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Brimbank Demolition: Personalize, Finish and share

welcome everyone to tonight's ordinarycouncil meetingi am the mayor councillor georginapapafodio i declare this meetingopen at 7 pm i would like to extend awarm welcome to members of the publicwho are viewing at homedue to the declaration of state ofdisaster in victoriaand introduction of stage 4 restrictionscouncillors will be attending thisordinary council meetingby electronic means this meeting isdeemedopen to the public via an onlinelive stream available through council'swebsitean audio and video recording of themeeting will be published on council'swebsiteafter the meeting the application usedto live stream this meeting requiresdetails on registrationhowever these details are hidden fromall other attendees at the meetingmembers of the public will not berecorded in this processand bring bank city council does notrecord this informationitem one opening please stand for theacknowledgement of countryon behalf of brinbank city council iwould like to acknowledge thetraditional custodians of this landthe waranjari people and pay ourrespects to elderspast present and emerging item twocouncil commitment i ask councillors toremain standingfor the council commitment others may becenteredas the council we will act in the bestinterests of the bring bank communityand consider the immediate and long-termimpactsof our decisions we will make thesedecisions fairly and without buyerswe will uphold all of our obligationsunder the laws of victoriaand council's local laws and will act inaccordance with our councilcode of conduct thank youitem three apologies or leave of absenceum there is only one apology today ourceoum helen morrissey and we've got ouracting ceoneil whiteside in her position sowelcome neilitem four councillors do i have anydisclosure of conflicts of interestitem five madame era i'd like to moveuh an extraordinary motionand could you please state thatcouncillor woody chairyes madame i move that the items listedas 13on the agenda notices of motion beconsideredafter i team 8 congratulationsand that the items listed as items 13.4notice of no confidence in the mayor and13.2lgv inspectorate decision reviewon the agenda be considered first andsecondrespectively in the order of notices ofmotionlisted as item 13 in the agendaso just to repeat that you would likethat move tooafter our item eight on uhcongratulations madameand the second part of the notice ofmotion wasthe order of the nice notices of motioncould youstate which one first 13.4 will be thefirst and 13.2 will be the secondpoint of order madam mayor umwhat's the point of order councillorheritage requesting a clarification forremoving something fromum the public area to the public areabringing it forward into that spacewhat's the reason for itwe can do that counselor headache yeah iknow that if there's a second donei'm looking for a reason please1she doesn't need to supply1ask the manager for governance for an1opinion please1it's my call i accept it do i have a1second date if i don't have a set1second done i eat lapses so cancel it as1is i'll put it to a vote1um is it possible to have that on screen1what1yes1on screen okay um counselor goody should1you mind reading that1for us1we can't hear you counselling1the item listed as 13 on the agenda1notices of motion be considered after it1match1congratulations and b the items listed1as 13.4 motion of no confidence in the1mayor1and 13.2 local government inspector1decision review on the agenda1be considered first and second1respectively in the orders1in the order of notices of motion listed1as item113. okay so the other two items will1follow then the other two1notices yes thank you madame1essentially it's moving the notices of1motion forward the whole block1okay and the second there was counsellor1aziz1all right i'll put it to a vote all1those in favor1against carried1thank you for that okay1item five there is one item1to be designated as confidential this1evening may i have a mover of a motion1to designate1the item as confidential1counselor borg yes i'll move1the motion as per business papers thank1you for that1do i have a secondary council of1lancashire1put it to a vote all those in favor1against carrie thank you1item six confirmation of minutes of1previous meeting there are minutes of1a previous meeting to be confirmed this1evening may i have a mover to a motion1to confirm these minutes1councillor david one of the previous1minutes i've1made1thank you do i have a second1counselor alan1i put the motion to a vote always in1favor1against carrie thank you1okay item seven condolences1there are no item of condolences this1evening1i to make congratulations there are no1item of congratulations this evening1so now i believe we go to item 131notices of motion so1councillors as per the earlier1resolution to alter the1order of business we will now consider1notices of motion there are four notices1of motion1for consideration1counsellors i remind you that the notice1emotion must be1moved as printed in the papers and only1if seconded1can an amendment be moved if a notice of1motion1is not moved at the council meeting in1which it is listed the notice1of motion lapses so1the first one we're doing is 13.41let me just get to it1[Applause]1okay the motion is that council declares1it has no confidence in the mayor and1requests she step aside1do i have a mover for that notice1emotion1counselor headache1could you read the yes1thank you just stuck on mute there uh1the motion is the council declares it1has no confidence in the mayor and1request you set aside1thank you do i have a secondary1councillor virginia tarkos i second the2motion as2put by the business papers thank you2would the mover like to speak to this2motion2i would matter mayor thank you uh2councillors uh i put this notice of2motion forward after asking myself why2bother2the reason i am putting it forward is2that i care about the future2governance of this uh this community and2the leaders we put into the role of2mayor2without trust our support um councillor2aziz2i want to put this to a pool please2okay you want to automatically2has asked to put this um to a put2do i have a secondary to2to put this to a port councillor2lancashire2point of order madam mayor excuse me2all right2this has been put to a port i will put2it to a vote2if people want it to be put as a put2democracy madam their democracy oh2that's right let's put it to a vote all2right2councillors those in favor2in putting this notice emotion to a port2um indicate um if you're in favor of2this2all right one two three four five2six seven eight those against2one two and one abstain okay2all right the notice of motion has been2put to a put that means there is no2discussion2on this notice emotion2we now vote to the notice of motion2and i will read it for you councillors2that council declares it has no2confidence2in the mayor and request you step aside2those2who vote in favor of of this notice of2motion2indicate it now please2one two those against2one two three four five six seven eight2and one abstain councilor lancashire has2asked for a division2okay those who voted2in favor of the notice of motion2put your hands up please councillor john2heddich2and councillor virginia tarkos those2against2your hands up please councillor victoria2borg2councillor kim tientrong councillor2margaret goody chair2councillor daniel allen councillor2geneve aziz2councillor bruce lancashire councillor2sam2david thank you and2councillor dwayne anthony you abstain is2that correct2thank you okay2so this notice of motion is lost2the next note of notice of motion local2government inspector2decision review2the motion is has been put forward by2councillor heritage would you like to2read that notification2counselor headache i would madame mayor2um2the notice of motion is as it comes up2on my screen2i apologize2you know some motion is that council2requests the local government2inspectorate2to review its 17th of august 20202decision2and determine where the council of2georgina papafodio has breached the2local government act2on the basis of new evidence2okay so you're the mover for this2counselor headache do i have a secondary2counsellor virginia tarkos would the2mover like to speak to this notice of2motion2absolutely madam mayor i'll try and get2started again2as councillors know uh this is a3difficult3area the local government inspectorate3came out with a decision on the 17th of3august 2020.3councillor alan uh request that3the that the notice of motion be put3please3point of order matter man uh council3councillor alan has requested3councillors that this notice of motion3is put3do i have a secondary so disgrace madam3mayor3councillor lancashire3this is hiding things um counselor3headache you continue with this3and i'll have to give you a warning3thank you3okay councillors this3report has been moved by dan councillor3daniel allen and3has been seconded by councillor bruce3lancashire3we are voting whether this port3is accepted those in favor put your3hands3up please3one two three four five six seven3eight those against3one two that's it3okay3so the notice of motion of the report3goes ahead3council is now we are voting on the3substantive notice of motion which reads3the council requests the local3government inspectorate to3a review its 17th of august 20203decision3b determine whether myself councillor3georgina papafodio3has breached the local government act on3the basis of3new evidence those in favor3of this notice of motion put your hand3up please3one two those against3two three four five six seven eight3thank you it's lost3councillor lancashire has requested for3a division3those who voted against no sorry those3who voted3in favour of this notice of motion3please3put your hand up councillor john heddich3and councillor virginia tarkos those who3voted against put your hand up please3so we've got councillor victoria borg3councillor kim tian truong3councillor margaret gurichi councillor3bruce lancashire3councillor sam david councillor geneve3aziz and councillor daniel allen3and councillor dwinna farm you abstain3again3thank you that's recorded3okay we move on to the next3notice of motion i know before we do3that3i'd like to say a few words on these two3notices of motion3counselor headache i'm sure you are3aware that i was not impressed with your3notices of motion when i received them3last wednesday evening3in relation to the first notice of3motion3no confidence in the mirror and request3she steps aside3when you have the confidence of the3majority of counsellors3it's an indication that the majority of3my3fellow counsellors support me3counsellors do not always agree with3each other3and having respectful debate about me3matters is normal and often results in3more3robust outcomes however3not agreeing with me is no reason to put3forward such a notice of motion3support of the majority confirms3that i have the confidence of the3council3in relation to the second notice of3motion3local government inspectorate to review3its decision and to determine whether i4have breached the local government4act motion point of order local4government inspectorate4has investigated this how does the4proposal4of this motion know what the local4government inspectorate4considered or not considered this is the4end4of both matters i would like to say4again and i've said this before4the values and resilience of people4organizations and communities have4certainly been testing4during this time of covert 19.4i'm very proud excuse me councillor4heritage4i'm trying to raise a point of order i4am very proud4that we not i like most people in our4community have worked extremely4hard to work through and overcome4challenges4that we confront on a daily basis4especially during this pandemic4it's been important for the ceo4the executive the majority of4councillors4and me personally and for the integrity4and standing of counsel that we have not4allowed ourselves to be distracted from4this4path i say it again4this council wants what is best for our4community4the community are not interested in the4disagreements4between councillors we have4and we will continue to work through4all manner of challenges in a4professional and respectful manner4no one can say this council4has not been successful4under these unprecedented covert4circumstances point of order4i am extremely proud4that we have received over 754million dollars in investment for our4community4for covered response and recovery4during the last six months this is what4i4call a fabulous leadership in bring bank4it's the transparency man thank you4councillor tarkos that's a warning for4you as well4what about what i'm adam thank you4okay we'll go on to the next notice of4motion4and that is413.14okay the m804noise canceler hedge4i believe this notice of motion is yours4as well would you like to read4your notice of motion thank you madame4uh4this notice of motion is that council4writes to the minister for roads and4road safety the honorable ben carroll mp4requesting the state government one4provide an explanation as to why the4department of transport4formerly vic roads applies different4noise impact criteria for different4suburbs on the same freeway4the m80 two review the current traffic4noise reduction policy and any other4relevant documentation4to provide equitable and consistent4treatment of the impact of noise4across the road network three4provides council with the literature4review and expert international4evidence-based research4and advice department of transport users4to assess the impacts of road and4vehicular noise and pollution4on community health and well-being4including research and evidence4supporting the prescribed safe noise and4pollution levels4and four provide the above details in4response to residents of esmen street4idea4with a copy to councillors on the4actions to be implemented by the4department of transport to mitigate the4impact of vehicle noise4and pollution from the m80 ring road on5residents in esmen street idea5and surrounding areas to ensure5community health and wellbeing outcomes5are within the prescribed measures5thank you madame thank you for that do i5have this5do i have a secondary5counselor sam david are you the seconder5for this notice emotion5yes thank you yes thank you for that5all right would the mover like to speak5to this notice of motion5thank you madam mayor i would the5western ring road the m80 is the freeway5under the care and management of the5department of transport5and we understand that the mi 80 was5first planned in or around six51969 and that a current the current5alignment may have been established5around early mid 80s5it's understood that the construction5commenced in 19895council and council laws as we know have5received a number of complaints from5residents of esmen street idea over5our four year life uh complaining of5noise and associated health and5well-being impacts associated with the5m805i know myself i was down on the 2745forest street site which5uh in idea which is alongside the m805and on sunday afternoon walking around5and the hum was huge so i5absolutely am empathetic5with the residents of idea the noise5they have to put up with5previously uh council officers have5written the department of transport on5behalf of residents in regard to noise5in the area5associated with the m80 but haven't had5any success in obtaining a timely and5suitable solution5a local resident has written regularly5to us5explaining uh the problem and5complaining of different and better5noise mitigation5measures being used on one section of5the m80 in glenroy5goldenbray where there is a 63 decibel5limit in place in the city of moorland5in comparison to idea5where there's a 68 decibel limit in5place apparently5causing confusion about the prescribed5standards and the research and evidence5backing the measures being used people5don't know what's going on when5they see that there are different5standards being applied in different5parts of the freeway5the levels of air pollution impacting5our residents at different times a day5under different conditions like rain and5wind and heat and cold5aren't known but are also concerning5local residents air quality monitoring5equipment and reports like those5provided to the brooklyn community by5the epa5are also being requested by residents5given the regular frequency of southwest5and southerly winds during winter5blowing off the m80 and northerly winds5during summer blowing freeway dirt dust5and fumes into the suburb5avikro's response back in 2018 advised5that they have offered further noise5testing at the resident's property and5advice about options for them to pursue5in the context of vicroads traffic noise5policy5and the guide to reduction of traffic5noise all previous investigations have5found that the objectives of this policy5have been met5but residents and uh i can vouch for5them having stood there on sunday again5and heard it myself5at uh at this location uh there is a5real problem5brick roads have provided similar advice5to the resident via the then minister5for roads and road safety the honourable5luke and nellen5most recently council wrote to the5department of transport on the 1st of6may 2020 seeking a response to the6resident's request for expert health and6well well-being advice on the impact of6freeway not freeway noise but nothing6has been received as yet got one minute6councillor headache6thank you madame my point to councillors6is that we have seen6these complaints for a long period of6time and the council offices have tried6to6achieve responses from the department of6transport6over that period of time but with no6success6this notice of motion lifts the bar by6asking councillors to6support the residents of idea with their6concerns and6to write to the um minister for6minister for uh road transport for roads6and road safety sorry the honorable6ben carroll uh requesting that the state6government provide the advice we've6sought in the notice of motion6i commend this notice of motion to6councillors and seek their support6thank you councillor hedge councillor6david would you like to speak to this6notice of motion6we can't hear you counsellor david6councillor david6thank you madam mayor um yes i think6council hedge coverage just about6everything and indeed it's been an issue6with us for a long long time6madam mayor and i remember once back in697 we wrote to be growth there and they6told me then6that the level of knowledge is not up to6the limit that they request6or require type of acoustic type of6walls or a pencil6type of that but it's a continuation as6i said and uh thank god for the new6estate in uh6picheira road uh the developers put a um6a brick acoustic wall which is uh make6the difference6this part of the side of sunshine west6but uh the esmond street it's the last6street before the pre6the ring road madame they have in front6of them6more park more parties are um6it's an open space as we know and across6the road is the ring road6right in front of them and also you've6got the exit6and entry into the into the ring road6by the people turning left and right to6go away from6in the east and the ones are coming back6in the west so it's too6noisy indeed and i feel sorry for those6people they've been6battling for a long time ringing us6uh talking to us sometimes they're6annoying us in a way of any time of the6day6or night so i think it's not a bad idea6to write a6a letter to the minister and minister6carl knows the area well and i think6it's a must for us to write a letter to6them6and i support that um not so much6thank you councillor david do i have any6other speakers with6for this notice of motion councillor6tarkos6i'd like to support our councillor6heritage's notice of6motion but um especially for pointing6out the lack of consistency6around noisy impact criteria and that it6needs a thorough investigation6and parity across the board from the epa6just like our experience with aviation6noise6we need proper expert international6evidence-based research6provided to us by the department of6transport6to assess the impacts of noise and how6it6sets up its regulatory framework6um because we need assurance to our6community that their health6and well-being is not impacted by7adverse noise pollution levels7i fully endorse counsellor heritage's uh7notice of motion thank you okay do i7have any other speakers for this notice7of motion7i'll put it to a vote all those in favor7against carrie thank you an excellent7note it's a motion council ahead7all right the next notice of motion7is 13.3 strengthening creating better7parts policy7planning and priority setting7councillor hedich this is your notice of7motion would you like to move it7i would think thank you madam mayor the7motion is that the council requests the7ceo7to consider including the following key7issues in the five-year review of7creating better parks7policy and plan 2016 a7strengthening access and equity7provisions to ensure all brimbank7suburbs7are able to enjoy a full range of parks7playgrounds and open space opportunities7b incorporating policy in creating7better parks7regarding like compensation for public7open space losses7should they occur in future c7the criteria for using or including uh7including or excluding pocket parks in7creating better parks policy and plans7introducing a long-term land acquisition7policy and plan to assist with creating7better parks particularly in areas where7low levels of provision7is evident the publishing priority7setting criteria used to determine plans7for implementing the creating better7parts policy and plan into the future7and f engaging actively with community7again7as originally occurred and has been7occurring on the way through7with policy updates to assist with7co-design of a strengthened policy7and planning instrument and two consider7fast-tracking the five-year review of7creating better pass policy and plan720167when the 2021 mid-year budget review7occurs given the cover 19 impacts on the7brimbank community7and the high value parks and public open7space are providing to residents and7ratepayers7thank you councillor hedge do i have a7seconder7council of virginia tarkos7would the mover like to speak