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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing Tready Payment Request Online 2012 2019 Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Tready Payment Request Online 2012 2019 Form

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Instruction of Tready Payment Request Online 2012 2019 Form

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Good to see you.3Oh, my God, you&#39;re so beautiful.3- I miss you.\n- It&#39;s so good to see you.3I&#39;m so happy to see you girls.3- I love you so much.\n- Love you.3Can you say it one more time?3Like, &quot;See you next time,&quot; or &quot;See you tomorrow.&quot;3See you guys tomorrow. I love you.3Yasss.3My two fans are so cute.3They flew 30 hours to get here.3So sweet.3( indistinct chatter )3<i> My fans all around the world</i>3<i> named themselves the Little Hiltons.</i>3- I love my girls.\n- We love you so much.3Yasss.3<i> I feel less alone when my Little Hiltons are there.</i>3Oh, man.3Well, look who we have here.3The billion-dollar badass boss bitch3is landed in Korea.3So, what&#39;s your message to your fans?3What&#39;s up, Sheeraz? What&#39;s up, everyone?3I am so excited to be in Korea.3We&#39;re gonna have the best time.3The Paris Hilton Skincare launch.3Yes.3Oh, my God.3D&#39;oh.3Oh, my God.3Hello.3( screaming )3Oh, picture! Wow! Wow, okay.3- Okay.\n- You want me to do it, honey?3- Oh, yeah! Yes, yes.\n- Yes.3Love you.3Paris:<i> I&#39;ve just been on camera my whole life, basically.</i>3<i> But I also do get nervous,</i>3<i> especially when it&#39;s big crowds of people.</i>3Man: Hello, Paris. How are you?3Man 2: Oh, Paris, you should be in the roller derby.3- Let&#39;s see you skate.\n- They&#39;re so fun.3<i> When I was a teenager, it was probably my dream</i>3<i> to be chased by paparazzi.</i>3- Thank you, Paris.\n- Uh-huh.3I finished my roll on a beautiful lady.3Aww. Bye, boys. Good night.3<i> When I was 18, I was going to clubs and parties</i>3<i> and being photographed.</i>3Matt Lauer:<i> In the gossip papers in Los Angeles,</i>3<i> you and your sister have been a staple.</i>3Why are people so fascinated with you?4People always ask me that, and I don&#39;t know.4I&#39;m just living my life.4<i> But after &quot;The Simple Life,&quot; the paparazzi were insane.</i>4Man: Hey, Paris! Hollywood.TV, Paris. Hello!4Man 2: How was lunch, Paris?4Hasan:<i> I built the foundation of one of the biggest</i>4paparazzi companies in the world on the back of Paris Hilton.4<i> I had over 100 guys in Los Angeles,</i>4<i> all of them making a living off Paris Hilton.</i>4<i> For a photograph, at that time,</i>4<i> it could range between 50,000, up to a million dollars.</i>4- Paris, hi, sweetie! - Paris, you&#39;re looking beautiful.4<i> If you know that you can make</i>4<i> a million dollars in one day,</i>4<i> what does it look like?</i>4It&#39;s war.4- ( shouting )\n- What the ( bleep )? 4Woman:<i> Photographers at war at the Istanbul airport.</i>4<i> Paris caught in the middle.</i>4- Help!\n- Let her in! Let her in!4 Paris:<i> Sometimes I would just get in the car and be alone</i>4<i> and just, like, breathe and just be like,</i>4<i> &quot;Okay. Made it.&quot;</i>4<i> And sometimes I would pull out my camcorder,</i>4<i> and I&#39;m, like, filming them.</i>4<i> &quot;Do you like this? Do you like how this feels?&quot;</i>4- Look at the paparazzi\n next to us in the car.\n- Man: In the car?4- Bye.\n- Insane.4<i> I feel like that was the height of everything.</i>4Can I get a picture with you?4Thank you. I love your dog.4Thank you.4Kim Kardashian West:<i> Paris really started that movement</i>4<i> of having paparazzi follow your every move.</i>4I wouldn&#39;t be here today if it hadn&#39;t been for,4number one, her starting off in the reality world,4and her introducing me to the world.4- Paris, how are you today?\n- Good, thank you.4Good, you look great. Kim, you look awesome.4Woman: We love you, Paris! Woohoo!4Kim:<i> I think the best advice that she ever could&#39;ve given me</i>4<i> was just watching her.</i>4( crowd cheering )4Paris:<i> Even though it was so hectic and insane and just non-stop...</i>4- Hi.\n- Hi.4<i> ...I also loved the attention...</i>4Paris, I love you.4-<i> ...and the love. </i>\n- Paris! Whoo!4<i> &#39;Cause I felt like that was love.</i>4- Love you!\n- Love you.4( cheering )4Paris:<i> Eventually, I decided that I didn&#39;t want</i>4<i> to be a reality star.</i>4<i> Like, I wanted to focus more on my business.</i>4( crowd shouting )4<i> And I decided that I wanted to control my whole image.</i>4Hasan:<i> I remember 2004, around that time,</i>4<i> she was, like, grabbing her camera,</i>4<i> taking a picture of herself.</i>4<i> I didn&#39;t even know what a selfie was.</i>4<i> All the things that people are doing today with social media,</i>4the first person was Paris Hilton.4( indistinct chatter )4Paris:<i> Everyone says I&#39;m the original influencer,</i>4<i> but sometimes I feel like I helped create a monster.</i>4This is so awkward.4What is happening?4- Good hug.\n- Do we get a goodie bag?4I think there is.4Can I hold your shoulder, please?4Thank you, love.4- Thank you.\n- So nice to meet you.4Gorgeous.4What&#39;s next?4Man: And three, two, one.4<i> ♪ I&#39;m losing it ♪</i>4( laughs )4Yeah?4God.4&quot;Wake refreshed.&quot; Yeah.4In my dreams.4I never wake refreshed.4( bleep ).4So ( bleep ) tired.4( sniffs )4So tiring.4I&#39;m just literally-- my mind is going through4what the upcoming months are, and it&#39;s nonstop.4Travel all around the world, and I&#39;ve seen nothing4except hotel rooms, club, stores.4I don&#39;t even know who I am sometimes.4I&#39;m always...4kind of...4putting on this, you know, facade4or just like happy and perfect life.4Just had this plan, and then created this brand4and this persona and this character,4and I&#39;ve been stuck with her ever since.4And, like, I didn&#39;t used to be that way.4( sniffles )5( sniffles )5( sighs )5I&#39;m so full.5Where is my blanket?5Ow.5<i> I have horrible insomnia.</i>5( moans )5<i> I&#39;m scared to go to bed at night.</i>5No, uh-- yes.5Finally.5<i> I always have this recurring nightmare...</i>5<i> no matter what I do.</i>5<i>I&#39;m in bed and these two people come into my room...</i>5( footsteps )5( screams )5<i> ...and say, &quot;Do you want this to happen</i>5<i> the easy way or the hard way?&quot;</i>5<i> I&#39;m trying to just run.</i>5I think I slept, like, three hours.5<i> The nightmare was, like-- felt so real.</i>5I was just screaming and crying5and telling people-- someone to help me.5And...5and I just ran.5<i> Just thinking about it today,</i>5I don&#39;t really know many genuine people5besides, like, my fans,5like Paulina and Alex.5Like, when they talk to me, it&#39;s like--5not even my real friends would say that.5Woman: But can they care for you?5Can they care for me?5What do you mean?5Is that enough?5No.5- When do you bounce?\n- Tonight.5What were you here? 72 hours?5- What is it, Thursday?