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Yeshiva Spring Valley: Revise, Finish and share

I give you our graduates.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].it's a special moment.and before I share my brief thoughts.with you about tonight I want to just.give three separate things of course the.boys behind us behind me in front of you.got where they are with the help of.various teachers rebellion mahalo.administration of course part and parcel.of the educational process but where we.are tonight here at this graduation set.up the way it is with the preparations.the awards the gifts and everything that.goes into a graduation get special.recognition to two sets of people first.our facilities manager rabbi Tonia woods.and his April crew.and of course the tireless efforts of.our also capable of the staff.one more notice Thanks a new but not so.new member of our administration who is.a part of the boys daily holiday length.he's there when they come in he's there.when they're in class he's there when.they're not in class he's there for them.with them and all about them sorry about.your mother.today at 142 I was standing in front of.the base measures as the center of the.base measures filled with the eighth.graders for their last official men's.law.I was looking at them and I was thinking.about the years thinking about the times.that they made me smile the times they.made me laugh sometimes they made me.cried and all the different experiences.we had together the city party the whole.Masuda pass follows Mishnah is how small.the Raffles conditioning I am trips and.so many things that went into the fennel.for us chef ko know the key amount of.the ER las manos n its tonight is all.about their finishing and they're.starting they're finishing here taking.the Foundation's the Shiva gave them and.then restart and the next month the next.level and we wish them well at this time.I would like to ask our Dean are you.DeFranco sweeter to addresses.thank you very much rabbi Simon to come.up wave into everyone what an auspicious.occasion and buttering make a seal and.about to enter the perspective the.sifters I was thinking what should I say.to them if they're all there the fuss.and anon they've earned the coveted.they're getting tonight so I thought.perhaps to say something that hopefully.they'll remember for many many many.years to come it's not a Bambuser I'm.not here to give the graduates muster.I'm just here to give them the diesel as.they go out of the shooters from Valley.into a new world.I heard from Revenue - Sweden who was.the action rights of the man Athena.elisheba spoon Valley and happens to be.his grandson Slava boy he is graduating.tonight in once said he spoke in detail.about the midst of feelings.we put on chilling every day and we say.you sat down on the ice I'll give you.the Titan cuff is paying a never what.you think about it of course we know it.doesn't mean painting therefore between.your eyes because if you put it on the.linearised you are not guy to the.Mitzvah so why doesn't it say to put.down on your head on your scalp behind.the hairline why does it say baby never.so he quoted from the city terrifying.the city there for hiring says that it's.an interesting fact I'll teach you some.biology that with the eyes the nerves.the right eye the nerves travels to the.left side of the brain.and the left eye the nerves traveled to.the right side of the brain is called an.optic the optic nerve it's an optic.chiasm an optic chiasm where they.transfer an X comes an X on the scalp.and it says it exactly the mahkumat.village is that place with a crisscross.the Rambam inspired by the mid sir of.Dylan says banging ever misses bench.rushing ain't no again you think about.it it's the optic chiasm the X with mr..Schlegel our science teacher.anyway reminder if you think about it.it's a Marine exam every week time you.put on your Dylan you have to think.about the eyes because it's been a never.the to do shots at night points you're.going out into a world you have to think.about.the obstacles and you have to be careful.and you have to know how what it is.every day when those fooling domain.ain't natural.you have to realize to be shinier your.eyes to watch that kalila you should not.be in their show I want to wish you all.much more that's wonderful and she.drilled to be tremendous to me that are.coming Eurasia mining a source of Nahas.the wonderful parents and grandparents.and the sparkles to the yeshiva and.began scrying as well.I mentioned before how the boys are here.the capable hands of Valhalla there are.they and their teachers a lot goes on.behind the scenes in the yeshiva and.makes the achiever on I wondered that.does he is Shiva in America that's as.blessed as we are to have the kind of.board in the cognitive president we have.to privilege to ask our president mr..Rosell to address us.clavo embarrassing for me to speak.tonight because there's a young lady in.the audience that