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How to put to use The Qa Qi Template?

on quality-assurance best practices and.tips we really appreciate your time we.know your time is valuable and we hope.to provide you with a lot of great.tactics strategies and and best.practices that you can take back to your.agency today and start either developing.a quality assurance program or building.out your existing quality assurance.program I'm pleased to be joined by my.colleagues.Cheryl arm Berg and Nathan Lee from.Denise Amberly foundation I'll introduce.them here shortly in our vision we'll go.through the importance of quality.assurance and share we'll take you.through an overview of the new app.canina.ansi approved quality assurance standard.while to talk about tools that can help.you develop your quality assurance.program and improve that some evaluation.templates that are available for free as.well as some quality assurance software.tools are available and a case study as.well just a brief introduction my name.is Patrick both I'll be your host today.I'm the director of workforce.optimization and BP I've been with the.company for 12 years and have worked.with hundreds of various public safety.customers throughout North America in.the world implementing quality assurance.programs and recording systems you know.phone radio text messaging recording.systems and so forth and I also.co-authored a book recently called the.high-performing piece app it's a quality.assurance and ng911 recording guidebook.and if you'd like a copy of it if you.haven't read it already feel free to.shoot me an e-mail here and get one sent.out to you next month.Wow can a familiar with BPI we've been.in the recording and Quality Assurance.space for over 20 years now our roots.are in Public Safety recording we have.over 600 customers just in North America.alone and then throughout the world even.more.and we've been actively involved in the.next generation 9 1 1 the ice.committee's i6i 8 for logging and.recording and a long-standing aapko Mena.partner as well and all of our our R&D.and support is based here out of the US.and we're very proud to be an American.company now I'd like to introduce my.colleagues who are joining us today.Nathan Lee he's the president of the.meets Amber Lee Foundation which he.founded in 2008 he's really the driving.force behind so many improvements in.public safety since starting with.initiatives relating to 911 procedures.training and quality assurance he's uh.an acclaimed trainer if you've had the.pleasure of joining his training.sessions you know how fantastic he is.he's also a consultant and speaks it.quite of the quite a few of the national.international and regional conferences.Walter's not pleased to be joined by a.share alarm Berg she serves as the board.of directors of the nice amber Lee.foundation and she functions as the.Quality Assurance director of the.foundation she talks with senior.consultants and partner of precept.concepts and solutions she's a.registered public safety leader and.emergency number professionals her.emergency communications career began in.1970 and includes police fire and EMS.dispatching supervision and nine Milan.coordination in addition to her last.position as an executive director which.he's held for more than 20 years at the.executive director of a.multi-jurisdictional multi-discipline.pizza in the Chicagoland area she was.responsible for providing general.management overall policy directions and.fits group control of the 5.5 million.dollar budget with a staff of 50.employees.she's also the past president of a.Curacao Illinois ACO and served in.various elected chapter positions 1985.through 2004.as you can see she's got a quite a.colorful background and was also very.involved in the Quality Assurance.standards initiative that should be.reviewing at this point I'd like to turn.it over to Nathan who will take you.through the story and the founding of.Binney Family Foundation.thank you very much Patrick really.appreciate the opportunity the VPI is.allowed the foundation to partner with.and and I really appreciate everyone for.taking the time to be on this webinar.today it's you know become such a hot.topic and and should be a hot topic in.the 911 industry and that's Quality.Assurance and how important it is and.and why we why hopefully every heavy.9-1-1 center in the country within five.years will have quality assurance of.some of some form or fashion and it's.we're gonna kind of go over a lot of.that today what I want to do is just.kind of give some some of the folks on.here a background of the story of my.wife and why the denise Amberleigh.foundation even exists I'm sure a lot of.you that are on here are familiar with.it but I just wanted to do a quick.overview again and the reason I wanted.to do that is because I think you know.Quality Assurance was embraced in this.9-1-1 center back in 2008 I really.believe that I wouldn't be here today.would be and so so what I want to do.Denise was kidnapped and raped and.murdered back on January 17 2008 by a.man named Michael King who was a.complete stranger who police believe.that it that it took place around.fourteen thirty that he came to our.house around 2:30 in the afternoon and.took Denise from her house leaving our.two little boys in the home alone in the.house alone.on the city of North Port is situated.about halfway between Tampa and Fort.Myers on Florida's west coast and North.Port has their own Police Department but.they're only a secondary piece Abby just.dispatched law enforcement Sarasota.County is the main piece app in that.area who answers all the wireless not.one calls and ironically enough made.this story I think more more tragic and.also more popular.on a on a national level it's just the.fact that Denise's father ripped off.with a with the sheriff's sergeant with.the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office at.the time and still is currently to this.day which is one of the agencies that.was involved in this actually the agency.that made the biggest mistake that could.have saved my wife's life so there was a.total of five 9-1-1 calls made on that.day one for myself which was when I came.home and found my two little kids no one.Adam home alone and Denise wasn't there.the second call was actually made by.denise herself at 18 14 that evening.from the captors phone in the back of.his green camaro Cayman is a phase-one.not one call they were only able to get.at our location so there was no lat/long.no-face - and so they were not able to.get the exact location or an estimated.location of where Denise was but another.16 minutes later probably the most.critical 9-1-1 call out of all of them.was made by a woman named