improvements to.air quality and and.most importantly in um.i've actually had discussions on the.doorstep with people about this.businesses have said we'd really like to.uh convert to eb but we're not really.sure whether it works out.and this will give them an opportunity.to essentially try before they buy.and on that basis it could be uh.really revolutionary.on a personal note i'd like to.give my thanks to the team.that has um.secured this uh investment in uh.in bristol's transport infrastructure.it's been an honor to.work with them to watch them work and to.see them succeed in this way.thank you very much steve we have um.one question i believe and that's from.councillor don alexander and don's just.been admitted to the meeting now.don oh there we go don please that's a.good.hi marvin yeah i think i underestimated.steve's uh ability to chat there.um it was just um uh.would you like to say what practical.benefit stevens would have.um for residents and uh also just to say.that i really welcome this.and i hope that um any any further.stages gotta go through to get the.actual money uh.really happen for us because it's.excellent thank you.yeah uh thanks for your question uh.don um increasing the number of electric.vehicles on the roads around the city.replacing polluting vehicles.will result in improved air quality.and the health benefits of that two.citizens.widely recognized uh this.collaborative project developed in.partnership with highways england will.enable a dedicated team to work with.local taxi drivers.businesses and other organizations that.operate fleets.and it will help them to trial for free.the electric vehicles and understand.and evidence the financial and.environmental benefits.of switching to electric before they.actually have to put their hands in.their own pockets.the grant award includes funding for.five charge points to be strategically.located around the city.four are commercial and one is taxi.expanding the city's electric charge.point infrastructure available for.public use.this will give people confidence that.when they buy an electric vehicle.that there'll be access to a sufficient.spread of charge points around the city.don you and i both know that the biggest.challenge for the adoption of electric.vehicles.is the underpinning and supported.infrastructure.and this will help to give some.confidence.that that will happen.great thank you and congratulations to.you and.to the team to the commercialization.team as well for this and.all the other um real contributions.they've made to the city and to the.council.thank you don uh no supplementaries.no thank you okay great okay um can i.to any cabinet members who'd like to.speak to this kai.uh yeah thanks marvin yeah i've really.really welcomed this report i think um.what this does is it as steve mentioned.is this try before you buy approach to.um electric vehicles um both.myself and steve went up to uh.nottingham last year to look at how the.um.taxi fleet theirs started to switch over.to to electric.and i guess the the best offer they had.there was a.a trial of um a three-month offer for a.free.three-month offer to use an electric.taxi.just so they get comfortable with using.it just just so they get comfortable.with the ranges.and also so they can see how it affects.their ongoing fuel costs.and and then they trust that it then.pays out over the lifetime of the.the investment um the biggest problem.you know steve talks about the.the the infrastructure that is a problem.it's also the upfront costs of uh.electric vehicles as well.so i think the more you can get.businesses and.taxis um comfortable with the the.running costs i think that.sometimes mitigates against the uh the.upfront.major major costs at the beginning um.it does does fit in with our um climate.emergency strategy.um we've seen the one city uh climate.strategy report.where it says that we need to basically.electrify.all the all the traffic on the road at.the moment and also reduce the.mileage by 40 so it's very clear that.we've got to assist businesses and.commercial outfits.in switching their fleets over to.electric and.low emissions and carbon other carbon.neutral.types of vehicles like hydrogen and.biogas as well going forward so um.very much welcome this steve thank you.nice guy any other cabinet members to.comment on this item oh.nicola it's marvin i just wanted to sort.of echo what kaya said and also just put.it through the lens of the covered.recovery in terms of.you know if we want to actually be able.to rebuild some of.well everything we can in terms of the.city's economic health.and that applies to sort of all types of.jobs that we have in the city.i think there's something that's really.quite fantastic about what you're doing.here steve in terms of giving businesses.that opportunity to.sort of um rebuild bring people back to.work and then actually.not not fear the future in terms of a.greener future and i think that.confidence isn't going to be inc.continue well it always has been.around switching to electric but it will.be even more so a concern about.making those outlays and see you know.and actually trying to understand your.consumption.and understand the infrastructure i i.would challenge you slightly on.the issue about charging infrastructure.because i think it.it's not as hard as it sounds i think.it's a behavior issue as much as.anything else but.the the idea of a substantive.trial that actually you can start to.build a business case on the back of i.think.is really important and so i really.welcome it from that perspective as we.look at all the employment areas around.the city.and how we can support them to.transition into the future um.and also um yeah build back in a way.that actually.helps the city progress in terms of our.climate emergency ambition as well.any other cabinet members.okay well i welcome it as well um thank.you steve just one little.peg i'd put down it'd be good to us to.talk about outsiders is also looking at.justice in a supply chain.for the component parts that go into.electric vehicles um it's fantastic for.us but we know that.in some of the uh component parts there.are some.uh real injustices that happen to people.on the.on the mining end of things to put it.that way so um.if we can begin speaking into that um.that area as well just to be certain to.be minded of it i'd be um.very welcome so let me hand back to you.now um council appears to take the.decision which i support.and is being displayed on the screen.yeah thanks marvin.um in terms of the decision to be made.today.i approve the recommendations as set out.in the report.thank you steve so um we're just going.to suggest taking a bit of a 10 minute.adjournment now just so you can have a.comfort break.and we'll be back um.let me see 17 17 40.we'll come back okay just 10 minutes.okay i'm going to wait for the screens.to come the cat videos to turn back on.celebrity squares friday night around my.nan's eyes.in the early 80s you might be too young.for that craig.he's definitely not.[Laughter].kai definitely is yeah bristol's rose.yeah he is so our school.child are you going back to school this.week.okay i'm sure helen and nicola.are just there so um let's jump on in.to agenda item 14 which is.funding for hengrove park enabling works.highways junction isn't a primary school.and paul you're bringing this item yes.it's another report that.looks probably much more exciting than.it than it actually is in fact it's.it's a bit of a shame that this has had.to come here um we had.sought five million pounds of housing.infrastructure fun money.uh to assist with the infrastructure.works to allow the hand grove.development to.to go ahead that that bid has not been.successful but we still need.to expand uh perry court rebuild perry.court primary school.in the area and we also need to do the.works around roads and other transport.infrastructure.uh to allow the development to go ahead.so what's basically being proposed here.is a sort of twin track of.let's see if we can find other ways of.funding this.um but if not we can forward fund it.through.strategic sale which which the.development itself will then repay.as it as it moves forward and that.basically is the gist of this.uh report thanks very much paul.um we've had one public forum statement.um and that's with.councillor fabian breckels he's just oh.fabulous night okay so we've had no.statements and no questions.any other cabinet members to comment on.this one.okay well let me hand back to you then.paul to take the decision which i think.helen hollands.ellen did you come oh sorry honey sorry.i missed you okay come on in.that's okay marvin thanks very much just.to say very briefly.i mean you know we very much welcome.the hang grove park development and uh.the housing that it's going to bring to.the area but as.i first came to bristol to teach in.perry court school.in the 70s and i think probably it could.have done with being refurbished at that.point because it was a.1960s school where the windows were all.falling out and all of that.and of course it was a separate infant.junior school so to be able to redevelop.it it's got.it's got a um grounds of its own that's.a.plenty big enough and it will make an.incredible.asset for the for the development and.for the area.thank you helen um any of the cabinet.members.okay so um thank you uh paul let me hand.back to you now to take the decision.which i support and is now being.displayed on the screen.in terms of the decision to be made.today i approve the recommendations are.set out in the report.thank you very much paul so let's go to.agenda item 15 now.um and asha you're going to bring this.uh.report on update um update in the.cabinet on key changes to our.bristol future parks program asha okay.sorry about this let me.okay.right sorry um yes so i'm bringing this.report to cabinet.so that i can appraise you of where.we're at with the bristol future parts.program and the key changes that need.uh to be approved uh we're seeking.approval.to run a pilot uh to test the future.parks expression of interest process.uh we want to seek um approval.uh to pilot uh a parks and green spaces.sponsorship.model and to kind of set out.how we're going how we're going to and.what we have done to secure.future funding so um our parks and green.space strategy.has been in place since 2008.the strategy identified then that 80.million pounds worth of investment.was going to be required to enable our.parts and green spaces.to reach an excellent standard since.that time the service.has secured around 13 million to.investing.parts and green spaces spaces.but the period of austerity has impacted.the park's budget.and has reduced and has seen that budget.reduced from 6 million.to