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The Advice of Fulfilling Indiana Real Estate Purchase Agreement Form on the Computer

Seek and outline the perfect Indiana Real Estate Purchase Agreement Form in the CocoSign template library to work at anywhere and secure your document flow. If you are still wondering how to fill out Indiana Real Estate Purchase Agreement Form, you can check out the below points to start.

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Indiana Real Estate Purchase Agreement Form Appeal Advice

you.I just can't seem to get it to work.right that's okay.you.you.[Music].you.you.you.you.you're muted.you are muted.you know how to unmute yourself.you.you.[Music].for some reason I can't unmute you.you.so if you go up to the top of your.corner of your your video of you there.should be a place up there to click.unmute if you put your mouse up over the.right hand corner upper right hand.corner.you.I'm going to give it a couple more.minutes and then we'll get started.[Music].you.you.you.okay let's get started is there a.particular form you want to go over.today if not I'm going to start with a.purchase agreement.you.you.you.you.you.okay well we hid there we go morning.Valerie.you.you.you.Valarie is connecting to audio buffy i.can't hear anything you're saying you're.on mute apparently so if you have.anything that you need to say you need.to unmute yourself.and I'm going to go ahead and get.started.so we'll start this.with the purchase agreement it honestly.is pretty self-explanatory but there are.some things that you need to pay.particular attention to when you're.writing a purchase agreement so we'll.start at the top pretty simple the.listing broker so whatever company has.the listing that brokerage is what goes.here their office number here the agents.name here the listing agent by the way.if they have two agents on the listing.you have two co agents I generally go.with the first one listed on the detail.sheet in the MLS and then their siren.number then where we would be the.selling broker if you are that you.represent the buyers so there would be.Keller Williams Realty consultants there.our office number is five seven zero.that's what goes here then your name and.your siren number my cyber number is b1.nine nine zero yours might be just.numbers but it's whatever your your ID.is in Saira.come on just a minute guys.okay here we go then of course the date.that you're writing the offer goes in.the date section the buyers name so this.is one of the things you want to pay.particular attention to you want to get.the buyers legal giving name because the.purchase agreement is what the title.company is going to use to put on the.deed the lender is going to want that.information their complete information.because they want their complete name on.the deed so first name middle name and.last name junior/senior the third.whatever it might be but it really needs.to be here and if there are two buyers.on the purchase agreement both their.names need to be here if you have a.circumstance where you have a couple but.only one of them is going to get the.mortgage then only their name would go.there then next on line seven it's the.property known as which of course is the.property street address followed by the.township the county that it's in the.city that it's in and then the zip code.and then the next one is things on a.purchase agreement is the legal.description because again that's what.the title company is going to use to.deed this property so if you have the.wrong legal description somebody might.be buying the wrong piece of property so.legal description is very very important.it should be on the detail sheet on the.listing but you can also go online and.verify it through several different.sources then the next thing down is.together with any existing permanent.improvements and fixtures attached.unless leased or excluded including but.not limited to and it goes through a.whole litany of things electrical and/or.gas fixtures heating and central.air-conditioning equipment and all.attached attachments thereto built-in.kitchen equipment so that would be the.dishwasher if it's a built-in microwave.by the way a stove or range oven if it's.just a simple.up in that you know could be removed.very easily you might want to make sure.that you list that on the purchase.agreement as items that would stay.refrigerators are not permanently.attached kitchen appliances so they need.to be mentioned to you and we'll get to.that in just a minute so gas fixtures.heating in central air all attachments.built-in kitchen equipment some pumps.water softeners water purifiers.fireplace inserts gas logs and grates.central vacuum equipment window shades.and blinds and curtain rods so and.drapery poles so this is something that.is a point of contention a lot of times.in a purchase agreement so if you.represent a seller they need to.understand that the purchase agreement.says they're going to leave all that.stuff unless it's called out in the.purchase agreement that they're going to.take it with them ceiling fans like.fixtures towel racks and bars strong.doors windows awnings TV antennas wall.mounts so wall mounts are to stay unless.they're called out in the purchase.agreement is something that will not a.satellite dish is the same thing storage.barns all landscaping mail boxes garage.door openers with controls and then the.following and if applicable smart.devices in home so smart devices have.become kind of a big thing so what is a.smart device it could be a thermostat.that's a called a smart thermostat that.you maybe throw with your phone.it could be security systems anything.like that so if your buyer wants them to.leave those items then they need to be.called out right here this is where you.would put the range of and refrigerator.if you if the buyer wants it and then.that smart equipment whatever that might.be.then the excluding so if you're going to.exclude any of the items listed above.for instance the curtains or the curtain.rods you could put them in here or if.they have a swing set in the backyard.and your buyer doesn't have any kids and.they don't want it then you could.exclude it here which would indicate.they need to take it with them when they.leave the next thing on the list is the.home heating fuel so if you're dealing.with property in rural areas a lot of.times they have propane gas I excited.looked at one yesterday that still has.fuel oil which.was crazy but nevertheless your buyer.needs to make a decision at this point.do they want that fuel that's left in.that tank to be included in the sale.which means whatever fuel is left in the.tank at the time of closing belongs to.the buyer at the cost of the property or.do they want it will be purchased by the.buyer at current market price measured.within 5 days prior to closing so in my.mind that's a tough one because if it's.a dead of winter and it's cold as the.dickens and you measure it five days.prior to closing a lot of fuel is going.to be used up in the next five days so.is it fair to ask the buyer to pay for.that the other thing is it does say that.it's a current market price that's kind.of a hard thing to determine I think.because it's a matter of opinion so in.my the way I always do it myself again.it's your business you can do it your.way but I always check to be included in.the sale makes things so much simpler or.if there isn't any fuel that you need to.worry about that it's just not.applicable then the price that you're.going to pay for the property so you're.gonna put it in here numerically and.then you're going to spell it out here.in longhand and the reason you do that.is because your two might look like a.five to me or your seven might look like.a 1 to me so to make sure that there's.not a lot of confusion about what the.number is you write it out in longhand.if you're doing this in dot loop and I'm.sure when we switch over to DocuSign.it'll do the same thing when you put the.numeric number in here and you hit enter.it's automatically going to spell it out.for you.make sure you look at it because the.system might not read your 2 as a 5 or.vice-versa as well the next item is the.earnest money so the buyers going to.submit an amount of money in u.s..dollars as earnest money which shall be.applied to the purchase a closing.purchase price of closing if not.submitted with the purchase agreement.the earnest money shall be delivered in.to escrow Despero agent which is the.listing agent within blank hours or days.generally when I'm writing an offer I.write in.every business type out business days.after acceptance of the offer to.purchase so this is important for you to.understand unless indicated otherwise in.this Agreement the listing broker shall.act as the escrow agent and shall after.acceptance of the agreement within to.banking days of receipt of the earnest.money deposit darnest money into the.escrow account and hold it until the.time of closing the transaction or.termination of this