to this7notice of motion7i would matter mayor uh there has been7um a lot of investment in our parks and7uh playgrounds and open spaces7since the uh creating better parks7policy and plan was first put in place7over a decade ago and it's been a7fabulous investment for this community7and i think all of us congratulate all7those involved for that7this nominee seeks consideration of a7number of key issues that have been7coming up during the7life of this council uh in the upcoming7five year review of the7uh the policy and plan and talking to7officers uh they are aware of number of7the number of the issues but not all of7them7and there are other issues as well that7they want to put forward in the creating7the parks7review the issues that i wish to put7forward for council's consideration7tonight our7access and equity uh given some of the7recent outcomes uh there's a stronger7focus7uh needed on access and equity policy in7my view and the principles of access and7equity where um everyone in in each7suburb has has really strong access7to uh to the mix of facilities that7are in the creating better parks policy7and7the rationale that is used uh for access7and equity7access and equity uh when we discussed8the august uh8at the august ordinary council meeting8uh the report card8it was evident there that there were a8number of big projects that were8put forward in stage three as flagship8park initiatives8whereas in some areas like north8sunshine where there's been significant8under provision over many many years8there wasn't anything coming forward and8that signaled8to me and to to others that there needs8to be some change8made to ensure that those communities8that are underprovided8that are struggling to get decent access8and equitable access to parks8playgrounds and open space8have improvements made as a priority and8that is the point there public8open space um we've got uh uh dear8community currently um8fighting to retain 274 uh forest street8as public open space8uh when other options like8road reserve and a an idea green8activity hub are being proposed8there is a need for public open space to8be8be compared as a like option with those8other options8in some sort of analysis that goes on8through a policy framework like creating8better parks so we're looking to have8that sort of8uh policy clarity come through in the8creating better parks8policy in the pocket parks area we've8got a new one going in place into west8sunshine that8needs more parks more open space it's8another area which has struggled over8the years8good access pocket parks are valuable8contributors to the parks network8but we also need to make sure that8there's good safety provisions and8various other things there's a number of8people who uh worried about the safety8provisions but down in north sunshine8they're um the safety provisions were a8reason we didn't put a park in place8in one area along with some other8reasons and in albion we have uh8soldiers settlement pokemon8pocket park seven of them that don't8seem to be getting uh the attention8they deserve as heritage area park8pocket parks8so we have a policy a policy dilemma8there as well8land acquisition we've had this contrib8conversation a number of times on the8way through8about the need to acquire land8potentially in some areas like it's8happening in other parts of melbourne8where population is growing quickly and8the parks network is8uh to is insufficient uh other councils8are buying land8to over time to help complement8the parks networks in areas where8there's under provision so land8acquisition policy is a clear one that8needs to go into the framework8for consideration by the ceo we think uh8open and transparent priority setting8criteria8uh when all these uh plans get set each8year and each four years8the community needs to know uh what the8basis for that program if you've got one8minute8thank you very much madame and i guess8uh it's8it's a critical openness and8transparency issue for brimbank8residents8knowing what the open and transparent8priority setting criteria8are for the creating better parks8program and any other program the8council might have8so madamir i i put these8items forward i put this notice motion8forward to councillors8uh on the understanding that we're8requesting the ceo to consider these9matters along with a range of others the9officers will have9when they scope up the creating better9parks policy and planner9a five-year review i put this motion to9uh councillors for their support madam9mayor thank you very much9thank you councillor hedge councillor9tarquez would you9like to say a few words9thank you madame i would like to endorse9this9notice of motion as well if anything9this pandemic9has shown us is the importance of green9spaces9and parks and reserves to our community9but it's also highlighted the massive9disparity across brimbank of9access to those parks and spaces9people have told me that the parks9access having access to9parks and uh uh hockey park everything9from pocket parks to9the uh bigger neighborhood parks has9been an absolute9godsend for their mental health their9exercise9and their respite during this uh9difficult period9whilst speaking from a ward where we9have possibly a greater and greatest9access to parks within a five kilometer9radius9i fully support that we as a cancer9council9examine across brimbank and a greater9effort be put into addressing9the inequity of access to those green9spaces9um and the vital role that those spaces9play for our physical and mental health9uh9especially during the pandemic9an excellent purpose says there are9parts of brimbank where we know there is9a huge9shortfall of parks playgrounds and open9space9spaces where possibly as it's not not9non9mentions there's there's low levels um9i support that our council consider9acquiring land to make provision for9those spaces more9equitable across brimbank the only thing9i would also add to this9nom is um to look at safer access to9parks because there are some9parks where there has been uh incidences9of flooding9uh in sunshine and as well as in kilo9and9other places and also poor tracks uh9which has made it difficult for people9to access those parks so that's also9um something that i would like us to to9build into it9but i fully support and endorse your um9fantastic non counsellor headache thank9you9okay thank you for that are there any9other9counsellors that would like to speak to9this notice motion counselor alan9thanks madam um yes so this notice of9motion9i'm almost 1009all for it there's just one part of it9that concerns me9and that's point d introducing a9long-term land acquisition policy9so my concern with that is this9council just before we walk out the door9putting that um putting that in i think9it's best if the9new council makes a decision on that i i9don't think it's fair on the new council9to to be left with that9because it's a really big deal um you9know we're talking some areas9where the only way to increase the park9area would be to purchase houses9which is pretty expensive thing to do i9think9because of that it's best9i won't be voting for it just because of9that one part9so thank you9any other speakers of the notice motion10counselor goodie chair10thank you madame um all the other10councils that have spoken of course10speak about the value of our parks10um of course the value of our parks is10very very important10when this um park plan was first10introduced it was a very innovative plan10it did map out all of the open space10that we do have in brimbank10um but um the one thing that i don't10understand10about this motion is that we can't10retrofit10rim bank to suit the needs of every10single10part of our community um it's almost10impossible10um i do agree that some parts perhaps of10brimbank don't have the open space that10it should have10but that's not our fault madam mayor um10it's due to10previous subdivisions previous10developers coming in developing land and10perhaps10the council of the time not asking for10extra open space10um i don't see how reviewing or creating10better parks10plan right now would help10in opening up areas for people that10don't have the open space10it's also not in our budget allocation10we just passed a budget at the last10council meeting madame10we all know as councillors how difficult10that budget10was for us to achieve in the sense that10we've had to stretch10every single dollar so10for that matter madam mayor um i also10think that perhaps the new council may10have something to say10i mean it was going to be reviewed next10year anyway in 202010in the next budget in the next budget10cycle so what difference10could possibly five or six months make10because once the new council gets in10madame you you know and all the other10councillors know that as soon as10the new council is elected there's10already budget talk going to be10happening10so all those new councillors that get in10we'll all have something to say about10all of the policy documents that we have10not only the creating better parks10so i'm sorry madam mayor whilst i agree10with the sentiment of council headache10and i do understand why he's putting it10forward i can't support it this evening10thank you thank you councillor good10achieve councillor lancashire10thank you madam mayor um look i would10like to echo the sentiments10of councillor allen and councillor10judith the10parks is something we're all interested10in and their development we're all10interested in however this notice motion10uh we certainly i think needed to have10um10forewarning greater research10and some better understanding from the10offices10about the circumstances relating to it10to bring this up has left us i think10with a proposal which could be10quite detrimental to uh to bring bank10so we certainly should have had10briefings and we haven't10now the uh in terms of the impact on10brim bank10we have rate capping and we have10for our residents achieved this year a10zero rate10increase however that means that the10money that's available for10community services and all the10facilities10road making everything footpaths that10goes on is becoming tighter and tighter10to suggest that we should spend a lot of10money on10acquisitions we've seen this in the past10and it hasn't worked it's extremely10expensive to buy10land in an urban area and we need to11think about this very carefully and have11a discussion as11councillors as to what services we will11be foregoing11um to achieve the millions that you11would need to11spend on this land in terms11of11in terms of what we should do as a11priority11clearly we should be concentrating in11terms of covert11in terms of our children in terms of11families on putting money11into the land we've got now developing11the parks we've got now that is our11highest priority under covered i believe11and it is also should be our priority to11the immediate future we have sports11teams11that have to look at sporting the fields11outside lancashire you've got one minute11thank you madame um so we have very high11priorities to serve the community now11not just simply splurge on land11acquisitions11so i think this is a really bad notice11of motion11and it requires a lot more research and11we should be11be smart about these things and look at11developing the land we've got11for the maximum benefit into the11immediate future11thank you madam mayor11thank you councillor lancashire any11other speakers for this notice of motion11councillor borg11thank you madam mayor i do acknowledge11the issues raised by councillor heritage11these issues do require a review and11updating of11of the cbp the creating parks11policy and plan 201611is reviewed every five years and it is11uh to be reviewed in 2021-2211financial year subject to council's11consideration as part of the development11of the council plan 2021-2511and the annual budget process for112021-2211it fits in with the timing of the new11council11it will also include community11consultation11the recently adopted council budget112020-2111and council plan year 4 action plan11does not include a review of the11cbp the most appropriate mechanism11to deal with the issues raised11that require consideration um11that are required to be in genome is11the review of the cpp and for that11reason i will not support this motion11thank you councillor ball are there are11there any other speakers for this11notice of motion counselor headache11you've got a right of reply11would you like to okay thank you madame11and uh thank you councillors for your11contribution it's always good to hear11uh what other councillors think can i11start by uh saying11uh that the notice of motion i think has11been misrepresented11in the number of the comments that have11been made the notice of motion asks the11ceo to consider11including these issues in the five-year11review11it's not asking anyone to go out and buy11land it's not asking anyone11to do anything at the moment just to11consider11including these issues in the scope of11the five-year review11so the comments around land acquisition11and uh11being expensive and all the rest of it11it is but11that's not the point of this nom this11norm is to ask the ceo11could she include that matter in the11review of the plan when it comes up11i think the the second point around um11no officer support11there is officer support for this notice11of motion that was provided11and this notice of motion has been12around for a while and that12has done the rounds of councillors a12week ago12and i think to say that it doesn't have12support is wrong12to also say that we need to focus on our12own12existing parks and land12is one thing and i agree with that but12when you've got12a community that is not12having proper access to parks and12playgrounds12and not able to enjoy the benefits the12health and well-being we've got 3012seconds12that is a problem and i take counsellors12back to the point of this12this is about the ceo simply considering12these issues12the ceo can say yeah nay that's the12point of it it's not about buying12anything or doing anything12and it's also asking her to consider12bringing it forward because12there are a whole range of issues that12need sorting out and12this review will help if we can do it12earlier than in six months time what12in six months time when the mid review12provides dollars that would be great so12i'd ask councillors to reconsider12the common incentives thank you thank12you very much12all right councillors i'll put the12notice of motion to a vote12all those in favor12one two three four okay all those12against12one two three four five six12seven right the notice of motion is lost12thank you item nine public question time12we've now reached the part of the12division madam mayor sorry12i'm sorry i didn't see you yeah okay12um councillor hedich has asked for a12division12those um in favor of their notice of12motion12um put your hand up please okay so12councillor john12headache councillor daniel allen12councillor virginia tarkos12and councillor dwinan farm those against12hands up please councillor victoria ball12councillor sam david councillor margaret12gorducer12councillor bruce lancashire councillor12geneva zeus councillor kim tien tron12and councillor georgina papafodio12thank you okay item nine12public question time we've now reached12the part of the meeting for public12questions as communicated through our12website into12individual questionnaires all questions12received by council by 3 pm on the day12before the meeting12that comply with the bring bank12governance rules 202012will be read out and answered at this12meeting and will also receive a written12response12mr sakurai i understand we have received12questions from the public this evening12yes madame12the first question is from jamie ramsey12the question is12the state landfill levy is a state-based12levy collected from the dumping to12landfill and held by the state12government to be used in environmental12remediation projects12given the high level of contribution to12this fund through dumping within12brimbank12did this council apply either directly12to the state government or to nestle12suleiman12as the local state representative for12this fund to be used to pay for the12remediation cost12of the stoney creek transformation12project if not12why12thank you for your question jamie12council conducted an extensive public12campaign12asking the state and federal governments12to save the upper sony creek13transformation project13the campaign included details of the13significant contributions13bring bank mates to the state's13sustainability fund13through the landfill levy contributions13and sought funding to address13remediation issues and complete the13original vision13of the project council presented all the13priorities13around our campaign to all stakeholders13concerned13including local parliamentarians13relevant ministers13project partners and even traveled to13canberra to meet with13relevant federal government members and13officers13the second question also from mr jamie13ramsey why did this council decide to13choose northumberland reserve for the13upgrade in sunshine north over somerset13reserve given somerset reserve is four13times bigger13in an area identified as lacking13resources by council13thank you um somerset reserve is known13as13rusac reserve in council's creating13better parks policy13and plan and is classified as a suburban13park13council has already invested around13three hundred thousand dollars13to create this suburban park at this13location in sunshine north13northumberland road reserve is currently13classified as a13neighborhood park in councils creating13better parks policy and plan13the upgrade of northumberland road13reserve13in 2020 21 will increase the facility13and functionality13of this reserve to a suburban park level13thank you next question from team newman13at a time most people are struggling to13pay rates how much of ratepayers money13was spent on securing the matilda's bid13for sydon park by this council13led by the mayor13thank you t springback's expression of13interest for the home of matilda's bid13was developed submitted in advance13fully utilizing existing council13resources and budget13the time was considered considerably13shortened as all information required13was readily available13after being developed for the sydney13park master plan13while bringback was unfortunately13unsuccessful in securing the home of13matildas13the expression of interest process13helped13to highlight the investment and13strategic opportunities13associated with the sibling park master13plan13in terms of indigenous heritage13conservation13sport and active recreation13opportunities13council will continue to advance the13sydney park master plan13accordingly the next question from team13ewan13does any councilor know the source of13the anonymous letters used in the13justification of having council of13virginia tacos13attend a coven 19 test13thank you t this matter has previously13been responded to13by council thank you13question from trevor gielneck recently13the shared user path was delivered from13maribyrnong city council's temple to13temple path to river valley estate13which is great mix however the heritage13listed solomon's ford rock crossing was13not linked up13to me this is dangerous as there is no13way council is going to stop people13crossing the river when the water level13is low enough to cross this natural13historical they have been doing for 15013years14to leave dirt access meaning when wet14people will have muddy shoes14is more of a hazard can council please14ensure solomon ford is connect14to the new shed user path14sorry about that thank you for your14question trevor14i've been advised that a connection from14the shared user path to solomon's ford14is not planned as it is not a formal and14approved14crossing point council officers are14reviewing14options for signage for solomon's ford14advising residents of approved crossing14points14the crossing point does exist further14downstream14near midway golf course and a new14pedestrian bridge is due to be14constructed further upstream14by the river valley estate developer14providing the appropriate connection14to the shared user path in the city of14mooney valley14thank you the next question is from14trevor gelnick14can you please car parking on burke14street for people that want to use the14duke street playground14go to the temple or want to walk down to14the new shared user-paced development14group14have just opened along the river14thank you for your question trevor i'm14advised that on street parking14i'm advised that on street parking exits14on14duke street adjacent to the duke street14suburban park providing14access to the park in relation to your14request for additional on-street parking14on burke street i will i will refer this14request to council's traffic14and transport team for investigation and14request14that a response is provided to you once14the investigation14is completed thank you trevor14question from penelope webb with regard14to his september 202014update to council on the planned removal14of two level crossings in the deer park14rail corridor14would the director of infrastructure and14city services amend his assertion14that there are no community and14regulatory risks identified14when environmental financial and safety14risks of planned road over rail at14fitzgerald road14are acknowledged in his report14thank you for your question penelope i'm14adviser14council report analysis section details14the key issues14and risks that this project will have on14on how the community uses this space14into the future and how the proposed new14infrastructure14integrates with the local area in14relation to14regulatory risks on all requirements14will be required to be14managed by the level crossing removal14project team14given this is a state government project14thank you next question also from14penelope webb14with regards to the director for14infrastructure and city services14september 2020 update to council on the14plan removal14of two level crossings in the deer park14rail corridor14we asked whether given his14recommendation that an arterial road be14introduced into a creekside environment14and the lack of