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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Finalizing Na Meeting Sheet Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Na Meeting Sheet Form

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Instruction of Na Meeting Sheet Form

that was the best introduction I've ever.had.I'm a nickname Shawn you know what like.it's awesome that like this is their.first time dating service like we come.here we get clean and we give back and.we do service the Narcotics Anonymous.like congratulations dude like three.days clean like you just saved my life.because I know I never have to use again.because you have the card to be here you.know congratulations you never have to.use you know it's that's awesome get.with me after the meeting you know this.is a literature meeting right and like I.love literature and so I decided to pick.one of those chapters that someone's.always sharing about but it's something.I'm very familiar with right like the.chapters recovering relapse very like I.came in a narcotics not indifferent 2009.right and I only have 18 months clean.today you know so I found surround and I.was in and out but um give you guys a.little you know a quick background on me.like I don't I don't come up here and.like talk like to talk about drugs too.much and and all that stuff because like.if you're in the meeting of a Narcotics.Anonymous like obviously like you know.what's up right like I'm pretty sure.everyone here knows how to get high and.like if you don't think you're an addict.there's an IP appear called iron man dad.am I an addict and you know check it out.it has some questions I remember I went.through this thing and I think I.answered yes to almost every single one.like I'm from I am you know and I got.clean in Miami right so like I didn't.have to go through geographical change.to to get clean like to this day I still.live across the street for my dealer.right like when he comes home late at.night to 3:00 in the morning I can hear.him pull up and his headlights go.through my window and like you know it's.it's something that that I have chosen.to deal with because you know I said I.was going to move back in with my mother.and help her out after I got clean again.you know right like my story right is is.not different from anyone's story here.like I used until I used until I used.until I use and I hit a bottom right and.like my bottom may be different than.than than yours but you know what like.it's whatever brings you to your knees.whatever situation brings you to your.knees is what it is right and like I can.tell you that like Myung and I share.this bottom to remind myself of where I.was at right and then you know that's.like 547 days ago I was dead on the.floor of a hotel room that was on fire.right and like I was dragged out of that.hotel room by police officers who.brought me back to life.you know what and like I was blessed.with the opportunity to come back to.Narcotics Anonymous pick up a white key.tag and celebrate 18 months today you.know and like just for today I'll never.want to give that up right and.like I'm sorry I curse a lot I really.like it's just I'm I'll try to tone it.down but like I mean I'm in a weird mood.right now and like I'm gonna get into.that because like this chapter talks.about like sharing honestly and openly.you know with people in Narcotics.Anonymous with your sponsor with your.network of people you know like when I.first came into na you know I was I was.real confused I didn't understand what.was going on and I happened to latch on.to a group of people at a club house who.like showed me the way and I got really.involved in Narcotics Anonymous and like.I was like mr. an a and I was working.and I was doing traditions workshops and.I was you know vice-chair of hni and I.was you know I spoke at a convention and.and you know I did all this stuff and I.remember like I wasn't practicing the.principles that I learned and like I'm.gonna get into more about this but like.the day after I picked up two years.clean I got high.right because I chose to stop working a.program of Narcotics Anonymous like and.I remember how like that day like I.remember that day right because like.that day is what led me into six years.of hell you know because when after I.used I stayed out for six years but like.that day I remember I was just I was.walking down the street and you know.something had been going on in my life.and and you know a situation and and I.didn't tell my sponsor about it and I.didn't tell my network about it and I.kept it a secret and that happened.around 18 months so you know I held on.to it for six months I remember the day.after I got two years clean I'm walking.down Fort Lauderdale Beach and like.those people that are handing out free.shots and the little tubes like I just.reached over and took one right like I.reached over and took one and like.that's what started relapse right and.like a drug as a drug as a drug it.doesn't matter what you use it's using.you know and like that's one thing I.have to remember Narcotics