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How to Fulfill the Withdrawal Notice Of An Assumed Name in the Folliwng Steps on the Computer?

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hey everyone dry brighter today is.Sunday July 23rd 2017 let's claim the.name to be the owner because legal.fictions need a master and what the.judge said again at Sunday July 23rd.2017 all things have names most things.have unknown owners will that be.according to Rob Reider and see if we.see that to be correct.ah Rob Reider my email address is court.of record at aol.com cou RT o F ar e Co.Rd at aol.com no s is on the court or no.s is on our record and to AOL calm and.my phone is six one six seven one two.six one seven nine and I have to ask if.you can please donate while we're.working towards of remedy still don't.have one and you know I have to eat pay.a few bills so if you can help so I can.continue on I'm eternally grateful the.PayPal account is my daughter's name her.email address Ashley Rhett loose key at.gmail.com.that's a sh l ey ry t le WS ki @.gmail.com or the snail mail Robert writ.loose key that's our y TL e WS k i-10.955 14 Mile Road northeast Rockford.Michigan four nine three four one they.need to do was greatly appreciate it.cash check money order PayPal thank you.very much okay so the thing about the.judge this doesn't really fit in with.the rest of the story immediately let's.just see what judges said this week.because I got lots of things going on.I got fingers and everything and.here recently it's been mainly figuring.out what to put into the court to get.the court to pay attention to us and so.we'll talk about what those things are.exactly but here's some things that were.said this week from a bankruptcy judge.when asked how do I have my documents.seen by you.he said you give your you give you know.you give your documents to the recorder.clerk in open court who will give them.to me but whatever you give to the clerk.to give to me make sure it says what it.is you want the court to do you can give.them to her.here open court or mail them to her.don't just file them in the clerk's.office I won't see them and if you have.a problem with an attorney of my court.bring it to me.well that's huge to know because any.attorney 90 court isn't using the name.that's not his license to practice in.court what Linda who had this talk with.a bankruptcy judge had found out she had.called the Michigan Supreme Court and.asked about the role of attorney for the.attorney and they said yeah he's in.there and they gave us full legal name.very first name middle name last name.but as it turns out when you practice in.federal court you have to actually fill.out another application with them and on.that application he only used his middle.initial yet in the paperwork he has to.say where else he is practice he's.authorized to practice at and so on one.place he's using his full legal name and.the other place he's using the name of.the middle of this well I'm saying that.one of those is a fraudulent identity.and we should bring to somebody's.attention and so that's what we were.trying to do was we were going to put a.motion in to show cause.why the attorney shouldn't be found in.contempt of court for bringing this.accident and improper venue using a.fictitious name used incomplete or.improper process yada yada yada and.because of that discharge this case you.can give me back my property.all right state the claim upon which.relief can be granted and asked for the.relief well after the judge that said.this Linda said okay well I could put.the paper in today I know how to do it.let me talk to Robin you animal do it.put it in next week which is this coming.week and so after this video I'll doctor.up whatever it is I think she should put.into the clerk recorder and give it to.them and I might have to wait and.explain all that about the clerk.recorder and so forth in more detail in.an upcoming video but the first I'm.talking about is if you're in open court.there's somebody sitting by the judge.now they may not be there recording.because it's being recorded.electronically but they will still.record your exhibits into the record to.show that they've been put into the.court instead of into the clerk's office.because when they go to the clerk's file.cabinet that is where they stayed filed.in the clerk's office or not in the.courtroom in anything you putting in you.want to be an exhibit of evidence and so.an affidavit let's just think about this.now an affidavit you're going to go.swear to it well now it's a sworn.statement it's evidence it's self.authentic self authenticating evidence.if you've had it done by the notary.where they put their seal of it it's not.hearsay.right so it's testimony it's like a.deposition or you would give your.deposition to a reporter well as it.turns out a notary publics can take.depositions or can sign an oath on a.deposition.so it's who you give your paperwork to.first that we're doing incorrectly we're.taking it and put it in a clerk.window when we need to find the evidence.clerk or the exhibit clerk or the.recorder or the clerk of court or.whatever name they're using in your.court that you're dealing with that is.the person that takes exhibits.depositions to put into the court record.because until it's in the court record.it doesn't matter that it's in the.clerk's file it's not in the court.record and hey if you have a problem an.attorney in somebody's for bring it to.them I'll show you another example that.here are just a second.so that's what we do them now our second.one was a divorce judge who said you.will answer this I'm setting a hearing.for 731 2017 hey that would be like you.own less than ten days and who'd he say.it to he said it to attorney for.plaintiff as part of conversation.between the judge the attorney and the.witness which some people call the.defendant but we don't right he's the.witness regarding a motion filed by.witness asking for an order discharged.in a matter due to plaintiff's attorney.prosecuting in an improper venue under a.false identification using unauthorized.process and pleadings I don't remember.that's what gentleman put in but he did.bring up the thing about improper venue.and so he had filed this motion with the.clerk but he had brought it into the.court right he had about he had a copy.with to get to the attorney to get to.the judge yeah yeah not necessarily.going to the clerk but had copies to.give the attorney gave the judge that's.how he thought he should do it well.they're having a conversation and he.says judge I like to enter this document.into the court record and he handed it.to the prosecutor another prosecutor the.plaintiff's attorney he's actually the.prosecutor he's prosecuting the case.who started to read it he said I well he.said he's already argued jurisdiction.before and you've dismissed or you.dismissed.denied it and so the judge said well let.me see that.and so the attorney right who had just.been served basically the judge is.sitting there now think about this is.judgment sitting there he sees this guy.handed to the attorney the attorney.reads it in open court not the whole.thing but he's speaking and the judge.says well let me see it and he hands it.to the judge.okay well the judge reads it and says.hey you'll answer this I'm said a.hearing for 731 2017 because the judge.if it's it's up to him right if he can.have a hearing not but if you want him.to see it to make sure something happens.you need to go given an exhibit but he.could say he saw it whatever he decides.to because it was given to him by the.plaintiff so you know it was like.everybody was served the same document I.don't know if that was his intention but.if you just look at how it was well.that's how it worked out.the man served personally served the.opposing party in open court that judge.sees it says let me have a copy so now.he has it that he got from the attorney.and he says well we'll have you here.done you will answer and in there it's.being claimed that the case should be.discharged because the attorney is used.in an improper name and then a proper.vendee so that'll be an interesting day.and a traffic judge said right now this.case three now Fred this one didn't just.happen but I just was told stories that.gets been in the traffic just as an you.pay a $20 administration fee well who do.you saying - well he said it to a named.claimer after having reviewed a legal.document named cleaner have had asked.him to review having completed his.review he stood up.premise judges see did a little jig.return to his judges seat uttered his.statement can you pay a $20.administration fee by which being.accepted by the name cleaner yeah I can.do that evoked from the judge the phrase.I'd often heard case dismissed.kink they told the guy to go upstairs.and to this office and they'd call his.name in a minute and yeah so the legal.document that the name claimer showed.the judge who's after reading looking at.it looking at the man looking at the.paper again push the chair back stood up.did a little jig sat back down and his.judges see looked at the man and said.well can you pay a $20 administration.fee and the guy said yes now he could.have said no I can't do that Judge I.believe that the prosecutors in contempt.of court.for bringing this action in an improper.bench using the fictitious name blah.blah blah and I believe the judges said.well he's in contempt of court.because doing that little jig when he.puts the chair back did a jig sat back.down I don't actually know