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How to use The Dacs 13605 2014 2019 Form ?

hello everybody welcome back to Celtic.Tronics today we're going to talk about.Dax what are they do you need one how.good does need to be and lastly how to.choose the one that's right for you so.what is a DAC well these are Dax this is.the gum near multi-bit this is the.rme Adi - Pro FS and this is the air.codex all retail between about twelve.hundred and fifty and seventeen hundred.dollars.they are moderately high-end x views of.each of these are coming up so subscribe.and click that little bell to make sure.you don't miss them so DAC DAC.DAC is an acronym that stands for.digital to analog converter as this.rather straight to-the-point name.implies it converts digital data.essentially a computer file into an.analog waveform that can be amplified.and played through speakers to make.music you see computer files are.ultimately discrete in nature whereas.nature is often infinite for example I'm.going to draw a circle on a piece of.paper and as I move the pencil tip along.a curve the direction is always changing.it doesn't matter how close we zoom in.the drawing is always curved we will.never find two points on that curve.connected by a straight line this is.because along that curve there are an.infinite number of points for this curve.to be perfectly captured into a computer.we'd have to record each of those.infinite points which would take an.infinite amount of data which of course.we don't have so when we digitize.something that we see or any analog.continuous phenomena like sound we can.only take a finite or discrete sample of.these points so now I'll take a picture.of my curve with my digital camera looks.great very natural very lifelike but.let's zoom in closer.zooming in as we can see a digital.photograph is really just a composite of.tiny discrete pieces called pixels.fortunately the main.on iphone samples the visible light.entering its aperture with 16 million.points creating a digital image of 16.megapixels so as long as I don't look.too closely my imperfect human vision is.unable to distinguish them from one.another thus creating the illusion of.continuous lines and color gradients.well.capturing digital music is a similar.process in the real world.sound is a continuous wave capturing.that wave perfectly would require an.infinite amount of data which is.impossible so we just sample the wave at.a finite number of points an.analog-to-digital converter or an ADC.samples a wave at regular intervals most.music these days is captured at regular.intervals of about 144 thousand one.hundredth of a second or about 44,100.samples per second this is called the.sample rate sometimes even faster sample.rates are used.while the sonic benefits to humans of.higher sample rates are unclear this is.what off is often referred to as high.resolution audio each of these 44100.points per second is captured as a.number but remember wild are an infinite.number of real numbers in the real world.in the digital world even the number of.numbers is finite specifically the.number of numbers you have is determined.by how many bits you can use this is.called the bit depth most digital music.these days uses 16 bits of depth with 16.bits you have exactly 65,536 possible.values so you can see even here if we.zoom in close enough we're never quite.going to intersect that curve exactly.some music these days uses 24 bits of.death which gives us nearly 17 million.possible values this allows us to get.much much closer however even with 24.bits it will never be perfect if we just.keep zooming in and zooming in further.now as a practical matter whether the.sample hits over or under the actual.curve.and by how much is fundamentally a.random process in other words it has no.inherent signal or meaning that is it's.just noise that occurs around the actual.signal for this reason the bit-depth.is really about the signal-to-noise.ratio at 16 bits the noise is almost.always going to be below our threshold.of hearing compared to the signal we're.actually listening to so that's what an.ADC does now what does a DAC do or a DAC.do well now that we've taken an infinite.continuous wave and chopped it into.finite discrete pieces we need to put it.back together again into a nice.continuous waveform that we can actually.hear recently on an internet audio forum.an individual declared that there is no.sense in spending any significant amount.of money on a DAC because and I quote.all a DAC does is convert digital to.analog that's it while true in the.superficial sense I had to ask mmm what.makes somebody think that that is a.straightforward or simple process.sometimes people talk about converting.digital data into music as if it's as.simple as an adapter to plug their.laptop into a European Hotel let me.offer you a different perspective it's.perhaps a bit overly illustrative but.it's closer to the truth than the former.put simply Dax don't convert music they.make music I'll explain that statement.but first let's talk about how an analog.system works in a pure analog recording.a musician plays a note the note is a.pressure wave moving through the air in.the studio that impacts and vibrates a.membrane on a microphone the frequency.and amplitude of those vibrations are a.direct reflection of the sound pressure.wave that created them within the.microphone the vibrating membrane moves.a magnet relative to a coil which.translates that kinetic energy into an.electrical current