Anonymous.because like I have to remember alcohol.as a drug and I have to remember that or.else like I can twist that in my.mind and say okay I can have one glass.water right like I can have just one but.like I don't need to tell you about my.run right because like I told you about.my bottom and like that one tube of.alcohol ended me up on the floor of that.hotel right like dead so what happened.in those six years is it's you know it.was just chaos and you know what like.I'm glad I made it back and like there.was there was parts there was parts of.you know in that six years were like I.would come back I remember one night I.was all high and and I I was like I got.lost but I didn't even know where I was.and I was just walking around my.neighborhood and I pulled out my phone.and I looked up I looked up an NA.meeting and happened to be woman's and a.meeting and like I walked into the.woman's NA meeting with no shoes on and.a wife beater and like pajama pants off.you know all and some and like they.welcomed me into the meeting put a towel.around me gave me coffee and they were.like like what's going on and I was like.I don't know I.you know I got cleaning this I got clean.in that area and I know all these people.from any I don't know what's going on.right now they're like just calm down.like just you know you're safe you're.home you know what like they took care.of me and they dropped me off at home.what I do I used right because like I.still had that desire to use and you.know like there's there's there's it's.funny because it's one of my favorite.chapters and I was sitting there I'm.like I'm not gonna read the whole.chapter these guys I'm just gonna.highlight a few things like I.highlighted the whole chapter.like I really did like you know me like.I loved any literature like that's like.this is my Bible right and like you know.I highlight stuff I write in it and you.know I marked pages off and you know my.friend Andrew says like if the books not.falling apart the Attic might be you.know and like I have to remember that.like if I'm not reading my literature on.a daily basis like I don't do anything.perfectly in my recovery on a daily.basis one thing I do is I like I try to.read some literature like I have it I.have like all the anti literature on my.phone I Drive around my book in my car.you know I mean like I pop it out and.there's a lot of people in this room.that know me and they see me walking.around this every once in a while right.and like that's what I have to do on a.daily basis to stay clean as the state.connected right like I don't ever know.where my juice is gonna come from but I.have to stay connected to the juice you.know I mean like it may come from.helping a newcomer like it may come from.someone who just picked up a white key.tag of having three days clean right.like that charges me that gives me hope.you know here's something relapse is a.reality can and does happen experience.shows that those who do not work our.program of recovery on a daily basis may.relapse we see them come back seeking.recovery maybe they were clean for years.before their relapse if they're lucky.enough to make it back they're shaken.badly they tell us that relapse was more.horrible than earlier use we have never.seen a person who lives the program who.lives the Narcotics Anonymous program.relapse right and like that right.they're like you know and when it talks.about like I was shaking badly like I.was shook right like.when they released me out of jail like I.didn't have glasses and I was walking.around the Rauh and I didn't have.glasses so I couldn't see the street.signs and I'm just asking people like yo.can I borrow your phone so I can call my.mom and everyone's looking at me with.the jail shorts the stupid.flip-flops like you all know those.flip-flops and you know what I mean like.and and like no one wanted to give me.their phone and then like finally like.this guy like this guy pulls up to the.gas station and I'm like sitting on the.edge of the bushes at the gas station.the guy pulls up and I like walk over to.him like bro.can I use your phone and he looks at me.up and down and he's like damn you were.just up there huh and I was like yep and.he's like ah I got you he's like you.need a cigarette you know I mean so like.when that happened to me like that that.was a big eye-opener to me because like.somebody came through for me at that.moment like somebody was looking out for.me right like I'm not a big God person.right and like I'm on my second step at.the moment and I kind of stumbling.around on it because like I was having.problems identifying what you know what.my higher power is right but like today.like I choose to call my higher power.like Narcotics Anonymous because like.that's what brings me back to life is na.you know what I mean.but like I remember you know getting.into my sister's car after she picked me.up when I called the guy and you know I.hopped in her car and she was like well.what do you want to do because you did.you make your decision right now cuz.I'll leave you right back on this street.corner I'm done