what he did.wasn't really explained that well not.matter he did something I mean nobody.ever killed a guy never seen before was.dude do it you thought he was headed up.the dorsum I believe he changed the.venue right he put on his different.outfit whatever we want to call it kallu.declaw he went from one side of the.books to the other and requires some.little ceremony and that was the.courtroom ceremony okay and then a.supervising judge sad I who will the.supervising judge I will investigate the.issues raised in your letter and respond.to you and it was written on bond paper.under the seal of record and we'll look.at what brought that all about but again.I was bringing up the fact that it's an.attorney.using the fictitious name of the court.right now this judge it's just sad right.if you have a problem attorney in my.court bring it to me and while the.supervising attorney.wasn't supervising judge isn't.necessarily the judge of the case they.are the judge of the court right she's.the supervising judge of a particular.court building or set of courts will.however you want to phrase it.she has administrative control so if you.were to tick so my point is if you were.to write something just give it to the.judge your case nothing happens well see.who his boss is because everybody has a.boss right who's the supervisor look who.has administrative control over what's.happening in that court and that would.include when you don't get what you want.from the clerk everybody in that court.building is working for the supervising.judge right they're in charge.they're the principal superintendent.okay what else happened well now we're.going with judges a submitter clerk set.clerk said well we don't give a receipt.for payments by cheque the clerk said.that to a man who was calling to find.out why the day before he had not.received a receipt that evidence he had.paid a $50 motion B he was told he had.to pay to have his motion seen by the.judge as we wanted to file a motion into.his case to say guess what ah the.attorneys using the fictitious name he's.brought it into an improper venue we.want to have this case discharged and.return me my property well they said so.you know we called and they said well.you got to put it in to come down pay.$50 motion fee and put it into the.certain office which he didn't do.himself but he had done because he.couldn't leave and they took his money.and they did whatever but they didn't.give him a receipt to say what he had.spent the $50 on and I'm not sure who.the receipt for who the check was made.out to I had to find it out good now now.I know who it should be.I didn't know at the time we should have.been made out to but as you can see um.you know just because you go and pay the.$50 if you don't have a receipt that.shows what you paid it for now how are.you ever going to say why I paid to have.to have a motion footage.haven't seen it subsequently though.because he did call and complain and was.diligent about it the clerk is now.refunding the payment in providing.instructions on how to file a motion in.a foreclosure case before a judge and.we'll take a look at that and that's.like well there you go that's what we.need where is this book at that this.came on it so very interesting things.are going on right so let's claim the.name to be the owner or find out there's.many legal fictions that you're the.owner of you haven't ever claimed their.name let's see what that's about.okay and I wanted to point out works.like what's going on here I want to show.they're saying is exceedingly slow a.second okay I wasn't quite able to do.what I wanted there's some whole YouTube.right now and I can't show you I wanted.to show you what video to go to see when.some of the details are that I would be.talking about which was it the shows at.the Bauer on a deed of trust or mortgage.is actually the beneficial owner of the.of the investment contract that the.thing really is because they never lent.you any money so but I can't do that.right now so what I'm going to do is I.try to put that in the link right but.anyways let's just move on move okay so.why are we here how about this let's go.look at gauge so Gabe was the guy that.the judge he handed the judge a piece of.paper and when he gave him was that's.right here which is a fictitious.business name statement San Diego County.California.Lazaro Gabriel and Google and his name.and address and so what he did was well.he claimed his name was REO Gabriel.Google that simple where it's located.registering information well that would.be him right so who's the owner of the.name he put himself as the owner signed.it.in California says to publish it so you.know if y'all gave did he follow the.rules did what it said to do I mean this.is all done by a law and this was the.statement all caps where it's located is.hereby registered to the following.owners given its proper name the.business is conducted by an individual.already had to be in for three weeks.September 8 15 29 he did four weeks.there you go.hard to say he hadn't given proper.notice and so when the judge is looking.at this he said well it's two don'ts the.name we're not going to be able to have.that account make is that this is your.all caps is tied to your social security.account or I should say your Social.Security Council kind your all caps.you're all cast is your estate your.social security account is an account of.your state in either case you and your.proper full legal name are its owner but.what I did notice on this see this has.physical business address and see how.they have county in they are putting.your property in a different.jurisdiction than you because they don't.ask you for your physical address right.there's no place to put the county and.so I guess if I was going to do this.because there's room I'd put in here San.Diego Cali not that the judge didn't pay.attention to it but um there you go so.and so if you've never seen this before.if you look on your state website or you.just google your state aiming the state.fictitious business name or doing.business as or whatever it is there's.some kind of little thing you need to do.that you haven't done and I'll show you.where it says Michigan law even if the.style of the names do you're supposed to.do this so the fact that one is in all.caps.the proper case means there are.different styles and so you would have.to do one alright so this isn't that.difficult to do right one page thing I.spend a lot of time on it right now but.the dude filed the rules for his state.and he put his all caps name here and.then he put his proper case name here.now a lot of people because I talked.about this years ago and in fact I've.never actually done it because they.wouldn't let me do it through an island.and wasn't so much the way the name was.it was because I couldn't pay the fees.the way the fees said to be paid a cycle.this isn't right that isn't what the law.says and this was five years ago and I'm.just kind of learning this stuff like.everybody else right so I'm not going to.do this what other people did and some.of them got it through another ones.didn't what they complain about isn't so.much if you have your name here say you.don't have any addition to your knee and.so if you are going to have to do an.addition to your name I might put comma.a state because that's what it is you're.all careful of her name is in the state.or maybe I'd put it with a semicolon a.state then it's really not part of it it.satisfies them but the name is.everything on the left of the semicolon.not necessarily what's on the right of.the semi colon 4 comma you know could be.like a continuation in the name or a.hyphen or and that's the thing about.this that we're talking about is they.the clever ones that run those system.right they're using grammar as a grammar.as a weapon where capitalization matters.and proper names matter and proper.addresses matter commas matter.semicolons matter quotes matter.parentheses man boxes matter right this.is all things doing grammar county of.Kent Kent County right switching the.order of words matters because.everything has a name one name one.legal name but it's known what is to be.known as in legal matters if they have.lots of nicknames it only has one legal.name and yours is your first name middle.name last name although maybe we.shouldn't call your middle name your.middle name maybe we should say your.given name and your last name or your.Christian name and your surname or.whatever you want to call it where there.is no middle name you just put them both.as your first name and in fact I do that.in any form I see where it's asking for.a middle initial instead of leaving a.place for the middle name I just I.always put Robert Allen anything I'm.doing I don't care if it says do it.backwards whatever unless the boxes are.there specifically backwards but.otherwise it says name I would put it in.I'm always going to put my name my full.legal name even if they have in.parentheses hey we want you to put your.last name first name middle initial.cross that out and put your name the way.it's supposed to be you only have one.name okay so this is what Gabe gave to.the judge you got to do a little dance.and all of a sudden a ticket that should.have been for a couple hundred dollars.right some moving violation was a twenty.dollar administration fee to which again.I think Gabe you said no I don't want to.pay anything and I want you to find this.man to contempt to court for bringing.this action at an improper venue and see.what the judge says because once