actually typed this up.and she knows exactly what I'm gonna say.so I would appreciate if she doesn't say.who she is.Gemma ground the sister of a Frankish.leader of a bash of a Simon bentrik.shuuran parents and grandparents members.of the Executive Board and African.fathers are undergraduates for a number.of Bonin.Wow how lucky these graduates behind me.are you've had the opportunity and.disgust for this past nine years to be.part of the Hawaiian family it's really.something special something that you.would cherish for the rest of your lives.for nine years you have worked hard in.the more the Kurdish remove the foil to.be the best you possibly can your.accomplishments have been over the top.and tonight is your special time of.appreciation appreciation to your man.alum appreciation to your abeam who have.inculcated you with titanium iron and we.destroy us.let's think about it for a second what.is the words Icarus had her evening it's.used very loosely and very common the.mattress in patches veracious states.that the world was created for the sake.of Mitzvah speculum since the current is.called racist and the terror starts with.bodacious for the sake of races and.that's why the world was created now.would anyone put together the top ten.list the current.would probably not make the cut it.certainly wouldn't be on the top of the.list how there is it that the metric.says that this whit's fur was one of the.purposes of creation Morin tynus tells.of a time when Romans decreed that no.bickerin shall be brought to the base.amid - and even set up checkpoints to.enforce this law but Claudius Roe.divides some created camouflage to be.able to perform the midst of properly.obviously the Romans understood the.importance of this Mitzvah but what.really is behind this Mitzvah that.elevates such a level strength.what makes this Mitzvah and such a high.level so the outset explains that the.coulomb encompasses a basic element of.being a human being and that is the.leader of a chorus at are you expressing.gratitude and showing appreciation for.all that one we cease we learn and.patches veracious that all look that.although all grass vegetation the trees.were created on Tuesday the 3rd day of.the creation they didn't protrude from.the ground until Friday Carla tells us.and it hasn't rained yet and therefore.it didn't grow Rashi explains that since.man was not created yet there was no one.to appreciate the greatness of rain so.the rain just didn't happen the topless.purpose of creation was just that a.chorus of expressing gratitude the Taira.so wants to engrave the sweida into us.that the turtle wands are.not to alienate her even a midstream.together used to be outside you dwelled.in this country we all know that the.conditions in mitzrayim and we all.remember the hospitality yet the tailor.says it would be wrong to do because it.shows a lacking of a chorus at times.expressing gratitude regardless of the.conditions of their motive the coulomb.on the other hand is the epitome of a.chorus atari expressing gratitude the.mixture says when one enters his field.he sees the fruit start to blossom color.it hello Gabby he ties a string around.the fruit to designate as bickerin the.first fruit farm say that the gammy is.an acronym for the words Berlin.Marseilles hm how great are the works of.hm very shiny continued to explain that.there are two components that fall under.the category of a carbon SH London we.know one as ash London and the other is.a Targa the Slava must be eaten in a.time period of two days well the target.must be eaten Yountville isla one day.and the following night question is why.the difference and besides with the.tiger one was obligated to also bring.40,000.went there is a more to eat a lot of.food so why then does eternity give him.a shorter time to eat up all this food.to explain that one bought the de carbón.taiga when he wanted to express thanks.to a Shem for something specific in his.life and when one expresses gratitude he.does not do it on his own he invites all.his friends.and all his family to share with him.this shows his understanding of the.great indebtedness that he has to a.channel his great understanding of the.passive I cut his birth who did that.he's spreading the work and sharing his.good fortune with others therefore he.has many more participants that would.help him eat the title in the allotted.time and so it is at the quorum.he doesn't just mumble these things.under his breath he loudly proclaims as.a chorus Atari his gratitude chuckles.Bravo my dear graduates I'm not sure why.it says next to my name greetings so I'm.giving you a homosexuals here and I'm.speaking more than I really should.greetings only about two minutes worth.and I'm passed by a lot of time but my.dear graduates you are full of gratitude.and appreciation to the burnisher alum.for all that he has done for you you are.thankful to all your principles your.obey Him for they have taught you you.are thankful to your