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good morning everyone my name is Lance.French I'm the marketing director for WM.environmental and I'd like to welcome.all of you to our webinar a phase one.environmental site assessment or ESA s.our panel of experts for today our W.name's Michael hen clay Schneider and.Holly Stockton welcome guys anything.thanks for joining us before we get.started I want to take a few.housekeeping items if you have questions.you can send them through your chat tab.on your go-to GoToWebinar window if we.don't get your question I will make sure.that we see it and then they get an.answer to you as soon as possible.we are recording this webinar and it.will be available to later today to.rewatch this afternoon we don't have the.slides we will put the slides on this.time because we do have a different.format we're having in its in more of an.open forum so you guys are my guinea.pigs so thanks for thanks for testing it.out for us.thank you yeah so okay well let me.introduce our panel.Michael Han is the division manager for.the remediation department in plano.welcome Michael thanks for joining us.I'm glad to be a thank you also with us.clay Schneider professional geologist it.says PG just assumed that means that.it's okay for all audiences so but clay.is a project manager in the radiation.Department and he specializes in oil and.gas and he's also based in Plano welcome.clay thank you and Holly and Holly.Stockton is our environmental scientist.she does all our field work out of in.North Texas and she is a huge Ole Miss.fan so I'm sure she'll want to talk.about being a rebel that's throughout.this whole day so welcome Holly thank.you no actually that would be LSU's oh I.forgot LSU that's correct so okay so.Michael we'll start with you tell us.take a minute tell us about yourself.what your background is and what you did.for oh you bet I've been with wnm for.just over two years as the division.manager I do oversee a team of phase one.phase two specialists remediation.specialists in the Plano and Fort Worth.offices North Texas.I've been in the consulting business for.just over 20 years all of that time has.been with private consulting firms about.a third of it has been really geared.towards real estate transactions due.diligence cetera.associated with touch of projects the.remainder of that has been more geared.towards oil and gas long term.remediation projects liability transfers.okay.so so you have some very a lot of.experience with phase one you better get.my education is I've got a BS from.natural resource management from the.University of Wyoming Graduate Studies.in policy analysis and years of putting.feet of pipe into the ground okay.awesome awesome clay what about you.yeah been with WM for a little over four.years now I've been environmental.consulting for over 15 years but most of.my experience has been doing due.diligence for oil and gas companies as.well as phase twos and you know.remediation projects probe also quite a.bit of work with industrial commercial.projects okay.so Holly you you're probably the newest.on our staff I say nothing to us on our.staff but so how long you want double.you know and actually two years today.and you do most if not all the phase one.working more Texas yes so tell us about.yourself where'd you go sighs only.teasing you did go to LSU so yes I.graduated from LSU and came here to WM.two years ago and I've been doing all.the phase ones and assisting first of.the pace ones 4wm and how many do you.think you've done in those two years.over 200 okay 217 I think right okay so.that's great so here's my key we'll.start with you tell us our audience what.exactly is a phase one well essentially.a phase one is a steadier and assessment.conducted at a property with the purpose.to define good commercial and customary.practice for conducting the DSA but.really to identify potential for the.significant.on-site chemical contamination and.assess whether it relates to a.regulatory a business and exposure.liability for a via to seller the.purchaser of that property.okay so who's usually required to get a.phase one and I'll add on to that real.quick it's really a basis of the.innocent landowner defense that was.established via CERCLA and amendment.Sara etc and then amended the circular.legislation was amended in 2002 to.directly addresses third party defense.and part of that third party defense is.the phase one environmental site.assessment and that is to assist any.landowner with issues with strict.liability joint several liability.retroactive liability in fact so most of.our clients when you get our class to.call you generally who's requiring them.to get a phase one do they just think.it's a good idea or energy I would say.that the smart person it is a good idea.to conduct a phase one regardless of the.need and that the need is generally.driven by the lender okay okay will that.make sense um other situations that.don't require getting the phase one they.may run into a cash option deal or it's.just a cash deal where may not be.necessary.could be a residential property that's.not necessarily tied to you okay is.there a situation where it's not.required but they should you think it's.a good idea to do with anyway why would.that be a good idea for them to do that.well I think it's a great idea anytime.there's a purchase of property however.depending on the level of investment.because of course purchasing a phase one.although relatively cheap on the scale.of our services the end