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[Music].welcome back to the geeks 9/11 show I'm.euros Giggs today we were going to be.talking about the PTSD and the.relationship has to sleep apnea now this.is gonna be a very informative podcasts.at this information out there I didn't.know any other way to do it I mean.there's a lot of veterans out there that.are suffering from the two disorders.here PTSD and sleep apnea and I you know.it's very frustrating to me because I.know I have a sense of exactly what I.need to do in order to be compensated.for both my PTSD in my sleep apnea now I.was diagnosed with sleep apnea back.about three years ago and I actually.conducted the the portable sleep study.or the potable sleep study was conducted.at the VA so I actually went to the VA.and I did the sleep study they actually.hand you over a machine a device to take.it home with you and then you sleep with.it and then about a week or so they have.the results ready for you so anyway I.was diagnosed and upon being diagnosed.with that I went ahead and filed for.compensation now I was already outside.of the military so that was something.that was a big difference because if.you're in and you're diagnosed with.sleep apnea then of course you're gonna.get disability for it because it.occurred while you were in service so.being out of service.is a little bit more there's a little.bit more footwork that you have to do.okay and I was diagnosed with it and I.filed and they denied it okay and I was.like just totally shocked I was like.okay this doesn't make sense to me how.could I be denied disability for sleep.apnea if the study was done at the VA.and I know there's a lot of.head-scratching going on.I myself was confused I was.discombobulated I didn't even know where.to start I didn't know where the Bing so.I started asking questions I went online.and I started looking at sleep apnea and.you know how it's caused and so forth.and I didn't really find a lot of.information like there's a lot of.information out there but it was very.broad because it talked about civilians.and so forth so I just wanted to really.hone in on veterans and how you know we.develop sleep apnea.when we're in the military or in.war-torn situations or whatever so did a.little bit more research and came across.a friend of mine that actually had a lot.of information so anyway I didn't at.that time have a PTSD diagnosis so I.actually will talk about them in another.podcast it's a totally separate podcast.to talk about the PTSD but I'm also.diagnosed with PTSD as well so once I.got the diagnosis with PTSD then I went.into the process of filing another claim.to refine my claim for sleep apnea this.time it was approved okay.it was approved it was not denied and I.was approved at 50%.I was rated at 50% so let me tell.everyone out there that in the system in.the VA you have to have a VA form number.it just you have to okay you cannot have.a piece of paper or you know your notes.from the doctor or whatever it has to.everything has to be done on a form okay.and the form that I took or I used was.the VA form 21-0 960 or Lima - - okay.this is the form that you're gonna be.using for your sleep apnea diagnosis.it's a questionnaires okay so basically.once I was diagnosed with PTSD I then.took my form VA form 21-0 nine six zero.Lima - two - my sleep apnea appointment.okay and the friend of mine that brought.this to my attention told me hey all you.need to do is hand the doctor on duty.this form and they will fill it out for.you now that was very to me it was very.ironic I was like really just hand the.doctor the form and he will know exactly.what to do and that was quite that was.the case so on this form I'm gonna show.you everything that the doctor filled.out for me okay I didn't fill this.information out he actually put this.information on the form okay and within.the VA structure within the system.everything is done by ICD code okay.these are the codes that are used to set.diagnoses okay and it gives you the.diagnosis type so on the form when you.pull it up it's gonna have provide only.diagnosed.not diagnosis that person pertained to.sleep apnea and check diagnosis type so.this is the code so this is the code.that was written down G for 7.33 now.people take that in mind you want to.highlight that or you want to maybe.write that down because you're gonna.want to do some research on that code I.did a little bit of research on the code.and when I actually put it up on Google.I wasn't able to get actually I wasn't.able to get any farther than just.looking at it and it did have to do it.sleep apnea and you know things that.obstructed your breathing and so forth.but you have to log in in order to get.more information then I'm not a doctor.I'm not a medical physician and I'm not.claiming to be a medical physician or a.doctor we interrupt our program to bring.you this important message.and I'm also not claiming to be a lawyer.I just want to put that out there I'm.not a lawyer I'm not a doctor and this.is just experiences