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operations environment of today is so.complex that the amount of information.is forcing us to use a mechanism to.analyze this vast amount of data this.mechanism is called operational estimate.there are two purposes of operational.estimate one is to understand the.problem operational environment and the.mission the other is to develop courses.of actions now please follow me on the.process model as we go through step by.step as you can see on the model this.phase also has two sub processes mission.analysis sub process and courses of.action development sub process and main.input of the both sub processes is the.strategic planning directive here you.can see what an SPD looks like.there are three main outputs of the.first sub process these are operational.design commanders planning guidance and.operational planning guidance people.usually confuse these two guidances.commanders planning guidance is a.guidance from operational level.commander to his Jo PG to develop.courses of actions and operational.planning guidance is another guidance to.trigger mission analysis process of the.tactical level course of action.development sub process also has three.outputs these are a course of action.chosen by the commander a refined.operational design which will be basis.for kin ops development in the second.phase and also for the components in.operational planning directive.thanks to the technology modern.operations planning process is now.collaborative concurrent and convergent.it is collaborative because we are able.to transfer our plans easily and in real.time it is concurring by the timely.inputs of all levels and it is.convergent in that the plans of.components nest within the plans of a.high level when the J OPG receives the.strategic planning directive from the.higher HQ the first issue should be to.understand the main idea of the.strategic commander then the J OPG.evaluates the available time for.planning while doing that they take into.account the earliest possible time of.deployment.other issues that the Jo PG must confirm.our authorization to deploy an.Operations liaison and recognition steam.authorization for direct liaison and.coordination with I US and NGOs and.requirement for the pre deployment of.enabling and initial entry forces.normally at phase two a warning order.should have been sent to subordinate.components however following the review.of the strategic planning guidance.operational level HQ may need to release.another warning order concerning the.nature of the mission and earliest.possible deployment of forces the.purpose of mission analysis is to define.operational conditions to be achieved.and identify critical operational.requirements and limitations basic.questions to be asked are what.conditions must be established to.achieve operational objectives what.effects are required to establish these.conditions what are the operational.actions necessary to create these.effects what are the required.capabilities and preconditions for.success what limitations have been.imposed on the use of military forces.what are the cooperation areas with.civilian organizations what kind of.operational risks can be identified at.this stage.J OPG we'll look at the strategic.planning directive to understand the.intent of the strategic commander the.end state limitations strategic military.objectives strategic military effects.rules of engagement provisional theater.of operations and joint operations area.at this stage j2 provides the J OPG with.an assessment of the main actors this.assessment later assists the Jo P G when.they are doing key factor analyzes and.center-of-gravity analyzes factor.analyzes we think that factor analyzes.is one of the most significant sub.process of whole planning activity and.maximum amount of time should be saved.for it the J OPG examines facts or.conditions of the operational.environment in order to determine their.impact on operational success the.deductions and conclusions gained from.this analysis are used for the design of.the operation here is the tool we use.for factor analysis in order to better.understand the logic of factor analysis.let's give this funny example you have.an appointment and you thought that you.can go there by walking before you go.out you checked the weather and saw that.it may rain here starts an intuitive.factor analysis process that we do in.daily life without even thinking that.what we do is a factor analysis and in.daily life we usually jump from the.factor to conclusion directly without.thinking deduction so what is the fact.here the fact is it may rain what is the.deduction from this fact or in other.words so what happens if it rains you.get wet yes that is the deduction.finally the conclusion is the answer to.the question of what should be done you.should take your umbrella with you that.is the action part for us simple isn't.it.now let's see a real example in a.non-combatants evacuation operation for.example the number of potential evacuees.is more than fifty thousand that is a.fact.so what military means of evacuation are.not enough for this task that is the.deduction so what should we do.civilian Seaways or Airways of.transportation should be included in the.deployment plans and that is the.conclusion we should allocate at least a.few days just for factor analysis for.this reason conclusions from the factor.analysis must advance our planning.efforts each conclusion should be marked.as an input to be used in the following.planning activities for example.conclusions would be a rule of.engagement critical vulnerability.critical requirement critical capability.joint action decisive condition effect.assumption limitation risk information.requirement precondition for success.strategic communication message or a.required civilian interaction by using.this method every branch or functional.area is asked to do factor analysis from.the perspectives of their area of.expertise to give a more systematic.approach to factor analysis factors can.also be categorized in FEM easy.framework and the conclusions