you.claim it's an improper venue then the.judge has to make a legal determination.you don't have to prove it's what the.venue is you just need to judge I just.need to say for my understanding I just.need to tell you I believe this is an.improper venue and now the prosecutor.plaintiff's attorney record whatever you.want to call them has to prove it's in.the proper venue just like the guy that.needs to come back on the 31st and prove.that he's in the proper venue and this.is after they had already this is the.thing in that case they had already.denied his motion for improper.jurisdiction and I can't make any.clearer you need to save venue before.jurisdiction.because the venue determines the.jurisdiction okay let's go on so that.was that but when game had sent me his.papers he sent me because this had.actually happened here it is so when did.this happen this is the ticket goes to.that thing rotate rotate rotate San.Diego Superior Court Angelo the sorry oh.right so this isn't a ticket what this.is is actually a minute order but you.know that's what the judge is filling up.I just asked pay fine twenty dollars and.I wanted to show you what it was if you.want to look up its California bf of.code BC to 146 1a BC to 146 1a which is.like disobeying a traffic sign or.traffic yeah traffic sign I guess it was.and why you know so I Google last that.on what it is but there was a site that.showed you know what's the what's the.ticket cost and it was like I know a two.hundred thirty bucks or something like.that but now he pay twenty and total.amount dude.twenty bucks honor before one ten.seventeen well he had told Gabe go.upstairs to this room and I'll call you.up to the window or whatever so he did.and when he got there he paid in the.twenty dollars and this was his receipt.on a condom elope court trial minute.order all right and this guy was just a.temporary judge but he still did the.dance because judges are more than just.attorney anymore most judges they come.from families at judge's right if you.put in certain names and judges you know.judge whatever and you'll find a whole.lineage of these peoples I can't it is.they don't just anybody becomes a judge.I think they learn the stuff from.childhood how was he going to control.the sheeple okay let's continue on so.that's what that court case was about.but what he had sent me was that he was.going through a foreclosure and gotten.some papers and other numerous papers.one that would have interest to me were.these things that were called full.reconveyance --is and because I mean.it's a simple because he had told me the.story about the thing in court and doing.a fictitious name and I suppose send me.what you did let me see what you did.he's all the people so they can't get.get them to do it I was showing the.video and so that I'm did that and he.sent me these and I'm looking at these.papers that go to a you know real estate.transaction and here's he has full.reconveyance --is that show that has.already been paid now if you've never.seen one of these before it could be.called a full reconveyance it could be.called a satisfaction a mortgage it.could be called mortgage discharge they.have different names in different states.not everybody has found these in their.property miles but other people have.like gay like people in Florida have.right and I mean people all over and if.if you've ever refinanced you'll find.one in your property file for the.mortgage that was before the one that.you have now right because they're going.to make it pay it off or whatever I mean.that's that's that's how I found mine.back in the day I think mine were called.discharges but what they're doing see.there they don't put it in your name.they put it in the name of a legal fix.that looks like your name so somebody.has trustee.under D - trust made by a legal fiction.that looks like it's your name right.trust store and record it as an.instrument in some office both fully.described there under written request to.reconvey and have a receive from holder.of the obligations they're under right.so the trustee has received from the.holder of the obligation a written.request to reconvey what since agree.reciting that all some secured by said v.- trust have been fully paid and said D.- trust and note or notes secured.thereby having been surrendered to said.trustee who's got the note Princeton.reconveyance Services Inc okay a forest.that's a legal fiction - or s our full.legal name does hereby reconvey without.warranty to the person or persons.legally entitled there to be estate now.held by it there under witness therefore.kristin reconveyance inc fka princeton.escrow company as trustee has caused its.name - here to be affixed by its vice.president there on to do the authorize.hey they release the mortgage well who.was the mortgage for and you would say.it was for you but they would say no it.was for this legal fiction this is who.made the this is the trust or it's not.you in your proper name it's you as a.legal fiction that you haven't claimed.you didn't claim this name this is the.name of a of a company doing business.under a name other than their own DBA.right so you could just as easily do the.form as we'll see in a minute to claim.this name as you did to claim your.property well.and so one thing you might want to do.and I just thought about this the other.day you can go online and you can put in.your min number on some near site that.you know supposed to be I'll check on.your property or check on your loan.check on your servicer together yet.put in the name of the trust or just as.you see it all caps commas and he.periods anything just exactly as you see.it on the deed of trust instead of.putting your name in and see if.something comes up well gave had more.than one of these in here because here's.another one from a different company but.it's still saying executed by Lazaro.Gabriel and Angelo a married man.s trust or dated file number and you.would see if we were looking ahead on.play in side by side that like the.County Recorder San Diego County.California that's what this one says.right County Recorder of San Diego.County California.this one says recorder of San Diego.County California all right just record.or county record or this one safe county.recorder with the C capitalized so.county recorders should be like the.proper title of somebody's office if it.was just lowercase C County Recorder.well that's different than the person.that has this title County report the.lowercase C county recorder would.actually be the recorder for the dish or.territory that's called the County.lowercase C County isn't the proper name.of something other than its defining a.territory right you know go look at the.definition of County in them dictionary.you get a better idea if that's just the.name of the territory but here is part.of a name it's a proper name and you.know.not that it matters so much on this one.but because I it needs to be pointed out.on a lot of your foreclosure paperwork.when they send you stuff that's been.notarized and it's notarized from out of.state well this doesn't mean a thing.unless there is a certificate of.authority from the state to go with the.CA and so you could make an issue about.that and you know get a hold of their.state see if there is one and take it to.court try to make a lot of noise and.blah blah blah but instead what we need.to do is claim this frickin name and say.that's my property.because this said here that the.Securities where's the one you know this.is this is it right that the note or.knows secured thereby having been.surrendered to the trustee for.cancellation does hereby reconvey.without warranty to the first or versus.legal entitled thereto they're supposed.to give you back your note but they took.your note and they endorsed it and they.and they deposited it like legal tender.although it's only good for public debts.at this point because it's a commercial.bank note but once they do it it needs.to if the owners when the owner shows up.he can claim it on demand pay to the.order of I demand and I don't know if.I'm gonna have a note here to look but.on the last page of the somebody's no it.hasn't paid the order of blank that.hasn't been filled out well so they've.converted your private note into a.security they securitized it they did a.conversion technically that's unlawful.it's kind of call the unlawful.conversion and because they did and they.can't give you back exactly what you.gave them right they can't give you your.note back it isn't a note anymore now.it's a commercial bank note instead of.being a private note they have to pay.you in legal tender good for all debts.public and private and so you have a.payday coming that's why you're going to.want to do this I believe you claim this.name here.and if you're in a foreclosure while.you're going to take it to court but if.you're not in a foreclosure you take it.to the people that say you have the.reconveyance and say okay here I am I'm.the owner given your certificate please.send me my note the reason they're not.sending the note is because nobody has.claimed the name of the legal fiction.that's the trustor okay I think I beat.that one into the ground right but.that's what's happening and this one.even had another different style of name.this one had him as oh this one just had.him without the addition behind his name.and this one had him as a married man.and his sole and separate property as.trustor right so from the beginning of.the first capitalized letter until they.say comma as thrust or that is the DBA.that they're saying is the owner or the.one who's entitled to whatever is going.to be returned by these reconveyance.