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To Fill In Nwcg Strike Team Leader Task Book Form , Follow the Steps Below:

Create your Nwcg Strike Team Leader Task Book Form online is easy and straightforward by using CocoSign . You can simply get the form here and then write down the details in the fillable fields. Follow the instructions given below to complete the document.

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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to key in Nwcg Strike Team Leader Task Book Form

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Nwcg Strike Team Leader Task Book Form Demand Assistance

[Music].hey everybody this is kevin pannell host.of the between the slides podcast from.plan chief to project manager.thank you for coming to check out this.short video about expanding.on the topic i talked about in between.the slides episode number five.expanding your bubble with ics 300.where i mentioned the best practice if.you kind of are getting overwhelmed as.that operation section chief.is to draw an organizational chart.before you try and fill out that big.wall chart that big ics-215.worksheet so i'm going to show you that.real quick how to take an org chart.and then take it to a sheet if you can.check me out on itunes spotify stitch or.android wherever podcasts are available.shared some pretty good topics had a.great interview with my buddy mike.snyder.starting to share some examples of how.we can use that foundational for those.objectives or.chart resources and communication to.really work through.anything whether it's on the incident.management or project management sides.of the houses.so please give that a listen resources.and show notes so updated the website at.betweentheslides.com.i'm sharing some resources some some.supplements i take some equipment i've.used to build my.my home gym folks i listen to podcast.wise books i've read music that kind of.stuff so.great sharing medium good stuff there uh.also in show notes so.between the slides five from previous.episodes and the foundation of four that.i've shared.and you can follow me on instagram at.psc2pmp.i'm on facebook psa to pmp and between.the slides facebook page there.and feel free to email me.kpb.bts.podcast.gmail.com so let's jump into it.so first we're going to start with.command right so that command includes.the incident commander.the safety officer the liaison officer.the public information officer so.command's going to represent all those.positions for us right now.then we've got that planning section.operations which we'll build out in just.a second.that logistics section right they're.going to get us our stuff and facilities.and communications.then that finance and admin section so.again going with kind of the standard.ics setup.really what we focus want to focus on is.this operations.so command said hey opps you need to.take these objectives and put them into.actual working form means you need to.get some tactics going and work.assignments and get some resources to.solve these problems.we said yes sir ma'am so here we go so.what you want to start with.is get a map get a good picture of where.you're where your assignment is what.you're in charge of what you're supposed.to coordinate.and it'll let the rest of us know how we.can help you better because.again all the sections in the ics chart.are here to support operations.so we're going to keep this simple and.just say we're going to have a north.branch.a south branch and an east branch we're.going to just build out one branch for.the example on this.uh movie and we're going to have a.traffic group.an ems group and a fire group so those.groups if you remember are functional.so they have specific jobs but they can.move around we can dispatch them within.our incident.wherever we want to those groups are.going to be formed with strike.teams task forces and single resources.so if you're not up to speed on those.terms.just you know google them but that means.we're going to we're going to mix up.resources in different ways and that's.what will make up these groups.here's the form right there's a lot of.lines and and.um cells in here so.even folks that have filled this out a.whole lot get kind of stumped sometimes.and.and you know including myself you know.over time before as well so again.once you have that org chart you can sit.there and look at that and help fill.this out so we're gonna do this for a.sporting event.gonna have a marathon at the beginning.of the year uh we're gonna start pretty.early at 0-6.same day then we'll get out of there at.1 800. everybody that's worked events.before knows we're there before and.after everybody all the crowds are going.anyway.so that's our kind of standard 12-hour.operational period we're going to use.typically you'll fill out one of these.forms.per branch so on the left under number.three we're going to focus on that north.branch that we added those groups to.under number four you'll say.i'm going to circle so this circle and.writing that would be happening would be.like with the dry eraser wet erase.marker from the resource unit leader.that would be describing.for the operation section chief whether.you did it actually before the tactics.meeting on a piece of paper.print out of this or you're waiting and.doing it on the wall maybe you're taking.a class doing this but.resource unit later is going to be your.pen holder so we're going to we're going.to do this for the traffic group the ems.group.and the fire group which means we're.going to give them work assignments so.let's go back up to traffic.and that work assignment is going to be.we're going to control that ingress in.egress or.entry and exit we're going to look at.those traffic barriers so for this we're.going to have on cross streets.jersey barriers or dump trucks full of.sand something that keeps.bad guy vehicles off the off the course.and then we want to look at the.crosswalks right so there's a lot of.people walking around at big sporting.events like this.and we want to make sure that they're.not full of people vehicles go by or.something like that.so i want a traffic strike team for this.traffic group.how many check out the bottom of the.screen because i'm going to tell you.and that's what you should do when.you're filling this out resource unit.leaders out there.is write what the straight teams equal.so operations be thinking about what you.want in your strike team in this one.i want a sergeant and four law.enforcement officers with their cars.each.is a strike team right so that means i.want um.i want five total and a strike team and.of those i want five straight teams i.don't have any i need five right so i.want 25 people.so we're going to keep working.horizontally across this row.i want a group supervisor for that span.of control.and i want them to bring their vehicle.and equipment and cold weather gear it's.going to be pretty chilly.they're going to go to second north.street and i want them there at 5.30 right so i want them there a little.early so we can get them checked in.make sure they know where they're going.we can get a copy of the plan.maps whatever they need maybe we're.going to use some gps or gis tracking.devices which is a great thing to throw.at your events.and so that's something to consider as.well so let's go back down to that ems.group then.we're going to give them their work.assignment they're going to respond to.calls that we dispatch them to within.this event they're going to monitor.crowd health and they're going to be.ready to respond as a rescue task force.with law enforcement because again.we're a proactive locality we've crossed.trained we've done that.tactical combat casualty care we follow.the hartford consensus.so we know we need to get to people and.triage