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[Music].from.lagos the nation's commercial capital.this is the news at 10..[Music].live from channels television.reporting tonight.[Music].hello and welcome i neck chairman.professor mahmoud yakubu.asks electoral officers to remain.neutral and above board.ahead of tomorrow's governorship.election in edo state.rivers said governor nyson weeke raises.alarm.over alleged siege to his hotel in bini.but police insist.it will ensure edo election is peaceful.man suspected to be mentally unstable.kills his own mother and two children.in nearwe area of anambra state.ambrose prime minister boris johnson.warns the second wave of covert 19.hitting the uk is inevitable plus we'll.have business.sports and later on news from our.studios.in london on business news tonight.nnpc opens bid for rehabilitation.of pipelines in the country's petroleum.downstream sector.on sports news tonight national.basketball association names milwaukee.bucks forward giannis antetokounmpo.as most valuable player for the.2019-2020 season.it's the eve of the governorship.election in edo state.and the independent national electoral.commission inec.says all is set for the much anticipated.poll.the chairman of the commission professor.mahmoud yakubu however has a message for.his colleagues.and other officials of the commission.participating in the election.promising them that their welfare and.condition of service.will be given priority during tomorrow's.polls.professor yakubu wants them to remain.steadfast and committed to the ideals of.the commission.as nigerians and the international.community expect.so much from them he asked them to.remain above.board and ensure that no political party.or candidate.is accorded an advantage over the other.professor mahmoud yakubu also asked.electoral officers to be neutral at all.times.and adhere to their oath of neutrality.now in just a matter of hours residents.of edo state will head to the polls.to decide who will lead the affairs of.the states for another four years.one assurance that inec and security.agencies are giving residents of the.state.particularly eligible voters is that.there'll be a free.fair and credible election tomorrow our.next report captures the situation in.the state.as civil society groups also say they're.on standby.to monitor the process.the clock ticks and election day is just.few hours away.the ever bustling city of benin in its.usual nature.security operatives look ready for the.task ahead.security is being a major concern though.but with the deployment.the saturday election will surely be a.test for the security agencies.but in truth what is their strategy.we have in a dual state.over 31 000 policemen.for the purpose of this election we have.increased our numerical strengths.we have not just increased our numerical.strength we have the combat score.the nigerian police mobile squad.we have them here we have the tiu we.have the spu.we have policemen from different.departments from different sections.that will participate in this in these.elections.we mapped out.13 hundred and eleven.personnel for this election.and will have seven thousand three.hundred and thirty one.that will be fully involved in the.elections while the others.will push to protect critical national.assets and infrastructure.it is the fourth major off-season.election in the coming 19 period for.inec.and all eyes are on the umpire civil.society organizations say.they are keeping a close watch situation.room will be looking out for.early distribution and deployment of.personnel.timely opening of poll adherence to.covet nighting protocols.but some others have far-reaching.demands on the system.for a better electoral process we urge.inec.to up its game and strictly play by the.provisions of the electoral act the.elections are about the voters.and the larger interests of the people.what are the people's expectations.ahead of saturday but tomorrow i'm going.to vote by the grace of god.and i'm going to vote for the right.person i want the security.we are seeing right now in turn i think.every year will be going to become.tomorrow.yeah i believe everything will be fine.i'm going to vote but i'm not going to.sway my conscience.the election of saturday will be.slightly different from the past ones.inec has conducted.new policies like no face mask no 14.voting to commence at 8 30 a.m and close.at 2.30 p.m and there will be a notepad.z-pad to digitally take records of.results of the pose.i guess it would be an exercise to.behold.show akimale channels television news.and still on the edo governorship.election the river state governor.and chairman of the edo pdp campaign.organization nye songwiki.has alleged a siege to his hotel in bini.city this evening.by the police the governor who spoke.exclusively to channel television.says he's in the stage to monitor the.election on behalf of his party.and insists he won't leave the state.i am campaign council.i came in here with some of my.colleagues i was the hotel.um.[Applause].is.council.is.