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Online Gas Service Form Request Guide

welcome to building Wisconsin I'm Stuart.Keith and on today's show well we're.continuing along with the steamfitters.as we learn more about our state's.natural gas distribution system so let's.get started with that baler from wiener.well man beautiful day for installing.some new pipe looks like the guys are.hard at work here yes currently on this.job we're replacing an existing gas main.that's out in the road I was installed.back in the early to late 50s and put in.a new one just up on the edge of the.sidewalk so similar to previous shows.that you and I have done you said it's.about an 80 year life expectancy so for.this neighborhood the time is growing.closer and so that's why it's on your.schedule correct we're constantly taking.a look at the integrity of our system.prioritizing really what means that we.would want to replace within a current.year and this is one that's uh we wanted.to send the construction this year so.they're installed a new plastic gas main.and eventually doing the services sure.awesome out at Germantown when you were.showing me that huge gas pipeline coming.in now that was a service main coming in.and two complete natural gas pipeline.distribution you have to service all.these homes and their communities and I.know on another show Elizabeth Ann.mentioned over 36,000 miles of gas might.be just with We Energies that's a lot of.pipe that eventually needs to be.replaced yes so we're actively replacing.throughout the entire year so it's fun.to be involved with the process sure.well I want to learn more about that.process but before we head on down the.line I just have to reach out to the.viewer and stress the importance of.slowing down when you see these signs.I mean safety is ice of paramount.importance on a project but the.neighborhood can play a role in that as.well correct the public is actually a.big part of what we talked about with.the crew on a daily basis because they.play a really big role on safety so we.really ask people to slow down pay.attention to the work zones and be safe.as they're driving through or walking.through the area so Matt what.specifically is being replaced here when.we talk about the service side of a gas.distribution replacement we're replacing.our existing gas main that's all the.road and we're also replacing the.services that run up to the individual.homes.so that's foraged down there this looks.like two-inch is that going to be joined.together once they actually have all of.the four inch plastic pipe installed.then they'll be coming back here.infusing the two inch PE pipe to it so.when we get into the process itself.what's involved with that I mean the.first step must be to call diggers.hotline before the crew even gets on out.here what they would do is call into.diggers hotline or the National eight.one one.and then they would come on out and.start exposing the existing facilities.so that's why they were out here earlier.okay and so when I see the foreign chair.is that ready to be pulled underground.correct the directional driller quipment.over there is going to be pulling that.into the ground okay and that'll.eventually tie in with this two-inch.here.yes exactly okay so if the existing.natural gas pipeline is out in the.street you still have service coming off.into the houses that's got to be.challenging cuz you're gonna have to.find understanding correct they're gonna.have to cut that off and and cap it and.how does that all work yes exactly.that's one of the challenges so the next.part of the process would be after the.mains installed the crew would be out.here installing the new service from the.main to the house I'm always amazing I.Drive by a jobsite like this at the.sheer number of highly skilled.professionals you have working here now.who's in charge of this project KS.energies is the main contractor out here.and they use the operators the laborers.and the steamfitters.but really the steamfitters are the ones.that are out here doing all of the.fusing and the project and since we're.doing at natural gas at fusing is.extremely important because there's no.room for error I mean that training they.go through must be just incredible yeah.the training is significant because it's.in the natural gas industry that is.regulated so training is very important.it does take some time and an effort on.that end to get people out here and.doing the work in the field well and.along those lines what would it mean to.We Energies if there weren't young.adults wanting to do this type of work.and moving into this field I guess with.any infrastructure like this it's really.aging so you know we do have a long term.plan to replace a lot of our facilities.and if we don't have people coming up.and filling these positions and in the.field here it's going to be a struggle.for us to actually replace our.facilities well you know I really.appreciate you coming on shedding some.light on the final stage as the natural.gas distribution right now I'm going to.go learn more about the steamfitters.role with Jim O'Brien my pleasure.I'll give us just talking to Matt and we.as explaining what's going on here in.this neighborhood in several.neighborhoods around the area with We.Energies replacing the old gas mains and.services to houses but they're using PE.or polyethylene piping yeah that's.correct when we were doing this deal we.had two welders welding two steel.together now we've got the P we've got.the steamfitters fusing the plastic.together okay well take us through this.process okay here we got our 601 members.here and what they're doing now is.they're facing the edge of