which are.reached at the end of the analysis must.be grouped as factors related with.Forces factors related with time factors.related with space and factors related.with information having recorded all the.planning factors and their conclusions.the Jo PG identifies the key factors.that have direct effect on the.operations and then prepare them for the.mission analysis briefing.now it is time to learn another analyzes.center of gravity analysis is one of the.most misunderstood issues of the.planning process so what is center of.gravity and Lissa's and why do we make.such an analyzes center of gravity.analysis is a method to determine most.critical capability of an actor and then.to question how to find ways to negate.or protect this capability how do we.make center of gravity analysis before.giving you the definitions of the terms.I want to show you the tool we use for.center of gravity analysis as you can.see here we use a seven space tool at.the top we have the name of the actor.below it we have the main goal of that.actor and his actions to establish this.goal then we have four main spaces first.space is for center of gravity itself.second space the critical capabilities.third space is critical requirements.fourth space is for critical.vulnerabilities last space is for the.conclusion now let's look at the.definitions of these terms.center of gravity can be shortly defined.as a source of power of a system to act.the critical capabilities can be defined.as primary abilities that give the.center of gravity its strength critical.requirements can be defined as essential.conditions resources and means for a.critical capability to be fully.operative critical vulnerabilities can.be defined as weaknesses gaps or.deficiencies of critical requirements.those are the terms we use for making.center of gravity analysis but we are.mostly interested in the conclusion part.because in the conclusion part we define.which weaknesses gaps or deficiencies.could be exploited in an opponent and.protected in a friend later when we talk.about operational design we will see.where we can use these conclusions as.action items.there are many discussions on center of.gravity analysis we think that at the.operational level center of gravity.should be something concrete at the.operational level for example you cannot.say that will of the people is the.center of gravity that can be the case.at the strategic level but not at the.operational level at the operational.level center of gravity is usually a.unit a special equipment or a weapon in.order to better understand the logic.behind center of gravity analysis let's.look at an example you will never forget.take the railroad system what is the.most important capability of railroad.system the ability to move loads right.and what are the components or resources.to sustain this capability tracks fuel.operators carriages locomotives.administrative and support 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an opponent what are the.vulnerabilities of its critical.requirements and how can we exploit them.or if we are talking about the center of.gravity of a friend we question how we.can protect its vulnerabilities so that.the enemy cannot exploit it constraints.and restrains these two terms are often.confused and used interchangeably.however they are not synonymous.constraint is something that a unit.cannot do such as you cannot cross the.border into country X under any.circumstances a restraint on the other.hand is something you must do for.example unit alpha will conduct.reconnaissance in the vicinity of place.zulu and it will ensure that the hill.charlie is captured and held.assumptions during the planning of an.operation information gaps may hinder.the process in these cases it can be.necessary to make assumptions in order.to continue planning assumptions are.often the reasons a plan can fail for.this reason they must be kept to a.minimum number unless absolutely.necessary once you have an assumption.you treat it as a fact besides any.change in the assumption should be.evaluated very carefully for this reason.every assumption needs to have a risk.evaluation and if necessary a branch or.sequel's should be developed for this.risk operational risks during the.mission analysis the J OPG should.identify any risks to the achievement of.operational objectives risks have two.aspects first is the chance the.percentage that something will go wrong.and second is the resulting level of.impact on the operation once risks have.been identified the J OPG must consider.ways to mitigate each risk for the risk.evaluation we use a tool like this six.space tool for operational level risk.evaluation and here you can see a matrix.we use for visualization of risk.evaluation I will not go into detail but.risk evaluation is usually neglected in.operations planning however in a risk.evaluation if the conclusion is.unacceptable and risk mitigation cannot.reduce the risk to an acceptable level.the commander should be noticed.operational design operational design is.the visualization of commander's vision.for the transformation of current.operational situation into an acceptable.operational condition which was defined.by the higher HQ this transformation is.done through establishing decisive.conditions along different lines of.operation which lead to the achievement.of operational objectives while also.contributing to the achievement of.strategic objectives and finally end.state before for diving into the details.first let's have a look at the.definitions of actions effects and.decisive conditions actions are defined.generically as the process of doing.something to achieve an aim and effect.is defined as change in the state of a.system that results from one or more.actions a decisive condition is defined.as a combination of effects that when.achieved allows commanders to gain a.marked advantage over an opponent or.contribute materially to achieving an.operational objective as you can.understand from the definitions.objectives are built on effects and.effects are built on actions next step.in the design of the framework is to.arrange and sequence the decisive.conditions effects and actions main aim.is of this arrangement is to optimize.the use of forces and resources in a.time aligned operational design is the.most important planning tool we use in.this process in order to re-emphasize.the simple logic behind this tool we.have prepared a funny video for you.