[Music].meanwhile the police have also been.reacting to the alleged siege to.governor wiki's hotel.the other state commissioner of police.mr johnson kokomo told channel.television.that the police is making sure there is.peace in the state.and will resist any act of violence.i the the police doesn't need to lay.decision.on anyone but uh the the the.the situation is.no matter.the the status of the citizen.of nigeria in nigeria.we will ensure that we do all within.our capacity to create a conducive.atmosphere.for free fear credible elections people.having no business.within a new state cannot be cannot be.moving from one point to another.so movement movement is restricted.for the purpose of this election.movement is restricted the restriction.commences from.12 midnight to.18 000 hours of tomorrow when we believe.that the election.will have been concluded so no movement.movement.movement is restricted.nobody is empowered to move about thank.you so much whether you're a governor.or you are not.meanwhile the national chairman of the.people's democratic party.is also raising alarm over alleged.threats to the lives of pdp governors.who are in edo state ahead of tomorrow's.election.mr ucha secondus alleges police aided.harassment.and intimidation of the governors in.their various hotels.in beni the state capitol he calls on.the inspector general of police to.prevail on his officers.to protect the lives of the governors.our governors are being harassed.pdp governors have been harassed.in their hotels at a wet.west end hotel in benin.and their life.is in danger we called.on the ig to ask.the security agencies to move out from.the hotel.and for the life of our governors.to be safe we are deeply worried.about this situation because we believe.that.we are law abiding and it's a wrong.signal.for our governors.to be harassed we.refuse that we reject that.as long as the apc governors are in.benin.our governors will continue to remain in.benin.and we also bring this to the attention.of the international communities.to watch the key actors.we'll have more on the governorship.election in edo state later on in the.bulletin.where we'll be joined by the state.resident electoral commissioner.meanwhile governor godwin obasaki has.given residents the assurance of their.safety during tomorrow's election.in a state broadcast today the governor.said that with the assurances given by.security agencies.their safety will be guaranteed he also.added that covet 19 protocols will be.observed.at all polling units my dear good people.of edo state.as you go out to vote tomorrow in the.governorship elections.i implore you to come out earn mass.to cast your votes for the candidate of.your choice.the nigerian police force and other.security agencies have assured.that adequate security will be provided.during.and after the elections they have.made provisions to make sure that it's.proper security in.every polling unit across the state.we have also been assured by the.independent electoral commission inec.of their readiness to conduct free fair.transparent and safe elections tomorrow.all parties participating in the.election have signed a peace.agreement and have committed to a.peaceful process.adequate steps have also been taken to.ensure.compliance with the state's covered 19.safety protocols.during the elections with these.assurances and measures.trusting god almighty we believe that.tomorrow's elections will be smooth and.orderly.i also use this opportunity to urge all.of you.to come out and perform your civic duty.without fear.may god almighty continue to guard our.dear state.and may peace and progress be upon us.all thank you god bless those states.god bless the federal republic of.nigeria.in part two after the break more on the.governorship election in edo state.will be joined by the resident electoral.commissioner in edo state.mr johnson allabo that's in the moment.do join us again.[Music].welcome back if you've just joined us.you're watching the news at 10 on.channels television coming to you live.from lagos a reminder of our top stories.inec chairman professor mahmoud yakubu.asks electoral.officers to remain neutral and above.board.ahead of tomorrow's governorship.election in edo state.river state governor yes raises alarm.over alleged siege to his hotel in bini.but police insist.it will ensure the edo election is.peaceful.man's suspected to be mentally unstable.kills his own mother.and two children in uni area of anambra.state.and british prime minister boris johnson.warns that a second wave of covert 19.hitting the uk is inevitable.[Music].now let's continue with our lead story.which is on the edistic governorship.election.i will now join our political.correspondent.there in our bini studio he'll be.talking to the resident electoral.commissioner.of the state hi sheil.thank you and welcome to benin city we.are now being joined on the news at 10.by the resident electoral commissioner.of inec.in addusted dr johnson al alibo thank.you so much dr alibo for joining us on.the news at 10..thank you let me begin by asking you.it's just a few hours before the opening.of paul tomorrow the last time we spoke.to you you said transportation.of materials were ongoing as.of now what is the latest the latest is.that.we have.activated all our rock centers.and materials are moving they are we.have sorted out all the materials at the.rack centers.batch them to units and voting points.and waiting for dawn.for these materials to move to the.pulley units.and we expect that by 6 7.am all the materials would have been at.their various polynomials.there have been heavy rainfall in benin.city today.has that affected your movement and your.plans or preparations in any way.for now no because i accept.the good thing is that all the materials.were moved.yesterday to the lg's and of course.because they arrived at the lg's