clarity14regarding fundamental implications of14the impact of14the road over rail design of pitcher14road14there is any reason for the community14feel that the director is representing14its best interests and discussions with14the level crossing removal project14council's response to the fitzgerald14road level crossing removal14is based on council's adopted urban15design principles which15seek the best outcome for the community15the environment and15council assets regardless of which15option is delivered by the level15crossing removal project15thank you penelope for your two15questions15question from lisa dalimore on behalf of15sex work15law reform victoria on 21 may 201915council resolved to engage independent15investigators to allow council15to actively investigate lead alleged15legal brothel establishments15by managing the issue in-house since 2115may152019 how much money has council spent15paying independent investigators15or the employers who hire such15investigators to investigate15suspected illegal brothels15thank you for your question lisa um15where independent investigators were15used to investigate the seven15illegal establishments prosecuted today15council has paid approximately twelve15thousand15one hundred and ten dollars to the15employers15who hire these investigators however15as council has been successful in15prosecuting these15premises the magistrate has ordered that15council's costs15be paid this has resulted in the15investigators fees15being recoverable thank you the next15question also15from lisa dellino can counsel guarantee15then since1521 may 2019 independent investigators15paid for15by council to investigate suspected15illegal brothels15have not engaged in sexual activities15with sex workers inside suspected15illegal brothels15thank you lisa we're independent15investigators15were used to investigate the seven15illegal establishments prosecuted to15date the independent investigators15undertook activities necessary for the15purpose15of gathering evidence thank you everyone15for your questions this evening15okay15okay you move on to item 10 petitions15there are no petitions to be received15this evening15item 11 minutes and reports of special15committees there are no minutes or15reports of special committees15item 12 officer reports there are 1215officer reports for consideration by15council tonight15councillors due to time constraints i15will not be granting extensions15of speaking times for this meeting and15councillors are15limited to two questions of15clarification in relation to15any motion also15before we consider report 12.115the governance report i would like to15invite mr jeff15harry who is the chair of the order and15risk committee15for council to address the council and15provide an15update on behalf of the committee so15welcome15jeff harry there is15thank you thanks madam mayor can you15hear me clearly15yes i can okay thank you uh yes i've15been asked to15effectively give you an update on the15activities of the audit committee15uh your audit and risk committee for the15last year15we recently had a meeting where we15signed off on the financial statements15for the year ended 30th of june152020 so it's a natural point15when that's concluded to reflect on the15activities of the committee for the15for the year and and to uh15to report to you so i i know that you've16received a copy of the report that i16prepared dated16the 4th of september 202016i don't propose to to read that document16but16i am going to refer to it uh in a few16comments i'd like to make16because i think there's some information16that might help just16um refresh counselors on the workings of16the committee16and on the work that we've done for the16year so16um i'll be brief madam mayor16and i'm happy to take questions at the16end16so the first thing to say about the16audit and risk committee at brimbank16city council16is that it's a supporting function for16counsellors16essentially it deals with matters of16financial16management reporting audit risk16management and so on16it's a supporting function to council16and serves council16so it's important that we16comply with our charter the16responsibilities that are set out16in the charter that charter having been16prepared and updated from time to time16by council look essentially16the charter requires that we review16financial reports prepared by council16that at the end of the year and16at other times during the year that we16keep an oversight on the audit functions16both16internal and external audit functions16that we facilitate communication amongst16auditors the city's financial team16and officers that we monitor16the soundness of the council's16systems of internal control that we16monitor council's performance on16compliance matters16that we monitor council's performance on16risk management16and that we monitor fraud and corruption16matters16that may arise from time to time16so essentially much of our work really16draws us towards ethical standards and16the promotion thereof which we do16and we consider that at all of our16meetings16during the year the the committee met16independently of management with both16the external auditors who are16essentially the victorian auditor16general16and our internal auditors who counsel16has appointed16ntt previously oakton16they changed names during the year we've16also16had our eye on matters to do with16compliance and governance16around information communication16and technology uh environmental matters16the adequacy of council's insurances16and the best prac and compliance with16best practice16corporate governance processes16i can say quite clearly that the16committee16has enjoyed strong commitment from all16parties16in the workings of the committee and i16mean from16councillors from offices16and the ceo from the external16and internal auditors and also from the16independent members of the committee16whom you appoint16so there's very strong support for the16work of the committee and that makes it16able to be more effective in its work16we've also had excellent16attendance during the year from all16members of the committee16and in fact we've had two or three16councillors attend16various of our meetings during the year16who are not members of the committee16and we've welcomed that and we ask that16if you have an interest going forward16i know there's about to be elections but16going forward17you would always be welcome to attend17and observe17if you wanted to do so17during the year council approved17changes to the audit charter uh of the17committee17sorry the audit committee ordered risk17committee charter17we do that as a regular improvement step17but also we have a new local government17act in place which has17rung in many changes some of which will17impact the work of the committee17and that will unfold as we go forward17we have an annual work plan that we work17to to ensure that we don't miss anything17when we're looking at the charter and17making sure that we17cover off all of our responsibilities17in terms of our internal audit we'd we17have engaged ntt17under contract to deliver our internal17audit services17um and for the year end of the 30th of17june 202017ntt have been active as we would expect17and they now17connect directly with the financial17services department17which took responsibility for the17support of the committee17since 21 february this year17uh ntt senior people have attended all17meetings and have engaged with us17constructively and positively which we17appreciate17the internal order program17that we approved a year ago has been17delivered17and the new plan is underway as we speak17the review the plan last year the year17ended1730th of june 202017included six internal audit reviews17they are listed in the report17madam mayor i won't go into the detail17but17they have all been completed some of17them indicated17work needs to be done for further17improvement and we did have one or two17reviews where17essentially there were no major items17found which was17pleasing to see17we do every meeting make sure that17there's progress being made on the17implementation of17agreed actions arising from internal17audit reports17and it's pleasing to note that17the team at council keeps on top of17these17and i believe we don't have any major17items that are hugely out of date17so that's that's a good sign as well17uh the external order which i mentioned17earlier is an audit17done annually on the city's financial17statements17and uh the 30th of june 2020 audit17was done by agents of the victorian17auditor general17dfk kitsons who attended17their last meeting two weeks ago and17delivered their report on17the financial statements for the year17ended 30th of june 2020.17there were no major issues but as is17usual there were a few points of17suggested improvement and they'd been17picked up by the finance17team and the audit committee will17monitor the17uh progress on those over the coming17months17um1717then moving down17the committee has also been involved in17monitoring council's performance on risk17management17we focus on strategic risk we focus on17areas17where council's exposures on risk17are considered to be higher than we17would like1717it won't surprise you if i say that17obviously18in the current environment it's18uh it's a concern that we watch closely18because18of the impact of covert 1918and the fact that we've got a number of18elevated risks18similar to most councils in the state i18might add18but certainly risks around financial18management18i.t security and effectiveness18and delivery of council strategic18objectives18are all the big ticket items that have18been impacted18by covert 19 and they will continue to18be next year as well18we received an excellent report from the18ceo last meeting18on the high level points18regarding covert 19's impact and i'm18sure we'll hear about that again18i've also listed in the report other18work that we did18during the year outside the internal18audit plan and the external audit18work around monitoring the business18continuity management program18insurance renewals information18communication and technology security18updates18which are hugely important areas for18council18we also conducted near the end of our18last year18as a performance a self-assessment of18our performance and18we did make changes to the survey to18tailor it to suit council18more specifically i won't go into the18details here but what i will say18both from my specific experience here18and in18many other councils i work with i will18say that18the outcomes of that review that18self-assessment18were very positive18and we also18not only had the members of the18committee responding to the survey18but also senior officers to try and18broaden out18uh just the sense of how people do see18our performance18so it was very encouraging but as i say18to every meeting18to those in attendance we're always keen18to improve so18we're always happy to take on any18suggestions for improvement18my final point is to thank everyone18that's been involved or supported18the committee for the year i've enjoyed18my role over the year as chairman18and i look forward to the new year18i look forward to being able to see all18of you again next year after the18elections18and i wish you well in the elections i'm18happy to take questions18thank you18sorry i was talking to myself again uh18thank you jeff18thank you for attending this evening18look although i wasn't an official18committee member i did attend some of18the meetings so on behalf of the18committee18i would like um to say thank you another18committee18um greatly appreciated your support your18expertise and also the advice you were18pri18and provided to them so councillors are18there any questions18for jeff18no okay brilliant wonderful work thank18you for18attending this evening again okay good18evening councillors thank you thank you18bye18okay council is we will now move to18report1812.1 governance report september 202018uh mr hogan18uh would you like to present this report18please18it is a summary of recent governance18activity in accordance with best19practice19and good governance principles within19compliance with provisions applying19respectively in the local government act19of 198919and the new local government act of 202019the report19variously informs council delegated19decisions19outcomes of previous council resolutions19or seeks relevant decision for action19thank you madam men19thank you mr hogan councillors are there19any19questions or points of clarification19mum do i have a mover for this report19counsellor goodie chair19i'll move the recommendation madame19rather a lengthy recommendation i might19add19uh as printed in the business papers19thank you19thank you councillor goodiche do i have19a secondary19councillor lancashire19would the mover like to speak to this19report19uh yes thank you madame uh just a few19brief words19uh this falls under my portfolio of19innovation which does include governance19and probity19and i'd like to highlight the importance19of the monthly governance report it does19point out to the community19all the activities of the council for19that month19uh it all it does include regular items19such as delegations19records of assemblies mp meetings and19this month19does also include a heritage advisory19committee recommendation19which i maybe council lancashire would19like to speak to so i won't do that19community consultation on the proposed19galinkala pocket park19and also evergreen reserve and it also19does include madame the audit risk19committee annual report which mr jeff19harry just spoke to an excellent19chairman i have to say19madame um we have wonderful meetings19and i've attended every meeting believe19it or not19i do i do like those meetings i do enjoy19going to the meetings19to to a lot of people maybe ordered and19risk may be a little dry19but i've really really uh learned to uh19like the meetings and19i would urge every counselor uh present19obviously not the present ones because19this council is almost over19but on the next new council i would urge19all the councillors19to at least serve one year or come along19to a couple of the meetings19to fully fully understand the inner19workings of council and how diligent19the community representatives and19officers are19to ensure that there is full19accountability19in every department of our council and19that's why it's important madame19is an extremely good thing to know that19every department of council is19accountable to our community19to our rat payers and that's why it's19important that all19councillors would have an opportunity to19serve on this committee19thank you madam may i recommend the19report to the council19said councillor guter chief councillor19lancashire19thank you madame um certainly the19governance report reports on a number of19committees and one of those is the19heritage advisory committee19and as chair of that committee it's19appropriate that i comment19on the work of that committee which has19a particular item in the recommendation19which i'm supporting on the 1st of19september 202019the heritage advisory committee held a19special meeting to discuss the bulk19grain store buildings20at two wright street sunshine known as20the sunshine silos20the meeting included an update on20council's preliminary20heritage investigations which were20commissioned to determine if the20sunshine silos20have heritage values the investigations20are currently20unable to be completed due to covert 1920restrictions20that have limited access to heritage20information20the hack committee discussed the20importance of this work20and the options available to council it20was a recommendation20of this committee the advisory committee20the council writes to the minister for20planning the honourable richard nguyen20mp advising that the bulk grain store20buildings located at two wright street20sunshine20are a significant urban landmark within20the city of brimbank20especially for the sun sunshine20community20also advising that preliminary20preliminary heritage investigations are20underway by council20but are unable to be completed due to20covert 1920restrictions limiting access to the20historical records including those20held by the public records office in20addition20highlighting the importance of the20preliminary heritage investigations20and the need to complete this work post20lifting of covert 1920restrictions to inform council about the20site's heritage20values in addition highlighting one20minute20thank you highlighting that two wright20street sunshine is currently zone20industrial20is part of the sunshine national20employment and innovation cluster and20previously identified as part of the20western states significant industrial20precinct20and is now considered local industrial20land in the melbourne20industrial and commercial land use plan20and finally20requesting intervention from the20minister to protect the uh20bulk grain store buildings located in20wright street from demolition until20heritage investigations20are complete i would like to recommend20that part and in fact the whole20recommendation in the governance report20to council thank you madam mayor20well said councillor lancashire do i20have any other speakers for this report20councillor bulk thank you madam mayor i20would also like to20point out that the governor um that the20governor's report also include20a report about the brimbank aboriginal20torres strait20islander consultative committee which20met on the2026th of august via zoom20we had a very full-on agenda as the20previous meeting in june was cancelled20through covet some highlights of the20meeting20where an update was provided regarding20the reconciliation week an update was20also provided regarding nato creek that20is going to be held20um from the 8th to the 15th20of november the community was20also informed about the australian20institute of20landscape award with regards to the sun20vale community park20council would like to thank leanne clark20and mandy bertien for creating the20artworks20and under the guidance of waranjari20elders20a yarn about how the community is faring20was also conducted with regards to covet201920and an update was also provided about20the courier homework support21which is now taking place virtually21there are students who are missing21out because of lack of resources however21council staff are looking into it21by working with the vaei21kuri outreach program and21there was also a very robust discussion21um and the community felt that they21wanted to have another meeting which is21scheduled for21tomorrow thank you madame21thank you councillor borg uh any other21speakers for this report21councillor david thank you madam mayor21i'd like to say a few words about the21brooklyn industrial prison21thank you um council as we all know the21invited expression of interest for21membership for21the brooklyn industrial prison committee21and council received 19 expressions of21businesses21a nice number very good number indeed21madam mayor21the cancer selection planner comprising21of myself the chief executive officer21the director of city development met on21the 27th of july21to review and appoint members which was21reported to the ordinary council meeting21on the21last meeting on the 18th of august21mother may21the cancer selection panel have made the21further appointment21to the brim industrial prison committee21for the sunshine group21which is located in the prison the21sunshine group madame is one of the21the second land owner of the prison and21it was21due to it was to do with them tom paxton21um his family his21there for about 80 years he recently21decided to retire because he was21part of the committee the previous21commedia council and21he suggested his son and his son is to21me21has already credentials and21everything to do with it he grew in the21depression21as a young man he's a highly educated21educated person21and i think he'll he will21support and benefit the that meeting21the committee um the cancer report21consider of course21like council on the 19th of may21indicated that the revised21membership structure of the brooklyn21industrial prison committee would21include eight or more21business operators or property owners21in the prison but the attached terms of21reference21indicated any industry normally the21representatives of property owners21from the prison to the intense21detain is clear in that council report21that additional business operators in21property honest beyond aid can be21considerate21and is recommended that a correction be21made to the terms of reference to21address21what is considered to be an21administrative error21the connected terms of reference you21find i mean attachments21attachment number five madame so look21we had our last meeting um last21um we got 30 seconds 30 seconds yeah we21had the last meeting on21last thursday and it was a happy meal in21madame here those21people enjoy speaking to21officers and between them they spoke21with one voice21and they spoke very very morale21in reference to the community across the21road of geelong road i'm referring to21the21brooklyn community so i'm looking21forward to21an extremely good meeting and david your21time is up21christian thank you thank you thank you21thank you it's good to hear that there's21um one voice and united committees thank22you councillor david22okay any other speakers for this report22councillor heritage22thank you madam mayor uh i'd like to22talk about the uh heritage advisory22committee22uh report that's here tonight and uh22given uh22that uh we had uh an issue last last22council meeting uh22nom was voted down on this matter uh22it's great to see uh council lancashire22chairing the heritage advisory committee22now supporting this and it's great to22see the information that's come22forward from the advisory committee22which is a number of local people22providing advice back to council and22it's great that that's been heard22i i'm really pleased that uh we are now22writing as a council to the minister22seeking intervention uh to place a22protection order across the grains22the grain stores uh to wright street uh22to protect them from demolition22should they be sold and a new owner