result may be.you're purchasing a property that is.contaminated and with cost much more.than the fair market value of that.property okay so if you're doing that if.you're doing a cash deal.obviously nobody's going to require you.to do a phase one but as peace of mind.it probably be a really good idea to.just to have at least a starting point.kind of a clean bill of health.absolutely no depends on your level of.risk but it's always a good idea to.identify potential liabilities okay.awesome actually had a comment about.that.so usually technically it's not required.to get the phase one but if you think.about it is like the bank requiring you.it's sort of like be good as a doctor.and you're trying to but get on a sports.team and you're required to have some.sort of checkup or something like that.it's sort of like that okay awesome so.just like hey you have to know where.you're starting so there's no surprises.down the road okay.and so who's the authority is it EPA ttq.who is actually who are we reporting to.who's setting the rule.well the phase one is driven by the EPA.three circle and it identifies there's a.certain list of hazardous substances and.petroleum products are to be evaluated.and actually a new part of that through.the amendment in 2013 through ASTM and.generally that our industry follows.along with 15e 1527 latest amendment in.2013 and part of the CERCLA you used to.be just evaluating soil groundwater now.as part of the 2013 amendment then we're.now evaluating paper because circular.does not in fact differentiate between.how the the media with the hazardous.substances okay in so you know we're.here in the state of Texas but our phase.one's generally the same in all the.states are they differ from state state.well they can differ depending on region.but in general across the state the AAI.the appropriate inquiry is the same and.the EPA is the one that that inner.regulates and once you.the faith ones and they lay down the.standards for them so I mean that's for.the whole United States but in regards.to the states the regulatory agencies.that are involved with whatever.substance that may be managed or.regulated at that site or an adjacent.site then there are different databases.that will need to be evaluated etc okay.so the EPA tells you what needs to be.done in that ASTM or atsm yesterday.sorry they tell you how to do it is that.accurate or did I slip that that's.correct.okay there's a level of computer so okay.well okay that's so phase ones how long.do they generally take what you know if.we put glycol today what are they gonna.hear well that can be different with any.case um typically our turnaround is 15.days 15 business days um but of course.sir you have different client.requirements that may want us to get it.done quicker than the 15 days Dean I.call them environmental emergencies it.the bank tells you where's your phase 1.and they say what it's because though we.do get a few of those calls so ok so who.can do a phase one who can do them so.can I do a phase one likely but not.legally oh yeah it's been stipulated.that in environmental professional sign.off on a phase 1 okay and there are.different levels of experience that are.required to be named an environmental.professional order that's generally 10.years of experience or whether you have.a BS degree in five years of experience.whether you have licensing PG 2 PE okay.great.so we do have a question from the.audience.soil samples so our soil samples.involved in the phase 1 or are they.involved in a phase 1 I would say that.they are if whether we are actually.collecting samples during the phase 1.that is not part of the phase 1 standard.practice that usually comes.in subsequent through a recommendation.for a Phase two investigation however.during the appropriate inquiry phase we.may be alerted to the fact that prior.soil sampling has been conducted at the.site or an adjacent property and we.would evaluate the data associated with.that soil sample okay so before before.Holly goes out to the field to do the.site evaluation you guys do a little.data collection or look at what you.should expect other times where you're.going to go you know what I know what.the phase one is you can tell me we're.probably going to need soil samples.where he'll end it or do you just say.basically do the phase one and then go.to a Phase two or do you just say hey.we'll do limited sown samples.well that's a great point because in.fact the contracting period for many of.these due diligence periods is just 30.days and whether you need an extension.or not that that will be determined.later however if we know immediately.that we're likely to recommend to Phase.two we may in fact do them concurrently.okay cool.so Paul I think you mentioned that not.all phase ones are alike so so you kind.of go into that what are the differences.I know that I think we're kind of segue.into what clay does - but what are the.differences in phase ones you said and.as far as properties or you I mean we've.done phase ones for vacant properties.manufacturing plants - dry cleaners gas.stations different things like that.and they all have different I I guess.you would say different things that they.do different chemical storage areas.different like the gas stations you.would be concerned about their us teas.and different things like that the.vacant properties those are actually.pretty tricky because you may go out.there and there's nothing there but then.you look at the historical background.and there may have been