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Kern County In Custody Form : Customize, Finish and forward

for someone recently released from.incarceration the quickest path back.into custody is to reoffend. AB109.has enabled hundreds to become eligible.for early release from local detention.centers. the problem is that many upon.release see no options they have no.marketable skills no place to live no.hope hello everyone I'm Marybeth.garrison your host for this edition of.inside Kern the program that seeks to.demystify county programs projects and.services today we're going to take a.look at AB109 the California assembly.bill that seeks to close the revolving.door on lower level offenders cycling in.and out of detention centers the impact.on County staff has been great but kern.county sheriff probation and mental.health have been working together like.never before on this first part of a.two-part series we're going to talk to.kern county sheriff and see what they're.doing from norris road all the way to.the lerdo detention center you're.going to see that they're having an.impact and make it a difference so stay.tuned for this edition of inside kern.in retirement I thought my husband and I.would enjoy going places together our.sons drinking interfered with our plans.we worried about him in our.grandchildren and didn't know where to.go for help.we found help and support at al-anon.family group meetings in hospitals.churches and schools is someone's.drinking troubling you.you might be surprised what you can.learn at an al-anon family group from.people just like you call 1 888 for.Alana or go to al-anon org.accounting dude 87 days oh that's a lot.David.yeah what I don't know anything I don't.bless you so what happened I go I know.still look everybody here detected Plato.he got me the program didn't stick.around okay you know God bless again two.years were half-god al came back with a.better mindset came actually open minded.yeah be willing to learn and then know.where I'm at sick or dead autonomy today.when people who have been incarcerated.want to turn their lives around.they're often met with slammed doors.closed windows and few options Kern.County is working to change that and the.truth is it starts while in custody.instead of three squares and a bed kern.county has educational opportunities.substance abuse tattoo removal programs.and anger management programs all.designed to equip.people to live successful lives on the.outside kern county sheriff Donny.Youngblood is proud of the work his.department has done and believes that.departments and agencies are working.together better than ever.sheriff Youngblood how are you today are.you? I'm well thanks thanks can you come.and talk with me sheriff tell me about AB109 give me an overview when and why.it came into play inmates in the state.prison system filed lawsuit koma V V.Florida and they alleged that they.didn't have proper health care mental.health care in prison facilities they.won that lawsuit and a three-judge panel.then ordered the state of California to.reduce the number of inmates that they.had because the overcrowding was causing.the lack of proper medical mental health.care so the governor was given a number.of inmates to to be at at certain points.and he's been trying to get there and.hence realignment came where those.inmates a lot of them were doing time.the kind of jails now as opposed to.state prison so what impact has it had.on your department well pre realignment.an inmate could do one year in the.county jail with good work time they're.in and out six months at the most and.most of those were misdemeanors some of.them were felonies some were wobblers.but now we get violent prisoners out of.state that would be doing time the state.prison system into our county jail some.of them with lengthy 14 15 years.sentences LA County has a couple over 40.year sentences those type of inmates.have to be dealt with completely.differently and you can't just mix and.match inmates you can't just have a big.room throw them all in there because you.have prison gangs and you can't mix them.together so there's a lot of issues with.with real life so how has your.department adapted to the change in.population well for 30 years we have.been releasing people fed capping them.letting him out early at one point there.we were down to your doing.percent of your time the county jail.because of overcrowding and so when this.first happened we had that severe.overcrowding problem and we know our.history tells us we get same inmates.back over and over and over again they.we learned that kicked them up the front.door with no money no driver's license.no change in their life that we could.expect the same result and they would be.back so so we picked up on that pretty.quickly and then along came Prop 47 that.made virtually everything a misdemeanor.so that gave us some empty bed space we.started some some programs the state did.furnish us some money and we have a CCP.the group of county department heads.mental health probation district.attorney public defender numerous people.that are on this committee that just we.distribute that amount of money however.we think we need to to attack this.problem and part of it is the the.programs that we have inside the.facilities such as the RSAP a.residential substance abuse program.anger management child care we have.people on electronic monitoring that we.give a chance to go out and we monitor.their activities so what we've done is.trying to give them a way of changing.their life if they choose to before they.go back out and a lot of times they will.leave our custody and go into probations.not custody but they'll build kind of.progress to probation and give them an.opportunity to to be successful and we.think that we are having some success.you know we're not going to change the.world we have people that have to be in.custody because