uh22seeks that outcome22uh there is a process to go through as22council lanka she has said22around the council doing its work and22determining the22the site's heritage values but that's22all stalled at the moment so it's22fabulous to see22the heritage advisory committee uh22performing its function22giving advice to council on on this that22we should proceed22with writing to the minister after22having decided not to last22last month so uh congratulations council22lancashire on uh cheering the committee22and uh22bringing forward this recommendation to22council uh congratulations to22uh all the councillors who i anticipate22will support this as it uh goes forward22thank you very much22excellent feedback thank you mr hedge22any other counsellors22to speak on this um report2222i'll put the um officer recommendations22forward um for voting those22in favor against22carrie thank you22all right item 12.222bring bank coronavirus or covert 1922response and recovery strategy progress22report22i'll ask miss dumbledore um introduce22this and then i've got a22merrell update thank you thank you madam22mayor the purpose of this report is for22council to consider noting22the progress made towards implementation22of the22brimbrank coronavirus response and22recovery strategy for the reporting22period22of the 1st to the 31st of august 2020.22the rim bank community impact analysis22is also presented at attachment 2 for22council noting22thank you thank you ms tumble22um councillors before um i'll give you22the opportunity to ask any questions or22if there's any um22points of clarification i'll read my22report and then you can ask some22questions22okay as the last official council22meeting before the caretaker period22i believe it is appropriate to reflect22on council's advocacy work22and which i have had the pleasure to22lead this year as mayor22i am proud to report the council has22helped22secure over 75 million dollars towards22local projects programs and initiatives22to support our community including22over 40 million in state support for22local businesses in response to covert22eight million dollars through working22for victoria22to employ 165 local residents22eight million dollars for ballarat road22and charlotte22street intersection upgrades 5.5 million23for victoria university bring bank23socioeconomic research23four million dollars in state funding23towards23more park redevelopment stage one and23two23in harvest award two million dollars23for the new health and well-being hub23two million dollars for green gully road23arundel road and calder freeway23interchange231.13 million in federal covert financial23assistance23950 000 for local23water projects including upper23stoney creek and dempster park23five 675 dollars for local pocket park23projects including in sunshine23and can lee six hundred23and twenty five thousand dollars for23local sports projects23including errington and delahaye23redevelopments23five hundred thousand dollars for kelo23park reserve23redevelopment and female friendly change23rooms23project three hundred and twenty23thousand dollars23for a change makers multicultural23sport program two hundred thousand23dollars to provide2324 local young people23with jobs through brink pac program2382 000 from dj pr23for a west of melbourne's social23procurement23project fifty thousand dollars covert23community connected grant23these outcomes are also on top of23councils23other key advocacy wins which have23included23advocating for expansions of the23job keeper job seeker and business23support programs23advocating for local super suburban23and rapid response covert teams23solidifying the airport rail link by the23sunshine priority23precinct fast tracking of the robesons23road23and fitch gerald road level crossings23projects23securing an epa office in sunshine23councils stop the stop the soil23advocacy with melton council to prevent23westgate tunnel saw being sent to raven23hall23having the sydney park matilda's bid23shortlisted23strategic strategic relationships23including23an mou with victoria university23and life-saving victoria these are all23significant23advocacy outcomes that we should all23acknowledge23and reflect on however despite23all of these recent outcomes we know23that our community23will need more than ever before to23respond23recover and rebuild from covert23that is why i am proud of the 19 point23advocacy plan for covert recovery that23we endorsed23last month and which provides the clear23pathway23for the federal government the state23government23and non-government sectors to partner23with council23to help us rebuild as we head to the23october budget window and beyond23i thank all councillors council staff23our local parliamentarians stakeholders23and community partners for their support23and advocacy throughout the year23thank you everyone23so councillors are there any questions23or points of clarification23from istanbul23okay do i have a mover for this report23counselor alan23a sec uh would you23like to mention the recommendations23council allen as printed in the business23papers madame23okay thank you uh do i have a seconder24for this report24councillor david thank you councillor24alan would you like to speak to this24report24just to say how grateful we are to the24council officers24in support um for extraordinary funding24that's coming our way24thank you councillor alan councillor24david24would you like to say a few words no24matter what24wonderful words by casserole well that24was fat very good24thank you councillor heritage24councillor heritage we can't hear you24apologies24uh yes madam mayor i'd like to24congratulate the officers there's a long24list of achievements there and24funding isn't easy to get and some of24those big ticket items for24jobs and things like that have been part24of big statewide programs and uh24congratulate the officers for their24submissions the quality of their24submissions has obviously been high24and they've done the job and i think24project after project you mentioned24there24have occurred there's also been some24great initiatives that have come from24long-term work around you know the epa24office coming to this area it's been24uh sought for a number of years there's24been notices of motion other things put24forward so24a big effort by many many people and uh24congratulations to all involved uh24it's good that it's happened thank you24councillor hedich24any other councillors that would like to24make some comments24okay i'll put it to a vote all those in24favor24against carrie thank you24um item 12.3 planning activity update24and delegate decisions24august 2020 i invite mr walsh to present24this report24thank you thank you madame24the purpose of this report is to provide24counsel24with the status of planning permit24application and trends in24in planning approvals in brimbank and24also to provide council with decisions24made24under delegated authority during august242020 regarding planning permit24applications and other matters24officers recommend the council notes the24planning activity update24and the decisions uh which are outlined24at attachable24attachment one to this report thank you24mr walsh24councillors are there any questions or24points of clarification24do i have a mover for this report24councillor lancashire24i move thank you madam mayor remove the24officer's recommendation24thank you do i have a second for this24report24counselor aziz24would the mover like to speak to this24report24thank you madame i think there are a24couple of very significant things which24uh build on the comments you've made24about the 75 million dollars24in grants that we've received when you24look at our24cost of development applications24compared to last year which was 9024million to this year24is 100 million the combination of these24two things24i think is very important to the city of24brimbank24in moving forward and particularly as we24try and24pull out of the uh of the covert24situation24and get the economy going and the local24economy going24so again that's 75 million in grants24plus the 100 million just in this month24alone25and this has been occurring month after25month where we've been doing well25it gives our community i think some25confidence25that we will be doing our best to try25and pull25out of the economic situation that25covert has put us in25thank you madam mayor and i recommend25this25officers recommendation to the council25thank you25yes thank you councillor lancashire our25officers have definitely worked25extremely hard the last six months25um and obvious sorry who was the second25that councillors25is sorry would you like to say a few25words25um this madam mayor we're just looking25at this as um25uh councillor lancashire said it looks25really good and looks very promising so25thank you to everyone that's been25involved in the offices25thank you thank you council aziz25all right any other speakers for this25report councillor heritage25thanks madam mayor um i'd also like to25congratulate the officers25on uh putting forward this particular25report month after month year after year25um25one of the um observations is that25we started off in the first year of this25council and things have25the planning applications have tailed25off gradually each year25uh but uh the one one one constant in25all of this is that harvest award has25been25leading the charge all the way through25uh this time again25with the big number of planning25applications coming through harvest25award what that reflects is a mix of25industrial25and residential uh applications which is25great we need we need both we need the25investment in uh25industry and jobs and we need the25investment in in housing stock25and uh and uh densification but it also25brings with a reminder madam mayor that25uh we had the creating better parks25issue before that this part of town uh25is25not well supplied with uh parks and25other things so25this planning report uh provides us an25indication of the25uh extremely busy consolidation of this25area25with not a whole lot of other25infrastructure around it and i would25like to remind councillors of that25uh going forward that uh you need to25have your eye on both balls not just the25planning ball when these sort of things25are coming25what are the implications of this and25the implications are very strong25uh in terms of new outcomes needed new25investment needed25in the ward and around the different25suburbs thanks very much25thank you councillor heritage any other25speakers for this officer recommendation25okay i'll put it to a vote all those in25favor25against carrie thank you2512.4 application p573 forward slash 201925for approval of a development plan for2580 harvester road25sunshine i ask mr walsh25could you present this report please um25certainly madame25the purpose of this report is to provide25council with an assessment of25application p2557325for a proposed development plan at25sunshine marketplace which is located at2580 harvester road25in sunshine and this assessment is25against the provisions of the brimbank25planning scheme25officers recommend that council approves25the sunshine marketplace development25plan26and the associated transport impact26assessment and review as shown at26attachment 326and that council notifies all parties26who lodged a submission26the council has approved the sunshine of26the development plan26and associated appendices26thank you mr walsh councillors are there26any questions or points of clarification26mr hedich26no no no no points of clarification26madame here i was going to move the26motion oh before we26move the motion are there any questions26or points of clarification26okay mr hedich would you like to move26the motion please26i'd like to move an amended motion26madame26uh that includes a minor amendment uh a26part c26uh what's the point of order council26lancashire26we can't hear you sorry26i'm just concerned that it was stated26that it was moving the motion26and then it was changed to an amended26motion26apologies madam mayor that's correct i26did say that uh but i am26proposing to move in a minute invasion26at this point in time and that's been26circulated to councillors for some time26yeah26uh councillor lancashire i'll accept26that26thank you okay okay um26so council heritage would you like could26we share the screenplays with the26amended motion26okay counsellors counselor26counselors uh the the motion that i'm26putting forward is uh as per the26business papers for a and b26approving the sunshine marketplace26development plan26and be notifying all parties who lodged26a submission26uh that council has approved the plan uh26c though is an addition26uh relating to the conversation we had26at the planning forum with the uh26the developer that uh we request the26owner of the sunshine marketplace to26engage in a regular ongoing way with the26local community and council itself26about the outcomes of their ongoing26place management investigations and26research recognising26the indigenous cultural heritage of the26area the multicultural settlement26heritage of the area26the hv mckay industrial heritage of the26site and the nationally important26industrial relations heritage of the26site26which we know around town as the26harvester judgment26two evaluating and innovative26architectural designs for the new built26form26and three the sustainable quality26landscaping for the site and its26different spaces26and d and e are as per the original26motion so a minor amendment uh madame26i commend it to councillors okay26councillor heritage thank you26do i have a second of for this amended26motion26councillor david okay26sam david yeah all right26uh councillor headache would you like to26speak to your amended notion26i would madame just briefly i think26we've we've seen26the development plan from vicinity26challenger26the developer and uh we've all been26impressed by that stage one plan26we've had a great conversation with them26the other night and26we've had some further information26provided to us in a confidential way26about place making and landscaping and26that has been26great to see this particular part c26adds to that and and requests that the26sunshine marketplace owner27engages in a regular ongoing way with27the local community and council27about the ongoing place placemaking27work that they're doing and keeping the27community informed and linked into that27and the council informed and linked into27that as we go through27acknowledging the significant site that27they're sitting on27this hv mckay27harvester site has enormous27cultural and heritage value both to the27indigenous people back when stony creek27ran through it and ever since with the27multicultural settlement of the area and27the27mckay factory uh being there for so long27and27being such a a known27feature of not just sunshine but the27whole of australia is one of the biggest27manufacturing plants in the world and27in agricultural production and so on and27one of the really big issues that27doesn't get uh mentioned much around the27place27uh or enough around the place is the27nationally important27harvester judgment that uh was made by27the27uh the well-known justice higgins back27in 190327after he received a list of requests27from the wives of the workers who27put on paper the costs of rent and27feeding their families and clothing27their families so that a living wage27could be27created for the first time in australia27and in the world27and this is uh not only a nationally27important industrial heritage27relations heritage site but27internationally as well and uh27i guess the other key thing was that27we've seen some designs coming forward27that are27very nifty um have the wow factor we27keep talking about the need for27architectural design guidelines we've27done it for four years at this council27and we're still waiting uh i'm glad27i'm putting forward this this notice of27motion to uh encourage27vicinity to keep putting forward the27great designs they're putting forward27and27sharing it with community and the same27with the landscaping we're always27looking for27a great quality landscaping around the27city and on this side in particular27uh given its enormous value and it's uh27it's uses that will come quality27landscaping is so important and we27we've been talking about landscaping27guidelines as well for uh27activity centers going forward it'll be27great to see them27come out of council eventually but um in27this case we're relying on the27sunshine marketplace to keep us informed27about what they're proposing to do and27keep the community and council in the27loop on that and27all the different spaces they're going27to put that into as well so that is the27basis of the notice of motion27asking the marketplace owners to keep in27touch with community and council about27these things and how they're going to27make this place a wonderful place over27time27it will take some time but that's the27point of it27and to keep him keeping the back of mind27the need for that architectural wow27factor around sunshine and brim bank27and also that um really great27landscaping that27really sets off uh really good quality27designs and developments thank you madam27mayor i commend the uh27um the amended notice of motion to27councillors27thank you councillor uh heritage27councillor david27thank you madam mayor i seconded27the motion by councillor heritage27because it's28very small changes and i think uh if we28want to keep some history of the28previous uh28manufacturer there and we are referring28and refer that to h.v mckay28and the judge higgins at the time uh28it's a must for us to28try and see if we can bring something28back28those who remember the previous um28library in sunshine where our civic28center is now this built to that way28is built to the history of the former uh28harvester28so i think it's a must for us to28encourage them to28come up and and present something28similar to that era it's a history28sunshine got that history28no other no other place in australia has28got that28and and we have to be seen that we're28supporting that28thank you for that thank you28councillor david do i have any other28speakers for this report councillor28tacos28i'd also like to endorse the amendment i28think that28the vicinity project has got the28potential to be the one of the biggest28draw cards for the city of brimbank28um and the cultural heritage that um28of the hshv mckay heritage that28should be woven and integrated into the28project28and i'd like to see the history of28the the decision as john mentioned uh28told through maybe a visual mural28throughout the city28so that people understand that the28eight-hour decision was made in sunshine28uh through the harvester works28so um i i think that if we're looking at28at it we need to think big28and vicinity have got an opportunity of28a lifetime to develop28a a draw card for the whole of the brim28bank and possibly the west being the28heart of the west28and i commend this amendment that um28emphasizes that they look28into the heritage and discuss that and28integrate that more into their28future planning thank you28okay councillors are there any other28speakers councillor lancashire28yeah thank you madam mayor uh my first28exposure to this uh28project at least in a concept form came28over a year ago28at the state planning conference and it28was fairly28exciting to be a participant at that28conference to see28this exciting proposal come up from28vicinity28at at least a back event as a concept28form uh28then it was quite clearly being touted28to the planners across the state28as being an exciting uh development for28sunshine28in melbourne's west it um28that that uh and i'd also like to thank28very much the the work28since then because there is enormous28amount of work in translating it from a28broad concept28into the more detailed work that we have28before us now28in terms of the concept28the proposal i particularly like is28being less car reliant as28a center with the transport super hub28improving in pedestrian and cyclist28experience in the area28where you will come to there by foot28bike train or bus28uh the encouragement of future28development to include sustainable28measures28by the developer water sensitive urban28design and tree planting28all of these things i think are a new28start28for sunshine and business center28and a very exciting opportunity we've28all as councillors walked out there into28the car park29and felt we should and could have more29and this is a great start to it all so i29i29in that basis i'd be supporting it and i29think29uh retention of the heritage elements29being put forward is also29valuable uh what we can keep of the past29is quite good29so thank you very much thank you29councillor lancashire29councillor goodichi you had your hand up29before29thank you madame i'd like to echo the29sentiments of all the29my fellow councillors and um i have to29say madame that since the29um airport rail link was announced that29it would come through29sunshine uh i think the councillors were29expecting29that there would be investments uh of29millions of dollars from various29developers29uh vicinity of course have been waiting29quite some time to see their plans and29now at least we have a development plan29in front of us and i'd like to actually29thank councillor helix for bringing it29back to what the community have told us29all along29that they don't mind that there's29millions of dollars of investment here29in sunshine29but we do have to balance it out with29our heritage and the history of sunshine29as well29um with the justice higgins um29judgment when i was there in 2007 madam29mayor in the vizi hub when it was29opened they actually reenacted29that whole um judgment and uh the people29at the time dressed in period dress29they dressed as they would have at the29time and a lot of our29long-standing community members i can't29mention them all now29actually we're the characters i have to29say madame that it was probably one of29the most29memorable things that i have ever ever29witnessed29it was absolutely amazing and i often29wonder if there's anything29in our in our um perhaps in our comms29department29that has filmed any of that because