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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Completing Rtcp Fsa Sign Up Form 218 Usda Farm Service Agency Fsa Usda Online

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The Definite Guide to Rtcp Fsa Sign Up Form 218 Usda Farm Service Agency Fsa Usda

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Instruction of Rtcp Fsa Sign Up Form 218 Usda Farm Service Agency Fsa Usda

well um thank you to everybody that's.joined us today for the session of the.2017 AgrAbility virtual national.training workshop my name is Paul Jones.for those who may not know me and I.manage the National AgrAbility project.here at Purdue University today's.session this morning session is on FSA.farm loan programs and our presenter is.Norman Cummins from the USDA Farm.Service Agency in Washington DC before.we get started with the presentation.just a few basic instructions your audio.is available either through the computer.or phone line and you can check that.through the communicate menu the top.left of your screen if you need closed.captions you can go to the media viewer.on the lower right side of your screen.expand that with the arrow and you may.need to enter some information and hit.submit and then you should be able to.see the captions and adjust them to your.liking you can also expand or contract.any of those options on the right side.you may need to do that in order to see.some of the remaining options you can.also expand or contract the size of that.entire column by clicking and dragging.on the border between the column and the.presentation window if you have.questions during the presentation please.feel free to enter those into the chat.option and hit Send and we will be.collecting those we also ask that you do.send those to all panelists rather than.to a specific individual so that we.don't miss any of your questions also.during the question and answer period.after the presentation you may click on.the hand icon should be near your name.on the participant list and we will do.our best to enable your microphone or.phone in order for you to ask those.questions verbally.we do have four quick survey questions.at the end of the presentation to get.your feedback.we appreciate your sticking around for.that we are recording this session and.archiving it on our website AgrAbility.or again on the online training link you.do have any problems with technical.issues please use the chat option or you.can email me jones p @ / view dot edu.for those of you.be familiar with AgrAbility our program.is sponsored by the US Department of.Agriculture we focus on issues of.disability in the agricultural.population every AgrAbility project.around the country is a partnership.between a land-grant University and at.least one nonprofit disability services.organization and currently there are 20.state projects around the country.there is one additional National.AgrAbility project and that's led by.produce Purdue University is breaking a.ground resource sir our partners with.the national project include goodwill of.the Finger Lakes April and Colorado.State University and you can find out.more about AgrAbility and Agri boys org.and view the many archived webinars they.already have on that site at this point.I'm going to turn things over to mr..Cummings I'm going to mute my microphone.turn off my camera and then I will.return at the end during our polling.time thanks Paul and a good morning.everybody and as I like to say the.people on the west coast I'm talking to.you from the future it's a pretty much.standard line I like to say every time.because I know I'm talking to people.from all over.let me first I want to do is a introduce.myself my name is a Norman Cummins I'm a.senior loan officer here in Washington.DC I have worked for the USDA under the.Farm Service Agency specifically under.the farm loan programs loan baking.division where I work in a direct loans.fund management branch a lot of what we.do here is the policy directs the loans.that are out there a lot of the farm.bills that comes in which is actually.we're starting to work on get.information on for next year's farm bill.that's going to be coming out and we.work with the hill accordingly when we.have information come down.and one things I do like to share.it's where I'm actually talking from so.that you can kind of get an idea if I.point up that's exactly where that red.arrow is right now this is the USDA's.South building FSA's headquarters is on.the quad a few floors ministers down the.hall from here so at least you can get.an idea where I'm located right now and.if you were to step out that door of the.building right there and look to the.left you'd actually see the Washington.Monument and down the streets to the.White House but I always like to share.that so at least you can kind of get an.idea where I am located so what is Farm.Service Agency I mean we're agency to.provide services to farmers through.loans payment programs commodity price.support conservation efforts and.disaster recovery assistance.besides the loan programs there's a lot.of different areas of expertise wouldn't.be able to answer a lot of this stuff.just before the fact that we have.experts in every little expert area I.work in the Direct Loan specifically.these programs are ministered through 51.state offices and over two thousand one.or 24 County offices including offices.in the US territories so if you after we.you know you get this information for me.and decide that you want to reach out to.a county office I will give the website.out that you can find where your office.is located.so one things we like to do before I.like to give the the basic lines of that.where a lender or first opportunity and.provide credit agricole producers who.are unable to receive private or.commercial credit part of our.stipulation and I'll talk about it later.is one of the requirements for our loans.is that you go to a bank try to get.credit get denied and come to us but.there's there's points where we can.actually look at it before you even go.to make and realize that you're just.especially for beginning farmers banks.not even going to talk to you but we.like to send that out there and tell you.if you're a beginning farmer or rancher.a veteran that just got out of the.military looking to get into farming and.we find out that a lot of our veterans.I'm a veteran myself they come from.rural areas where agriculture was a big.part of their lives until they decided.to sign up and go into the military.so there are loans out there that I.wouldn't say caters the veterans but.there are a few benefits that I'll talk.about later for veterans as far as our.minorities women we have money set aside.for that just in case you know we've run.out of non beginning farmer money we.always make sure we try to have a.beginning farmer and money for the fda's.which is are basically socially.disadvantaged and we want to make sure.that we do have the funds out there for.you before I even get into the loans we.do have different types of loans.depending on your current situation and.what you need alone for I will go over.those some in detail some briefly I'll.focus more on our beginning farmer area.just because usually when I'm talking to.people to webinars for loan programs.it's usually our beginning farmers or.startups or farmers that have just been.in it for a few years that are looking.to expand.so what type of loans do we have out.there for me I work under the direct.side so for the direct side we're going.to have farm operating we have farm.ownership and I will discuss those in a.little bit more detail the requirements.the eligibility for that and kind of.what we look for security so we also.offer emergency