now four million pound a loss to.nearly 33 percent of the budget.our quality of life survey has seen the.satisfaction in the quality of our.hearts decline over this period from.uh 83 uh down to 72.in 2019 uh and it's as low as 53.in the 10 most deprived neighborhoods.so in 2019 uh the council.secured funding from the future parts.accelerator fund.that funding comes from national trust.heritage lottery.and the ministry of housing communities.and local.government and that funding uh to the.tune of nearly a million pounds.uh was to help us pilot new approaches.to sustaining our parts.as with everything uh covered 19 has.impacted the project significantly.apologies has uh impacted.uh the project and has caused time to.light delays with the delivery.of the program so our ability to manage.uh sorry i'm losing my spot here.okay hold on.okay okay so as with everything as i.said covered 19 has.impacted the project and um.our ability to engage with businesses.monitoring community sector.through the soft test marketing approach.uh was planned to take place uh in the.summer.so the future parks uh governance board.agreed in may to put.the planned expression of interest phase.back from august 2020 to february 2021.in order to give the market time to.recover.this delay also allows us to deliver the.project within the time frame agreed.uh by our funders to accommodate this.we've gone through a process of.renegotiating with the funders.and redefining our milestones and.budgets.and that's helped us secure an extension.until october 2021..uh the extension will not incur any.additional cost to the council.as the funds have been found within the.existing budget.uh as part of the work in renegotiating.the milestones.we have been asked to develop a pilot.for the expression of interest.stage and this provides us with an.opportunity to pilot the processes.trial sponsorship approaches and test.the decision making framework on a small.number of sites.and this approach will allow us to.implement any necessary changes.prior to launching the full expression.of interest in february 2021.we've identified two pilot sites uh.cmill's rec.and the nether and the plan is for us to.develop a process to.enable us to stress test our systems.and processes prior to launching the.pilot expression of interest stage.this piece of work will be carried out.at eastfield park working with.local stakeholders and interested.parties so that we can.co-design our processes.so due to the importance of parks and.green spaces during.cover 19 it's expected that when we.start the full expression of interest.phase we anticipate that this will.attract a significant amount of interest.from the voluntary sector.and this will provide us with.substantial benefits to the park service.and in order for us to grasp this.opportunity we're also.developing a parts volunteer strategy as.part of the future parts expansion.so cabinet is being asked as i said to.note the changes to the program uh the.extension.to the program to october 2021.set out in the report approved the.stress test.being undertaken at eastfield park.working with local stage.stakeholders uh improv approves in.principle.our pilot expression of interest from.september october.and uh approves the submission of an.application.for additional funding to extend the.project.until march 2022 thank you.thank you as ever um so we have.um one question uh from councillor.martin fodor.and he's been admitted to the meeting.now.okay is he here.okay um councillor photo your question.please.yeah thanks very much um i'm i'm very.pleased to hear that there's been an.opportunity to extend the.uh and update the pilot because um.obviously things have got in the way of.this in terms of the.the covert outbreak and people now.see even more than they did before how.important their local parks.are and and the facilities there but.i've raised a number of points in my.in my submission about the various.things going on.such as the uh this this project.the commercialization program the um.the the new um trust that involves.briston bars.and all sorts of other issues like the.climate emergency the ecological.emergency.i'm wondering how these can all be taken.account of in.and factored into the future parks.initiative because it there's so many.things going on at once.and the existing forensic parks groups.and the parks forum.and their volunteering that's already.present okay thanks my question.yeah thanks very much for your question.uh martin.and for me uh personally it's really.about um how we um.use the ones we're actually using.uh the one city approach in the way in.which we um.take this work forward so um in response.to the question that you.raised the austerity measures uh.as you know um that was brought in by a.coalition in 2009.saw a lot of pressure placed on local.authority budgets.so as a result bristol parks and green.spaces were required.to introduce a series of savings targets.currently our funding is focused on.maintaining the existing infrastructure.and maintenance of our assets investment.is required to provide new.infrastructure such as the.installation of utilities will need to.form part of a capital.investment plan or through opportunities.which.are going to be presented through the.future parks program expression of.interest.and procurement processes running in.parallel with the bristol parts project.is the development of a new parts and.green spaces strategy.and that's currently in the planning.stages and the strategy will provide the.council.with a 25-year plan for bristol.bristol park's team are also developing.an.innovative approach to volunteering.working up site management plans to.enable better volunteering impacts.year-round.and the introduction of a.volunteer-based.uh database and we are working uh we'll.be working with.bristol parks forum as we develop that.and in addition to this we're working.very closely with all of our.project partners including bristol and.bath park foundation.to develop the additional processes such.as the small grant fund.to support citizen action and.volunteering within our parks.so we are very much plugged in to.everything that is happening.uh and trying to bring some coherence uh.amongst all of the key players and.partners.uh to deliver this program thanks.sure in terms of a supplementary that.that's helpful.but i think it also shows the complexity.and the fact that.local residents and people involved in a.particular park.group or the network across the city or.who've heard about the trust.or have heard about this um this future.parks initiative i've taken part in you.know consultation workshops and so on.they'll see so many things happening um.and and some.possible tensions like the.commercialization that could affect um.the sort of peace and tranquility in the.parks or or the need for facilities.that we thought were were going to be.funded.through um local parks groups.fundraising like on redling green where.they fundraised.discuss your question martin yeah but i.i think i think it it needs to be.clarified.because it is quite hard to navigate.what's going on and who's.who's making the positive steps and.where the money's going and where the.volunteers are going.so it sort of kind of means that there's.there's a bit of complication.that that nothing will understand well.that can be um.easily resolved by providing um everyone.with details of.uh all of the kind of moving parts and.and how everything slots in so.i'm sure we can produce some kind of.facts of q a and additional information.that actually sets that out quite.clearly for everybody.so i'm happy to get that sorted okay i.think that's really helpful.question martin the supplementary.question you got one of those.okay fair enough thanks very much for.your contributions um appreciate that.can i follow that to any other cabinet.members um as well.for comment.okay well again this is one of those um.just to thank you for your leadership.honest asha.um certainly following all the the cuts.and the financial challenges we faced.it's not been easy to navigate um.at this area and you've it's just been.incredible work and.actually as martin has said um the value.and the importance of our parts has.really.come into sharp focus over the period of.lockdown as people have needed them to.go out particularly those people who.don't have.uh gardens of their own so you know.thank you for what you've done.not only directly in part but also in.building relationships with some of the.friends of parts groups out there that.that we're working with so let me hand.back to you now to take the decision.which i support and is now being.displayed.on the screen thank you so in making.this decision i've taken into.consideration the consultation process.and the equalities.impact assessment in the report and in.terms of the decision.to be made today i approve the.recommendations.as set out in the report.thank you so let's on to agenda item 17.bristol heat network.um seeking approvals for delivery of the.bristol 17..oh my apologies i've jumped ahead sorry.about that kai to catch you out there.um 16 first which is with you again.um asha on the voluntary community and.social enterprise grant extension.okay so this report is seeking an.extension to the current grant funding.uh agreement for vcs uh infrastructure.support service grant.with voska for support to the voluntary.and community sector.uh for a further 12 months ending 31st.of march 2022..so in december uh 2019 cabinet agreed to.invite applications to provide.infrastructure support to the community.and voluntary sector.with a view to a new grant arrangement.being in place.from 1 of october 2020.the process started in january 2020 but.was stopped.due to the covert 19 emergency and so.this report is seeking approval to.extend.the current grant agreement as i said by.12 months in order for us to commence a.new agreement.from the 1st of april 2022 there is.really no change to the substance of the.proposal agreed.um in terms of the annual cost.but it will allow us time to invite.voluntary and community sector.organizations to apply.for the new enabling vcscs sector.support brand.which will provide capacity building.support uh.and infrastructure support to to the.sector over a period of four years.um this community sector i'm sure you.will all agree has played a vital part.in the response uh to coven 19. the.current grant funding agreement with.oscar.has have helped seen them play.a leading role during the crisis.providing information and support.to struggling community and voluntary.groups through to organizing testing for.key vcsc workers and working with health.and social care.to establish integrated cross-sector.response.um so whilst the organizations have