agreement earnest.money shall be returned promptly to the.buyer in the event this offer is not.accepted if the buyer fails for any.reason to timely submit the earnest.money in the contracted amount the.seller may terminate this agreement this.is very important for you to understand.so if you say three business days and it.takes you four business days to deliver.that earnest money the seller has a.right to cancel the contract and you.have no cause so be sure that whatever.you put in there in terms of how you're.going to deliver the earnest money that.it is done so and then I would want to.get an acknowledgement from the agent on.the other side that you did upon.notification that the buyer or seller.intends not to perform and if there are.escrow agent is the broker then the.broker in holding the earnest money may.release the earnest money as provided in.this Agreement it goes on to say if.there is no agreement so if the buyer.and the seller can't agree on who gets.the harnessed money then the broker.holding the earnest money can issue a.60-day letter which is a letter sent out.certified to all parties stating what.they intend to do with the earnest money.are they going to give it to the buyer.or the seller if either of the parties.disagree with that they have the right.to file a claim if they don't file the.claim within 60 days then the the broker.can release the funds to whomever they.said they were going to release it to.and there the broker is held harmless.regardless of who he returns it to you.just need to understand that so if the.buyer disagrees that the seller should.get the earnest money they have 60 days.to make the claim that they're going to.that they think that they should have it.and then they can take them just.claims court and resolve that issue.illegal remedies if this offer is.accepted in the buyer fails or refuses.to close the transaction without legal.cause the earnest money shall be.retained by the seller for damages.seller has or will incur Solar retains.all rights to seek other legal and.equitable remedies which may include.specific performance and additional.monetary damages all parties have the.legal duty to use good-faith and due.diligence in completing the terms and.conditions of this agreement a material.failure to perform any obligation under.this agreement is the default which may.be subject may subject of the defaulting.party to liability for damages and or.other legal remedies which as stated.above may include specific performance.and monetary damages in addition to loss.of the earnest money so if somebody is.backing out of a contract for a reason.not covered in the contract they do or.could be actually sued for.non-performance the method of payment so.are they going to pay cash if they're.going to pay cash then there are some.things that they need to meet here they.need to show proof of funds either with.the offer or with in how many days after.the acceptance of the offer will it be a.new mortgage if it is then what kind of.a mortgage will it be conventional.insured conventional FHA VA or other.other would be like USDA or Rural.Housing and then the mortgage will be.they will mortgage the loan will be for.a percentage so for instance if it's FHA.ninety six and a half percent would go.here because they're going to put three.and a half percent down and then payable.within how many years is it a 30-year.note they're gonna get or is it a.15-year note or maybe a twenty and then.the original rate of interest and not to.exceed so whatever interest rates being.quoted to you to you by their lender and.I say to you because you need to verify.this with the lender is what percentage.should go in there and then not to.exceed however many points today most.people are not paying points in the old.days you always paid points on FHA loans.so usually that's just not applicable.anymore then whoops I'm sorry guys.the buyer shall pay all costs of.obtaining financing except so if your.buyer needs prepaid or closing costs.this is where it's entered so you would.put in here if they say they needed that.you talk to their lender again and the.lender said hey these guys need somebody.to cover their prepaid and closing cost.and that amount is going to be about.$4,500 so on this blank you would write.in so we're to pay buyers prepaid and.closing cost in the amount of $4,500 I.also include their that they are.pre-approved with whomever they're.pre-approved with just to give the.seller a level of confidence that.they're dealing with a good buyer you.don't have to put that but I generally.put it in there are they going to assume.alone or is it going to be a conditional.sales contract if it is you need a.financing addendum or there's some other.form a mother method of payment are they.going to give them twenty pigs to cows.and ten dollars you know then that's.what would have to go there all right.and then the time for obtaining.financing so within however many days.most your buyers today are actually.already pre-approved but maybe they.haven't actually filled out the loan.application so a lot of lenders will.give you a pre-approval letter today.after they've had a brief conversation.with the client thinking that the client.is going to be fine and they usually are.but they haven't filled out an actual.application for a mortgage so that's.what goes here I generally put in three.days to give them an opportunity.especially if writing an offer on a.Friday to give them an opportunity to.fill out the loan application then the.approval goes here no more than however.many days after acceptance of this.agreement they'll be allowed for.obtaining the loan approval or mortgage.assumption approval if an approval is.not obtained within the time specified.above this agreement may terminate.unless an extension of time or this.purpose is mutually agreed to you in.writing so if you put 30 days there and.the the buyer can't get closed within 45.days at the end of that 30 days the.seller has the right to cancel the.contract so here's how I do it I.generally put 45 days.here especially in today's market.because things are just taking so darn.long to close and then in conjunction.with the 45 days here I'll make that.match the closing date so I count up the.days until whatever date that is 45 days.later after acceptance this is what I.put here that gives you that complete 45.days to closing to get that approval.done well back in the day I guess 10 or.15 years ago you could get a loan.commitment letter and a loan commitment.letter basically said yep we're giving.you the money you've met every.requirement it's yours so that's what.people tend to think sorry again that's.what people tend to think is what this.is about.so that's why I always put 45 days or in.a good market where I know I can get.financing quickly I might put 30 just.remember you got to live by that you got.to live and die by that so closing date.here is if they want to close maybe.they're gonna close early instead of 45.days they can get close than 30 then you.can put in here if you want to.three days after clear to close so they.get to clear to close so you're saying.to the seller at this point in time I'm.gonna close either you know in this case.45 days or if I can get pre-approved and.ready to close sooner than that I agreed.that we're going to close three days.after clear to close you know they have.to put anything in there and the truth.is I generally don't you could put any.kind of Reason in there but it just adds.confusion to the whole process so I.generally leave it blank against your.business your way you can do whatever.you want to so the fee the settlement.our closing fee incurred in conducting.the settlement charged by the closing.agent or company shall be paid by whom.so a closing fee is not is not a prepaid.or closing cost is simply a fee that's a.title company or the closing agent.charges both parties to do the closing.so that could be generally between 150.and 200 hours.so the sellers click charge the fee and.the buyer is charged a fee so who's.gonna pay for that if you put shared.equally and I generally make a notation.down in further comments that the.sellers closing fee shall not exceed and.I'll generally put $200 the reason I do.that is because when you present an.offer you want the seller to be able to.get to their true net so they can decide.whether or not this is a good offer or.not if you put shared equally but you.don't address what that shared equally.could be then it makes it very difficult.then for the seller to determine what.their true net is again it's your.business your way that's just how I do.it if I'm asking for prepaid and closing.cost I generally will say the buyer it's.included in the allowance provided by.the seller or you can simply say the.seller pays at all I don't know that his.seller has ever done that in any deal.I've ever done in the past but if you.say seller then they're gonna pay the.buyer and the seller closing fee okay.the next thing down is contingency this.agreement