that electrical.current can be used to magnetize.metal tape which could be subsequently.turned back into a current to drive a.speaker or maybe a cutting stylus.through a lacquer disc that could be.pressed onto vinyl I want to do.something cool take an old vinyl record.and look at it closely shift it somewhat.under the light do you see all that.texture guess what that's the actual.waveform of your music embedded into the.grooves when you put that record on a.turntable the rotation of the platter.will drag the tiny needle or stylus.through the groove causing the needle to.vibrate just so the vibration of the.needle and turn will move a magnet.across a coil or vice versa in order to.turn that physical motion back into an.electrical current that can drive.speakers once again by using the current.to push a magnet there may be lots of.conversions here between kinetic energy.electrical currents and magnetic fields.in the process but at all times the.continuous or analog nature of the.waveform is preserved in a very real way.this is a direct physical chain of.events connecting the musicians strum of.the guitar and your ear drum who made.the music the musician did with digital.music however there is a physical.discontinuity for a period of time the.music ceased to exist recall a digital.music file whether PCM or DSD isn't.actually music at all it's just a.sequence of numerical values.representing single points on an analog.waveform sampled many thousands of times.per second in other words it's a data.set in fact here is what your typical.mp3 or flat file looks like when you.open it up when I plot it in a graph.over time I guess you can say it's.starting to look like music but it isn't.it's just data for a DAC however these.data are like a set of very detailed.notes not wholly unlike musical notation.just like a musician can read the.notation on a sheet as a guide for.creating music on an actual instrument a.DAC uses the.notation to reconstruct a new analog.waveform that nearly perfectly matches.the original now the mechanics and.mathematics of this are more precise and.regular than the way a musician reads.sheet music but my point is does a DAC.is more like a musician than a simple.adapter a DAC creates music so why do I.need a deck my computer phone sound card.etc already spits out analog right well.for most people yeah you're right you.don't need a DAC DACs are built into.just about everything these days.including our televisions laptops our.phones our Bluetooth headphones are.wireless speakers and so forth unless.you're an audiophile.really interested in pursuing high.fidelity sound or high five the DAX.embedded in all of our digital devices.are typically good enough but for the.music lover or a gamer who wants to.really heighten their sonic experiences.yes you do think of it this way you.could buy a violin for a few hundred.dollars it will play if you play it well.it will sound pretty good you can sing.and dance to it and have a grand old.time.yet the world's best violinist play.violins worth hundreds of thousands of.dollars or even millions of dollars so.what makes one DAC better than another a.lot of times on audio forms and.inevitably in the comments section on.this video I hope you hear people say.stuff like all back sound the same their.position is typically supported by.claims like a good DAC chip cost five to.ten dollars and they all pretty much use.the same chips that chips here refers to.the actual chip that does the.digital-to-analog conversion or.something like well the fundamentals of.digital to analog conversion worked out.in the 1980s.well yes those support claims are.basically true but the conclusion is.still incorrect due to missing premises.that view is simply too narrow an actual.DAC not just the DAC chip like one of.these boxes right that we can actually.buy.is much more than the DAC chip in order.to assess why one DAC can be better than.another let's look at the four basic.sections that comprise a modern DAC.first the digital interface the digital.interface receives a digital signal from.a digital source like a PC digital.streamer a CD player or even a video.game console there is actually a.surprising amount that can go wrong here.depending on the specifics of the.situation this may or may not involve.bi-directional communication between the.source and the dock a certain amount of.noise rejection digital to digital.conversion that is converting the format.of an incoming digital signal into.something the DAC chip can actually use.remember the music was originally.sampled 44,000 100 times per second to.put the music back together we need to.be absolutely price about this in the.same way a musician reading music needs.to be on time if not the music sounds.wrong thus a DAC needs a really good.clock inside it that helps the DAC make.music in the same way a metronome helps.a musician play an instrument the.digital interface will also determine a.number of important features on the back.for example what kinds of inputs does.the DAC accept does it only have USB or.does it also has s/pdif coaxial and.optical how about HDMI or a yes after.the digital interface some dacks might.even have powerful processors for.applying digital signals processing or.DSP like digital equalization and.digital volume control then we have the.DAC chip itself this is what actually.converts the digital signal to an analog.waveform but there are different.approaches to doing this the three main.approaches include the