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Notes on filling the Form Bb1 2015 2019

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Advice of Fulfilling the Form Bb1 2015 2019

[Music].next is the main thing which I am going.to fill now and I'll leave some pictures.below also of some of the forms that are.needed to fill below so I am NOT going.to describe about 30% Ruling 30% rolling.mostly applies to people who come they.have also certain guidelines I'll leave.the link below so you can verify from.those websites what are the rules for.30% rolling so I won't go into details.so if you live somewhere around 150.kilometers like 150 kilometers away from.some border of Netherlands they have.certain rules like you should not be.very near or something like that then.only that is one of the condition to be.eligible for 30 percent rolling and you.should not have studied in Netherlands.for like one or two years or something.like that I mean in my case I started my.PhD immediately after my masters but.still I am not eligible for 30 percent.ruling because for the two years just.before that I was doing masters here in.Netherlands so I mean mostly if you do.masters for two years here in most cases.you won't get the 30 percent only so.that's why I am NOT going into the deep.of 30 percent ruling if you leave some.comments I might go into the deep.calculation because I don't want to.waste the time of everyone but mostly it.is processed by your employer because.employer gives you the visa while you.working even if you do a PhD or a job.it's always the employer visa so they do.the due process everything if you are.eligible they will apply 30 percent.rolling for you don't need to take any.headache or anything and that's why I am.NOT going to talk about that because you.don't apply yourself just like the house.rent allowance care allowance and the.tax allowance so if you don't get the 30.percent ruling then you can get some tax.benefit as you have studied in.Netherlands.so till now I don't know how much amount.exactly you get but it's somewhere.around roughly the tuition fees that you.have spent it will be somewhere you will.be getting back around 19 - I don't know.like 20 to 30% of the amount that you're.paid as a tuition and how do you get.back you get back as some form of refund.every year after you earn some money so.it's like you are paying tax every year.while we are earning some money so every.year they will give you some tax return.of that amount whatever we are eligible.to receive so for example I don't know.the exact amount till now I'll update it.in the comments below I won't show it in.the video but still now I am also in the.due process of getting that amount but.how you can apply I can show you so for.the tax allowance that is that PA if you.don't have the 30% rolling then only you.can apply for it you have two things one.is you can go to their official website.which I'll leave below the link below.and apply from their website how is it.like after you start earning or start.doing the job in Netherlands then once a.financial year is ending not the.financial err it normally is ending so.once you are approaching the end of.financial year around March or April.maybe they ask to send the form around.March or April that's the time the new.forms open so you can fill suppose for.let's take an example that will be.easier to understand so suppose I am.working in 2017 take my example suppose.I am working in September October and.November and December of 2017 okay so.around March 2018 I applied online from.the website left below attached below.for the tax refund for this annual year.2017 but I walked only four months so as.I described before the four months gross.income is never equivalent to 20,000.unless I am a high-powered business man.or a millionaire or something just leave.that thing so that's why I also got the.HRA NTA for the italian CA for 2017 even.though I started working but I worked.only for months so I got this so.everything depends on your type of.living and how much you are so as a.student you are always Elizabeth if you.live in all those conditions blah blah.blah I applied for the tax refund on the.website in March so they have yearly.forms so they have forms from like 2017.dec 7 2013 forum to get the tax benefit.because most people don't know this they.only allow you to fill five years back.tax refund okay so if you have if I.applied in tooth and eighteen so I can.see only 13 14 15 16 and 17 if I studied.in Netherlands in 2012 then sadly I.won't get that refund because you can.only apply for five years one two three.four five so twelve no chance so what.can we do so be careful of this if you.have studied long before and not applied.for this then now is the time for you to.act form is also like very selfish.and I'll just have a extension.translator which can translate what you.are doing and that will just translate.for you like when you fill this forms.which is very easy once you have your.pay slip and everything you can do it.and most of the things you will skip.because you don't have a real estate or.any property in Netherlands mostly.students who start working don't have.properties and these are sort of things.you will very easily understand.self-explanatory but what matters is.suppose in my case I entered Netherlands.in 2015 not September its 2015 August in.2017 September I started working so in.2008 in March as I just said earlier I.started to fill the form and when I go.to the website I try to fill three years.form