early.yesterday.before the rain starts around 6 pm.uh all the materials were already in the.iraq centers.and you could see the rain stopped about.two hours ago so there is no problem we.have not had.any reports from the field that the rain.disturbed movement of materials tell us.about the z part a lot of people will be.looking forward to.how that operates tomorrow we know there.is a portal in which the results are.supposed to be.collated digitally is the reporter ready.and how can people assess those the.potter.yes the z part is.was to be used for two functions.one of which was to.do double authentication of the.accreditation process.now it was first test run in the.state constraints election in nassau.state there we have some hitches.and we have been advised that we have to.correct those issues before we test on.it again.for this state governorship major state.governorship election.however we are still retaining the.second flank of the use.the second flank is that we are going to.snap the unit results.after snapping it will be.sent to the potter.where so many nigerians will view its.life on time and real time.thank you is the potter active now very.active.uh do you have the information about the.potter if you can share with nigerians.yes it's uh it's within the.the the kids is within the kids it can.be circulated.before you leave i'm going to give you a.copy of that kids okay thank you.let us also look at uh the larger.picture of.the covet 19 pandemic this is the major.first major.off-season election for inec within this.period.should any voter not able to.have a face mask is inec.open to provide a face mask not to.disenfranchise any voter tomorrow.that is a protocol the.upon the pandemic kovid 19 pandemic and.the time for our.i given the time for the election i neck.on his wisdom.develops a guideline.called conducting an election under the.context of convict 19.and this guideline contains several.health measures.to hold the spread of kovic 19 in a due.state.for us conducting an election under this.pandemic and one of the first.items on that guideline in line with the.presidential committee on.covet 19 presidential tax force.one of the first compulsory.item on that guideline.is that every voter must wear face marks.so it's composed it's compulsory so.people must come with it yes both.the personnel and the voters and for.we in the inec we we already have.we have already been supplied the face.marks for our personnel all right.voters are expected to get their.own marks but mind you it is not.i neck is not emphasizing that it must.be a surgical max.okay all right you must be a facebook.yeah.we must leave it at that doctor johnson.allowable.uh wreck of inec in a dorset thank you.so much and we wish.i necked the very best in tomorrow's.election thank you very much.i will give you the kits.the booklet that contains our.information kits thank you so much to.which.all the information you need about this.election election is.contained all right thank you so much.thank you thank you so much.and it's back to you now in jama.[Music].all right thanks a lot for that one away.from politics now the commercial city of.nowhere was rattled earlier today after.a 47 year old man killed his mother.and two of his children with a machete.while they were sleeping.police authorities in the state say no.explanation was obtained.as to the cause of the ugly incident.except that the suspect mr emeka.ismadu who owns a sabbath mission was.suspected to be mentally unstable.apart from killing his 85 year old.mother and two children.the suspect also attacked two other.children who are currently battling for.their lives in hospital.his wife is said to have escaped.[Music].normally this thing normally happens to.him.but for past for past 15 years.has not been there before he got married.so this is a kind of um health issue.as a matter of fact it's a health issue.so.but we thought um.the matter is over before he got married.or his wife and have about.five kids so suddenly about three days.ago.it didn't develop again so warranty of.um.[Music].this type of situation her age mother.and the and the.one of his son the other three is in.hospital.they are still in hospital at our budo.hospital see that this is a tragedy and.it's not something that anybody expected.[Music].although it has happened it has happened.the law must take its full course the.police has.already taken charge of everything.from that troubling story we move on to.security in the northeast.where the governor of bruno state.babagana zulum has attributed the rising.number of boko haram fighters.to the overwhelming unemployment rate in.the state.the governor was speaking to members of.the house committee on the northeast.development commission.who paid him a visit in maduguri the.state capital.the chairman of the house committee also.solicited the governor's cooperation.towards achieving the common goal of.improving sustainable development.in the region if.nothing is being done.