\n- Yeah.5I speak to you, you say you&#39;re going to bed.5Then I&#39;ll wake up and I&#39;ll see you5posting an Instagram at, like, 6:00 AM,5and I know you haven&#39;t slept.5- I can&#39;t sleep.\n- Why?5My mind won&#39;t stop moving.5You need to go on a vacation.5I&#39;ve told you this for 15 years.5You&#39;ve never listened in the 15 years.5I haven&#39;t went on a vacation--5Go to Hawaii with no phone...5- Yeah, right.\n- ...and just chill.5- I can&#39;t.\n- Why?5Because the schedule&#39;s too busy.5I haven&#39;t been on a vacation in--5Because you&#39;re greedy and you won&#39;t turn down a check.5I&#39;m not greedy, I just-- I love making money.5I think I come off tough sometimes with her.5But I feel I have to &#39;cause she has so many5&quot;yes people&quot; and kiss-asses around her5that I&#39;m gonna tell her the truth.5Wanna show her your room?5Yeah, I want to see your room.5Do you think you&#39;ll ever have kids?5( sighs ) Um...5I thought I was going to have one.5But every time I&#39;m with you and I&#39;m with them, I&#39;m like--5- it makes me so depressed.\n- I know.5It&#39;s not for everybody.5You&#39;ve never been the most conventional gal.5No.5But I still-- I don&#39;t want to be, like--5- Bye.\n- Bye? Can I have a hug?5Nicky: Aww. Give one big hug.5- I love you.\n- I love you.5- Love you, Lily Grace.\n- I love you.5Bye, honey. Have fun.5They&#39;re so sweet, and it&#39;s so fun.5You just get to relive everything that you did,5- like watching cartoons\n in the morning.\n- I still do that.5Having Lucky Charms and Cap&#39;n Crunch.5I still do that. Alone.5See, I don&#39;t feel that bad for you,5because I feel like if you wanted kids5and you wanted a husband,5you would find a way to make it happen.5Maybe you don&#39;t want it.5You think society expects that of you.5But if you don&#39;t genuinely want it,5it&#39;s a lot of responsibility.5- I just don&#39;t want to miss\n that opportunity...\n- I know.5- ...to never do it.\n- I know.5- Yeah. - At least I had my eggs frozen.5Yeah, thank God.5I definitely want to have a girl first, name her London,5but I just don&#39;t know when I&#39;m gonna have time.5Like, I will not stop until I make a billion dollars,5and then I think I can relax.5I know that sounds crazy.5I don&#39;t know, I just don&#39;t want to have to worry.5I don&#39;t want to ever have to worry about anything.5And you&#39;re happy?6Sometimes.6You don&#39;t seem that happy lately.6Really?6I don&#39;t know what to do.6When you have to travel every day, basically,6to maintain a relationship,6unless you&#39;re gonna have some bitch boy6following me around like they always do...6- Mm-hmm. - ...and I lose all respect for them.6- Immediately. - They become emasculated, I&#39;m, like--6You need to date an equal.6- But I feel like I need more--\n- You can&#39;t control an equal.6- I don&#39;t like that.\n- You&#39;re so-- well, Paris.6- Because I&#39;m scared.\n- The definition of insanity6is doing the same thing over and over6and expecting different results.6Okay, well, I&#39;ve been doing the same thing.6And you&#39;re insane.6I&#39;m not insane, but, I don&#39;t know.6I&#39;m just-- I&#39;m freaked out by people.6Especially men.6Matt Lauer:<i> A sex video showing Paris and her ex</i>6<i> was released to media outlets</i>6and is circulating on the Internet.6All of this without her consent.6These sex videotapes are all over the Internet.6How many of you have seen them? I&#39;ve seen them.6( applause, laughter )6She-- I don&#39;t know, she seems like a very personable young woman.6( laughter )6That was a private moment6with a teenage girl...6...not in her right headspace,6but everyone was watching it and laughing6like it&#39;s something funny.6That poor family.6To have your daughter do a porno film6in a Marriott hotel? I mean, it&#39;s--6<i> ( laughter, applause )</i>6We lived in a hotel6where the &quot;New York Daily News,&quot; the &quot;New York Post&quot;6<i> was on everyone&#39;s front door, down the whole hall.</i>6<i> So, on days where it was a cover story,</i>6<i> I would run down the hall first</i>6and flip every newspaper over6so they didn&#39;t have to see it.6I was in bed a lot.6I didn&#39;t want to, like, get up and take the kids to school.6You know, face other people.6If that happened today...6it would not be the same story at all.6But they made me the bad person,6like, I did something bad.6<i> It was my first real relationship.</i>6<i> Eighteen.</i>6<i> I was just so in love with him</i>6<i> and I wanted to make him happy.</i>6<i> And I just remember him just pulling out the camera.</i>6<i> And he was kind of pressuring me into it,</i>6<i> like, &quot;Oh, you&#39;re so boring,&quot;</i>6<i> like, &quot;Do you want me to just call someone else?</i>6<i> No one will ever see it.&quot;</i>6You know, in the beginning, they said that I raped her,6and she was incapacitated and you couldn&#39;t see6the whites of her eyes.6I have a full color version on trustfundgirls.com.6Trustfundgirls.com.6You can see it was two people in love enjoying sex.6Everybody has sex. And it&#39;s, you know, two people6very much in love and having a good time.6It was like being electronically raped.6Hey, Paris.6<i> And for people to think that I did it on purpose--</i>6<i> because after that</i>6<i> all of these leaked tapes were coming out,</i>6<i> and it almost became like a blueprint to become famous.</i>6I don&#39;t know.6Like, I didn&#39;t need to do that.6Like, I always had a plan.6<i> My grandmother always called me Grace Kelly</i>6<i> and Marilyn Monroe,</i>6<i> and I always wanted to live up to that for her.</i>6<i> That was my dream.</i>6<i> It was going to come true.</i>6<i> And I just felt, when that happened</i>6<i> that took it all away from me.</i>6I think one of her biggest struggles is trust.6She&#39;s been betrayed so many times.6So she has a real tough time6trusting people and letting people in.6Spycams.6I&#39;m doing this because I have a new boyfriend6who&#39;s going to be here while I&#39;m gone.6I do want to know what&#39;s happening when I&#39;m not here.6Put this on the phone so it&#39;s live.6- ( door bell rings )\n- ( humming )6- Hi, babe.\n- Hello.6Yes.6- Welcome back.\n- Hello. Thank you.6Okay.7It does not stop.7I know. I&#39;m happy you&#39;re here.7Did you get rest on the plane at least?7- No.\n- Why, you were too excited?7Okay.7I&#39;ll talk to you when I get there.7Wish me luck.7I met Aleks in Miami7and we were at Ultra Music Festival.7And I just saw him and thought he was handsome.7<i> He&#39;s visited me in L.A. twice,</i>7<i> which was a big deal to me</i>7because after my last relationship7I was basically planning on being single the rest of my life.7<i> But I don&#39;t want to be seen in public together yet.</i>7<i> I&#39;m not ready for that.</i>7- ( phone ringing )\n- My mom.7Hello?7You&#39;re two blocks away?7Oh, yeah, what time is Chris coming?7Shit. Well, it&#39;s 7:30 now.7 Kathy:<i> Text her. Just say, &quot;I&#39;m running a few minutes behind</i>7<i> and I would like to see you.&quot;</i>7- Okay.\n-<i> Love you, bye.</i>7Love you, bye.7Paris:<i> My mom treats me like I&#39;m 12,</i>7<i> so I literally am, like, forever a teenager in my mind.