the pipe they.got to get a nice flush surface so that.when you bring these two pieces together.that they fit nice and flush so that.they can get a good joint of that fusion.they took care of the cleaning of the.pipe and now he's putting the actual.heating element in each piece of the PE.is going to be brought together in a.heating element and it's going to start.to heat the PE now he'll be watching.that and he'll be judging it when it.gets to the right temperature they'll.pull that heating element out and then.they're going to manually bring those.two pieces of pipe together and fuse.them you'll actually see a bead that.will curl back and with these guys with.all the training that they went through.they know exactly what they're looking.for to get a perfect joint on that.natural gas line.how strong are those joints they're.extremely strong when we run a test.they'll cut a strap out of that and.they'll destructively test it and it's.actually stronger in the fuse joint and.the pipe itself get out of here that's.incredible again that's reassuring to.the public out there that these joints.are done by the highly skilled.professional but they're tested as well.to ensure quality yeah it's not just.melt and pipe together this is a lot of.training and a lot of skill goes into.this and it's very crucial every step is.followed perfectly so once he melts the.pipe and he fuses it together I mean.it's just going by his look his.experience to know if it's done.correctly or can he test it out on-site.what he'll also do is he'll check it.with the gauge to make sure that when.that bead comes back it's a go/no-go.gauge which will actually say this is a.good bead or that's a bad bead and it's.got to fall within the requirements of.that gauge they have to do everything by.procedure here every year they're.requalified to do this job which means.they have to do a written.test and the hands-on test in every step.of that procedure has to be followed.exactly because yes we're dealing with.natural gas we're in in homes and.streets and everything's got to be.perfect and that's what we pride.ourselves on with all of our training.and our skilled labor that we learn and.doing this job let me tell you that's.reassuring to me as a resident of the.community I want to make sure that the.natural gas piping that's being put in.the ground is going to last another.eighty or hundred years and it's done.directly and that's the type of.professional say we want the training.that they have yeah I mean pay for our.own training we've got our training.centers where these guys they'll come in.and perfect that skill everything is.safety everything is training so the end.result is excellent work that they do.here and then I also notice that they.sign their name or their number and date.it and time it as well yeah each fuse.will have a date and then an employee.number so they know who did that.particular joint well a great peace of.mind for the community after seeing the.process and the skilled professionals.doing it I'm glad that they're here you.and I head down see where it actually.enters the house yep let's go down the.next job.well Jim you know throughout the last.couple shows we've seen how natural gas.arrives in either 24 36 inch pipe huge.pipes and gets to our communities and.now it's being directed through service.mains and ultimately up to somebody's.house and it has to get from the street.to the house and is this an example of.one of the pipes that you're going to be.replacing right this is an existing pipe.here so here like when you saw we were.fusing the PE main well this is still.the old steel main that's in the street.which would have the welded on service.tee which has the steel pipe that's.going up to the house now in this case.they're gonna be running a new plastic.main behind the house and there's going.to be a PE service that will replacing.this pipe here okay so instead of steel.it'll be the P or the polyethylene pipe.yep all part of the infrastructure and.in replacing and upgrading their entire.system sure and you know I remember.being back at the training center and I.saw the guys outside welding on the t's.there and again that's what I think.about when I think of steamfitters it's.steel pipe welding but what we've.learned is they also do the polyethylene.pipe fusing yeah back at the school you.saw him in that trench box and a tight.area welding on that service tee but.yeah the same thing they'll be down in.these trenches right here if using the.plastic okay can we head up and see.where it joins to the meter yep let's do.that next too.okay still here we're back time to say.the house now where they're doing a.refit now we showed that the old main.was out in the road that was the welded.steel they had the welded line come into.the house you look to the left there you.can see the old service line oh yeah.that one's going to be abandoned this.one on the right now that's the new.service line that was brought in and PE.now like we showed in the other segments.where we're doing the plastic fusion and.so it's a steam fitter that does this.work has to remove the old one and then.it looks like he's using all brand new.piping yep what he's doing now is he's.going to connect to the existing line.that goes to the house which feeds all.the appliances and fixtures in the house.so it's the steam for this job here now.to pipe in repipe in the new gas meter.okay can you quickly take us through.what that process entails the other.meter was on the left side now he's on.the right side so he's got to.reconfigure his piping to come to this.side so he's got to do the measuring and.fitting to come up to that all of his.threaded joints are