a military base.on you know on the property and so they.could it all just boils down to.historical and present use and.different things like that okay and so.clay you said that you worked primarily.in holon gas that's kind of your.expertise so what what's different about.oil and gas sure well in gas phase ones.they're their summer to commercial.industrial phase ones and the process to.completing them is essentially the same.but your primary sources of information.are going to be a little different what.a typical phase one you're going to be.reviewing environmental state and.federal environmental databases and.doing public information request.interviews with municipalities fire.departments that sort of thing and I.will still do that a lot of time with.oil and gas phase one but a lot of times.you know you get much information so.really with those you're going to spend.most of your time and effort reviewing.documents and interviewing personnel.with the applicable state agencies that.regulate tool and gas industry so for.example here in Texas that would be the.Railroad Commission yeah I was about to.ask that who is there an additional.authority when it has to do with oil and.gas and what are the what are those.additional requirements it right the.Railroad Commission is the primary.authority here in state of Texas and.every state has their own for example.Oklahoma's the Oklahoma Corporation.Commission but here in Texas.the tcq does have some new regulate some.aspects such as air permitting of tank.batteries and compressor stations that's.where they okay.and so other additional items associated.with all yes indeed due diligence.something that you know that you're.going to have to do that Holly wouldn't.happen yes yes probably one of the.biggest difference in oil and gas due.diligence is really the time and the.cost typical phase one would say of a.commercial building you know the.properties probably less than 10 acres.the site visit can take less than four.hours when you order your database.report and historical areas Sanborn is.that are usually just get a standard.database packages.$375 or so whereas you're doing a oil.and gas business of 300 wells that could.take an amount of time so you may need.multiple people in the field for two.weeks or more just to explain scientific.also a lot of the phase ones that we do.if we roll in gas we really don't.remember to them is phase one club times.they're not ASTM compliant what times we.just refer to them as environmental due.diligence so even with among all of it.alone gas jobs that I've done somewhere.you look at everything and they're you.know more or less than ASTM compliant.phase one I've done some where the.client they really just want you to.focus on tank batteries and maybe look.at 20% of the producing oil wells so.while that is dependent on the client.and you know it's primarily due to.obviously the time timeframe that they.they have to complete the assessment as.well as obviously the cost and you just.risk associated with a transaction.because I'm going to I'm going to do a.little hypothetical and after they know.you love those ok let's say that you get.a call from client it's an oil company.they have a property if 600 wells so.what are we looking how long will it.take and yeah let's just talk about that.how long do that well it's not as easy.as just saying oh it's going to take you.know three weeks to do it and most the.time I don't think a client's gonna want.to take that long anyway so if you had.to look at 600 wells probably want to.try to do the site visit less than two.weeks so you're just going to need to.get more people out the field to do work.also I've done some Mountain West six.Odessa where you have really good lease.roads or the wells are almost sub like a.grid pattern and you can get out there.and you can do a lot of wells pretty.quick and I've done others where you.have you're looking at maybe 50 Wells.but they're all spread out 10 20 miles.apart and you've got a their own.different ranches safe to go back to the.county road drive around to the other to.the other ranch entrance and that can.take a particular amount of time so it.it really varies but one of the newer.tools we're using light to speed things.up is some real-time reporting someone.the apps that use more recent forum user.RGS guys they.set it up and they'll put create a file.and put all the GPS coordinates all the.wells that we're looking at so when you.get on the field you have this average.you can download onto your smartphone or.whatever and so when you're if you told.GPS geo-located so when you're on the.site you can just open it up click on.the well take pictures and take any.notes associated with that whale or tank.battery and once you upload it it's.immediately in the app most recently.I've used up in Wyoming and our GIS guy.he had the data within like 15 minutes.so it really saves you a lot of time on.the reporting end so and so the client.can see almost real-time what you're.saying yeah they could that's that's.awesome and we we actually have a video.on real-time reporting on our website so.if you ever want more information you.can give reach out to us and we can get.that information to you so okay so what.are the consequences if something gets.missed and that we can do all yes and.then just the regular so you're out.there that's why it's so important to.get these done what you know yeah could.delay the transaction you know if they.find something it's going to potentially.cost a lot of money