is first either is not.contingent upon the closing of another.transaction you have maybe a first-time.homebuyer or you if somebody has already.sold their home and it's closed it's.already closed so they don't have to.worry about making a down payment on the.next home based on the sale of their.current home so that's somebody who.absolutely can go ahead and purchase.without any intention see whatsoever.regarding the fund okay or it is.contingent upon the closed closing of.the pending transaction of the buyers.property so then the address of that.property and the scheduled closing day.so what did that purchase agreement say.when are they going to close by the way.you need to coordinate that with.whatever you say your closing date will.be on this purchase agreement you want.them to be but you want them to coincide.enough that your buyer will be able to.purchase once theirs closes that they.have time to do that or it is contingent.upon the acceptance of a purchase.agreement on the buyers property so you.have a buyer they have a property to.sell but that property has no offers on.it yet so.that's when you would check this box I.don't know why that continues to do that.again I apologize is contingent upon the.acceptance of a purchase agreement on.the buyer property so then there is an.addendum to the purchase agreement for.first right which probably is what.you're going to write in that case or.it's an addendum to purchase a limited.purchase intention see right there is an.addendum for that and we'll go over that.at another time most always you're going.to be writing a first write contingency.if their property has no offer on it and.must close in order to make the next.purchase well the good funds it just.says that you know in the state of.Indiana.you have to wire funds over ten thousand.dollars to the closing anything less.than that depending by the way upon the.title company that some title companies.won't take anything unless it's a wire.transfer.unless it's maybe under five hundred.dollars so you want to check with your.title company and find out what their.policy is but this says in Indiana.they're required the wire the funds to.the closing if it's ten thousand dollars.or more followed by that is the wire.fraud notification to the buyer.explaining to them how important it is.to make sure that their wiring the funds.to the right location that's something.we'll talk about at another time all.right so possession when is the when.does the buyer expect to have possession.of the property Oh.in today's market it's usually at.closing but if you want to give the.seller some additional days after.closing to move out then you check this.box and how many days are you going to.give them those days begin the day after.closing so if you've closed on the first.and you're gonna give them five days.they have until the sixth because the.day of closing doesn't count as one of.those days and then you definitely want.to put the time so I can tell you many.times an agent has left that blank so.what happens in that case I had it.happen to myself a summer can say well.you didn't put the time so I'm going to.give it to them at midnight on that day.I actually had a solar do that.my buyers had to go to their house their.own home that they allowed the seller.stay in at midnight to get the keys so.you definitely want to make sure you.notate the time in there and then with.this first blank for money here it says.the seller shall pay to the buyer at.closing at closing so many dollars per.day if the seller does not deliver.possession by the date and time required.in the first sentence so if you're.giving them five days but you're gonna.charge them rent for those five days at.the closing table there to write you a.check for that so if it's $100 a day.then they would write your check for.$500 if you're giving them five days.that's what that blank is for if you're.not going to charge them rent you're.just going to let them stay then that.could be a zero but if they don't give.you possession this is the next block if.they don't give you position when they.say they will then you can charge them a.penalty basically look for liquidated.damages for the town that you don't have.access to the property when you should.have so you can put in the mountain here.per day I generally put $125 it gives a.person a real strong incentive to get.out and the truth is your buyer $125 a.day may not cover all their liquidated.damages they may have to put property in.storage they may have to ripped a hotel.room and you can't really do that.anymore for that kind of money.nevertheless that's what that's for okay.whoops maintenance of the property this.is important to the seller shall.maintain the property in its present.condition until its possession is.delivered to the buyer so what that.means is the day of closing they're not.clear if they get the property after.closing it's the day they turn the keys.over so they have to maintain the.property in its current condition until.that time it goes on to say further.subject to repairs in response to any.inspection the buyer may inspect the.property prior to closing to determine.whether the seller has completed is.complied with the paragraph seller shall.remove all debris and personal property.not included in the sale so remember I.was talking earlier if they didn't want.the swingset and they said it's exclude.and the solar needs to get that thing.out of there by the day of closing or.the day of possession okay.casualty or loss risk of loss by damage.or destruction to the property prior to.the closing shall be borne by the seller.including any deductibles so what this.says is if the property is damaged in.some way before the seller gives.possession to the buyer and it's.possession not closing to the buyer then.the seller is responsible for the cost.of that repair utilities sellers shall.pay for all municipal services and.public utility charges through the day.of possession not the day of closing.again if they're giving them some time.after closing to stay in the property.they have to leave the utilities on.their own name until the day of.possession okay so let's talk about.surveys these days surveys are not done.generally if you represent a buyer who's.going to buy a property say in a rural.area where it's a little difficult to.determine where the actual property.lines are then they may want to do a.survey so survey location report which.is a survey where the corners are marked.and not set or a boundary survey which.is a survey where corner markers of the.property are are set prior to closing.they can do one of those two surveys or.they can waive it which is what happens.in most cases and subdivisions is pretty.easy to determine where the property.lines are but let's say they decide they.want to do a survey so now the next.thing is who gets to pay for that.is it the buyers expense included in the.allowance if provided or the sellers.expense or theirs is it going to be.shared equally.once again seller's expense are shared.equally create a huge hurdle for the.seller to get over because they may not.know what that survey cost an example I.represented a buyer they were buying a.14 acre property there was a barn on the.property and the seller made this.statement they weren't sure if the barn.was on their property or their neighbors.well you knew that my buyers you would.know this because that's how it always.works the buyer definitely didn't want.the property at the.horn wasn't included so survey was done.we asked the seller to pay for it they.initially said no we explained to the.solo that the only one would benefit.from this if in fact the barn was not on.the property would be the seller because.then the buyer wasn't going to purchase.the property we made that clear but we.got the seller to pay for it next is a.flood area.I always check May I never checked may.not I did have an instance once here.where an agent but was told if they.checked me then they they wouldn't.accept the offer there must have been a.reason for it and the reason was it was.in flood plain so if you check may not.and you find out it's in a floodplain.then you still have to move forward.there you don't have a reason them to.back out of the contract so always check.May and then once again building use.limitations the buyer may or may not.terminate this agreement if the property.is subject to a building or use.limitation about reason of the location.which materially interfere with the.buyers intended use of the property the.buyers will have how many what how many.days how many hours I generally put.three to five days three or five not.three - five whichever number you think.works best.after acceptance of this agreement to.satisfy this contingency so we've had.this happen also where an agent checked.may may not terminate the agreement and.then they found out that the property.they were buying to live in was actually.a commercial property and the city where.it was located would not allow that to.be