that I had and this.is what I did to get my disability for.sleep apnea okay just want to put that.out there right off the cut right off.the cuff the doctor fill out this.information and then there's never code.here f3 3.41.and then it says post traumatic stress.disorder okay so you you definitely want.to look at this code and you definitely.want to look at this code because these.two codes are very important and you can.find out a little bit more information.about it again if you look up the d4.7.33 it's not gonna you're not gonna.really get a whole lot you're gonna I.mean you can go online and search for it.but it's not gonna go that much in.detail okay and then of course here you.can look up that code I don't really do.a whole lot with this code but it says.post-traumatic stress order so that's.what was put on my form and then the.doctors put here his snoring tiredness.and wit tiredness and witness apnea is.during sleep dating back to military.service so again I was already out of.the military and this is what the doctor.wrote because he understood as well as I.did that I was not in the military's not.active duty I was not on active duty.okay the next thing he had put here was.is the his continuous medication.required for control of a sleep disorder.condition he put know does a veteran.require the use of a breathing assistant.device such as a continuous positive.airway pressure machine CPAP machine yes.and then here he put does the veteran.currently have any finding signs or.symptoms attributed to sleep apnea yes.persistent daytime hyper soma doses or.whatever that is I'm not a doctor so I.don't even I can't pronounce some of.these words so sorry about that and then.the next section here is other pertinent.physical findings complications.condition signs and/or symptoms okay and.of course here there is none and then.here does the veteran now this is a key.here key 4b does the veteran have any.other pertinent physical finding.complication condition signs and/or.symptoms related to any conditions.listed in the diagnosis section okay.here here's the kicker here.service-connected diagnosed PTSD okay.now this is the kicker here that's gonna.actually tie the two together and that's.gonna get you your rating for sleep.apnea okay now in order to get that.other than being in the military and.being diagnosed with it without being.diagnosed with PTSD because if you're in.the military again and you're diagnosed.with sleep apnea you will get your.percentage for sleep apnea okay if.you're outside of the military and.you're diagnosed with sleep apnea but.you don't have a PTSD diagnosis they.will deny you okay because there's no.connection to us how you got the sleep.apnea okay so that's the key they're.people you have to be able to link it to.PTSD okay that is one of the ways that I.know of that you're gonna get your.diagnosis for sleep apnea okay now.moving right along okay for be.service-connected diagnosis with PTSD.okay now we go further down here on the.form VA form 21-0 960 or Lima - - okay.keep that in mind.cuz I know a lot of you out there are.gonna be like whoa this is unreal I.can't believe that I'm seeing this right.now.[Music].yes believe it okay because the.information is there and it's not gonna.be giving to you freely okay.you're gonna have to search through this.information you're gonna have to do the.research because the VA and everybody.else is not going to do it for you okay.so remember that okay so here he put has.a sleep study bin perform yes if yes.does the veteran have documented sleep.disorder breathing yes okay and the.results are here moderate obstructive.sleep apnea and then it has the little.code here at 86% okay so I guess this.percentage here is you know the sleep.study that had done and I guess there's.a percentage that they round up in.whatever so I didn't really understand.that I have to actually look into that I.don't really have a lot of a lot of.information on that but are there any.other symptoms are significant diagnosed.test findings and other results No.okay here we go people are you ready.drum roll drum roll can you do a drum.roll this here is the most important.section on this VA form 21-0 nine six.zero Lima - two this is the most.important section on this VA form 21-0.nine six zero Lima - two okay let me.show you guys what it is the doctor.wrote veteran would confirm OSA.obstructive sleep apnea diagnoses.currently treated with positive airway.pressure therapy it is possible or at.least as likely than not 50% or greater.probability that obstructive sleep apnea.is associated with or due to.service-connected PTSD diagnosis did you.all hear that okay and this is a study.that they have done the VA Veterans.Health Administration has already done.this study okay and I'm going to show.you some of the PDF documentation that.they have done that links sleep apnea to.PTSD okay.and once you get this information here.nine times out of ten you're gonna be.diagnosed with PTSD I mean I'm a sleep.apnea okay and you're gonna get a.percentage for