--is one note for six hundred eight.thousand dollars it's good payday gabe.hope you remember Rob Reider ah I don't.have any property that's why I'm doing.this right I don't have any property.that's just the way God works that's a.wonderful so for me to ever really get.anything get ahead I can help other.people good and I don't mind doing this.good it's a thank you Jesus.thank you for the job okay um so let's.see what he did because of that I sent.it back to him so we need to plane these.names so he did and he went down and.he's filled out another one of these.right same form he did before where he.put his name well now he's a married man.and this was the other one right Lazzari.ole Gabriel and gulo a married man and.his whole separate property just the way.he saw him on the papers and when he.there the clerk is trying to put this in.and this apparently this last one here.you know there wasn't enough room in the.computer for it all to go in and she.said I can't get all that into the.computer but then she liked the game and.said well don't worry we make a copy of.this right we scan this it'll be in the.record so it's like she know what he was.doing right and that's huge.so again did it the same way it did.before right he's claiming it now I know.it looks like he's using all capital.letters but I don't you know I'm not.let's not get let's not go there.right this here is him as a levy man.full legal name this here is him as a.name of a business why well because this.one says put the fictitious business.name and this one says put your register.and information that's why this one has.San Diego County in this one doesn't.does it need to be in there I don't know.I think it should be a cycle how come my.property's in one jurisdiction and I'm.not in the same jurisdiction you know.they have your residence address as.being in the improper venue where this.would be the proper venue and the reason.for that is when the county is just a.territory it's just a name as we call.San Diego all right you look at a map.it just says San Diego it doesn't say.San Diego County leave I know in.Michigan it doesn't it just would say.San Diego but that lowercase County San.Diego has a body corporate body politic.that is a political subdivision of the.sovereign state that is called San Diego.County its jurisdiction is within the.boundaries of County of San Diego with.the C being lower case common county.territory.San Diego but what they use is they'll.use at least here in Michigan they'll.say instead of San Diego County they'll.say County of San Diego other places may.just capitalize the San Diego.instead of having a proper case there's.just that it's a different they're.different venues and so it's easy to see.here we're missing it because of two.different ways they use in the name of.something.hello of a County okay so hey he put.this in and now it has to be.he put a nine ten ninety known as we put.him on the scene did this go July 17th.hey with just last week right three four.weeks boom it'll be done you know but I.believe now he could take this a look I.find it you know there's nothing that.he's a he's in a foreclosure so my.thought of time so we'll just take these.and we'll send them to the foreclosing.company but now thinking about no Lazaro.Gabe we should be mailing these to who's.ever saying that they've released the.Lee and ask him to send you back your.notes as the reconveyance says that you.can take a copy the reconveyance a copy.of this send it to them to say please.send me my property let's see how that.works let's not wait till it's in right.just do it now and well see what happens.outstanding okay so that's why you claim.the name it's really a simple let's look.at a few more so how do you do all this.well just real quick just to show some.other because this lady had a title.surance okay for so what names you want.to claim let's go there I think you want.to claim the one on the mortgage or due.to trust the trust or the bow or.whatever they call it that person do you.want to claim the name that's on the.warranty D or whatever you want to call.that warranty deed trust speed security.deed right or you're the grantee so the.name of the grantee.and you want to claim the name of Peter.trust mortgage on the title insurance.which is this one so on you know.everybody had title insurance some kind.this is some title service but it's.through Chicago title and you're looking.for the schedule a to your title.insurance is on there is the net value.who is the insured right and so this.name here you're going to want to claim.why because your interest land isn't fee.simple this person this person this.person has fee simple title and as soon.as you claim that as your property you.have fee simple title so you need to.clean the name on your schedule a of.your title insurance policy just the way.you see it right if this is lowercase do.it lowercase if you see another one.where it's uppercase well then do two of.them do it the way you see the name.exactly the way you see the name if it.has periods after the elves put them.wrong after the initial if it doesn't.don't just do it the way you see the.name if you need to do more than one.well that's just the way it is claim the.name every jot and tiddle of the laws.this is where the devil is the devil is.into details right and a comma is a.detail so is a period so his upper case.compared to lower case because she has.other papers where husband and wife are.capitalized in fact I think it's honor.or warranty deed right so but this is.who the title insurance company says.they inserted into and they guarantee.them freakin three simple titles and.claim it.so this one was she had a satisfaction.on mortgage in her case to that were.working on.rotate wrote a lose this line all right.her sir satisfaction of mortgage see.here it's upper case so do two of them.Norman L with the period this C this.one's got periods the title insurance.didn't have periods this one has periods.what are you going to do you're going to.do two of them you'll do one for every.frickin style and aim you have because.you're going to claim this they got to.give you back your damn property the.other sign banks certify as and.acknowledges the filing mortgage is.fully paid and satisfied fully paid and.satisfied fully paid and satisfied.mortgage executed by this legal fiction.name to bank and record it in wherever.it is which conveys or covers the real.estate and the file and legal.description you have satisfied the.mortgage so how could they foreclose on.you yeah you get in the picture right.people Oh somebody's jumping up and down.to having a great day because there's a.file that's huge that is huge who's the.name of the power right mortgage Norman.algún senior and Jillian regal husband.away I don't think they had senior.before put it in do one because fifteen.bucks just do it didn't do it whatever.the name is because the bower on the.mortgage is actually the investor of an.investment contract and I'll just have.to put the link in to the videos I did.in the past where I'm reading a letter.from a guy who had sent he was a.paralegal working for real estate or.foreclosure attorneys in defense.attorneys in Florida who wrote to the.fifty Attorney General's.of the united states and explain to them.what was going on so I believe he.believes he's correct and he said that.the bauer is the investor of an.investment contract and that there's.actually documents they show that it's.your proper write that but what they're.doing is they're putting it in the name.of illegal things not in your name and.so sighs well what's the name they've.used oh hey they're using these names.huh or to deed just to look at a.warranty deed I've come all these are.upside down see right I hear it's a.lower case so it's an upper case on one.lower case another this one's got.periods yellow ones don't write just.just do it so that's mine that one's.mine yeah I claim that one too yeah that.looks just like my I got one just like.that except don't have period I'm.claiming that one too it's almost a.match set claim of all okay now due to.this I want to show Oh.assumed names okay right they may call.it a trade name right Arizona trade name.Affleck application and you know in this.case I know people tried it and they.wouldn't let them do it with just their.name but if you wanted to do it with.your name right what cuz I really think.we do want to claim our name but we want.to also claim these other legal fictions.that you know put a semicolon and put a.state after the name that's your trade.name.right so here they call them trade names.in Michigan they call it the business.registration certificate person.conducting business under an assumed.name or partnership right name of.business address name of the owner.address.yeah the Audion oh now this is where the.strange stuff is here is County again.state of Michigan this is why I didn't.do it at the time because that's not the.proper place is safe I don't want to it.there but if it's a parallel.jurisdiction that has a right to be.there and I want to do business there.then well maybe I do need to do it but.it's the filing fees it's where do you.file that and if you file it in your.county then you know where you're where.you want to be then you wouldn't want to.do it the county you can't you want to.do it can't count I say all this just to.show so here in Michigan the person that.I think is the