[Music].we shall face any serious challenges.more than what we are facing now because.right now the intelligence are.recruiting.many of our children into this set.because of increasing unemployment rate.but the need for this very important.committee to interface.with another house committee to look.into the possibility.of empowering the team youth group in.the state.we are not oblivious of the frustrations.in an environment of constant threat.which has resulted in huge loss of human.lives and.infrastructure that is why in the.consideration of the budget for the.commission last year.we ensured that we approved as much as.could be given.now we are here to see what has been.done in your state.our prayer is that our presence here.today would serve as a unifying voice.and common goal of encouraging and.improving sustainable development.for the people of rural state in.particular and the northeast region in.general.at least five persons including a mother.and her four children.were reportedly abducted by gunmen at.barcalaho community inigabi local.government area of karuna states.the fresh attack comes barely one week.after 17 family members who were said to.be on their way to the farm.were kidnapped at udawa village in.chicken local government.area of the state eyewitnesses told.channels television.that the attack occurred in the early.hours of today.when the gunman invaded the community.and started shooting sporadically while.residents were still sleeping.a resident of the community abdul salam.haruna whose wife and four children.were kidnapped said the gunman invaded.his house.and forced the door open before gaining.access into his apartment.and later took away his family members.he added that the gunman took away two.of his neighbor's children.and also attacked two other houses.when the news at 10 returns nnpc opens.bid.for rehabilitation of pipelines in the.country's petroleum.downstream sector that's on business.news.please join us again.welcome back to the news at 10. over in.abia state the contractor responsible.for the construction of a building.which recently collapsed in the state.has been arrested by the state's police.command.at least five people died after the.building located along.namdia's kiwi streets in the commercial.hub of the southeastern state.caved in on wednesday september the 16th.the police say rescue officials are.still coming the rubble.to ascertain if more victims are still.trapped.the federal government is displeased.with the statements issued by the united.states and the united kingdom.on the governorship elections holding in.edo state tomorrow.and that of ondo state on october the.10th.it also expressed concern over the visa.restrictions imposed on the.u.s on some unnamed politicians for.their alleged involvement in electoral.violence.during the kogi and by elsa state.governorship polls.the ministry of foreign affairs said in.a statement that it had taken note of.their concerns.regarding the elections in edo and ondo.states.according to the statement president.muhammadu buhari has continually.appealed to all parties and contestants.to peacefully conduct themselves before.during and after the elections.the federal government advises the uk.and the u.s.to cooperate with the relevant agencies.by providing them with concrete evidence.of observed misconduct and to allow.nigeria's laws and regulations.to take their course.the european union wants the federal.government to reverse the restrictions.placed on three.of the largest airlines in europe at a.meeting with members of the presidential.task force on covet 19.the eu head of delegation to nigeria and.echoes.mr kessel carlson explains that the.restriction is affecting trade.between europe and nigeria and as an act.of reciprocity.nigeria had announced restrictions on.some foreign airlines.ahead of the september the 5th 2020.resumption.of international flights into the.country.members of the presidential task force.on covet 19.at a meeting with the european union.delegation in nigeria.the officials are discussing access for.european carriers into nigeria's.airspace.and access for passengers into europe.passengers from nigeria.to the european airspace the minister of.foreign affairs is leading the nigerian.delegation.and he lays out the concerns of the.nigerian government what we've asked the.european.uh aside to let us have.is a detailed um well detailed.information.on nigerians that can.access european space from nigeria so.which category of nigerians can in this.present time.and with the um the release and.restrictions.announced by the eu are affected.you know um who who are the people.considered as.essential on essential travel and.what chances does an average nigerian.have to visit a european country from.here.the european team includes the.ambassadors of france germany and the.netherlands.they host three of the largest airlines.planned in nigeria europe route.and they want the flight restrictions.reversed there was never a ban.against flights coming from nigeria to.to europe.there was never as i see it a.retaliation of reciprocity at play.here merely what europe has done is.exactly the same that nigeria has done.namely looking at very carefully.what essential groups of people should.come in a time of crisis and how can.we provide protocols to handle that in.terms of.testing and isolation if if needed.so we are very hopeful that following.this discussion.and we will be able to take yet another.step in the.direction of normalizing the.availability.of flights with europe and of course as.always ministers we stand ready to.provide.all the information that you need to.take your your your decisions in this.sense both sides agreed to come up with.details of what is required.to review the flight restrictions the.outcome of the review process.is expected in the next two weeks.