parents for.choosing the right yeshiva and for the.outstanding cleaner you have received.and just as by bickerin you have joined.with all your friends and the wonderful.celebration of a chorus at our youth.neither the burnished Allen bench all of.you with much hats Wafaa in reaching.your goals your objectives and your.dreams when you grow up to be Tammy this.a common in eurasia my own I mean you.always be a source of true edition.Arthas to your parents your grandparents.and your families and above all a novice.to yourselves and anarthas to their.potential as Oh Mazel Tov and thank.listening.the following will be the procedure in.the proceedings to the rest of evening.we're going to have the sium on the.surface markers will be which will be.made by an Italian gondola the hadron.will be set by then see rosenburg and.the house follow will be said by.menachem over the cottage by our.Machiavelli is externus later afterwards.we will have the class representatives.you see Jordan Nelson see Newman Joseph.Schonfeld actual divorce Shimer after.the class representative speak there.will be a message from our steam.announce leader of iron Bosch followed.by the presentation of diplomas and.awards by our principle of a mayor Bella.then the Gemara cephus Marcus discusses.a story since dirty the Java command.economy the Chimera says should come.access by utilizing one time per.behemoth and the common core enough to.utilize after the telling me some.English he launched a new higher.chopping carbon then when they restarted.and we looked over your slimy they're.upset about the sermon and of the.clothing keep Angela Hara bias when the.rebar is Russian they store facts come.out from the kajak russian history.invited there are common who started.crying.there became accepted brother Tito is.laughing my the term has to keep up with.the mathematically why are you laughing.our land where we burn founded many.mathematical.the regretted the commenter's my friend.recursively displaced me to dream about.anything but our current image that a.stranger on an ongoing movement sway or.die laksa soup of Hawaii when event now.hearts that are able to go into a.unharmed and we should try our hand he.responded today a contracting something.that's why I wanna make say the decision.the cutter been eating me hating them as.well.and this is chocolate believe what a.limo classified.and the hierarchy of the onion.akima in units of the Sharia why did the.person put the maximum Cesario or every.Buddhist recent with a hybrid machine.the network and happen well the first.recently - and then into I was at area.a la casa de varnishes acharya been.partially on the prosecution that.include the trial.the word said they were oriented as.follows.but then he brought them ceiling he said.the authorities because of their scent.CIA will be like photography daily with.high density in society I think the.people each their family's future lion.though beginning and Athena sitting down.the streets official animal.I placed an anonymous a shower before.when the Nevada Korea wasn't true he.seemed easier this time when she chose.Macario I was worried that the new of.scenario would not think a better action.now to this kind of course you saw her.do that work radio came true they do now.I know Jenna Borseth of the Cariocas.panelist in the MU of the car world ago.so legend has a girl I went around a.burglar would be give us a dish I I came.from.giving up until this and giving it up.pencil is the question this Tamar is.how's the fact that they saw paxton.soldier commands are coming they saw the.firm a simile - they should know that.the first of all was true for the.beginning the Mahajan answers let's go.back to the beginning of the gun armor.but nobody even the common room each.tired section McKeever cried one with a.tough summer because he too was upset.about the farmer mr. McDuck.nevertheless when he saw our practices.introduction besides rattling the facts.of the facts was illustrative reduction.men that no people lived there totally.abandoned not even Gallo that our common.work said the kinetic reduction was once.at the holy place and now it's amended.that not even Bakula there however he.was happy about this.they improved the performance of the.first two Bs about your show I am.becoming desolate.once this happened in these are proofs.that the second is that we gentlemen the.people who are without a job.33 whenever they were not had to draw or.Nestle whenever they were very strong it.first.the fact that was totally does know the.nuclear be Akiba them Jeff would comment.it would be great for faculty so that's.how he was that many we see from the.stove rebbe Akiba that he was a very.optimistic person he only found a good.evening which uses thomas become a.beekeeper to her feathers as we graduate.school next each anomaly we realize that.we will certainly be facing challenges.if like everyone else we should.intervene akima to look at these.challenges positively