Jane Kowalski.who was at a stoplight right at the.charlotte county and Sarasota County.line install which he thought was a.child screaming the backseat I'm banging.on the window.they proceeded after the stoplight she.took off from the light to Michael cane.got behind her and she calls 911 which.got routed to Charlotte County Sheriff's.Office because they just crossed into.Charlotte County now a call taker 15.years took that call realized it was.Denise based on the description that the.caller gave of the person driving the.vehicle and the vehicles description and.at that moment she stands up and yells.that info to the two radio dispatchers.across the room now the call taker.because she had a 50 was a 15 year.veteran at the time and there was no.Quality Assurance procedure there was no.there was a very lackluster level of.accountability and supervision in that.Center at the time she had a history of.writing things down on paper because she.started on cards early in her career and.she was not held up to a standard of.having the tight thinking the cat in.real-time and that started becoming an.issue in that calm.with her other co-workers the.dispatchers were getting fed up overtime.that she wasn't doing that and that she.was shouting information or writing.things down and passing it to the to the.dispatchers in the comm center and I.guess that because of the chaos because.this went from nothing in a few hours to.one of the largest manhunts in southwest.florida history that actually involved.the daughter of one of their own because.of the chaos in the 911 center those two.dispatchers basically told her to put in.the call in the CAD and then will.dispatch it and the call taker never.entered a new call for service in the.catch she entered a update into the.existing bolo call that was already open.for Denise's disappearance.no one saw it the dispatchers never saw.it and no one was ever dispatched.regarding that night will one call so.Michael King then drove another four.miles down the road pulled off on a.barricaded Street that was under.construction and takes Danice out of the.car shoots her and then buries her on a.shallow grave.luckily Michael King was found was seen.leaving that same road a few hours later.and he spotted entering southbound i-75.where he's later arrested by Florida.Highway Patrol trooper and he was later.convicted in 2009 and his currents and.is currently sentenced to the death.penalty and is on death row so you know.one of the other things it was that was.very interesting in this case was you.know it took it took almost two full.days to get to find a nice she was.finally located and obviously all the.evidence that they found was very.critical and getting him convicted of.the death penalty so so after realizing.all of this happened over the weeks and.months that ensued after this happened.and really getting motivated inspired by.not only our local community but also.but mainly from your industry the 911.industry here getting letters emails.Facebook MySpace messages in support and.expressing their apologies for what.happened and how the 911 system let let.us down and let Denise down.I really.wanted to do something to give back and.to help the industry I learned of a lot.of the challenges that the industry.faces from training standards to lack of.lack of standards with quality assurance.and a lot of the technological advances.are a lot of the technological issues.that you all face every day our cell.phone location and other things so I was.inspired and wanted to do something.positive to turn this negative tragedy.into a positive so I decided to form the.Denice and relief foundation when we.currently have a national board of.directors from all over the country and.you heard Sheryl is one of those Board.of Directors and we're just really.really really happy and thrilled to see.the difference that denise has made over.the last few years and and in all.honesty that wouldn't have been possible.it's a 9-1-1 industry wouldn't have.allowed us to do that and so I'm.extremely grateful to have the.opportunity not only today but to travel.the country like we do teaching the.story and trying to do anything can help.with our mission statement is the.support promote public safety team.uniform training standardized protocols.to find measureable outcomes or quality.assurance and technological advances to.the Navajo system and as I just.mentioned we really want to be that.driving force and be that emotional.driving force because we've seen the.power of her story and how it can be.used in a positive way so as I mentioned.a little bit before I I think our vision.and our partnership vision with VP I and.I know Cheryl and myself and other.members of our foundation we really.envision to see every piece at employing.quality assurance processes within five.years and I think that's an achievable.goal I think it's such a hot topic now.and it's extremely important not only as.Cheryl is gonna get into not only for.just trying to prevent these types of.tragedies from happening and identifying.as Gordon Graham would say those risky.behaviors and identifying risky habits.but it's also a great tool to use for.the positives and to tell the people in.a calm Center how amazing they are and.how well they're doing because that's.not happening enough and all the.negative that they have to deal with.it's really important that a common.center focus focuses on those things.that they actually can control and that.is you know making sure they're.recognizing their their greatest.resource which is which are the people.the telecommunicator is answering 9-1-1.calls but some of the other services and.some of the other programs that the.foundation.been trying to do and it has been doing.over the last few years we do training.classes across the country have.developed a four and eight hour training.course we're actually in the process of.developing some other ones that we're.teaching across the country as Patrick.mentioned we do we do attend all the.national conferences and many state.conferences and regional conferences.telling the story and talking about.other hot topics as far as like hiring.the right people quality assurance and.teamwork different things like that.but this new program that we're.launching now that Cheryl is taken on is.to try to help and consult with with 911.centers in helping them develop a.quality assurance procedure our program.or improving an existing program that.they already have and based around that.new quality assurance ansi standard that.came out this past april so like i said.i'm really really honored and privileged.to have the opportunity to be here today.once again I want to thank PPI but I'm.gonna pass it over now to