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How to Finish the JP 3 07 Joint Doctrine For Military Operations Other Than War BITS Edocs Nps Form in 9 Steps on the Internet?

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Instruction of Finishing the JP 3 07 Joint Doctrine For Military Operations Other Than War BITS Edocs Nps Form

good morning everyone I'm second.lieutenant Norbeck today's period of.instruction is going to be on joint.operations the learning objectives for.this period of instruction include.explaining and operating as a member of.a joint task force as well as.understanding the national military.capabilities and the organization of the.joint task force you should be able to.describe the national security.organization identify the unified.campaign plan and describe the combatant.chain-of-command students should also be.able to understand the roles of the.services in their national security.organization understand the nature of.our American military power look at.these joint learning resources and.describe it and understand how the.American value systems affect joint.operations to protect US national.interests and achieve the objectives of.the national security strategy in the.current environment the joint force will.succeed in the following missions.counterterrorism and irregular warfare.deter a defeat aggression project power.despite anti-access area-denial.challenges counter weapons of mass.destruction operate effectively in.cyberspace and space maintain a safe.secure and effective nuclear deterrent.defend the homeland and provide support.to civil authorities provide a.stabilizing presence conduct stability.and counterinsurgency operations conduct.humanitarian disaster relief and other.operations so looking at all of these.missions one can see that not one single.service branch can succeed in.accomplishing all of them economic.pressure also demands a standing force.that is also cost-effective so this.requires a streamlined approach that is.contrary to militaries of the past the.nation forces must be agile and more.flexible and utilize key attributes of.each service without sacrificing combat.effectiveness some historical context.for the national military capabilities.and organization so during World War two.each service but generally as an.independent entity with minimal.cooperation between the forces the army.was primarily responsible for Europe and.southwest Pacific while the Navy and.Marines operated in the Central Pacific.the.aircore are also operated as an.individual independent service like.status while conducting strategic.bombing in both theaters each theater.operated separately allowing them to.prosecute the war according to their own.service doctrine the biggest takeaway.from this was that they failed to.capitalize on their unique capabilities.that each service brought to the fight.so despite the military success of world.war ii the US military began political.maneuvering to evolve the military in.the Atomic Age particularly the army.with the backing of President Truman.worked to absorb the other branches of.the military under one supreme Allied.leader headed by an army general further.reading and the effects on the Marine.Corps can be read about the book called.brute his biography of Victor Brut.croolik it's a fantastic read and I.highly recommend you all familiarize.yourself with it if you get an.opportunity so it was actually general.Alexander van der grift bended knee.speech to Congress which prevented this.from occurring so after much debate the.National Security Act of 1947 became law.than the elements of this legislation.include the creation of the National.Security Council creation of the Joint.Chiefs of Staff and revision of the GSEs.chain of command it created the Joint.Staff it created the position of the.Secretary of Defense it created the US.Air Force and also created the Central.Intelligence Agency it also established.the different service branches and what.their primary missions were so we're.going to discuss those the Department of.Defense services and their roles today.include for the Navy their mission is to.maintain train and equip combat ready.naval forces capable of winning Wars.deterring aggression and maintaining.freedom of the Seas so key takeaways.there of the seas the Army's mission is.to fight and win our nation's Wars by.providing prompt sustained land.dominance across the full range of.military operations and spectrum of.conflict and support of combatant.commanders so you take away their land.dominance.the role of today's Air Force is to fly.fight and win an air space and cyber.space air space and cyber space the.United States Marine Corps is a branch.of the u.s. military responsible for.providing power projection from the sea.utilizing the mobility of the US Navy to.rapidly deliver combined arms task.forces to global crisis so the.importance there is power projection.from the sea and combined arms task.forces to global crisis okay so moving.into the post-war era so despite the.National Security Act of 1947 the.post-war era was characterized by.service infighting as each service.developed its own strategies and sought.to maintain and expand their influence.in this new age so operations during.this period were characterized by.stovepipe service-oriented chains of.command that stretched from the.battlefield to the service chiefs in.Washington DC military operations during.the 1980s highlighted the fact that the.US military was unprepared to fight.effectively as a joint force Operation.Eagle Claw the Iran hostage rescue.attempt marine peacekeeping operations.in Beirut and operation urgent fury.which was the u.s. invasion of Grenada.all highlighted the inability of the.services to cooperate as effectively as.possible on the battlefield for those of.you in captain Mathias amphibious.warfare class we discussed the issues.with operation urgent fury the