with you right.and like this is my big sister who's.taking care of me my entire life.you know and like at that moment I said.just tell me what you want me to do and.I'll do it and they said okay well first.of all we got to deal with your legal. but our lawyer just told me that.you should go into treatment right like.so I checked myself into treatment right.in like Narcotics Anonymous does not.endorse treatment I went to treatment.treatments part of my story and I don't.really endorse treatment either you know.I mean like that's just my personal.opinion but like.I did everything that I needed to do.when I first got out and I went in the.treatment and I went through treatment I.did all that right and I was looking at.probably I think a total of eleven.charges three felonies and you know the.rest of the misdemeanors and you know.what like I did everything that I needed.to do I got letters from people I got I.had character witnesses I had everything.I showed up the court and the judge said.the judge says well the DA decided to.take a risk on you we're gonna put you.in this special program if you do this.and if you do this your case is gonna be.dismissed right and that's all because.of Narcotics Anonymous and doing the.right thing right there's nothing else.that gets credit for that besides the.fact of I chose to work a program of.Narcotics Anonymous and come in here and.do what people tell me to do on a daily.basis right and they it's they suggested.but a suggestions of subtle commands you.know when my sponsor tells me to do.something I pretty much do it and he's.in the room so I can't but you.know here's another one we're never.forced into relapse we're given a choice.relapse is never an accident relapse is.a sign that we have a reservation on our.program we begin to slide our program.and to leave loopholes in our daily.lives unaware of the pitfalls ahead we.stumble blindly into the belief that we.can make it on our own right like that's.what happened to me when I had my first.18 months clean and all that.happened and I cut off all the people.and I stopped talking to my sponsor and.then all of a sudden I stopped talking.to my friends and then like I was like. I'm gonna stop talking to my.sponsor and then I was like you know.what I mean and it was a progression and.then all of a sudden I'm by myself not.doing anything for my personal recovery.you know and and you know what like I.use because I believed that I could.handle it on my own I believe that I.didn't need my sponsor that I didn't.need my service commitments that I.didn't need a Narcotics Anonymous that I.didn't need any of that to stay clean.all right and here's no one unless the.illusions that we can continue to stop.using on our own are shattered we most.certainly sign our own death warrant.like what the you know I mean like.that's the truest statement like.I can't even tell you right like three.people died this week that I know right.like three people died this week that I.know and like they made a decision to.use and they made that same decision.that I made to walk away from the.program and you know what they got high.right and like I knew they were out.there and I was talking to a couple of.them on Facebook and there was.absolutely nothing I could do.besides tell them that I loved them.right and like if you know me like the.one thing that I will tell anybody in.Narcotics Anonymous I will always hug.you and tell you I love you I don't care.who you who you are like if I don't know.you like I love you like if no one's.told you guys today like I love you.right like because it says in the.12-step like we greet each other with.the same reserve for we greet each other.as the same with the same reserve as.people who have survived the same.near-fatal catastrophe like we.survived like the war is over we lost we.come in here we surrender and we find a.new way to live right and that's.something that's a big thing for me and.in here let's see where else and then.here's another one and this kind of this.was like a really old thing that I had.highlighted here but like this is one of.the most powerful lines in the.literature that that speaks to my.character right like I can't tell you.guys what if it speaks to your character.but I know as an addict like this line.right here there's something in our.self-destructive personalities that.cries for failure most of us feel that.we don't deserve to succeed like I will.set myself up for failure.everywhere I go right like if I know.there's a speed trap on the street I.will speed up right like I will set.myself up for failure.self-destructive behaviors like every.time I picked up the pipe what was I.doing I was killing my soul right and.you know I had a friend who always says.I was inhaling the drugs and I was.exhaling my soul and that's why we come.to Narcotics Anonymous to gain the soul.back through the 12 steps and then.here's something actually put this on.Facebook the other day we must relearn.many things that we have forgotten and.develop a new approach to life if we are.to survive this is what Narcotics.Anonymous.about