</i>7She just wrote me.7&quot;Get down here, young lady.&quot;7Because it&#39;s my event, I have people already7been waiting for, like, an hour and a half,7so I don&#39;t want to piss them off.7Thank you, sweetheart. What was your name?7- Alexis. - Shit. Hi, Alexis. Nice to meet you.7- Pleasure.\n- Paris. A little stressed.7( music playing on speakers )7- My mom?\n- Hi, honey. Mwah.7- Yes.\n- You look beautiful!7Oh, my God, you smell so good.7Woman: A couple right here.7Kathy:<i> Just watching and seeing her today...</i>7Man: Paris, on the left.7<i> ...all the rhinestones,</i>7<i> all the costumes she&#39;s attracted to,</i>7it&#39;s like a little Disney child.7Yet...7I don&#39;t know.7It&#39;s like a shield or a cover.7She&#39;s probably one of the most intelligent people you&#39;ll ever meet.7She&#39;s extremely brilliant,7and the mask is sometimes putting up7the stupid persona or the voice.7I-- I just want to know where it stems from.7Okay, I&#39;m doing my trick.7<i> Looking back, I always thought</i>7<i> that she was going to be a veterinarian.</i>7<i> &quot;I want to be a dog doctor,</i>7<i> a cat doctor, a bird doctor.&quot;</i>7Which is such a change from,7like, 13 to 15.7Dad: Good morning, guys.7Merry Christmas Eve.7Good morning, Mom.7Stars, turn around. Show me what you got.7Look at Dad.7- That&#39;s pretty, Paris.\n- Here, Dad.7Paris:<i> When my sister and I were teenagers,</i>7<i> we moved to New York.</i>7<i> I was the new girl at school.</i>7<i> I dealt with a lot of bullying</i>7<i> and the girls kind of ganging up on me</i>7<i> and being mean to me.</i>7<i> In New York, there&#39;s the socialite scene.</i>7<i> Everyone knew who I was.</i>7<i> My mom had us go to etiquette classes.</i>7<i> So we basically were taught how to be debutantes.</i>7<i> It&#39;s very proper, very prim,</i>7<i> almost like a Stepford wife.</i>7<i> It just didn&#39;t seem real or natural to me.</i>7<i> I wasn&#39;t allowed to go out or go on dates</i>7<i> or school dances</i>7<i> because my parents were so strict.</i>7No dating, no makeup, no this, no that.7Everyone had late curfews.7&quot;No.&quot; You had to be home early.7&quot;No, no, no, no.&quot;7And then finally she was just like...7&quot;I&#39;m doing what I want.&quot;7Kathy:<i> In New York, 14, 15, 16,</i>7everything that I didn&#39;t want her to do,7she wanted to do.7<i> Getting into modeling,</i>7and I was just like, &quot;No, no, no, no.7Not-- no, no. Not a good scene.&quot;7Paris:<i> I always loved Patricia Field and Betsey Johnson.</i>7<i>It was kind of like this whole fashion dream world for me.</i>7<i> The pink hair and glitter and the shortest little skirts,</i>7<i> that&#39;s how I was dressing.</i>7Kathy:<i> She&#39;d buy wigs,</i>7<i> necklaces that said &quot;Sexy,&quot;</i>8&quot;Hot bitch.&quot;8What?8I&#39;m thinking, &quot;No, no. This is--8this is too much for me.8This is crazy.&quot;8Paris:<i> And then I got a really good fake ID.</i>8Nicky:<i> She was just gone in the night.</i>8And my mother would be up all night8calling every nightclub, threatening them.8Paris:<i> I think I just got addicted to the night life.</i>8<i> I felt accepted.</i>8<i> I just felt like--</i>8<i> like the queen of the night.</i>8<i> ( music playing )</i>8<i> ( crowd chattering )</i>8<i> ( music continues )</i>8And that&#39;s where I really became Paris.8<i> ( crowd cheering )</i>8Finally I locked her in the room.8I was afraid she could run into a predator,8get kidnapped.8Fear, to me, is the most powerful feeling there is.8Fear.8More than pain, more than love,8more than hate, more than like,8more than-- fear.8<i> And I thought, &quot;This was the worst mistake ever,</i>8<i> moving here.</i>8<i> I gotta get her out of here.&quot;</i>8I was just a kid living in New York,8going to high school.8Obviously, ditching a lot of class, whatever.8But I feel like my parents were scared8and they didn&#39;t want their reputations to be ruined8because Page Six was writing all these stories.8So I felt like I was just kind of sent away to be hidden.8Announcer:<i> All you ever wanted</i>8<i> was the best for your child.</i>8I first sent her to an outdoor wilderness program.8Announcer:<i> It&#39;s for teenage boys and girls</i>8<i> needing a change of attitude and direction.</i>8Paris:<i> There&#39;s all these places</i>8<i> called emotional growth schools.</i>8<i> The first place was in the middle of nowhere.</i>8<i> We were building other camps,</i>8<i> basically doing manual labor all day long.</i>8<i> It was just constant yelling at,</i>8<i> like, boot camp style.</i>8<i> So I whispered to one of the girls, like,</i>8<i> &quot;Let&#39;s get out of here tonight.&quot;</i>8She got away.8Paris:<i> We ran through cornfields, through mountains.</i>8<i> The guys that worked at the camp grabbed us,</i>8<i> and then we got back and they literally</i>8<i> just beat the hell out of us in front of everyone,</i>8<i> just to let everyone know if you run away,</i>8<i> this is what happens.</i>8<i> And then they sent me to this other place,</i>8<i> which was hell, too,</i>8<i> and I ran away from there.</i>8Kathy:<i> She jumped down an entire flight of stairs.</i>8- ( horns honking )\n- ( tires screech )8Nicky:<i> They shut down highways,</i>8<i> they shut down the airport.</i>8Paris;<i> I escaped from Ascent, Cascade, CEDU,</i>8<i> all of these emotional growth schools.</i>8We&#39;re just spending all our time trying to figure out,8where do we-- should we move to the moon?8What do we do?8And I&#39;m like, &quot;Please can I just go home?8I&#39;ve already been through so much.8I promise I&#39;ll never go to a club again.8Please? I can&#39;t go back to these places.8You have no idea.&quot;8There was no convincing them, no matter what I said.8So I just didn&#39;t trust them.8It made me not trust anyone, not even my own family.8<i> Even to this day, it&#39;s really hard for me to let anyone in.</i>8- Comfortable?\n- Yes.8<i> I&#39;m, like, scared, like, I haven&#39;t got</i>8<i> to experience, like, real life.</i>8<i> Like having a family and being, like, in love.</i>8( laughs )8<i> I want to change.</i>8Yes.8Where are we going? To the yacht?8Aye-aye, Captain.8<i> ♪ Every time I look ♪</i>8<i> ♪ Over my shoulder ♪</i>8<i> ♪ I&#39;m getting bolder ♪</i>8<i> ♪ I&#39;m getting bolder ♪</i>8-<i> ♪ Every time I look\n over my shoulder ♪ </i>\n- Hi, boys.8<i> ♪ I&#39;m getting bolder ♪</i>8<i> ♪ I&#39;m getting bolder ♪</i>8Yeah!8<i> ♪ If you want my loving, then you better start running ♪</i>8<i> ♪ If you, if you, if you ♪</i>8<i> ♪ If you want my loving, then you better start running ♪</i>8The German saved the phone.8Oh.9My last vacation was probably9when I was, like, 15,9like, with my family.9It&#39;s just been nonstop work,9and I felt like I needed to do this for myself9or I&#39;m going to lose it.9<i> It&#39;s so beautiful. It&#39;s Mykonos. I love it here.</i>9<i> But for some reason, it&#39;s hard for me to relax.</i>9( groans )9Phone.9Paris on recording:<i> The sunset in Mykonos is insane.