Cheryl who has.now become a very very close friend of.mine she's a member like I mentioned of.our board of directors I got to meet.Cheryl many years ago probably five or.six years ago when I attended the.Illinois applicants and was a speaker.and we over the next few years started.working more and more together on the.importance of quality assurance and I.recognized her passion for trying to do.anything she can to help this most.important industry on the planet in my.opinion so Cheryl it's my honor and.privilege to to introduce you thank you.thank you so much Nathan that was very.kind I'd like to start out telling.everyone a very interesting incident.that occurred that I think speaks.strongly to our topic today there is a.dispatch center that I'm aware of.that on this particular day had both a.call taker and dispatcher being the same.person while they had multiple TCS on.duty they did both tests of the call.taking and dispatching and a call came.in for a house fire and the gentleman.explained to his address and the call.taker then immediately dispatched the.responding fire units they got on the.scene and they were able.to save part of this gentleman's house.and rescue him from the second-floor.bedroom the fire chief was so pleased.with how well this call had gone and how.well his staff members have handled the.fire scene that he actually took the.time to contact the peace app and say.you guys did a great job thanks for.being a partner with us well this just.doesn't happen very often at least not.in my experience especially if you're a.separate piece a but not attached to.either directly a police department or a.fire department we're sort of the.invisible part of the Public Safety.Triangle no less important we just are.not visible so the the chief called and.this day there happened to be an acting.supervisor who was really pleased that.the chief took the time to actually.commend the the tasks that had been done.so he congratulated the call taker.dispatcher and he wrote a little email.and sent it to the off-duty supervisor.off duty supervisor was equally pleased.you know this is a feather in his cap.for his shift to actually get a verbal.commendation from the fire chief again.not something that happens very often so.he sent it back to the call taker.dispatcher.and the shift as a whole great job guys.really made us proud and copied it to.the deputy director deputy director was.even more pleased well this is really.good you know when things work well and.the Public Safety entities all come.together said this is a great thing I'm.really really pleased so he sent a more.formalized congratulations back to the.call taker dispatcher and happy the.director director sent a formal.congratulatory letter to the call taker.dispatcher actually came in and said you.know he did a great job in front of the.peers.couldn't have gone any better we're.really proud and at the next directors.meeting he informed his bosses of this.particular situation and the board said.you know next time we have a meeting why.don't you bring that person in because.we'd like to show our appreciation for a.job really well done has this ever.happened in your pizza.wouldn't you be proud wouldn't you be.excited there's just one problem.nobody listened to the tape my house is.on fire.I'm at 1 2 3 Main Street I am.handicapped and I am trapped in the.northeast corner of my house on the.second floor please send help at no time.did the call taker dispatcher ever tell.the responding units that they had a.trapped individual who was handicapped.and precisely where in the house that.person was only by the grace of God did.the fire department find this gentleman.and get him out of his house safely now.the person certainly should not only not.have received all these congratulatory.messages emails and commendations they.should have been disciplined at the very.least this was a horrible mistake and.had the media gotten a hold of this this.could very very easily have been on.20/20 or date life if this had gone.wrong and the gentleman had not survived.and they played back the tape and they.went oh my gosh a very serious change.next please all the training in the.world is useless if the professional.telecommunicator isn't being.continuously monitored and reinforced.for proper procedures as far as I'm.concerned management or a supervisor.senior management could be standing on.the operations floor right next to a TC.who is taking a call and be totally.unaware of how the incident is being.handled because the information is going.into the headset so only one side of the.conversation can be heard so if you are.not doing quality assurance you do not.know what your people are doing you have.no way of knowing what your people are.doing next please.why Quality Assurance first thing to.assure that proper protocols and.procedures are followed because that.will deliver consistent quality of.service established credibility and.accountability with our public safety.partners and highlight strong skills and.abilities in your TCS as well as.identified weaknesses minimize risk the.defense against liability lawsuits is.quality assurance because the quote.unquote.I don't know that what's happening is no.defense you will lose that case when.there's quality assurance that you could.have used but didn't assessing training.effectiveness there's a perfect example.in my piece F we had a relatively new TC.and she just flew through training and.everybody was saying this one's gonna be.a star she's got everything covered when.we looked at the key ways we found a.strange anomaly on domestics she was.forgetting and.assistant Lee to ask about weapons huge.officer safety issue the rest of the.call was textbook but you forgot the.weapons so here is a targeted training.issue for a singular employee because.quality assurance pointed that out so we.can make our employees better in the.areas where they need to be more.informed and better improve employees.motivation and reduction than turnover.so often TCS are told what they are.doing wrong but seldom notified when.they have done things well now I realize.fully that this is not a profession that.gets a lot of accolades but Quality.Assurance is one way where you can.consistently point out those who are.doing the things well timely and.consistent feedback boosts confidence.and performance athletes for a job well.done.is a significant morale booster now.unfortunately turnover in TCS is.somewhere between 50 and 70 percent.which is a major negative impact on your.staff CTOs budget and organization as a.whole.next please.several Quality Assurance standard are.required by organizations such as echo.the American Society of testing and.materials.Kalea neck mech the National