u.s..invasion of Grenada how there was a lot.of service infighting between the Army.and Marine Corps forces that were.supposed to be infiltrating and.conducting the operation so there was.poor communication on both ends and.there was a lot of heated debate over.who would take lead in these operations.so it definitely highlighted the.inability of services to cooperate.effectively although the operation was.viewed.as a success so all of this led up to.important and legislation which.established the framework for the way.the Department of Defense operates today.and that was the goldwater-nichols.Department of Defense reorganization Act.of 1986 so key components of this it.established a chairman of the Joint.Chiefs of Staff as the principal.military adviser to the President of the.United States the Secretary of Defense.and the National Security Council forces.were now assigned to combatant commands.or COCOMs for employment service chiefs.were allowed to retain responsibility to.train organize and equip but they did.not and do not employ forces joint force.employment is still evolving.however this framework has proven.successful on the battlefield so.examples of this or Operation Desert.Storm Operation Enduring Freedom.Operation Iraqi Freedom and then very.counter-terror efforts throughout the.world.so moving on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.so the primary responsibilities of each.member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is.to ensure the readiness of their.respective military service the JCS also.acts in an advisory military capacity to.the president of the United States and.the Secretary of Defense.so in this strictly advisory role the.JCS constitutes the second-highest.deliberating body for military policy.after the National Security Council the.Joint Staff assists the chairman of the.Joint Chiefs of Staff and accomplishing.the responsibilities for the unified a.strategic direction of the combatant.forces the operation of combatant forces.under unified command and the.integration of combatant forces and an.efficient team of land naval and air.forces the Joint Staff is composed of.officers from the Army Air Force Navy.and Marine Corps and numbers that.roughly respond to the relative tide.size of the services the Marines make up.about 20% of the number allocated to the.Navy so the Joint Staff has no executive.authority over combatant commands as a.result of the goldwater-nichols Act of.1986 the JCS no longer execute.operational command of the US military.forces responsibility for conducting.military operations goes from the.president to the SEC def directly to the.unified combatant commanders there are.nine unified combatant commands six of.these are responsible for a specific.region of the world and have regional.responsibilities.the remaining three are functionally.organized and support the Department of.Defense and a specific capacity to.ensure all capabilities are maximized if.you look on your screen you will see the.nine unified combatant commands and.where their headquarters are located so.starting with u.s. AFRICOM so u.s..AFRICOM is responsible for military.relations with African nations the.African Union and the African regional.security organizations.it protects defends the interests of the.US by strengthening the defense.capabilities of African nations and in.cooperation with African governments.conducts military missions that increase.security while deterring and defeating a.variety of transnational threats it is.located in Stuttgart Germany u.s..CENTCOM is responsible for the countries.that fall into the central area of the.globe to include Afghanistan Bahrain.Egypt Iran Iraq Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait.kersek Stan Lebanon Oman Pakistan Qatar.Saudi Arabia Syria Tajikistan.Turkmenistan the UAE whose becca stan.and yemen u.s. CENTCOM utilizes national.and international partnerships to build.a cooperation among nations respond to.crisis deter and defeat threats and.support development that ultimately.increases the stability in that region.they are located in Tampa Florida.u.s. ucomm works with NATO and other.partner nations to address the security.and defense needs of nations in Europe.and parts of the Middle East and Eurasia.EUCOM coordinates with these nations to.find cooperative solutions in peace and.wartime alike and to plan training.missions provide humanitarian assistance.and to develop strategies for promoting.peace and stability in the region.they are also headquartered in Stuttgart.Germany USNORTHCOM they operate in the.area of responsibility encompassing the.continental US Alaska Mexico Canada.portions of the Caribbean and.surrounding waters NORTHCOM primarily is.responsible for civil support and.homeland security and also oversees the.North American Aerospace Defense Command.or NORAD it has few permanent forces and.is instead assigned forces by the.Secretary of Defense or the president.whenever it's required for the execution.of its missions they are located in.Colorado Springs Colorado u.s. paccom.oversees an area of responsibility.stretching from the waters of the u.s..west coast to the western border of.India and from Antarctica to the North.Pole encompassing 36 diverse nations us.Pat comm and its partners work to.promote the development of the region.while cooperating to enhance security.deter aggression respond with force when.necessary and provide humanitarian.assistance they are located in Honolulu.Hawaii u.s. SOUTHCOM oversees an area of.responsibility encompassing 31 nations.in Latin America south of Mexico Central.and South America and the Caribbean.scene u.s. SOUTHCOM works to increase.the security of the US by engaging its.partners to enhance the peacekeeping.abilities of their region to promote.human rights to deter illegal activities.associated with illicit trafficking and.to conduct multinational military.exercises designed to