</i>9-<i> Loves it. </i>\n- ( chuckles )9I put this new app on my phone which tells you,9like, the amount of time you spend on social media.9Usually I&#39;m, like, up to here.916 hours and 19 minutes.9When you add up all those hours in your life,9it&#39;s literally, like, years of your life9spent just, like, looking at a phone.9<i> It&#39;s just beyond.</i>9( indistinct chatter)9Hmm.9( chuckles )9That&#39;s nice.9It&#39;s so romantic.9( shutter clicks )9<i> I think that&#39;s the best part of life</i>9<i> is falling in love and being in love.</i>9It&#39;s the most incredible feeling in the world,9and I haven&#39;t felt it in so long.9Sometimes I feel like I&#39;ve almost become numb to it.9I don&#39;t know.9With my last engagement, I was really happy in the beginning.9Woman:<i> Paris Hilton&#39;s boyfriend of two years...</i>9- Yes!\n-<i> ...proposed with a $2 million</i>9- 20 karat diamond ring. Wow. - Kathy Lee Gifford: Tell us about him.9Why is he the one? &#39;Cause you&#39;ve-- you&#39;ve tried a few.9( laughter )9You&#39;ve taken a few test runs. Haven&#39;t we all?9Yeah, I finally found my perfect other half.9Paris:<i> From the outside, it would look like just the perfect couple</i>9<i> because I&#39;m be posting all these really happy photos and amazing quotes.</i>9Woman:<i> Paris Hilton addressing her split with Chris Zylka,</i>9<i> ending their engagement.</i>9Paris:<i> But deep down I just felt kind of trapped.</i>9<i> I think when you get married, you&#39;re forced to grow up.</i>9<i> I am afraid to grow up.</i>9<i> Look, I know I am grown up.</i>9<i> I don&#39;t know. I think after being at those schools,</i>9<i> you-- you lose your childhood.</i>9Man: Paris! Paris!9DJ:<i> Ladies and gentlemen, we&#39;re about to get the party started.</i>9<i> Yep, yep, yep.</i>9<i> We got Paris Hilton in this mother( bleep ),</i>9<i> and here we go.</i>9( dance music playing on speakers )9Paris: What&#39;s up, Los Angeles?9Are you guys ready to have a good ( bleep ) time?9- DJ: Yep!\n- ( crowd cheering )9- Let&#39;s do this shit.\n- DJ: Yo.9( dance music continues )9Paris:<i> I just feel like at night</i>9<i> is when I really come alive.</i>9<i> I love music and I love just to, like,</i>9<i> dance on the table and just have fun.</i>9<i> I just feel like I&#39;m on top of the world.</i>9<i> I just feel so free and happy and alive,</i>9<i> like I&#39;m a conductor of,</i>9<i> like, this whole orchestra of people,</i>9<i> controlling the room and just feeling all the love.</i>9Whoo! I ( bleep ) love you guys.9When I&#39;m playing, that&#39;s my time,9like, when I have fun.9- There&#39;s nothing like it.\n- ( cheering )9<i> People talk shit and say that I&#39;m not DJ-ing live.</i>9- What&#39;s up, Brazil?\n- ( cheering )9<i> At my first concert in Brazil for 30,000 people,</i>9the guy came up for one second just to turn the volume,9and that picture just went viral.9<i> It was like, &quot;Paris wasn&#39;t DJ-ing.</i>9<i> This guy was doing it.&quot;</i>9So I really have to, like, prove myself,9especially being a woman in this industry as well,9because it&#39;s, like, a boy&#39;s world.9So, I finally arrived in Belgium,9and, no, this is not some new filter that you haven&#39;t seen.9It&#39;s actually this, like, sick mask that I got.9And, um, I&#39;m about to go to Tomorrowland.9I&#39;m playing there on Sunday.9Let me change the color.9Ooh.9Okay, the pink is the best.9Anyway, I am just getting ready for the festival,9and I will see you at my set on Sunday9at Smash The House stage.9I&#39;m scared. If this erases--9I&#39;ve been practicing this set for, like, two months.9- Aleks: I know, but--\n- ( bleep ) my life.9Oh, no. I think it&#39;s gone.9( music playing on speakers )10-<i> ♪ This was only gonna hurt ♪ </i>\n- It ( bleep ) works!10<i> ♪ If I want you ♪</i>10Oh, my God. Okay.10( bleep ) We&#39;re supposed to leave in 17 minutes and 21 seconds.10( groans )10I am nervous as ( bleep ). 10<i> Every summer, I&#39;ve been wanting to come here.</i>10Tomorrowland is the most prestigious,10like, biggest festival in the world.10Like, there&#39;s nothing that compares to it.10So, to be playing at this is like--10I&#39;m like, I can&#39;t believe it.10Oh, my God. Thank you so much.10- Me? Why?\n- Whoops.10- Yes, you&#39;re so--\n- For what?10Because you&#39;re just very helpful and patient.10That&#39;s normal, babe.10And I know I&#39;m a ( bleep ) nightmare to deal with.10- ( clatters )\n- Jeez.10- She&#39;s a nightmare.\n- ( bleep )...10Love you, baby. It&#39;s all good.10Love you, too.10All right, let&#39;s do this. I&#39;m hot.10Okay. Let&#39;s go!10Paris: I have not done a sound check.10Aleks: I can go and set it up.10You don&#39;t even know how to do it.10All right, here I go.10This shit changes the name to Tomorrow-( bleep )-land.10<i> ♪ If I told you ♪</i>10<i> ♪ This was only gonna hurt ♪</i>10Okay.10- ( music continues )\n- ( bleep ), we&#39;re here.10What&#39;s happening? Where is everyone?10Woman: We can start if you want to.10The press? Let&#39;s just do the press10so we can get this over with and do everything.10But let&#39;s make sure the computer doesn&#39;t fall off10because I will, like, commit suicide.10Where&#39;s the press room?10Man:<i> We are live at Tomorrowland,</i>10<i> and in the studio</i>10we have Paris Hilton.10( cheering )10Man 2:<i> This is Tomorrowland, One World Radio,</i>10and we welcome to the studio Paris Hilton!10So, as we&#39;re celebrating 15 years at Tomorrowland,10what would 15-year-old Paris Hilton think of Tomorrowland?10I&#39;ve been actually going to raves since I was 15.10So the 15-year-old, who I basically still am at heart,10would be raging balls here.10- Totally blown away\n by it, right?\n- Yes.10- Thank you.\n- Have fun.10Brilliant. Thank you. Sick mask.10Drink water, please.10Please.10Please don&#39;t stress me out. I&#39;m really nervous as it is.10But, baby, I was just doing nine interviews. It&#39;s not my fault.10No, that was some-- that was some girl. She was a new artist.10- I can&#39;t say no to people.\n- Yes. 10No. Babe, that&#39;s why I&#39;ve been in this industry for 20 years.10Oh, honey, don&#39;t.10Well, I didn&#39;t even put my set together because I had no time10because I&#39;ve been fighting the whole time.10Now? Let&#39;s go.10( music playing )10Babe!10It&#39;s nothing.10What do you mean, it&#39;s nothing?10Jesus Christ.10You can&#39;t just drop a computer before a set.10- What should happen?\n- We need to--10What should happen? Uh, the computer could break.10Please don&#39;t-- don&#39;t close it.10How should I keep it open?10How?10Can someone who&#39;s not gonna drop it take it?10Thank you. Please stop.10Do not do this before my set.10Aleks!10Can you tell him to chill the ( bleep ) out?10This is ( bleep ) up. I&#39;m playing Tomorrowland.10He needs to chill the ( bleep ) out!10I&#39;m sick of this shit!10I&#39;m playing in six minutes!10So insecure.10- My glasses.\n- Stop!10Are you really doing that before my set?10Okay, then never speak to me again.10Tell him to chill the ( bleep ) out.10- ( music continues )\n- ( indistinct chatter )10Please stop! I love you, please stop. Please stop, please.10- You don&#39;t love me.