used as a residence so they had a.huge problem because he had checked may.not so then they were required then to.move forward with the purchase even.though they couldn't do what they wanted.to with the property after they moved in.so I always check May and I always give.generally five days homeowners insurance.completion of this transaction shall be.contingent upon the buyers ability to.obtain a favorable written commitment.for homeowners insurance within how many.days so homeowners insurance today is.based on several things the credit.rating of the buyer the experience the.buyer may have had with homeowners.insurance in the past the experience.that the current property owner has had.with homeowners insurance on that.property all three of those factors.affect the rate that is quoted by an.insurance company for homeowners.insurance so the reason this is here is.if there been a lot of claims filed by.the seller if the buyer who maybe lives.in a property now has filed a lot of.claims while they lived there or if that.buyer has very poor credit then their.cost for the homeowners insurance might.be prohibitive so they have where ever.many days you put here I generally put.10 they have within 10 days then from.the acceptance of the offer to get a.quote from the homeowners insurance.company they intend to use if they find.that the cost of that insurance is too.high for them then they could get out of.the contract environmental contamination.contaminants advisory and release this.says the buyer and seller acknowledge.that the listing broker the selling.broker and all Ison sees associated with.the brokers are not experts and have no.special training knowledge or experience.with regard to the evaluation or.existence of possible lead-based paint.radon mold or other biological.contaminants which might exist and.affect the property environmental.contaminant contaminants at harmful.levels may cause property damage and.serious illness including but not.limited to allergic and/or respiratory.problems particularly in persons with.the immune system problems young.children or the elderly buyer is.strongly advised to obtain inspections.to fully determine the condition of the.property and its environmental status.what this says is we as the agent or.anyone in our company is not responsible.for knowing whether or not there are.those kind of contaminants on the.property and though we are held harmless.that they find them later this is on the.buyer to do their own due diligence on.this issue alone then it says the buyer.and seller agree to consult with.appropriate experts and accept all risk.for environmental contaminants and.release and hold harmless.all brokers your companies etc now we go.to inspections.the buyer has been made aware that.independent inspections disclosing the.condition of the property may be.conducted and has been afforded the.opportunity to require such inspections.it's a condition of this agreement.though now the buyer needs to make a.decision are they going to do an.inspection or are they not my.recommendation to you is to always.encourage your buyer to do an inspection.even if it's a brand-new property you I.would encourage I do encourage everyone.to do home inspection I did have a buyer.once who was buying a brand new.constructed property they didn't want to.do an inspection I finally I talked him.into it and they found out through a no.malignant or no malicious reason they.had failed to put the insulation in the.Attic so they caught that before they.moved in which would have saved them.some utility expenses they may have been.able to recover later but the point is.it was a good idea they did the.inspection so they reserve the right to.have an inspection or they waive the.right I want to recommend strongly that.you ask them to do a home inspection.regardless of what they're buying a.vacant property would be the except.sorry or the property is sold as is so.if you have a property that they.acknowledge that they tell you is being.sold as is then there is an as is.addendum which I hope we get to today.that we'll talk about that covers they.can still do inspections but they have.to understand that the seller is not.required to do any repairs as a result.of those inspections and then anything.that was disclosed prior to the offer.being made cannot be a reason for.backing out of the purchase well again.we'll get into that I hope before we're.done here today.inspection response initial inspection.period the buyer shall order all.independent inspections after acceptance.of the purchase agreement and the buyer.shall have how many days beginning the.day following the date of acceptance of.the purchase agreement to respond to the.inspection reports in writing to the.seller what this says is that the buyer.if you put ten days in there then the.buyer can do their inspections as long.as they make any repair requests within.the.ten days then they're covered if they do.the inspection on the tenth day and then.make an inspection request on day 11.they're not covered the seller doesn't.have to do the repairs whatever they.might be and the buyer is required to.move forward with the purchase.so just remember whatever day you put.here you're held to get the request for.any repairs to the seller within that.timeframe these are by the way all.calendar days unless specified otherwise.in the agreement so if you put 10 days.and the tenth day falls on a Saturday.you don't get until Monday you get 10.calendar days to make that inspection.done then this talks about the scope of.the inspection all the things that they.can inspect if there's anything in.addition to that and they cover just.about everything then it needs to go.here you need to acknowledge that on the.outset or at the outset and then.additional inspection if initial.inspection report reveals the presence.of lead-based paint.radon mold or other biological.contaminants or any other condition that.requires further examination or testing.then the buyer shall have shall notify.the seller in writing and have blank.additional dates so you had 10 days in.the beginning so you've got your.inspection done on the fifth day and you.your inspector said look I think there.might be some foundational issues with.the property I'm not expert enough in.myself to make that judgment I think you.need to call in a professional that's.when this additional days may come into.play so if you put ten days for the.inspection and then you put seven.additional days then for any additional.inspection not the initial but any.additional inspection you actually have.17 days from the date of acceptance to.get it done so that doesn't mean on the.fifth day that now you move down here.and the seven day clock starts the seven.day clock doesn't start until the ten.day clock is completed but that only.applies to additional inspections that.were required as a result of the initial.inspection okay.if the buyer does not comply with any of.the independent inspection response.period or making a written objection to.any problem revealed in a report within.the applicable inspection response.period the property shall be to be.deemed acceptable then the buyer must.move forward which is what we just said.a defect is identified in an inspection.report reveals a defect with the.property the buyer must one provide the.inspection report or the relevant parts.of the report or give the seller the and.give the seller the opportunity to.remedy the defect so if a buyer does an.inspection and they find something that.is questionable they have to give the.seller but agreeing to this purchase.agreement an opportunity to remedy the.defect and that gets really very very.tricky the buyer must also be must also.accept whatever that remedy is so this.becomes a real issue sometimes you just.need to make sure that your buyers.understand the seller has the right to.remedy and they should give them that.right the sellers response to inspection.defect that the seller is unable or.unwilling to remedy to defects the do.buyers reasonable satisfaction before.closing or at a time otherwise agreed by.the parties by the way in writing then.the buyer may terminate this agreement.or waive such defects and the.transaction shall proceed forward so.it's telling you right there that if.there are defects they have to give the.seller the right to remedy but if they.don't accept the remedy they can fill.withdrawal from the contract without.penalty under Indiana law it explains.what a defect is you need to make sure.that your client your buyer client.understands that me personally when I.get an accepted offer I have an email.that I send the client what's next and I.actually copy and paste this defect.defined in the email that I send them in.the section of the email regarding.inspections and make sure they.understand what a defect really is and.then previously disclosed defect buyer.agrees that any property defects.previously disclosed by the seller or on.routine maintenance and minor repair.item.mentioned