Center for.Missing and Exploited Children of course.nina and NFPA all of them require some.form of QA some are suggested some are.mandated in the state of Illinois EMD.calls are mandated to be quality assured.reviewed but not fleece and not fire.well we're trying to fix that next.please.the Nena aapko 911 surance standards.defines the recommended minimum.components and best practices of quality.assurance quality improvement program.within the public safety communication.centers recommended minimum requirements.for the evaluation of call processing.are intended to ensure a consistent.effective and efficient level of service.this was a very collaborative effort.next please by all of the people that.you see here it was an eye-opener for me.to see the various organizations all.come together for a common goal to put.this out because quality assurance is so.important we had Africa we had Nina.we had the International Academy of.emergency dispatch we had powerful and.we had peace app leaders from across the.country all working on this so that it.would be seamless and easy to use for.the Peace apps around the country.next place the overview this is a.starting point for any size agency.we have done all the heavy lifting the.committee worked very hard to put.together something that any agency could.use whether they had money or no money.in their budget for us.it is absolutely free it costs nothing.to use it it is voluntary unfortunately.not mandatory it is very easy to.implement it's a complete system for all.call types we have scoring templates in.Excel for law enforcement fire and EMS.both in call taking and in dispatching.and then of course it's vendor and.product agnostic we wanted to make sure.that it went out so that everybody could.use it depending are not depending on.what they have now next please.the key sections there's the general.agency responsibilities the qie.evaluator duties and responsibilities.the components of QA system review.process requirements performance review.and evaluation procedures the.documentation criteria the reporting.criteria the recommendations for.improvement feedback criteria and action.plans and the objectives of the QA.program are accountability.determining the areas of excellence and.those of concern mentoring motivating.improvements regular feedback helping.retention and document document document.the less is more principal just does not.work in public safety communications.next please.selecting your evaluators these should.be supervisors or managers or possibly.if you have a separate qae as in the.larger organizations which can afford to.have somebody there full time just do.Hue's the selection is very important.the quality public safety professional.who reviews telecommunicator work.performance and documents an evaluation.of level of compliance with agency.directives and standards this person.should know your agency's policies and.procedures front to back they should be.dedicated to your agency's advancement.within the public safety community they.should be without any doubt and I cannot.stress this strongly enough someone who.has integrity.they must be honest fair and ethical no.friendship discounts can't be well you.didn't know this exactly right but is.that he's a really nice guy or you know.that that's that's the guy I went out.last night with or or the flip don't.like that person so I'm gonna judge them.more critically that is unacceptable and.of course they need to exhibit.professional attitude in behavior as.well as performance your Quality.Assurance evaluator is expected to be.thorough consistent and objective review.of recorded calls and dispatches and.rate them on the QA forms the evaluation.should be combined with review and CAD.records and notes to confirm that all.the necessary information was requested.collected and entered accurately the QA.e is to provide timely feedback and he.or she is responsible for generating and.disseminating QA reports as defined by.your particular agency next please.okay as starting point we are.recommending 2% of all calls now that.may be overly burdensome to an agency.that is large so they may need to decide.that it's going to be possibly something.less arduous than the 2% I mean if you.have 700,000 calls that would be 1400 q.ways in a year and that may be too.burdensome for someone who does not have.separate QA ease so when you're setting.this up you want to select a random call.or dispatch for evaluation if it's a.hang-up or other type of call that won't.produce useful QA results you need to.select another one however if the QA e.should never manipulate the call process.by disregarding a call or dispatch that.has gone wrong to secure one with a.better score because that will undermine.the entire process P saps.agencies in a normal business day should.review about 2% but again if that's.overly burdensome that they can decide.on a more realistic level of case review.the catastrophic losts if you have.exceptional loss of human life or.significant dollar amount of property.then that's something you probably want.to review as well not as random.selection but as a defined and dedicated.call also the high acuity emergency.situations that require an elevated or.atypical emergency response such as a.service may involve large-scale.incidents that result in significant.loss of life or property damage or of.such magnitude that they produce high.stress reactions and telecommunicators.and early emergency responders as well.as the.and that may be a key if you think the.press is going to be looking into this.it's something you want to review before.they're knocking on your door or calling.you on the phone.next please okay setting up your forms.again we try to make this as simple and.objective as possible the answers to.questions are yes or no refused or not.applicable so you determine the the.value point for each question next slide.please.then for each question the more.important the question the larger the.point value should be each category is.scored separately based upon the.percentage of total points for that rule.a target of total score for each.evaluation should ultimately be at least.90 percent though you may start with a.lower threshold such as 75% and work up.to this target in steps of 2 to 5%.increases every three months until you.hit that that gives your staff time to.acclimate to this new process in the.beginning you may find the scores to be.not what you would like them to be but.you want to give them time to improve.and if you have a feedback they know.what they're doing right they know what.they're doing wrong it is highly.recommended to thoroughly explain the QA.process to your staff members prior to.implementing the program I cannot