farm loans those are a.little more tricky and would take a.little bit time to explain we even have.to go through it every year when we have.emergencies to our loan officers because.it's not something we normally do so if.there's more information in that you'd.want to reach out I mean you can call me.personally and I will give out my phone.number or you can reach out to your your.closest loan officer guaranteed farm.loans I will briefly discuss that just.real quick but basically that is a.program that you will go to a bank and.then we guarantee the loan like I said.for the minority and women farm owners.and ranchers there's not a specific.program for that but we set aside funds.for that so basically for beginning.farmer we set aside as far as our direct.operating loans and I'll discuss the.operating loans 50% of our allocated.budget is set aside for beginning.farmers that's for direct operation.loans and then we keep that money in.that in that pocket until September then.we pull it out so that that's ensuring.that you have funds out there as far as.guaranteed operation fo about 40% of.that set aside for that so that that's.money that if we run out a non beginning.farmer funds cannot be touched until a.certain date so that we make sure that.we're helping out or SBA is same goes.direct fo actually direct fo which is.farm ownership loans is if you try to.buy property we set aside 70% of that.for SaaS and that's not pulled out of.that account until September so if we.run out of non beginning far far as.money and it's not September yet that so.basically a TV set there for beginning.farmers or SES.so now I'm going to really get into kind.of some of the meat of some of these.loans I'm gonna talk about the.guaranteed loan program real quick for a.guaranteed loan you're not our customer.in a way you're actually the bank's.customer.when we do the guaranteed loan we're.most likely not going to even see you.especially if you aren't a regular at.the county office and know the lowness.or if you've been doing business for a.while it's also something where we want.people to graduate choose to go start.going to banks for these loans they.can't keep relying on the government.programs we have out there for the fact.that we want to start up other people.and we need those funds for that we're.trying to what we call graduate you so.that you can actually progress into a.thriving business.so for guaranteed loans will happen as.you'd go to the bank submit the.application and depending on the amount.of it and what type of bank you're going.to we're going to guarantee up to 95% of.that the bank itself would communicate.with us we would go work with the bank.itself so there would be no need for you.to even contact the county the county.office for a guaranteed loan unless you.have some questions as far as what banks.do guarantee loans in your area and it's.different all over the country so that.is something you would want to contact.your county office for the FSA guarantee.permits lenders to make agriculture.credit available to farmers who do not.meet the lenders normal underwriting.criteria so if a bait you can go to a.bank and they're unable to finance you.on their regular portfolios a guarantee.is a good way to go for guarantees the.maximum loan amount for this fiscal year.2017 fish goes from October to basically.end of November is 1 million three.hundred ninety nine thousand so and it.actually adjusts every year by inflation.depending on the type of loan for a.guaranteed it could be up to 40 years so.it really depends on which again if or.if you get it for an annual operating.loan of course that's not like in a year.if you're going to get it for something.that's not even the last 40 years.property wise it's probably going to be.the length of that that property really.just depends on what you're getting it.for but for real estate I mean there's.the opportunity for it to go up to four.years so you get your payment spread out.unlike our direct loans guaranteed farm.loans or like any other loan that you.get they're usually going to be required.to pay monthly and I'll explain why I'm.saying that.later on so now let's talk about the.loans that I work on.like I said I'm from the Direct Loan.side low making side so for direct loans.we have what's called your general.eligibility requirements these are the.basic things that we will look at right.out of the chute and if you don't.qualify for entities you're going to be.instantly denied without us even moving.farther an application process very I'll.tell you straight out it's very very.rare that I deny somebody when I was in.the field for these areas so but just so.that you know these are things that.we're looking for when I documented no.control substance convictions if you've.ever been arrested for trafficking.anything that's drug-related it's going.to be you're going to be instantly.tonight however if there's been a time.in your life where you decided to live.on the edge and cultivate marijuana and.got arrested for it there's a little bit.of a timeframe that we work on that it's.four years of the yields on that that.you might still be qualified for that so.just be aware that there's that's one of.the first things we'll look at anybody.that's signed the promissory note has to.have the legal capacity to incur the.obligation alone so basically you know.by our standards in the u.s. you have to.be legal to find this loan you have to.be a US citizen we do do non sis and.Nationals or qualified alien under.applicable federal immigration laws but.the one thing about that if you're.getting a loan and you are you know a.qualified alien if your work visa to.green card expires five years you're not.going to be able to get a seven year.loan so just be aware of that but we do.have a lot of immigrants out there that.have used our loans and are you know.helping our agriculture industry and as.far as one thing that one things people.worried about when they get loans is.acceptable credit history demonstrated.by debt repayment unlike a bank a bank.has a tendency to focus on credit scores.I mean that's the big thing we know that.anything over 700 a great score we start.getting in the 600 you know it's hit or.miss if you're going to get financed or.not during the five hunters forget it I.mean you're not going to find us that's.why we consider ourselves you know the.lender of first choice is because we.understand that things have happened in.your life you know people do get.medical history that all sudden campaign.your medical bills one of my last ones.that I did there.their kid guy basically really hurt in a.car accident and they had a lot of.medical bills so that's just something.to be aware of that we understand that.we just have to be able to justify that.but if you have a past due on tons of.stuff in your twenty thousand pass to.and you haven't your delinquent for.years we're going to have issues so just.realize that that's something that we.will look at now I'm not going to even.really try to go into LLC's and entity.members but in case of an entity.all the members must be able to obtain.sufficient credit credit elsewhere to.finance actual needs at reasonable rates.in change so basically we're going to.look at everybody that's par they ll see.if there's a member of that LLC that can.actually get credit from somewhere else.then it's gonna be hard to qualify for.our program so that's just something to.be aware of but we do a lot of married.couples where they form an LLC sometimes.several farms form an LLC and that's.things that we will look at anyone that.signs promissory note let's not be.delinquent the status of federal debt a.lot of times it's school loans where.you're a couple months behind get.yourself caught up