strengthen.partnerships while developing collective.capabilities they are located in Miami.Florida.so coming to the last three the.functional commands so us SOCOM is.responsible for planning for and.conducting special operations it offers.direct action in the form of short.duration strikes and small-scale.offensives special reconnaissance.unconventional warfare foreign internal.defense Civil Affairs operations.counterterrorism psych operations.information operations counter.proliferation of weapons of mass.destruction security force assistance.counterinsurgency.relations and any specific activities.directed by the President or the.Secretary of Defense they are located in.Tampa Florida u.s. Stratcom conducts.global operations in partnership with.other combatant commands services and US.government agencies to deter and direct.strategic attacks against the u.s. u.s..Stratcom is responsible for the commands.of US nuclear capabilities space.operations global surveillance and.reconnaissance intelligence.communications computers global missile.defense and combating weapons of mass.destruction they are located in Omaha.Nebraska and finally u.s. Transcom.provides the Department of Defense with.an aggregate of transportation.capabilities and assets so together with.commercial partnerships u.s. Transcom.enables a diverse array of joint.mobility operations they are.headquartered in at Scott Air Force Base.in Illinois if you look at your screen.you'll see a map of the combatant.commands and their areas of.responsibility it's important that you.know this because this is testable.material the nature of American military.power and our joint warfare serves.several purposes so one the enduring.requirement for force protection as a.global power with global interests the.US must maintain credible capability to.project military force into any region.in the world and support those interests.so while the requirement for operational.access applies to any mission the most.difficult access challenge and therefore.the subject of this concept is.operational access contested by armed.opposition.joint warfare is team warfare so the.engagement of forces is not a series of.individual performances linked by a.common theme but rather an integrated.and synchronized application of all.appropriate capabilities so the synergy.the results from the operations of joint.forces according to the joint doctrine.minimizes combat capability in the.unified action joint warfare does not.require that all forces participate in a.particular operation merely because they.are available the joint force the.commander has the authority and.responsibility to tailor forces for the.mission at hand and select those that.most effectively and efficiently ensure.the success of the operation so there.are five values in joint warfare that.the US military seeks to accomplish so.US military service is based on values.that a US military experience has proven.to be vital for most operational success.these values adhere to the most.idealistic societal norms and they are.common to all services and represent the.essence of military professionalism.competent joint war fighters must be.skilled in thinking strategically and at.optimizing joint capabilities applying.strategic and operational art and having.a joint perspective the point to.learning about the joint world.especially with the way that war is.executed today and any future global.mission the Marine Corps will constantly.be working with other services to bring.the best game to the fight to accomplish.this mission so the five values that are.that cross every service branch and the.five values specifically of joint.warfare are integrity competence.physical courage moral courage and.teamwork and these are all fundamental.for engineering success in joint.operations so there are several.characteristics that define the.fundamentals of traditional and.irregular warfare so traditional warfare.has been defined or referred to as.second and or third generation warfare.it is characterized as a confrontation.between nation states or coalition's or.alliances of nation-states it typically.involves small scale to large-scale.force on force military operations where.adversaries employ a variety of.conventional military capabilities.against each other in air land maritime.and space physical domains as well as an.information environment key takeaways.from traditional warfare force-on-force.nation-states and conventional military.capabilities irregular warfare has been.referred to as fourth-generation or.asymmetric warfare it.has emerged as the major and most.pervasive form of warfare it consists of.a less powerful adversary seeking to.disrupt or negate the military.capabilities and advantages of a more.powerful conventionally armed military.force which often represents the Nations.established regime other words that have.often been used with irregular warfare.or subversion tactics guerrilla warfare.and while guerrilla warfare can meet a.conventional or fall under traditional.the guerrilla warfare that we're dealing.with these days deals with counter.insurgency.for example Isis where people actually.infiltrate and try to take down the.regime from within if you look at your.screen you will see a multitude of joint.learning resources and a lot of these.include joint publications instructions.from the Department of Defense as well.as letters from the chairman of the.Joint Chiefs of Staff that are designed.to enhance joint operations across all.service branches so this concludes the.period of instruction on GMS 10:15 or.joint operations at this time we will.actually execute a practical application.exercise in class Thursday afternoon and.I believe sergeant price will be.administering that crack cap exercise so.have a good day make sure you study and.take lots of notes because this is all.testable material.

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