been.at the heart of the community response.it is also the case that parts of the.sector are in crisis.a sustainable voluntary organization.will not rely on grants alone.but will have a mix of income streams.from renting out buildings.running cafes nurseries and organizing.events.income streams have dried up we've seen.that right across.the sect all sectors and so just like.businesses in the private sector.uh the volunteering community sector.have significant deficits.and will be making some very difficult.decisions at this time.so are those organizations are part of.the economic.environmental and social fabric of the.city.uh and i'm sure you'll all agree that.they have done much of the heavy lifting.and lifting uh in terms of tackling.inequality.uh the well reported disproportionate.negative impact of code of 19.on black and minority ethnic communities.disabled people.poor and low waged people have put into.sharp focus.the need for urgent action to tackle.inequality and consistent advice support.and capacity in building.is going to be essential over the next.uh 12 months.but from crisis comes opportunity.uh we've been at the groundswell of.community action the creativity.and innovation our tremendous assets uh.that we own.here in the city and to fully understand.that impact.we've put together a strategic.partnership made up of the council.vosko locality black southwest network.power to change the clinical.commissioning group.office of the police and crime.commissioner city office.city funds quartet and we also have a.disability.quality advisor and we've been meeting.and.and working with black southwest network.who's collaborating with.locality in bosca uh who are undertaking.a piece of research work that will.inform a longer-term recovery and.strengthening plan for the monitoring.community sector.and i'll be reporting uh on the findings.um uh from between september and.december.so um as we reflect and learn for.recovery it's going to be important to.maintain consistency in leadership and.support and that's why.uh we're requesting an extension for a.further.12 months so um yeah the report in front.of you.is to seek approval for that extension.thank you thank you um asha.there are no public forum statements or.questions.including from counsellors can i ask if.any.cabinet members wish to comment on this.item.uh well i'll just i'll just come in here.um asha's.just to throw back actually to something.we discussed right at the beginning just.just how important our voluntary.community sector is to us.um in the city and we've been wanting to.be clear that.this is not looking at the voluntary.community.social enterprise sector as.organizations at the gaps.it's not just about asking them to step.in where the public sector cannot.or will not picking up the pieces this.is about seeing.the presence of a strong volunteer.community social enterprise sector.as a good in and of itself uh both.as a a sign of community power.that we are working for um and as.as drivers of community power as well as.evidence of.of the ability of communities to lead um.and shape themselves and not end up in.uh dependency on.on uh bristol city council i say that.carefully because we should provide.public service this is not about.um people not leading us but clearly so.many of the services we provided because.other things in people's lives haven't.always worked out as we would have liked.um and so we want those communities to.experience power and that voluntary.sector is so critical so we want to be.we want to have a specific vision for.the size scope.and range of what they are and going.back to that comment as well so often.they.work with communities in ways.uh with specific communities that there.are many public sector organizations.cannot or will not.um and so are vital to delivering.um delivering that inclusive city that.we've.set our stall by delivering uh with this.administration.so again thanks for your leadership.honest let me hand back to you now um.asha for any final comments and.to take the decision which i support.yeah i just wanted to say.i think the strength of the strategic.partnership that we.put together and that i spelled out.earlier you know voska.city funds quartet power to change a.national funding organization.they want to invest in the city but they.need to understand.uh the depth of the support that is.going to be required so.uh hence this piece of research that is.happening so.and um also they are key commissioners.as well.as are we and i think now is the time.that.uh volunteering community sector.organizations.um can carry as much weight uh as many.private and public sector partners can.when it comes to commissioning.services so yeah i i'm really um.excited about potentially uh the.direction of travel.but it's still going to be difficult for.many not not.not everyone is going to have an easy.ride on this.but um in terms of me taking.the decision i would like to.in making this decision i've taken into.consideration the equalities impact.assessment.in the report and in terms of the.decision to be made today.i approve the recommendations as set out.in the report.thank you thank you very much i'm asha.so let's move on to agenda item 17.bristol heat.network program and car you're going to.bring this item.thanks marvin um yeah two two uh reasons.for.bringing this report to cabinet uh one.is quite.administrational in the fact that we're.successful with um.receiving grant funding but we need this.report to confirm exactly the amount.that we've received.to spend it and um also.to seek approval to apply for further.grant funding.for two other uh heat network projects.as i said it was the condition of the.grant funding that we specified.precisely.the amount that would be that was.awarded to us which was 12..million um so we applied for that.uh the the approval for that application.was back in september.and then obviously um what we're trying.to do is.um develop the old market and.red cliff heat network with the with the.investment.part of the structure of it was that we.had to set up a special purpose.vehicle to receive the funding which was.another cabinet.report in march so we're here today just.to.specify that it's 12.7 million that.we've received.and that's the money that will onward.lend to the special purpose vehicle.which was again a condition of applying.for the money.um to that today.in the report in march as well it was.we specified that we potentially would.set up two special.purpose vehicles to um enable us to.spend spend the money what we're doing.at the moment.is only setting up one special purpose.vehicle.um but we're keeping our options open.and we.still may split that into two special.purpose vehicles to.spend the money and we might have to do.that as part of the city leap.project so we've got that option to do.that if required.uh there's a minor change to the funding.ratios from the cabinet.report approved last september we.received a little bit less uh from this.pot of money.because it turned out we couldn't use.this source of funding.for the water source heat pump that.we're trying to deliver.through the old market heat network.and we use it that's because um we're.using the renewable heat incentive.instead.which is better value for the for the.council.than the uh than the grant funding that.were.that we were bidding for at the time so.it's a little bit complicated this.report and administration all.but in the end what it's uh the purpose.of it is to.um deliver 12.7 million pounds of.investment.into the old market and redcliffe heat.network expansion.which i think is good good news for our.carbon neutrality.neutrality objectives.and then the second part of the report.is to.seek an approval to apply for further.grant funding to.develop the bedminster heat network.which is exploring using.the old mine workings in the area to.extract heat from the.the old coal mines and also looking at.uh.extracting heat from sewers in the area.as well so it's um.seeking approval to develop that one and.then also the.temple temple island heat network as.well.so we're so we're asking for an early.drawdown.of the capital that we approved in march.so we can do the survey work there in.time to align with the development.proposals that we're that we're.exploring at the moment as well.so um a complicated report but in the.end it's about delivering.heat networks and delivering a lot of.money 12.7 million pounds and also.looking at.our future plans to expand the.bedminster heat network.using groundbreaking.new ways of extracting heat around coal.mines and.sewers and also supporting us in terms.of.providing energy to whatever development.proposal we.we explore at temple island.so i hope cabinet approves this report.thank you.thank you very much kai we've had no.public forum statements.or questions and offer it to any other.any cabinet members for comments.uh craig uh yeah so i've been quite.close to this piece of work as well with.kai.um i just wanted to to really comment i.mean it's a massive and.a very exciting bit of news and it is a.complicated report about is very.exciting.a bit of work and it shouldn't be.underestimated quite how much.effort has gone on in the background by.the energy services team is another.feather in the cap for them i just.wanted to thank marie for for everything.that they've done and setting us on the.path to be in a carbon neutral city.yeah any others um nicola.and i just wanted to add it's just.really great to hear kai talking about.sort of how the um district heating.network will actually.work in these developments and the areas.of growth and regen that we.uh well i spend most of my time on the.cabinet talking about and.trying to scope and uh understand the.number of units and how we can build.these new communities and how we do it.in the right way.and it's um i guess i always in planning.you're often treading sort of a.quite a thin path to try and stay on the.right course and there's.often it's quite confrontational can be.quite challenging so to hear things like.this report today.it's just great news it's great news to.see us progressing these things and as.craig says a lot of this goes on behind.the scenes.it's not something that i hear kind of.communities talking to me about it's not.something that the sort of complexity.around it doesn't get enough.exposure it doesn't get enough of a.platform so it's really good to hear.and i'm um yeah temple island of.bedminster green and oh and all market.and.red cliff to be fair it's all fantastic.news and then i look forward to seeing.the next stages of the progress.thank you okay so craig i'm.i mean i'll just um support um what.craig and nicole have said but so let me.hand back to you now to take the.decision