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The Information Guidance for Austria Schengen Visa Application Form

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youtube video

Guide of Austria Schengen Visa Application Form

[Music].hi everyone its bullying welcome back to.my channel and I hope you guys are.having a wonderful day please excuse my.voice for today I caught a cold so it's.a little bit different but anyways I.really wanted to film this video so here.you go.so for today I'm going to talk about.Lisa bead which is the other type of.visa if you want to come here in Europe.specifically Austria visa D allows you.to stay in Europe for six months it is.longer than the tourist visa which is.only for three months this visa gives.you six months but it is not our lesson.in CP so you need to have our train.ticket here so you're not a resident.you're still considered tourists but.just for a longer period of time so.there are different categories when.you're applying for a visa D first is.for family visiting family and friends.if you have a relative in Europe or a.partner you can apply for this one so.you get six months to be with them you.just have to provide all the documents.and your partner or your relatives.should also provide the needed documents.next if Europe.fiance and you want to get married in.Europe you have to get this visa so this.was the visa knell I used to go here.because my wedding was in grad Astraea.here so this is important because when.you check the Embassy's website and if.you check the VFS website they don't.tell you which type of visa so sometimes.people apply for a visa C but it only.gives you three months it's right it's.really not enough time to frost the.welding and apply and register you at.the city hall and apply for residency so.if you're a fiancee you get married here.and then you get the visa D next is for.working visa you have to get this one if.you apply for a working visa but you.also have to get the working permit then.you have to process everything also.first student you have to get the.the student permit and everything before.you can actually apply for the visa but.that one's a little bit different okay.so basically it's for working for fiance.and for visiting family and friends so.further requirements of course it's.almost the same as B so C so please.check my decency Cheyenne visa tourist.visa video first then watch this if.you're applying for a visa D I'm going.to link that video down below in the.description box so please check it out.so of course you need your passport as I.said it has to have a six more than six.months of validity.you have to photocopy all all your visas.and stamps if you've been to other.countries photocopy all and also the.front page of your passport next you.need to have the visa picture I'd.recommend you to go to fujifilm because.they have the exact they have the proper.size for the requirement so if you don't.know which size you need that I'd.recommend you to go to put you film and.just say the country I want to go to.Germany I want to go to Austria they'll.just know which size for the picture.next what else for this one you do not.mean as I said okay I repeat you do not.need an itinerary so that's one of the.biggest difference if you're traveling.for other tourist Schengen visa you need.a detailed itinerary for visa D you do.not need it because six month is too.long it's just it's just gonna be a.hassle for you to make six months of.itinerary so you don't need to give one.but radionics it's almost the same you.need an insurance this time you need a.six-month insurance covering all of.Europe because it still gives you the.right to travel in any country of you in.Europe so you need travel insurance that.covers for six months that is going to.be a little bit expensive than the.Schengen one let's say for example.you're going staying for 20 days or one.month it's definitely cheaper it's gonna.be 1,000 to 2,000 pesos but if you're.gonna stay here for six months.eleven thousand pesos and that's very.expensive so sometimes it's a big.difference because you have to stay here.for a longer period of time next again.for flight reservation you need to give.two way ticket because they have to make.sure that you come back so for me I got.married here I applied for as a fiancee.I also have to give a two-way ticket why.because after I got married so I did.talk like the residency which I will.apply for tomorrow.but you need to apply for residency but.you don't know how long it's gonna take.for the results to come out and to make.sure that you don't stay here when your.visa is up you have to give a return.ticket and show it to the embassy so of.course if you apply for residency and it.comes out in a month or two that's very.nice that means you don't have to come.back well it's up to you if you don't.want to waste the ticket.but um in my part I already in my mind.is already at the nation to cut our.Airlines happened I don't really want to.go back yet because it's such a long.flight but anyways you need to get a.return ticket to a ticket and for this.one it can be a reservation as I said on.visa see you don't have to buy it yet.you can buy it after you get the visa.just to be sure you don't waste money.you get the reservation and I'm going to.link that the travel agency that I used.and website that I use last time so I.also link those websites on my Schengen.piece of video so I'm just going to link.them down here again so as I said two.way ticket you don't have to buy it yet.it's just a reservation you buy it when.you get your visa you have to show proof.of accommodation so if you're staying.with your relatives you have to show.their you call out their contractor.these are contracting that's their old.house you just have to show that the.title or any document that groups that.you're going to stay there if you're.staying at the hotel for six months.that's gonna be hard because it's gonna.be expensive so you have to make sure.that your bank statement is high if you.and there being near hotel for six.months if you're staying at the.frighteners place likewise you have to.show proof that you're staying at his.place or her place and for this one if.you have sponsorship as I said you need.ez e so e ve is this document that your.partner or relatives will have to fill.out and you have to go to the police.station to get this one when they go to.the police station you just have to tell.the officer or someone from the staff.that they need to sponsor someone so.they write down their name their info.their back statement everything and they.just provide you of a number and you.have to write that number down on your.application form and crimp the paper.that they're gonna give you and just.resent it to the to the