in any report shall not be the.basis for termination of this agreement.so if it's older tells you going in that.there's a there's a foundational issue.then unless you say in the purchase.agreement at the outset that this is.going to be a condition of an inspection.then you can't use that as a reason to.withdraw from the contract any disclosed.defects on the front end they would be.found generally in the seller disclosure.inspection released the buyer releases.and holds harmless all brokers and their.companies from any and all liability.including attorneys fees and cost.arising out of or related to any.inspection so again we get a waiver.there where again we're not home.inspectors and they can't hold us liable.for anything that a home inspector did.or didn't do during the process limited.home warranty the buyer acknowledges the.availability of a limited home warranty.program with a deductible paid by the.buyer which will or will not be provided.at a cost not to exceed whatever that is.and then charge charge to the buyer or.the seller and then ordered by the buyer.or the seller so we use America's.preferred home warranty company it's a.good company you can look at their menu.and see what price range your your buyer.is looking for in terms of a warranty I.usually always ask for one you don't.have to you just have to check the.proper boxes one thing I will say to you.there is this we do get a commission.paid to us if we acquire a home warranty.through the purchase agreement if we.meet certain conditions if the seller is.already offering a home warranty.they have obligated the so er the.listing agent has obligated to sell.really to purchase that warranty so if.that warranty is being offered I.generally leave it then to the seller.the seller to choose and the seller to.pay for so that I don't cause that.anything agent any problems down the.road.next is the disclosures the buyer either.has or has not seen the seller.disclosure or it's just not applicable.or the buyer has not seen the lead-based.paint be sure and check those boxes.correctly if you say has not then then.the buyer has an opportunity to review.that before they move forward even if.the offers accepted so be sure and check.the boxes correctly title approval prior.to closing the buyer she'll be furnished.with I generally always check the first.box a title insurance commitment for the.most current and comprehensive all to.owners title insurance policy available.in the amount of the purchase price or.you can check the abstract so an.abstract is basically a written history.of the property from the beginning.whenever the records were first started.for that property they're very difficult.to come by these days most people don't.do them that's why I never asked for one.if you get a buyer this is I'm not going.to buy it with that one well then you're.gonna have to ask for it but abstracts.are generally not provided these days so.owners title insurance premium and that.portion of the title service fees.incurred to prepare the owners policy so.who's going to pay for that once again.it's a checkbox situation so if I ask.for prepaid and closing cost I generally.say that the buyer and it's included in.the allowance if I do anything other.than that once again if you say the.seller or shared equally you've just put.another hurdle in front of the seller so.then you need to address an amount of.money that they would be held to know.more then in the further conditions in.my opinion same thing on lenders title.whether the buyer it's included in the.allowance or the buyer it's just going.to play for pay for it outright they're.paying all their own prepaid and closing.costs or the seller or shared equally or.some other way and then the next thing.is the parties agree that the seller or.the buyer will select a title insurance.company to issue a title policy and will.order the commitment okay so in the.state of Indiana the buyer has the right.to choose the title company there are.some sellers particularly new.construction people who want you to use.their title company you're not required.to and they really shouldn't force you.to.what my suggestion to you is this since.most buyers don't even know what the.heck of title insurance title company is.or what they do I would find a title.company that I trust and want to work.with in the future and I would ask my.buyers permission to use the title.company that you prefer to use or the.lender that you always go with they if.they prefer to use and I will go ahead.and put it in here in the purchase.agreement so I always use a particular.title company because I I've always used.them they've always done a great job for.me so I always check that the buyer gets.to you and they get to do it immediately.and then I'll put the title company's.name in the purchase agreement that says.to the lender this is who I want you to.use as the title company and it also.says to the listing agent well this is.the title company to be doing the.closing force the reason I do that is.because if I need a favor from that.title company I'm generally gonna get it.because they know I'll push as much.business as I can their way you should.probably do the same thing but as always.it's your business your way all right so.taxes in our market it's almost always.number two here all taxes that have been.accrued for any prior calendar year that.remain unpaid shall be paid by the.seller either to the County Treasurer or.the buyer in the form of a credit at.closing.so in Indiana we pay our taxes a year in.arrears throw in May of this year when.you pay your tax bill your property tax.bill.you're really not paying it for 2020.you're paying it for May of 2019 so in.every closing there's gonna be some.property tax money that has to go one.way or the other.so if you say I appropriated up to the.time of closing then the sellers going.to give a credit for the taxes that will.come due.that have not been paid yet for the time.that they lived in the property I think.that's the fair way to do it you can do.other things if you choose to you can.say that the buyer will assume and pay.all taxes on the property beginning with.the taxes due on a certain day whether.it's either November or May in Indiana.if you do business with people a little.bit further north say Scottsburg.sometimes this becomes an issue where a.seller says I'll pay the.bring installment but I'm not paying.anything after that that's where this.would come into play and then for recent.construction property so if the property.has been newly constructed nobody's.lived in it yet but it's been on the.market for say six months to a year then.you might want to but an amount here.that would cover the cost of the actual.taxes because what's going to be a.record right now is the lot cost a lot.costs might be you know the taxes might.be $20 $15 when in fact when the tax.bill comes due or the next tax bill come.to do it could be for a lot of money.because now the property's being.completed it's on there so it just.depends on when the Assessor assesses.the property my understanding is by the.way they can go back for three years to.assess property taxes so if the.property's been on the market for I.would say six months or more then you.need to help the buyer determine what.those possible taxes might be and.there's several ways to do that you can.look at similar properties in the same.neighborhood what their taxes are you.can call the treasurer's office or the.assessor's office and ask them if they.can help you with it and they generally.always do so in that case you definitely.put an amount of money here and by the.way builders they understand that.situation and generally don't complain.too much unless you ask for way too much.okay.so now we're down to the buyer may apply.for current year exemptions or credits.at or after closing this just explains.to them what those are.this says time is of the essence time.period specified in this agreement and.any subsequent addenda to the purchase.agreement are calendar days and so.expire at 11:59 p.m. on the date stated.unless the parties agree in writing to a.different date and or time so this.includes any further amendments or.addendum that you add to the purchase.agreement it's always calendar days.unless you specify otherwise the seller.and buyer has a right to withdraw any.offer or counteroffer prior to written.acceptance and delivery of such offer or.counteroffer.you know what this.coming to play if you have somebody who.says my sellers are gonna look at all.the offers but they're not going to.respond for three days so you put in an.offer your buyer then sees a new.property that hits the market before.this seller is supposed to respond and.your buyer says you know what I don't.think I want that one anymore I want.this one that just hit the market so the.first order of business thing would be.to withdraw that offer that you have on.the other that you have currently on the.property and then write a new offer on.the new property so