[Music].part of arguments against the recent.amendment of the broadcasting code.of the national broadcasting commission.is that it discourages creativity.and hampers copyright this challenge is.why the vice president professor yemi.oshibaju.is asking for a revisit of the amendment.in a bid to position.nigerians for the markets in the digital.space.he was speaking during a live chat on.facebook with the vice president of the.network's policy and communication.nick clegg.there's change in the technology space.is so.rapid that you know you you frequently.find that the regulator is really just.chasing after.after the you know after the innovations.and all of that to see.how best to regulate without stifling.uh without stifling these companies.regulation.nine the mbc code which you referred to.is is one which uh obviously is now.well there's there's activity around.trying to take a second look at.it uh the there are those who say.that it is uh anti-competitive uh.it is an anti-competition.there are those who say that it is pro.competition by the way.uh so it's a it's a it's it's one which.i think.we should take a second look at uh.basically what it says as you know is.that.you that if you have uh a.if you have a product a you know a a.licensed product uh for tv.or film and all of that you're expected.to share it.with with other you know with other.platforms.it's a it's one which uh and i.understand the argument.of those who say that why should i that.this is a violation of copyright.and and intellectual property in other.ways etc.which is very strong point and which and.this is why i think that.we have to take a second look at it and.see where there are ways of moderating.that to.uh to be more acceptable.meanwhile the vice president is offering.an assurance that the federal.government's economic sustainability.plan is on course.especially the development of micro.small and medium enterprises.professor oshibajo was speaking at the.virtual commissioning.of a shared msme facility in lagos state.in the fashion industry the facility.which is a partnership between the.federal government.lagos state government and some private.organizations.is equipped with state-of-the-art.facilities and will service.over three thousand fashion designers in.the state.the lagos state government through the.national msme clinics decided to tap.into the available potential in the.industry.by setting up a shared facility in the.state this has emerged as the eco.msme fashion hub present at the event.for the commissioning.are dignitaries and partners from the.private and public sectors.including the governor of lagos state mr.babajide.while the vice president and some.members of the federal executive council.joined virtually the governor of lagos.state led other guests to formally.commission.and inspect.[Music].speaker after speaker highlight the.importance of the project in advancing.the fashion and apparel industry.it has been established and rightly so.the shared facilities.have been found to be effective tools to.minimize the infrastructural challenges.that have inhibited msmes over time.the fashion hub is the state.government's additional contribution to.creating wealth.boosting employment and further growing.the gdp.of lagos certainly a step in the right.direction.it is a win-win situation for everybody.as it shows.our progressive dedication to the.eradication of poverty.and economic emancipation of our people.we continue to monitor it.and will ensure that nothing falls below.the standard.that we are passing on to the.beneficiaries of today.fashion hub won in legal state as a core.component to the federal government's.economic sustainability plan.the vice president considers it timely.in alleviating the challenges brought by.the coveted 19 pandemic.on micro small and medium enterprises.the asp the economic sustainability plan.is not the end of the process.as a matter of fact it is to stimulate.the process and the federal government.is committed.to ensuring that msm may survive in.every way.and we continue to look at new and.creative ways.of ensuring this support for the msnbc.sector.very soon the products of the hub will.be ubiquitous.on the streets and under stores around.the country.the eco msme fashion hub is equipped.with various kinds of industrial.equipment.it will serve as a workspace for all.categories of tailors at a flat rate of.2500 naira per day.the hub will also have training sessions.for those aspiring to acquire.and improve their tailoring skills.for some more business news here's.daniella wally.so easy so simple downstair 894 hash.now to experience it you first first.[Music].bang.thanks mal welcome to business news the.nigerian national petroleum corporation.says it will enter a public-private.partnership.for the rehabilitation of the nation's.pipelines in the petroleum downstream.sector.at the bid opening ceremony in abuja the.group managing director of the.corporation.mr melekeri explains that the nnpc.is adopting the approach because of the.investment.and technology required to rehabilitate.the facility.the federal inland revenue service has.clarified the recent directive by the.federal government.asking all bank account holders in.financial institutions to obtain and.fill.a self-certification form in their.respective banks.in a tweet today the firs explains that.the form.is to be administered only on reportable.persons.who are non-residents in the country.hold an account in financial.institutions.under the common report in standard.regulation.the