it.however a direct hazard relationship.cannot be definite definitively.ascertained okay that's what the doctor.wrote and then here's the studies okay.that he put in the remarks section now.me being the kind of person that I am I.said hey let me go ahead and highlight.the first row or actually the second the.first row and do a google search on it.which I did okay and this is what I came.up with people here is let me move this.out the way and let me move this out the.way so you guys can see it clearly.okay here is a sleep disorder breeding.study done by the Association of.psychiatric disorder and sleep apnea in.large in a large cohort okay and this is.the most important part here this is a.conclusion here and I highlighted the.most important parts because I wanted.everyone to understand exactly the study.now you're gonna have to actually pull.this up and I will leave the link in.description below so that everyone can.see where this information was pulled.from and so forth okay so there it is.and again on the form it's the.association of psychiatric disorder it's.right there it's right there and the.conclusion here and this is again a.study that was done by the veterans to.help their study objectives here we go.let's read it we conducted the present.study to determine whether psychiatric.disorders are commonly associated with.sleep apnea in Veterans Health.Administration beneficiaries and the.conclusion from that was sleep apnea is.associated with a higher prevalent.prevalence psychiatric kommer bid.conditions in Veterans Health.Administration beneficiary the.Association suggests the patients with.psychiatric disorders and Cowen's.a coincident symptoms suggesting sleep.disorder breathing should be evaluated.for sleep apnea so these studies who.have been already conducted okay and.I've been online multiple times and I've.seen that they have they're doing.studies they're looking at studies and.they cannot find any you know there's a.lot of.chasing around the block going on online.okay and they're not you're not giving.the information now I only got this.information because the doctor had put.it in the remarks section on this VA.form I would have never found this.information okay this information is not.privy to you at all okay it's not gonna.be it's gonna be online but you're gonna.have to search and you see how I would.have never found this I would have to.dig for years to find this okay.so anyway the United States veteran's.health VHA okay you're gonna see that.later on in this article here okay so.read through this article it is very.interesting and it just shows you the.relationship with PTSD and sleep apnea.it is there okay and it is prevalent in.veterans all around the country okay.veterans in the Vietnam era World War.One World War two so the Operation.Enduring Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom.in Afghanistan it's prevalent okay and.you can read the outpatient files okay.in 1997 vah began recording diagnosis.made during each outpatient encounter in.the outpatient file using a unique.identifier Social Security and.individuals can be tracked through the.different files of the patient treatment.file and the outpatient file to obtain a.complete record of encounters in the.system so there's a lot of information.here and I would really recommend that.anybody that is going after or trying to.file for sleep apnea do your research.okay now this is only this is for people.that are already outside of the service.okay that half PTSD and then they're.going after you know if you have PTSD I.would recommend that you do a sleep.study because nine the majority of.people that have PTSD are more than.likely gonna suffer from sleep apnea.okay.I'm not overweight by any means because.they associated with obesity and being.overweight and so forth I'm not in a way.I'm in pretty good physical condition.okay I worked out all my life you know.I've ate I've eaten pretty healthy but.I've come down with PTSD or not I've.come down with sleep apnea so that right.there is you know how does that happen.okay.how does that happen I don't have a.family history of sleep apnea nobody in.my family is overly.beast overweight so you know it's very.very you know it's just one of those.things you know it's just one of those.things that that come up okay anyway so.yeah just read this article here it's.gonna give you all the information here.this is this study okay it's gonna break.it down to the number of depressions.anxiety PTSD alcohol dependence.psychosis bipolar I mean everything is.here okay and this study was conducted.years ago okay here they have November.11 to 2005 I mean there's a lot of.information here people okay the next.one that we're gonna be looking at is.the sleep distribution among returning.combat veterans okay okay and this study.was done in 2011 the first one was done.in 2005 okay and let's go to that one I.pulled that one up as well and look at.this people look at this 2011 right here.just to verify it okay and the.introduction here I'm gonna read it.because