which i fully support.yeah thanks marvin um yeah just to echo.what craig craig has said about the.energy service.i'm really proud to leave that lead that.um.team and you know the amount of grant.funding they attract for the heat.network um projects is you know a.testament to them.we are seen by government as um a.leading city in this area.and it's partly down to that you know to.the work of the team so you know i'm.very proud to lead that.um in terms of making this decision i've.taken into consideration the equalities.impact assessment in the report.and in terms of the decision to be made.today i approve the recommendations as.set out in the report.thank you thank you very much kai so.let's move on to agenda item 18 now.this is with you craig the budget.monitoring outcome report for p3.thank you marlon um it goes away saying.that kobit 19 is continuing.to have a massive impact not just around.the world but obviously here in bristol.too.this report provides an update on the.council's forecast financial performance.for 2020 2021 at period three.it also gives the estimated financial.impact of the pandemic on the councils.in your budget and the proposed.mitigations for this year.and highlights future uncertainties the.scale of the iconic economic.environmental and community challenges.that we will face as a result of the.pandemic cannot be understated.since the initial outbreak our approach.to planning for the financial impact has.been.iterative and with appropriate caution.we have modelled financial scenarios.responded to the government's.announcements and waited for meaningful.commitment to further financial support.for local government as a sector whilst.there's been an appetite from the.government to support income losses on.fees and charges the public.published detailed guidance last week as.greater complexity and indicates a.material deterioration.from the income grant originally.estimated we're still working through.the final details and the modeling.um if it's real it will add to the.already anticipated 13.9 million paying.shortfall in this year.of course we also continue to have.in-year and non-coveted related.pressures as well which currently stand.up by.6.9 million and we'll have to continue.to manage and mitigate that in the end.these costs are particularly acute in.adult social care facilities management.and home school transport.providing the reported covered position.and government fund that do not.materially.deteriorate we will be able to mitigate.the shortfall of 13.9 million from a.range of corporate measures.we will continue to ask the government.to cover the full cost of kobe to local.authorities this year and beyond.works are currently underway for the.mtfp refresh and business planning.mitigations will be explored for the.pressures above which include holding.earmarked reserves in a ban subject to.mitigation plans being confirmed.thank you craig um no public forum.statements or questions.any cabinet members.again just just to say craig thank you.for that all that.hard work you do beneath the bonnet of.this organization making sure that.bringing financial competence um here.with the with the whole finance team as.well.to whom i extend my thanks let me hand.back to you now to take the decision.which i support and which is now being.displayed on the screen.yeah and i just um endorse that i mean.the finance team.you know things are changing every day.at the moment trying to forecast where.we will be in six months time is almost.impossible and announcements have been.coming from government all the time and.i know that.the finance team have been working.nights weekends and lord knows what else.so.just a massive thank you to them for for.everything they do um.in terms of decisions we made today i.approve the recommendations i set out in.the report.thank you uh craig so um let's stay with.you now for agenda item 19 which is the.covert 19 emergency decision making.powers.yeah so this is a um it's a small report.but um and i'm not going to say very.much on it but it's a huge importance.obviously.we introduced a number of um.governance emergency governance.protocols really through the.in through the um pandemic and this is.the report it's just to to pull those.back out.um so what is ongoing um and we continue.to manage.the pandemic and support of the city we.have formally stood back in our.emergency incident response.in april cabinet gave delegates to.authority to the chief exec and the.finance direct director to make.emergency decisions in response to the.crisis.now that incident management is the.thing this report withdraws that.emergency decision making arrangements.but.say what arrangements are in place if.urgent decisions are required in the.future.um in making emergency decisions we are.still fully transparent.and this report sets out any decisions.that will be taken under.any emergency delegations.thank you craig we do have a question.now and this is from councillor don.alexander who's been admitted.to the meeting.all right don you're in all right thanks.marvin.um whilst we're not at the end of this.uh.crisis i i think it's an appropriate.time to take this opportunity to thank.all the officers.who have worked so courageously and so.diligently.throughout the kovic crisis.the secretary of state for housing.communities and local government has.promised to make good.all local authorities extra financial.costs.would council naccini please remind us.of how much we remain out of pocket now.thank you thanks dawn.i know the rest of cabinet and myself.would endorse your comments on on.thanking the staff.there are people i directly work with.that um i was applauding while standing.next to mice on a thursday night i'm.sure other people.would have been to um the current.general fund shortfall for this year is.estimated at 13.9 million.just due to um curving 19 however the.medium term.impact over the over the mtfp period.will be more significant.next year and in future years with.regard to in-ear funding whilst there's.been an upside from the government to.support income losses on fees and.charges the detail of guidance added.more complexity which which just makes.it um.oh it just adds to that 3.9 million and.it makes life very difficult.we continue to ask the government to.cover the full costs of cover to local.authorities this year and beyond as.originally promised.and provide us with the basic government.funding information to enable us to plan.for the future which at the moment is a.very difficult thing to do.thank you yeah just to conclude i look.forward to our um conservative party.colleagues on council reminding their.um fellow conservatives in westminster.uh that this crisis is not open for us.it's not over for us.and we desperately need support in order.to continue to provide for the most.vulnerable people in this city.thank you yeah yeah thank you i mean.we're looking at.you know potentially a 30 million.shortfall in the collection fund next.year and we still don't have any.guidance on quite how that's going to be.dealt with.yeah so and i welcome that conversation.um.among the counselors as well don um.certainly conservative.councillors in other local authority.areas have been quite vocal.about the financial challenges facing.well certainly when they're in charge.about the financial challenges they're.facing so it'd be great to have.all hands on deck really um advocating.for bristol.a birth party so that'd be fantastic.okay.um any other cabinet members like to.comment on this item.um asha.hi i just wanted to again add my thanks.to.the finance team actually that all of.our teams across the council but.specifically the finance.team because they have.as you said just work exceptionally i.understand from.every time i quote the amount of money.that.of small business grants that we've got.out of the door with some of my other.colleagues in other local authorities.they applaud us on how well we've.actually been able to kind of.manage that and do it so well and get.the money out as quickly as we have done.so.um yeah thanks girl goes out to denise.uh and the rest of the team yeah they've.been brilliant.thank you thank you asha any other.comments.okay so let me hand back to you now.craig to.take the decision which i support and is.being displayed on the screen.yeah just to follow on from what i.should said really i mean we got nearly.100 million pounds out the door.originally the team that processed those.the business rate payments would have.been about six.so we moved people from all over the.organization to fill in those gaps a.huge thanks to one of those.um in terms of decisions we made today i.approve the recommendations i set out in.the report.thank you craig so um we're going to.stay with you now again for agenda item.20. how's it benefit and cancer tax.reduction process.yeah i'll be quick on this one this is.an administrative report really um.this report proposes changes to the.verification of housing benefit and.council tax reduction claims.by ceasing to operate a risk-based.verification scheme.by september this year this will align.evidence and verification processes to.those that already came in and reporting.changes to housing benefit and capital.tax reduction and then the use of.algorithms when assessing new claims.in addition it will standardize the.approach to all citizens and allow for.greater use.of electronic scanned and third-party.evidence and therefore reduce the need.to.for some to provide original evidence to.temple street csb.this approach has been endorsed by most.core cities dwp internal audit and.resources scrutiny.and it should make life easier for.residents applying which at the moment.you know the numbers are going to go up.and.can only be of benefit.thank you craig um we've got one.question and that's from councillor.clive stevens.he's just been admitted to the meeting.now.okay councillor stevens can you hear me.hello hi sorry about that.computer's a little bit slow so um i.hope.you all managed to get something like a.small break this summer because it was.really hard uh keeping on top of all the.things that going on.um my question is relating.to some of the things i saw this summer.and the.impact of algorithms on on the a levels.and the exam results.and then i saw that you had an algorithm.in.um that you in this system here that you.were having to use.i'm really pleased you're abandoning it.um and so my question is whether you.know.uh about other algorithms that are.embedded in.systems that you might actually.not know whether there's any hidden.prejudices or biases.in so that's my question.so i mean it's a massive question um and.probably not directly related to the to.this cabinet paper um.there are a number we