embassy okay so.you also of course have to show that you.can afford for this trip and you need.your bank statements and IPR bank.statements and Mak certificate I think.that it and oh yeah you need an.invitation letter you need an invitation.letter from your relative or partner.that just really proves that they're.inviting you a copy of their passport as.well would be needed with this.invitation and of course their digital.sign okay so this is going to be a long.video so bear with me for those who will.get married here for those who are.fiance's before you apply for any so you.need to apply for the documents first.you need to present your proof that.you're going to get married.in your room when you apply for the visa.so before you get that paper you have to.do a lot of things first you need to get.your NBI.and you need to get your birth.certificate this one is tricky so for a.birth certificate you have to get the.NSO and you have to get the original one.so for this one I actually didn't know.what kind of birth certificate they're.asking you because I already get gave.the PSA and they're asking for the one.where I got when I.I was born in Mandaluyong so they're.asking for the birth certificate that's.from mandaluyong city who also have.people to demand believe City Hall and.ask for that form I will post the name.of that birth certificate here but you.need both certificate so if you're an.eaglet register that's gonna be a little.hard because you need to get that as.well.you need your Santa Mar which is the.certificate of singleness and a valid ID.so for this document these are the.documents that you need to give to your.fiancee in order to apply for the.marriage date here in Austria so you.have to send those documents but when.you have the NBI the santa marta birth.certificate you have to of course we.call it red ribbon which is legalization.right now we change the name of the red.ribbon to apostille so it doesn't look.the same anymore it looks different I.think I have a picture of that here I.just have to find it this is the only.one but the new one looks different I.actually shocked me that it kind of.looks different now but it's still the.same document that really doesn't matter.so much but you have to always have to.find it I'll show it to you later but.anyways it's the same you have to go to.TSA and get your documents red ribbon or.legalize before okay so you need your n.bir birth certificate and your son no.more you need to go to the DFK & red.ribbon it or legalize the documents.after that you can't send it to your.partner yet not yet not yet you have to.go to the Austrian embassy and legalize.your documents so for this one it's.going to take time and a bit of money.suffered for df8 it only takes four days.for 100 paces for red ribbon if you want.to expedite it you need to pay 200 pesos.per document and it only takes one day.so that's very fascinating the Filipino.part is fast but for legalization.have to book an appointment at the.Austrian embassy I will link it down.below it's on their website and most of.the time it takes a month before you.leave your lives and before you can book.it takes a month because there's so many.people legalizing your papers you really.have to get a good date so for that you.have to book your appointment online and.go there on time you have to provide IDs.as well and you have to give the.photocopies now if you and if you need.to legalize your NPI you have to show.your birth certificate as well so if you.need to legalize your birth certificate.you have to show your other birth.certificate from where you're born so.from the City Hall not just here's a and.a cell so next time tomorrow you also.have to just provide birth certificate.or NBI this is just for clarification.they just want to check it properly now.it usually takes a week to a month I was.lucky I got it after a week but my.friend she was applying for a student he.said she needed her documents to be.legalized it took her a month and it was.it can take up your time so you have to.make it you have to make sure that you.book it beforehand and you have to pay I.think I had to pay four thousand this.was four thousand five hundred per.document so I had my n di birth.certificate in Santa Marta was like.fifteen thousand pesos after that I can.send it to Europe okay so my video was.cuts I have to repeat okay so here um.after you legalize it at the Austrian.embassy hopefully it doesn't take so.much of your time in my case as I said.it only took a week for my friend it.took a month so it will cost you money.in my case I was applying for a fiancé.visa deed family and it falls under.family and friends friends because it's.my partner and I had to face it's almost.15 thousand pesos because it cost four.thousand five hundred or something per.document and you really need to legalize.you cannot send your documents to Europe.without the red ribbon and without.legalizing it at the Embassy so this is.a big difference from Germany in Germany.you don't need red ribbon but you need.to get see I see I'm used a they.investigate the people around you they.ask your neighbors they ask your family.members they ask your friends they go to.your school high school that's what my.friend sends from booth Institute um in.Austria when you're applying for a.fiance visa.actually they don't investigate you.maybe they check your Facebook or.Instagram but I don't know but the.German Embassy is very strict they.really exert effort just to check if.you're a real couple for this one.luckily they don't do CI they just ask.you for a lot a lot of documents and a.lot of processing but after the.legalization from both parts and opinion.Austria you can send your documents you.can send your documents to your partner.and your partner will just have to give.it to the city hall and then after that.you get a date time of your wedding and.they're gonna give you a confirmation.paper that you can give when you apply.for a visa okay so I said a while ago.about the red ribbon it looks like this.before and right now I said it's already.the apostille it says apostille here and.kiss me.and then for this one when you legalize.it after that you're just going to get.this very small paper here so for 4,500.that is very small paper to get and it's.very expensive when I applied I was like.this is this for three pieces of this.small paper I had to pay fifty thousand.pesos but this is a requirement to get.married so you really need to get that.one.okay now so if you're gonna get married.those are the things that you need to do.before you apply for the visa next after.the visa what do you need to do you need.to do um a CF o counseling so you have.to book I have to link it down below I.will link it down below so this um this.is a cult I think it's