it29would be really nice if it was captured29on film29i'm not quite sure but that's that's29basically29the history of sunshine i mean that case29was renowned right over the world29so um thank you to councilman for that29amendment and i certainly will be29supporting this development plan29it's a really good news story for29sunshine and indeed29the west thank you well said councillor29any other speakers for this um29recommendation or the amendment sorry29okay i'll put it to a vote this is the29amended29um officer recommendation29by mr a councillor hedge all those in29favor29against carried29okay we're up to item2912.5 bring back planning scheme29amendment c29212 brim sunshine landfills29and i asked mr walsh to present this29report thank you29thank you madam mayor amendment 212 brim29proposes29to apply the environmental audit overlay29to potentially contaminated land29associated with and adjoining the closed29sunshine landfills29the public exhibition of this amendment29was completed on the 8th of august 2020.29this report is for council to consider29the submissions to the amendment29and to authorize council officers to29prepare council submissions to the29planning panel29hearing and negotiate the resolution of29matters between council29and submitters and a range of other29procedural matters associated with the30panel hearing30councillor also advised that a further30report would be presented to a30future ordinary council meeting on the30findings and recommendations30of the planning panel council officers30recommend the council note and consider30the 11 submissions to the amendment30and these are in attachment 1 confirms30referral of all submissions to the30planning panel30and confirms that any late submissions30received about the amendment between the30date of this report30and this council meeting and the panel30hearing30would be referred to the planning panel30uh it also30officers also recommend that council30delegates authority necessary to30represent council at the panel30and receives a further report to the30findings and recommending30recommendations of the panel planning30panel30once that is uh issued thank you madam30mayor30thank you mr walsh councillors are there30any questions or points of clarification30for mr walsh30okay do i have a mover for this um30recommendation councillor lancashire30uh thank you madam mayor i move the30officer's recommendation30thank you uh do i have a seconder for30this30recommendation30thank you councillor goodacai uh30council and lancashire would you like to30speak to this recommendation30yes thank you madame uh this amendment30um has been ongoing for us over the last30four years30and in fact it dates back to events30running over decades30as a town planner that's worked in30councils i can say that30getting an environmental audit overlay30over sites that are contaminated is an30accepted30standard practice in planning to ensure30that people30purchasing properties in those areas are30aware of that contamination30and any impacts it may have on the30developments30so i'd like to say the while it was30unfortunate and difficult for council30coming into this particular problem and30finding it30my compliments go into two areas and30that is30first of all the staff that have worked30tirelessly over this30four years to get this amendment up to a30stage where it's now30going to be it's been on exhibition and30it's going to panel30and also for the council in pursuing to30fix this30problem and ensure that there is an30environmental audit overlay30over this land so congratulations to the30staff for their hard work30and also congratulations to my fellow30councillors30in aiming to address this problem from30the past30so on that basis i would certainly30recommend the30uh the recommendation that is30put forward by the officers through my30fellow councillors thank you very much30madam man30well said councillor lancashire um30councillor gurichi30thank you madame just a few words um the30fact that it's going to a panel madame30might seem like a negative thing uh i30don't consider it to be negative i think30it's a very positive thing in the sense30that the residents will have another30opportunity30to um resolve issues and to present to30the panel30uh an independent panel at that uh but i30must say madame30that when we were first briefed about30this we all expected that30oh my god you know the media exposure31and how bad is it going to be but um the31fact that me that it's ended the way31that it has31and every single um31homeowner or or landowner there has been31consulted with31and every single person has given us31feedback is only31a testament madam mayor to our staff31and uh mr walsh and his team and all31all of the legal team and everyone31involved including us as councillors31um in understanding exactly what was31going on down there madame31so i'm i'm really happy that it's much31clearer now31um it is not as bad as we initially31thought it was going to be31um and um i'm happy that the panel will31go ahead madame31so then we can get a better31understanding as well and it as i said31it does provide another independent view31of everything that's going on31so i commend everyone involved thank you31so true thank you councillor chair31any other speakers for this report31okay i'll put it to a vote all those in31favor31against carried thank you3112.6 proposed planning scheme31amendment tunnel cliff court in east31kelow31um that's the key law cemetery mr walsh31do you mind presenting this report again31you're a busy person tonight31thanks madam mayor i don't mind at all31the purpose of this report is for31council to consider providing31in-principle written support to the31greater metropolitan cemeteries trust31for a planning scheme31amendment which proposes to re-zone a31portion of the killer cemetery from31industrial three zone31to the public used zone puzz five31and this is shown in attachment one uh31our31our office or our recommendation to31council is that31council provides in principle written31support to the greater metropolitan31cemeteries trust31for this planning scheme amendment as31detailed in attachment one31thank you mr walsh councillors are there31any questions or points of clarification31councillor tacos31uh thank you yes um my question to the31officer31is no public consultation is taking31place for this31particular proposed uh amendment is that31uh due to the fact that it's an31administrative31um because of the administrative nature31of this31um amendment uh planning scheme31amendment or other other reasons31uh through you madam mayor um31the amendment is the twenty part four31which um is at the minister's discretion31so the minister would have been31requested to undertake31that that amendment uh you know that31process uh it is by and large31uh contained with well it is entirely31contained within the cemetery31cemetery bounds um and for that reason31i would provide council with the advice31that it is31largely an administrative process31okay any other questions counsellors31all right do i have a mover for this31report councillor lancashire31thank you madame move the officer's31recommendation31thank you do i have a seconder31councillor sam david31okay would the mover like to speak to31this report thank you madam31mayor uh very briefly uh this rezones31the site31to uh its use of cemeteries and31crematoria31um of course it's just cemeteries31however31the uh this is a regular process that31occurs bringing the planning scheme31into conformity with the use of the land32so it's very procedural and i would32certainly recommend it to uh councillors32thank you thank you councillor32lancashire32um councillor david just a few words32from other mayors32yes i believe we should under 10 maybe3211 years ago32we had our own community there uh castle32judiciary member32and we penetrated that cemetery we've32done quite a number of jobs here32he's a liam and we purchased the line32across the road where the32new part of the cemetery is now and also32we went through with a small little32uh factory abandoned factory if you like32right on the corner32where we started with 300 300 00032and we kept going and we thought they32forced ourselves to go and purchase it32on um compulsory acquisition and it cost32us one point32one hundred and fifty thousand dollars32so if should have done that there32it would have been a lot better i32support the um32the officer's recommendation what i mean32thank you councillor david i just can't32believe the memory that you've got32you came up with that figure32done thank you for that um information32background information32do i have any other counselors that32would like to speak to this report32okay um put it forward to a vote all32those in favor32against carrie thank you32all right item 12.7 draft submission to32melbourne airport environs32safeguarding standing advisory committee32mr walsh i invite you back thank you32thank you madam mayor uh the the32melbourne airport environment32safeguarding standing advisory committee32has been appointed to provide advice to32the minister for planning32on a range of matters that are detailed32in the report32the purpose of this report is for32council to consider endorsing endorsing32the draft submission32to the melbourne airport environs32safeguarding standing advisory committee32as shown at attachment 1. officers32recommend the council endorse the draft32submission32as attached but and also note that that32bring bank melton and hume councils have32jointly written to the victorian32government32proposing that it consider a revised32process for32improvements to the planning provisions32safeguarding32melbourne airport and and its32environments environs as shown at32attachment four32thank you madam mayor thank you mr walsh32counselors are there any questions or32points of clarification32okay do i have a mover for this report32councillor tarkos32i can't hear you counselor tacos we32can't hear you i move the motion as32per the papers thank you uh do i have a32second32seconder for this report counselor alan32would the mover like to speak to this32report32thank you uh i welcome the council's32comprehensive submission to32me sack a key issue raised by our32submission is the planning scheme32doesn't require assessment of planning32permit applications against what is an32extensive range32of information guidelines and other32legislation that exists for airports32important points to reference are32guideline a32measures for managing impacts of32aircraft noise32ineff is not the best way32to always depict areas impacted by32aircraft noise32and it is not always the most accurate32or comprehensive understanding of the32impact of noise on communities32which is supported by information from33sydney airport where the majority of33noise complaints33were outside the 20 a n e f33the end contour is the additional noise33measure33which measures noise based on the33frequency of noise events33and the decibel measure33the end contours however are not33included in any of the planning scheme33therefore there is no requirement to33consider this noise measure33or refer a permit application to the33airport operator for comment33madame the feedback i've received from33the community is that this process33whilst an important one for planning is33in the middle of a critical health33state emergency and that the airport33must consider the following33the concerns arising for many are that33the most33affected people are elderly and are at33the very high risk of covert 19 and33would not be able to attend33the november hearings many have english33as a second language in brimbank and not33very33may not have the computer literacy which33would limit them in researching and33producing33a comprehensive submission and this may33mean that they are not represented33in the submissions process33elderly are also more severely impacted33by noise33uh in noise corridors and intensity33many pre-1980 homes may also33contain asbestos that could vibrate33which could also disrupt fibers below33the flight path33which increase in volume and intensity33most retirees and pensioners lack the33funds to insulate33their homes to currently accept acoustic33levels and make asbestos33safe their voices need to be heard as33well33as a local councillor representative i33feel they need33time and they need accessible33information to make their submissions33and their voices heard33and finally and most importantly33schools are currently closed down under33quarantine33so are completely unable to prepare33their own submissions in view of the33widely recognized33educational harm that our33that our research uh research has shown33to occur33with the distraction of increased33aircraft noise33so it made me that that is a concern33that all these33uh people need to be also represented in33this process33and hopefully the airport can take uh33in its consultation take that into33consideration thank you33so councillor tarkos are you for this33notice of motion33uh officer recommendation or do you want33an amendment33made to include some of these i would33like an amendment if possible33um reading through this uh feedback to33possibly ask the airport that you33consider an extension33of the consultation period given that33schools are closed and they should be i33think at a minimum33uh consulted and also uh33for the voices of the called community33and also33the the people that may not have access33to computers to also33consider submissions so i'm not sure if33if i could add that33can i just have the um recommendations33put up on the screen again please so we33can all33look at it and review it33perhaps an additional um point33given that i fully endorse what what our33submission33uh is that i i my concern is that there33are33there is a lot of voices that are left34out in this process34and that the hearings are in november i34believe34so it doesn't give people a lot of time34to prepare34okay so34i'm just speaking to councillor tarkos34um so would you like to34add point e to it council of tacos34is that what you're suggesting yes if i34could add34we've got an amendment motion so you34agree with a b34c d yes and we need to word34e34okay um just clarification here because34councillor tacos you've moved it based34on what's there currently34and counselor alan agreed to what's the34are you happy34councillor alan to second the amended34motion34i just had a question for council34officers just to34understand what the effects of that34additional34recommendation would have could i ask mr34walsh to come34back on screen please thank you34uh thank you madam mayor um for the34purpose of clarity the34submission is not to melbourne airport34but rather to the advisory committee34so it would be possible to include34additional points in our cover letter34to the submission um regarding34uh any additional things that the uh34that the council34would wish to include um and i34understand34that uh um34uh if uh if for the purpose of34yes that would be good if we could34document the uh the34the key points of course34maybe in one or two sentences could you34read34or tell me tell us what you would like34added34uh that the consideration34be given and possible extension for the34um submission just a little bit slow34because this has been typed up34that the consideration34what what were the first few words that34that consideration be given for34extending34um the submission process uh34slowed down a little bit you've got that34okay and uh for34um the school the schools in uh that are34going to be impacted34by this um34this particular well to the34so so the school population that is34directly beneath the flight path34uh to provide submission to be given the34opportunity to provide a submission34and also um uh other community members34that may not have english as their first34language34uh to also counsel attackers they're34trying to take34copy this while you're talking so very34low34a bit so so we we've got the schools34we've got34the called community the cold so34cald community yep34and also the aged care facilities in the34area because of the impact34um uh sensitivity for older people with34um aviation noise so age keep34it still hang on34have you got that all right aged care34facilities34and i think i've covered and what about34other organizations i should have that34flight path34exactly well all right that would be34great kindergartens34okay it's been typed up it's going to34come on34on the screen in a minute34so request melbourne airport that's b34hang on uh so through you madam mayor34uh if i may just clarify that the34request would be made34to the melbourne airport's34environs safety standing advisory35committee35so mesack rather than to melbourne35airport35okay we can adjust the number35we're gonna okay could we add that in35the35okay so is that all right mr walsh35what's on the screen now um another35requests melvin airport it35considers extending the submission35process for35um i think i heard councillor tarkos say35extends35the exhibition extends the35submission process35and includes comma and includes35targeted consultation or targeted35engagement35for school populations cold community35aged care facilities and other35organizations35and other organizations35can i add in one thing around our parks35providers you can at the moment this35isn't a discussion this is an amendment35that we need to finalize then we've got35to see if councillor35alan will still second it35otherwise it will35i've got to put it forward to35counsellors again35we just have to we've missed some of the35wording but35virginia yes are you happy with35yes are setting that in as an amended35motion35yes i am okay all right so35do i have a second or sorry it's got to35go back to countless do i have a35seconder for this35amended motion35council allen you you're happy with that35okay all right councillor tarcotts would35you like to speak to this35well uh just to reiterate that given the35complexity35a minute you've got about a minute left35from35the additional time that you had before35just to just to uh reiterate that given35the complexity of this35um process i think it's important that35consultation35and engagement process involves a lot35more stakeholders and35um just i think our submission is35excellent35but i think it should uh given that35there's a pandemic and the consultation35process has been35somewhat difficult for a lot of other um35stakeholders that uh the the airport35i mean sorry the mesa should consider uh35extending it for the other groups as35well35thank you okay thank you35all right would the second like to make35any comments35um a bit on the fly but um all good yes35um i echo council taco says earlier35statements from the first part of it35and um yeah look i'm fine with this35position35councillor borg35councillor ball we can't hear you35thank thank you madam mayor this draft35submission is35highly uh welcomed with35prospect prospective significant changes35to melbourne airport it's important to35balance35the safeguarding with melbourne airport35which facility35is facilitating the appropriate growth35of melbourne council submission response35to key matters with regards35to the guidelines within the framework35and also looks at how the framework35may be further implemented in victorious35planning35system meaningful implementation of the35framework35framework requires the victorian35government35to amend all planning schemes in a35timely35manner some highlights include35a national approach to planning for35airports and the environment35a more streamlined approach is required36a consistent approach to the application36of the guidelines could contribute to36uniform36outcomes safety issues with regards to36wind shear36and turbulence there is no guidance on36building heights36at airports better management of impacts36of36air aircraft noise36and so on this is a very highly36comprehensive36draft submission i also endorse36councillor tarkos's36addition to these recommendations36and i would also like to commend the36great work that has been put36into this draft submission so thank you36everyone involved36thank you councillor baldwin said all36right any other speakers for this report36councillor heritage36yep thank you mr mayor i'd like to uh36commend the amendments that have come36forward i'd36also like to propose that we add in the36parks36uh community to the amendment of36councillor tarkos36uh is willing to we have brimbank park36we have sydenham park we have lots of36parks up the uh36the mirabelong valley corridor of36brimbank's own parks that are36badly affected by noise uh points in36time and uh users who are out for health36and well-being36outcomes uh have their visits and that36uh affected so i think it needs to be36taken into account uh36when uh when the next process starts up36and that parks community36our parks victoria and brimbank park36where it owns parks36that are in these areas uh we look36forward to submissions from them36i'd also like to say if so if that could36be added that would be great the36parks i'm going to go through that36process in a minute36thank you is there anything else that36you want to36i36um i guess the other thing is that we we36are very lucky in36this community we have a couple of36really strong groups uh36uh one uh the melbourne airport uh36action group that uh hannah robinson36is doing some great work with and i know36they've made a submission to this36and uh i'd encourage that group to put36their submissions to council to be36incorporated36in councils uh thinking and responses36when the time comes again36and also we have another group on the36edge of brimbank36just in the city of hume uh that michael36houston heads up36also making a submission a good quality36submission to this process and36it will be great if both of those could36be sent to the council and incorporated36uh with all the other documents councils36keeping on this so that it can be36referenced36uh in future advice back to government36and to uh to mesa and various other36organizations and bodies36thank you thank you councillor heritage36now36adding um the word parts in there36we need to make an amendment on top of36the amendment36okay so first councillor tarkos are you36happy to add36the amendment um