them and get them moved into the.hospital as soon as possible.so this ems walking group is going to.consist of.one emt and one paramedic plus their.backpack.and again i'm gonna explicitly tell you.that at the bottom and of those i want.three.i have two so we need one so if you.notice i'm putting everything i need in.red just so it stands out.as a as a tracker if you can do that.with your dryer.or wet erase marker set that's great.that way it's easier for the resource.unit.logistics and ops to kind of work.through what is needed.but we need more than that to support.this event so i also want some bike.teams because the.geographic area of a marathon is pretty.pretty big to cover.again looking at the bottom i'm going to.tell you what's in those bike teams so a.bike team is one bike emt.and one bike paramedic plus their stuff.and that means they're specifically.qualified.and they've gone through a course maybe.the international mountain bike police.association or.ipimba so they they're used to riding a.bit.to get somewhere fast then jumping off.and doing cpr and then.uh it's so it's a special qualification.so that's what i want i'm requesting.three.i have three so we don't need any that's.great we got them all in house.so our medic unit uh so we want one.ready uh or we want that resource or.resources.on uh to stand standby i want two of.those actually so i have one so we need.one so maybe we need to get mutual aid.or look at our staffing but that's kind.of what we want to do to support this to.be ready to transport folks very quickly.and again i want a group supervisor for.that group of resources.i want them to bring their bags their.bike and equipment and make sure.you know it's a reminder us with in.conjunction with safety let's make sure.they have that cool weather gear.and i want them to go to the same place.the traffic folks are going.and i want them there at 5 30 also.so fire their primary is fire.suppression their.secondary will be kind of ems assist.we'll assume that they're all at least.emergency medical technicians.and again they're cross-trained in.rescue task force as well.because we're progressive and we train.together we train from stop the bad guy.through transport people.because that's what we should do i want.an engine.i have one i don't need one also on a.utility vehicle so that's like a gator.or polaris or some similar type of.vehicle where we can move.equipment around or people if needed.i would like one we don't have one so we.need one.also want a group supervisor there.they're going to bring the engine some.extra triage equipment.and then also their cold weather gear so.if you know they'll have turnout gear.but.if they have additional maybe if they're.in uniform not in their turnouts the.whole time.since they have a different footprint.and print and because we'll have remote.checkouts.they're going to get a first and south.street and then they're going to get.there at 5 30 as well so we're kind of.banking at half an hour with this number.of resources is good for us to get them.there get them checked in get them their.gear.if they need any and have time for them.to group up for our operational period.briefing and then get them out on post.so now what we're going to do is total.up the resources we need so we can go.order those.so if you look at the box that popped up.on the left it explains.on the top left of the box is a single.resources on the bottom right is a.strike team or a task force so as we do.these totals so we'll total that traffic.strike team right now so i'm putting.that on the bottom because it's a strike.team.so i want five i requests are required.or requesting.um i don't have any so i need five and.then we're gonna go for each column so.for the ems walking team i want three.i have two i need one for the ems bike.team i want three i have three we don't.need any.for the medic unit uh see how it's on.the top that's one resource.each each medic unit is a single.resource it's just that i want more than.one of them.so we have one so we need one the engine.is also a single resource.so we don't need any of those to be.ordered and then we need that utility.vehicle because we don't have any so.now if i look at block 13 total need to.order.i know i need five straight teams one.ems walking team.one medic unit and one utility vehicle.right so that's a great way to total at.the bottom.and then what we also need to do is.total those group supervisors we wanted.pretty easy math on those we don't have.any of them we wanted three total so we.need three group supervisors.whether you require them to be kind of.task book sign off group soups or you.want discipline specific so say i want a.lieutenant to be in charge of all the.law enforcement and similarly across the.board for ems and fire.it's up to your locality but but we need.three group supervisors wherever they're.gonna come from.now i'm gonna say i filled this out.there's my qualifications.but i'm working as a unit leader because.remember if we're qualified above that.we should be ready to work at whatever.unit below that because.because that's how we got there right.i'm going to sign it.i'm going to say what date we filled.this out so we're doing this a little.ahead of time.which is great and then i'm going to.take a picture of this.because i don't want someone to wipe all.this off when i go get a cup of coffee.and start doing the next branch so make.sure you capture this.immediately after you get what you need.but that's it that's that's taken an org.chart that you've.drawn based on the objectives you were.given as the ops chief.drawing what you think you need to do by.looking at a map.working with the resource unit and.logistics to.get your tactics ready on this form and.then from this form.and we'll get into this deeper in.another video in the future from this.form.it's going to go to the incident command.system 204 so the traffic group gets one.the ems group gets one and then the fire.group gets one.so that's when you look at an incident.action plan.where these assignment lists come from.that really are the bulk of the incident.action plan so if you have a lot of.groups or divisions or even branches.that just adds to more and more and more.of these forms.which kind of in your head could be.thinking do we really need some some you.do.big huge events that i've worked that.i've talked about vice presidential.debate.um international bike races they're.they're huge so you're gonna have tons.of these forms but.that's the evolution of it right draw an.org chart looking at a map fill out this.form goes to the assignment list.boom and then it goes in the instant.action plan so thanks again for coming.by good luck everybody stay safe out.there if you're uh.in the business of being out in.dangerous places or.in the office if you're a project.manager looking at this this is this is.that world of incident management you.can see it's very similar to.you know org chart uh what or rather we.had some objectives we're putting.together our.chart right here we're requesting some.resources and then.in addition to this our communication.unit leader was going to look at.okay do we need a channel for each group.for each branch so.he's going to tie us all together with.communications because we're planning.together here we're not going to end up.walking out of some room.turning channels on our radio going well.i guess i'll just use this one because.that's goofy.so make sure when you do this process.you do it together with all the right.players in there.so if it's logistics cover and comms.then that's great or if they bring their.unit leader in their commel.that's even better so thank you all very.much again check out between the slides.podcast wherever there's play between.the slides.com.and godspeed.

