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Ui 3 Form Demand Assistance

[Music].hey everybody welcome back to jimmy's.promo and today we will be having our.first.look and official hands-on with the.brand new samsung one ui.3.0 which also brings you android 11..we'll also be doing a direct comparison.versus samsung one ui 2.5.which is running on android 10 and i do.want to give a big thank you and shout.out to my buddy ryda.for making sure that we have the.software up and running today so make.sure that you watch this entire video.there is a lot of changes a lot of.upgrades a lot of additions into samsung.ui 3.0.and i'm super excited to show you as.many things as i can.in this one video now one feature that's.brand new that i'm in love with is the.ability of doing double tap to sleep so.over here on samsung one ui 2.5 running.on android 10 you're not able to do a.double tap to turn off the display.you are able to turn it on but right.over here on samsung one ui 3.0.you're able to do a double tap to make.it go to sleep it actually makes it.super easy and convenient and now that.we're kind of going inside of the lock.screen i'm going to show you the.updated lock screen on samsung one ui.3.0.so when you give this one a double press.you're going to see that the fingerprint.sensor has changed it's updated.the animation of when it pops up has.also changed and it's also a little bit.larger area.of an icon that you can see here so you.can see that that pops up.also too you do have a lock icon on the.very top in the middle.and then you're still going to have your.two icons on the bottom now taking a.look at the volume rocker everything has.been updated and changed as well as.moved so in samsung one ui 2.5 this is.what you're used to this is what it.looks like.you have your down arrow to expand.everything now on the 3.0.it's going to be moved over here you're.going to have this little area that.you're able to.you know bring up or down your volume.really nice animations.you can also tap on this icon if you.want it to be vibrate or if you want it.to be sound on.and then if you hit on those three dots.it's going to expand it so this way you.can tap really any of these if there's.any of these that you would like to.change so if you want to change your.notifications you tap.on it you move it up and down here is.going to be your system.if you need to tap on it bring it up and.down this is gonna be the icon.for your uh live caption if you want.left caption to be on if you're watching.youtube but you have to have the volume.down.and then you just go inside of your.settings and then this is where you can.toggle on.uh use volume keys for your media so.this is actually pretty nice right here.i do like this brand new setup.for right now i'm going to bring it all.the way back down inside of vibrate so.let's head inside of the phone.application i'm going to show you a.really cool change in addition.i would be going inside of the menu.settings but that's a little bit longer.segment so i'm going to save that for.last.we're going to cover all of these.smaller ones first so one of the cool.things that you're able to do is let's.say that you go inside of your phone.dialer.now when you go inside of the settings.there's a brand new thing.that was added in and it's the way that.you're able to change your call.background so everything else is going.to be pretty much the exact same.thing but what we're going to do is.we'll go inside of the call background.and the cool thing here is you can.change the layout of what it looks like.so if you wanted to have.a larger icon the name on the top you.can have that one and you can also.choose.this option here so i'm going to keep it.with the brand new one on the top.then you can also change your background.so it's going to pull.something that was already you know.pre-installed so if you want to have a.small little video you can see it's kind.of pulsating.it's changing or you can pull from your.own gallery so you can see one over here.that's a little video.and then this one is going to be an.image so if you wanted your your.background to be.you know this image here which actually.looks really cool.you can have it set up this way you can.also have it set up for a video so i.created a small.tiny video and the cool thing is that.you can also use the video.sound as the ringtone so specifically.just.for this demo you can see it's a video.there's a little bit of music or audio.that's a part of it.and then if you want to listen to it you.can you can take a listen here i do have.the media down.so all i stated was hey man you're.getting a phone call so every time that.someone's calling me it's that's gonna.be my ringtone and then this is what i.see.oh and if you guys are brand new here at.the channel of jimmy's promo and you.appreciate these tips tricks and.tutorials.and an early look at samsung ui 3.0 make.sure you guys hit on that subscribe.button.as well as the bell for notifications so.you get notified for all future videos.so let's head inside of the camera.there's also a small addition and change.and update in here so let's say that.you're taking a picture.and you want to have that auto exposure.lock or auto focus lock.so when you tap on the screen here this.is where you can tap you're able to.focus.in that area of the image you also have.your brightness control here so you can.shift this around if you need it.brighter or.darker you'd also be able to do a press.and hold to lock in.that lock of auto focus and auto.exposure.now over here it's going to look just a.little different so.this one is just a different icon.letting you know that it is locked.so you can see here as well that that.little brightness.bar is going to move along with it it's.not stationary it's not this long little.thing right there.so if you wanted to lock in your.exposure in auto focus you can put it.there.then if you needed to change your.brightness you're going to have this.small dial right there.so now that we're inside of an.application i'm going to show you a few.of the different animations.when you're kind of closing and opening.applications so let's say that we swipe.on.up you can see that this one over here.is just a little bit quicker a little.bit more smooth.also too it'll be pretty much the exact.same if i was to.uh let's say go back so i think that.they made the animations a little bit.better on 3.0.same thing too when you were to do a.press and hold on any of these icons.they kind of made the icons look a.little bit more.flat so the way that this one over here.which is the 3.0 it looks a little bit.more