not mystically MIT.so besides being a happier person will.the repetition be there as much as.possible thank you to the contraband for.everything you have taught me that were.here to what I see thank the only parent.any of them can you jump me.as you complete them as have do we say.heaven Allah we return to you and the.Hydra : and you please return to us the.message is although we have completed in.the South though we are not finished.with the Masada the learning and.completing the sacrum you have created.an everlasting relationship with Lamas.Africa that is translating the word.hydron with our male form meaning return.the brother of the marami crack offers.an interpretation based on the word.Hudler mean glory and he says when we.save hard roll on their saying our glory.is the parish of all paths the learning.the Misaka Misaka shed its glory on us.I'd like to take this opportunity to.express these shoes from Le Havre and.how oft.we hope this relationship will be an.everlasting and happens in a lot we hope.our the glory is the amazing Kenneth who.we see tear to achieve our bringing us.to this point of graduating eighth grade.and finishing his toughness Marcus how.do often seven smackers were hard to.Holland that can often surface markers.Abed the whole on the Nisshin ashaming.upper surface markers for decisions may.mean I know my redeemer loved him the.Alma BSA hydronaut acceptance Marcus for.harder for London on the surface Marcus.with that darlin.when they finish a monopolist maxilla.sister shaming on my ball Medina Amadeo.say you got some orphan a flash and then.anything hidden one here we see nowadays.are so far under cerebellum is a Shimano.lomography Navarre Papa remember Pearl.Harbor America Papa - my papa rasta.shrug purpose or forgot Papa Papa da ba.ba ba partner de meillan he knows the.reserves for 1550s on services are all.linear Milano.enough Matata annuity citizen return to.a Aquabase Israel with corny addition.metal and herself are very clear fact my.name is Joseph Carroll Amelie he leave.his sermon kukukaka Ramallah average.Berlin lyashko Gudda Gudda even.priests and Berkut are the melon vena.cava Amin Amin.but my general national Fenella the.melee Melissa knows I'm tough economy.should be symmetrical santa in.america are nice try too much give him.very much premium one must be.indifferent serving a machine a.melodrama till I don't mental to him a.meal I know men will come suffered with.him a mental being McCallum supper under.rocks in the hey Martin I know Artemis.I'm above here muscle Marathas jamarat.the Hennessy Terry didn't live Eric.Chavez actually mm my epithelium a money.I shot bought yourself another night of.the harkishen tech shares Ricardo.scientists surface my fist came to her a.new hospital in South mrs. farmer.theorem will sign them woman to Allah.English molasses or crime is called.Theory solitaires help you have a just.called to number Marama saw me this my.family I'm in wheels actually so much.autonomy peel me desire desires ariados.this guy Andy this not miss all the time.price up with shellfish my lava but I.will tell you sir he says she since they.back off keep be here be enough of a.sequel flash night sky America I mean of.a smile I should go public.organize my mighty not the knavery for.some advice on.[Music].I would like to take this opportunity to.thank my parents who have been kind of.me in such a special way and for.everything they have done for me I would.like to thank my grandmother for being.here tonight it really means a lot to me.I would also like the thing to evade the.Shiva and on her for giving me this.honor of representing my clients and for.everything they have done for me just.like by the time when we finished we go.back to the beginning gracious.we had the issues on what we finished we.like to go back to the beginning the.southeast Marcus teaches us about which.affairs he got knocked us for and with.and the various that need Aden the first.mission that talks about the name of a.them Peter denies his own evaluating.become Simon be thinner finish planning.we say this proud person Shabangu.schibetta soldier is very sharp and.forwards in every did not say yes is.Evan who shall be early to Papa you.cannot say that he becomes a beggar.benefit instead of him lol rather Lake.Arbor and he gets Marcus made the owners.funny we say about person she is hired.because they have to go to ghost in.armor we do not say he was talk of he.goes to go through citizen.lol a car bomb rather he gets Marcus.