stress.that enough.don't want to just drop this in on them.you want to show them what you're going.to be evaluating how you're going to be.evaluating it so they have a sense of.what their responsibilities are the.program will be.better accepted when you start up.selecting calls or dispatches that have.positive results so that the.telecommunicators do not become.apprehensive of the QA process this is.the one and only time that I would.recommend that you select the calls not.necessarily in random fashion.the first experience with the QA system.should be good one so you may have to.look through a few calls to find oh.that's a good one I don't suggest.manufacturing a call just start out on a.good foot where the TC is getting a pat.on the back so sort of worm instead of.cold pricklies next please.okay setting up your forms the.evaluation results categories you have.exceeds requirements so the excellent.performance is promoted and noted.promptly and recognized meets.requirements they're following your.policy they did what you expected them.to do or needs improvement and you want.to have a prompt review turnaround and.possible coaching where necessary and.needed the QA review identifies calls or.incident processing issues that need.improvement an unacceptable QA score.below the board should be signed by both.the supervisor and the recipient it is.very helpful to have the TC review the.audio of the call taking or the.dispatching and grade the incident.themselves this methodology assists in.making the conversion with the.supervisor to be more objective and they.are more more productive dissemination.the TC should always receive a copy of.their completed QA evaluation as soon as.possible time is of the essence in.making QA process a valuable learning.tool the Quality Assurance standard.recommendation that the original.evaluation should be placed in the.employees personnel jacket to be.incorporated as part of their periodic.annual or quarterly performance.evaluations if you did two calls per.week times 52 weeks for each TC that.would give you a hundred and four few.A's for their performance evaluation at.the end of the year making it a far more.objective process than a subjective one.next please.calibration I cannot stress how.important calibration is whether you.have one qae or whether in my case I had.six that happened to be the supervisors.they each had the responsibility for.doing Quality Assurance on their shows.QA evaluators need to be periodically.assess to ensure that they are being.fair and equitable in their evaluation.techniques it is very important that.management periodically review their.evaluations to ensure fairness and.consistency senior management should.select a couple of call taking and.dispatching incidents for review grade.the incidents and then ask the QA or QA.EES to do the same if the scores do not.match discuss the discrepancy with the.outlier how did they come to that.conclusion and remind the evaluators.that there is absolutely no room for.opinions and friendship discounts the.questions are objectively answered with.either yes or no never sort of kind of.or maybe or the person's having a bad.day I'm going to give them a pass I'm.going to say they say they did what they.didn't do this will totally undermine.your entire process so it is so.important that not only do the senior.management periodically sit down with.the QA es or QA e and say okay here.grade this but randomly just go in there.and grab one of their reviews and do it.yourself and say okay this is done.correctly or need to talk to this QA e.and get them right on the track where.they belong.calibration holds your team accountable.with regular calibration sessions the.participants should be of course your QA.es your supervisors which may be one in.the same your managers and possibly even.your.trainers calibration frequency.I would certainly start in the beginning.with weekly and then once you get.everybody calibrated and they know that.senior management is checking then we.can handle it monthly and now I will.turn it over to Patrick talking about.improving the consistency in the.fairness the productivity and the impact.of your QA program so when it started.off first by going through a store I was.talking to a communication supervisor.and asked them to kind of describe the.their typical QA workflow how that looks.like and some of you may not your head.as I go through this but first you know.they searched through the CAD records.and then an emergency pops up and is he.kind of described it then we begin.searching in the logging recorder trying.to find the call then getting distracted.again and return to the search in the.recorder and then they would burn their.recordings to a CD and send those to.Quality Assurance then the QA e the.quality evaluator would score the call.and in one of the templates in a.spreadsheet and then the supervisor.would receive a printout and the call.taker would receive instruction often.you know two to four weeks after the.actual call took place so some of you.may be nodding your head that this may.be similar to your workflow but it is.common to what we see today so I just.wanted to go talk about nine of the kind.of benefits of using aq a software tool.again it's it's important to note that.these tools you know there's some.fantastic spreadsheet templates.available through the standard highly.recommend starting with those unless you.have a good foundation in your QA.program you know the tools we'll just.they'll help you improve the efficiency.and effectiveness of your program but.you really need a solid foundation so.it's just important.that you don't need these tools but.these just help with the efficiency so.one thing the first thing important to.note is that the QA software does work.side by side with any logging recorder.so what we do is we record a copy of the.console audio and then you get to choose.up to three monitors you like recorded.as well so it's a total pixel size that.usually is about three monitors so it.could be the Mehcad screen the mapping.screen and another screen and you'll.actually see that when you play back.when you're evaluating the call you.actually get to see the screen video.plays back like a movie so you can see.how call takers are navigating through.the CAD system and so forth so gives you.another perspective and it will continue.recording screens even after during the.wrap time even after the actual call.audio has ended then this is the real.secret sauce this is what really helps.improve the efficiency is what we do is.as we're recording the console audio and.screens we actually tag incident.information from the CAD system directly.to those recorded calls so things like.incident ID