do use a number of.data analytics across the.organization as you'd imagine for.example in predicting the condition of.road surfaces.but we do also use them in more.sensitive areas like children's services.where we do use.data analytics for children at risk of.sexual exploitation.children at risk of criminal.exploitation and at risk of needs.um that said all of them have elements.of human decision making within them we.have no automated decision making in any.of those children's services processes.they identify risk and then frontline.professionals.use those to to better understand.vulnerabilities that an individual might.be facing.that can be really useful for us.obviously maximizing resources enhancing.services and.will be an important part of the future.whatever we think so.um of course we have to make sure they.are fit for purpose which is why we've.been working with the center for data.ethics and innovation.which is an independent expert committee.team at the arena to help the uk.navigate.um the ethical challenges presented by.data-driven technology.we've announced the 12-week partnership.to develop an ethical data governance.framework to ensure that our approach is.ethical inclusive.transparent and driven by responsible.innovation we're expecting the results.recommendations to be shared in late.october and you'll be more than welcome.to to look at and comment on them once.that's done.okay i think if if i thought more about.my question i probably would have added.the word automated.uh automated decision in there because.they're the worrying ones.um so um yeah let's talk about that in.october when that report comes out.i've got no supplementary okay thanks.very much.uh casa stevens um.any there were no other questions um any.cabinet members like to comment on this.item.okay thank you very much and uh well i.just in terms of your answer to the.question greg i appreciate your.emphasizing there that this does not.abandon human decision-making.uh when we do use these uh processes.they just help us direct resources as a.line of inquiry so.um let me hand back to you now craig to.take the decision which i support and is.now being displayed on the screen.in making this decision i've taken into.consideration the equality's impact.assessment in the report and in terms of.the decisions we made today i approve.the recommendations are set out in the.report.thank you agenda i'm 21. uh paul you're.bringing this one.imperial apartment uh the part of you.development.thank you marvin i said my last two.reports weren't very interesting i think.this one probably is.a bit more and there's been a bit a bit.of heat but not much light.um just on this in terms of the in the.social media.world and i have to say that we we were.concerned as a council when we found out.that carradine had purchased.this site in fact just before they.purchased it we tried to buy it.ourselves.um as it's right next door to the.heartless campus development and across.the road from the.hengrove development and actually we.would have.probably wanted not just to do housing.but also to preserve some.employment on this site which was very.important for uh.for south bristol and it's always great.reading stuff on twitter because.you sometimes think i must never read.the news or.watch any programs or know anything.that's going on in the world.unless somebody on twitter tells me that.it that it's happened.uh we were aware of carradine's uh track.record in croydon and.and harlow and um as i say.we we've had concerns and and we've been.talking to them.uh for some time to look at how we can.mitigate.uh some of those issues before the covid.crisis.actually uh arose um and i think what.we've done is tried to make sure that.we've learned from the experience.elsewhere and.from the sort of permitted the issues.around permitted development.and homelessness and we've actually.acted on it.so what i want to do is rather than.present the report what we'll do is.present.what would have happened if we hadn't.been involved.and if and if we weren't taking this.this action.now uh sort of counter factual.so firstly um if we didn't get involved.the flats would still be there.and they would still be occupied and to.be honest they'd probably be.occupied by homeless people from london.um but there would be no rent control.there would be fewer communal facilities.there'd be no.support workers going in there'd be no.community development workers going in.there'd be no welfare advice service.people.going in there'd be no restrictions on.the occupation we've put restrictions.for instance on.size of households going into properties.age of children going into.properties so that they're not over.occupied.we'd also see quite a large number of.homeless people in bristol either.returning to the streets.or we would be stumping up huge amounts.of money hundreds of thousands a month.to pay for hotel bills to keep people.in their homes whereas what this allows.us to do is to pass the cost.of housing these people onto the housing.benefit system in.central government i did read one.article which suggested this was going.to create some sort of huge.cost for the council actually what it.does is.is a huge saving on on what we're doing.now i guess.the person who wrote that may have some.investment in the hotel.industry within the city.so what this is a what this is about.what we're doing here.is is yes it's about ensuring that.people do not return to the street that.we.that we provide homes for the homeless.and and at some.scale from the housing stock that is.existing.at the moment and that we.that we do that in a way that ensures uh.that there's um good quality uh.management that the nomination.agreements are well managed.uh that the the social mix within the.project works well that people with.very high support needs are not housed.there.none of those things we could do if if.we weren't directly.involved and on the basis of that on the.basis of us.a very low cost managing managing to.find housing for a large number.of people in hotels and other forms of.temporary accommodation.far inferior to what we're proposing.here i.i would recommend this this report and.this action.to the to the council on the cabinet.thanks very much paul um so we've had.one question.and that is a game from uh councillor.clive stevens.we just admit clive back into the.meeting.clive we've got you you got your.question.thank you hi i think this is going to be.councillor paul smith's.last ever cabinet question so.um hello for me i appreciate this from.you clive.oh i'll make it uh well i can't make it.that difficult.um so i've been checking up.um on uh carried on.and they their website says this is a.new business model.the way i understand it is the um.council is the landlord and caridon is.then.the main tenant and sublet.to um the residents there that may or.may not be the case but that's how it.seems to work.and so my uh question was about.um being able to scrutinize openly.the uh sub-tenant complaints and whether.there are penalty clauses.um within the contract.okay so so clive usually you're.incredibly astute but.you've got a bit mixed up on this one.they are the landlord.and the people moving in there are the.tenants we've got no.land interest in the property as i say.it's unfortunate we did we did try and.and purchase it but the people we tried.to purchase it from had already sold it.um so that that we haven't got a.landlord tenant relationship here.what the contract is still being devised.obviously can't be.agreed unless cabinet agree this uh.decision today.so but what's built into.the arrangement with them is that.complaints and compliments are.reported back to us so that we're aware.and and we we will also have people.working in the building.talking directly with with the residents.so we'll get we'll get feedback in that.way.um so so that that's the way it will.work so.although the arrangement's different to.how you suggested.the i guess the end result is yes we.will.know if there are issues and complaints.and.um if if there are issues about the way.that.they as the landlord are managing the.property we do have the ability to.to raise those issues with them okay.thank you.and i don't have any supplementals so no.i'm really sad.good luck with the rest of your career.paul thank you clyde.thanks very much uh clive uh for the.items that we've had no other.um questions um on this one.so i'm gonna take it to cabinet i think.helen you.for a comment on this one yeah thanks.very much.marvin and i think that um you know the.the reassurances that paul has given.about.the um management of of the.flats in um parkview.i'm sure lots of people will carry on.calling it that but.without imperial uh will reassure people.but i just wanted to.flag up and maybe this has already.happened but i'm not aware of it.is that i do think that a lot of the.residents will gravitate towards.heartcliff for shopping services and.and so on and so just to um.confirm that hwcp the community.partnership they.you know they want to they want to hear.from people and they want to.to be able to help if they can um in.any way so just to encourage your people.paul.to make contact with hwcp so that that.can be done so that they can.head off any particular problems and.also get that message out about the.support that the residents there will be.receiving.thanks helen um any other cabinet.comments on this item.okay well let me uh paul taking it into.account let me hand back to you now to.take the decision which i support and.is now being displayed on the screen.okay uh thank you marvin.and helen thank you that's really that's.really helpful and i will definitely.pass that on.so in terms of the decision.in terms of decisions being made today i.take into consideration the equality of.impact assessment in the report in terms.of the decision to be made i approve the.recommendations.as set out in the report thanks very.much paul.um so next up agenda item 22.watershed phase one development and.craig you're bringing this item.thanks marlin created in 1982 as.britain's first media center watershed.has grown significantly.building a strong reputation regionally.and nationally for inclusive talent.development.diverse cultural cinema and creative.technologies innovation.watershed has developed plans to expand.its facilities on the harbour side and.has submitted a formal business case to.the western england combined authority.as part of these plans.the capital project is split into phase.one and phase two where phase one is.expanding the cultural cinema program.with a new cinema 4 and cafe bar space.in the existing building.the project will expand watersheds.facilities to support the growth.inclusion productivity and profile