flat this one's a little bit more.animated.it's bouncy you can also see that they.change the way that this right here.looks as well too.i mean it looks really good i'm glad.that they're making all these small.subtle changes.same thing when it comes down inside of.your folders nothing's really changed.here except for how.the background is kind of blurred out as.you can tell there.same thing here so if i was to pull down.and go inside of my notifications panel.you can see that this is way.more blurry than what it is over here so.it's almost like they added in a few of.the the modules of good lock that's kind.of pre-installed.so let's kind of push this down here is.the updated look of what the settings.menu looks like here's the quick.settings a couple things that has.changed so over here you have a thing.that is called.power mode now inside of power mode this.work can change between high performance.optimize medium and maximum power saving.now over here what you have.is let's say we press and hold here this.is going to be a power saving mode.now inside of power saving mode it's.going to be similar to this medium power.saving right here.and inside of this one this is where you.can change the brightness the screen.resolution.limiting and so it's going to be just a.little bit easier for you to just turn.things on or off.so if you wanted to have let's say uh.you're always on display still to be on.but you wanted to limit your cpu to 70.so you can see this is just a small.little uh menu.change but the other thing i want to.make sure you guys know is that this.one's only that power saving that's that.medium power.so samsung actually split these up in.different.quick settings so over here is gonna be.your minimum.battery use this minimum battery use.is the same as maximum power saving.so if you tap on the words below it it's.just going to let you know to extend.your battery life will block apps from.using data.or your location in the background and.apply dark mode with a simplified.home screen if you want to take a look.this thing is actually super quick it.gets into it.way faster than the older uh user.interfaces.and then if you wanted to get out of.this one you just go back inside of.normal power use and it brings it right.back over.it is super quick now the other one is.going to be.enhanced processing enhanced processing.is the same as high performance.so if you want to get faster data.processing for the most demanding apps.and games.but it also uses more battery again this.is going to be the same as high.performance so really.all they did in 3.0 was they split these.into three different categories so it's.not going to be confusing in this one.area.so if you just want to do power saving.boom one touch of the button you're.there if you want to go inside of a.high performance boom one button right.there instead of going inside of a menu.and changing it there.now where these ones are located when.you first get the phone.is that you are gonna have to go inside.of your top right hand side you go.inside of your edit buttons.and it's to be sitting on the top up.here and then you just simply drag and.drop it and.move it wherever you want it to go for.whatever makes sense for you.a nice improvement will be inside of the.recent menu you can see that the.animation has been updated.changed when you scroll between.different applications it's kind of like.a circular change.one's kind of coming in as the other one.is going out also when you.flip through all of them pretty quick.it's actually really smooth.again nothing's really been changed or.added here good lock is not even.installed.over here it's turned off this is what.it looks like stock it's just a flat.uh you know swipe between the different.rectangle.applications even when you scroll.between all of them they're not as.quick than what it looks like here on.3.0 so let's take a fast look at some of.the changes with the.quick settings then we'll go inside of.the main settings menu there.so right here this is what the 2.5 looks.like.it's going to be whatever you're.familiar with this is what it looks like.right over here.and then you can see the date and the.time it moved from this kind of.middle left over inside of the middle.right there.these buttons that were right there.that's pretty easy for you to tap with.your thumb is now going to be on the.very top.and then also too on 2.5 your your smart.things and all your bluetooth.connected devices and anything you can.connect to was down here in the very.bottom right.and then now they're going to be right.here so it's probably more of a focal.point.of hey here's your quick settings easier.for you to reach with your thumb.you can easily get into these two areas.which we want you to use.because it was kind of hidden there your.date and time right dab smack in the.middle and then you have the rest on the.very top.so let's go inside of the settings menu.there's been a lot of things that's.moved around.so your little profile that was on the.top right is now front and center.if there's any changes you need to do.you can also see that some of the.groupings.and changes some of the wording it's.just kind of all moved around.i think that they did a better job with.this one here the way that it's all.lined out.but there is going to be a few changes.in different areas.uh so first off let's go inside of.connections one of the brand's new.things is going to be android auto which.is again a part of android 11 and.3.0 now when we move on back there.really is no changes with the sounds and.vibrations but there is going to be a.change with notifications now inside of.notifications.one of the main big changes is going to.be this right here.that is called brief pop-up settings.this is.actually uh your edge screen or your.edge lighting.so we'll get to that here in just one.second so you can see some of your.recently sent.notifications you can also show how you.want things to pop up.it's going to look a little bit.different over here but you can either.have a detailed list.but when you do detailed your little.pop-up quick settings.disappeared when you move inside a brief.this is where you have.um the the brief pop-up settings again.this is where.your edge lighting is now back on 2.5 it.was inside of display.and then it was inside of the edge.screen so.this was completely moved inside of.notifications which makes sense.when you get a notification this is.what's really running.and you can change your edge lighting.style on whatever you want it to look.like and that's what that little quick.settings looks like right there.edge lighting