\n- I&#39;m begging you! Stop!10Aleks.10I start in four minutes.10Please!10I start in three minutes! Do not ruin my set.10Can I have his ( bleep ) bracelets cut off?10Can we cut his bracelets off?10- What? - Can we cut his ( bleep ) bracelets off?11He&#39;s ( bleep ) ruining my entire set.11( music continues )11Okay, then stop. Please, please. I&#39;m gonna start crying on my set.11It&#39;s all good. It&#39;s all good.11- God!\n- It&#39;s all good.11( music continues )11( cheering )11( cheering intensifies )11( applause )11What&#39;s up, Belgium?11Let&#39;s ( bleep ) do this.11( dance music playing )11Paris:<i> Stop.</i>11- Aleks:<i> You did this. </i>\n- Paris:<i> I did this?</i>11( bleep ) apologize.11<i> Stop!</i>11Get the ( bleep ) away from me!11Give me your ( bleep ) bracelets, you ( bleep ) ass( bleep ).11<i> I want him out of here. He&#39;s ( bleep ) kicked out.</i>11- Man: Really?\n- Done.11<i> ♪ I&#39;m losing it ♪</i>11Come on, let&#39;s go. In the van.11( music continues )11<i> ♪ I&#39;m losing it ♪</i>11Yeah!11<i> ♪ I&#39;m losing it ♪</i>11<i> ♪ I&#39;m losing it ♪</i>11Yes!11I love you, Tomorrowland! Thank you!11Bye, Felicia.11Way too many computers.11This is not all, like, different relationships.11But any time I do have a new boyfriend,11I always get a full new computer11because they always break into my computers.11<i> Or they&#39;ll scream at me and threaten me,</i>11<i> &quot;Give me your password now.&quot;</i>11<i> One night, I was with one of my ex-boyfriends</i>11<i> and we got in a big fight.</i>11I was on my computer ignoring him11because I felt really uncomfortable.11And he just grabbed it from me and just, like,11slammed it on the floor.11I should probably check and see if there&#39;s more.11Great. I just revealed my hiding place.11I&#39;ve never used any of this stuff.11I just buy things and then people put them in here11and then I can&#39;t see anything11because no one organizes anything.11- Woman: You&#39;ve got\n so much stuff.\n- Paris: Yeah.11Woman: And you&#39;re always saying to me11you need to make your billion dollars.11That that&#39;s what you&#39;re trying to do. Make a billion.11Paris: Yeah. To spend it.11That&#39;s just my goal in life.11Like, when I was a teenager,11I always wanted to make 100 million.11I was like, &quot;When I do that, I&#39;m gonna be happy.&quot;11And I think once you do your goal,11you just want to keep going more and more.11- Woman: And then what?\n- And then I&#39;ll be happy.11I&#39;m happy now sometimes, but it is lonely.11- What about Aleks? - I told him that I&#39;m just not ready11for something right now.11Like, I&#39;ve never ripped someone&#39;s bracelets11off their arms at a music festival.11That&#39;s, like, one of the meanest things you could do to someone11is taking away their artist band.11But I just had had enough at that point.11A person can only take so much.11Like, anything that tries to control me is--11it can&#39;t have room in my life.11You know, she&#39;s such a beautiful person11and such a good girl, and I believe that11all of the things that she&#39;s gone through11have made her stronger.11And she would say things to me after,11like, &quot;I still have nightmares.11I still in the middle of the night, I feel--&quot;11You know, she would say that.11And I always take what people say11with a grain of salt.11Like, I think, &quot;Yeah, it did bother her,11but it was our way of saving you.&quot;11What do you mean, solitary? What do you mean?11Are you serious?11She&#39;s never told me that.11In Utah?11- Oh, shit.\n- Jen: Whoa.11Popping bottles.11- Cheers, bitch.\n- Cheers. Again.11- I look beyond.\n- No, you do not.11The woman has been up since 5:00 in the morning.11I went to bed at 1:30.11- The woman looks amazing.\n- I woke up five times,11having nightmares as always--11I have, like, dreams of, like, my real life,11like, when I was, like, taken from my house,11like, by people and, like, being locked up somewhere.11( phone rings )12( door chime rings )12- Hi.\n- Hi.12- You look so gorgeous.\n- Thank you.12- What&#39;ve you guys been doing?\n- Paris: Chilling.12Just thinking about life and why I have nightmares.12Remember that, like, random school I went to?12- Mm. In Salt Lake City?\n- Yeah.12Yeah. Remember, like, seven years ago,12I was in Europe, and I met someone12who was at one of those places with you12and I put you on the phone with him?12What did he say?12That you guys were at this place12and it was just, like, mental.12It was, like, abuse.12Dad: There&#39;s Paris. Here we are at Paris&#39; school.12This is Starry&#39;s room.12Paris:<i> Did you visit me there?</i>12Nicky:<i> I don&#39;t remember,</i>12<i> but then I saw a video.</i>12<i> Wasn&#39;t I there?</i>12You don&#39;t remember it?12No.12I feel like we both blocked it out.12Mom and Dad always loved hiding things--12Everything.12They&#39;re the king and queen12of sweeping everything under the rug.12Yeah.12My parents always hid everything from us,12so I would listen on the phone.12That&#39;s how I got all my intel.12And I remember it was a school night,12it was the middle of the night,12and I just heard screaming bloody murder.12<i> I knew there was a--</i>12<i> a takedown in the works.</i>12<i> I didn&#39;t know it was people</i>12<i> coming in and capturing her.</i>12Paris:<i> I thought I was being kidnapped.</i>12<i> I started screaming for my mom and dad,</i>12<i> like, &quot;Help me,&quot;</i>12<i> and no one came.</i>12( screaming )12<i> As they were taking me,</i>12<i> I saw my parents standing by their door, crying.</i>12<i> I was like, &quot;Please help me. What&#39;s happening?&quot;</i>12<i> And no one would tell me what was happening.</i>12And then in the morning, it was breakfast,12and Paris didn&#39;t come to the breakfast table.12And my parents were, like, smiling, like, &quot;Everything&#39;s fine.&quot;12And we didn&#39;t ask any questions.12And then I think they said she, like, went to boarding school.12Because they were always trying to12protect us and shield us.12Jen: Did you ever get, like, nervous that that would happen to you?12Because if they didn&#39;t really explain it to you12on why she was going away, did you ever feel like--12Well, she was very naughty.12- What?\n- She was.12Did you talk to her about things?12- Did you, like-- - I told on her with everything.12- Thanks, bitch.\n- I would listen on the phone.12Have you ever said sorry to Mom and Dad?12No.12- Like, hell--\n- I went through hell, too.12I know.12Paris:<i> The last school I went to was Provo Canyon School...</i>12<i> ...and that was the worst of the worst.</i>12Do you want a fake one or a real one?12<i> There&#39;s no getting out of there.</i>12<i> You&#39;re sitting on a chair staring at a wall all day long</i>12<i> getting yelled at or hit.</i>12<i> I felt like a lot of the people who worked there</i>12<i> got off on torturing children</i>12<i> and seeing them naked.</i>12<i> They would prescribe everyone all these pills.</i>12<i> I didn&#39;t know what they were giving me.</i>12<i> I would just feel so tired and numb.</i>12<i> Some people in that place were just gone.