of.bristol's cultural and creative digital.cluster.and increase the diversity of bristol's.cultural film programs and audiences.all very exciting currently weka's.funding under the revolving.infrastructure project to support phase.one of the project which is about five.hundred thousand planes.however rift can only be accessed by.unitary authorities so the council will.need to be the grant recipient and.underwrite the repayment.the report seeks approval for the.council to act as the grant recipient.for 500 000 pounds of rift funding from.weka on behalf of watershed arts trust.limited.for the phase one watershed capital.development and underwrite the repayment.thanks craig we do have a public forum.statement.uh sorry no we have uh no statements we.have a question.from steven leyland which the cabinet.have noted.and we'll send a reply to she's not in.the meeting.um in newark can i ask any cabinet.members if anyone has any comment on.this item.okay well let me hand back to you then.craig to take the decision which i.support and is now being displayed on.the screen.thank you and in terms of the decision.to be made today i approve the.recommendations ascertaining the report.thank you very much so our next item um.is.23 which is the hang grove uh pfi.leisure center contract i'm bringing.this.eisen today and it's to approve the.ongoing financial adjustment required.under the.hand grove pfi um leisure center.deal which forms and these adjustments.form part of our contractual.obligations under that uh contract the.item.does contain exempt information so can i.ask cabinet members.uh to indicate if you wish to discuss.any information.in exam session in which case we'll move.into an exam session.but to start with a bit on the.background to this um that a cabinet.paper was.moved in 2008 and a pfi contract signed.in april 2010 with a plan.to open a leisure center.at hengrove the 2010 contract includes a.mechanism called a qualifying change in.law.that requires the council to compensate.the operator for any estimated.uh reduction in projected revenue and.likewise on the flip side if the.facility performs better than expected.beyond a.certain point the council will benefit.uh financially.so obviously we're legally obliged to.carry out the terms of the contract.sign in 2010 and this paper.is part of us carrying out that.obligation so kovid 19 has had a.devastating impact on.the leisure industry with enforced.closures and.reduced capacity in facilities to make.sure.that they are covered secure on.reopening and this has resulted in very.significant falls in revenue.which has caused the conditions where.the qualifying change in law clause.can be triggered now applying.that uh claw change uh mechanism in a.situation.where there were no or very small.numbers of users.at all such as in this pandemic would.result in a significant financial hit.for the council in the hundreds of.thousands of pounds per year.as we would then be calculating the.amount of.compensation uh due to the operator that.we would be obliged to.apply on the most extreme example.so we're currently working with the.operator to make.financial adjustments on a month by.month basis.as we wait uh for demand to recover.um and instead of uh based on an annual.volume and this is still a considerable.financial challenge for us um either way.uh we cut it up we are in a situation as.we are in so many fronts at the moment.of uh damage um limitation.so um it is this change uh these.negotiations that this uh.paper it was intended to uh bring.uh back to cabinet now for public forum.statements and questions.uh we have nine questions received and.those who indicated they wish to speak.at thr which is three will be admitted.to the meeting.in turn so first off we have julie.lamming.and julie's just been admitted to the.meeting now.julie you're in the meeting would you.like to ask your question.hi hello everybody good evening um i'm.asking a question directly to you.uh uh mary so that's okay.can you explain how the pfi deal with.bal which is a profitable private.company.allows for the provision of 900 000.pounds in subsidy funding for hengrove.only and excludes jubilee pool it.appears that the council's exclusion of.jubilee pool from val's requested.financial subsidy led their subsidiary.parkwood to serve notice on their.contract to operate the pool.moreover this course of action doesn't.accord with the council's corporate.strategy alignment objectives.nor does it meet the five itemized city.benefits is highlighted.in the committee report in front of you.today these demonstrate that the council.is clearly not.working in partnership with bowel to.secure all of the city's leisure.services that they operate.the council is not providing continued.cost-effective and efficient service.provision that provides for the needs.of this local community and contributes.towards the city's strategic outcomes.the council is not working for local.residents in this part of the city to.ensure that they.and bal mitigate the impact of kobit 19.and continue to work in partnership to.increase participation.and realize maximum health and social.benefits.for residents in this part of the city.don't increase family and community.connectedness.improve our community networks and our.social capital.and reduce the sense of isolation and.loneliness.and enhance people's social skills and.self-esteem and finally the council is.not supporting their local residents to.be more physically active.which impacts on a range of public.health and adult social care outcomes.increasing levels of obesity social and.health inequalities.reducing healthy life expectancy levels.reducing an increase.in sorry in decreasing falls and.injuries in the over 65s and preventing.early deaths from.cardiovascular diseases cancer and.respiratory diseases.which are a significant issue in this.part of the city.thank you sorry julia i kind of lost the.question in there a little bit though.what.the the actual question was it's really.can you explain.um why you can only allow nine hundred.thousand pounds in subsidy funding for.hengrove only and exclude jubilee when.they're both operated by the same.private operator baal and their.subsidiary parkwood.because by reducing leading jubilee.you're not meeting.your corporate strategy alignment.objectives and you're not meeting.your itemized city benefits which you've.specifically referenced.in this report committee okay.so if i if i'll go to that but.there were a considerable number of.statements um in there about.um our approach on population health and.our interests in different parts of the.city and if i can't just say it's.probably a conversation for.for another occasion while i absolutely.understand the commitment to the jubilee.swimming pool.it is one lever among many that we are.pulling.within bristol to deliver population.health.to deliver social inclusion and to take.care of people.in the city look at what we've done.about child hunger.their school uniform drive and imperial.poverty delivering affordable homes.uh the work we're doing on the clean air.zone the work we've done around migrants.and refugees.so it's it i i think it's a little bit.unfair to take.an issue that that i well i understand.the importance of that issue to you.and then use that as a platform to say.that we have an absence of concern and.care about.people within a whole swathe of.community that's.um i i just think we could debate.um you know a bit better but the the pfi.contract signed in 2010.though i say is a is a contract that we.are obliged.to work under um and again i mean there.are some very vocal voices.on on the pool at the moment but it is.in the name of um accuracy worth looking.at who signed us up to that contract.um but that contract and enabled the.building of the hang grove leisure.center which is obviously.you know a a leisure center with an.olympic.size uh pool in it um and the pfi.contract and the.the impact of covid are all conditions.which drive the circumstances.um that we are facing at the moment.including.um these pressures so the contract.drives us into that.into that the construction of the the.pool.unfortunately um it feels in many ways.as though we are.walking uphill against a headwind and.i'm just being frank with you about the.challenges.because part of the business case at the.time included.an assumption that the pool would close.along with um bishops of pool at the.same time as well.so well we have said we will if there is.a way to keep things open we will.what we have to recognize is that the.the position we find ourselves in.is like i said walking up here against a.headwind.and and that challenge all those.underlying drivers have been compounded.uh by the uh by the challenges that.kovid.have brought to us um as well but that.legal deal is around.um the pool and that and we're obliged.to work within it.do you have a supplementary question.okay then um well if you're working.within that.restrictive pfi deal.um and val and parkwood are coming back.to the council now.and asking for a significant sum of.money.specifically to cover that one why can't.you renegotiate.harder and basically tell them that if.they want the 900 000 pounds.for hengrove they have to ensure that.jubilee is running as well because.jubilee was profitable okay a small.profit admittedly but it was profitable.pre-covered there's a huge demand for it.in terms of continued use people have.been trying.to book slots for hengrove and there.just aren't any available now that it's.reopened so it's clearly showing.also in light of bristol south's late.reopening which isn't scheduled i.understand until.november later on this year there's a.huge demand for it to be operational so.why can't you renegotiate those terms.and basically say to bal if you want.your 900 000.subsidy for hengri which is a huge.amount of money.why can't you also operate a jubilee.so we the contract is there and.and as much as much as we can.renegotiate with people as our lawyers.believe that we are.legally um safe to do so in the.interests of bristol with pre-existing.contracts we do.we've made some very big decisions.in the face of um legacies historical.legacies that were left to us the.arena's.uh you know an example of that that.we've done in the interests of the.of the city when it's safe to um to do.so but we do have this contract that.we're operating.uh within that makes uh life very um.difficult.uh for us and certainly difficult for.uh jubilee pool at the moment as well.the.the contractor also the numbers coming.back to us.to be perfectly frank we talk about the.profitability of paul and i and i.and i and i you know i hear what you're.um suggesting but the.the numbers coming back to us are not.numbers