county clerk right the.one that was elected Kent County elected.county clerk is this lady named Lisa.post enough liens but she says she's the.clerk of the county of Kent and the.circuit court their own she didn't say.she's the clerk of Kent County she says.she's the clerk of the county a Kent.therefore to hereby certify a for going.through an exact copy of the original.document on file the office of the.county clerk right she didn't say.anywhere in here that she's the County.Clerk she's the third of the county of.Kent well then who the hell is a County.Clerk I think the county clerk is.actually a guy that we would call the.county administrator there's a guy.called in Kent County Administrator.while administration is being a clerk.right haha change the lane change the.word use a synonym means the same thing.it ain't her because she says he just.certified she swore under oath that.she's the clerk of the county.Kent and this county clerk is not the.same sir and her sign as an uppercase s.as County Clerk she's not the same one.sorry she says she's the County Clerk.but she didn't say she's the Kent County.County Clerk.because Kent County is the name of a.entity and County Clerk is an office.right so Kent County Clerk is not the.same as saying that she's the Kent.County County Clerk but never laughs hey.do the form playing the damn property.right I guess we could do that if they.won't let you put the name then you can.put comma state but I think what I'm.going to try to do is do this and take.it to Kent County administrator as the.County Clerk and tell him I want to do.it there I want to file in his office.because this here in the bottom.this is just saying that there's a copy.in her office it didn't say that she has.original that's this part up here and.this you're supposed to send to the.County Clerk who I believe again is the.Kent County Administrator and the reason.you have to do it this is just how.simple it is for me this is the law for.Michigan that goes with doing that damn.form a person shall not carry on can.doctor transact business in this state.so didn't say the county it's lower case.date under an assumed name or under a.designation name or style or style other.than the real name of the person's.owning conducting or transacting a.business so unless we can get somebody.to tell us what what is the definition.of real name right.then I'm going to say the style because.one's an uppercase and one's a proper.case the style is different so I need to.do it but I don't want to do it in the.county of Kent I want to do it get out.because that's a proper jurisdiction for.me to be and the state and not in the.King George the Third's jurisdiction.under county.Kent so there you are.but one thing I had never thought of.before and having had to go look at this.again if you have a sole proprietorship.which I'm gonna say that's what you're.all caps is it's your sole.proprietorship well you need to register.it as a business and pay business taxes.with this with your department Treasury.or Revenue and so we want to fill this.form out too so I just go back to.beginning right this is for Michigan.Michigan business taxes registration.booklet so you know just go to state.sole proprietorship business taxes and.see if you find something that takes you.to your state where you find something.that tells you how to register your.company that's what this thing is for.and so because we never registered our.company our all caps with the Department.of Treasury we're not getting the. mail this one doesn't cost I.don't think this one cost anything to do.but it's a little bit more detailed to.fill out determine your structure well.okay like I said I believe us now that.I'm uh I'm either an LLC limited.liability company or I'm a sole.proprietorship and I believe I may have.been an LLC as a child so that I could.have other people involved in my.business because if the business is.established when you're a child but it.becomes a sole proprietorship when you.become an adult but depending on your.legal structure chosen business may have.been registered with the local County.Clerk's office or the state of Michigan.sole proprietorships and Corp Cole.partnerships should contact county.clerk's office again not the county of.Kent Kent County County Clerk's office.Kent.the administrator.uh do not complete the French streets.inform if you wish to apply for an ID if.your bank account use a Social Security.number for this purpose I don't know why.I highlighted that I'm just going.through things and looking at things.that were why and this to the.instructions you know because eventually.going to get to where we're going to.fill the form out I'll solve.proprietorship and no employees does not.need it FBI n to register for Michigan.business taxes good you don't need to go.get a EIN number line to they want the.company name if your business is a sole.proprietorship enter the owner's name.here and the businesses name on line.three legal address physical address and.of the physical address and the actual.location of your business so I think.anytime it says physical address you.want to put in Kent County or you know.whatever the name your county is not.county of Kent Kent County San Diego.County the name first county second both.proper case to show that it is the body.corporate body politic legal or.political subdivision of the sovereign.state which means it administers the.state laws within its territorial.boundaries physical address.you got to pick what type you are sold -.you floated prior ship or LLC sure ah.pick your business code okay so now we.get to the form right and alright don't.need an FIA and said so I just cross.through that I supposed to put my Robert.Allen writ loose key here business name.well Robert Allen writ loose key here.address address address pick what kind I.am enter my six code I got a pic of you.know you got to pick the tax it's going.to be so use tax would be one of them.for sure.I put sales tax even you know I don't.know and come withholding.single business tax required only if.annual gross receipts in Michigan exceed.$350,000 all right so I don't know which.ones of these I'll do yet but yeah yeah.yeah yeah check check check.fill in the blanks do what it says yep.yep yep yep I only have one problem I.don't have a driver's license so I can't.do this necessarily if I'm gonna try it.without it complete the form for each.owner attached separate listen necessary.right now here it has name and they want.you to put last first middle and I'm not.going to do I'm across that button.out and put Robert Allen rent loose key.title owner right sole owner rightful.proprietor son of God.pick something put your social security.number and claim it which driver's.license in then claim it put your date.of birth in claim it it's all yours.mine you can't use it.ah but if I have questions I got a phone.number so you know this is next week's.work but right this is so this is in.addition to doing at the county clerk.what needs to be done you need to.register your sole proprietorship with.the state and it's going to be the same.I'm sure with every state right and this.is why we're not getting the mail about.things happening to our account because.they don't know it's ours we haven't.claimed it so just a couple more to show.that in Wisconsin what you do is you.register for a trademark hey that was.what you did in Arizona okay right here.exact name or phrase to be registered.what did they say I said exact exa CT.name or phrase to be registered.it said name what's the name the name.that's on the the grantee the grantor.the trustee the trust or no you don't.put that on there if with just a name.right whatever.they said it was on your deed addressed.on your mortgage on your warranty deed.on your title insurance as the case may.be but so that was the simple one and.this is the one that you do with the.state right state Wisconsin business tax.registration you have to do this one.also and so this one for sure you want.to do on your your your all-caps name.whether we need to do it for all these.other entities I'm not really sure but.you certainly want to do it you're all.cast name well that was simple enough.okay okay Kuki so that's the idea what.to claim the name just to really quickly.show you another guy was able to do one.in Texas I don't know if he ever used it.for the same thing but he went in and.you know he put his first middle last.name as address that that was the.business it was a sole proprietorship.put his name said he was the owner write.all that all of this is the same address.same name the same everything same print.a name of the owner well I told you I.was I tell you again I'm the owner right.signature the owner owner owner owner.hey we're talking about this guy he's.the owner and the frickin state of Texas.agrees with them.so now do the same thing with the names.on the deed to trust mortgages title.insurance warranty deed security deeds.claim them tell them they're yours and.then if you find that you have a.reconveyance send it in contact the.title insurance company and say hey you.never did giving my fee simple title.here's what here's the evidence I'm the.owner of it give me my frickin title you.know we just got to try these things to.see what they do I'm up there Gator dude.let's find out.ah okay so I wanted to show you a couple.other things that had happened.going back to beginning bought the.things with the judges right at what we.had done so our witness with her.information to this judge or to this.court that we just