to remediate of.course if your clients already purchased.the property it's gonna cost a lot of.money the potential compliance issues as.well so that you have to take care of.okay.give any examples of things that maybe.you overlooked and it cost adults only.cost of clients big I don't have.anything that I can that I've done but I.have known of projects where they're.significant and groundwater.contamination and the seller of the.property did not disclose that and the.consultant that did the phase one didn't.pick up on it so when the buyer.purchased a property and they realized.that they had a major environmental.problem you know I think there were a.lawsuit so can you can call the pre big.headache and generally that would be.tied to the development of a property a.lot of times things are identified say.metals for that exceed just general.construction standards that were you.have to have a you have to dispose of.them as a special ways and that may.increase your cost significantly come.not evaluating a potential chlorinated.solvents loom you know that you thought.was just 250 feet away from your.property but in fact it is impacting.potential indoor air within the building.on site or it will be potentially.impacting a new building you're starting.up from scratch is it is it necessary.that you would want to put in a vapor.barrier that would increase your cost.potentially you know to three dollars a.square foot yeah I would think that.looking up the historical Orson you.can't really gloss that over because.that's really important just like Holly.said you know there's there's a in the.past I've been a gas station that.property there's going to be certain.things that you're going to want to look.at and if you don't do that correctly.you find out as you're building.everything's clean and then as you're.building your your construction company.finds a gas tank okay and then I can.cause serious delays and I'm speaking on.that by experience unfortunately but.absolutely any may in fact open up a.toxic work environment for construction.workers yeah in yeah absolutely in for.you know those those tanks tend to do.bad things that they're hit they're not.properly taken care of so let's gonna.bring it to our first survey question.that we're going to give to the audience.so I can't see the question exactly but.I know my audience can but in a phase.one the atsm instructs what to do and.the epa instructs us how to do it i'm.going to launch that right now and we're.going to let that poll tick for our.audience so what do you think the.answers are going to be don't say.anything yet don't say anything yet we.don't want to give it away I will say.that so far that our audience is pretty.smart just put it that way.oh we just got some was it oh good we.haven't weld everybody to sleep that's X.yeah so they are actually taking.Hollywood II think the results are going.to be we're going to show us I would.hope that they thought about the.question a little bit it's a little.tricky it was tricky because I got.confused when I was tighten so and I.know the answer so we're going to close.it right now so I'm going to show here.those results so we had 65% said false.Holly what is the correct answer is all.and show us what we should so is a trick.question.basically the epa is the one that.regulates the phase ones and we go by.the ASTM standard yes so the ASTM thank.you done right this time yes okay yes.yes diem tells us how they think okay.very good.okay thank you very good so 65 percent.actually is not mad for an audience this.big so good job hopefully the 35% none.of us none of them work for W now I just.do so okay so Holly we're going to go to.you so you're out in the field doing the.majority of the sites and you've been.with the company for two years and you.said you've done over 200 phase ones so.taking the Guru a site visit actually.taking you through the whole process.what prep work do you do what take me.through from the time you've got you.know that michael says hey we have a.phase 1 to the time you write the report.and basically they bury so it kind of.depends on the site itself and so forth.if it's a vacant property and may not.take as much.I guess information as if it was an.industrial facility that I needed to.kind of look more into how many.buildings were there on what the.buildings are used for different things.like that.but basically before I do the site is it.of course I try to make sure that we can.gain access to the property and then.typically I like to get the EDR database.report and aerial photographs before I.go that way I can take a look at that.prior and you know I can see things that.or that may have been on the property.their locations on things like that and.I can be prepared to look for that.during my site visit okay.I'd add in there it's also important to.gain an understanding exactly what.property we're evaluating at times some.of these deals are so fast that perhaps.an alpha survey is not available and.there are multiple parcels and there's a.you know within a tract of land and.there may be only purchasing three of.the five within there at times we will.start off a phase one evaluating more.properties than we end up having in the.final report that makes sense yeah so.okay that's critically important I've.reviewed reports where in fact and.thankfully from other consultants but.they are evaluating an adjacent property.and that's property of any treatment.done yeah that's a it's really good to.know so what are some of the things