a government.building.it's see if ona they have they provide.different types of seminar they have one.for teens they have one for elliptical.use and they have one for spouses and.here they mainly just discuss what you.need to do just in case you get abused.by your partner hopefully not knock on.wood but they just make you aware that.it's always not a happy ending and they.they're always there to help they give.you the phone numbers where where are.you gonna call it something bad happens.you know the Philippine Embassy and.everything and just like teach you how.to work out the marriage just in case.you have to compromise these people are.not from Asia so they do buy the groups.from different continents so you think.you have Oceania Asia America and Europe.so they're just gonna discuss everything.depending on the continent me before.just to group the examples and for this.one I would recommend you to apply for.the CFO certificate once you get the.visa because some people that I was with.um they didn't have the visa yet so they.were only given the certificate so that.means when they apply for the visa they.have to go back there so you have to go.back there twice so I think it's gonna a.hassle to just go back there twice so.for me I would recommend you to just get.your CF o-- certificate when you have.the visa because they're going to give.you a sticker as well so for the sticker.they just put it beside the visa so for.the visa they're gonna put it on the.other.I and then the other side is the sticker.for this one you always have to bring.the certificate and the sticker every.time you go back home and flying out.especially if you're going back to that.country I think it's proof that you mean.you did this emulator so again 4cf oh.you get it when you get the visa after.that you're going to get a certificate.that looks like this you can hold it but.you cannot laminate this that's what.they told us because there's a dry seal.here you can feel it you're not allowed.to nominate it because they cannot check.the authenticity of it but you can.always fold it that's what I said.but for me I actually keep it with my.insurance because it's in this very long.folders and it fits perfectly for the.sticker they give it next to your visa.as I said a while ago I'll just show it.to you it's here and you have to make.sure that the country is correct because.they're going to put the country of your.partner here they're going to write.Austria so you have to check the.spelling it's it's Austria Australia so.that I was always worried because in.Japan they always make mistakes about.two countries so those are the things Oh.for CFO it's not actually difficult but.when you apply for the seminar I just.recommend you to go there early because.there's so many papers to to fill out.and you really really need to know a lot.of the info before you go here you'd.have to ask every detail of your husband.the address the phone already emailed.passport number a copy of it because you.have to write it down on the form and.submit it to them and also wear Capri.clothes because you're going to take a.picture here and they're gonna put that.picture and a certificate it is quite um.it's black and white but at least it's.nice to wear something formal okay and.for the visa interview they're going to.ask you questions you apply for the visa.to DFS not that the embassy needs a D.and for this one it's always just gonna.be the same questions they're going to.try and trick you so in my case they.would ask oh how long how many times.have you been to Europe four times seven.three times and then after a few.questions they're going to ask you oh.it's your fourth time in Europe right.and I'm like on third and then also with.the dates they're going to try and.confuse you with the dates so first.they're going to ask you okay so when.did you meet oh we met in September 24.oh okay and then after a few questions.you're going oh you met on September 27.right so they're going to check if you.really know that they it's your.anniversary how long have you been.dating if you met online if you met.through a mutual friend.everything and luckily the person who.handled my interview was very nice it.was in a good mood the interview really.went well it wasn't so bad but for my.other friends I heard that they have to.check two months of your check whether.Beyonce so you have to give your.messenger what's up or whatever program.you use to talk to your partner.you really have the privacy privacy here.you have to just give everything and.then you're gonna check it which is it's.outrageous.I think I don't think it's nice but it.is what it is so so for the CFO I will.make a separate video about the.step-by-step process and my experience.but for now it's just an overview to.help you out with the visa please Andy.and of course being a fiance that's what.I experienced so that's what I wanted to.share I will link everything from.application form checklist website to.BFS and everything if you have any.questions about the unsafe deserves ISA.fee or if you want to speak then visit.your family for six months then feel.free to comment down below and if you.liked this video and you find it.informative I hope you give it a thumbs.up and subscribe to my channel and also.I have my Instagram account link down.below in my Facebook page so you can.message me first before adding me on.Facebook as it's just a bit private so.message me first if you have any.questions so I'll see you guys next time.bye.[Music].[Applause].[Music].

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Austria Schengen Visa Application Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common queries regarding Austria Schengen Visa Application Form. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Need help? Contact support

How can I apply for Schengen visa online?

It depends on the nature of your ‘mistake’. If it is a genuine misunderstanding or a wrong date, you need to get in touch with the embassy and correct it. If you submit a fraudulent document in support of your visa application, not only you risk having your visa refused and being banned from ever being granted a UK visa but you can also be reported to the police and arrested when you arrive for a visa interview. If this is the case it will be up to the state’s prosecutor to decide whether they want to bring charges against you or just give you a fine or dismiss the case.

How do I apply for a Schengen visa in the USA as an Indian?

Depends on the country you’re visiting but most EU countries have a standard procedure - prepare your visa application, and go for an appointment to VFS/Embassy for biometrics. Or just try Atlas, and let it handle all this for you.

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