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].the operational framework development.begins with the J OPG drawing together.the results of factor analysis center of.gravity analysis the analysis of the.mission with the objectives and the.determination of the conditions to be.established at the beginning while.developing the operational design J OPG.presents a draft version of the.operational design to the commander then.the commander gives his inputs.concerning effects phases time and his.priorities when the commander's gives.his personal vision J OPG should also.identify potential risks and later have.the confirmation of the commander about.those risks a very significant issue.when designing the operational framework.is that all effects should be described.in a manner that can be measured for.this reason an assessment expert within.J OPG should always be present to make.sure that all effects which are being.created are measurable and a measurement.of effectiveness can be linked to the.effect that has been created one way to.question if the effects are word it.properly is to evaluate which measures.of effectiveness could be monitored.during the execution so that it would be.possible to confirm that the relevant.effect has been created measures of.effectiveness can also be developed.during the planning process and.execution process during the preparation.of operational framework J OPG may also.identify some joint actions required to.create the operational effects however.further development of the actions will.be a part of course of action.development.for defining the lines of operation one.practical way is to look at the.operational level objectives and link.each objective with a line of operation.which will be named in accordance with.it objective an important issue.concerning the decisive conditions is.that the actions required to create.certain effects of the decisive.conditions in a phase do not necessarily.have to start in the same phase they may.well start prior to the phase in.question by the way I think this is the.right time to talk about branches and.sequels when working on the operational.framework and especially risk analysis.Jo PG can identify possible decision.points please pay attention to what I.say I said decision point not decisive.condition decision point is a point in.space and time where it is anticipated.that the commander must make a decision.if something didn't go as planned or a.risk arose if there is a decision point.there should always be a branch plan or.sequels which will be linked to the.decision point another significant issue.is that branch plan and sequels are.different things.a branch plan is a contingency plan.based on circumstances whereas sequels.refers to subsequent operations after.the change in circumstances for example.during a non-combatants evacuation.operation a contingency plan to include.forcible initial entry to evacuate.people in case of a change in the.circumstances is an example for a branch.plan whereas plans on what to do next in.as such in hostile environment is a.sequel once the operational framework is.developed Jo PG may also develop draft.missions and objectives for the.components Jo PG should also make a.force analysis to make a comparison of.the forces designated for the mission.and troops required to carry out the.actions while doing that liaison.elements of the components should make.enough contribution to the J o PG about.the cave.abilities of their units mission.analysis briefing this is the format of.mission analysis briefing head of the Jo.PG take this format and carefully.orchestrate the development and conduct.of the briefing while a group is working.on the briefing another group from the J.o PG may draft operational planning.guidance which will be issued just after.the mission analysis briefing through a.mission analysis briefing the command.validates the results of the mission.analysis operational framework.provisional missions to subordinate.commanders precondition for success and.risk evaluation he also gives guidance.on criteria for course of action.development and broad terms on which.courses of action to develop in order to.facilitate the rapid release of an.operational planning guidance to.components a group within the Jo P G.makes required changes just after the.mission analysis briefing and send it to.the components purpose of this planning.guidance is to formally capture the.output of mission analysis briefing.including the operational design with.commanders inputs and give enough.information to components for planning.as you have seen we are doing a lot of.brain work during the mission analysis.part what we have produced here will be.used during the coal development and.then connotes development for this.reason please keep in mind that when you.are working on something for mission.analysis ask yourself does this thing.that I work on have any added value to.the process and again ask yourself what.I produced here will it be an input to.the following processes if you do not.have clear answers to these questions it.means that you did not fully understand.the logic of the planning process in.this situation we recommend you to take.the process model in your hand and work.on it one more.time for example take the center of.gravity analysis after deciding on the.center of gravity of an opponent if you.are leaving this finding as it is on the.paper and not integrating its results in.the operational design it also means.that you are missing the point in the.planning process now based on the.criteria we have told if you think that.you are doing fine you can go to next.step the curl development.

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