you.absolutely look for every time you go.out mmm like I said it depends on the.property um so let's say we look for.disturbed soul areas um.stress vegetation you look for if there.are any areas that there may be UST a.SDS and these are including former um.you're looking for same concrete you're.looking for cracks in the concrete that.may be you know release could get to the.subsurface.um chemical storage areas different.things like that but of course it does.it depends on the property itself okay.so if you are at a property and you see.out they have a chemical storage or.because obviously that's not something.that you can see on Google Maps is it.okay.outside okay so you see if these so what.do you do differently than you would do.it at normal ones that we just know note.it or do you actually go solar take.pictures of it oh yeah pictures take.notes you try to ask them what the.chemicals are used for how they're.transported off-site is different it.depends on the facility itself I'm.looking for releases stains where.they're stored and if they're stored you.know on the brown surface or if they're.and secondary containment different.things depending on what they are and.part of that we would evaluate way to.ask immediately for SDS is which we do.as we go into a facility ask if they.have any SDS is identify what chemicals.they used or what waste streams they.have if they have any associated permits.registrations of course hopefully our.regulatory databases expand on that if.not with the on-site properties with.adjacent properties any registered.facilities we would certainly order the.Associated registrations etc from the.regulatory agency that's overseeing that.and review those if we're not certain as.to the existence or location of say a.some that's part of the waste process we.may go to a building's inspection and.pull all documentation to identify.whether we can actually locate that and.then determine whether we need to.evaluate concrete above that you know.not all cetera well okay so I'm sure.you've done a couple of visits where you.think I'm going to have a pretty easy.afternoon this is going to be a slam.dunk and you get out to the site and.it's not what you're expecting so you.know any examples don't use names but.any examples of you know what things.that can come up and of course he can go.out to the property I've been out there.where they said they it's been vacant.there's nothing out there they're not.aware of anything and when I sit out.there and there's you know 40 300 gallon.tote sitting out on.grounds out to you know have any sort of.release to the ground.no no containment anything I've had.different facilities where it's and I.don't know if it's the client not aware.but they don't always tell you what's.out there so when you get out there.you're always prepared for anything um.and you can I mean you stumble up upon.different I guess if there was a gas.station there before and they didn't.tell you and you see something else like.dispenser where a dispenser island would.be those are inner breasts legs.different I guess it just depends on the.property have you seen any crazy.wildlife like snakes or anything.I did see a coyote not too long ago.really but no snakes again I know you.have a bear story but if you haven't.already hear the bear story email Holly.a letters tell you up there so it's.quite fascinating and funny actually so.okay so you're done with the visit so.can you also write the reports yeah okay.so what's that process like how long.once you do the site visit is that the.longer of the process and typically that.that also depends too on the property um.and it correlates with the EDR database.review if we do find something on the.database that sparks a red flag and we.need to this on the side itself adjacent.properties we need to get additional.files from ccq um we can do that which.that can take some extra time to do and.then of course we want to interview try.to get in touch with people that.previous owners or occupants things like.that that could might give us more.insight on what was done at the property.that the I guess if you say there's a.potential buyer that they don't know.about that could help us out as well so.yeah it depends on the property itself.you know if it's vacant and it's always.been vacant it may not take as long as.the property that's been developed for.50 70 years okay.okay we have never been restrained in.general from contacting people for.interviews and that could be long-term.city employees and just retaining.history of a property that we are.generally finding at running into a wall.about could be calling adjacent property.owners in fact to see if they have any.recollection of activities on that.property or adjacent property clay do.you find it similar and doing an oil and.gas phase one or a report yeah it's very.similar okay okay so it's gonna bring us.our second survey question and I don't.think we've actually brought it up so.it's actually going to truly test our.audience's knowledge and that question.is are is asbestos part of the phase one.reporting and so I'm sure that we get.this question a lot and so the questions.are the answers are yes but it's limited.yes it is and or no I was going to put.no but limited but just have a little.fun so what do you think the audience is.canister that's a tough one chisel with.that I would say that's a pretty a.familiar question we get a lot yeah we.did get that question a lot and in fact.that the service that well I won't give.away the answer