revenue agency explains that other.persons who are resident in more than.one country.and are directed by law to pay taxes are.respected or informed the.financial institutions during account.opening processes.before filling the form meanwhile the.federal government has apologized for.the misleading directive.stating that the notice does not apply.to everyone.a major is candidate in the race for the.world trade organization's top.job ngozio conjoined has been selected.alongside four others.by the general council chair david.walker and two co-facilitators in the.selection process.according to mr walker the second phase.of consultations.will begin on september the 24th till.october the 6th.where members will be asked to select.two preferences.to the facilitators to the number of.candidates from.five to two he explains that the final.process will include a call for head of.delegations meeting.where the results will be announced to.the wto membership.on the next director general of the.trade body.now after a three consecutive day.sell-off the local stock market made a.moderate rebound on the back of.investors renewed interest for some key.banking.and consumer goods equity chemist tells.us more.[Applause].thanks teddy welcome to stock market.report.never mind my red color today market was.actually in the green.[Applause].with a resounding bellow the bull.managed to push the bear.aside to reclaim its position in the.market the ball thrusted up.and pushed the index into the green 0.16.percent.however when you look at the index.change for the week.you'll see that the market is still in.the red the week to date.dropped by about 0.07 percent indicating.that the bear is still very much present.the likes of dango de suga gt bank and.airbnh.supported the market resulting to what.we have on the sexual index.don't forget the last of the banking.stocks paying dividend was marked down.today and that's access bank.incidentally access bank added tank over.to its share price.contrary to expectation looking at the.activity chart.we will see that the bargain hunting is.easing off gradually.the total value of shares traded is a.paltry 1.8 billion error.buttressing what i said yesterday that.the market may gradually return to an.era.when it does less than 2 billion daily.average value.with this development traders say we may.not see.as much activity next week except if.there are good developments.coming from the mpc meetings shadowed.for monday and tuesday next week.until then let's have a great weekend.and that was the stock market report i'm.chimizi obi.iwago.thanks a lot to mse the federal.government has withdrawn the approval.granted to emirates to conduct.international flight operations in the.country.the minister of aviation hadi silica.disclosed this via a post on his twitter.handle today.noting that the ban will take effect on.monday september the 21st.the nigerian civil aviation authority.had in a memo earlier this month.included emirates in the list of.approved airlines for international.flights.for both abuja and lagos airport.but the minister said the decision to.reverse the approval was taken after a.meeting.of the presidential task force on covert.19.with european union ambassadors.our lead in african and asian stock.markets ended friday's trade-in session.mostly positive.with their u.s and european counterparts.finished lower.following a spike in coronavirus cases.and continued sell-off.in tech shares here are some snapshots.of the closing numbers.and as business news tonight it's back.to you ijama.thanks a lot tenyola still ahead on the.news at 10.british prime minister boris johnson.warns that a second wave of covered 19.hitting the uk.is inevitable plus more stories from our.london studio.and around the world in five please stay.with us.welcome back britain's prime minister.boris johnson says a second wave of.coroner virus is inevitable.and while he does not want a second.lockdown the government may need to.introduce new restrictions.let's head to our london studios now.with simon pusey.and around the world in five good.evening and welcome to the channel.studios here in london with your.international news around the world in.five.a number of european countries are.expected to announce new restrictions.in response to rising coronavirus cases.several places have announced record.increases in daily infections.while others have seen their highest.numbers in months spain france and the.czech republic have seen some of the.most dramatic.spikes most cases in europe are.currently being seen in younger people.but there are concerns they could spread.the virus to more vulnerable older.people.in the uk title restrictions will come.into force in lancashire.merseyside parts of the midlands and.west yorkshire after significant.increases in cases.the new rules bans separate households.from meeting each other at home or in.private gardens.pubs and restaurants must also shut.early.there are signs in latin america that.the pandemics epicenter is moving.to argentina the country broke its daily.new infection record on thursday with.almost 13 000 cases recorded.pushing the country's total to more than.600 000 in total.a nationwide lockdown introduced in.march still remains in place.although some restrictions have been.eased from mid-august.china says it is conducting military.exercises near the taiwan strait to.protect its sovereignty.as a top u.s official visits taiwan.the live fire drills take