counselor headache36would like to add to your amendment36yes i'm happy to include parks as well36yeah so i've got to ask council at36tarkos first so she's happy with that36now councillor heddich this becomes a36little bit complicated36can you read the amendment36of capitola tacos's and just add the36word36parks in there yeah that's the new36amendment36so i uh i would like to uh37put put the motion that is the amended37motion that's37been presented on the screen at the37moment and add in the word parks37state government parks uh37just parks i think uh the state37government there's37room bank as well bring bank has parks37sydney37it covers all state local government and37federal that's fine i'll be happy with37that madame yep37so you're happy with all the others abc37indeed the original37i'm happy with the uh the amended motion37that's coming forward yeah that um37okay julian's trying to complicate37things here for37me okay so the amended37the first amendment was what the um37council attack was had37the additional amendment is to add the37work parts we need to pass37the additional amendment first37all right all right can you put that on37the screen please37all right37so we've got two b's on the screen at37the moment37so the new b is the second b julian37okay so the highlighted one37is the latest amendment37is it where's parks37so we'll add parts after aged care are37you happy with that counselor headache37certainly okay comma parks37and other organizations okay37councillor heritage moves an amendment37on top of the other amendment37do i have a seconder for that please37good chair thank you37all right i'll put that to a vote all37those in favor37against carried now do i go to the37amended so37okay so so this37now becomes the new substantive motion37okay so we need to vote there are five37different points instead of four37with two lots of amendments made in them37so we need to pass the new substantive37motion37i've got it okay37all those in favor37against carrie thank you37all right we've got through that okay37let's get to the next item3712.8 state review to decriminalize sex37work in victoria37mr walsh could you please present this37report thank you37thank you madam mayor council will37recall that they deferred this item37at the august uh ordinary council37meeting37so the purpose of this report is for37council to note the council office that37council officers have provided37a submission to the review into the37decriminalization of sex work in37victoria37shown at attachment one37and so the officer recommendation is for37council to note the submission shown at37attachment one37and note that we've uh the council37officers have provided this submission37to the inquiry37and the council is asked to endorse the37submission37um and provides written advice to the37inquiry secretariat37of its decision okay37thank you mr walsh councillors are there37any37questions or points of clarification37mr hedich a councillor heritage sorry37thanks madam mayor um i noticed uh in37the earlier part of the meeting in the37uh37the public questions we had a couple of37questions come in that seemed to37intimate that there was an37uh an underlying issue around the use37of investigators and the impact it may37have on sex workers37can counsel can director walsh give us37some insight into what the issue that's37been flagged in those questions might be37um okay through you madam mayor it's38difficult for me to speak for the38uh for the uh the uh38questioners you know for someone who38makes a submission38uh to counsel um38can i just add to that mr walsh that it38was brought up38at the briefing that we had a couple of38days ago and it was addressed38okay um so and there was also38information forwarded today to38councillors38on the questions that were based at the38last briefing38so director wilshere38my my um my question is is regarding the38i think the what i38what i saw there was an assumption that38there was um38an impact on the sex worker as a result38of the work that we're doing uh38potentially38uh is that the issue that um you that38was was brought up in the uh in the38briefing uh i wasn't at that briefing i38was uh38that's away uh through you madam mayor38there have been um there are divergent38views on38the on the use of38uh independent investigators and the way38in which38uh those investigators38uh gather evidence um and that was38uh certainly uh in in briefing38uh in the uh sex work law reform38uh victoria uh briefing council there38was a discussion about38uh about about that and about then38uh the the um38the ethical and moral or probably not38moral the ethical dilemma that that that38dynamic sets up between38uh the discussion between an38investigator and38a sex worker um and there was a little38bit of discussion about that as an38ethical dilemma38in uh in an investigatory process38okay it's a difficult question38to answer thank you mr walsh38councillors are there any other38questions or points of clarification38okay could i have a mover for this38report please38councillor goodie chair38i'll move the recommendation as printed38in the business papers madame38thank you councillor goodi chair do i38have a seconder38councillor borg38okay uh councillor chair would you like38to speak to this38recommendation uh just simply to say the38madame38that i think i have enough information38now um38since the deferral at the last council38meeting we've also had a couple of38briefings we've read a lot of material38about it38and i'm quite happy to endorse the38officer's recommendation and the38submission thank you38uh thank you secondary like to um38comment on this recommendation38yes yes thank you madame um38victorious sex industry is regulated38under the38sex work act 1994 and the sex38work regulation council acknowledges38the community's concerns about illegal38brothers being established38in premises that present38as message parlors in brimbank38submission focuses on five key areas38advantages of decriminalizing38sex work regulatory and enforcement38responsibilities38planning system licensing and work38worker safety introducing a model38to decriminalize sex work in victoria38has the ability to streamline the38regulations38and enforcement of sex work and enable38sex workers to operate like any other38legitimate business however once a38decriminalized model38will allow council to have the ability38to use planning power to regulate39sex industry businesses through39compliance39with planning policies it will only be39successful39if relevant legislation39is consistent across the state39and with other relevant legislation39in a successful the criminalized model39sex work would not be treated different39to other work and therefore should39reduce the level39of monitoring and registration39undertaken by the government39and and enforcement undertaken by police39councils and other regulatory39bodies39it's important to note that39irrespective of whether sex work is39decriminalized39it is recommended that local government39continue39to act as a as the responsible authority39to ensure brothels and sex works are39pretty39appropriately located and authorized39pursuant39to a planning pyramid i'm happy to39to support the recommendations presented39by the39council officers39thank you councillor are there any other39speakers for this um39recommendation council39headache yes thanks madam mayor um39i've i've watched this one with interest39and i can only see a wicked problem39the the officer's report and39submission has gone in the process39closes very soon and i guess uh39my point of view is that uh in this city39we've had39a big problem with illegal brothels in39um different residential areas39and you know around our way here we've39observed39girls getting in the back of trucks and39new lots of girls coming into houses39and uh the houses are being run39presumably by people of uh39of uh ill repute and uh the women39involved are not in the best of39circumstances39so for me i uh i think there is a39an obligation to try and prevent that39illegal39brothel i guess sub39industry uh growing and the39impacts on women and men who work in it39um i guess minimized the harm minimised39i39report all that i hear39the comments that are coming from the39reformers about uh the the potential39impacts on sex39workers and not the um39those who are running these illegal39entities39and i hear that and it might and for me39i think as a community we do need to39um eliminate as best as we can that39illegal subculture and industry that39is prevalent around this place but we39also need to acknowledge that the women39working in there are individuals are39being affected uh more probably than the39organizations that are running these39shows one minute39so um for me um i find39it important that the council does39continue its work and that the39submission that's been made39highlights that it's a very different39difficult place to regulate but i also39have a39a great concern that the women involved39in that industry aren't the ones that39are39fined and you know affected most uh by39uh action that the council may take uh39so i'm not sure on this at all39and i am going to abstain from voting on39this one39thank you councillor heritage um any39other comments by councillors39accounts trump39thank you madame i think the39the potential to infect our community39induced in the public church and39cultural service impact39the potential for such workers to work40in the president area may be40may in fact in our community40through a loss of amenity40due to a registrar of operation40lot of safety and security for residents40and expo of children and vulnerable40residents to40empower the act activity if not40regularly i think the review of40attendance network we need to consider40regulation relate to the40occupation the health and safety40building environment health and planning40our local government heal likely40play an important role in regarding40and enforcing set work blessing40in significant in fact of result40and i think for the sake work could40remove40criminal flow and very regulatory40control relate40to broader insect work chain of40regulation may have impacted the health40and safety of our community40important or unlikely to be licensed for40control40of victoria police and shed work would40be40conduct of the president area40i think this is no environment40or finance risk to end divide40thank you thank you councillor trump40any other speakers for this um40recommendation40all right i'll put it to a vote all40those in favor40one two three sorry40all those in favor one40two three four five six seven eight40nine all those against40all right pass thank you40all right um40item 12.9 the saint albans leisure40center redevelopment40facility naming i invite mr hogan could40you please40um present this report i'll just go on40mute40certainly a thank you metamed council40and community would be aware40that the saint organs leisure centre is40currently undergoing large-scale40redevelopment40the new building requires a name and40council is asked to consider four names40recommended by the facility naming40advisory committee40following a month-long community40consultation campaign40council received 314 submissions and 25640unique names40any name selected by council will40precipitate a further round of public40consultation40to hear any objections as part of the40geographic names victoria40process for final approval40thank you madame40did you all hear that clearly because it40was echoing for me in here40okay all right good all right any40questions or points of clarification40counselor borg40yes thank you madam mayor um40mr um hogan did council40check with traditional owner the names40whether their names are appropriate40correct and suitable40through you madam chair yes that is the40case40um on the 26th of40august i did a presentation to basic the40brim bank aboriginal and torres strait40islander consultative committee40where it was brought to their attention40and they were asked if they had any40feedback or any names or any suggestions40that might be appropriate for the40committee40and later council to consider further to40that40um council remember in the august40council meeting establishing40a naming committee which did include40representation from the waranjari boy40were on cultural heritage aboriginal40corporation40representative from that to ensure that40indigenous and traditional owner names40were considered within that process41further to that the naming rules and41regulations set out by41geographic names victoria make it clear41that41organizations clearly consider41traditional owner names41in naming conventions41thank you4141thank you madame um my i have two41questions the first one is regarding the41aboriginal names themselves and the41meaning41and the other part to that question is41the41priorities that the aboriginal community41put on those names that41have aboriginal connotations and41histories41uh thank you uh for your question41council hedic41through the chair um41three traditional owner names there for41consideration of council41marin bullock center woman jacob41was the i want to make sure that i'm41careful with my phrasing here but that41was the peoples who were41the traditional owners of the land we're41known as the41marin burrick pillar sorry marin malik41people local to the area41women jenka is the41name for welcome so that would41translated be the welcome center and41dara means heart so brim bank dara would41mean41to bring bank heart41in so far as the priority goes41um that was not indicated or during41the naming committee meeting itself nor41later when the4141corporation was asked to verify the41appropriateness of the names considered41the spelling and the translations41councillors are there any other41questions uh councillor david41yes mother mayor and justin a year and a41half or two years ago we41toured victoria we did a council41to see the um41the new facilities um leisure centers41and i must say by the mayor that all of41those centers41they named their uh the name in with41something to do with41water and after all councilor david is41this a question for41um mr hogan well not so much a question41but i41um that you can talk to i41okay all right this is an opportunity to41ask the director any41questions or points of clarification41well41we did clarify that and i respect the41indigenous people in the name's41concern but we we have to do something41with41uh community access41okay councillor heritage did you ask two41questions before41sorry i can't hear you41i asked one about the aboriginal names41and priority41of the aboriginal names and i asked my41second one about brimbank the word41brimbank and41i'm seeking advice through the heritage41of through the41facility naming advisory committee about41why brimbank has been chosen given41that this new news center uh focuses on41the northwestern suburbs of brimbank41and the um east melton area41about 50 each for usage i'm just41wondering why we're choosing brim bank41when41that's the catchment area41mr hogan would you like to respond to41that or41um to the extent that i can knowing that41this will be paraphrasing some of the41discussion that occurred between the41members of the community41um it was thought that given the41regional nature the size and41significance of this41facility that it was appropriate to42refer42to it as a bring bank center42whereas suburb names such as key law42downs or other were not appropriate42given it had some42uh perhaps inaccuracy in relation to the42location42not being strictly speaking within42saint albans and then further to that42not seeking to be too provincial or to42see it as a suburban level facility42something to be enjoyed by the entire42municipality42thank you mr hogan any other questions42councillors all right do i have a42mover for this um recommendation42councillor goodie chair42thank you madame mayor i'd like to move42the recommendation with42at part a uh bring bank42aquatic and wellness center be included42okay um do i have a seconder for this42counselor aziz thank you42all right uh would the mover like to42speak to the recommendation42uh yes madame um i think42um we've come to a point where we have42to name this facility42um we're suggesting a name42it's actually going to go out there even42more if there are any serious objections42of course they'll be brought back to the42council and i'm sure42another process will be enacted but in42the meantime42this council endorsed to process uh the42council has now gone through the process42community representatives actually came42along42and gave their views and were part of42the process42um i'd like to see the center42named possibly um42not necessarily maybe the one that's42there but that's the one that i consider42what me42i'm moving the motion so that's the one42that i consider should be the one that42goes out to the community and of course42if there are any objections as i said uh42the community will come back to us with42any of those objections42um 314 submissions 25642uh different names i think the committee42had its work cut out for it42i really do but i'd also like to mention42madame42while we're having this discussion there42are many rooms within the wellness42center42and the aquatic center that can be42referred back42to the heritage of this area which is42the rural injury people so perhaps42naming the cafe42with an aboriginal name or um one of the42rooms with an aboriginal name42there's many many ways that we can42actually uh encompass all of that42but i'm sure that the community will42give us42their views on this matter i look42forward to the42community engagement process and the42results of it coming back42uh to the council thank you thank you42councillor gurichi councillor aziz would42you like to say a few words42with this recommendation yes thank you42madam mayor i i agree with um42councillor gudy j all the names that um42the aboriginal names would be really42nice to come back as42names of rooms cafes42and things like that and i just i i42really42think that the green bank aquatic scent42wellness center42sounds really nice to me and i really42like that name and thank you to everyone42that's been involved because i know it's42been a hard process42and to come down to four names it's been42amazing so42thank you to everyone involved thank you42well said councillors42is any other speakers for this42recommendation42counselor headache42i'd like to speak against it madam mayor43on a number of grounds i find that the43recommendation is outrageous43it's outrageous because we've had a43we've had an advisory committee meet and43consider all those names that the43community's put in in the process43they've come up with murren bullock43seven votes43woman jenker six votes grim bank aquatic43and wellness center five votes and bring43bank dara center three votes43yet we have uh a councillor putting43forward43a third choice of the advisory committee43without a real justification other than43a personal choice43i also think that uh from the answer43that uh director hogan gave us earlier43it's outrageous because we have at the43other end of the43brimbank city the the southern end43another regional facility that was43developed 10 years ago as a regional43facility which focuses on43the southern suburbs of brimbank and a43number of suburbs in the city of43mirabinol43and uh it equally could have been called43under this logic43brim bank back in its day but it wasn't43because it reflected43a a regional center as it was known then43so for me uh the name has issues on two43fronts it is not the choice43of the advisory committee and that i43think is a fundamental issue43i think the use of the word brimbank is43a fundamental issue43uh council has not been briefed or43discussed this before tonight we're43getting a report like this43and i guess for me uh it43also is insulting to the uh indigenous43community to start talking about naming43rooms like cafes and others43after such using such uh fabulous names43and uh to me43that's a real insult so i'll be saying43openly and widely this has been an43outrageous choice43and i will be voting against you tonight43okay thank you councillor headache are43there any other speakers at councillor43farm43and then councillor lancashire43thank you madame um with together with43councillor walk last time when we43have the meeting with the43rep committee4343it was very emotional that i43also want to express their feeling as43well about the name43that um they haven't43uh be be able to get involved from the43early stage43and they also quite upset that you know43if this um major center is not43naming um43that based on the luxury um43you know name background as well so43i don't know how they're gonna feel43about this and43you know if we we don't choose any of43those um43indigenous names for the center43thank you43okay uh councils before we continue we43need to extend the time43could i have someone move forward that43we extend the time43by 30 minutes43a mover please counselor good chair43second and by43councillor david all those in favor43against carried thank you all right any43other speakers for this recommendation43sorry yes that's right councillor43lancashire43uh thank you madam mayor uh the the name43uh brimbank aquatic and well-being43center is an excellent name for this43facility it gives43recognition to we are brimbank43and we're proud to be brimbank and our43signature project43being called that is quite appropriate43and43i think an absolute delight to think43that uh44we are involved in that sort of naming44process44and that we would have uh a grand44facility such as this44um give recognition to where it's44located in brimbank44in terms of it's also stated aquatic44and well-being recognizes the44incredible uniqueness of this facility44that is a well-being center44as well as aquatic center and uh44i think um uh the combination that's44been developed there through the the44committee44well done to the committee in developing44that name an excellent44excellent choice which we can all be44very proud of and is clearly44recognizable44for the uses that are proposed44i think i'm certainly greatly in favor44of parks and things44taking on aboriginal names and as44suggested rooms44be