that suggest the pool can be run.profitably at the moment.and they've come back to us serving.notice.um on that very uh basis um.so it's a it's a it's a hugely.challenging.uh financial situation for us uh.at the moment for the pool in particular.and fits within a wider challenge.financial challenge.uh for the authority uh and the city.and when we're looking at pool uh.provision.uh one of the things that again if we're.just being frank about it we do have to.look at the extent of pool provision.what with.hand grove and and bristol south poland.and how we make use of.um some very expensive assets i mean the.hangover pleasure center is a 30 odd.million pound development and we.you know we need to work with that as.well do you have a second question.or i do but it's just really a rework.rewording of probably a number of.questions you already had and possibly.in light of the last question that i've.given you which is why are you not.attempting to renegotiate.the terms of the pfi deal in light of uh.in light of current circumstances and.like what you've also just said in terms.of.your legal officers have said you can.renegotiate the contract.at the moment we have no leverage to.renegotiate.this relationship the contract doesn't.make.provision for that it's just the case of.our legal position.as much as we would like to have had a.different contract.that uh that we'd inherited from the.2010.decision makers uh we don't um.and if we step outside the law.we don't if we step outside that it.doesn't actually get us what we want it.just heaps up a whole bunch of.uh legal problems for us that don't that.one that will end up.causing them all sorts of uh financial.and legal problems for the authority and.won't get the result we were.after anyway this just just isn't.provision within the contract to do that.you have a second supplementary if you'd.like.okay so i suppose it's really why has.can you just explain.why jubilee was specifically excluded.from the proposed subsidy funding for.both val.and is it slm or sml the circa.you know 1.4 million pounds that you're.looking to subsidize the two.contracted operators for the city's.leisure facilities and i just wondered.why.it was decided that jubilee specifically.was excluded from that and everything.else was covered.the contract is about hang grove and the.the the obligation we're under to work.is around hang grove so the original.signing of that contract did not include.jubilee within any financial.arrangements that were to come so we're.not excluding it.we're working within uh the contract.arrangements.um we've inherited.you're welcome to write in and ask more.questions outside but that's.that's the that's the field of play.within which we are trying to work out.um.solutions uh at the moment like sorry.judy.just for the sake of time and other.people has two questions and.two um supplementaries okay all right.thank you so can i can so.um graham so so councillor graham.morris as a coming into the meeting.uh now.it's just connecting now.you're in graham.you need to unmute that yourself.can you hear me now got you excellent.good evening uh cabinet and good evening.matt um.so you've already got my questions there.but uh just for anyone listening.can the mayor please confirm who signed.the pfi agreement for henry's leisure.center.on behalf of british city council and.can we see the formal advice of officers.at the time.in particular regard in particular.regarding the financial compensatory.mechanism.it was signed in 2010 um.the the people in charge in 2010 was.were the liberal democrats um so it's.their.their pfi um but i'm sure we can get you.any other information.around that that that we're able to.share with you there'll be no problem so.we can follow up afterwards.thank you and then the second question.can the mayor state who negotiated the.terms of the qualifying change in law.clause which seems to place risks of.financial or commercial losses onto.local taxpayers.something which the principle of risk.transfer to the private sector.was opposed to specifically guard.against.so the qualifying change in law clause.is a.part of the standard pfi contract.so it would have been accepted and.signed off by the administration.at the time that the pfi uh.was was it was signed and uh put into.force.so both this and as you would expect and.and again.as much as we can share uh we will both.the council.and the pfi contract would have clearly.had legal advice at the time.uh representing them throughout um those.negotiations so we have to go back to.2005.sorry 2010 to find out what was going on.okay so no i i get that.um obviously negotiations started.earlier than 2010.sign off um so.it's difficult and i think the issue.around.understanding what was said and we know.that the issue of the risk.of the compensation mechanism was raised.earlier than 2010.and i'd like to understand what.discussions were had about that so i'm.happy to pick up with you.on that um another time yeah happy too.obviously i wasn't in office in 2010 i.appreciate that i was a.lowly director of bristol's local.strategic partnership that's all i was.doing back then.um but yeah i think there are still.people elected who were around at that.time and.i i i think um uh some of the opposition.councillors were actually in cabinet at.that time so they may be in a better.position to.talk you through the conversations that.were or were not happening.in cabinet at the time that that pfi.contract was signed.thank you.um thanks thanks very much councillor so.next up we have councillor gary hopkins.warmly welcomed into cabernet councillor.hopkins.excuse me i need to kill this.zoom yeah uh right i.basically the local populations you know.is very.unhappy about uh position with regard to.uh jubilee and.we are the everybody is convinced that.uh there's uh not only the the.desire to actually close and sell off.enhance the deal with regard to henry.gary can we just for the members of the.public we're.kind of more relaxed about it but for.experienced counsellors can you actually.ask the question rather than using the.opportunity to make a speech.yeah basically what happens if you force.people not to use a jubilee.and to travel instead by car to uh.to hendra and that therefore the.takings at hengrove actually increase.what effect that has on the financial.arrangements.and i quoted the figure of a hundred.thousand pounds but it is a unitary.thing.as to how that affects the deal that the.council actually have.on hand growth yeah so um.i'll gloss over the kind of language not.forcing people to.uh to do things but what i would say is.the financial modeling suggests that a.hundred thousand pound revenue added to.hengrove.um could result in the reducing the.annual unitary charge payment the.council um.currently makes um but it it might be.worth i mean gary.i mean i i would imagine you'd have been.familiar with this because you were in.cabinet at the time the pfi was signed.well basically uh the decision to go.ahead with this was in 2008.i don't think i was in the cabinet then.basically.uh the terms as you've already said with.the pf5 are fairly standard.at the time central government were.prepared uh.to back the council uh but only with pfi.credits so basically as a number of.people.pointed out the deal on the pfr is quite.restrictive.but it's all that could be done at the.time but the for the pfi deal itself.is an actual fairly irrelevant to the.situation because.uh the investment in jubilee.uh did you have a question.yes it is basically because the.investment in jubilee in 2010 11.actually showed that the excuse of the.pfi.ngrov to the closure of jubilee which.you're doing now.was quite irrelevant after the pfi was.dealt with.jubilee was invested in which could.happen now.and the two of them are both very very.satisfactory.have sent your questions in before so i.have.i had a sneaky look at the question but.th this is this is more a speech a.kind of another article then uh then the.question you've actually certainly said.your question is.i mean basically i was asking for a.figure under different trading.conditions which you haven't given me.it would it would be it would it would.look likely to be a hundred thousand.we're looking at at the moment.that the modelling suggests it'd be.about one pound for one pound.right so basically supplementary what is.the actual figure and i'm.i'm saying on a hundred thousand it.looks like it'll be about a hundred.thousand reduction.under all trading conditions.uh but you didn't say what i can.what do you mean by different trading.conditions well basically.is there uh i mean at the moment no pool.is going to be making a profit.uh because of corvid while we operate.under coverage restrictions all pools.are going to require subsidy.so basically it would be a different.situation that's why you have to put.money in.i don't know it depends on what the.conditions were in the pfi you signed up.to.if the if the pfi um says.that the financial um.the financial conditions change.according to the circumstances in which.the decision was being made.which i'm not aware that it does then.there would be a change.in the financial consequences under.different conditions.but i'm not aware that that pfi actually.does that.so i wouldn't imagine i think that the.point about under changing conditions is.is it excuse me but it is somewhat of an.irrelevant point.but your so if i take that as your first.question your supplementary.if you had a second supplement if you.had a second supplemental second.question.yeah basically i mean the the follow-up.has actually been done by my colleague.you just spoke to.uh from the campaign group but basically.uh we're uh you're investing into anger.because that's contractually.needed uh we are obliged to actually put.the.extra money into there but i'm puzzled.as to why.you keep referring to jubilee as a as a.victorian pool when it was built in 1937.hence the name jubilee and it had to.affect as an art deco.uh a masterpiece and basically.are you deliberately trying to say uh.that.it's therefore unviable or is it just.that you don't understand that 1937 is.not victorian.sorry gary that um so so your question.is.why did i call it a victorian pool.um well first of all i didn't um.i don't know who did where it comes from.but i didn't.but i do i do think though there is a.little bit of.self-reflection needed as i i noticed on.your point.you did have political control with 36.councillors in 2010 when the pfi was.signed.now if you let that pfi just pass.through without scrutinizing it or.asking questions for it.because you say you you inherit and you.sign that you signed.the city up to a you know 30 odd million.pound leisure center without.without asking