</i>12<i> Like, the lights are on, no one&#39;s home.</i>12<i> A lot of people were on suicide watch,</i>12<i> and I was so scared that was gonna happen to me.</i>12<i> So, eventually,</i>12<i> I found out a way</i>12<i> to not take the pills.</i>12<i> But everyone would tell on everyone,</i>12<i> and they found a Kleenex with all of the pills in it...</i>12<i> ...and I got in so much trouble for that.</i>12<i> Solitary confinement, like something out</i>12<i> of &quot;One Flew Over The Cuckoo&#39;s Nest.&quot;</i>12( shivering )12<i> They&#39;d make people take their clothes off</i>12<i> and go in there, like, for 20 hours.</i>12( shivering )12<i> It felt like I was going crazy.</i>12<i> Someone was in the other room that was, like,</i>12<i> in a straitjacket, screaming.</i>12<i> I was just freezing, I was starving,</i>12<i> I was alone, and I was scared.</i>13<i> My parents were in New York.</i>13<i> They didn&#39;t know.</i>13<i> But I was so angry and so upset,</i>13<i> I just-- I hated them.</i>13<i> I was at Provo for 11 months,</i>13<i> and the only thing that saved my sanity</i>13<i> was thinking about what I wanted to do</i>13<i> and who I wanted to become when I got out of there.</i>13<i> I was gonna do everything in my power</i>13<i> to be so successful</i>13<i> that my parents could never control me again.</i>13<i> When I turned 18 and got out of Provo,</i>13<i> it was one of the happiest moments of my life.</i>13<i> I just wanted to be independent.</i>13<i> Make a name for myself and build my brand.</i>13<i> I knew that would be the ultimate freedom.</i>13<i> And that&#39;s when I met David LaChapelle.</i>13<i> ( music playing )</i>13<i> David LaChapelle is one of the most iconic</i>13<i> photographers in the world.</i>13David said, &quot;We need to shoot at your grandparents&#39; house.&quot;13I was like, &quot;Totally. Like, we&#39;ll climb the gate.13I don&#39;t care. I&#39;ll open it.&quot;13So, basically, we&#39;re in this room13at around, like, 3:00 in the morning,13and he wanted it to be a strong picture.13I&#39;m just like posing, like,13whatever, and I think he wanted to provoke me.13There was just a moment where he looked at me13and just said, like, &quot;( bleep ) you,&quot; as a joke.13And then me going back, and I was like...13<i> And that was the shot he used,</i>13<i> just that one instant.</i>13<i> Mom&#39;s calling him, freaking out.</i>13<i> So I was upset and I was scared.</i>13But I think deep down13I just knew this is iconic.13<i> &quot;Vanity Fair&quot; ended up doing a huge story on it.</i>13<i> This was before &quot;The Simple Life,&quot;</i>13<i> so this was basically how the world got to know me.</i>13<i> Coming out of Provo,</i>13I was also, like, very traumatized.13<i> I never spoke to my family about it.</i>13<i> I think all my anger</i>13<i> just went into my drive for success.</i>13<i> ( sniffles, sighs )</i>13It made me strong,13but when I think about it, it gives me anxiety.13It was really ( bleep ) hard.13I don&#39;t know.13Maybe inside my mind I was thinking, like...13what I was doing in the picture was like a big ( bleep ) you.13<i> I don&#39;t know if my nightmares will ever go away.</i>13<i> But I do know that there&#39;s probably</i>13<i> hundreds of thousands of kids</i>13<i> who are going through the same thing right now.</i>13<i> And maybe if I can help stop their nightmares,</i>13<i> it will help me stop mine.</i>13I haven&#39;t seen this person in 20 years.13Got my purse.13Part of going to those schools13and having nothing and everything taken away.13When I got out of there, I was like,13&quot;I just want to have everything I want,13and, like, it&#39;s too much.&quot;13But, I don&#39;t know. When you get everything taken away,13you&#39;re just like, you&#39;re just-- I don&#39;t know.13I don&#39;t really appreciate it, everything,13and I want everything.13<i> I&#39;ve been looking for my old roommates</i>13<i> and people I became friends with there</i>13and I&#39;m meeting one of the survivors from the school.13I&#39;m so ( bleep ) shy.13Woman: Are you nervous &#39;cause you&#39;re shy13or are you nervous &#39;cause you&#39;re nervous to start this?13Everything. It&#39;s a lot,13and I don&#39;t know what I&#39;m walking into.13A couple years ago, when I started researching13and going into it and everything was coming back to me,13I wanted to do something, but at the same time,13I was like, &quot;This is gonna hurt my brand.13I can&#39;t have this as part of my business,13and, you know, people won&#39;t understand.&quot;13But if I don&#39;t do this, it&#39;s gonna continue to happen13and I&#39;m gonna continue to always be traumatized13and think about it for the rest of my life.13( door bell rings )13- Hi.\n- Hey, how&#39;s it going?13- Good.\n- Long time no see.13- Yeah. - I don&#39;t know if you recognize me.13- I looked very\n different back then.\n- Yes.13Hey.13- Thank you for coming.\n- Yeah, no problem.13It&#39;s weird that, like, a lot of survivors,13they wake up after, like, 15, 20 years13and, like, wow, like, it hits them13and they are ready to talk about it.13Yeah.13So, Provo Canyon School, it&#39;s been this beast13that&#39;s been around for 50 years.14But every once in a while, some employees would decide14that it&#39;s gonna be great if they open their own programs.14- Mm.\n- So PCS not only14is responsible for the kids they abuse,14but all these sister programs that branched out14and made the troubled teen industry.14There are other celebrities that went through PCS,14and I won&#39;t say their name, especially not on camera.14But, like, you&#39;re the first one to bravely speak up.14It needs to stop.14Like, I literally want to go there and be like,14&quot;All right, we&#39;re going in14and we&#39;re taking all these kids out.&quot;14- With a big-- big bus. - Or try to talk to them, I don&#39;t know.14But I know-- I don&#39;t know what they&#39;d--14they&#39;d probably call the cops and go crazy.14So I was gonna show you, like, all the support you have14from Raina and Elizabeth.14Elizabeth actually looks just like she looked at PCS,14except, just like age regression.14Yes, I do remember her.14I still have nightmares. And it&#39;s been 20 years.14Do you remember Raina Hager?14Oh, yeah, I remember her, too.14The staff were abusive.14I think one thing I can say14is they tried really hard to break me.14And they caused a few cracks.14( chuckles )14I don&#39;t think I met your best friend there, but we did find her.14- Jessica.