there are people out.there the one hurt our citizens and it's.my job to Public Safety so but it has to.changed and really Kern County has led.the way we have some great employees at.Lerdo that have committed to these.programs and I've heard the inmates when.they graduate talk about they don't want.let the officers down well that's that's.a pretty encouraging thing to hear.when you see someone graduating from the.program so you've been with Kern County.Sheriff for a long time so is it a.different way of.working with inmates than it was say 20.years ago? not even that far back.yes if you go back 10 years what our job.was has go out and arrest a bad guy, put.him in jail.keep him find so that I'm trying to keep.hurting each other than custody and they.did their time kick them out on the.streets and expect a different result.and we found that we work and we weren't.ever going to get different result got.it got it.now what is your greatest challenge with.AB109 and how are you addressing that.challenge?.well realignment caused us a lot of.challenges and the probably one of the.biggest is the long term sentenced.inmate.you have to treat people that are in.custody for 20 or 30 years differently.then you do someone's going to be there.for three to six months and those.inmates a lot of them have committed.some pretty serious offenses so it's.it's you have a lot more inmate on.inmate assaults you have a lot more.inmate on staff assaults so staff has.they have to be protected as well from.these from these people and it's it was.a new way of for us to do business but.it not only takes more officers it takes.more space because you can't just put.them all together and it's really but.there were some challenges there that.the staff the Sheriff's Office really.met head-on and have done a great job..now Lerdo let's talk about Lerdo.there's a future that looks a little bit.different for Lerdo in terms of.facility tell me about that well we have.if you if you look back at the Coleman.platter lawsuit it was about inmates not.getting proper in medical and mental.health care so we're building a new.facility at Lerdo 800 beds of which 100.million dollars came from the state of.California and under 8900 but in that.facility we will have over a hundred.mental and medical health beds so we.will have if we just built an out of.jail facility we've been the same.position states in those same attorneys.are looping around jails in California.because.the same condition in their mind exists.so we're trying to do things differently.and we're we have mental health ons on.board with us we have medical from KMC.cooperating like you never have before.so we really we have high hopes set when.the attorneys come to our Jail.they're going to say that's what we're.looking for awesome now went what is the.timeline June 2017 they're there.they're building it as we speak.and it will you know we have a facility.out there that was built a couple of.times because it burned down once but it.was built like houses and it's for.minimum inmates and it literally is.falling down so we're trying to to make.Larry a real jail and because we don't.you know jail shouldn't be Taj Mahal's.and comfortable but you have to take.care of you know your as a sheriff.constitute constitutionally charged with.the care of those inmates so and I take.that that charge very seriously.now what needs still need to be met and.if you had additional funding where.would you put it well the price of oil.obviously is killing us right now and it.has a direct impact on our ability to do.our job the sheriff's role isn't just.law enforcement of streets there's so.many different roles we have a civil.division that is mandated by the.Constitution we have jails that are.mandated by the Constitution courts.bailiffs those are mandated by the.Constitution. Patrol is not so when you.start moving these these chess pieces.around you can't you're going to make.somebody unhappy and and when you the.more money you lose the more pieces you.have to move more people become unhappy.and so we're right now finances the.budget is really a big issue with us and.I suspect it's going to be that way for.the next couple three years because the.price of oil now if you had an.opportunity to speak to the general.public about AB109 and how they feel.safe in their homes are not safe in.their homes.what would you say well I what I would.say is this is not a cure-all there's.people in the streets.I want to make you a victim there's.people in the streets that want to take.your property in my property today we.have about 400 empty beds at Lera we.haven't had for years but with Prop 47.making everything a misdemeanor we've.come up with a lot of empty beds that's the good.news, the bad news is there's 400 people.out there that I know of that ought to.be in custody doing time for drug crimes.because people that are addicted to.drugs steal your property in my property.so that they can fuel their drug habit.so there's good and there's bad but I.think the end of the day we have to.understand that the public is their.number one protector but they have to.watch out for themselves, chance of.police officer being there that event.occurs not like it happens but not very.likely so now you just have to be.vigilant in your own safety you know.don't depend on others so in essence we.are your partner in public safety.absolutely absolutely is there anything.you'd like to add any other comments on.the impact of AB109 the the importance.of it well I think that that the most.interesting thing is current is it what.is the most conservative county in state.of California therefore we should be the.last in programs because we didn't.believe in those programs the truth of.the matter is we're leading the state in.those programs and successes last year.when the governor gave his State of the.State speech he mentioned Kern County's.programs specifically