the theory that this.always works better for your client if.you're the seller and you say we're.going to look at offers but we're not.going to answer all first until so many.days out it could cost you the sale of a.good deal one of the reasons I don't.like doing that okay homeowners.association and condominium association.documents for a mandatory membership.Association shall be delivered to the.silver by the to the buyer by the seller.within so many days so if there are.restrictions in the neighborhood is the.subdivision or restrictions or its.condominium and they definitely have.restrictions then how many days you're.going to give the seller to send those.to the buyer for review usually most.agents have those things already posted.but I generally put in there three days.after acceptance of the agreement even.though I might actually be sending it to.my buyer at the time that they accept.the purchase agreement and if the buyer.does not does not make a written.response to the documents within and I.give my guys about three days the more.days you give them the more time the.seller has to wonder if they're going to.move forward so you don't to give them.too many days after receiving the.document shall be deemed acceptable so.if they don't in writing respond to.those documents that say I'm not going.to move forward because I found.something in their restrictions that I.didn't like and would keep me from.buying the property within the number of.days you just gave them then they're.going to move forward they're not going.to look back see if any approval of the.sale required by the Association shall.be obtained by the seller in writing.within blank days after the buyers.approval of the documents so if you're.moving into a private community a gated.community maybe and you have to be.approved.or the other property owners in there.that's where this would apply I don't.think you're going to see that too much.in our market fees charged by the.Association or its management company.for the purposes of verification of Good.Standing and/or transfer of ownership.shall be shared equally of the buyer in.the cellar startup or one-time reserve.fees if any shall be paid of the buyer.so a lot of condo associations turn.their their money over to a third party.and the third party generally charges.you a fee for that information this.document says that the barn is sold are.going to split the cost equally I can.tell you that it's usually not too bad.and generally the buyer ends up paying.for it the buyer acknowledges that in.every neighborhood there are conditions.which others may find objectionable the.buyers shall therefore be responsible.become fully acquainted with the.neighborhood and other off-site.conditions that could affect the.property so you're telling your buyer.they're responsible for their due.diligence they're responsible for.checking out the neighborhood and.determining whether or not they think.it's a good neighborhood I did a virtual.showing last night for a client and they.asked me hey Bob is this a good.neighborhood I said you know what you.should probably drive through the.neighborhood and make that decision on.your own I don't know I can't tell you I.don't live in the neighborhood so we.don't ever want to say to a buyer all.this is a bad neighborhood or this is a.wonderful neighborhood you need to be.careful how you say that because you.might be putting yourself on the line.there what this says to the buyer is.it's on you it's up to you to do your.own due diligence okay next attorneys.fees any party of this agreement who is.the prevailing party in any legal or.equitable proceeding against the other.party brought under or with relation to.this agreement or transactions shall be.additionally entitled to recover the.court cost a readable reasonable.attorneys fees from the non prevailing.party so the buyer sues the seller the.summers going to pay the buyers.attorneys fees if the buyer wins.if the buyer loses then the buyers going.to pay the sellers attorneys fees in.court I'll just make sure that your.clients aware of that when a buyer says.well I'm going to sue somebody or a.seller says I'm going to sue somebody.and they need to understand that if they.lose they're going to be paying for.everybody.okay the additional provisions unless.otherwise provided any pro racing's for.rent taxes insurance damage deposits.association dues or assessments or any.other items shall be computed as of the.day immediately prior to the closing.date pretty self-explanatory.underground mining has occurred in.Indiana and buyers are advised of the.availability of sub subsistence.insurance their broker is not.responsible for writing or verifying.this information the Indiana State.Police is create a registry of known.meth contaminated properties which can.be found at WWI.click on claim lab addresses the broker.is not responsible for providing or.verifying this information now we.actually had this happen we had an agent.who sold a property they were not aware.that it was a prior meth lab and that he.had not been cleaned so when their buyer.moved in the neighbors told them that it.was a meth lab they've been investigated.and found out and a hand been cleaned.and they wanted to sue our agent because.the agent didn't tell them we're not.required to know that so and this is.basically what this says that your.client the buyer again it's their.responsibility to do the due diligence.on things same thing here sex offenders.they have a site they can go to so if a.client says hey is there a sex offender.in the neighborhood your pain answers.should be you know what you can go to.this Indiana sheriff's work site and see.for yourself I'm not sure I don't know.conveyance of the property she'll be in.general warranty deed or by a special.warranty deed if it's a sheriff's sale.it's going to be a special warranty deed.generally you're not going to have to.deal with that if you determine that the.seller is a foreign person subject to.foreign in.in real property tax at the shelf seller.will pay applicable tax obligation and.there are some other things here you.need to take your time and read those I.don't want to take all your time today.go through all these things so we're.gonna skip on down to right here the.buyer discloses to the seller that the.buyer holds an Indiana real estate.license so what that says is if you.represent a licensed agent in their.purchase of a property and this does.happen then that clients license number.goes here not yours.so this says the buyer discloses to the.seller that the buyer owes in Indiana.real estate license now if you are the.buyer then I would put my license number.in there so further conditions one of.the things that you might put in here is.that if you've asked for the seller to.pay their share of the title fee seller.shall pay no more than you know $200 for.the title fee in this transaction buyer.would be responsible for anything above.that that's something that you could put.in there if you want to make sure that.they take that swing set with them if.you don't want it then that's what.should go there so that's basically what.the further conditions is for this says.to the buyer and seller acknowledge that.they have been advised that prior to.signing prior to signing this document.they may seek the advice of an attorney.for legal or tax consequences of this.document in the transaction to which it.relates so you're saying to them look if.you want to consult an attorney before.you sign it you can I've actually had.people do that it doesn't happen very.often but you know what it can't happen.this is or is not a limited agency so.what is a limited agency a limited.agency is where you represent both the.buyer and the seller in a transaction.that's one time that's one way it's a.limited agency there's a special form.for that the limited agency form must be.signed prior to you writing a purchase.agreement so that's the first form that.you would present them with if you.represent both parties the other time.that you're a limited agent is if you.represent the.or maybe or the seller and another agent.in our office our Jeffersonville office.not any color agent but in our.Jeffersonville office also represents.the other side so two color agents.within our office or on one transaction.you're also eliminating see in that.situation so in that situation again the.buyers limited agency agreement must be.signed by all parties so please be sure.that you get that done and please fill.it in completely I can't tell you the.number of times I see him where the.buyers names are the sellers names are.missing on the first page where they.belong you need that information on.there okay so when is this offer going.to expire unless accepted in writing by.the seller and delivered to the buyer by.what time and on what day this purchase.agreement shall be null and void and all.parties shall be relieved of any and all.liability or objections or obligations.so when will you give them to so this