[Applause].mr. Steinhauer obey my parents and.everyone who agendas here tonight.marikar dozen shots when the huzzah when.the thousand rupees my necessary the.cheaper listens to all the brothers.understand sirs I mean at the end of.each profile attendee brother ever when.they've come to me I didn't in which we.give thanks passion rather than just.answering I mean to the cousin the.cheaper submitting their brother why it.made it different than all than all of.the other brothers in the forum explain.that when it comes to a leader taking.that sharing is not enough to do it.through Ashley asked rather each person.must say thank you personally it's for.this reason that my might and it is not.enough to just answer I mean rather each.person said my and Dev Anand for himself.I feel very fortunate to have this.opportunity to be able to say thank you.but first I'd like to say they're really.each each and every one of us should.speak and say thank you.since this is not possible I feel that I.interstitially often say thank you on.behalf of our class first and foremost.we would like to express our our crisis.at that guys raffle for truly taking.care of us as you've heard my review so.awfully throughout the year.I shall takes care there's no way to.probably think the issue however be in.an English department but all they have.done for each one of us throughout the.years and especially for making a fourth.pass for the eighth grade by doing so.you gave us opportunity to really do.well and be successful our crisis they.have terribly Oberlander his endless.his extreme patience in class time and.his off and his armor for every time we.will forever stay with us we'd also like.to thank the mush here at Western for.all he has invested in us whether the.weekly rather than were always making.himself available to give us.encouragement and to answer our.questions I find that very positive we.would like to thank our parents for all.they do for us and for recognizing that.specific needs and always being there.for us thank you.we find many times in the Terra the.minutes less which involved the concept.of a car so type one example of this is.be current which is brought to the.market I've and all the quality system.gave us one important part of bringing.me current is Korea reading stirred them.second which start by talking about how.y'all had to work for lovin and how we.were slaves him to triumph it then goes.on to say that Hashem took us out of.them time and brought us to this fertile.land and these arts food the question is.why are we talking about yeah quit.working for love on for us being slaves.in the time why can't we just thank us.young for giving us the land and its.fruit let's leave that question aside.for now another place where we show our.cars to type is that the say that we.think I've shown for taking us out of.the time freeing us from the spiritual.bondage of as I am and giving us the.title of Venetian chosen by a chef at.the Seder when we think I've shown for.all of this we say enough stuff left.first mentions that our forefathers.worship with our veggies are and how we.had back-breaking labor in the time.which is the exact same no Subway's.saved by be correct once again the.question is why are we mentioning how.terrible was before why not just think a.sham for bringing us out and taking us.as a nation to answer this question need.the Mishnah and I read something which.teaches us a very important concept of a.Dakar so tight when we are market type.we are Maskull begin us from Messiah.Machado we start with the bad and.endlessly good that is why we mention.Yaka Yaka working for LaVon and us being.slaves in a time by both metals.involving our cars so type a reason for.being masculine us from the sandwich.shop might be to contrast how terrible.it was before and how good it is now.that shine helped us this highlights all.the God that I Shem did Falls I'm half.of my ovarian and I saw I would like to.express our credit I see she bought in.the very same manner.at the start of yeshiva in Brunei it did.not know how to read last night right.now Barbra Jean we could fluidly read.Gemara Rashi and the freshmen at the.start we could barely understand a.possible crunch but there are our Bane's.efforts we can now understand complex.sickness the same is true for me that's.empanada Mahavira.due to the ongoing focus of the school.we grew and matured as we graduate I.would like to express our accreditor to.the challah the staff and all there are.vain for everything they do even though.we cannot know the folks then of what.you have done for us we thank you as.much as we gut and hope we always will.make you proud.the chefs Don hallo rebellion.grandparents parents relatives friends.and fellow graduates toward the end of.this week's parsha the pursuit says.luxury shell as a Shiraz ice a Libra air.a new law then they even say come up.well call to it Rashi asks why did it.take 40 years for the given to.appreciate the well and sing Shiro dashi.answers that they were actually thinking.a Shem for a different miracle of.killing the Pannonian and they were not.thinking of Shem at this point for the.actual water the archive of college.takes a different approach to these to.suck him the RFI McLeish explains that.the Union were not thinking of Shem at.this point for the water rather they.were thanking a Shem for the Tyron which.is referred to in many places as maíam.for example in you