because he came.here and saw what we were doing so I'm.pretty proud of the staff out there you.know there you're out half of you is out.trying to put somebody in jail the other.half trying to get them out so you know.I'm conflicted sometimes I understand.thank you so very much.I was between hearing and between I'm.part of the 12-step fellowships leading.the bill to the both of these combined.that's how I am take you know my.breaking point was whenever I was in.there and I got that whenever I hit.Wasco you know I was able to get.pictures you know I got a picture of my.son his first year t-ball and then I.kind of kicked myself for that one year.I mean I like man so what happened I get.out then I become his t-ball coach for a.second year and got to be a part of his.life and trying to live that living.amends with him for the little you know.the year I was gone he's loving having.it's not just him you know I'm living I.always tell people they'll grateful for.stress a lot of people don't understand.that I'm grateful for the fact that I.could stress on pain ring-like stress on.you know buying food but like like for.most of our backgrounds you know we.didn't have to worry about rent then you.have to worry about food didn't have to.worry about so and where you have to.worry about toothpaste didn't have to.worry about clothes not stress in the.world you know so I'm grateful for the.stress that I get to have in life today.I'm Kristen price and I'm Russell Judd.and we're teaming up to create a safe.sleeping environment for babies did you.know that the best way for babies to.sleep is in their own crib on their.backs this lowers their risk of sudden.unexplained infant death commonly called.su ID you can further reduce your baby's.risk by room sharing without bed sharing.and by removing quilts pillows and.stuffed toys from their crib to learn.more about her and medical safe sleep.campaign call three two six two six zero.six.brought me to be I was okay I got.released from Moscow I got assigned to a.certain PO while when I went to visit.him he told me hey well there's a.program we got that get you operation in.six months I said let me have it.um when I got here I just came to the.with just the better to make it up later.later one thing I learned here I learned.a lot here but one of the things that I.took with me that I really just how to.stay positive and learn how to get a.keep a positive attitude and my hats off.to the whole staff and bi because they.received so much negativity and they.turned it into a positive thing they.turn everybody to receive people like me.the way I came in.and for them to still fit and stay.positive is like wow like why do you.have to put up with my negativity nough.sand still you know stay cheerful.sheriff Donnie Youngblood has key people.working on a be 109 programs including.chief deputy Shelley Castaneda and.detentions lieutenant Ian Silva they.both believe the work they're doing is.making a difference.chief deputy Shelley Castaneda manages.detentions for Kern County now over the.past decade she has seen a lot of.changes let's talk to her about those.changes so what is the difference the.way deputies interface with inmates.today as opposed to ten years ago well.you know since I came on the department.in 1991 we've evolved quite a bit today.our detentions deputies are very.hands-on they're very much an integral.part of the inmates programming and.their success from start to finish we.have deputies are actually in the.housing units energy.inmates for participation monitoring.them for success for issues for problems.and they're very much a part of them and.actually they do facilitate some of our.programs with the jail as well now you.talk about success is there a way that.your deputies sort of earmark or see or.perceive that some people are more open.to successful recovery you know I I.think it's just it's just spending time.with the inmates and you know having.conversations with them finding out what.their issues are what their problems are.what the barriers are for them and.sometimes it's just a matter of at one.of our deputies making a connection with.an inmate and planning that seed and you.know once they make that decision to you.know make me make a start and.participate in a program then it's it's.up to that inmate you know whether or.not they want to be success so let's.talk about programs it what do you think.is your most successful program or are.some of your most successful programs.you know we've got a lot of great.programs and a lot of them have to do.with job skills GED or we also have some.for substance abuse I would say probably.our residential substance abuse meant.treatment program is probably one of our.flagship programs and that's a great.collaboration between mental health.staff and sheriff's office staff it's a.12-week program that's facilitated in.custody and the inmates actually our.house together and they stay together.and they progress through the program.you know together as a group and that.has had a great success rate it's an.evidence-based program and it teaches.them coping skills how to avoid the.substance abuse issues that have plagued.them and landed many of them in jail and.that's been very successful at the.completion of that program the inmates.are generally placed on one of our out.of custody programs such as the.electronic monitoring program or their.further supervised and.monitored and you know we've had great.success and a lot of good success.stories on inmates who've been gainfully.employed and were able to stay sober and.avoid all the things that got them into.jail now you spoke of mental health what.are some of the other agencies that you.work with are you partner with we.partner with a lot of different agencies.the mental health department is one.probation department is another we also.have some community-based organizations.that we work with Bakersville