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What is a strike team leader?

This is a problem I have faced many times in my career. There are several answers. Cooperation between team members can ONLY come from mutual respect, a lack of fear and jealousy, and the right attitudes from the team lead. I will simplify, and provide some fast answers. Let me know if you need more. I believe that you never really “own” a person. So you cannot “be the boss”. What you will always be is an organizer, coach, mentor and trainer. If I have a line manager who is overstepping that line, I take them out of the management chain. Their reports move to being those of someone else, or me directly. Then I start working with that manager to teach them coaching. When the manager reaches a certain point in understanding what I want them to do, I will “refer” other team members to them and say “why don’t you ask so-and-so how to do this. They know this really well. I look closely to see how it gets on. I follow up with both. Most folks like being asked for help. It further reinforces the right behaviors in the manager. Juniors like a non-threatening steer from someone senior. Particularly if they aren’t being “bossed”. It builds respect. When folks don’t get along, I separate them. I can change work groups and assignments. Repeat the steps in # 2 above Example: One of my best trainers and performers was one of the worst managers. She degenerated into shouting matches with a man who was the local equivalent of a minister, and who - though green - worked incredibly hard. They could not get along. I assigned her to work closely with a brilliant young analyst and let her continue her existing work - both reporting to me. I also made sure she didn’t lose the role and title, just the day-to-day management role. Within months those same two started going out to lunch together. He even dropped her at home - a long way out of his way. They developed new respect for each other. It doesn't always work. But those stories can wait for another day.

What is a strike team in ICS?

It would be necessary to know what kind of team the IC wanted. Most likely you mean handcrews, and there are 5 types. “There are 5 levels or types of crews: Type I Interagency Hotshot Crews (IHC), Type 1, Type 2-Initial Attack (IA), Type 2, and Type 3. Type 2 crews are often made up of seasonal firefighters whereas a Type I IHC crew are "Hotshots" and have at least 7 full time, career firefighters on the crew (Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, 3 Squad Bosses).” Teams are 18-20. About Handcrews

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In war, timing is everything. When the Argentine Navy sallied forth on at the end of March 1982, the Task Force was at full strength and deployed ready and waiting for it. The carrier 25th of May was located, but not tracked, whilst the Belgrano was located, tracked and sunk. However, if that sortie had taken place after the landing at San Carlos it would have been a very different matter. Sheffield had been sunk, and Ardent, Antelope and Coventry would soon be following her. Antrim, Brilliant, Broadsword, Antelope, Argonaut, Plymouth and Yarmouth were at San Carlos defending the beachhead, and Continue Reading

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