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The Information Guidance for BForm 22b Storage Statement Western Australia Police

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Guidelines with regard toBForm 22b Storage Statement Western Australia Police

legislation and laws are developed bygovernment to give people clearguidelines on what is legal and what isillegal how then would you feel whenapproved legislation can be declarednull and void simply because of theopinion of one person well it'shappening right now to law-abidingfirearm owners in Western Australia andits implementation is a serious erosionto the current legislation which theytry to operate in but to begin this Ineed to clarify with you guys what acategory B firearm is well the WesternAustralian police or way pole describercadby firearm as a muzzleloading firearmexcept a handgun a single-shotcenterfire rifle a double-barrelcenterfire rifle a repeating centerfirerifle bolt-action repeating centerfirerifles are classified as a CAD B in allstates in Australia including WesternAustralia for us here at nya an importerimporting a cat B firearm falls underschedule 6 of the customs prohibitedimports regulations of 1956 and nya isrequired to follow strict importationprocedures so for a bolt-actioncenterfire rifle to enter the country ithas to be approved by the State Policeby the Australian Customs Service andthen again by the State Police threetimes it has to be verified and approvedas a bolt-action category B rifle beforeit's even listed for sale once this isdone then we can sell a category Bfirearm into any state in Australiaevery state that is accept WesternAustralia because Western Australia wellit's special regulation 26 of thefirearms regulation of 1974 states thatthe following firearms and ammunitionare prohibited a firearm of category D amachine gun a hand grenadea mortar gun a bazooka gun a fullyautomatic firearm a firearm designed todischarge tear gas or afford ventingblank firing imitation firearmwell no surprises there but why tell usabout a category D firearm I mean howdoes that impact my purchase of acategory B firearm Oh regulation 26 Bregulation 26 B says a license permitapproval relating to a firearm cannot beissued granted or given if in theopinion of the Commissioner the firearmclosely resembles a firearm that isprohibited what what if the commissioneror any of these officers that hedelegates thinks in their opinion thatthis category be firearm looks like acategory D firearm then that makes it acategory D firearm and can be prohibitedhang on a minuteit goes on to say that prohibitedcategory D rifles are a self-loadingcenterfire rifle designed or adapted formilitary purposes or a firearm thatsubstantially duplicates such a firearmin design function or appearance andit's that word appearance that way Pollyusing to override or adjust existinglegislation this rifle is a savage model110 300 Win Mag category B centerfirerifle this rifle is allowed into WesternAustralia this rifle is a savage model110 be a 300 Win Mag category Bcenterfire rifle this rifle is notallowed into Western Australia mm here'sthe funny thing they both had the samecaliber they both have the same categoryB action they are the same firearm soyou want to buy the model 110 ba wellyou can't in Queensland you can can inNew South Wales Victoria no problemWestern Australia no guys but why well Ihave here a recent response from Wei polto a Western Australian resident who waswanting to purchase this rifle it saysthe Barrett 99 Barrett 98 B and thesavage ba 110 are firearms of the typethat fit into the criteria of regulation26 and of the firearms regulation wherethey substantially duplicate aself-loading centerfire rifle designedor adapted for military purpose indesign function or appearance thesefirearms cannot be licensed the savagemodel 110 ba ticks all the boxes with1customs and the state police it's a cat1B firearm and it's legal the issue that1way pal has is its appearance they don't1like how it looks I mean it's got1accessories on it like a Picatinny rail1and it's got a bipod it just looks a bit1mean and nasty so therefore they put it1into the same1a degree as a submachine gun now that's1a very dangerous precedent to be setting1I mean imagine if Western Australian1police based all their policing on1appearance rather than facts do you mean1to tell me if I got my debts in 120y1gave it a new paint job1slap the Porsche badge on the front that1all of a sudden it makes that car a1Porsche I wish I mean what would happen1if you had an air rifle or a paintball1gun put a Picatinny rail on the top1maybe an EOTech scope and a bipod maybe1gave it a camo paint job well in the1opinion of the Western Australian police1that would be classified as a category D1in Western Australia the firearm is not1judged objectively by its type of action1rather it is judged subjectively by its1appearance and it's not judged by clear1legislation no no not at all in fact1it's judged solely on the opinion of the1police commissioner and his staff we had1our solicitors have a good read through1the way poll procedures for the1assessment of licenses and applications1could you imagine how much fun that1would have been Domo I mean you know1like there's there's about four or five1hours of their life they'll never get1back and in this document there is not1one word not a single word appears on1how to judge these firearms and on what1evidence to base whether a firearm falls1into those descriptions of substantially1duplicates or closely resembles I mean1it's a pretty broad scope that way Paul1can operate in and especially when that1scope is just based on opinion no doubt1the police commissioner formally1delegates the job of opinion to various1police officers at Western Australian1police firearms licensing services so1each officer would clearly have1individual opinions on appearance so1potentially your next rifle purchase in1Wi may be rejected simply because of the1opinion of a delegated officer we1inquired about the savage model 110 ba1in an email two-way poll on November112th 2013 and received a response from1assistant commissioner Craig Ward from1the response we received he believes the1savage model 110 be a significantly1resembles the following rifles an m41self-loading carbine a PSR 60 a1Bushmaster XM 15 SLR and a cob1see our SLR likening the savage model1110 be a bolt-action rifle to an m41self-loading carbine is like calling a1good little kitten a lion because1they're both cats although if you've got1the kitten dressed it up with a bit of a1mane and gave it a diet of zebra way1Paul probably would classify it as a1lion1clearly any reasonable person can see1the difference between the savage model1110b a bolt-action rifle and the rifles1that we've just shown you the most1defining difference of course being the1action of the rifle the opinions of a1poll should not magically change a1category B to a category D and the1simple fact is the savage model 110 ba1is a category B firearm according to1legislation state police and customs1welcome the lawful firearm owners of1Western Australia do about this we think1this could be challenged challenged in a1court there is already existing1legislation about what a category B1firearm is and the savage model 110 ba1as well as guns coming out like the1Barrett 98 be tactical all come under a1category B legislation as a government1department Western Australian police1probably needs some sort of upscaling in1identifying and understanding the1various action types of rifles bolt1action self loading action lever action1pump action once they understand these2actions they will then be able to look2at the legislation and say well well2that's a category B no problem well2there is one thing that you can do and2let's talk to this lady this is the2Honorable liza mary harvey mla and she2is the Minister for Western Australia2police she is responsible for the2legislation and the regulations you need2to express your concerns directly to her2especially over the ambiguous nature of2regulation 26b you can't have2legislation based on opinion it muddies2the boundaries and it's usually at the2expense of the law-abiding citizen you2can contact the Minister for Western2Australia police Liza Mary Harvey on Oh28 6 double 5 2 5 9 double 0 or email her2at Minister Harvey at DP CW a.gov2AU2you

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