Adult.School facilitates our GED program so we.have a lot of great partners that work.hard and facilitate a lot of great.programs for the inmates from your.perspective what are some of the tools.that an individual needs in order to be.successful on the outside you know that.varies you know we have male and female.inmates sometimes the needs for the.female inmates might be different than.for the males but we're finding that.sometimes it's just the basics that the.inmates need you know resource wise when.they are released from custody they need.the basics like you know how to fill out.a job application or having a valid ID.or driver's license so that they can.apply for jobs or cash a check so we try.to provide them a lot with the basics.basic tools if they're going to need.when they're on the outside graduates of.our program are our set program we.release them with a backpack full of you.know underwear t-shirts and some basic.toiletry items that a lot of the inmates.that maybe are homeless may not have or.be able to afford so you know just the.basics gives them a good start and have.you know allow them to leave jail feeling.positive and good about themselves so.chief I know there are challenges.because there are always challenges tell.me what some of those significant ones.are and how you are adjusting well I'd.say probably one of our biggest.challenges that we're dealing with a.very different type of inmate today than.we were you know five or ten years ago.today we have inmates that formerly were.in the state prison system now we're.managing them at the county level.and the problem is they tend to be more.problematic in terms of operations and.supervision wise you know we have over.50% or gang-affiliated we have over 70%.or mentally ill are receiving some sort.of mental mental mental health services.we're not equipped we're ill-equipped to.deal with that type of long-term inmates.so we're having to make adjustments in.that area in one of the ways that we're.addressing that is we're actually in the.midst of building a new jail via the.8900 state grant that we were awarded.Kern county was awarded and that.basically gave us a hundred million.dollars to build a new facility so this.facility will be state-of-the-art and it.will address very specific issues that.we have operationally be very secure.facility a safe facility for the inmates.and for the employees but also it's.going to better meet the medical needs.and the mental health needs of our.inmates so that's a real big thing the.other big feature of new gel is it's.going to open up a lot more areas for.programming which is you know the key to.our philosophy now is providing the.animate programs that's what 80 109 is.all about so we'll be able to really.meet better meet the needs a whole list.on a ballistic level if you know.everything that the inmate needs to be.success and hopefully to prevent them.from coming back into custody you talked.a lot about success have you seen or.been able to quantify a reduction in.recidivism I mean our less people on.that rotating door coming back to Lerdo.coming back to Lerdo coming.back you know all of our programs are.evidence-based and we do have some.academic partners that are assisting us.with data collection so far we have done.some studies on the programs and our.success rates and we are seeing some.very good results so we do believe we're.on the.right track as far as preventing citizen.gaps are there gaps that remain and if.you had additional money where would you.put it well as far as gaps I would say.again that probably is just the ongoing.issue of staffing you know we have a.number of retirements occurring and.we're continually trying to get.positions hired we're kind of out of.programming space so the new gel will.facilitate that where we'll have a lot.more room to facilitate the programs.that are so needed and the other thing.is just like I mentioned we have a.continual staffing issue trying to get.new deputies hired to work in detentions.has been a struggle and along with you.know the state of the budget the way it.is it's it's going to continue to be a.challenge for us so we have very.motivated staff I'm very proud of our.staff because they've completely bought.into the programming that we're doing.with AB109 clients and you know that.started with the top of the sheriff you.know he very much believes in the.program that we're doing and the good.that we're doing for the community.members so that my staff really has.taken it to heart and they've really.just got in and you know immersed.themselves in in you know all they can.do to be a part of the the answer to the.problem so would you say that that is.your department's strength is there is.there let's let's make this happen and.let's do it.I think they have many strengths but I.would say probably one that's really.stands on my mind is that they're.incredibly dedicated a credit incredibly.resourceful I give them a task or a.challenge and it's met and it's always.with the goal of you know helping our.inmates to be better citizens to be.productive and be successful while on.the inside and to prevent them from.coming to jail to begin with so I would.say just the collaboration that I've.seen the teamwork that I've seen all of.those are strengths in my opinion of the.detentions personnel that I have tell me.about the future what do you see if you.add a crystal ball what do you see in.there well I.I see that my staff is going to continue.to do good work we're going to continue.to see good results with.with our animate population I think our.programming our programs that we're.facilitating are only going to grow and.get better so I see good things it's.just a right now we're distilling like I.said with the budget issues and so that.kind of presents a challenge for us John.Q public hears about AB109 an early.release of inmates it sometimes makes.them fearful if you