is.a tough one in this market properties.are moving so fast and you get into.multiple offers so many times that you.don't want to give the seller too much.time but you want to give them enough.time so that is just a judgement call on.your part I've gotten offers before our.listings a mile where they gave me two.hours which in my opinion is just.ridiculous that's not nearly enough time.but it's so as an example if I'm writing.an offer from what I think is gonna be a.hot property at in the morning say at.nine or ten o'clock am i give them till.nine or ten o'clock that night I might.give them to seven or eight o'clock that.day if I'm writing an offer at 10.o'clock at night I'm not going to make.it expire at midnight that night I might.make an experiment in the next day or.five pm whatever you think is a.reasonable time for the seller to digest.the offer get to their bottom line and.make a good decision that's what goes.there.okay the buyers signature goes here.their printed name goes here please.always put that so that the seller in.responding can know the actual name of.the.person that is making the offer so.that's the end of the purchase agreement.any questions on that guys at all I know.I'm good thank you.oh you're welcome so now I'm gonna go to.we talked about multiple offers now.let's say that in this case you.represent a seller or your buyer you.represent a buyer and now you've been.informed that you're in a multiple offer.situation this is what you should have.received if you represent the buyer this.is what you should use if you represent.the seller it's simply the multiple.offer notification obviously the date.the property address the purchasers name.so for everyone that writes an offer.you're going to do a separate form so.that the buyers name the selling firm.and the agent and then down here you're.going to say all offers must be in.writing no verbal offers will be.considered or accepted so in other words.they notify you it's a multiple offer.situation your biasness let's raise it.by $10,000 you can't just call text or.email the listing agent hey we're going.to we're going to crank it up 10 grand.you have to provide something in writing.that says that's what you're doing all.prospective buyers are receiving this.notice and all are being given until.whatever date at whatever time to.respond so the seller can do several.things even if you do respond let's say.you did add ten thousand dollars to your.first offer so the seller can reject all.the offers the seller can accept one.primary offer and accept any other.offers as backups or the seller can.provide a counteroffer 12 me one offer.so just because you have the highest bid.on a property in a multiple offer.situation does it mean you automatically.get it by the way it also doesn't mean.that just because you have the highest.offer doesn't mean you're going to get.it you could go to somebody who wrote a.small or a lower offer it depends on the.other terms in their purchase agreement.may affect whether or not the seller.accepts your offer so that's why I.always say but as few hurdles this.as possible in front of a seller so they.can get to the true net so a seller.doesn't have to accept the best offer.they can accept the lowest offer if they.choose to do so.so let's you understand that in the.outstanding counteroffer by the seller.is hereby withdrawn so then the seller.is going to sign it and then the buyer.is going to acknowledge that they.received it this is not the buyers.response to the multiple offer this is.the buyer acknowledging that they now.know they're in a multiple offer.situation any questions on that.no I don't have any okay so you wrote.the purchase agreement the seller got it.and they countered your offer two things.you need to know first of all they need.to return that last page of the purchase.agreement at a minimum signed by the.seller stating that they are going to.counter so you can't if you just get.this the counteroffer form they haven't.given you enough information you need.the last page of the purchase agreement.signed and dated by the seller returned.with this counteroffer page so here's.your counteroffer which one is it is it.the first one so is it going to be a 1.or 0 0 1 which is how I'd like to do it.because you just have a little bit more.to look at this again it's just for use.by Indian Association Realtors they all.say that so the date and time that the.offer was the counteroffer is being.written the undersigned makes the.following counteroffer to the purchase.agreement dated so the date of the.purchase agreement concerning your.property commonly known as the property.address the township county the city the.they're not asking for these a code for.some reason so here's where the sellers.name goes this is where the buyers name.goes so if you don't print the buyers.name on the purchase agreement and they.can't really read the signature then.it's pretty difficult then for the.listing agent to fill out the buyers.name and you definitely want it in there.and then what are the terms of the.counter so if they can or only the price.so they say we agreed to the offer.except we want this much money instead.of what you offered then everything else.in the purchase agreement applies.if you accept the counter anything that.they put in the counter applies anything.that's not in the counter you go back to.the original purchase agreement and.that's what applies so then you're going.to get this if you're the buyer's agent.you're going to fill this out if you're.the seller's agent this counteroffer.number whatever this was up here is void.if not accepted in writing by the date.and are the time and the date then the.seller is going to sign it they're going.to check that they are the seller you do.this so for easy clarification later if.there are multiple counter offers their.name printed again so that you can.respond with the correct name if you do.respond other than an acceptance and.then this is where the buyer signs the.above counteroffer number whatever that.is this is your response number whatever.that is and it's either accepted.countered or rejected and the time so if.it's countered then they're going to.provide this and the counter if it's.rejected you're done if it's accepted.you're going to get your folks to sign.this and then you're going to return.that again you're going to check whether.it's the buyer of the seller that makes.it very clear as to who's signing the.document any questions on that no I.don't have so here's what I would tell.you I've seen four or five counters.before so where they start countering.this and the next thing you know they're.countering that and then your counter.and something else this becomes very.very difficult because with at which.time on what counter did we agree to.this whatever that might be so here's my.just my rule of thumb I'll accept a.counter and I'll counter back I won't go.anything beyond that I start all over so.after the second counter I don't carry.it any further I just start all over I.write a new offer all together it just.makes things a lot cleaner and easier to.understand.oh let's see let's see what we got here.this is the as is addendum I said I hope.would get to that and here we are.so there's is addendum this addendum is.dated the date of the purchase agreement.and on the property known as the.property address the city the state and.the zip code so what does it say it's.pretty clear.number one except as modified with this.addendum all terms and conditions.contained in the purchase agreement.remain in full force and effect so.whatever's in a purchase agreement.counts first unless this as is addendum.counters it in the event of any conflict.between the terms of conditions of this.addendum and the terms and conditions of.the purchase agreement the terms of and.conditions of this addendum shall.prevail so this counts first and.everything in a purchase agreement.counts second if this addendum is used I.think I said that backwards at first a.seller and buyer agree acknowledge and.agree that the property is being sold in.its existing as is condition and the.seller shall not be responsible for.repair replacement or modification of.any deficiencies malfunctions or.mechanical defects on the property or to.any improvements thereon including but.not limited to the material workmanship.or mechanical components of the.structures foundations rough eating.plumbing electrical or sewage system Dre.needs or moisture conditions.air-conditioning hot water heater.appliances are damaged by the presence.of best motor other organisms seller.makes no representations or warranties.to the buyer either expressed or implied.as to the condition of the property the.zoning of the property the suitability.of the property for the buyers intended.use or purpose or for any other use or.purpose however the seller represents in.warrens that the seller will maintain.and repair the property so that the.property will remain substantially the.same in the same condition