\n- Jessica.14She was such a badass.14I ended up in an abusive relationship after I left Provo.14I&#39;m thinking maybe, like, being in places14where they&#39;re abusive to you,14would make you think that that&#39;s a normal way to be.14There&#39;s a bunch of police reports14we were able to gather.14Like, from 2011 to 2014,1456 calls of assault to Provo Canyon School.14And 25 calls to the police in regards to sexual offenses.14I&#39;ll also forward you-- if you want to show this to your parents at all...14Yeah, I love this. All right, I wanna...14I-- I&#39;m just-- I&#39;m just processing this again, um...14It&#39;s not easy.14We all have to get to that point14where we&#39;re ready to open up about it.14Yeah.14I don&#39;t know if you have nightmares,14but I have nightmares almost every night of me being taken.14Ever since I got kidnapped at 16,14like, a pin drops and I wake up.14This, like, hypervigilance of every situation,14and I think, like, I still take that with me14in, like, work, and stuff like that, where I&#39;m like,14scoping out, like, how do I get out of here?14What&#39;s in the situation? Like...14I feel the exact same way about everything.14Like, I-- even with love and relationships,14I never, like, fully open &#39;cause I&#39;m--14I don&#39;t even know how to.14Yeah, one thing I&#39;ve also seen with other survivors,14um, is that because the lines of, like,14tough love and abuse are so blurred,14that it&#39;s really easy to not see the signs of abuse14ahead of time in a relationship.14<i> After being at Provo,</i>14<i> you don&#39;t even know what love is</i>14<i> or how to have a relationship.</i>14I look hideous.14Like, I&#39;ve been in a lot of relationships14where people, they just get so controlling14and get so angry that they become physical.14Mm...14One, two, three, four...14Like, five. Five guys.14We just got in an argument.14I was trying to leave his house14and he just got really mad14and just was grabbing me and pulling me.14I don&#39;t really remember most of it14&#39;cause I&#39;ve had worse stuff happen.14I&#39;ve been strangled14and phones thrown at me, computers.14And I accepted it14because I almost thought it was normal.14I was like, &quot;Well, he loves me so much14that he&#39;s going this crazy.&quot;14And I just wanted love so bad14that I was willing to accept14being hit or yelled at14or screamed or strangled or a lot of things.14<i> Even the tape.</i>14<i> That never would have happened</i>14<i> if I hadn&#39;t went to Provo.</i>14<i> I was just so lost and desperate for love</i>14<i> that I found the worst possible person.</i>14( sighs )14After being at that school,14I just didn&#39;t want anyone to know15and I didn&#39;t want to be embarrassed.15I was so obsessed with looking perfect on the outside.15That&#39;s why I always had to project15basically what I think the public wants.15And now I see even little girls15who are ten years old, nine years old,15and they&#39;re trying to get the perfect selfie,15they&#39;re putting the filters on,15they can&#39;t even look at themselves in the phone15without putting a filter.15I can&#39;t even imagine being a 13-year-old girl today.15I do feel responsible for it.15- Hello?\n- Katherine:<i> Hi!</i>15-<i> Hey, how&#39;s it going?\n This is Katherine. </i>\n- Good, how are you?15<i> I got your e-mail. Awesome.</i>15<i> Are you ready for tomorrow?</i>15Yes, I&#39;m excited. I&#39;m nervous.15<i> Yeah, you&#39;re not gonna be the only one.</i>15Yes.15<i> The sample photos I sent you, those are from other girls</i>15<i> that were in other programs,</i>15<i> but I think this kind of maximizes you&#39;re, uh--</i>15<i> those skills you have, as far as social media</i>15<i> and raising awareness that way.</i>15Yeah, this is amazing. I love it.15<i> The whole campaign about breaking the silence</i>15<i>is about coming out and saying, &quot;This happened to me,&quot;</i>15<i> and it kind of empowers others</i>15<i> where they were ashamed about talking about it before.</i>15I&#39;ve never discussed this publicly with anyone, so...15-<i> I bet. </i> - It&#39;s gonna be, like, a shock to people, I&#39;m sure,15- because no one knows.\n-<i> Oh, yeah, but, like,</i>15<i> it&#39;s the right thing to do to help kids.</i>15Definitely.15I just-- I can&#39;t even imagine the fact15that they have nine-year-olds in there now.15<i> Eight-year-olds, no less.</i>15- Eight?\n-<i> Eight-year-olds.</i>15And these parents have no idea.15I don&#39;t see them.15Oh, they&#39;re coming. ( bleep )15<i> ( music playing )</i>15Michelle: So, yeah, we are doing this. This is crazy.15- So bizarre. - I spent decades trying to find you,15and she found you in ten minutes.15- Yeah, we actually-- - Like, give them-- two of them, like...15What the heck? It&#39;s only been 20 years.15Why in the world would anybody want to reach me?15- Hi, girls.\n- Hey.15Come in.15Oh, my God. It&#39;s been so long.15( muffled talking )15- You look the same.\n- You, too.15- Hi, sweetheart.\n- Hi, how are you?15Wow.15- Yeah.\n- Hey, kitty.15- How&#39;s everyone else been?\n- I&#39;m a little shy.15So am I. I think that place made me shy.15My mind has literally blocked out a huge portion of this.15One of the things I remember most-- us talking about,15like, our dreams of, like,15what we were gonna do when we were out of there.15It was like an escape.15- So, thank you for that.\n- Of course.15You were always so cool.15- You, too, roomie.\n- ( Elizabeth chuckles )15When I saw, &quot;The Simple Life,&quot; I cracked up.15I&#39;m like, &quot;That&#39;s-- that&#39;s not real.&quot;15That was some straight up bullshit, especially,15like, when she was like, &quot;I don&#39;t know how to use a mop.&quot;15&quot;I&#39;ve never cleaned in my life.&quot;15That&#39;s the thing, too. Like, after all we went through,15like, how we were, like, forced to clean,15like, you know how to use a sponge.15- ( all laugh ) - You know how to wash a dish.15But also, I don&#39;t think you had, like,15a high-pitched voice that I remember, either.15- Back then did I, or no?\n- No. I remember you in class.15- I don&#39;t remember... - So, in Bev&#39;s class, we were doing economics,15I remember, it was the day that you blew my mind15because, like you were quiet a lot,15and then there was this bit where you were just like, &quot;Actually...&quot;15and you, like explained this economic theory,15and it was super clear and super smart,15and I was just like, &quot;Holy crap, this chick&#39;s a genius.&quot;15( laughter )15So, this is like an example of some other girls15that have done this Breaking Code Silence campaign.15You know, like, &quot;Hey, my name is blah, blah, blah,15and this is-- you know, I was a survivor15of Provo Canyon School.15While I was there, I was deprived of my rights.&quot;15Raina: Wow.15&quot;Provo Canyon School.&quot; What are we writing next?15- Then you put\n underneath the...\n- Rough dates?15- Yeah. - Our years and then &quot;gave me&quot;...15- Trust issues.\n- Fear of being controlled.15PTSD.15There&#39;s so many that it will not fit on the card.15People are gonna look and be like, &quot;Whoa, Paris has a lot of issues.&quot;16- ( laughter ) - Don&#39;t worry, I got a lot--16- &quot;Not my fault.&quot; - But the thing is is that, like,16these issues aren&#39;t issues that you, like,16decided to create one day and have16and walk around in the world with,16you know what I mean? This isn&#39;t your shame.16It&#39;s not her shame or hers or mine.16- It&#39;s their ( bleep ) shame.\n- Yeah.16- We&#39;ve just\n been carrying it.\n- Amen.16My name is Katherine McNamara, and I&#39;m a survivor of Provo Canyon School.16I was force-fed.16I was cut off from friends, family.16I witnessed girls be physically and emotionally, and sexually abused.16I was emotionally abused by staff, by other peers.16( exhales )16What&#39;s up?16( sniffles )16I don&#39;t know if I can.16- There&#39;s no pressure.