Shia Perignon hey.puss the Caliph it says PI called some.of the coulomb I am appalled to all.those who are thirsty come to the water.where my name refers to the taro the RFI.McLeish explains that when the union.received the taro.they did not at that point sing Shira.and this was considered a fault only 40.years later by the chance of an error.did they realize the great gift of tyre.that they had received and finally they.saying Shira in line with this approach.the fussing continues the airship of.Aurora sorry the well which the nobles.dog the Daisuke name and others.translate the nobles as Moshe Aaron and.Ezra Kanan the art of climb across.explains that the word dog is used to.stress that the term would have been.inaccessible were not for the teaching.of Moshe era and the second M it was.therefore only then after 40 years that.the even real.not only were they given the treasure of.the Terra but they were also given the.most amazing herb and the teachers who.both taught and modeled the Terra.when they realized this they were.finally moved to sing shirome and think.of Shama for both the Terra and the.teachers which were given to them it is.therefore a very fitting time for our.graduating class to express our Hakata.type mother Sparkle which are parents to.the hollow herb a.m. teachers and staff.at ysv not only have you given us the.tools to learn program and be successful.in the system but you have served as.shiny examples of what it means to live.the life of a bent arrow not you have.installed without you you have instilled.in us the term values that will remain.with us for a lifetime most importantly.and more personally Myra bayman why is.Vee have shown me what it means to live.a life that is filled with a love for.Tyrone Forbush neck reppin Lefkowitz.ribbon yarn rush reveille Weinberger and.buy a new face check for a learning.tower that was truly contagious I would.also like to express my appreciation to.Rabbi flow of my eighth-grade Rebbe.I want my Rebbe to know that the effort.it takes to guide us vedera Kotaro has.made a lasting impression on me and.always tell me them may all their.opinion in why is V continue to educate.their tummy them in the meaningful way.that they have taught us from all of us.graduating today and Yahshua purshotham.the show smellin reveille and parents.family and friends this year we are this.course of finishing and time satisfies.so once this year through thought based.on the mission on Hammond bass original.teacher said it's a group of three or.four of them are found to be examining.false witnesses although are equally.responsible even though you only need.two witnesses testified the first.success our fish and I made them much.less agent by the testimony of two a.them or three of you Mishnah states that.the terror is instructing us to equate.the third aid to the other to.essentially do and to make you just as.responsible as them even though it's out.the third age the other two of them.could testify independently the Mission.Continues.FEMA cane on our sacred honest check I.said if so the Pacific is punishing the.Mitzvah library are the one who assists.the one doing the other okay everyone.the same as the one who did their their.office comma 4 comma how much more so.you saw him spiral well shall reward.limit when it's well a same its father.the one who assists the one doing a.mitzvah case him it's not the same the.same as the same as the one who did.Mitzvah meaning we derived from the.prospect that even someone not essential.to the format of era is treated like.someone who is essential to perform.their their by extension we apply a.compliment and say that certainly.regarding a mitzvah even someone who is.essential this performance is treated as.the same as if you would as if you would.be essential to performing limits Rama.Rao she comments that we were able to.make this car cleaner because we know.that Hashem Sumida of reward is greater.than his we'd uh punishment how success.made surface Ellison because special.rewards that a construction rewards from.it's whisper for two thousand.generations as opposed to Algeria Mali.babe just three or four generations for.punishment travelers you learned that a.centimeter of the ward is five hundred.times greater than for punishment this.is how the Lucian that teaches us that.although one way of assisted in.accomplishing something it can be viewed.as though he accomplished it.independently tonight we are celebrating.a special milestone of accomplishment as.you graduate from UC Bev Spring Valley.and embark our upcoming journey through.a system revolution we have all grown.here in Arthur on your smile as well as.the MIDI Hall however need to remember.all those individuals have helped us.throughout our journey from view innate.through a three.our parents are paying principals.teachers and the entire staff here in.the shield of Spring Valley I've helped.us every step of the way to become who.we are today.for that we say thank