we understand just.don't come to us with any delinquent.federal debt we have a system that we.will be able to pull and we'll know.right away if you have anything like.what federal debt and that'll.automatically disqualify you so I've.added where people have had you know.some outstanding school loans that you.know they were a couple months bond got.themselves caught up we waited a couple.months we're able to process a loan form.so something to think about and again.again just like you know outstanding.debt just unpaid judgments obtained by.the United States in any court so if you.have any outstanding judgments on there.we'll have to get those cleared up.before we can get you qualified for one.of our in-house loans just be aware that.you know we do understand things do.happen so let's just don't don't fret if.there's been issues in your life and.again these are just our general.eligible requirements and again for all.entity members in the case of an entity.must be ineligible to disqualification.so basically if you'reif you've lied on.federal crop insurance violation at any.time that you're going to be.disqualified I personally haven't run.into it they're out there but you if.you've ever lied about your insurance.when you've been farming for a little.bit that will automatically disqualify.if you were found in violation in one.things we will talk about in a little.more definition is you have to have.sufficient managerial ability to assure.reasonable prospect to the loan.repayment as turned by the agency that's.why we have a program called micro loans.and I'll talk about that a little bit.but as you try to get higher dollar.amounts the more required experience and.I'll discuss that later and basically if.you're going to agree to get a loan from.us and the loan officer requires.you to have some kind of financial or.borrower training you will be required.within that two years of the loan.closing to attend those sessions and.they'll help you out as far as tell you.where they're located at and if you do.not attend those sessions we will not be.allowed to actually give you another.loan everyone into a few times where.people try to get reap refinance or.expanding and they never attended the.train that was required by us but it's.not always going to be required you can.get waivers in certain circumstances and.basically applicant must be the operator.of a family farm after the loan is.closed so definition of family farm this.is straight out of our policy manual and.you can actually find these policy.manuals online if you want to really get.understanding the laws and regulations.that we're working out it's going to be.farm loan programs three is the main.book for a direct loans but basically.it's going to be here in a nutshell this.is what a family farm means is a.business operation and I'm not going to.read all this literature because I want.to discuss some of the other issues but.the reality is is a family farm what we.look at is our is your operation making.over a thousand dollars you know you're.you know growing a few tomatoes in the.back of your yard and you're not really.even selling them or maybe you're making.a couple hundred dollars it's more of a.hobby farm and we don't consider that a.family farm so that's just something to.think about that you know you kind of.use that thousand dollar mark as a.threshold but we understand that.sometimes you're not going to make the.thousand dollars within the first year.depending on which trying to grow.so now let's talk about the the farm.ownership program okay so now that was a.general eligibility for all Direct Loans.which covers operations.and farm ownership so for farm ownership.these funds can be used to acquire a.large enlarge a farm or make a def.payment on a farm so if you're trying to.purchase a farm this is a type of loan.as far as you'd want to go through in.the direct loan and I'll tell you the.dollar amounts in a little bit you can.use it to make capital improvements to.the farm by by the Afghan we're for.construction I've had people that have.added frigerators added a barn anything.on the property that's improving the.farm you can actually use an fo for that.you can use it for soil and water.conservation and protection one things I.would say about that is if that's what.you're looking at is actually go to the.county office and talk to some of the.other divisions because there are grants.for that and so the don't owe really see.always a full need for that but just in.case it's out there you can use it for.loan closing costs for but there's.stipulations on that and that's.something you would want to talk to your.loan officer about and you can also.refinance bridge loans if the conditions.are met if you don't know what a bridge.loan is usually what happens when we end.up with bridge loans is we're doing a.joint with a with a bank a guarantee.loan and we're also doing a direct so.that they can actually pull a little.more money together sometimes what.happens is when we run out of money.during the fiscal year but there's a you.know timeframe on purchasing that.property well the bank will actually do.a bridge loan so that they can get the.loan closed in the stipulation that once.we have funding again we'll actually.fund the borrow the loan to pay off that.part of the bridge loan.and just like you know any laws out I.talked about you had the standard loans.you must comply with all the general.eligibility requirements that I.discussed you can't have any prior debt.forgiveness for for formal ownership if.you've had a loan with us before and it.just things didn't work out correctly.and you got debt forgiveness for it you.will not qualify for a farm ownership.loan and you must be the owner operator.of the loan if you're an agency I mean.an entity and LLC it's kind of more kind.of looted but do you have to have a.majority of that part I'd be running.that farm you can't just purchase a farm.and just be the owners that aren't even.participating in that farm at all as far.as farm ownership so our stipulations as.far as experience you've had that for at.least the last three years out of the.last ten years you have to have had.experience now that even goes for what I.now talk about the market loan program.in awhile when it comes to farm.ownership loans that three years of.experience is required now here's where.being a veteran will come in handy with.a veteran you can actually get a year's.experience if you were kind of some.leadership program within the military.so that's a year out of the three years.that will help you out it also goes for.if you were somebody that's actually.gone to college or had managerial.experience that will help for that but.that's something we're real Strickler to.as far as getting our farm ownership.and so for this farm ownership itself.anyone who signs the primary sooner or.note must at least meet one of the.following conditions let's meet the.definition of a beginning farmer and.I'll kind of talk about that briefly.where I've had not had a direct fo loan.outstanding for more than a total of 10.years prior to the date the new loans.closing so if you've gotten a loan.before from us before and you've had a.loan outstanding for 11 years not going.to qualify for another fo let's say that.you've had it for nine years you still.can get another fo but once that year.ends and it doesn't go by always by.dates almost by year it within that year.that you got it it can expire on you so.it's something to think about if you're.looking to expand your property and.you've had a loan for a little while.so the loan limits for for the FO with a.direct is going to be 300 thousands in.case of an entity as far as you got a.LLC and you got a couple partners it.works out a little