that is 2015 X form 16 and 17 that.is how they know how much you paid for.an education and they are going to do.the refund later when they calculate so.for 15 16 and 17 so what happens is it.depends how you paid you should state.the exact amount that you paid in that.year never try to convert or something I.mean like suppose you paid a 15,000 euro.for 2015 to 16 but you paid it in 2015.that is the time you paid the paying.time is the time of how much you are.paying that here so if I paid one year.fee in 2015 that is roughly I paid.13,500 heroes for one year finishin I.paid in 2015 although it was for one.year but when I fill this form then in.2015 I entered this amount that is.13,500 euros.and what I did for the second year.onwards was like I made a monthly.installment I paid the next year amount.in every month installment which was.roughly around thousand one hundred.fifty euros so now I need to calculate.my partial amount like suppose in 2016.when I feel that two thousand so first.you finish filling the 2015 form where.everything is almost blank whatever you.need to fill and for 2016 I guess it was.partial if you pay the second year and.as a bulk then obviously your 2016 will.be one amount you will fill and your.seventeen will be zero because you are.paying for 2016-17 exactly in 2016 so in.my case it was 2016 I paid like so that.it ended in August so from September to.December for four months I paid because.I was paying monthly for the second year.so I paid for four months so I need to.calculate whatever I paid in four months.that was roughly around four thousand.some euros so I entered that amount when.I filled that 2016 form in my.educational expense and the rest of the.things are blank because I was not.working if you are walking you need to.fill how much you earned or something.like that and here you don't need to.care about your house and allowance or.care alongs they don't care and for 2017.you just fill the again in my case it.was the rest eight months because I.finished my graduation in two years so.in 2017 I paid for eight months so that.is like eight months money so whatever.you pay in that year exact amount you.enter that never calculate in your own.like I pay in two thousand fifteen.fifteen thousand but that is actually it.is meant for fifteen to sixteen so I.enter a partially don't do that just.enter whatever you paid in that year.don't try to come over complicate things.so in 2017 it was for eight months.whatever it was eight thousand something.or nine thousand something and then you.need to wait for them to process the.application in my case in 2017 I entered.my four months income also because I.started ironing for four months so it.depends if you start earning and what.happens is once you finish filling these.forms they will start processing.everything and whatever I remember into.in this 2017 they also give you certain.different I don't know exactly to show.you once you are going to fill the forms.so what happens is if you fill this form.sequentially then everything gets.carried over and once they give you the.calculation in that red envelope that I.showed you or the blue envelope when.they make the decision then you get to.hear whether you are successful your.finish the application or you have some.issues or you need to clarify something.but at the end you will be successful so.what happens is like then you I mean in.my case taking example in 2018.maybe if I filled in March then maybe.around me or maybe around July you will.hear from them the decision of what.happened so in my case I think around.July or August I heard from them about.what happened around July or August I.heard from them like for 2017 I have.already received the refund so they.process the money that I am eligible to.get in 2017 because I have already.started paying tax so once you start.paying tax then you get these tuition.difference in some partial amounts and.that partial amount is still unknown I.don't know how they calculate and but.roughly it will be as ice.it will be somewhere around 20 to.30-percent you will get back whatever.you are paying so suppose I paid like.twenty seven thousand euros so roughly I.should get back around I don't know like.somewhere around five thousand to maybe.eight thousand euros something like that.but it will be somewhere around five.thousand six thousand I mean it's not.exactly twenty to thirty percent but.it's something like that that don't give.you the entire amount but that's that.rent is because it studied here even.though you don't get the thirty percent.to language some partial benefits 2017.benefits but 2017 benefits after you.receive the 2017 benefits but whatever I.remember I think it was not for the.eight months amount but they have by.default they give also some kind of.refund every year for the partial amount.that you are paying as tax which is.roughly around in my case 500 to 600.euros every month so they give you like.I don't know exactly I think I got my.entire tax refund so they we calculate.it don't care about it just fill the.form and don't go into the complexity of.the calculations but at the end when you.count when you finish maybe two three.years of working then you'll see you.will get back around five thousand or.seven thousand euros of whatever you.paid a citation so just I will keep you.updated about that in the command in the.description below because I cannot.update the video maybe make a separate.video so there is one catch I mean like.in my case I entered Netherlands in 2015.so if