let's go to edge lighting.so you can notice that it's gonna you.know kind of have a little bit of a.change a little bit of an.update a little bit more circular of a.notification versus.this kind of rectangle that was on the.left hand side.but let's say that we move on back.because inside of here one of the very.important.things is that everything that you.select it actually.works i remember a lot of people always.state hey i love edge lighting.but it does not work with hangouts it.also does not work with.google messages so i am happy to say.that i have already tested it i've had.uh.messages with my buddy brett it works.edge lighting works with hangouts.and it works with google messages and.everything else on this phone.so very excited to let you guys know.that it literally works.with every application so you shouldn't.get somebody writing a comment below the.video stating hey my edge lighting.doesn't work.it's been improved and now fully working.on 3.0 now going inside of the display.menu really everything is.pretty much the exact same you're going.to have right there where it says your.motion smoothness.your screen resolution here's where your.edge panels are so if you do need to.work with your edge panels.this is where the settings are it's.still inside of your display.now underneath wallpaper uh there has.been an update and change when it comes.down to the wallpaper services.so i'm also happy to say that i love.using dynamic lock screen.and one of the cool things that they.added in is way more.categories so originally with the.categories in 2.5 you only had five of.them.now you got six seven eight nine you.have ten of them one of them that.actually referred to as special.don't really know what that is maybe.it's a mixture of all of these.uh but i haven't really looked too in.depth on that one but.a lot of changes there with the.wallpapers so.moving on back now when it comes down to.the lock screen biometric security.privacy location accounts and backup.google a lot of these things are pretty.much the exact same.nothing really to note there but when.you go inside of advanced features this.is where you're also going to see a.couple different changes.inside of advanced features you're going.to see where it says your side key your.samsung dex.bixby routines context and other devices.linked to windows.but let's just go inside of here motions.and gestures.now inside of motions and gestures this.is where you're able to turn on the.ability.of double tap to wake and also double.tap to sleep.one of the things i love about this one.is you just be able to double tap.anywhere.you're able to turn off the display.without having it to timeout or hitting.on your little.side key you'll also see there's a.couple different changes here nothing.really to.uh you know kind of report on other than.the new addition of double tap.to sleep now double tap to sleep will.work only really when you're inside of.your normal home screen so if you're.inside of here.and you double tap it it will not work.just make sure you're inside of the home.for that to work.one hand mode has been the same game.launcher is the same dual messenger.video enhancer so all of these are.really the same but you're going to have.just a couple new features inside of.that menu there.scrolling down digital well-being.parental controls is the same.uh battery and device care it's pretty.much the same i don't think really.anything has really changed.so let's say we go inside of device care.you're gonna notice that you're gonna.have.kind of like a graph and a history right.here so.this little icon that you just saw that.i tapped on was underneath this more.option and then this little insights.icon is just right up there so they.moved.just two things uh really no big deal.with this with this menu here.and then when you scroll down to apps.it's the same general management's the.same.accessibility is the same really.everything else is the same but the way.that it looks.uh the animations has also been updated.when you press and hold.this has been a little bit of an update.you also have again the major.differences.is power mode you had to go inside of.here to choose between four different.options.this time it's just all going to be.separate so if you want to go inside of.your power saving you tap it.your minimal battery use which is the uh.what was that one called again that was.called the maximum power saving and you.also have your enhanced processing which.is also referred to as.high performance so that's pretty much.it for today's video i mean some of the.things that just stand out in my brain.is just the ability that you can change.the background inside of your phone.dialer.you also have double tap to sleep the.lock screen has been updated and changed.and i feel like it's a little bit more.responsive.you also have uh your your brand new.edge lighting that is.located somewhere else again if you try.to find edge lighting you won't find it.it's inside of your notifications.referred to as brief pop-up settings as.long as you have brief turned on and not.your detailed.and again it does work so far with every.single application i've tested.along with google hangouts and as well.as google messages so make sure you guys.stay tuned to this channel hit that.subscribe button if you haven't already.hit the bell for notifications i'll have.more videos coming out.on samsung ui 3.0 i wanted to do one.video.kind of going over everything and then.i'll come out with more individual.videos going more in depth.uh more singular you know featured.videos coming out for samsung.ui 3.0 if you want to see more now just.as a reminder today is september 15th.this one is the beta version this is.brand new.just kind of started off on this whole.program here so i don't believe.3.0 is going to be available and pushed.out for updates probably until.november so just keep that in mind it's.going to be underneath beta for at least.you know five or six weeks.just to make sure everything looks good.kinks are out and everything is ready.for a full.on launch but if you guys have liked.this video if you guys did please give.this thing a huge thumbs up.don't forget to hand subscribe subscribe.right over here in the very bottom left.hand side.and if you like this video then more.than likely you'll also like this video.and i'll see you guys later.bye.

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CocoSign is a browser based application and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the best method to e-sign their Ui 3 Form.

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