different you don't.total their total debt with us it'd be.based on individuals so let's say farmer.a has a hundred thousand a loan with us.already as an individual farmer B has.fifty thousand you don't add one hundred.fifty thousand up so what you would do.is basically because this farmer a only.has already has a hundred thousand.outstanding debt you guys would only be.able to get qualified for two hundred.thousand more for us because that would.put them at the threshold of three.hundred thousand with farmer B would be.a little different but the problem is.farmer a already has a higher amount so.something to think about if you're going.to form an LLC.and for the program itself you cannot.refinance real estate debt it's.prohibited except for bridge loans which.I explained earlier and you must be.required to comply with all applicable.federal state and local laws and.regulations governing building.construction so you can't just get a.loan from us and throw something up you.you know have to go through the permits.with the city or wherever you're.building and follow the codes but you're.going to use it for doing water.irrigation you have got to make sure you.follow the regulations because we will.not get you alone something that we do.look at.so one of the questions we always get.what's the interest rate on these loans.okay so farm ownership program and I'll.tell you right now I actually pulled up.the report it changes on the first of.every month it I had looked at it a.little while it looks like it's gone up.about point five percent right now if.you were to close a loan and get.approved this month would be a four.percent so you'd want to look actually.in which car farm loan program is the.policy manual number one you can.actually find the interest rates that.are changed monthly on the first so.that's something to think about and.since I have this open I'll tell you the.interest rate for the operating loan.which I'm gonna go into next which is.currently at two point eight seven five.which is decimal a lot better than going.the banks because we don't want to.stress you with the interest rate to get.you guys started in agriculture so one.things as far as mo purposes there's.there is stipulations for micro loans as.far as the scheduling of it micro loans.is only good for 25 years if you got a.fo micro loan for an fo a standard farm.ownership loan it could be good up to 40.years and depending on the time limit we.do it in increments of five years so we.just want to make sure you're able to.pay the note back so we're not going to.do a 10-year loan on it's impossible.pretty pay back what I like normally.like to do especially on property is.extend it out for 40 years and then if.you can pay back early great.and so again like I thought I said that.my Crohn's is only good for 25 years.this is something a program that we.actually introduced last year where.there's a little bit less paperwork to.do the FO but there is still some.requirements to it.there's other standard for farm.ownership but one thing we do look at is.that if you've got a youth loan with us.we'll count that time towards the.management of the three years.and for payments what we do for payments.unlike a bank as I told you that.normally a monthly we skills or our.payments annually so we understand if.you start a crop you're not going to.have money to pay our pay in the note.the very next month we can't extend it.up to 18 months so on a certain date.yearly and it's the data that you close.the application or the loan you'll be.required to make a payment and that's.something you'll talk to the loan.officer about but we do have where we.can play with it a little bit as far as.the first few loans and just pay the.interest instead of the principal.especially for if you're doing grades or.something that takes a little longer.than just an annual type crop all right.so operating loan so I just discussed.the farm ownership loan which is buying.property operating loans are big part of.what helped farmers get started up it's.a big part of our micro loan program.where people are trying to start a.business and that's what you're doing as.somebody that's getting into farming.you're starting a business so you can.use the money associated with.reorganizing a farm to prove its.profitability let's say you have a mouse.standing dead or stuff like that that's.from a creditor you can use it to kind.of refinance that that helps the bottom.line of your farm sometimes you have.some old outdated equipment that by.buying something new is actually going.to streamline your farm and make it more.productive and help it out so that's.something you can use the loan for you.can purchase livestock poultry farm.equipment I mean there's just a variety.of stuff that you can use it for one of.the things that we will tell you.straight out of shoot if you come into.our office talking about wanting to do a.horse farm you're talking to the wrong.people unfortunately we just don't find.the horses and agriculture type.commodity it's more recreational and so.we do not do horse farms but what I tell.people is that's something they're.interested in work on normal standard.agriculture type farm grow a crop and.build into something on the side for the.horsing a standard usually under annual.loans is you can use it to buy the feed.to see the fertilizer pesticides into.the farm supplies to get you started for.that year that's what a lot of our bar.do is get that that loan from us.beginning here you can also be used for.cash rent and family living expenses.that's something you want to talk to the.loan officer about.you.I mean basically again the payments are.you can use it if you some happen and.you want to make your your next.principal and interest payment but it.must be on your payment can't be.delinquent it has to be within that.current year they can be used to finance.the commodity so let's say you're a.dairy farmer but you need the money to.buy the bottles to bottle your milk.because you don't have a normal pickup.for it you can get a loan for that or if.you need the caning supplies because.you're canning your commodities there's.there's ways that you can use to finance.that so something that we will look at.you can also use it associated with land.and water development use and again like.I said earlier if that's something you.want to do I would actually go to the.county office and talk to some of the.other agencies there to get a feel for.what grants are out there again you can.use it for loan closing costs or.reasonably customary and again if you.let's say that you've got a visit from.the health inspector because you're.going to broil or chickens or you know.you're doing pigs or and OSHA tells you.that you have to make some changes here.you can use that loan for the doing.something like that then that's going to.be kind of the norm if you do livestock.is you will end up dealing with OSHA at.some point in your life.and you can also use it for bar training.cost if we require you to use it as long.as it's one of the approved trainers.that we talk about and that's something.you'd want to get from your county.office you can also use it again.refinancing farm-related debts and other.than real estate again you can't.refinance real estate but if you have.debts and it makes your farm more.possible you can use that as far as that.old loans for refinancing can be used up.to four times or fewer as long as it.meets the the following conditions a.designated declared disaster caused the.need for refinancing so funerary got.tornadoes flooding whenever you want to.save it's been that you know stated as a.natural disaster usually happens from.the government or the president you can.use that for that or the debts that you.do have