\n- Okay.16I understand.16Thank you. I&#39;m sorry.16I witnessed and endured physical abuse,16restraints, emotional, mental abuse.16I was forced onto medications,16I was taught that everything that happened to me was all my fault.16I&#39;m speaking out because no child deserves to be punished16for expressing their feelings.16( bleep ).16Especially when that punishment16just equals more torture and more trauma.16I&#39;m happy, done.16Katherine: That was awesome.16I just came up here &#39;cause it was just so much to take in.16I was, like, &quot;Oh, my God, like, I&#39;m not alone.16And it&#39;s not me and it&#39;s not my fault.&quot;16Sometimes I feel like...16so many things, but sometimes this robot,16and this character that I did,16and talking with them, I started remembering who I was before.16And just...16I don&#39;t know.16It makes me sad they took that away.16But, I don&#39;t know, I&#39;m just so confused.16But, like...16it&#39;s... refreshing and new.16I don&#39;t really know anyone besides my family members16and a very small amount of people that knew me16before all of this happened16and before I became this, you know,16this thing, I don&#39;t know,16mask I put on and the way that I am,16and, like, this extravagance and the photos of me.16All this is stemmed from this place.16When I look around my life, like...16it&#39;s like a cartoon.16I don&#39;t know, like, I created this fantasy world cartoon.16But the the thing is, I don&#39;t even give a ( bleep )16about any of these things.16I&#39;ve hardly worn any of these shoes.16I love just chilling in, like, my sweat suit, my socks...16being at home, and then all this other stuff16is just part of the character.16Hey.16- Hey!\n- Hey.16You look like boss lady right there.16I feel like that&#39;s the ultimate, like,16- &quot;( bleep ) you, Provo&quot;\n picture.\n- Yeah.16You are a ( bleep ) warrior.16We all are. We&#39;re all survivors, we&#39;re all warriors.16And I don&#39;t want anyone to ever feel the way we do.16Jessica:<i> Well, this brought up so much, I can&#39;t even believe it.</i>16That&#39;s so crazy. I&#39;m, like, so happy that we all connected again.16Jessica:<i> Totally, me, too.</i>16<i> I think it will probably help you</i>16<i> to start to want to deal with things,</i>16<i> that you haven&#39;t been dealing with.</i>16-<i> And I hope that it does. </i>\n- Me, too.16<i> You should live free,</i>16<i> and I&#39;m not talking about, like,</i>16<i> free to, like, walk alone without people watching you.</i>16<i> I&#39;m talking about free in your mind and in your heart.</i>16Yeah.16<i> From things that have happened in your life.</i>16One day. ( chuckles )16Woman:<i> You&#39;re gonna have to explain what it is.</i>16Kathy: What are you showing me, guys? You&#39;re scaring me.16No, it&#39;s not scary. ( chuckles )16Um, I reconnected with some of the girls from Provo.16Right.16And Katie is one of them.16And Katie is doing this entire movement16called Break Code Silence.16Which is survivors from these schools speaking out about this.16My old roommates, and everyone made a sign,16and it basically says, like, what the school did to them.16And now everyone&#39;s speaking out about it16&#39;cause they&#39;re realizing a lot of the things that happened in their life16is because of the school.16&quot;Acute panic disorder, nightmares, and insomnia, trust issues.&quot;16Paris: And we&#39;re all gonna post it and basically raise awareness.17&quot;Verbally and emotionally, physically abused me&quot;?17- Mm-hmm, just screaming\n at me all the time...\n- Right.17...strangling, locking me in a room.17I know this is something that we&#39;ve never discussed before.17Mm-hmm.17They were constantly being abusive17in every way.17But I couldn&#39;t tell you guys17because every time I tried,17I would get punished by them.17Or they would say, &quot;We&#39;re just gonna tell your parents you&#39;re a liar17and they&#39;re not gonna believe you,&quot;17and basically they just told me that so many different times17that I was afraid to ever even say anything or bring it up.17Had I known this,17you know that Dad and I would&#39;ve been there in one second.17Oh, boy.17I love you, Mom.17( sighs )17( sighs )17<i> I feel like this is the best point I&#39;ve ever been in my life.</i>17We were really talking about our lives17and things that affected us,17and making a change and a difference, and I don&#39;t--17It just made me feel like I wasn&#39;t alone anymore.17I&#39;ve worked so hard to build this brand,17and it&#39;s been all about this perfect, happy life.17And that story was never part of this brand.17Woman: Can you and the brand have a divorce now?17No.17It will be an expensive divorce.17( both laugh )17You can&#39;t do the brand forever.17You can&#39;t-- you&#39;re gonna age out.17No.17I&#39;ll just be like this forever.17<i> ♪ Come home ♪</i>17<i> ♪ In the morning light ♪</i>17<i> ♪ My mother says ♪</i>17<i> ♪ &quot;When you gonna live your life right?&quot; ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Oh, Mother, dear, we&#39;re not the fortunate ones ♪</i>17<i> ♪ And girls, they wanna have fun ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Oh, girls just wanna have fun ♪</i>17<i> ♪ The phone rings in the middle of the night ♪</i>17<i> ♪ My father yells ♪</i>17<i> ♪ &quot;What you gonna do with your life?&quot; ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Oh, Daddy, dear, you know you&#39;re still number one ♪</i>17<i> ♪ But girls, they wanna have fun ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Oh, girls just wanna have fun ♪</i>17<i> ♪ That&#39;s all they really want ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Is some fun ♪</i>17<i> ♪ When the workin&#39; day is done ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Oh, girls, they wanna have fun ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Oh, girls just wanna have fun ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Some boys take a beautiful girl ♪</i>17<i> ♪ And hide her away ♪</i>17<i> ♪ From the rest of the world ♪</i>17<i> ♪ I wanna be the one to walk in the sun ♪</i>17<i> ♪ And, girls, they wanna have fun ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Oh, girls just wanna have fun... ♪</i>17( crowd cheering )17<i> ♪ That&#39;s all they really want ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Is some fun ♪</i>17<i> ♪ When the workin&#39; day is done ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Oh, girls, they wanna have fun ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Oh, girls just wanna have fun ♪</i>17<i> ♪ They just wanna, they just wanna ♪</i>17<i> ♪ They just wanna, they just wanna ♪</i>17<i> ♪ They just wanna, they just wanna ♪</i>17<i> ♪ They just wanna, they just wanna ♪</i>17<i> ♪ They just wanna, they just wanna ♪</i>17<i> ♪ They just wanna, they just wanna ♪</i>17<i> ♪ Girls ♪</i>

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