kind of took off.pieces of paper that we had that showed.what was going on we wrote a letter to.the civil supervising judge and said.notice the deprivation of rights under.color of law prosecution and improper.venue case whatever petition for.discharge request exhibits be identified.by the court right that's what we told.this civil supervising judge that we'd.like to happen I threw jurors and real.party in interest petition Los Angeles.Superior Court to discharge case and.then the others incorporated by.reference.I believe the plaintiff's attorney.record is an officer of the court who is.prosecuting this matter in an improper.venue Superior Court of California.County of Los Angeles for our plaintiff.using a false identity and against a.Jane Doe defendant causing a deprivation.of right of my rights under color of law.I believe that plaintiff's attorney of.record is in contempt of court violating.the Constitution United States 18 USC.242 and the law guide I ask Los Angeles.Superior Court discharged case and.provide me a complete legal and.equitable relief the court deems just I.include what this petition a common copy.of the summons and complaint that.evidences the different names of courts.for different venues and as they be.identified as exhibits of an evidence.and the official court record I have.read the foregoing petition and know the.contents thereof.same is true my knowledge except those.matters which therein stated on.information belief and those matters I.believe to be true I think I found that.in California where this came from this.is their signature verification.statement that they use executed on some.day Los Angeles County California Knott.County of Los Angeles Los Angeles County.right this here says that this was.brought into the County of Los Angeles.right so that's the wrong venue for the.witness.I declare in a family forgive you for.going through incorrect okay and so what.this had right so this is the summons.for this case and the summons says the.name and address the court is Los.Angeles Superior Court Central and this.is the complaint that says it's Superior.Court of California County of Los.Angeles that's got the same street.address all right Superior Court of.California County of Los Angeles where.this one said Los Angeles Superior Court.central so you have a summons for one.court and a complaint for another yeah I.know it doesn't make any sense that's.the idea it doesn't make any sense.they're doing it wrong this can't this.can't be the proper venue we wouldn't do. like this all right this is.somebody trying to take advantage of me.and then you're supposed to treat your.brother like you treat yourself so I.must be in the Judeo side of the.judeo-christian divide when I'm going.into this system here under Talmudic law.that's one venue and right the laws of.Jesus are the other venue if you want to.get out of one you need to tell them.that's an improper venue for me all.right this is probably the proper venue.Los Angeles Superior Court Central.that's where we would want to go to give.a affidavit of probable cause but.you know we need to have an arrest.warrant issued or something I'm guessing.something else we're working on I'm.actually just go and get give an app and.give probable cause affidavit and have.an arrest warrant issued because these.people are depriving us of deprivation.of rights under color of law in.violation 18 USC 242 which is a federal.law which they do have to enforce and as.I you know a couple weeks ago in a last.video I did I said the same well the.same guy just has now gotten the judge.to say yeah we're going to hear that and.have a case on a 30-person July and that.particular hearing a few weeks ago ahead.ask the judge judge I asked you last.time eyes here what what's the.significance of the gold French flag and.you said that the federal law applies.here but you didn't tell me what that is.right.does that mean like United States code.like Title 18 yeah United States Code.well how about the Constitution United.States yeah that too well how about the.Constitution illinois' well that's.subservient or under the Constitution of.the United States but where they agree.yeah if not well then the Constitution.United States supersedes the.constitution of Illinois I don't know if.his answer was quite that long but you.get the point.the guy said there's a gold French flag.there the federal law applies well 18.USC 242 is a federal law and so you just.tell them you got a gold French flag.that's a federal law you have to enforce.it.I accept your oath bind it to it remind.you of a fiduciary duty and again the.flag or the gold fringe is an army flag.it's called the national color look in.army regulation AR 8:40 - 10 I believe.it is and did videos on it I don't know.if I could say where it is Italian there.it is so I don't care if somebody else.has an amplitude flag so then what the. book says I'm going with the.book.all right I'm going with the procedure.I'm going to go with what it says they.have to do and audit what they do by.their procedure they don't do it say.well you're depriving me of my rights.then I want to file for a probable cause.for an arrest for have your ass arrested.but not necessarily the counter troll.the person at the top of the food chain.that has the counter troll down there so.like the Secretary of State or well I.share what I did I just wanted to see.that you do this I fill out an incident.report hey I found out I went on my.sheriff's website you could put incident.reports on online this incident has been.reported to the Kent County Sheriff's.Department and is pending approval it.was a suspicious situation now here's.one of the things where I'm having.choices filled in the blocks but it.didn't have a place for middle name it.just had a place for first name and last.name so I put my first name in and now.the way they put this on there is.exactly the way it shows up on a.certified copy record of room they have.my address my employer that's Jesus.Christ that's what I'm looking for where.the incident was this is actually the.Capitol building and my narrative in a.manual for court reporters and reporters.published by the state court.administrative office Lansing Michigan.is stated that court recorders have not.been appointed by the governor since.1990 80 Michigan Copiah law.MCL 601 1:04 aka section 104 a 236 1961.states in part and it does every.reporter or a recorder shall be.appointed by the governor how can the.law say they shall be appointed by the.governor and the governor has appointed.any recorders since 1990.that would mean there's no recorders for.the court.believe that's a deprivation of rights.under color of law hey the individual.known as Rick Snyder aiming to be the.governor of the state of Michigan and.the judges the courts are in contempt of.the people of the state of Michigan.why well because we passed a freaking.law I said every reporter recorder shall.be appointed by the governor didn't have.a choice to do it and are.engaged in deprivation of rights under.color law because they did which means.they're violating 18 USC 242 the.Liebherr code the penal law is now in.law the Constitution itíd States and the.law god I swear to it please investigate.for the sake of my grandchildren and.your kin both the manual for court.reporters and reporters and Michigan.compiled law are available online feel.free to contact me if you need any help.finding their subsequent to the ex I.just did this a few days ago I got a.response back that whoever the deputy.was elected this said that was.inappropriate and they weren't gonna it.was inappropriate for the inappropriate.I just go find the email but Pena.worried about it so I've responded back.to her and said well I don't believe you.have the authority to tell me that and I.need to see your certificate from the.it's acronym is called M Cole's but.there are the ones that certify that.people are actually law enforcement.officers and they guess what they issue.them a certificate that says you're a.law enforcement officer so I need to see.a copy of your certificate that says.you're a law enforcement officer and so.while you're getting me that you don't.take my stuff to the sheriff and yada.yada so now that was on Friday was.actually in the evening so we'll see.what we'll see what Monday brings let's.get the phone rings ah.what else did I want to show because I.had these things here and there's just.you know it just shows this is why you.do things to get somebody the answer to.see what they say.okay this is another example of a title.insurance schedule a where says the name.of the insured is Robert B Caribbean.Barbara Haggerty right but then it says.title to the estate or interest in the.land is vested in and it gives as long.as legal fiction all right well I'm.going to do two of them and say okay I'm.insured so I'm going to do this one and.I'm going to do this one because this is.the one that the property is entitled to.and once you claim that name well you.have fee simple title simply amazing.they're going to want to argue it but.you know hi mom I said well that's what.it says and I'm going to quit blaming.the judges could see the judge is while.they're not clean right the ones that.are really causing the problem.are the court saws because they never do.proper service they're the ones that are.supposed to send you stuff for the court.so if they send you a summons for one.court and a complaint for another that's.the clerk's office it did that I'd.complain to the judge if you're not.getting the papers