are not owed to the USDA so it.has to be another creditors can't be a.loan that you have with us we have.different programs to that as far as.helping you refine assets and you can.use it for minor real estate repairs or.improvements provide the loan could be.paid within seven years because usually.our term limits are usually from one.year to seven year on our operating.loans.again for the oil you must comply with.the general eligibility requirements.that I discussed earlier and you know.make sure that anybody signs promissory.note lets not have received debt.forgiveness so again debt forgiveness if.you got it before will cost you from.getting a loan from us.and you have to actually be authorized.to operate in the state that you're.going to be doing the farming so that's.just something that I've really haven't.run into any issues but got to make sure.that you're able to operate and farm and.do what you're trying to do in the area.that you're at because sometimes cities.and counties have certain codes towards.livestock or agriculture itself so just.make sure you're following all the laws.for your area.so as far as term limits basically if.you're going to buy let's say you're.going to use the money buy tracker you.can get that financed for up to seven.years with an annual payment every year.from the close that loan if you're going.to do something where it's the cost for.seed fertilizer for your cross itself.you're looking at basically an annual.loan which is a year so that just.something to think about and for micro.loans and beginning farmers or a veteran.farmer a matter of fact this time.doesn't count towards your overall terms.as far as getting a loan it's because.again I talked about whether you're only.allowed to have so many loans through so.many years of loans through us and again.u s-- loans are not counted towards this.limitation either.so the maximum number of years the.beginning farmer receive oil assistance.is 10 years so to be even beginning if.you're farming for over ten years we.don't consider you to be a beginning.farmer and your time is not going to.count or it's seven years like so if you.get a loan you get as many loans as.possible as long as you're not over that.financial threshold but just remember.that you uh you can't be over a certain.amount of years because you're just not.gonna qualify for our loans anymore.and for the.for operating alone our limit is 300,000.now here's the catch so let's say that.you okay but you've been farming for a.while so now you're able to get up to.300,000 from us so you get a 300.thousand direct one okay does that just.qualify you because you already have 300.thousand dollar threshold for guaranteed.loans I mean for a farm ownership no.because you can actually get a three.hundred thousand dollar direct operating.loan and a three hundred thousand dollar.farm ownership loans and that's the same.time you could still qualify for the one.point three nine nine million through a.guaranteed loan so if you're at that.point we're at but here's that big.enough farm that you're getting that.kind of a help you can I mean the money.is out there.and again as far as that is how I.explained about how entities work as far.as LLC's it's the same thing as far as.if the farmers have a certain amount of.loans already with us that that comes.into play and that's something you can.talk to the loan officer and the county.office about and again just like a farm.ownership we all require annual payments.so again you know as far as the loan.terms can't exceed 18 months in the data.notes if you do an annual loan we can.make it up to 18 months usually it's a.year that we do that other terms would.be seven years five years six years.whatever works.they repayments may require include.equal unequal or balloon installments if.you need to establish a new enterprise.develop far more cover from a disaster.economic I try to steer away from.balloon payments I like strike tomato.make them even just for the fact that.just like when I have an industry crash.as a balloon payments killed the.borrowers so I like to try to keep it.even and get used to but if I understand.if you're doing a type of agriculture.that's going to take a little bit time.then we understand that.so real quick I talked about farm.ownership sin microloan I mean in direct.operating loans we have our micro loan.program this is probably our more famous.London and our more popular.loan program for beginning farmers.because you're not going to have the.farm experience to get along for up to.three hundred thousand starting at you.cuz you don't make the three or X period.but let's say you're able to start off.small and use our limits and I'll talk.about the limits and sex and a lot of.this is used for niche type farms also.we do it a lot state shellfish like.these bees you name it we have loans out.there for it a lot of our ganic farmers.start out with market loans.so a direct operating microphone again.excuse me is up to 50,000 anything over.50,000 is not a microphone same with the.farm ownership microphone it's up to.50,000 operating is going to be one to.seven years the direct farm ownership.mark alone which is started last year is.going to be up to 25 years now be aware.that if you get operating loan a micro.loan and a farm ownership the total.amount cannot exceed 50,000 because then.you will not reach you'll not be.considered a micro loan now you can get.20 you know 20,000 operating loan and.30,000 farm ownership loan that means.50,000 and we're fine we are looking at.something under the new farm bill that's.going to be looked at and come out.sometime next year where you can.actually get the threshold of 50 in each.that was our initial intention but right.now we can't because of the definition.of a micro loan in the farm bill.real quick you can use it for all of.these items here start up just kind of.like anything in the operating alone the.little pictures I like show there is.from a containerized farm we've done.loans to that I've done a few up in the.state of Massachusetts so micro loans.are really there to help you startup.it's an awesome program for the fact.that not too many businesses are able to.get this kind of cash to be able to.start an operation and we do have this.program for you.security I'm going to touch base real.quick on security your loans have to be.secured there's no if ands or buts about.it.microphones we usually look at about a.hundred percent now we understand you're.not always going to have the collateral.for a loan so if you're doing annual.loan we'll look at your cross as long as.it makes sense for us so that's.something that we'll look at if you're.buying a tractor we'll use the tractor.we steer clear of anything that's not.associated with the farm unless you're.really getting into big big big.operations and somehow the only way you.can cover it is by using your personal.property or house we stay clear that we.like to use with that you use for the.farm so something to think about but.don't fret if you're a startup operation.because we can take a look at your crops.kind of like the container operation we.use the container the equipment but just.realize we're going to use the term of.the actual security for how long we can.go out and the loan which for these.would be only seven years anyways we.will take a lien on the assets anything.over $5,000 we like to do it's called a.UCC through each state so something to.look at but we don't require that for.conservation loans micro loans or youth.laws.so if you're going to use security your.real estate security you can use that.property as long as there's equity in it.for more than one loan that happens.sometimes you know you put like three.hundred thousand dollars down