delta-sigma.method resistor ladders and field.programmable gate arrays or FPGA I won't.get into the specifics but they work in.different ways that each have distinct.advantages and disadvantages and can.thus impart a bit of character on sound.additionally the DAC ship will also.determine the kinds of formats and.standards that a DAC ultimately supports.such as high res.PCM formats and standards like 24 bit.192 PCM or DSD or mqa some dacks even.use multiple DAC ships sometimes.incomplete parallel streams processing.left and right channels independently to.feed a balanced signal into the analog.section of a DAC the DAC chip itself.will produce an analog waveform but it's.very low power to connect it with the.rest of your audio equipment it needs to.be boosted up to standard levels thus a.DAC is in the sense also a kind of.analog amplifier and has all the same.technical challenges in doing that to.get a good clean signal output you need.a high-quality analog output stage.imparting the least amount of noise and.destruction to the signal while.amplifying it up to higher levels as.well the design of the analog section.will also determine the kinds of outputs.a deck has will it be unbalanced only or.will it have balanced outputs how many.outputs will it have like other.electronic devices a DAC relies upon.steady direct current or DC power it.alternating current or AC is what comes.out of the wall since every other part.of the DAC runs on DC power a DAC needs.a high quality power supply to supply it.with a steady clean power free of noise.and residual unsuppressed.alternation in the current that it needs.to do its job.in sum the overall quality of a DAC is.determined by the overall implementation.of these four sections how well each is.designed and how well they are designed.and built to work with each other so you.want to do better than the basic deck or.the basic violin that came with your.computer or your cell phone or whatever.how much do you need to spend.fortunately just like you don't need to.spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.to get a violin that sounds good.you don't need to spend hundreds of.thousands to get a good sounding deck.however you can generally always do.better than the one you have if you have.the coin first let's talk about two.important concepts diminishing returns.and diminishing marginal utility think.about the first.the London Symphony at that level every.little bit counts no matter what the.price but that doesn't mean that a.$300,000 violin is 300 times better than.a $1,000 violin especially if you're not.the first violinist in the London.Symphony and just well an amateur.diminishing returns is essentially the.boundary you run into when you're only.upgrading a single piece of your.equipment at a time for example if.you're only rockin a pair of circa 2004.Dell desktop computer speakers it.doesn't much matter what kind of data.you have looking at this graph we see.the return or utility we get from ever.more expensive Dax here this is the cost.of a deck on the x-axis and the amount.of utility or return we get on the.y-axis with $50 speakers you will get.virtually no additional benefit from the.best tack in the world over the one.built into your Dell PC however as you.continue to upgrade the speakers in.tandem the benefits get room to shine.secondly diminishing marginal utility.this is similar to diminishing returns.but all it's saying is that each.additional dollar you spend on virtually.anything never gives you the same.benefit as the previous dollar for.example you can get a DAC on Amazon for.ten dollars that will take you from no.digital audio capability to digital.audio you basically advanced a hundred.years since the advent of the phonograph.for ten dollars pretty monumental but.after that the marginal utility begins.to decrease at an increasing rate.ultimately to the point where you spend.tens or even hundreds of thousands of.dollars to get the tedious tiniest.improvement not unlike the first violin.in the London Symphony so what.difference does it all make well with.computer and video games I can say.straightforwardly it will greatly.improve the three-dimensional image.gamers depend on to locate themselves.relative to enemies and invent events.unseen it can help a gamer discern the.direction and motion of other objects.and so forth many popular triple-a games.like overwatch and Call of Duty.contain detailed environmental audio.engine is designed to produce these.sonic effects but without a good dock.they may be lost on you in the same way.that Tom advanced graphical features may.be lost on you if you don't have an.adequate grip when it comes to digital.music however the difference of dock.makes is much more difficult to put ones.finger on the differences they make tend.not to be the kind that are as obvious.as I noticed a bump in the bass at 120.Hertz or this DAC has a fun v-shaped.frequency response so let me start by.telling you something I like to do when.I test my decks I close my eyes and I.try to envision what I hear in the.mind's eye I imagine all these different.sound objects in space what they look.like and then I draw them I'm an awful.artist so forgive the shoddy draughting.here but these little twinkles are what.I see from about one minute to one.minute 40 seconds in daft punk's within.from the album random access memories.they were actually just like little hits.of a hi-hat or a symbol I don't know it.just did you hear them just sort of.flickering in in the