had an opportunity.to speak to that.what would you say well I would say that.there's a lot of collaboration going on.at the county level between all the.stakeholders to ensure that we are.equipping our former inmates to be.productive citizens we're trying to.address anything that might present an.obstacle for people when once they're.released from custody so I would say you.know it's they're part of our they're.part of our community.you know these folks that are getting.out of jails these are ones that.formerly were in the state prison system.and now we have them here in the county.so I would say that they're they're well.monitored they're well supervised and we.are trying to provide all the tools and.resources to make a person successful.now you can lead a horse to water but.you can't make them drink so you know.there's got to be some self.accountability on the part of the.inmates you know there's really no.excuse for somebody not to succeed with.the things that were able to provide.them now in the custom in custody.setting and that's that's the exciting.part and the benefit of AB109 if you.will absolutely final thoughts I think.when we all started this in 2011 you.know when AB109 went into effect it.was a huge undertaking and I think there.was a lot of concern about whether or.not we would be successful but I am.proud to say now I've seen with my own.eyes the difference we're making in.lives of our the inmates that come.through our custody I've seen the buy-in.of the deputies that are working with.with the inmate population and the.programming aspect of it so just very.proud of where we've you know.all that we've accomplished and how.we've evolved to a very productive.partner in ensuring the success of many.people they're returning to the.community so while there are costs to.AB109 to staffing and resources there.are benefits to the community overall..Absolutely because you know if we're.able to you know release and inmate out.to a EMP for example they can still have.contact with their families they can.still be a father or mom or they can.still hold down a job and be a.productive member of society while you.know still in our custody and under our.supervision so we're just able to.accomplish a lot with our virtual jail.section and the things that allow us to.supervise on the outside of the jail.walls so that's that's been very.important okay.keep up the good work thank you.you tell me about your experience well I.will from the start.always act out the errors to see anybody.this is an interglacial around.advertising Outreach Center for change.in my life my attitude I believe in my.addiction I've known about difference in.the tool so much other general.experiences it's wonderful what is me.the biggest difference in your life.personally if you just look at yourself.what is most it is trigger to change.obviously myself and I've wrong.inventory myself.and actually these think noise hasn't.changed that there's this it's the wrong.emotion always gotta have never even.actually pointed program so I absolutely.let that my life I can't remember you.know myself so these programs actually.open my eyes somebody has preserved my.philosophy variables now tell me about.the deputies here the relationship is.that I hate missing what is it this is.regulations course as we know is in good.good evening and overstocks Sheldon.Harnick she cares for smaller spheres we.all care of it let's just eat some.officers say nope it will maybe fill me.back and then we slip it through because.this is there were ways I mean here's.logic I want to see me succeed.very very meeting of that habitat Nixon.an autobody results of Iowa that during.a job in ions if you had an opportunity.to tell the general public things we do.here on TV or I am.what would you.and you how you want them to look at you.when your arteries have to change Mary.come on past my past undergo the best.when you start having new tools so we're.So we're here at the Lerdo detention facility.and joining me is lieutenant Ian Silva.he is the detentions lieutenant and he's.over all of the programs that they offer.here and many of them through AB109.so tell me some of the programs that.you're doing here at Laird oh we have a.wide variety of programs meant to.address a variety of needs that inmates.have in order to be successful once they.leave custody we have vocational.programs such as kitchen work GED GED.testing for probe for educational.purposes we also have treatment programs.to help inmates deal with substance.abuse issues anger replacement therapies.so we have a wide variety of programs.because inmates how are very diverse and.what they need to be successful in your.opinion what has been the most.successful program that you offer we're.proud of all of our programs one of our.flagship programs those are residential.substance abuse treatment program this.is a program where a group of inmates.actually are housed together for about a.90 day period and they go to treatment.together receive services together and.what that's allowed us to allow them to.do is they support one another in their.recovery efforts it's kind of almost a.team mentality if you will and then once.they complete that they can be released.on our electronic monitoring program and.we track them once they're out of.custody to see what kind of success rate.we get and that program in particular.has been very successful we've got a lot.of success stories if inmates actually.turning their lives.and being successful once they leave the.jail now I understand you do offer a GED.program how do you do that well we.partner with Bakerfield adults who only.actually have staff here on site to.teach classes they do the readiness.portion where they get intimated ready.to take the GED test and then once an.inmate's ready we actually do the test.right here on site via computers and.we've been able to graduate a number of.inmates