going to be.lubricated with what they call the pipe.dope which helps bring the joints.together so you get a nice tight seal so.is it actual sealant or is it a.lubricant it's more of a lubricant you.know some of the actual pipe dopes do.have a little bit of a sealant but it's.mainly because you have steel on steel.these these threads are tapered okay so.if I grab one of these right it's a.tapered thread narrower here than here.okay so as it screws into the fitting.with the taper it'll start the wedge in.sealant all right but if you had steel.and steel it's going to bind so that.helps to lubricate the threads to draw.them together okay so a little bit of.sealant but more for lubrication so the.pipe will actually cinch itself tight.and again we're working with natural gas.here we want to make sure there's.absolutely no opportunity for leakage.again it relates back to our training.you know when we're back in the training.school we have mock-ups of meters where.we have them actually going through this.piping process how to measure how to put.the fittings together and how the leak.tests everything so it all goes back.again to that skilled trade training we.every buy a set of the steam fitting.world revolves around training and.that's good that's good news for us out.in the community and what's been.fascinating over the last couple shows.is we've learned so much about our.natural.distribution piping system from the big.you know 36 inch 24 inch means coming in.feeding the communities all the way down.the neighborhood four inch means to the.one inch that feeds the houses to the.meters here and what I've learned is.that the steamfitters are really.responsible for providing and getting us.gas that we can use and we all love.natural gas I mean we're all homeowners.isn't a good feeling to know that we've.got skilled labor from the steam footers.that are safe and trained to perform.this work all the way from the main.transmission all the way down to the.house is their big call for this line of.work out there is there are lots of job.opportunities 6:01 covers the entire.state of Wisconsin so all gas.distribution and main lane work through.the entire state we've got projects like.this going on in Eau Claire or La Crosse.Hudson Wisconsin Eagle River and there's.always a need for individuals that are.willing to work outside you know.sometimes on hot days sometimes in cold.weather but you know a good rewarding.career it's construction it's hard work.but it's a good-paying job well that's.great if you're a viewer in any part of.our great state and you want to help.improve the quality of life here steam.fitting is definitely an option I.appreciate you coming on and shedding.some light on a mantastic career very.good been my pleasure.are you ready for a career choice that.rewards you for your hard work.compensate you for your knowledge and.willingness to learn pays you more money.provides better benefits and offers a.comfortable retirement then contact your.local steam fitter 601 training center.and attend our next trade orientation.you'll learn about our complete.five-year apprenticeship program that's.designed to help you progress from the.basic on-the-job skills to the top of.the welding and HVAC our service.industry you also don't need a big down.payment to start your steam fitter.training just a good workout that.includes showing up on time working hard.and working smart and better yet you're.well paid through your apprenticeship.and you earn more as you learn more so.make a career choice that's full of.rewards and contact steamfitters local.601 today for more information.welcome back to building Wisconsin I'm.Stuart Keith and so far in today's show.we've been following the installation of.natural gas piping from the street to.your home now let's head out to the.steamfitters local 601 training center.where we can learn how steamfitters are.trained to install this type of pipe.well Todd so far in today's show we've.been continuing with our natural gas.pipeline infrastructure in our state and.we've gotten to the point where we're.bringing it into the house off the mains.under the street and what I noticed is.there's a lot of polyethylene pipe now.that's the steamfitters responsibility.to get it in right even though it's not.metal it's plastic and is that becoming.more popular using plastic pipe it's.really become more popular in the last.10-15 years now that they've developed.it to be used for water gas very.versatile and it's very durable flexible.it's got definitely a lot of advantages.over two steel pipe when it's being used.for for underground stuff okay so when a.steam fitter is working with the.polyethylene piping and natural gas in.this case are there certain standards.that they have to follow oh yes there's.very strict standards utility companies.write to standards and they follow the.generic procedures from the piping.manufacturers and the manufacturers of.the fusion equipment okay so here's a.class that you have going on here today.what are these young professionals.learning well they're learning how to.fuse polyethylene today so this machine.here is fusing four inch polyethylene.the gentlemen just removed the heater.after he melted now he's actually fusing.the joint you can see the the molten.plastic actually roll over and that's.part of the fusion process that's.actually what makes the joint intact.well you know it looks on the surface to.be a very simple process but how durable.that's my question how durable is this.joint right here that joint when you cut.it apart you would not even be able to.see where the fusion is really and the.joint stronger than the pipe so is it.like a chemical reaction