darkness and on a.low quality DAC it's almost well they.just don't seem to have the kind of.dimension you can see there's something.there and just sort of a blip right but.then but on a good DAC you can hear that.it's so much more than a little blip.it's like a twinkle in the darkness not.a blip it has dimension it has Sparkle.it as shape and contour I just somehow.seem to see so much I see it I see the.front of the blip in it as it fades into.three dimensions at face left and right.and then faints back as it sparkles.forward there's so much more than I can.appreciate these here are some.astronomical images of the Hercules.cluster.in this case with a small telescope and.dark skies here with a medium telescope.and here with an even larger telescope.you can start to see how hmm features.form details details.space between the details begins to.emerge this I likened to the sound of a.good DAC you hear the space between the.strings of a guitar you hear the.reverberation slowly dissolving into a.black background taken together these.nuances come together to produce a.richer more dimensional presentation of.a track when I test Dax I always try to.imagine in my mind's eye the location of.different sounds instruments and so.forth for example you might discover.that some of those low level details you.always just took for being quieter.relative to the other parts of the track.aren't quiet per se but rather they are.distant in the background.thus a three-dimensional soundstage can.emerge holographically or polyphonically.in front of you there is a keen sense of.direction not only of left and right but.also up and down and even forward and.back with all instruments and sound.objects correctly rendered in it their.own proper place on a stage of sound.this is why gamers can benefit so much.from a good DAC as many of the benefits.of a good deck or spatial higher index.tend to have more natural sound as if.what you're hearing is not being.reproduced through speakers but from.actual instruments some dacks may impart.a kind of energy and vigorousness.assaulting the senses with forward.details others may sound more laid-back.or relaxed some may have a bit of added.warmth or smoothness while others may be.more cool and analytical sounding as if.you're trying to not so much enjoy the.music but are keen to hear and.appreciate the tiniest plankton or the.tiniest details in the recording like.sound of the musicians blocked right.nasal passage when he breathes higher.index also tend not to have many or any.outright flaws the lower end and entry.level backs do for example a good DAC is.free from any kind of harshness or.crunchiness in the highs highs are.detailed in area but never off-putting.in fact for me this is one of the major.differences between a mid-fight deck and.a hi-fi deck a mid-fight DAC may have.all of that detail up in the highs but.they may not be presented in an.enjoyable way a low-end DAC may have a.bit of looseness in the bass especially.if you're into electronic music hip-hop.and trap a lot of times we're accustomed.to just big slamming bass that kind of.has this indistinct power of Rolling.Thunder but there can actually be a lot.of detail in there more so with natural.instruments bass can have shape and.contour on a really good jazz recording.on a good system you'll notice that the.bass notes coming off the big stand-up.bass isn't like the bass in a club but.it has contour and text you to remind.you that it's coming off a real.instrument plate with fingers so in some.what difference does it DAC make it's.essentially like asking what difference.does a violin make at first you may not.hear the difference but as you listen.and become more of a gourmand of sound.aka and audiophile the emergence of.subtleties and presentation become.increasingly important to you yes you.can get by with a lesser quality DAC but.as you progress you Dax can deepen your.relationship to the music and even to.the artists themselves they can allow.you to experience your favorite songs in.a whole new way discovering something.new to you at least some new dimension.about them that you never experienced.before.for these reasons upgrading and testing.docks are some of my favorite hobby of.all things to do so how do you choose.the right DAC for you first consider.your use case how are you going to be.using this deck will you be using it at.home in a hi-fi system will it be part.of a gaming rig will it be used in the.office with some headphones on the go.with a portable.rig there are many different kinds of.Dax each designed to suit your specific.use case secondly consider your.connectivity requirements your desired.features and support for stuff you want.to do for example what kind of digital.inputs do you need do you need USB.s/pdif do you need a yes.what analog outputs do you need.single-ended for balanced how many do.you need do you need DSD or m QA support.lastly decide on a budget.many people offer some kind of.mathematical formula like a DAC should.be 20% of your system and 30% and.speakers 50% formula is like this.unfortunately make only some sense in.the simplistic case of one back one amp.one pair of speakers many of us have.multiple sets of speakers and/or.headphones we like to mess with implying.multiple amplifiers and so forth a DAC.rests pretty high up in the audio chain.meaning that a single DAC can feed.multiple amplifiers improving sound.quality from a variety of digital.sources including but not limited to a.digital music player