I want to read it I'm you know.there's a lot of people that probably.don't like reading I don't really like.reading that much but when I find.information out and I know that it's.gonna be helpful to other people other.veterans my brothers and sisters-in-arms.I'm gonna read it okay and I don't have.any issue or problem reading it.whatsoever okay introduction okay and.let me just show you here again.sleep this just disruptions among.returning combat veterans from Iraq and.Afghanistan there you go okay and here's.the people here I guess this article.here you know an association with these.individuals here and it has all the.abstract information here but anyway the.current conflicts in Iraq and.Afghanistan have involved US military.personnel in combat hazardous security.duty and stressful and noncombatant.roles that have by necessity changed.their individuals sleep-wake cycles.during months of deployment emerging.evidence suggests that combat exposure.may have delivery what deleterious.effects on sleep among returning.veterans one recent studies survey 2525.soldiers returning from Iraq and showed.that approximately 30 percent reported.complaints of sleep disturbance even.three to four three to four months after.their arrival back in the United States.following their tour of duty moreover.rates were even higher among those.reporting a head injury with as much as.fifty eight point three percent of.soldiers reporting sleep problems if.they had experienced a head injury with.loss of consciousness some evidence.suggests that sleep problems may even.worsen with time as some samples of.veterans from the Vietnam War have rates.of sleep disturbance as high as 90% or.more and that's from all that bombing.all that shell-shocked okay all that.those bombs that have been going off day.in and day out night in and night out.wind direct fire that rattles your brain.believe it or not it rat it rattled my.okay it rattled mine hearing gunfire.every single day hearing detonations.every single day not only from the.insurgents but from us because when we.find the you know the arsenal of weapons.and artillery we they blew it up so.you're constantly hearing this every.single day and it's pounding on your.brain every day in and out with no.wouldn't put no relief okay how do you.how can you sleep of course you're gonna.have sleeping disorders okay although it.is clear that sleep problems are.elevated among returning combat veterans.a neurology and nature of these.disturbances remain poorly understood.most studies of sleep disorders in the.population in this population have.focused on veterans suffering from.post-traumatic stress disorder a.debilitating anxiety disorder.characterized by symptoms of hyper.arousal avoidance and re-experiencing.recent estimates suggest that rates of.probably probable PTSD often range from.about five percent to two per 20 percent.but may have may reach as high as thirty.three percent to thirty nine percent of.returning combat veterans according to.some studies ok this is a lot of.information and these are percentages.okay.these are studies that were conducted ok.years ago and they know that there's.effects on the brain.okay traumatic effects that occur which.caused disturbances of sleep which.couldn't also cause sleep apnea okay.people read through these documents and.I'm gonna provide it in the link below.you have to read this this is when you.read this you have an understanding of.what you're experiencing if you have.PTSD and then nine times of 10 I say you.go get tests.get a portable uh sleep study done and.get that done as well so you can know.exactly what's going on because I'm.telling you I've had bouts where I was.sleeping.okay and I wake up choking like somebody.had to in hand around my neck.okay and I've had several episodes of.that and it was very scary I could not.breathe I could not catch my breath I.didn't know where I was that I didn't.know who I was and I was choking and I.was laying on my stomach okay and I.thought it was spit going out of myself.my windpipe but no people that is sleep.apnea okay and what happens is you stop.breathing at night while you sleep you.stop breathing and it can be anywhere.from 30 seconds on the poops upwards to.a minute in some cases so very serious.condition I would say I would tell.anybody that suffering from PTSD that's.out of the service to go get a sleep a.sleep study done okay because you do not.realize it you may have you may have.sleep apnea and you may be able to be.compensated for it okay.compensation is one thing but getting.the proper treatment for is another.thing because life is important and in.saying that I have to definitely get.back on mind it's a very uncomfortable.device to use okay it's very.uncomfortable but you know it's needed.it's needed so yeah this one's a pretty.long and extended one and it has a lot.of information it's on both men and.women is not just about men it's on the.effects that this has significant has on.both men and women okay okay and then it.has the tables here look