you good night I'm.done with that I would like to express.my country safe throat Frankl for all.the encouragement and guidance --is that.he has given me over the past two years.I would not be here today without your.support I like I would also like to.thank her at Polanski for all the hard.work you put in to make this past year.an amazing day of learning your Shania.and Altos I'd like to take my parents.and grandparents and for the endless.support for all my goals and.accomplishments last but not least I.would like to express my car's a tape.that goes powerful for giving me the.strength become Who I am.I'd like to conclude with a brother that.just as really graduates have.accomplished so much over the past.decade and will receive great skies so.to all those worth helped us accomplish.our goals also receive everlasting.reward enough us as we continue to.follow the dietary adventure thank you.and loss.[Music].the Sussman Allium rebellion parents.ladies and gentlemen I stand here in.front of you there's really no words so.full of novice look at the tone meet.them behind us as a group collectively.they went from being children kids doing.the proper of Bnei Tyra who have been.the leaders of our school role models a.kiddush Hashem the holiest Shiva.benefited from them as you feed them as.individuals one after another each in.their own way each in their own growth.worked on themselves stayed in the most.fundamental and important areas that a.person is supposed to work on let's.fellow Delhi Bharat tyro the meat thus.their interaction with their cafe.room.we likes to ship with rebellion.there are no words here up saying David.should bench them should bench parents.who can answer better should fit.wonderful parents should thin.grandparents who should obey bench them.and bench everybody here we should only.see not from them cousin thing I wanna.share with you a short thought that I.think speaks to one of the strengths of.this class and a short story this past.weeks partial famously K Roth gathers.together a group clarified the site and.they go to war against my sir a vain.they questioned the legitimacy of his.leadership until I Curtis pro kleh says.there needs to be an end to this and I.go scruffa makes it test.cuz brother says mayito Muhammad.al-abbas odd take a step a piece of dead.wood from each segment and put into me I.owe my age and it will be waha yah well.I shall everybody the person the shaded.that I choose his staff is his stick.will blossom will give forth buds will.give forth skatin and that the simple.explanation of this is because brother.made a sign he's gonna show who he.chooses no different than how he said.you know the shape of who I choose there.stick will turn orange but if you look.at the bottom and prices for a drugs he.says a different shot he says when the.stick of arnica in swallowed up the.sticks of the cartoonion her to maim its.Ryan says about - from a mattress that.was not the only time that the stick of.arnica and swallowed up sticks because.in the time of para Aaron Italians Matta.also swallowed up the Motta's of the.other struttin and it is therefore says.the madness of the ballot or it's.because of that bullet aqua high chief.Aaron capella the implication of the vow.to him is that had those sticks to left.alone they would have given forth buds.and stayed them just as irenna Koreans.did what's the shot wasn't the point of.this well through this exercise the way.if I could have brought with choosing.why does the guys probably need this.hole this hole these swallows that.sticks up and therefore they don't give.forth skate them.so the forum addressed this but the Ikra.that point is as follows and here's a.message to Russia with all needed if you.look at the passages to where these.sticks were placed these sticks were.placed with may Hashem and when.something is left may Hashem.when something is connected to a.spiritual source it automatically is.full of life it's vibrant it buds.it gives forth Paris Hashem otamatone.as you leave here remember the love may.Hashem that each and every one of you.connected to and keep living your life.connecting to the lovely house gem those.with that comes vibrancy comes life in.time simcha sapphire I assume the.furniture had all been moved out of the.living room I guess perhaps replaced by.the props of the party planner sushi.station was up and running carving.station was being manned by the waiters.others were walking around offering.drinks to vellum and people had arrived.for was a very very magnificent and.special seevis a photographer and one by.one each of the father in the vast.volume of the base mattress waited their.turn to be able to fill in a nice well.last few ICS of this glorious of.wonderful sympathizer sitting at that.side at their side nervously was yanked.of the safer Yankel who had taken.responsible for the safe for Tara the.iGoogle had worked for the last I don't.know three four years day and night on.this a photographer