people who came in here with.little or no education actually can.leave here with a GED in hand and that.obviously makes them much more likely to.be successful get a job once they leave.custody now one of the most visible.programs is of course litter pickup on.the side of the road is is that.something people want to do yes we.actually you'd be surprised that.sometimes it is one of those programs.that's kind of coveted it makes me want.to be a part of that program they feel.like they're out doing something.constructive they get out of the jail.they're closely supervised it's a secure.insecure situation but they've been very.successful in that they picked up just.this last since this fiscal year began.over 500 thousand pounds of trash so.we're not only giving the inmates.program to be involved in but we're also.helping beautify the community and it.really does make a visible difference.now tell me about this monitor behind us.what is going on on all of these.different classrooms this is a station.from which we monitor class classes that.are in progress these are actually.inmates taking classes from mental.health staff or Bakersfield Adult School.staff we the education what not usually.you'll see the bulk of these classrooms.filled up we happen to just have a.couple going right now we monitor it.from here and this is where our this is.the Nexus of our programs is where the.bulk of our programs actually happens in.these classrooms that were monitoring.from the station what tools do you think.are necessary for someone who has been.incarcerated to be successful on the.outside well what's what's really.important to understand is there there's.a very diverse spread of needs that an.inmate.I have some neat educational help some.new vocational help some need some kind.of substance abuse trick treatment or.anger management parenting classes it's.a wide net and every inmate has a.particular mix of needs they that will.make them get where they need to be one.of the things we do is we use a.nationally validated set of assessment.tools so we can refine what an.individual in may need needs and try to.pair them with services that will get.that done for them is there a need.missing if you had more money to develop.new programs is there something that.comes to mind well we're working towards.connecting inmates with employers more.we're working towards trying to create.situations where they can get driver's.license not not take test but if they.don't if they've lost their driver's.license for some reason to get that.reinstated or a covering ID we're even.looking towards things like social.security cards so that we can give some.of those tools to the inmate when they.leave through the normal processes those.are things we're developing us or at.least determining how feasible it's.going to be to be able to do this to.meet those needs final thoughts um I.think what you're seeing here is a very.different mentality now nowadays we have.deputies who are actually involved in.prams civilian program staff that are.involved in helping the inmates get.ready for when they get released to be.successful it's a very different mindset.from the time when when our job was.basically to keep them secure to keep.them safe as long as they were meant to.be here and not do much and beyond that.apart from meet those basic needs so.it's it's kind of a different mindset to.see inmates who are talking with.deputies and connecting with with.deputies who are interested in getting.them out of jail on the right foot so.they don't come back perfect thank you.so much keep up the good work thanks.very much.yes walking in the dress during.reintegration you go through the.honeymoon stage you come home and.everything is great at first when I came.back like wife and children were great.and all of a sudden my wife goes to work.kids go to school all by myself and all.I'm doing is thinking about my 40 tree.solders the room could be filled with.people that I loved and cared about and.I'd be over here thinking about what.happened in Iraq three months ago.they're almost like a stranger when you.come back everything's different you're.kind of discombobulated people were.asking me how it was but I got the sense.they couldn't relate to what I had been.through so I just stopped talking about.it it made a tremendous difference in my.life and I chose to get help.in hindsight had probably saved my life.saved my marriage.I personally believe that I'm also a.better soldier sometimes when you come.home it can seem negative distressing.and concerning it can all be got through.and will be got through you're not going.to be the same person afterwards that.you were before you deployed and don't.try to be accept who you are now figure.out how to move forward and make that.positive you know what I was in prison I.had made a choice already like I was.tired of being high I was tired of being.in prison so when I came here it was it.was an opportunity it was opportunity.and I seen that and I took it you know.it wasn't easy it wasn't easy and here's.where I learned my life skills you know.how how to deal with everyday situations.without going back to my old ways.without dealing with with situations of.you know what forgiveness or I'm going.to give up I'm going to go get high and.not care about anything and and here's.where I learned to to to cope with.things in in in a sense of the way we.should be coping with them you know.so as you can see Kern County Sheriff.has had their hands full and I'm proud.to say they have stepped up to the.challenge. Their efforts are making a.difference. Thank you for joining me on.this edition of inside Kern, be sure to.stay tuned for the second part of this.series as we focus on the impact of.AB109 we'll be talking to Kern County.Probation mental health and get the.final word from supervisor Leticia.Perez.

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