a PC a video game.console or even on TV thus in.considering how much money you're.willing to allocate to attack you should.consider that the benefits of the DAC.will be spread over multiple inputs and.outputs for me this justify spending.more than some percentage based formula.just decide on how much you want to.spend this is just a crude estimation.based on my experience but DAC.performance price categories look.something like this entry level entry.level is better than what's in your TV.phone laptop or whatever generally we're.looking at about seventy two hundred and.fifty dollars here it works it ups your.game around 150 to 250 this is what.we'll just call entry level plus in my.opinion this is where things start.really getting good more features more.inputs and outputs improving sound.quality some of those hidden dimensions.and each.hills are starting to emerge at this.point you don't really have to be a.golden eared audiophile to appreciate.the difference mid Phi about 250 to 750.dollars your system sounds really good.few obvious flaws like harshness and the.highs or flat imaging this will really.impress your guests and combined with.the similar quality amp and speakers now.you're beginning to earn a reputation.for being the hi-fi guy mid five plus.around 750 to 1500 you're getting.serious about audio equipment now pro.gamers and even sound engineers can do.very well at this level this excites you.because sound and music are your hobby.you no longer cringe at the term.audiophile.you're becoming a gourmand of sound.people around you are less able to.connect with what you're doing having.exhausted their interest and sitting.quietly in the sweet spot of your room.listening to neo crooners like Diana.Krall I mean Diana Krall seriously you.don't even like Diana Krall we listen to.Diana Krall for hi-fi about 1,500 to.3,000 dollars it just doesn't get much.better than this no flaws you justify.the price of your equipment relative to.the amounts other people spend on fancy.mountain bikes golf clubs and riding.lawnmowers at this point audio is.becoming a central part of your life you.plan on a long-term investment plan into.high-end equipment you either have or.are planning for a dedicated audio room.or music listening spaces you're as.picky about what music you listen to you.as you are about who touches your.equipment and how even music you've.loved your entire life is becoming.becoming unlistenable because of awful.mastering but here you are listening to.some avant-garde experimental noise from.Iceland because it's in DSD 128 it has a.Dr score of 21 at this point the people.around you assume you have some sort of.disease high 5 + 3000 to 6000 even.better you can tell any reel-to-reel.analogue lover that the reason why they.think reel-to-reel is best it's because.they've just never heard how amazing.digital can be and you'd be right.however marginal returns on an.additional dollar are very low at this.point.but that doesn't matter to you because.audio is your passion you justify the.extreme cost relative to what others.spend on fancy cars motorcycles.motorhomes and lies filled with the.world travel keep in mind your speakers.are probably upwards of ten to twenty.thousand dollars now so unless you make.really good money your life is becoming.possibly a bit unbalanced if you're a.normal person with a normal income you.probably need to go clothes shopping yes.other people think so to summit by Dax.costing tens of thousands of dollars or.even hundreds of thousands of dollars.I'm only limited experience with these.stocks in them.certainly not apart from the summit-five.showrooms they're found in I mean I've.never actually heard one of these in my.system or a system that I'm especially.familiar with I've only heard them next.to 7080 $100,000 speakers so I can't.really tell you much about them I assume.they're slightly better than high five.plus but marginal utility of each dollar.spent here must be diminishing to near.zero in other words if you have the.scratch to buy this kind of stuff yes it.can be better however for us normal.peasants we can take comfort in knowing.that for a tithing we can get ninety.nine percent of the way there so what.should you do based on this framework.identify your desired price range and.get the best deal on the highest priced.after you can justify many people will.say go with measurements but honestly.price correlates with sound quality.better than measurements do for example.a website popular with audiophile.Objectivist these days is known for.being very critical of shit' audio tax.because they measure poorly well they.might measure poorly but they still tend.to sound very good and are in good.standing relative to the competition.that their various price points as a.consumer and as an empiricist it's quite.disappointing that within the audio.world price typically correlates better.with sound quality than measurements do.that's not to say that measurements.don't have there.we aren't free to ignore them or basic.principles of physics but it's important.to understand measurements in context.this is also why I favor blind testing.where possible it dramatically reduces.the effect of cognitive bias but also.relies on actual hearing so there you.have it.Dax in a nutshell or perhaps a nuthouse.hmm I don't know thank you for watching.don't forget to hit like and subscribe.but remember only true audio files will.click that little bell to make sure that.you get all the latest from self Tronics.