oh I wish I could.find it in fact I'm going to have to I.sent a dude down because we looked on.his his docket entries and and they were.had sent you know some motion oh so well.did you get a copy no we'll go down and.get it he goes down there to find out.why he didn't get a copy and they go to.the file and they pull out a novel that.has a sticker a file stamps showing that.it had been put back into the record.right so it had been mailed came back to.them was put back in the record and on.the envelope is a sticker from the the.post office saying they couldn't deliver.it for whatever reason that's why I had.to find it exactly but inside there.because it was a windowed envelope they.had put the paperwork backwards so no.frickin address showed up that's why.they have window down below they can put.paper in backwards and no address will.show up otherwise the address would be.on the envelope.right so in your frickin file is all.this mail that you never got in the.clerk's file filed in the clerk's office.in fact let me go find that that's.that's just too good not to share know.what I'm thinking about it so hang on a.second one to do too okay so what we.have here is he went down to get this.this envelope or to find out why he.hadn't gotten his copy of the motion and.let's just say here something court.filed 17 May and this was 10 May 10th.right so went out May 10th came back I.don't know you 17 may or may 20 seconds.whichever one Oh May 22nd 2017 May 22nd.they filed it back in their Court.why return to sender attempted not know.unable to forward why because here's a.window and in the window they had the.paper backwards so it's like a blank so.they couldn't send it to anybody.although you know so here's the there's.what was in the thing and although I.can't see how it was addressed.necessarily but right there's a copy the.motion that was supposed to have been.sent but they purposely put it into the.envelope backwards or without an address.on it so doesn't show up that's how.sneaky they are right it isn't difficult.they lie cheat and steal that's how they.cheat but this was in the guys file.right so if you haven't gotten stuff if.you were to go to the court start.complaining you may find it in there all.right I wanted to go back to this.because ok this was the.all right this is the letter that we did.and I just wanted to show the response.so we wrote that letter and the judge.was nice enough to respond and she.responded on bond paper the Superior.Court.Stanley mas courthouse civil division.under the seal Superior Court of.California County of Los Angeles now.because it's in all caps rate county of.off say until it's good V Los Angeles.County it's a trade name or something.you know I don't know how they do this.stuff but now not that I care.she's the judge of County of Los Angeles.okay well it's happening her in her.corner so this paper is under the seal.of her core right so our witness lady I.acknowledge receipt of your letter on in.this office on July 10 2017 as your.complaint concerns a civil matter at the.Stanley Moss courthouse III will.investigate issues raised in your letter.and respond to you this review process.may take approximately 90 days to.complete and you should expect receiving.response within that time very sincerely.supervising judge civil departments.right now why don't you call it a civil.matter because this is the second time.that this happened Rosita in Illinois.where we are trying to point something.out at the prosecutor songs the.prosecutor said that sounds like a civil.matter to me what that means is right it.is a civil matter they're violating your.civil rights civil liberties right that.kind of civil and the only one that can.violate your civil rights is the.government other people can commit.crimes on this deal you property commit.homicide and so forth but the only one.that can file eight your civil rights is.the government or those pretending to be.the government so it is a civil matter.lower case civil matter not the upper.case civil court right lower case it's a.matter with the government and this.woman this lady is judge.as superintendent control because she's.the supervising judge over the Stanley.Moss courthouse and as your complaint.concerns a civil matter at the standing.lost courthouse I will investigate the.issues raised by your letter and.responding amen.what were we what were we talking about.I believe the plain satori records in.contempt of court violating the.Constitution United States 18 USC 242 de.la God and I ask Los Angeles Superior.Court discharged the case provide me a.complete remedy a complete legal and.equitable relief as the court deems just.words that effect okay so we'll see.where that leads but you know quit.blaming the judge use them right blame.the clerk blame the judge or tell the.judge you're blaming the clerk tell the.judge or blaming the attorney tell them.right they're not following the law and.point out a federal law and say hey you.know you've got gold print flags that.means you have to the federal law.applies in your corner or you know it's.a war trophy and you're an insurgent in.which case I have to call the army and.have you well and be rounded up okay and.then one last one that well maybe one.I'm on I don't know a guy here I wanted.to show this book because this is a.right this is the gentleman in New.Jersey.Claud is this team that went to put a in.put a motion and they say we got to put.that in at the foreclosure office or.something like that $50.he could go he sent somebody down they.did it they didn't get a receipt hey.tell me I said well it's fine you got to.have a receipt I mean how are you going.to be able to say that you actually did.it right.so he went okay so you went the next day.to get one and they say well we don't.get it we don't get receipts if you pay.by check your check is your receipt well.that isn't the way it's worked all all.of these fees.are tied to accounts right and so to do.the proper accounting they have to give.you a frickin receipt but it can't do.the accountant that shows that it went.into that account and they didn't do.that which means it didn't go into that.account and so hey what's going on so he.complained to the clerk and they are.refunding him his fee and they sent this.manual how to file a motion in a.foreclosure case before a judge Superior.Court of New Jersey Chancery Division.general equity well that isn't the court.they were taking him to they were taking.him to hears the summons Superior Court.of New Jersey Chancery Division Mercer.County but there wasn't any there was.nothing on there but it be in general.equity right so it wasn't going to the.right Division I complete the forms are.submitted and this tells you where to.submit them and so first of all it looks.like this came out of some kind of book.right so I want to know what else is in.this book it has all this information.for Chancery general equity because if.they'll have one on how to file in a.foreclosure case before it judge then.they have to have one how to file for.probable cause to have an arrest warrant.or whatever I need and because I see.these lines here it's like you know is.this in a book or these just pages.laying out of a loose-leaf book or what.but you know Claude asked them what else.they have you should use this packet if.you want to ask for specific release or.ordering during a course of your.foreclosure lawsuit.any party to a case maisonette emotion.the person submitting the motion is.called the moving party the packet.explains how to file a motion directly.with the judge in the county or your.case is filed the list shows some.examples of motions filed before a judge.however please note this is not.all-inclusive motion to vacate motion to.vacate.eight motion to vacate bill men about.motion to discharge and give me back my.property about motion to for initiative.show cause why the plaintiff's attorney.of record should not be found in.contempt of court and in violation 18.USC 242 deprivation rights under color.of law for prosecuting this prosecuting.this in an improper venue using a false.identity and improper court documents.right you emotion whatever you want all.all foreclosure documents must be filed.at the administrative office of the.courts right so this says where you're.supposed to file them this is what says.where you're supposed to submit it and.it's not quite the same name so we're.going to make a phone call okay why does.this say this a minim here but this says.to file I'm here it's got the same p.o.box although this don't have the dots.but it has a different title to where.it's supposed to go to so who the.of my mail on them to foreclosure.documents taken to the county for.finally will not be accepted for filing.foreclosure documents taken to the.county for filing will not be accepted.for filing you have to file them with.the administrative office of the courts.all right so this is haven't really had.a chance to read it all this is like.step by step everything you need to do.start at the beginning go to the end.filing fee fifty dollars in the form of.a check money order made payable to.Treasury state of New Jersey okay a mail.your stuff do whatever you're supposed.to fill out the forms Superior Court of.New Jersey Chancery Division write blank.County so you know all this.right all this is in proper case let's.look at that other one real quick all.this is an upper case and it doesn't say.in here anywhere about general equity.and the other thing is this is supposed.to be a summons right but there's