the year you enter Netherlands if.you have filled that form online so then.that is wrong that is a mistake you.cannot do anything about it so just fill.all the forms as I mentioned over.earlier and when you find that 2015 is a.mistake so what happens is they will.send you a letter so it looks something.like this I will attach the image below.so that everyone can know what it looks.like.so basically it comes in the some kind.of a so basically it comes in some kind.of a blue envelope like this it comes in.a big blue envelope like a4 size and.what they give you is like they have a.return envelope inside so that you can.send back the form that they need in my.case it is 2015 in your case it will be.the year you enter Netherlands so the.year you enter Netherlands you are.treated as a migrant and if you are a.migrant then you are not allowed to fill.the ordinary form available online so if.you are a migrant I mean the year you.enter Netherlands for the first time you.are a migrant then you are not allowed.to fill the online form so what you can.do then is fill the paper form they send.you the paper form so how can you fill.the paper form so I this is the letter I.will leave the details below maybe.remove my personality is and so I'll.leave all the images below which form.you need to fill so this is one I mean.the M form that is actually called the M.form because you are a migrant so in my.case it was 2015 so in 2015 I need to.fill the M form they send me and return.them with the return envelope that they.have given in the box so the online form.in my case for 2015 is not valid I need.to finish this and send them back once.you send them back they will again give.the decision after some time and you.will get the refund partially so this is.how the book look like looks like it's.the 2015 M form it will be inside that.blue envelope and what is inside this is.that.well you can find like it's a booklet.with each page can be torn off so it's a.lot of things but as you have under 2015.so you don't have any income or anything.you just feel only two pages which I.will show you only two pages don't care.it is entirely in Dutch so my friend.don't worry I am here to help you just.fill two pages that is page number I.will leave the images of this page by so.that you can know what you need to fill.and what things you need to fill because.n tile it is in Dutch so one thing you.can do is like you can call the tax.authorities and ask them for English.speaker they will transfer your call and.then you can ask them those particular.page numbers which I'll mention now but.I will also help you how you can fill.which fields you need to fill in the M.form because I have already done it so I.will show you my image and there is.another option you can always ask them.but they can tell you which pages you.need to fill so be sure which pages are.mentioning or you only filled out those.pages there will be like 40 or 50 pages.you only fill two pages I'll show you.and if you have still any questions.maybe ask in the comments or maybe just.as the tax authorities by transferring.to English line particular pages go to.those pages and ask the fields they will.explain what it means in English you can.fill it and send them don't worry.everyone is there with help you you can.ask also tax consultants but why do you.pay like 50 or 100 euros just follow the.video or call the tax authorities or.maybe ask me and there to help you man.then you start acting don't worry like.you will get it because they know that.you enter and once they can sell this.your online form they will send you this.M form so just wait for them form and.you receive it then start acting don't.panic.don't think don't overcomplicate things.it's page 1 page 2 page 29 is 30 just.tear off this pages i mean it's.basically two pages one and two in one.and 29 and 30 in one and so when you.tear up these two pages from the em book.that i showed you the 2015 m in my case.so then you need to fill these two pages.and put it is like form one is always.heading to the top so what happens is.the address that is shown that is the.address that should reach them that.should come here so if you see closely.that is the transparent thing where you.can read the address if you can it's.inhale in that's the head office of the.text so form page one should be inserted.in such a way that this transparent.should show this hidden address if it.shows the hill in address then it will.reach those that tax office.automatically if this address doesn't so.then it will come back to you that's a.big problem so just don't show your name.here just show put the page one in such.a way that in the retirees of what.benefits and allowances you can get and.there will be many more coming like.living in Netherland study and cost of.living and other things so check my Cora.blog this is one FAQ there are like five.or six more fa Q's which I am going to.fill in a video series so it will help.like the current generation living in.Netherlands and also the future coming.generations who are coming to.Netherlands so if you like this video.and if you it helps you please consider.subscribing and sharing and letting your.friends know that someone's there to.help you please subscribe and share and.till the next video series bye.[Music].

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Form Bb1 2015 2019 FAQs

Hit on answers to listed questions about Form Bb1 2015 2019 . Discover the most ordinary topics and more.

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