incident location the.incident type is obviously a big one for.quality assurance right because there's.these high acuity high priority calls.that you might want to evaluate a.hundred percent of those types of calls.or maybe in your jurisdiction you're.required to do 100% of things like.cardiac arrests or 100% of domestic.violence call now you can easily just.search by those those incident types or.you know a lot of people also just use.this to find incidents quicker searching.by incident ID so go in there and just.type in the answer and ID and pull up.all the calls related to that incident.so anything that shows up in the CAD.system we just look at a copy of the CAD.database or not direct and integrating.directly to the CAD which is the.mirrored copy of the database allows us.to possibly capture that information.while we're recording two calls so.virtually any CAD system it works with.another thing is the we've built in and.these almost all these capabilities were.designed by our customers so they said.hey we'd love the opto nena standard QA.forms in this offer so we built them out.of the box you can start with those you.can tweak them adjust them change the.point scales the ratings and so forth.but at least you have a great starting.point there's you know six fantastic.templates that are provided in the.standard there's a you know the EMS for.call taking dispatching law enforcement.and fire both on call taking in this.fashion so you have a nice starting.point there and then using that CAD data.or just a random rule right because it.could just be a random rule of 2% of all.calls you know that weren't hangups.maybe they're over 30 seconds long you.can create business rules in the.background to automatically schedule the.calls for either your QA e s if you have.dedicated QA es or supervisors maybe you.have a you know a team of supervisors.that that do QA on on other teams first.thing in the morning they hammer these.out essentially what they get is it to.be with they don't have to go look into.the recording system to look for the.call it'll automatically serve them up.it'll tell them the type of call if it's.a rule that's elected it may be it's a.high priority.I call it will it will let them know.that as well if you'd like and then it.knows what type of call it is it'll pull.up the appropriate QA form so it'll pull.up either you know the the MS for fire.law enforcement or you may have one just.for non-emergency customer service call.some agencies have that as well it'll.pull up the form along with the audio on.the screen and just not having to go.into the recording system to find calls.that'll easily double the evaluator.productivity this point I'd like to.share a case study so this is a Hamilton.County Chattanooga Tennessee.Tammy Chamberlin runs the quality.assurance program over there she does a.fantastic job.we used to struggle to perform 90 QA.checks a month announcements they've.implemented the QA software and the.business rules to automatically schedule.call we're now at 1680 QA evaluations.for month and keep increasing so this is.you know more than two thousands and.eighteen times of the number of.evaluations they can perform each month.which is significant and I'll show you.kind of how they did that so there are a.larger agency with 130 telecommunicators.answer over 2,000 calls a day on average.and they do respond for law enforcement.fire and EMS so there and now at a point.where they're reviewing at least five to.twelve calls for dispatcher per month.and that's be kind of the secret sauce.here is we put a business wrong place.that says you know we have a hundred and.fifty different cat incident types right.and what we want to do is we want to.look at that incident type and if it's.EMS bucket it into the EMS bucket it's a.fire type we'll put it in the fire.bucket and law enforcement put it in in.that pocket and then what they do what.they do is they like to their goal is.and what they're doing it's seven.percent of ems seven percent of fire.three percent of police and then a.smaller amount of non-emergency calls.and those automatically get scheduled to.the appropriate to a for evaluation so.as you can see you know you imagine.having that we kind of went through the.work for having to go into the cat cyst.and find each of these types of calls.we'll just take a lot of time just.finding the calls but now they can focus.on more on the actual Quality Assurance.evaluation and the coaching so a big.portion of Cheryl mention of the of the.standard focuses on delivering feedback.in a timely manner right so this is.critical so that people are making the.same mistake over and over again so if.you only you know doing a few quality.assurance and but you're not coaching.till the end of the month you know two.things happen.they don't always remember those calls.it's not a significant of a coaching.impact but the other thing is they could.be making the same mistake over and over.right until they get that coaching so by.you know Cheryl suggestion of doing you.know a few calls or a couple calls per.week is a great one and it gives more.consistent feedback one thing we've.we've developed with our customers is.these little tickers and allows you to.put metrics you know Quality Assurance.metrics or other metrics maybe it's the.number of calls process time to dispatch.speed of answer right we're for.gathering you know that those metrics.for me to the phone system the console.for the the CAD system and you can put.them into these tickers but the key one.here is the Quality Assurance score and.as soon as that evaluation is completed.in the ticker the the call taker.dispatcher is able to see their most.recent QA score and they can click on it.and they can then listen to the their.evaluated call and see the comments and.everything and if they'd like to they.can provide common facts so they can.provide you know comments back to the.evaluator or maybe there's some sort of.dispute or something they can do that.and all that is documented so when you.print out the the former or put it into.the records all those comments are there.as well so really helps with.documentation and then of course the.timely feedback so they can figure out.what they did wrong and and make those.adjustments and corrections so this this.slide talks to Cheryl the last point on.calibration it's critical that that.evaluators are calibrated so if you have.you know either supervisors or qae doing.the evaluations or some agencies even.allow for call taking dispatchers to do.some self-evaluation as well it can't be.valuable it allows you to essentially.select a call and it's not going to.necessarily won't be graded for an.individual call tech or dispatcher but.you use it