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How can I fill out the BITSAT Application Form 2019?

BITSAT stands for Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test. The test is conducted every year by the BITS college for the screening of UG candidates. If you are planning to apply for BITSAT 2019 exam, then follow the below steps. Register Online- Go to the official website of BITS and click on the new registration option, fill out the required details there. Then you can fill out the BITSAT 2019 application form . The last date for registering is the third week of March 2019. You have to select three centers where you wish to write the exam. Upload the documents and Pay the Fees- U Continue Reading

How do I fill out a CLAT 2019 application form?

How do I fill out the college preference form of the CLAT 2019? If you are AIR 1 and eligible for admission to all 21 NLUs, which one would you prefer? That is your first choice. Your first choice is not available. Out of the remaining 20, you are eligible for all 20. Which one will you prefer? That is your second choice. Your second choice is not available. Out of the remaining 19, you are eligible for all 19. Which one will you prefer? That is your third choice. Repeat the process till you have ranked all 21 NLUs. All the best.

How do I fill out the NEET 2019 application form?

Though the procedure is same as last earlier only the dates has been changed (tentative) yet to be announced by cbse u can fill form in October for the exam of February and in March for the exam of may if u r not satisfied with ur previous performance. All the best

How can I fill out the COMEDK 2019 application form?

Go to homepage of COMEDK go to www. Comedk. org. in. then go register and after getting registered u will get a application number then u can proceed in the application form.

How do I fill out the JEE Main 2019 exam application form?

Hi Folks. Since NTA is about to release the application forms for JEE Main exam to be conducted in the month of January 2019, many of you must be wondering how to fill the application form. As the application process is going to be online, it is advisable to all the aspirants to fill in your details and make the payment carefully. Keep your documents and required details beforehand so as to avoid any kind of delay later. Also, keep your scanned images of photograph and signature ready. All the best!!

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