and he sits there on.the side making sure this one needs a.guiding hand this one perhaps needs to.scratch off a piece of paint or a piece.of ink that went out of the lines until.finally a NATO yeastrol the last lammott.is written and everybody breaks out at.the song Kazak Kazakh Venice Kazakh and.I feel the Cyprus busy then with this.blow dryer.making sure that the ink.dries properly that not been the one who.donated to safer terror comes forward.and gives the widest hagwa possible the.Zeus I tell you right just son my shell.and they wrap it up the brand-new.gorgeous mantle that was purchased just.for the safer Tyra and the singing and.dancing begins and they danced the safer.Tyra of the house from person to person.is followed to miss follow cover to.cover.dancing with sim class at Taylor and as.they're about to take that last dance.the dance that would bring the sacred.tyrant to the armed Kurdish the novel.looks around says who to be mohabbat.this last dance with who should he give.it to him and he says who better than.the I'm bill decipher who better than.yonkoma who ice by ice letter by letter.word by word Harsha by partial month.after month and year after year.dedicated himself to write this.beautiful sacred time who was an.understanding of the different texture.of each of the sections of cloth with.the expertise required he was able to.put the exact type of a necessaries of.ever holds in that particular problem.who in some words in some parishes.perhaps the words flowed wonderfully and.quickly perfect in.with more challenge perhaps with.mistakes but that just made them all the.more beautiful at the end and he says.the vehicle I might damage the last.dance is yours and the vehicle takes the.same time clutches it close to his chest.and dances with his safer in truth he'd.be lucked into let it go.this is his safer this has been his life.over the last four years but he does so.because he knows that this safer has a.future a future that's bigger than him a.future in which this safe to turn will.serve as a conduit for devar hashem.opened by a beam in middle of a sea warm.a source of direction and inspiration to.Crowley's flow and with a final kiss he.gently places a safe litter in the.Armitage Russia by Tommy Doonan.our separate Island each and every one.of you is a work of artists lovely.lovingly nurtured and perfected by.expert craftsmen parents birthday and.morose teachers taking into account the.texture of each of you in the shamans.and expertly applying the proper.cinnamon the proper name is the proper.tailor some came out beautifully right.away and others with more challenge.making them all the more beautiful at.the end and as we hold you close an hour.hardens and escort you on the last dance.so to speak out of the Sheena spring.valley we really don't want to let you.go but we do so.that you have a future a bright future.of insertion which you will serve as a.conduit of Irish M as a source of hyssop.and inspiration to try a stroll and a.source of Malthus to your family's.receiver to the initial mayor Geller who.was principal to partner with me as we.give out.as I call the names of the graduates.there are a number of dual of awardees.those awardees will be mentioned and.also there are gifts for them as well at.the end of the program also the number.of certificates that will be in the.Diploma cases themselves first row.grooving best feel free to take pictures.right.we agree.a li Franco Draghi's recipient of the.rehearsal mission Steve Turner and.decorative work.so.got real accident Gabriella's recipient.of their mr. Flamm.I have a stern award.the world-famous recipient of an.examination with the ward general.studies for Jewish.mmm.I'm dropping the recipients of the.exemplar you should eat the war and.general stuff.boy we've ordered.slightly the recipient of the example.Achievement Award in general studies.the same.Yago.Marie is a recipient of the red dragon.who has Turks I agree I have a sensitive.Cheever to work.are we one.Oh.soon.Oh.the news.laughing Rosenberg.Rosenburg theme.the since P Newman.Martin is a recipient of it up and go.green BAM total Leadership Award.emotion is a stubborn.[Music].Yahoo music Gunzburg.Jakub USA is the recipient of the lab.lionesses multi-purpose exhibit exactly.and.don't use to be sit the end I've got a.heart attack.total business award.[Applause].yoo-hoo the shine Phil.maybe.recently.mother said to coming.versus recipient something's every team.in the war.it's a three-cylinder.even the Lord and fermium.so here's our one coming home.[Applause].and not these wars.[Applause].you see.diamond is a recent meeting of the.leaders award sponsored by the dirt.he is the recipient of the Achievement.Award.certainly as recently though the no.zeros in 1004.and.please.before the recession I just want to take.a moment today mr. nothing they have now.father for the music this evening.so just go just go.[Music].

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