for.this calibration session everyone gets.that in their to-do lists they now have.to calibrate that within it'll tell them.the due date of when it needs to be cord.by and and then it allows you to pull up.reports to see how people are calibrated.the different values not only on an.overall basis but by different segments.within the QA form or most importantly.the individual questions right because.it's great you know you could have a.straight line across here.everyone's calibrated overall right is.let's say 90% but if you look at the.individual questions are there.discrepancies between the evaluators and.it's really important to look at the.question level to provide a really.robust reporting around the calibration.as well.built-in coaching tools or recordings.and quality assurance evaluations tend.to be fantastic fantastic tools to use.and not only new hire training but.ongoing coaching so we allow you to.redact calls you know you can use the.screen recordings the audio recordings.as training clips and and redact parts.you know where there might be some.sensitive information you don't want to.share and then this is a really nifty.one that was came from feedback from.from a customer is hey you know we have.these tickers we'd love to be able to.send messages to the tickers and and so.what we allow you to do is add an action.to each question in your QA form so you.can add an action and then action might.be just as simple as a message right.that's kind of work started a message.that pops up in the ticker that says hey.you forgot to do this on your last QA.that was just created.please remember to do this next time and.they have to click OK and acknowledge it.they can't say you know you never told.me to do that because it's it's.automated right the system's.automatically sending that message out.whatever method you type in below the.question will automatically get.delivered it could also be a video a PDF.an e-learning course for those of you or.maybe doing some eLearning it can.trigger that and send that out.as well so I'm a great tool to.standardize kind of the coaching across.shifts across supervisors this will.automatically happen it's not to be used.as a replacement for live coaching but.it's a supplement to that and then in.our latest release we've also included a.kind of real-time dashboard so if you.take care of your eye to the right here.you see flag calls scheduled for QA.review and some people call this a.dashboard I call it a workspace this is.where you can start evaluating calls.right from here you log in here's your.to-do list so we can also since we are.gathering metrics from the CAD system.and you know the phone system you can.also display any type of metrics you've.trended over time it could be you know.called handled or you know QA scores or.speed of answer times-dispatch.whatever is important to your agency.some agencies even put these up on well.as wall boards kind of on TV monitors.for others to see as well so really nice.customized are important you can create.a dashboard and push it out to all.supervisors and they get the same one.relevant to their team and to what they.focus on so not everyone has to create.their own you just create one and push.it out and then kind of the last.capability that we created and we worked.with prior dispatch on this they have a.team that does evaluations for other.agencies and and they were looking for a.way to improve efficiency so we work.with them just to put a playback button.within their software which will.automatically play the file I was.talking to someone they're probably.dispatched just at the aapko Atlantic.show hear reason this week and they said.you know on average you know it could.take up to you know 14 minutes or so to.do the evaluation and ADA that could be.just finding the call in the system so.by kind of.moving that time you know and just.having them play the callback right from.aqua that's a great little app that we.provide for any of those who may be.using party dispatch for either EMD.and/or a police or fire and to kind of.close it out wanted to just put this.quote up from our customer Matt.Stillwell is a colleague of mine from.the city of Edmond a comprehensive QA.process can not only expose if someone's.not doing their job right.it can also expose whether or not the.policies we have in place are in line.with what we need to provide good.quality service to all citizens right.and that really stresses you know doing.Quality Assurance on all call types not.just EMD because of you know that's what.citizens expect they expect good service.on all of the call types that were.handling thank you so much and thank you.Nathan and Cheryl sorry I was on mute.there for a little bit but just really.appreciate everyone's time and I see.there's a lot of great questions that.have come in and we'll go ahead and and.start answering some of your questions.here so so what does it standard what is.the standard released in April where can.I get it.so it's available if you just type in.app go Nina a quality assurance standard.in Google you will find it on the App Go.website and you can download it right.there and in PDF format if you'd like.talk about it's also available on the.Nena website with the spreadsheets in.Excel form in fqo they are in the PDF.perfect that's a great tip so if you.guys want to download the spreadsheet.template which will you know kind of.help you get started you can start that.use those as a starting point you could.visit a Mina site for that as well so.make sure we will be sending you a copy.of a recorded copy of the web.and also copy of the PDF slide that you.can use as well so you'll receive those.early next week.that was one of the questions so this.one's for Cheryl do you think it's.necessary to have at the beads in place.prior to starting a QA Qi program that.is a great question and the answer is.absolutely yes.you can't grade someone or you shouldn't.grade someone if the TC doesn't know.clearly what your expectations are in.the the new standard there our sample.criteria for scoring and anyone who is.interested if they will email me very.clearly do they want law enforcement do.they want EMS or do they want fire or do.they want them all I will send them the.whole packet in Excel along with the.scoring criteria and how to customize.the actual of spreadsheets so that they.fit with your agency not only what the.questions are but you can also change.the numeric score for each question.things that you think are more important.of course have a higher score less.important a smaller score.thank you sure and I know we're at the.top of the hour but there are some.fantastic questions that have come in so.we'll stay on for five more minutes for.those of