no.file stamp on it wasn't filed in the.court all right I said you've got to.file this stuff now just set it in this.other one all right all foreclosure.documents must be filed at the.administrative office of the course.Superior Court Clerk's office pol box.Trenton New Jersey okay well this one.wasn't and this is what the guys being.foreclosed on there must be a different.venue.I think it's improper venue see how easy.it is are you just saying it is and then.you say well Chazz I don't need to prove.it they need to prove they're in the.proper venue and you need to make a.legal determination right or it's a.deprivation of rights under color of law.violates 18 USC 242 and I'm gonna have.to go apply for an arrest form now what.I would do is nobody wants to be the.defendant right but these want you you.got to say who you are and if you look.at the names when they do the defendants.on or closure they have whatever it is.like it's not really your name but then.it has at all or whatever those letters.are afterwards so it's out all inclusive.it's anybody who might be a defendant so.what you want to do is you want to put.your proper name as the defendants not.the legal fiction when you're filing.these paperwork this paper is this is my.my belief I haven't done it but I.believe that's what we're supposed to do.guess here it says I write and you're.going to put your full legal name and.the defendant and the above capture.banner well if that's the case and you.got to be the defendant.or or no I take the name you just flirt.the way it is on the paper for the case.what you put here right because it's at.all so it's for all of them well now.you're just one of them defendants.because this is for numerous defendants.at all so I guess I would do this part.just the way it is on the case I would.put here now I'm in my full legal name.and the defendant public action matter I.make this certification to support my.motion to you're supposed to write in.what it is a they have to read the all.of the instructions to know what to do.but that's what we'll do next week I.certify these statements are true and.correct outstanding and so I've looked.at this a little bit because I had to.get this until Friday right so I made.expand look at it but what I noticed is.that when you get down to this thing.this supposed to be how you file a.motion for judge there's really nothing.called the motion right you got notices.and certifications but the motion is.actually in order because it's an order.to move the court so what you're giving.them is the order that you want the.court to determine or make a decision.and they're going to set a date to.decide in that time while the other side.has to complain about your wanting this.order that they can't complain to the.degree that the judge agrees then he'll.issue the order all right so this is so.this is huge man so I don't know how to.tell you to find this for your own state.I'm just saying look at this right how.to file a motion in foreclosure case.before Judge and one way to do it would.be to write the judge and say judge I.don't know that I'm getting proper.service from the courts office is there.a procedure for me to lay before you a.motion for my foreclosure case so that.you see it as you know as an exhibit in.the court case and see if they answer.you because if you.haven't noticed the judges are giving.legal advice to these people who are.asking them questions and it's damn good.legal advice and you should take it say.okay he's not the one lion right I'm an.improper venue he's judging by the venue.if I don't say it's the improper venue.then he has to judge by the laws of that.venue its jurisdiction and in that venue.of King George the third his successors.you don't have any frickin rights your.subject so you need to say hey this.isn't the proper venue for me and now.they're going to watch it too they make.it because this just happened to a guy.in Iowa because he called me and did.this and then the judge said well what.do you mean by the venue and then he.tried to explain and the judge what role.by it and so forth booed interesting in.that case too he had written the chief.judge just like the lady did that got.the letter from the judge he got one.said they weren't going to get involved.right that he could do an ex parte.motion we had asked for ex parte motion.said they that couldn't do that but when.he went to court there wasn't anybody in.the courtroom one other person the judge.I don't think there was a record or.anybody there there wasn't a bailiff but.there was a dude standing back by the.door and so he said this is different.than you know any court I've been in.before and you know she's asking these.questions and they ended up finding.guilty but she asked him what about the.venue and I don't remember what his.answer was but my answer that is I judge.I don't need to tell you what that means.I need to as the defendant I need to.challenge venue that's in federal rules.of regular Federal Rules of Civil.Procedure rule 12 right I just need to.challenge the venue once I challenge the.venue I believe a plaintiff prosecutor.needs to prove it's in the proper venue.and then you need to make a legal.determination that's your answer to that.you don't need to know what it is but.technically what the venue is it's the.county or the district lower case County.lower case district and if we're.supposed to be in this you know in a.sovereign.state then it would be c4 County not d4.district because district would go with.the federal territories and the county.would go at the state as a state and so.it's County lowercase county of Kent.which it's body corporate body politic.political subdivision is called Kent.County Knott County a Kent with capital.C so how that works.okay I'm going to leave it at that but.we'll have more soon I'm sure but what I.wanted to do was to say right that you.need to claim those names.now where's Lyle okay with it Gabe's.right so go to your property file.whether you're in foreclosure or not.whatever your status is if you're an.owner go to the property file and look.at telling us see the entire file you.don't want to ask for a particular piece.of paper just like to see everything in.the file right you see if you have some.kind of conveyance in there okay if you.do well then whatever names on there so.you're going to claim it from and.whatever name is up here is the name of.the people that set is yours right so.Lazaro Gabriel Angelo Angelo a married.man that's the name of a legal fiction.going to claim it and once you claimed.it while you're going to say okay hey I.own that you said it's free and clear.give me back my frickin nose as soon as.this what it says what the nose yeah and.having received from holder of the.obligations they're under a written.request to reconvey reciting that all.sums secured by said deed of trust had.been paid and the deed of trust and the.note or notes secured thereby having.been surrendered to the senate trustee.for cancellation does hereby reconvey.without warranty to the personal.person's legally entitled there too but.they deposited your no they converted it.from a private promissory note to a.commercial bank note and they can't make.it a private promissory note again so.they have to pay you in legal tender its.value it's a wonderful day I wouldn't.waste any time Universal on your block.to own your home get your fee simple.title and that's Helen now how you get.that from the title insurance company I.don't know.you know you've got to find your title.insurance paperwork if you can't find.your title insurance paperwork you're.going to have to find your talents pay.for so I can tell you I know who the.title insurance company was on the.transaction and see who it was titled to.write whose freaking name do they put it.in I mean this is.difficult say okay but what name did you.put it in let's take a look at Schedule.A hey man you said that you put this.stuff in you insured it to this guy okay.well off buying that one and you.entitled it to this guy.okay I'll claim that one too which was a.little different than this one where in.this particular case it was just you.know one name of the insured your.interest in the land covered by the.policy is be simple well then give me my.title deed I don't want to warranty deed.anymore I'll take my title deed.thank you very much and then you want to.pay any more taxes all right peace why.do you all have it be simple okay I'm.sure this is quite long enough so let's.leave it at that and if you can please.do donate I do need some help and.because until this stuff works you know.I got to keep picking away at it pick.pick pick so pay pal Ashley Rimouski at.gmail.com that is the account or snail.mail to myself today is a 23rd and I got.to pay rent seven days I could use your.help.so please do and next will be going back.to looking at getting these arrest.warrants for people I have criminal.cases or any kind of cases and say hey.the prosecutor is using a fictitious.name and bring in these cases in an.improper venue and he's an officer of.the court that means he's in contempt of.court.so discharge the matter right they're.not taking you to a state court they're.taking did Judge Judy and if you agree.to judge Judy's decision ruling then.they can enter that into the proper.court as a foreign judgment and so you.guys say a judge duty I'm not supposed.to be here I'm sorry this isn't the.proper venue for me.very good you all have a great day and.God bless see ya.

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