given aboriginal names is certainly44a great way to recognize the aboriginal44culture44however in this case i think where we44have this type of facility44where people need to know where it is44how to get there44this is quite an appropriate name so44well done to the committee and44and thank you i'd recommend that name44and we'll be supporting that thank you44okay uh thank you councillor lancashire44councillor alan44sorry i don't understand um44if you44so if it seems as if there's a44difference of opinion between44the number one choice by the committee44and44the preferred choice by councillors44and that this is going to go out for44consultation again44why wouldn't you then present the number44one choice by the committee44and the number one choice by councillors44and then put those two names44out for consultation44through the chair um clarity44the committee was asked to select44four names i think they initially had44256 unique names to choose from44they went through a process of44elimination had a broad range of44discussions44and the intent was that there would be44four names44at the end of deliberation for council44to select between44so while the minutes show44the votes that were received for each44particular name44if they were all tied for first if that44makes any sense44that they sought to have four names for44council to consider44it was always the intent of the process44for the council44despite a month-long community44consultation process44to be able to make their own decision44and determination44in selecting the name for this facility44moving forward44in so far as the next community44consultation period that's an44expectation44under the naming rules of the44um responsible state department44geographic names victoria44to ensure that any names selected44there's a process44that allows objections now those44objections are44normally in relation to procedural44anomaly hasn't there not been enough44community consultation what has been the44process has this been appropriately44ratified44such as coming to council tonight if44those things are satisfied44if it is conforms with the naming44regulations44and there is no objections that can be44sustained then it would44necessarily move to this44to be ratified by the following council45and then submitted to45the officer geographic names so that's45the process45um to be honest the45community consultation phase such as we45had at the outset45it's not something that was strictly45necessary but we thought it appropriate45to go to the community given the45significance45of this facility so45just to clarify um45there is because i'm looking at the45officer recommendation and it says45selects blank as the official proposed45name45so right now we are selecting one of45those45four not submitting the45the top four that then go out for45consultation so45counselor good chair already yeah45yeah yeah so that's the recommendation45or that's been moved by councillor45goodichi45so that's what we're discussing and45that's what we'll45be voting on yeah if it lapses45what's the next step all right so45someone else will be able to move45another name45okay okay all right are there any45other questions before we go to45counselor councillor gordachev45right of reply is that a question45councillor goodichi45yeah yes it is madame part b45of the recommendation states authorizes45officers to begin the community45engagement process required to45facilitate45community feedback and any objections to45the proposed name45at an appropriate time so i'm presuming45that there will be45another community engagement process45that's right councillor that will be to45hear any objections right thank you mr45hogan45okay any other45any other um counselors that would like45to speak to this45counselor heritage you've already spoken45so45i'll go back to counselor goodiche could45you please clarify45um the name so we can put it in before45it goes to a vote please45uh yes it's the brimbank aquatic and45wellness center okay45all right now um council of goodiche45you've got an opportunity45um to the right of reply45thank you madame um i take on board all45the um45comments by the other councillors45but i think it's important that we45recognize that45it's the brim bank council that's45actually building45this center45it's our right payers money which is45building it as well45um i think by having the name bring bank45there signifies that45it is something that belongs to bring45bank and of course it's open for45everyone to come to i mean45i'm sure a lot of us have gone to other45leisure centres um45in our lifetimes uh you're not going to45only stay in the one in your45municipality45and look for me it was a personal choice45to choose that45um and i also have to reiterate madame45that when i said45that other rooms or a cafe could have45aboriginals aims45that is my personal view entirely it is45not in the report45so i just said that just to say it uh it45is my personal view45but look i really believe that that is45the name45that is probably better but again if45councillors don't want to45vote for that i'm quite open to45discussion madame45but i'm sure that the community46engagement will draw out46any issues that there may be46and they may also seek community members46may also seek information about any of46the other names46so really at the end of the day we're46about to enter another community46engagement process to finalize46the naming of this absolutely 30 seconds46particularly once in a lifetime world46opportunity46wellness center thank you thank you46all right councillors i'll um put this46recommendation to46a vote with the name being in the46bring bank aquatic and wellness46center all right all those in favor of46this name46hands up please one46two three four five six46all those against one46two three four46and did someone abstain then46no vote okay so it's passed46i'm understanding what i'm married oh46counselor heading as46councillor david all right all right so46it's passed thank you46sorry a division okay all right46all those in favor hands up again please46okay councillor trung councillor aziz46councillor allen councillor goodiche46councillor lancashire and council of46pepperfodio46all those against46councillor board councillor tarkos46councillor heritage46and council of farm and one of the state46councillor46david thank you all right46we'll move on to the next um46item 12.10 financial statements 20194620 and performance statement 2019 20.46uh mr ma i invite you to present this46report and46you'll slightly disappearing your face46is not46clear thank you madame46forward a little bit mr ma thank you46madame46um the financial statements for 2019 2046and the performance statement for the46same period46are presented to council for46consideration46council's audit and risk committee46considered these accounts at its meeting46on the 4th of september46and recommended that council approves in46principled financial statements46and performance statements subject to46any changes by the auditor46and the chair of the audit risk46committee updated council46on this uh earlier tonight this evening46it is recommended that council improve46improve in principle the financial46statements and the performance46statements46uh prior to them being forward to the46victorian auditor general's office for46finalization46thank you thank you mr mart46councillors are there any questions from46mr ma46okay do i have a mover for this report46councillor goody check46i'll move the recommendation as printed46in the business papers thanks madame46thank you do i have a seconder for this46report46uh councillor trump thank you uh46councillor goodichi would you like to46speak to this report46uh yes just briefly madame i just have46made a few notes46um this um falls under my portfolio of46brim bank innovation46um so the report shows our financial46performance ensuring the delivery of46services and programs46that support our diverse community and46make brim bank stronger46prior to forwarding the financial46statements the uh 192046the performance statement 1920 to the46victorian auditor-general46council is required to consider in46principle improvement46of the statements the operating result47for the financial year 30th of june 2047is a surplus of 11.3 million against47a budgeted surplus of 14.9 million47cash balances for the financial year47ended 30th of june 2047was 75.2 million compared to the47budgeted47cash balance of 53.947million the results of council's risk47assessment for financial sustainability47places council's overall financial47sustainability47in the low risk category which is47extremely good for us madam mayor47considering47what we've had to go through in the last47budget and i think47i'm hoping of course that that will47still continue into the next budget47um because we are facing quite a47difficult budget uh47a media review and of course the next47budget as well47the performance statement contains 3047prescribed47indicators and measures including 1247of service performance 12 for financial47performance47and 6 for sustainable capacity47the initial audit has been completed by47the audit and risk committee at its47meeting on the 4th of september47as we heard from mr harry before and the47audit risk committee has recommended47the council approves in principle the47financial statements and47performance statement subject to any47further changes47by the auditor thank you madame47thank you councillor chair uh councillor47trump would you like to say a few words47no um47yeah no i think it's um4747just um47to act on a little bit it rely about the47council pray for the president i think47due to the47that means it a lot of president is47concerned and worried47you do they lost4747their income um and they all47always contact the council every day47about if we can postpone the council47right this isn't talking about a budget47this is talking about47the financial statements you know like47the bank statements47yeah yeah do you have any questions on47the financial statements uh no thank you47okay are you happy to second counselor47trump47yes i okay okay thank you47um councillor is this i believe you had47disappeared and you've47just come back uh could you please47announce yourself counselor geneva's47news47thank you and audit cards please47everyone47yeah thank you everyone okay47all right47sorry what am i up to i've lost track47all right financial statements okay47we've had councillor goody chair47um move it we've had councillor trump47second it47do i have any other speakers councillor47heritage47thanks madam thanks madam mayor um i47just wanted to47uh focus on one of the points that47councillor guducha raised the uh47the one where we have the risk47assessment of financial sustainability47indicators47and that um net result is47low adjusted underlying result is medium47liquidity low internal financing medium47indebtedness low capital replacement low47and renewal gap low47and uh we have had a difficult time47uh over the four years we've been we47started off with a million dollars worth47of opportunity47uh we are now uh financing a number of47major projects and uh47and a covered uh problem that will not47go away for many years48but despite all that and despite all the48predictions and everything else we've48retained our48principally low risk profile all the way48through this council48it begs the question a question that i48keep asking48is when we're going to do a bit more i48look forward48to the midgee review coming up and48council doing a few more things around48particular areas like bike paths and48walking paths and footpaths and all48those things we didn't do48when we had the opportunity last time48when we seriously had a low48risk profile in place so uh i commend48the council officers for uh retaining48that uh diligent approach to looking48after the profile and to48the results that have been put forward48but i also ask that the councillors48when the next opportunity comes up48mid-year review or the following budget48do the right thing by community and do a48bit more thank you48thank you councillor hedge um any other48comments from councillors48well i'll put it forward to a vote all48those in favor48against carrie thank you4812.11 brimbank council playing year48three48court fourth quarter progress report uh48miss dumble48thank you madame the purpose of this48report is for council to consider noting48the progress made towards48implementation of the council plan for48the fourth quarter482019 to 2020 april to june48this progress report provides results48and analysis for the 114 actions in the48council48annual action plan year three for the48fourth quarter period48thank you thank you miss tumble48councillors are there any questions from48istanbul or any48point of clarification48okay do i have a mover for this report48cancel a goodie chair48a seconder48cancel a book48would you like to make some comments to48this report please48yes madam mayor um this also falls under48my portfolio madam mayor um48so the the brimbank council plan48expresses the shared vision of the48council48um i remember when we first got elected48madam mayor we had quite some48sessions on the council plan and um48we put down a vision and that vision was48that brimbank48is vibrant harmonious and welcoming48a great place to live work and grow i'd48like to think that over the last four48years i made a meal we've made bread48bank48a better place to live work and grow and48that we've made48brimbank even more welcoming than what48it was before48so the council plan actually articulates48the outcomes of the council48and what it tends to achieve and it does48focus on four strategic areas we all48know48what they are the inclusive community a48livable community48a prosperous community and an innovative48and responsive48community first council so in the48interest of public transparency48towards the implementation of the48council plan a quarterly report48is always completed to measure the48progress48of the 114 actions the annual action48plan48so the report is for the final quarter48and it does say and reveal madam mere48that council has achieved4886 completion rate despite48the impacts of the covert 19 global48pandemic48which is quite an achievement madam mere48considering that since march49we have been dealing with this covert49pandemic and it has had an impact on all49areas of council delivery49but the key achievements included the49implementation of a range of plans and49strategies49completion of capital works programs and49the delivery of programs and projects49across49numeral and numerous council departments49in march this year's severe measures49were implemented by all three levels of49the australian government49to reduce the spread of the coronavirus49and mitigate the impacts on health and49wellbeing49the impact of the stage three lockdowns49in brimbank49saw the council of the closure of49council facilities49cancellation of programs and events49reorientation of services from face to49face to online49and the delay in the completion of the4913 council plan49actions so in preparation for the49council49elected in october 20 background work49has commenced49to assist the next council in the49development of the brimbank council plan492125. whoever would have thought madam49mayor that when we first were elected in49october 201649that we would end our term or that new49councillors would be coming in49are looking at a completely revised49council plan49um just absolutely unbelievable but i i49would really49love to commend everybody can everybody49concerned in49our departments and they've done a49wonderful job49i'm sure that the new council will be49very very well prepared49in dealing with a new council plan uh49quite an innovative council plan i would49say considering the circumstances that49we find ourselves in49thank you madame thank you councillor49chair councillor borg49would you like to say a few words no no49thank you madame i think49councillor judy j covered it quite well49thank you sure did49an excellent achievement by council49thank you um49any other comments by councillors all49right49i'll put this um these recommendations49um49oh sorry councillor heritage49thanks madam mayor um i'd like to echo49the comments um49made by councillor goodachae and borg49the council plan was in the first year49of this council a big piece of work49and it took a lot of consultation and49engagement to come up with it49um i think the consultation engagement49was strong in spots and weak in others49but49nonetheless a council plan has been put49together and it's guided us for four49years and it's been49a good value the new council plan that49comes49next council will have some issues49around covert 19 and49public health and wellbeing issues that49come with it i would uh49like to see a stronger focus on public49health and well-being49uh maybe in a separate plan but that's49for the next council but uh to the49officers and everyone involved and49particularly49the reporting back we've had a fabulous49a lot of reporting back on this plan49from the offices and it has been49granular49it has been comprehensive and it has49been rigorous in chasing down the49different parts of the organization and49finding out49what's happening and what's not49happening so i congratulate all the49officers involved on a49really good piece of work over four50years and uh50we have the final pieces in front of us50at the moment and uh50i think you know well done to everyone50thank you50thank you councillor heritage any other50comments by councillors50all right i'll put the recommendations50forward um50to vote all those in favor50against carrie thank you50all right our last report for tonight is50the50um 12.12 deer park rail corridor level50crossing removal project50september 2020 update and50i invite the acting director mr50adrian gray to present this report thank50you50thank you madam mayor in mid-july 202050the state government announced the50fast-tracking50of the level crossing removal projects50at fitzgerald road hard deer50and robertson's road deer park with work50scheduled to start50in 2021 shortly after this announcement50the state government's level crossing50removal project team50commits community consultation on the50level crossing removal projects for a50four-week period50seeking community feedback50in august 2020 following the community50consultation period council received50preliminary desired packages from the50level crossing removal project team50for both locations seeking feedback and50comments50this report provides an update to50council on the community consultation50process50emerging issues raised by the community50and council's office's response to the50preliminary design packages50and seeks council's consideration of50further advocacy to the state government50thank you thank you mr gray councillors50are there any questions or points of50clarification50uh mr air councillor heritage50thanks madam mayor um just a point of50clarification the urban design50principles50as i understand it relate to the rail50corridor project50and look to look to achieve the best50urban design outcomes for the project50i guess my question is about with this50report is about the50best site outcomes for public open space50um how that is best achieved and and50what mechanisms council50uh uses to determine the best site50outcomes for50places like the rda public open space50at 274 forest street and the nancy50street reserve50on the southern side of forestry50yes thanks for through through the50chair so like one of the key50um principles is sense of place so50in negotiating the impacts that this50project has on both those pieces of land50we would be looking at50depending on the characteristics that50remain in those places to get the best50environmental or future public use from50from those three reserves and those50discussions are ongoing now50so the the aim is that50through the urban design principles that50we seek5050the best environmental outcomes and the50best use for the community going forward50thank you any other questions or points50of clarification by councillors50okay uh question counselor good day50okay uh madam mayor i note that in the50report it states that and i've actually50seen it on50on the shared resources in the portal50that you actually did write a letter to50just enter to the50um the honorable jacinta allen50requesting50uh further advice on the uh level50crossing50uh did we receive a response madam mayor51i couldn't see a response on the portal51no not yet okay unless51unless um mr whiteside did51as i understand it was just last month51that you uh wrote that letter51madame it was in august yeah thank you51madam mayor my understanding is that51council uh has received a response51uh from the minister um the response uh51was distributed to all councillors51and essentially advised that the project51is51uh continuing on encouraged encouraged51council51to continue working with the level51crossing removal team uh51in relation to the particular concerns51that council has51the minister didn't respond to some of51the specific aspects that we saw51clarification on51based on the feedback that we had51received from the community as part of51the consultation process51and so from my perspective obviously51council does need to consider51tonight whether it does want to provide51feedback further to both the minister51both minister for transport51infrastructure but also for the minister51for roads and road safety potentially51and given that council will enter into51obviously caretaker period51and then the election obviously the51opportunity to come back and report to51council to seek51a resolution of council will potentially51impact our ability to negotiate51further outcomes due to those delays51thank you madame uh thank you madame51that's what i was referring to51um i don't remember seeing in the51response anything51um in the concerns that you had raised51i did see the response but i wanted to51know there was a further response51um to the community concerns and mr51whiteside has answered that adequately51for me51yeah i don't believe the letter was51specifically responded to mine it was51just51more of a generic letter mr whiteside is51that correct51okay all right councillor