quite yet let's play.anymore miss a few more seconds here no.I think that's good oh so maybe as soon.as I said that somebody actually booed.it's okay one more second so I'll go.ahead and close it I know the suspense.is killing everybody so the answer is.what Holly what is the answer and assess.is not included in the standard scope of.a phase one um but it is it can be an.additional item that we can provide on.so just to let you guys know 43 percent.said yes but limited.the expecting that 13% said yes and 43%.know so we can go to sleep at night.knowing that we did educate at least.some people on the webinar today so does.anybody want to go in go into detail on.the asbestos or did we cover that well.we haven't covered it I don't think this.there are many additional services that.are possible to be tied to a phase one.some others are a property condition.assessment which would evaluate the.building interior exterior parking.surfaces for general costs of.maintenance and major redevelopment cost.also asbestos of course to determine if.there's a redevelopment a lot of times.I'll just be necessary based on the.square footage of material that is going.to be renovated that's time could be.lead-based paint as well if you're going.to be doing a phase one for an SBA or.HUD loan then some of these other.factors come into play.typically HUD you will be evaluated.drinking water on a multi residential.facility we'll be looking at radon as.another potential add-on service and.even for oil and gas it's very common.and other phase wants to evaluate.wetlands as as urban sprawl expands of.course we're dealing with areas that are.former ranches and wetlands are an easy.part of that okay great okay so Michael.welcome we'll bring back to you so.Holly's done her her due diligence she's.actually written the report so what goes.what goes there what final touches do.you do before the season goes to the.client well during the process typically.we have you know I hopefully can working.date that's not always the case.again she stayed at 15 working days is.what we like to have but really that.that timeframe is tied to responses to.our FOIA requests talking with city.agencies fire departments that allows.them time to review our request and.petition.give us back information and also if we.can get access to the site right then.yes a lot of times that is very.difficult whether confidentiality.agreements are necessary those types of.things but during that process we'll.have at least one if not two to three.meetings to discuss the progress all.right where are we on a regulatory.research side have we acquired necessary.files are there adjacent properties that.really as you know pose a significant.risk once Holly has or you know Holly's.not the only one in the company that.does face ones we do a number of them.but in North Texas in general it would.be we have a two-step review process and.nobody @wm with less than selling Miller.was less than ten years experience is.reviewing our reports and the great.thing about WM is that we have and for.those of you that don't know WM we have.six officers in Texas and we have about.sixty five highly motivated individuals.that work here made up of geologists.engineers scientists integrate market.exactly instead a multi medium and neck.so that you know and and the people that.are reviewing is we have specialties and.say oil and gas we have specialties with.the defense industry we have a former.tcq PST coordinator that reviews a great.many of our phase lines so we have.expertise in various levels and as the.progression of the reports goes through.we again elevate any potential concerns.that we have to those experts that's a.lot of verification on all four phase.one because I hear a lot you know when.we could call a well it's just a phase.one why is that mindset so dangerous or.you know dangerous is really the term.but why is it so concerning well it just.all comes down to liability and of.course even though the again the.services the cost of this service is.relatively low the potential for.lawsuits.extreme and the cost of those would be.extreme you're talking but you know.sometimes 200 million dollar deals for a.property if that goes south they're.going to be looking to their consultant.or the lender and them that happened.that we're not just those are just.bedtime nightmares I very happens do you.have you know where hey something was.missed which was very easily should have.been found but it ends up being.disastrous Azure specific examples you.can I know I have an example where.someone had purchased a restaurant and.did not decide to do a phase one and.they found out that it used to be a dry.cleaner so that's not always so good.yeah everybody likes perk with their.spaghetti is you need anything else clay.yeah I know of a site where our one of.our clients acquired property without.doing a phase one and turned out the.university issues and have to spend.quite a minute money doing remediation.some subsurface investigations okay.well it's sad but you know it has.happened and that's why you don't want.to you know it's like you know you're.going to get that check up for the.dentist you know but hates of doom but.they are really important because it can.potentially give you things you know.things down the road and there are.consequences if you don't you know.follow so everybody go to the dentist.it's good for you okay so so what so.what.Michael what do after we're about to.wrap up so what are some of the things.that you absolutely