at the tables.as well people okay look at the tables.as well because the tables have a lot of.information in there okay and you can.also google all this information here to.find out exactly what these tab these.symbolize and what they mean okay you.don't have to be a doctor or a scientist.or a medical professional or lawyer to.understand that okay and here's all the.tables here I'm not gonna read through.everything I did read through it and it.was very very informative and it kind of.enlightened me on exactly what my you.know diagnosis meant and you know the.things that are going on with my body so.but yeah there it is people okay so.again let me before I close this out.take this over to your a sleep apnea if.you're if you've been diagnosed with.sleep apnea okay.you don't have people you haven't been.diagnosed with PTSD okay and this is.only gonna work if you've been diagnosed.with PTSD okay then you do your sleep.study if you get diagnosed that sleep.apnea then this is the form that you.would give the doctor when at your next.appointment or appointment you just take.this in and they know exactly what to do.with it say hey doc I need this to be.filled out I have PTSD and here you go.and they should know what to do with it.okay and again this is the information.here and if you get a problem print.these these PDFs out and take it with.you okay print these people PDS out and.take it with you show the doctor show.them that you know what's going on okay.show them that you're not an idiot okay.because you're tired of playing the.runaround game and being told go here.and go there and you're going online and.search and you can't find the.information bring this to them print it.off okay this is seven pages.this one's ten pages okay put it in a.manila folder or a fuller and take it to.your next sleep apnea appointment with.the form right here okay and they'll.know that you know exactly what's going.on and you know to me I'm very it upsets.me because people are suffering okay we.we you know we went to war we've we.served our country we did what we needed.to do in combat okay and coming home and.having to deal with and experience all.this and you're scared and you don't.know exactly what's going on with your.body with your mind is crazy okay and.then they're telling you know it's this.no it's dad know you have you're.suffering from personality disorders and.all that that's another thing that's.another topic in itself I didn't want to.get into that one right now because I.know a few people that been diagnosed.with personality disorders that should.have been diagnosed with PTSD okay and I.know you had to anger my voice because.it angers me because I'm hearing these.stories and I'm seeing it happen in this.present day as I speak.millions of frustrated veterans around.the country wanting to care wanting to.help wanting the medical advice so that.they can do the right thing for.themselves and get the care that they.need they have families out there they.have kids okay and the constant.runaround is.ridiculous okay but anyway I want to.make it too personal that's just my.thought and my feelings about it.okay and if you if in and really people.I really would love for people to leave.a comment definitely like this this.podcast of this video because this is.gonna push it up on that YouTube.algorithm that they got going on okay.and it's gonna show more veterans out.there exactly what they need to do and.the paths that they need to take it's.all about documentation and ICD codes.diagnosis codes people or veterans my.fellow veterans and just handing the.doctor a slip or just going in and.talking about your problems is not.enough it's not enough and it's not.gonna get you the care that you need or.the benefits that you're entitled to.okay this is what's gonna get you the.benefits that you're entitled to these.VA forms knowing what your ICD codes are.okay and there's a lot of them out there.there's a ton of them out there for all.different types looking at your CF r38.which is what the VA uses to diagnose.you with whatever disability that you're.going after that's what they go by it's.a guideline okay but in closing please.please if you're a veteran out there and.you're suffering with sleep apnea PTSD.this is the information that you need.and it's gonna take you far because.documentation is the son of a [ __ ] I'm.telling you and once you have the proper.documentation once you have the proper.VA form numbers they can't do anything.to do they have to give you that.disability okay they have to it's it's.by law they have to okay so again print.this out and I'll provide the link in.the description below print this out.print this out okay and there's another.one I'll actually it wasn't a PDF it was.actually an article and I'll show you.here on the very bottom here um the last.one here is an actual article on the.bottom here right here high rate of.comb-over comer comer bid is comer bid.insomnia okay and the common good is.sight let me let me just tell you what.that means.kamar bid psychiatric