questions when you're now.dissatisfied with that then.that is a point of self-reflection i.think and maybe a point of.of learning.but if i can just i'm not you but you're.your.second supplementary gary.well basically the cabinet decision.which required the financing was taken.in 2008.and in actual fact the labour party at.that.time with outside support wanted.to move to that type of structure.for our pools in south bristol whereas.we actually wanted to maintain community.pools.that's why we finished up with the pfi.deal that was there.so it was a cabinet decision in 2008 and.not.by us.the question and the question was i mean.these are all issues that could be.picked up but i mean it's.it's quite remarkable to suggest that um.you're essentially in 2010 puppets of a.decision from 2008..that's not quite that's quite leadership.position and and.you know that that that's we've just i'm.sure you're part of it asking.questions about renegotiating a pfi.that's already been signed.i've just been dealing with questions.about renegotiating a pfi that was.already signed.much rather than scary just a second ago.much harder than negotiating a pfi that.has not yet been signed.um so that's that's i mean i.do think there's an element of like i.said self-reflection learning.i i have never mentioned readability.a very satisfactory deal was done with.parkwood.for investment in both jubilee and.hengrove and both of them were traded.for 10 years since.so trying to bring in the pfi deal.as a red herring for why you want to.clause jubilee.is quite misleading.okay well no one wants to close anything.there's no there's no gain in it what we.find ourselves is with a with a.with a pfi contract that's not.particularly helpful in a wicked.uh uh pandemic um at this point in time.but.i do think we just need to be um just.um just a bit more honest about um oh.absolutely absolutely okay.thanks very much gary i appreciate the.the time uh yet again.okay so um i think that's the end of.uh questions you have for that out i.want to thank everyone any cabinet.members like to comment on this this.item.okay so um in making this decision i've.taken into account the equality's impact.assessment.and in terms of decisions we made today.i approve the recommendations to set out.in the report.which are now being displayed on the.screen.okay agenda item 24 revise the bristol.city council business plan.uh craig cheney you're leading this item.thanks marvin i i'm pleased to be.presenting this updated business plan.for this financial year which also.serves as the council's initial coveted.19.recovery plan it's fair to say that this.year has not played that as everyone.might have expected.we undertook our usual thorough.councilwide service and business.planning process for 2020 2021.but needed to rapidly review this as the.scale and impact of the pandemic became.clear.with this document we take an important.step forward it brings our continued.response to the pandemic and our longer.term recovery and renewal activity into.a strategic and planned space.presenting credible immediate priorities.on a roadmap for the future.of course there's still much that is.uncertain however with this plan working.alongside our recovery structures and.the city's incredibly strong one city.approach.we have the resilience and flexibility.needed to respond to the challenge.whilst this majority of this business.plan is rightly forward-looking i'd like.to take the opportunity to draw your.attention to page 12..this sets out some incredible statistics.about bristol's response to date.the amount of work put in by our staff.at all levels of the organization has.been phenomenal and i'd like to say.another huge thank you to them for.everything they've done and continue to.do to keep bristol safe and ensure our.city thrives.of course kevin 19 has not been.all-consuming alongside our vital.response and recovery work is a rich mix.of activity to deliver our longer-term.corporate strategy.all details right this plan this makes.sure that we won't stand still in 2020.2021.but we will continue to move forward.delivering our vision of making bristol.a city of hope and aspiration where.everyone can share in its success.cabinet colleagues will know that.preparing our strategic plans is no.small job.under this administration we have.brought the council from having no.approved strategic framework to speak of.all the way to one which is among the.national best in class.this updated business plan is another.example of this work in action proving.that bristol can move at a fast pace to.deliver high quality.clear and credible plans that translate.into meaningful action that benefits our.citizens and assistants.our city enters.thank you uh very much um craig.so we have had um a question.from susan audrey so we're going to.bring susan into the meeting now.okay you're in susan.you need to unmute yourself.oh right can you hear me i seem to be.sorry there's obviously a delay i was.listening to craig's speech then.which was very good um so my question.related to that key commitment to make.culture sport.and play accessible to all and um there.are two targets in there but.one is to increase the number of.attendances at leisure centres and.swimming pools.and that target seems to have been.suspended.but the museum target hasn't.been suspended and.my worry is when a target is suspended.so.the first question was why has that been.why isn't there a figure in there at the.moment.so so that target was suspended for the.first two quarters of 2021.obviously all leisure centers and.swimming pools have been closed for the.first five months this year so we.haven't been able to measure.any attendance the pools and leisure.centers are run by an external provider.so.we're in we've been in dialogue with.them we've heard some of that.conversation going on.um and so we haven't been able to get to.a point of agreeing.exact targets in time to get the.business planning on the.you know you mentioned the museums.obviously the museums are run in-house.so.we can set ourselves targets and we have.more easily accessible videos to do that.so that's the difference between the two.and why one we've set target for.the other we will set a target for but.we've not been able to do that quite yet.oh thank you thank you very much because.i think that sort of explains what my.sort of supplementary was i the target.may have.may have related to actual numbers.and you know and then you you kind of.want to add 10 or whatever on to them.but.what you're saying is that you you.actually have to negotiate your target.with.someone else is because obviously the.numbers are there they're quite easy.they're quite routine.but it's setting the target yeah i think.the problem is so in a normal year that.that's pretty straightforward in here.because you know that.last year you've got x number of.residents through you can set a target.based on that what we have no idea about.is what the new normal looks like for.pools and leisure centers we don't from.museums either but at least we can set.ourselves a target without having to.um without being ramifications but doing.that if we fail having an.external provider means you sort of you.need to set a.target that you're both happy to sign up.to that's not as easy.when no one has any idea of how many.people really are going to be attending.for the leisure centers.in three months time if there's another.lockdown what happens then if there's.another spike in.you know we just don't we just don't.know so it's a very it's a much more.complicated conversation than.coming up with one for our own museums.which are run by ourselves.okay i understand that i think thank you.very much i think i've had my questions.haven't i.or can i just good marvin if i could.just ask.you i know these are really difficult.times but.is your do you still really to the best.of your ability have that commitment.that you do want.you know as many people as possible to.have access to.to swimming pools really close.there is no there is no motivation.and there is no gain to be had within.this.leadership in uh undermining access to.physical activity in general and.swimming pools in particular.in fact you can see what we've done with.our director a public health role here.when i came in it was a sidelined role.the offices were down at the end of the.harbor.next to the swing bridge now the.director of public health is in our.strategic meetings with the chief exec.alongside the head of finance executive.director so.the whole thing about physical activity.improving.both nutrition and physical kind of the.nutritional and the physical.drivers improve population health is is.uh what we want.and i mean there's no political gain i.mean why would we.unless the circumstances were extreme.why would we end up in a situation of.conflict.with a community over a much loved local.resource there's no gain to it.unless there are factors beyond our.control.that are put in um put in the city in an.incredibly.um tight spot and we'll look for.solutions but it is very hard.to find them at the moment because of.the contract and because of the context.we're operating in.yeah i mean i mean the fact we've got.we've got a fine we're contractually.obliged to find 900 thousand pounds.to pay for swimming pools that we don't.have.you know and so trying to find.additional money on top of that it gets.more and more difficult and there are.lots and lots of other things that we.also need to pay for that we also.don't have enough money for so just it's.a you know.least worst option in a series of.pathways.okay well there'll be more discussion.but thank you thank you very much for.that.thank you all right thank you very much.for your time.okay um so any cabinet members to.comment on this item.okay great okay so let me um actually.well.i'm just gonna um note this.recommendations to set in a report which.will now be displayed.on the screen okay agenda i'm 25..i'll find out i'm today q1 corporate.risk register again with you.uh craig so i won't really say anything.so it's the corporate risk register i'm.sure you're all on top of the risks in.your various areas.if not please please make sure you are.um and.it's just been 18 so that's it for me.thanks very much uh craig for that um.item and cabinet notes the.recommendations sat in a report.uh which one amanda now be displayed on.the screen.that is the end of today's uh cabinet.meeting.the date of the next cabinet meeting is.tuesday the 6th.of october at 4 p.m i want to thank.everyone.for their questions and statements thank.you cabinet for your.leadership and that we'll see you soon.and obviously anyone who's got questions.or suggestions can.

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