place as.relations between beijing and.washington's sour and the u.s.shores up its support for taiwan china.regards.self-ruled taiwan as a breakaway.province china's defence ministry.spokesman.has accused the us and taiwan of.stepping up.collusion frequently causing.disturbances although he did not make.any reference to the visit.belarus president alexander lukashenko.has announced the country needs to close.its borders with poland and lithuania.and strengthen border controls with.ukraine.both lithuanian and polish foreign.ministries have confirmed their border.checkpoints are operating.as normal it comes as russian and.belarusian special forces perform.a series of slavic joint military drills.as announced by the russian defense.ministry.the drills are taking place in the brest.region near the border with poland.bolivia's interim president yanin anez.has quit the race for the presidential.election due on october 18th.said she did not want to split the vote.and see the return to office of.former president evo morales socialist.party the party's.candidate louis accra is leading in.opinion polls.with mizzanez trailing in fourth place.mizanes was sworn in.last year after mr morales resigned and.left the country amid allegations of.electoral fraud.48 migrants have jumped overboard from.the rescue ship open arms in an attempt.to swim.to the nearby southern italian city of.palmeiro.it was the second consecutive day that a.group of desperate migrants jumped.overboard from the charity ship.after 70 did the same on thursday the.vessel rescued over 270 migrants more.than a week ago in the mediterranean.and is still waiting for instructions.from the italian government on where the.migrants will be allowed to disembark.in the united states storm sally has.brought heavy rain and flooding to the.carolinas and georgia.as it continues its path of destruction.north from the u.s gulf coast.it has already battered florida and.alabama with rain and storm surges.downing power lines turning roads into.rivers.and leaving homes submerged at least one.person has been killed and hundreds of.thousands.left without power sally has now.weakened to a post-tropical cyclone.but meteorologists warned that tornadoes.are still possible.jaya bolsonaro has claimed that brazil.should be congratulated for the way it.preserves its environment.while the largest fires ever recorded.continue to ravage both the amazon and.pantanal wetlands.speaking at a public event mr bolsonaro.added that brazil is the country that.preserves the environment the most.amazon deforestation has surged by 34.5.in the 12 months through to july.compared to the same period in.a year ago in pantanal the world's.largest wetland.a record and a half thousand square.kilometers have burned.nearly 16 percent of the whole region.married women in botswana can for the.first time own land alongside their.husbands it's been announced by the.president.morgutsi massisi until now the country's.land policy stopped wives from owning.land if their husbands already had some.the discrimination left millions of.women without access to the land where.they live and work.botswana's president tweeted the amended.law specifying the new policy will also.protect widows and orphans.and finally a malaysian man claims to.have discovered a video and selfies.taken by a monkey after.recovering his missing phone the footage.shared on social media shows a monkey.staring at the camera before attempting.to put it in its mouth.as well as photographs appearing to have.been taken by the primate.after retrieving his phone in his back.garden the man discovered the images.and said they caused him to choke a.little and to laugh.and that's your international news.around the world in five now back to the.channel studios in lagos.thank you simon hello and welcome to.sports news nigeria seoul representative.georgio.georgia oboe has finished sixth at the.czech republic ladies golf challenge in.prague which is the second event for.2020 georgia made the top 10 with a.score of 69.73 and 72 to finish at one under par.at the three-day competition.in basketball the milwaukee bucks.forward giannis sanji takumbo has been.named the 2019-2020 national basketball.association.most valuable player of the year this is.the second straight nba most valuable.player award for him.who becomes the 12th player to earn the.honor.in consecutive seasons.in football fifa president gianni.infantino says the organization has been.able to support the game.through the cupboard 19 crisis because.the money doesn't disappear anymore.fifa's covered 19 relief plan will.distribute 1.5 billion dollars to.national associations.and regional confederations affected by.the pandemic.that's where we leave it on sports news.back to you.thank you illumi day and the main news.again the chairman of the independent.national electoral commission professor.mahmoud yakubu.today asks electoral officers to remain.neutral and above board.ahead of tomorrow's governorship.election in edo state.well that's the news at 10 tonight thank.you so much for staying with us.i'm idroma onyato you have a great.weekend stay safe.and good night.

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Navmc 10132 Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Navmc 10132 Form are:

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Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

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