what is it here it.says what is comedy a psychiatric.disorder so basically could come a big.comorbidity describes two or more.disorders or illnesses occurring in the.same person okay and look it's in here.okay that's the word that was put in.there and that's what the doctor wrote I.didn't write that the doctor wrote that.okay and it's a disorder karma karma.biddat ii is describes two or more.disorders or illnesses occurring in the.same person they can occur at the same.time or one after the other.comorbidity also implies interaction.between the illness that can worsen the.course of both of both and this is art.this is pretty this was this is August.first the 2018 this is last year this is.what that's disorder this is what it.means okay and I'll put that down in the.description as well so you can.understand what the terminology they're.using in here means okay so people again.you don't need a lawyer okay.lawyers are there they're gonna they're.gonna get their cut Laurens gonna make.money regardless it's the veterans that.are out there struggling and suffering.because we're on a fixed income some of.us are okay so understand what some of.these terminologies mean if you don't.know what the word is look it up okay I.did and I just gave you the definition.of it right there.so in closing let me get out of here for.real in closing if you know if you or.anybody that you know a veteran is.suffering from PTSD there's a PTSD.Veterans Crisis Line you can call it at.one eight hundred two seven two eight.two five five and you can also reach out.to the PTSD via gov website and that's.where I get all my information from I do.not go out to these third link fourth.link website these backlinks anything.that I do I always make sure there's a.VA gov behind it because that is where.the information is gonna be coming from.that's up-to-date okay I don't and I.advise anybody that is researching or.doing any types of research to relay.back to the VA gov website to see if it.is the correct information okay because.information may not be correct out there.or you may be looking at a lawyer site.they may be trying to pull you in to.have you file through them and so forth.so you definitely want to make sure that.you're going through the VA gov website.okay and I'm not knocking the VA or.anything but I'm just showing all of my.fellow veterans all my brothers and.sisters-in-arms what you need the tools.you need.to be successful in your claims okay to.be successful in your claims so that's.pretty much it you know I'm not like.again I try not to make this too long.but it got a little personal I felt a.little you know I felt some type of way.and I thought I would just give it to.you guys you know because I suffer from.both PTSD and sleep apnea and it's at.the worst believe it or not so anyway in.closing I also think there's another.website that you should check out it's.called rally point okay and I know what.a lot of you are wondering what is rally.point so rally point is the premier.digital platform for the military.community to come together and discuss.military topics both socially and.professionally our members include.military service members veterans family.members caregivers survivors and.supporters of those in uniform Riley.Point connects members and provides.tools to succeed along their entire.lifetime journey from recruit through.retirement and beyond members build.peer-to-peer relationships across.branches generations and conflicts.forged by the common bond of service.with this within the community members.can build their professional network ask.questions share photos and stories.connect with members in a secure.environment and explore educational and.career opportunities so if you guys if.any veterans out there that do not know.about rally point is definitely a.network to be a part of theirs veterans.in there there's current service members.in there I mean it has a multitude of.information and I highly recommend it if.you are veteran to sign up for an.account and get access and see what's.going on present and past.so anyway I'm gonna close this out thank.you everyone for joining in today if you.thought this video or podcast was.informative please let me know leave a.comment alike and also I would love for.you to subscribe to my youtube channel.today I have a lot more information.where this come from people I just.cannot hold it inside of myself and had.this information and and know this other.veterans out there suffering so I put it.out there for you all so anyway peace.love and harmony in 2019 and beyond this.is the geeks 9/11 show thanks again for.joining me and until next time people.peace.loyalty Duty respect selfless service.honor integrity personal courage do you.have what it takes to serve with the.best tune in and get the information you.have been searching for all over the web.do you have questions on how to file a.VA claim what you should know while.you're serving in the US military or.just want to know about the lifestyle.tune in to get the real deal.[Music].