you you can stay with us.alright this is for Cheryl as well.agency handles 4,000 calls annually.we're currently writing and updating our.SOPs and QA program the 2% of call seems.overly burdensome for us how do we.determine appropriate number of.percentage of calls to evaluate who's.doing the evaluation is it a qae.or multiple qyz or are they off line.supervisors would be my question yeah.not sure we'll get the answer to that.right now but however we try 1% okay.thank you I want first undo that for the.larger agencies where it's overly.burdensome try cutting it in half and.see if that's possible and if that's not.possible you'll.you'll happen to make it something that.works and that's an individual agency.issue the 2% is a recommendation yeah I.would agree with that so I think you're.right on I mean if you can do one.percent right whatever that ends up.being at a minimum at least one a week.right so there is continuous feedback.but you definitely want to see if you.can't get up to one percent and one a.week would be one a week would be the.absolute minimum that's the minimum.agreed and usually there's two parts to.the call you've got the call taking and.then you have the dispatching which may.or may not be the same person so.actually from my perspective it needs to.be at least two per employee per week.and an absolute minimum.great thank you.on the QA forms do you calculate the.overall score based on an average of the.section of scores or as a percentage of.total points earned or total point value.total point value and it calculates it.it's actually all of the calculations.are in the spreadsheet for you and again.the explanation document tells you how.to standardize that but you'll get a.percentage for each of these sections.and then a total percentage okay thank.you.have you experienced or handled any unit.objectives injections show no we were a.union shop and we were Union shop for.20-some years basically we do not have a.performance-based raise system.unfortunately but it is what it is so no.did not have any backlash from the.unions but again you need to explain.this to the staff before you implement.it and to go back to the first question.yes you need to have your policies or.your criteria.clearly laid out so that your staff.members know what the expectations are.and again when we started back I don't.know 10 12 years ago we started at the.75th percentile and there were some.people that were just right there at the.75th we said okay we're going to run.this for three months and we're going to.show you and then turnaround was very.important here here's what you're doing.right here's what you need to work on.here's what you're excelling at after.three months it went from 75 to 80 and.then three months later it went to 85.and then three months later it went to.90 we also in a pretty elaborate frame.every month we put a list of every TC.that had a consistent score for every QA.at 96% or above those are your stars and.you would be surprised they want to see.their name up there so again there's it.there's a way of giving somebody an.accolade fantastic thank you there are.several questions on which CAD systems.does the BPI QA software integrate with.and so we have play two dozen that we've.integrated with there's not one we have.male 2 so far so we're just looking.again at a copy of the database which.typically can provide be provided by.either IT or or the can vendor user will.help out with that as well so we love to.work with you on that and then fuse them.we might be able to help you attack CAD.data to the recording and then here's a.question so what are your.recommendations Errol for working.supervisors that are online throughout.the entire shift you have a very tough.job absolutely.in my mind working supervisors are the.middle of the hourglass.you've got senior management above and.you have the TCS below and everything.filters through the working supervisor.on the way up and on the way down so.pets.to the working supervisor you are.paramount to the Wellness of your.organization try and find a little time.somewhere where senior management will.allow you to unplug so that you can do.your QA and if you do you know one a day.then at the end of the week hopefully.you will have some of them done or that.you could plug unplug and work at.another console position that's quiet.while you do your QA s-- but no it is.not an easy position to do and certainly.if you had it automated it would be much.more easily handled than if you were.trying to do it manually one of the.things that I was most impressed with.VPI and I'm not easily impressed was.their ability to work with any recording.system you had initially I said well.when I heard about their their software.I thought well that's great but people.are not going to be able to afford a new.recording system and I was most pleased.to hear that this capability would work.with any recording system that you might.have in your p-set I think so.we have finished up here with one more.question and what we'll do is we'll.actually write a blog article with the.questions and answers we'll detail out.the answers and send you guys a link to.that article along with the PDF slide.and the webinar so this one is it's a.common one that comes up as well we're.using IAD IAD for EMV medical and can we.use this software for police and fire.and absolutely we have a lot of.customers that do do start out that way.you also can add the net playback button.in the in the aqua software if you use.aqua so you'll be able to speed up the.workflow for the for the EMD and then.you can just so you are evaluating.police and fire efficiently you can use.those forms within the BPI software.until perhaps you transition one day to.all.AED if you'd like to it's up to you so.that's a great question and there's some.more questions that come in but at this.time just wanted to thank Cheryl and.Nathan for the fantastic information and.just a passion that they have it's so.inspiring and we're really excited too.so you'll be seeing probably 9 1 QA.everyday everywhere you go we have nice.lapel pins and things that we're going.to be handing out at conferences and we.invite you to help us spread the word.and and and join us in our passion for.you know having every piece abs have a.formal consistent quality assurance.program within the next five years and.thanks for your time again we will.follow up next week with more.information if for those of you are.interested in either learning more about.other services by Adam Eaton relief.foundation or our software tools we're.happy to help you out and I look forward.to partnering with you thanks so much.and have a wonderful afternoon.

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