there's.still a two hundred thousand equity I.mean loan on the property but you have.three hundred thousand equity on the.property we can use that as security.same goes with chattel which is you know.pretty much equipment livestock we can't.be used for multiple loans as long as it.covers the hundred percent down or fifty.percent that is required.if you're going to do real estate we're.going to require the first lane if.available if not we're going to take a.junior Lane under the following.conditions that the the link contains a.provisions that may jeopardize the.agency's interest or applicants ability.to repay the FLP loan.if the we're going to look at it heavily.especially if we're going to be doing a.junior Lane we want to prior lien.holders agree to notify the agency prior.to foreclosures let's say god forbid you.don't make your payment's and the bank's.going to foreclose on you we want to.know ahead of time there might be.something we can actually help out with.and you want to make sure they don't.increase the existing prior Lane without.the written consent of the agency and.equity and the collateral exists so the.bank will definitely want to talk to us.so let's say you turn in an application.you're going to have 60 calendar days.after the FSLN office receives a.complete loan application complete is.everything that they've request is.turned in.let's on average microloans good are.going between 25 30 days approval.anything as far as for malicious might.take a little bit longer because you're.going to have where you know it's a lot.more of a process and you're going to.end up doing with the closing for.attorneys and stuff like that.so and if you get disapproved we'll let.you know and usually I like we like to.sit and talk to you what you'll need to.do to actually so later on you can of.get approved so eligibility with things.that we look at do you meet the general.eligibility those are all the standards.I talked about and do you meet the.specific eligibility requirements for.the type of loan that you're looking for.if you're a brand-new farmer you're.trying to get $300,000 you're not going.to I mean you're shooting for the moon.before I even have the rocket ship so.it's something to think about we look at.the feasibility of the loan it doesn't.make sense.are you fudging numbers we know we can.figure out by what type of commodity.you're using what you can sell it for.how much you can grow so just don't make.up numbers do your research you are.going into business to be a farmer do.your research for the operation that you.can grow so you have a great.understanding of it just don't come in.with some fictitious numbers because.we'll know right off the bat and that's.going to basically get you the point.where we'll deny your loan if you don't.know work with your loan officer that's.what there's Airport if yeah and again.we're looking at security and the other.thing is we're looking at the.environmental of that property that.you're doing the loan on that's.something that will actually do a check.up on.if you're required to do borrower.training you know to improve your skills.to assess the operator farm build equity.in the operation become financially.successful prepare to graduate for an.agency financing the commercial source.credit you have up to two years so.that's just requirement that we require.four new farmers a same would go with.financial trainings require and these.are things just to punish you these are.things out there to help you be a better.farmer there's a lot of programs that.there take advantage of again if you.agree to do it these are actually our.federal regulations that are require you.to do it if we that you have to satisfy.the training requirements so it's just.something that you might be out there.that's something you'll talk to the loan.officer about I don't always require my.borrowers to do it sometimes I have.waivers it just depends on the.experience of the borrower.afghans it applies for loan to finance a.new enterprise that this new cross type.of livestock and you agree and you must.agree to complete production training.with regard to enterprise.even if the production requirements were.waived or satisfied under our previous.loan but you're doing a whole different.type of crop you and you're required do.it you have to do it unless you got.another waiver so each loan is going to.require that waiver or you're going to.be required to do that that's that's.mandated by a regulation so real quick.tip if you don't know how to actually.what we're looking for finance wise this.is something I always say just pull up.Schedule F is what we use for our s for.farmers this is usually when farmers.been doing it for a while this is how.they report their income in the farm.pull one up and this is a good way to.base a business plan on this would be.where you do the income this is actually.where we look at as far as your expenses.now if you're doing livestock operation.and you have no cost for let's say feed.or veterinary bills okay then you.haven't done your research on it because.your animals need to eat and you.definitely want to take care of my.having the right types of shots and.medical facilities so but this is what.we will look at as far as your expenses.I always like to tell my new borrowers.this is something to pull up and kind of.get an idea how you can base your.expenses because it's nice to have a.business plan but we really we look at.the numbers I mean that's what we look.at is the numbers is this far I'm going.to be feasible and are we putting you in.debt that you can't afford so if you.want to get a loan application you can.go to any FSA office you can go to our.FSA website what it'll do is tell you.the state click the state you go to the.can you find your county office by going.county offices and that will give you.the phone number to call i would always.call ahead of time just don't show up at.a county office unless you go over time.but it's it's tough for low NOS because.they got their extremely busy.they're doing you know 10 15 20 loans.that are the processing and it.constantly flown and people coming in.make an appointment so you can go and.ask the right questions you're not.rushed through you know it might take a.week or so for you get that appointment.of a call and ask for appointment to.talking about start a new application or.you can go to egos website at WWE go.usda.gov.as far as an agency's and I want you to.call me personally if there comes an.issue if they can't refuse to provide a.requested application to anyone any.person they can't discourage you.to not do direct loan even when funds.are limited and available so if we don't.have fun they can say well we don't have.no money.come back later and do the application.no still do the application that's.requirement that's what we require our.farm loan officers to do we can't make a.oral written statements that would.discourage an individual from applying.persistence based on any cooperative.basis which is raised color religion.national origin sex marital status age.applicants income driving from public.assistance or because applicant as in.good faith exercise any rights under the.consumer protection act we take this to.heart if I get calls like this I take it.personal I don't like seeing that I'm.all about supporting the farmer and I.love startups that was one of my.favorite things to do when we get a loan.and come back in year later and watch.these farms in operation and if you're.struggling getting this application and.you're trying to fill it out this is why.I tell you you're starting a business so.you could really learn how to do.something like this but going to take a.fret I understand sometimes it's.something new to you you can you can.actually