headache51we can't hear thanks madam mayor i guess51my question is51to acting ceo whiteside as well around51the comment made about the um ability of51officers to negotiate during the51during the caretaker period my51understanding is that officers have been51negotiating all the way through already51without um51letters or anything uh going on based on51the positions of council51so far and that that process can51continue without um51without any hindrance at all even if51there was an amended51an alternate notion put forward tonight51that the process of negotiation51discussion51would still continue on during the51caretaker period uh irrespective51because um you know council is just51seeking on behalf of community more and51more information there's so much uh51anxiety out there51so my question to counsel to acting ceo51whiteside is51what what are the barriers that he sees51coming forward51if there's any change to the the officer51recommendation51okay before mr whitesider answers51sorry extension um51yeah before mr whiteside responds we51need to um51apply for another extension so could i51please have a mover for the extension51counselor51chair and a secondary counselor david51thank you51thank you mr whiteside51uh thank you madam bear through you so51just to be clear51council did back in december 201951provide51a authorising environment for council52officers through the urban design52principles52to provide feedback uh to the level52crossing removal authority52on the best outcomes for council and the52community52uh based on those guy those principles52which were developed52with the in consultation with the52community uh52in relation to any uh recommendations or52motions tonight52uh the officer recommendation has52specifically52oh i can't say that word specifically52been uh crafted to52write the minister to seek uh52clarification both ministers52uh in relation to a number of issues of52concern52from the council in relation to52if these matters are to then come back52to the council52that likely won't be till late november52december and officers are concerned52that the project given it has been52fast-tracked will have progressed52to a point where potentially it will be52too late52for that feedback to be provided thank52you52okay any other questions from52counsellors52or points of clarification52oh okay do i have a mover for this52report52cancel a headache i'd like to move an52alternative motion52madame52uh could we have that shared on the52screen please52moved52okay apologies for that um yes could we52have52the shared screen please52okay uh counselor councillor heritage52would you like to52um just go through your amended motion52the alternate yes um ultimately the52council52uh the the first part of a and b are as52per the original52uh officer recommendation so i won't52restate those52there as per that point c52a new point c that omits uh52going to the minister for52roads and road transport52point c notes the local community52feedback to bring bank council during52and following the recent level crossover52removing authority consultation process52d writes to the minister of transport52infrastructure the honourable52to centre allen uh restating the52community's full support for the timely52removal of the52rail crossing and seeking further level52crossing authority report52to the community for council52consideration and decision52that one identifies52how the community priority to retain the52rda public open space52has on has not been incorporated into52design options b52makes public the grade separation52preliminary design options52three makes clear the impacts of52fitzgerald road and tilburn road52designation hand over to the state52department of transport52on design scope and on the local52community52four makes clear the noise mitigation52proposals for each design option52five outlines broader precinct design52considerations and draft concept plans52that incorporate52a moved our desk ideas station52clarifies how environmental and52biodiversity concerns52have been incorporated by the public52authority early52in design decision making before52regulatory approval is required52seven clarifies access and safety issues52identified by forestry and west street52idea residents52eight clarifies access and safety issues53identified53by fitzgerald road where sunshine53residents the croatian catholic church53and other land holders 9 outlines53proposed compensation for the loss of53council land due to the fitzgerald road53level crossing removal project5310 includes any other matters council53needs to consider53and e the council53provides an urgent officer report to53bring bank council for further53consideration53outlining its position on the feedback53received by the level crossing authority53report53i requested a d the brim bank council's53role53in deciding the preferred future use of53council-owned land53the planning scheme control compliance53requirements53for council the council's compliance as53a public authority53with biodiversity requirements early in53its urban design decisions53evaluations of public open space based53on highest and best use53rather than current uses compensation53for land both to the north and south of53the railway53railway line seven the future use53options53for scarce usable council owned public53open space at 27453idea for a street idea site eight53the future used options for the council53owned nancy street reserve53nine the rehabilitation and protection53of council public open space53274 forest street idea to restore lost53environmental and historical values5310 the future sighting options for a53relocated audio green activity hub5311. the shared ex the extensions of53shared user paths and walking paths in53the precinct and wider rail corridor5312 the preferred method for valuing loss53that includes an assessment of53opportunity cost53the future impact of section 753instrument of delegation53going to council 15 september for53approval and other matters deemed53necessary for council to consider53and then there is a uh the the standard53on the end of it the uh53the covert clauses the two coded clauses53that were53part of the original yep officer53recommendation53okay thank you councillor headache53okay oh so if you look at53um number 10 11 12 13 sorry in red53x i i i or the future impact53of um sort of an instrument53of delegation going to council 15th53of september for approval53well the 15th is today yeah53just look to clarify madam mayor just53asking that53the officers come back with a report on53what that means for this project going53forward that's all53but is that how you interpret it53it's the future impact so so once53assuming the section53instrument of delegation goes through53tonight um what does that mean for this53project going forward it wasn't clear53um when this53alternative motion was put forward so uh53it was okay53i was just i was just informed that the53instrument of delegation53is not presented to council okay53or for approval right53oh so it's a sub-delegation from the ceo53so could we remove that yep you can move53that53take that out all right so53is that now an another amendment to53the amended he's just53so um that will mean that there's 13 now53instead of 14. yeah yeah53this is all from the community okay53all right thank you counselor headache53um we're removing53x i i i okay53um could i have do do i have a seconder54for this54amen oh alternative notice emotion54um counselor david thank you councillor54heritage would you like to speak to this54um i would indeed met a man54i wouldn't do it and i and i do and i do54thank the officers for all the work54that's gone on this is a very complex54project and it is being54fast-tracked uh and the community54uh has enormous concerns and anxieties54with it at the moment so i understand54the difficulties54of dealing with this at a council54officer level but also54for us as councillors and uh i i54make my submission to councillors now54with that as back of mind54i think everyone who's involved in this54wants to see the level crossing54uh gone uh it is uh a great that the54andrews government has put forward this54uh this uh54i guess resource to do this work swiftly54and people are not concerned about that54but they are54really anxious about a number of aspects54of it that have come up to them54uh during the consultation process that54the level crossing authorities run54and they're asking council to help54the community achieve a win-win outcome54for54a for the community not a win lose not a54lose a lose the rd green space begetta54get a great removal project they want to54see a better option developed and54a win-win option developed with the54council54supporting the community and the council54working with the level crossing54authority54and the community working with the54liberal crossing authority and that's54what this ordinance54all about today we saw a letter go into54the minister from the open rdu community54club54uh congratulating the minister on the54investment that's going on and asking54that more time be taken54and that the fast track be slowed a bit54because it's creating enormous concerns54in community54and there are a number of major issues54one of the big issues is the design as54we say there are people54challenging the design saying there are54other options it needs54the authority needs to work harder and54it needs to put out a report54like it's put out in leviton and it54showed all the design options and54the justification for not proceeding54with some of them and proceeding with54the other one we haven't had that here54in this particular project and the54community are now reacting54and looking to counsel for support and54that's what this motion is doing54the council the community does see the54level crossing removal and council at54the moment running ahead54too fast uh on the win lose option54and uh and feeling uh feeling54disempowered and54and their ability uh to get a win-win54option compromised by that54that pace and that uh i guess feeling of54disempowerment54the community's asking the minister for54transport and infrastructure to have a54have the authority provide this re54design options report but they're also54wanting to see council54act in its interests and to have a54meeting54with a whole lot of information come to54that meeting that count that the54community can see54particularly around the future use of54the two public open spaces at the moment54we have54in on the idea one a a decision to54develop the idea green activity hub we54have a decision54uh before us to uh basically54consider a road reserve that's coming54come before us uh54shortly when uh if the preferred option55was to get up55and uh the other option is you know55retainers public open space and the55community wants the council to decide55which option55is best for community the community is55really concerned about the sheer size55and scale of this uh55preferred option a big loop through most55of the front of this55public open space on forest street and55also concerned about the arterial road55the move to arterial roads and what that55means for local residents55in terms of noise pollution dust and all55the other things that come with big55trucks and others55uh going around this loop and within a55hundred meters of local houses55and and others uh the local amenity the55local access to55to houses and to and to uh local areas55safety getting a crossroads and all55sorts of things are big issues the55livability of the area55with all this impact going on the noise55uh55as we heard earlier there is noise there55already there's further noise to come55from this55thank you health and well-being all of55that are problematic55so this particular the community is55saying loud and clear it wants the level55crossing55as soon as possible it doesn't want to55lose the scarce and highly valued public55open space it has55this particular noticeable55sorry alternate motion is really55thanking the um officers for their work55saying from the community that they want55to work with them and saying that they55want to see the council make a decision55based on the information from the level55crossing authority that's being sought55here but also the council needs to55provide a whole lot more information55itself to the community55about what his position is and what55information55it the community needs to make an55informed choice itself55i thank the albion idea community club55and i thank the55number of local residents who've55contributed to this alternate motion55tonight55it's been a team job and uh i think uh55we're looking for council55to really um i guess sit back55think support community in its in its55efforts to have the uh55level the level crossing authority put55forward preliminary design options that55it can see55are justified thank you55um counselor uh sorry would the55secondary like to55um speak to this recommendation oh55actually not recommendation alternate55motion55yes thank you thank you madam mayor just55uh55i think most of the uh perhaps even the55ordinary residents wouldn't55understand what council had his foot55forward tonight55but it's a wonderful top of the55presentation in his uh alternative55recommendation55i have numerous and numerous um55residents ringing me as well madame55and look the sunshine west55and the idea residents they've been55waiting for 6055years for this thing to happen and you55know they're55enjoying when we first heard that the55level crossings of55station road and that of an official55road55uh very very happy indeed to hear the55announcement55but we expected at all times that the55train will go55under and and all i heard the55presentation that we had previously that55it'll take55time um perhaps money56and the thinking about the the bridge56of the of the freeway or the ring road56but i think with today's modern56technology mother mayor56you can do anything it's a matter of56what are trying to do that we can they56can do that if they so56want to but they're worrying about the56time56well if we're waiting for 60 years56surely we can wait one more year there's56nothing wrong with that56along the way those years we lost quite56a number56number of people residents down here56through accidents56however um to me56it's it's something that if we don't56have that option56for underground in the train the option56is to come forward and56go through the land we've got we've got56the land there i'm referring to the56russian um community there56they only have five they are on five56areas of land56the rest of it belongs to council which56they will listen56release to them you've got one minute56counseling56so i i believe is the second option in56my opinion that's the residence option56as well56go under through that ground the land we56on and thread into the chair road56thank you for that thank you councillor56david56do i have any other speakers for this56report56councillor56thank you mother mayor i do acknowledge56the concerns raised by56the community and i understand they56have shared their concerns with council56law officers56and the level crossing authority56um these are cons the concern56concerns are about environmental issues56as well as amnity access56safety livability health and well-being56they do support of course this is56general road level crossing removal56however they also want the best56long-term56outcome more specifically with regards56to the56public open space56it's important that council takes56these issues into consideration56and i also understand that council is56limited with regards to certain56decisions56as they fall under the jurisdiction of56the state government56however the community needs to be heard56and for that56reason i am happy to support the56alternate motion56thank you councillor board any other56speakers for this um56alternate notice motion i've got it56right there56okay okay councillor lancashire56uh through madame mayor certainly a a56question56based upon the um the alternate56recommendation56what exactly is it can i ask the56question of the director56what exactly is the alternate56recommendation proposing to do56as against what is being proposed in the56recommendation i'm56it's not clear to me at this stage what56what actually is this recommendation56aimed at achieving56so could i ask mr gray to come back56there he is56um three madam mayor56my understanding is that the alternate56motion56is seeking more discussion with the56state government56and another another council report to56verify5656what sort of negotiations or how we go56about negotiating5656the impacts that this project will have57um5757on the land announcement land either57side of the railway57and what are we seeking for that so57we've we've done that process57in terms of the design packages57not quite sure how another report57will facilitate our discussions57in line with the current57opportunity now that exists to engage57with57the level crossing removal project on57their design package57but um that's how i understand it57so i would like to add in there a lot of57these a lot of the issues under e57have been are being discussed now57and form part of our advocacy as we57proceed57right now and i mentioned in the report57the issues around57misuse what are we going to do about the57idea of green activity57how do we maximize and and maintain the57biodiversity57acknowledging whichever option that57proceeds there will be impact57we've got to ensure that we have57the best biodiversity outcomes that we57can get57so57that's how i see it that i think some of57these issues are already covered in the57work that we've57in the advocacy that we're proposing57right now thank you57thank you mr gray before we continue can57i just remind councillors57we've got 12 minutes to complete the57council meeting if we don't finish we57will need to meet again tomorrow57so just keep that in mind please um57a council of good achievers there's a57question for mr gray57okay sorry councillor lancashire had you57finished with your57question before i you had another57question57yeah okay sorry about that um just the57the alternate recommendation57um seeks further community consultation57and it's been indicated57in the debate the recommendation57counselor lancashire57no question no you said57the recommendation that um57counselor heritage is putting in it's57not a recommendation57it's an alternate notice of motion57correct57um in relation to the alternate notice57in relation to the alternate57recommendation yes57um uh engaging in um57uh further public consultation and it's57been talked about57delays might be okay the question is57what what are the ramifications in terms57of57could this possibly delay this shovel57ready project57that's the question if you've directed57that question to me through that through57you madam mayor57um i think um57my sense is that it won't delay the57project57um i think state government's pretty57clear they've said they've said to us57that this is being fast-tracked that57they want to start work57on this project early 2021 they've57released the documents now for community57consultation and for57council to engage in the design process57i'm not sure that we're going to be57effective57in in delaying a project is my feeling57but57um it's what's more at this moment how57do we engage57what are we what are we asking for how57do we57ensure that our assets and our57public open space functions to the best57value it can57as a result of this works57okay all right um councillor goodiche57i i will have to make this the last58question58we really need to move on thank you58thank you um madame my question is to58counsel a headache um under point e58you've got all those um uh 1358or 13 now um points or 14 points58um i'm not quite58understanding you want another officer58report to come to council58but we can't consider that officer58report58as part of this report because we don't58know it a lot of that stuff is already58in the report already58and according to mr gray it's already58being considered58so how would another officer report help58us at this stage58um i agree with the other parts of it58like58a b c d that's fine i just have a58problem with part58e okay can i give you a very brief uh58bit of feedback58the point the point is i'll give you um58probably 30 seconds to reach that's fine58that's all i need58that's all the items that are listed58there council guru jay are the items58that the community doesn't know about58and the community is asking that the58council make a decision58for it in its interests knowing that58information and seeing58seeing it come before council in a58report that the community can read58and that's the point of it so it's a58report back to council after the council58gets the58information on the design options from58the level crossing authority report58that's being asked for and then talks58about those other issues58uh in the report so the community can58see what the council's position is58and see what the decisions the council58will be able to make58are after it has all this information58but it won't be this current council the58concern no it won't be this current58council no58no no but the community is saying and58councillor david's hearing it too58uh that there is more time needed and58that the community is going to the58minister saying that as well right58okay thank you um i think we'll58have to end it there um i'll put it to a58vote this is we're58voting on councillor heritage's um58alternate um notice emotion58if it's lost then we go back to the58original58if it's um passed we58this becomes our substantive motion58notice emotion58all right so all those in favor of58counselor headaches58alternate notice emotion58in favor58one two three four five58six seven eight nine ten eleven past58okay58all right thank you that's the end of58the58reports item 1458notices of motion rescission there are58no residual58motions for this um evening item 1558urden urgent business i'll ask the ceo58is there any urgent business tonight no58thank you58item 16 confidential business there is58no confidential business this evening58um meeting close thank you all for58attending and for your interest in58tonight's58um meeting i declare this meeting closed

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