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Why do ex-employers refuse to fill out the VA form 21-4192 for a vet?

Some do, some don't. Obviously, if you didn't part on good terms it's not likely to happen. If you were a temp or part-time worker they may not have bothered keeping your records. The best thing veterans can do is hand carry the form to their former employer, if practical.

How do I fill out the IT-2104 form if I live in NJ?

Do you work only in NY? Married? Kids? If your w-2 shows NY state withholding on your taxes, fill out a non-resident NY tax return which is fairly simple. If it doesn't, you don't fill out NY at all. If it shows out NYC withholding you enter that as well on the same forms. Then you would fill out your NJ returns as well with any withholding for NJ. Make sure to put any taxes paid to other states on your reciprocal states (nj paid, on NY return and vice versa)

How many people fill out Form 1099 each year?

There are a few different ways of estimating the numbers and thinking about this question. Data from the most recent years are not available—at least not from a reliable source with rigorous methodology—but here is what I can tell you: The most popular type of 1099 is Form 1099-MISC—the form used to report non-employee income including those for self-employed independent contractors (as well as various other types of “miscellaneous” income) Since 2015, there have been just under 16 million self-employed workers (including incorporated and unincorporated contractor businesses). And the data from the BLS seems to suggest this number has been largely consistent from one year to the next: Table A-9. Selected employment indicators Now, the total number of 1099-MISC forms has been inching up each year—along with W-2 form filings—and may have surpassed 100 million filing forms. RE: Evaluating the Growth of the 1099 Workforce But this data only goes to 2014 because, again, it’s hard to find reliable data from recent tax years. In terms of the total number of Form 1099s, you’d have to include Interest and Dividend 1099 forms, real estate and rental income, health and education savings accounts, retirement accounts, etc. I’m sure the total number of all 1099 forms surely ranges in the hundreds of millions. Finally, not everybody who is supposed to get a 1099 form gets one. So if you’re asking about the total number of freelancers, the estimates range from about 7.6 million people who primarily rely on self-employed 1099 income and 53 million people who have some type of supplemental income. If you’re someone who’s responsible for filing Form 1099s to the IRS and payee/recipients, I recommend Advanced Micro Solutions for most small-to-medium accounting service needs. It’s basic but very intuitive and cheap. $79 1099 Software Filer & W2 Software for Small Businesses

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

How do I fill out Address Line 1 on an Online Form?

Your question is unclear. That said …. Generally, Address Line 1 refers to the house/building number and the street on which it is located, and may include an apartment/suite/unit number, though that can also be on Line 2. (Line 3 is typically the city, country and postal/ZIP code.)

Is sleep apnea a presumptive condition?

It's a very elusive subject. As yiu doubt it's more of a theoretical assumption than a proper treatment. As far as my knowledge is concerned Sleep is a cunning cheating scoundrel. None can describe him or catch him and Challenges— Catch me if you can. But since suggestions like darkening the room, avoid coffee three hours before sleep, not reading books or seeing TV are good. But all can't get good results from those suggestions. Can you believe for two years I was getting good sleep only when I drink coffee just before going to bed. I was doing that for two years annoying my wife. I don't rememb Continue Reading

How is sleep apnea related to military service?

You have some really excellent answers. I have almost nothing to add. However, if you are asking because you think you have Sleep Apnea, or that someone you are close to might have it, don’t waste your time on Quora. Get that person to a Sleep Specialist stat. It is not expensive to rule out Sleep Apnea, usually covered by insurance, but not ruling it out can cost that person a miserable life, and an early death. A2A.

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