get help from you on tonsure.I've sat through and watched people.through their application so it's.something to think about if you do need.assistance on that but if you're going.to do a startup business it's something.good to learn is the paperwork's part of.running a business all right so before I.run out I want to thank everybody for.and I know I'm going to answer some.questions.I appreciate you guys taking the time to.listen about this programs I am not.somebody that grew up in agriculture I.had to learn at it I'm a financial guy.but I love going to farms I love stands.guard up and I appreciate it when I.walked it the you know the fruit and.vegetable section of grocery store now I.look at it a lot different because over.the years of seeing the farmers hard.work and what they do out there I look.at the tomatoes different I look at the.strawberries different special struggles.I love strawberry but I just look at.these things a lot different appreciate.it because without you know the farmers.out there my kids don't eat and people.got to remember that that's what you.guys going to be doing is helping this.country get.and with that here's my information so.that's my direct line it's two zero two.seven two zero three one six eight.that's my phone number to my desk you.would not get somebody calling you can.leave a message I'm hard to get a hold.of on the phone sometimes because we do.a lot of traveling it's best to email me.but I will get back to you an email a.lot quicker it's Norman dot Cummings at.WDC usda.gov don't be afraid to contact.me and if I have a question I can't.answer what we'll get the answer for you.so feel free to definitely take that.information then use it.and at this point I'm going to pass it.back to Paul for the Q&A well thanks so.much mr. Cummings for that really.comprehensive view of the loan programs.I know this is going to be something.we're going to archive and I think a.great resource for you know people in.the future that are AG related customers.to be able to refer to this and just get.a really clear picture of what's.available to them and in addition to.other people that may not be associated.with a per bility that will be able to.access it so thank you for providing.this resource for us I know we do have.several questions already that have been.submitted please again feel free to.enter your questions through the chat.option also if you'd like to raise your.hand you can do that and we will.activate your your microphone or your.phone line at this point I'm going to do.our our four quick poll questions and to.get feedback so if you would let us know.first of all your affiliation in regard.to an agency you might work with if.you're a farmer just many people are.multiple categories but if you could.give us your best shot at that we'd.appreciate it we will give you.you more seconds on that pole I know we.have a lot.staff out today so again when we get.this archived please make your your.customers aware of its availability so.there are the poor results there you.need to save those results quickly and.our second poll question asks about the.information that we shared today.could you please tell us if the.information was valuable to you and met.your expectations our last session in.the AgrAbility virtual national training.workshop this year is this afternoon at.3:00 p.m. Eastern Time and it will be.unconference it will be a structured.discussion in regard to seating for.AgrAbility customers specifically.tractor seating and other heavy.machinery.so please please participate and share.your views and your experiences there.will be closing this poll and then the.results.results quickly third question asks.about the technology today did the.technology work for you are there any.problems let us know if you had specific.problems again please enter those into.the chat window and we'll try to address.this for the future also if you had more.than one person at your computer if you.can let us know that also through the.chat window that would be helpful for.our attendance records a couple of.seconds there and I'll close the poll.show you the results.a question based on today's session.would you attend another session in this.series we do have webinars approximately.every other month if you're not.acquainted with us and since you.registered for this event you will be on.the list to receive future notifications.about webinars ok closing this poll.showing the results okay.time.is over to Sean Ahlers who is assisting.us with question and answer period and.he will be putting up questions we.received so far from mr. Cummings and I.will again exit for now.so can microphones be used to pay for.assistive technology like heavy-duty out.wheelchairs a wheelchair would be an.essential to a performer paralysis but.that's going to be kind of difficult to.try to show that that was beneficial to.the actual farm not saying no but that's.something you definitely want to go to a.county office and talk about and show.them how that would be beneficial to the.farm that you're operating at I mean if.there's a way that you can word that.where it's beneficial to the farm and.then there's there's a possibility but.there are going to be other programs out.there that probably would be more.assistance to this and then there's also.some some stuff that actually works out.the county offices for grant so I can't.say yes or this answer but I wouldn't.want to say no to it either because.depending on how that's used for the.operation there's a possibility but at.this moment I would want to say no but.don't take that as an affirmative no.because you just never know as long as.you're able to explain it.and no not all crops require crop.insurance to the guarantee repayment it.really depends on the crops so it.depends on what you're trying to grow.that's something that when you because.that the crop insurance itself is ran.through the county office I'm considered.a federal employee in the counties you.actually have state employees even.though the USDA FSA and we fall under.the same bubble they're actually work.for the county office itself so that.would be something that you when you.decide you want to farm you were talking.about what you're going to grow and if.this can be required to have crop.insurance so it's like 5050 I've done a.lot of loans where I haven't required.crop insurance and then I there's been.some that I require it just because.depending on what they're growing if.you're going to grow your standard stuff.like potatoes corn we yeah you're going.to have to have crop insurance but if.you're doing something out of the.ordinary it's something a little.different than you might not be required.to have crop insurance.youth loans have to be.FFA or 4-h project no but the.stipulation for youth loans that's a.good question actually like that it has.to be they have to have a mentor so.usually in your schools and it used to.be rural youth loans I actually remove.the rule out of it because it used to be.of a population 50,000 or less but we're.really trying to go with a focus on.urban farming quite a bit and the cities.so it's not required but there has to be.some kind of mentor that is working with.these kids it has a agriculture type.knowledge for them to get a loan but.that's not a requirement to actually.where they have to be FFA or 4-h there's.a lot of different types of groups out.there there's a youth Indian group.that's out there that we we actually.added the verbage in there for our word.for youth loan as long as they can show.that they have a mentor for this type of.project and the youth ones are sell for.up to five thousand dollars so which.I've done a lot those are some of my.favorite because these are young kids.getting anyway