or how is that.doing that it's actually a fusion that's.why they call it fusion because.chemically the material has become.molten it's all that the molecules have.rejoined and it's become all solidified.polyethylene again Wow so we never have.to worry about that failing that's very.important when we're talking about.natural yeah absolutely pipeline okay so.that's four-inch what about over here.inch this is a two inch but fusion over.here so same process is that one this.machine actually can be pulled right.into the ditch they actually call it a.pitbull is its nickname so when.someone's working in the ditch and they.have to fuse pipe they can bring this.right down the ditch with them so even.though these are in perfect working.conditions we're in a classroom the.material the equipment that they're.using here are what they are going to.use in a real world out this is it.this is exactly what they okay and as we.saw earlier on today's show meters meter.sockets I mean those are being changed.out and the steamfitters are doing it so.what are they learning here big call for.replacement of meters residential and.commercial all over Wisconsin so what.they're going to be doing is they're.getting trained to be able to properly.replace meters there may be some piping.involved where they have to repipe to.make the new meter set fifth and then.aurochs are going to have to go into the.residence or business check for leaks.and relight all their appliances that.may have standing pilot and those are.all steamfitters that are doing the work.yes okay so again every time we do a.show I learn more roles of steamfitters.I mean it's just amazing the career.opportunities that are out there now are.you finding that there's a demand is.that why there's so many students here.every time I come here there's more and.more students oh absolutely and we're.bringing up a lot of new people into.this trade and it's on the way up well.Todd I really appreciate you coming on.today's show and giving us a little.insight to the training that's required.for steamfitters then my pleasure.well Joe it's awesome learning more.about the steamfitters role in our.communities over the last couple shows.is fascinating to see just how important.steamfitters are in our state's natural.gas distribution I love seeing the big.pipes all the way down to the service.lines feeding our homes right I tell you.what our guys do all of that and it.takes a very high degree of skill a lot.of training and these guys are the best.I couldn't believe it you know I expect.to see the welding on the steel pipes.but to see the plastic that they were.fusing together I love to see that.industry evolve like that it's pretty.fascinating to me that plastic is a.relatively new material a little more.high-tech corrosion resistant and that's.our guys that do that they have a lot of.training that goes in to learn how to do.that properly and safely and you know.that's the thing that we always learn is.that training is at the forefront and.we're out here today on Madison's East.Side pretty exciting times as there's a.groundbreaking ceremony going on for.that new state-of-the-art training.facility right as you just mentioned.this is great news for us today we're.going to be breaking ground for a new.state-of-the-art training center that's.going to serve the Madison area and.central Wisconsin and I'll tell you what.we couldn't be more excited to be doing.this as I understand it the future looks.bright and this is over 58,000 square.feet that's how big this new building is.going to be right it's going to allow us.to grow into the future offer all the.cutting-edge technology that exists now.and there's things that we're sure of.that five years from now I haven't even.been invented so this facility is going.to have labs in it it's going to have a.weld area if we learn how to weld it's.going to have a three story indoor.rigging structure so the guys can learn.how to move loads safely we're going to.have a 10,000 square foot HVAC lab.that's going to have all the modern.equipment state-of-the-art things that.go into buildings nowadays and at over.58,000 square feet it's going to be a.very impressive structure out here but.what impresses me most is that it's paid.for by the members of 601 that's correct.to 100% paid for by the membership we.don't take any money from the state from.local governments it's all done by the.membership investing in themselves and.I'd like to just give a special thanks.to our former members the past.membership who started these training.schools years ago we're now carrying on.that tradition out here.this is going to be a fantastic facility.and the membership that exists right now.is investing in the future so looking of.course to talk to high school kids grade.school kids show them what this trade is.about because you're right.this trade needs more people it's a.growing industry well there's a viewer.out there and they're considering coming.out once the facility's done in a year.so I would take you up on that offer get.out here learn what a steamfitters role.in our communities is and really it's.all about quality of life and.steamfitters play an integral role and.increasing our quality of life here in.our state you know Joel I really.appreciate catching up with you and you.coming on today's show and help spread.the exciting news great thank you Stu.for more information on building.wisconsin follow us on facebook and.twitter and be sure to watch additional.episodes on youtube or at our website.building Wisconsin tv.com the preceding.program was sponsored by the building.Wisconsin television network.

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