want our audience to.know about phase ones if they get off.what's the one thing that you want them.to to understand or remember I would say.it all comes down to the level of risk.that you're willing to accept and the.potential liability that is tied.specifically to that property.you had mentioned earlier that you know.as a environmental professional so what.does that exactly mean what is it.environmental professional do you have.to have a degree can I call myself an.environmental professional or can we can.you certainly can't call yourself that.however in this schema the ASTM and say.I from EPA you had the requirements of.either being a registered professional.geology Oh scientist in Texas PE a.degree science bet or Bachelor with five.years of experience or without that.education ten years of field experience.so it really comes down to the.experience of having viewed and visited.a number of different facilities and.have any understanding of the type of.waste stream or chemical management that.you're you're evaluating okay and I'm.sure it happens there's some people that.have call themselves they do the decide.one the phase one and then that what.they just have somebody stamp it does.that happen or is that well it is very.common and you know of course with the.the cost structure floor phase ones in.general across the industry if but whose.companies to utilize the lower hourly.rate people to conduct the work and more.often than not that that means okay.people straight into the industry the.green hats if you will of course at.billion M we have a very strict training.procedure and she goes out on just sites.you know you work your way up in site.complexity.yeah you just I just want can't stress.you just so won't take the phase one.like there it's you know though the.banks making me do it and everybody kind.of you know pushes it where it's not.that for now just go have it done but.it's actually extremely important that.it's done incorrectly for sure.you bet and as you move along post phase.one into a phase two into a remedial.closure corrective action program the.site's been moved into a voluntary.cleanup program action the phase one.then becomes a essential document to.that process and you will reach.back to it numerous times and in fact if.you're going to go into an innocent.owner program which is strictly tied to.this third-party defense liability you.will need to have proven that at some.point at least aspects of a phase one.I've been completed to evaluate that.site history okay awesome well this.brings us to our final survey of the day.and I'm not exactly sure that we went.over this but well but you might have it.I'm going to just missed it but how long.does a phase one how long is a phase one.report valid so is there basically is.there an expiration date on those and so.the answers are the choices are no.there's no expiration they basically.asked forever.the last four five years they last for.one year or ten years so did we talk.about that did not Oh.so another test of our audience's.knowledge clay what are your bet waiting.for your guess is that people are going.to say not sure actually they're.improving so this one is much better so.actually we're going to give you guys.the answer right now because we are.going to wrap it up but the correct.answer is one year and why did you want.to add on to that it's it's one year but.you said something about a cichlid.generally yeah they need to be about.within 180 days of the acquisition of.the property there's some leeway for.that that can be done within that time.frame and if it's not within a year that.six months of that period you would need.to update at least four items of that.phase one which would include a new.regulatory database search site visit.interviews dan one other but generally.if you if you have the historical data.hasn't changed in that period of time.that's not necessary everything else as.part of the phase one would be okay.and so if if somebody was buying.property and a face done was done a year.ago does that count.I mean it was a it's 11 months ago but.I'm buying the property now does that.face one counter - laughs - you did well.Jose yeah after the acquisition I would.even you're okay.sorry to disappoint my obvious it but.everybody's like una but okay so the.results were 13% said there was no.expiration 7% said five years 73% got it.right so good job guys and then 7% said.ten years so I feel like we really.educated our awnings very well say so.good job guys for some houses so we're.going to open up for questions from the.audience if there are any we'll take it.up for a second so doesn't look like we.have any questions coming across that's.actually good because that means that we.definitely the presentation was right on.point so it can vary services guys.thanks so much for for being with us.today.great job great information here's their.contact information as you need to have.a special question asked or if you have.a project that needs to get done.you can absolutely reach out to them.thanks guys for joining us and also want.to shout out to a chest cast in Plano.for helping us with our new set up it's.actually kind of impressive if you'd.look on our Facebook page you can see we.look like it's an actual studio so good.job Thank You Jasper for helping us out.thank you very much in to you Lance.okay you bet you guys have a great day.and we will get this recording on our.website soon you guys have a great day.

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