on the.closing date as it does the effective.date of the purchase agreement so what.the seller is saying is I'm not fixing.anything I'm not responsible for.anything but I'm not going to let it get.any worse than it is today and then the.buyers shall order all independent.inspections after acceptance of the.purchaser green.but the buyers inspection uncovers any.previously undisclosed defects remember.I said on the purchase agreement.we would talk about this so if they've.disclosed those defects then those the.buyer can't get out of the deal because.of it so inspection if the buyers.inspection uncover any previously.undisclosed defects in the property the.buyer shall have blank days beginning of.the day the following following the date.of acceptance of the purchase agreement.to terminate the purchase agreement in.which case the earnest money shall be.promptly returned to the buyer and the.seller shall have no obligation.whatsoever to correct such defects to.repair the property as a result of such.inspections in the alternative the buyer.may waive such defect and the.transactions shall proceed toward.closing if the buyer does not terminate.the agreement in writing or request.additional time to respond within a.specified time period the property shall.be deemed acceptable seller acknowledges.and agrees that selling a property as is.does not relieve the seller from.applicable legal obligations to disclose.any and all known material latent.defects of the property and the.improvements thereon if any to the buyer.so this says the seller can't say if.they know of defects they can't say well.I don't know they have to tell you what.those are if they tell you what those.are you can't use those as a reason to.withdraw your offer the wiring knowledge.is and agrees that the buyer has been.advised to seek appropriate counsel.regarding the risk of buying property as.is neither the buyer nor the sellers.respective brokers are qualified.licensed are required to conduct due.diligence or inspections with respects.to the property or the surrounding area.the buyer expressly releases and holds.harmless to brokers from any from and.against any liability for any defects or.conditions in the property and the.improvements thereon.so that says once again we're held.harmless they can't come after us.if there's something wrong with the.property that they.either didn't catch after they purchased.that they found it that's not on us.that's on them it's always on the buyer.to do their own due diligence guys.always on the buyer okay any questions.on that.nope no I said I'm good okay you're good.all right so the last thing you're going.to do once you get through the.inspections you're going to do a final.walkthrough so here's the property.address goes in place it's pretty easy.to see buyers names spelled out so that.you can clearly relate read them the.purchase agreement provides that the.seller will deliver possession of the.property to the buyer in the same.condition as on the date the purchase.agreement was executed normal wear and.tear accepted and subject to any agreed.repairs being completed before closing.buyer should verify the condition of the.property meets the terms of the purchase.agreement so this is a requirement here.in color Williams and I think honestly.just about everywhere so they either are.going to do the walkthrough the buyer.walked through that and reviewed the.property on whatever date or the buyer.chooses not to do the walkthrough but if.they do the walkthrough the buyer.releases and the hold harmless all.brokers and their companies from any and.all liability including attorneys fees.and cost arising out of or related to.any inspection inspection result repair.and disclosed defect or any deficiency.affecting the property we protect.ourselves a lot through the whole.process the parties agreed that this.acknowledgement may be transmitted.between them electronically or digitally.which means they can sign it.electronically if they excuse - when.your buyer signs this they are accepting.that property so if they chose not to do.the walkthrough that's on them it's not.on you but you should encourage them to.do the walkthrough if they say well you.go do it for me I would not do it you're.asking the buyer to sign off on this so.don't do their work for them do their.work.yeah so I've actually had buyers say hey.Bob I trust you if you're going to the.walkthrough I'll be fine I won't do it.so I encourage you not to do it as well.you accept the liability you don't need.to so the buyer walk through and.reviewed the property or the bio chose.not to you so that's the final.walkthrough that's the last document in.terms of the purchase agreement that the.buyer is going to have to sign until.they get to closing.unless you've forgotten something what.about an addendum to the purchase.agreement so any addendum that you make.so an addendum is not a substantial.change to the property an amendment.would be where you're actually changing.the terms of the purchase agreement.that's an amendment an addendum is.something that you're going to do.regarding the property that doesn't.specifically change the wording in the.purchase agreement so it could be any.number of things it could be that the.buyers decided to keep the swingset I.think that would probably fall under the.addendum although it would be amending.the contract if it was in there so.that's a different meaning the minim an.addendum amendment in an addendum and I.think I've covered all the purchase Docs.is there anything anybody else wants to.cover today while I'm here because we're.still got just about 15 minutes that we.can if you want to trying to think I.know I don't actually I'm just the.transaction coordinator for the big red.team so that's okay agent I am learning.a few things oh that's good okay so this.is being recorded so you'll have access.to it through our youtube channel it's.some point in the future if you need it.the listing contract is there already.the kovin of farms are there also so.there are two youtube videos for the.cloven farms ones for the purchase side.ones for the listing side so if you go.to our youtube channel you'll be able to.see this again it probably won't be up.until tomorrow but we're trying to.record all of these so that you can.refer to them whenever you want to so.I'll go to our YouTube channel and.you'll be good in the meantime.thanks for being here and we're out.alright thank you thanks Bob you're.welcome.take care.

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Indiana Real Estate Purchase Agreement Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Indiana Real Estate Purchase Agreement Form are:

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As the company, how do I correctly fill out a Stock Power as part of a stock purchase agreement?

The Stock Power in question evidently is an exhibit to a Stock Purchase Agreement by which the OP is purchasing restricted stock that is subject to forfeiture or repurchase by the company, entirely or in part, probably based on how long the OP continues to work with the company. Yes, just signing is the proper thing to do (from the company’s perspective) because at this time it is not known whether, or to what extent, the OP’s shares will be subject to forfeiture or repurchase. So, if and when the time for forfeiture or repurchase arrives, the company will fill in the rest of the Stock Power to transfer the forfeited or repurchased shares to the company - you will keep the shares that have vested as of that time. For the OP’s comparison, and for the benefit of Quorans who are not familiar with such Stock Powers, here is the text of the instructions that I put at the bottom of a Stock Power: (Instruction: Please do not fill in any blanks other than signing at the signature line. The purpose of this Stock Power is to enable the Company to exercise its right to reacquire Restricted Shares in the circumstances provided in the Restricted Stock Agreement without requiring an additional signature by the Grantee.)

What is a property purchase agreement?

One, I know would be the listing agreement contract (i.e.) the Sales Agreement Contract, and the other is the Purchase Agreement Contract, where both parties agree on the sales price, terms of escrow, etc.

What is the sale agreement?

A sales contract (sales agreement) is a formal agreement between a seller and a buyer laying out the terms and conditions for which the sale of goods is carried out. Sellers and buyers can be individuals or businesses, depending on how each entity is set up. This type of contracts aims to capture information about the types of goods, payment terms, delivery commitments, liability, and of course, signatures from sellers and customers, which make the document legally binding: Sales Contract Template - Why is a sales agreement important A sales contract, together with invoices and purchase orders, Continue Reading

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