at minimum age even 12 up.to 18 getting these loans to start out.be farmers and the next thing you know.they're you know they're their farms.grown and they're they're 18 and they're.ready to expand I've got a guy in.Massachusetts right now he does broiler.chickens it's awesome to watch him grow.he's getting ready to purchase its own.property.are the production and financial.management classes only for people who.have been awarded loans or can a.potential bar participate and then apply.later oh absolutely.you can always participate in these.these are just a requirement if you want.to know the ones that that we will.accept contact your county office that.way you're not taking because there are.a lot of programs out there make sure.you're not taking a class that that's.not going to help benefit you later on.so go out there and ask but know educate.yourself there's a lot of programs out.there we do a lot of grants for a lot of.these uh these programs out there to.help educate farmers get them started no.I I love speaking as these types of.things and I love speaking things like.this because this is how you get.educated you know and I you know for you.guys even join this tells me you have a.desire to learn about what you're.getting into so no I definitely get out.there and educate yourself.our most separate separate out what if.it is a equine facility that provides.board forces training and riding lies.absolutely again sorry it's just we.don't deal with horses at all we would.look at if you do the feed for the.horses maybe but yeah unfortunately we.just we don't do horse at the time will.it change over the years who knows but.we just we just stopped doing loans for.horses for quite a few years now okay we.did have one additional question that.was asked after the question slides were.presented and this relates to the future.farm bill you may it may be outside your.scope but I will go ahead and address it.to you in the past that the terms for or.the categories that encompassed.underserved audiences dealt mostly with.you know minorities are veterans but.people with disabilities have not been.included as an underserved population.just from your knowledge do you see any.chance of that changing so that people.that had disabilities would be.considered under served by the.definitions that you use that's a great.question actually and I'm a disabled.veteran so I kind of you know I'm only a.small percentage but at the same time I.feel free I got the VA hospital I see a.lot of people that are injured and it.doesn't these guys still are out there.and they can still operate a new farm.here's what I tell you about the farm.bill because like anything it's.something this can be passed by the hill.discussed heavily we've noticed last.year there's been a big influx of the.hill getting involved with agriculture.because the constituents are getting.their voices heard so this is what I.tell the person that asked that question.and end up pushing more leave a message.with your use your senator your your.congressperson for your area discuss.this is a concern set up an appointment.you can try to get that heard find out.who the Senators are on the AG committee.matter of fact I'm getting ready to go.see them speak and I can remember the.gentlemen sit named there's a big.actually I'll look a grocer conference.going on right now it's where I'm going.right after this to discuss the ware.culture is going to be for next year and.the farm bill that's something you'd.want to get your voice to your Center in.your cost person let them know this is.your concern that you're an able body.even though you're disabled you can.still do and operate farming's that you.know maybe that should be added into the.language and I don't personally I don't.see why not.it should be but that's just me saying.it out you have to actually talk to the.people that make those laws and that's.about I would say five blocks away even.leave an email and send a message to the.secretary when our secretary finally.gets confirmed saying you know get that.voice out there that this is some.concern because right now they are.talking about the farm bill okay so this.is the time to try to get that language.added for the 2018 farm bill so if.that's a concern of yours definitely get.your voice or I mean that's that's part.of what we appreciate the partners out.there they will get their voices heard.and their concerns about what the farm.bill is going to be attitude okay a.great suggestion thank you for that and.we'll definitely plan to pass that on.we're having a all staff web conference.next week with AgrAbility so we can.mention that and encourage people to.have their constituents get out there.and make their voices known so again do.it thank you and thank you again for the.great presentation thanks to everybody.that's joined us today again one more.session in our series three this.afternoon hope you'll join us and have a.good day.

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  3. Open the document and go to the page to write your name.
  4. Choose on 'My Signature'.
  5. Generate your own signature, then insert it on the page.
  6. Once you have done, review the document, choose 'Done'.

All these key elements won't take much time, and once the document is signed, you decide the next step. You can either download it to the device or share it in an email or using a link.

A significant profit of CocoSign is that it's suitable with any mobile device, regardless of the operating system. It's the ideal way, and it saves cost, it's easy.

How to create an e-signature for the Rtcp Fsa Sign Up Form 218 Usda Farm Service Agency Fsa Usda on iOS?

Creating an electronic signature on a iPad is not at all difficult. You can sign the Rtcp Fsa Sign Up Form 218 Usda Farm Service Agency Fsa Usda on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will note the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to visit CocoSign.

These are the steps you need to sign the form right from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Add the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
  2. By your email to write an account, or sign in with Google or Facebook.
  3. Note the PDF that needs to be signed on the iPad or pull it from the cloud.
  4. Note the space where you want to place the signature; choose 'Insert initials' and 'Insert signature'.
  5. Write down your initials or signature, place them correctly, and save changes to the document.

Once complete, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and email it. As long as you have a high quality internet connection, you can sign and send documents right away.

How to create an electronic signature for the Rtcp Fsa Sign Up Form 218 Usda Farm Service Agency Fsa Usda on Android?

iOS has millions of of users, there's no doubt of that, but most cell phone users have an Android operating system. To meet the requirements, CocoSign has developed the app, especially for Android users.

You can recieve the app on Play Market, install it, and you are able to start signing documents. These are the key elements to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Choose on '+' to click the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Note the space where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to put down your signature.
  4. Place it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to send the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your colleagues right away. CocoSign is the best way to sign various documents every day, all at a comparatively low price. It's time to forget all about distinct mark on hard copy of doc and keep it all electronic.

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