is about people who care about.desperate dying addicts and who can in.time teach them how to live without.drugs many of us had difficulty coming.into the fellowship because we did not.understand that we have the disease of.addiction we sometimes see our past.behavior as part of ourselves and not.part of our disease you know right like.like when I'm high like when I'm high.I'm a scumbag right like I'm a piece of. I will steal your stuff and help.you look for it right and like it.doesn't matter what it is right like I.hate the term drug of choice that's like.I don't know where that came from.probably came from a treatment center or.something but like my drug of choice is.more right like my drug of choice is.more more of what I had more of what you.had and when we ran out i'ma steal your. pawn it and then help you look for.it and buy more right like that's.how I lived and that's just that's just.how the the destructive behavior for me.happens right and then here's an omen.slowly things get better and we start.getting our confidence back our ego.tells us that we can do it on our own.things are getting better and we think.we really don't need this program.cockiness is a red light indicator right.like I just picked up 18 months clean.today alright I have a great job that I.love I just got a new car right I have.an awesome girlfriend why do I need any.that's how fast my disease will flip.this on me right but what did I.forget.I forgot Annie gave me all that right.like without na I don't have any of that.so like that's something that I have to.that I have to stay vigilant about on a.daily basis here's no relapse can be the.destructive force that kills us or leads.us to the realization of who and what we.really are the eventual misery of you.the eventual misery of using is not.worth the temporary escape it might give.us for us to use is to die often in more.ways than one.right like when I get high like the.pleasures never outweigh the.consequences right like I love getting.high I hate the consequences.right like that's one thing that I have.to remember is that like I know that.like when I get high accidentally burned.down hotels you know and and that's the. honest truth right like like I.have to remember that I put 1 I get high.put myself in these situations that I.almost can't get out of like I almost.didn't get out of that right and like so.that's something that I have to that I.had just I have to remain constantly.vigilant on a daily basis and here's one.the progression of recovery is a.continuous uphill journey without effort.we start the downhill run again the.progression of the disease is an ongoing.process.even during abstinence right like if I.stop taking my medicine my disease is.gonna take off right I was got when I.was highlighting this I was trying to.think about it and like I literally had.to take my diabetes medicine at that.moment and my thing is right like I'm a.diabetic and if I don't take the.medication that I need at that time like.it's gonna get worse you know and then.if I to continually not take my.medication.I'm gonna be up right so like if.I don't continue my medicine for the.disease of addiction to come in here and.and share honestly and openly and you.know call my sponsor which I probably.don't do as much as I should and do and.do all these things you know like if I'm.not working a program you know and if.I'm not working the program like I will.use again and I've proven myself I've.proven it to myself I've proven it to.myself and like I've come here I like I.came into na how about three years ago.right and my dad was dying of leukemia.and uh I said man I don't think I'm.gonna you know I knew I wasn't gonna.make it I just in my head my head told.me my disease told me like you're not.gonna make it through this clean you.might as well.use right but it you already have.nine months so just keep going to.meetings right so like I was using and I.was going to meetings right like I.picked up medallions hi you know I spoke.at meetings hi you know I remember I.picked up an 18-month medallion and I.was so messed up I couldn't even stand.up right like I was just leaning against.the wall you know I had taken so many.xanax before the meeting that like I'm.just leaning against a wall like yeah.you know and it makes sense and like.just the people in the meetings they.knew what's up like a dog can smell the.dog and addict knows one another addict.is hi right inside note like you know.what like if you're in a Narcotics.Anonymous meeting and you're high like.it's okay welcome home right like no one.here is gonna beat you up for that you.know just keep coming and eventually.something will click.you know don't ever let that chain and.guilt keep you out you know and like.someone that talks about it here we come.here powerless and the power that we.seek comes to us through other people in.Narcotics Anonymous but we must reach.out for it a closed mouth doesn't get.fed right if I don't ask for help like.if I don't call my sponsor and and and.tell my sponsor what's going on with me.or if I don't show up to a meeting and.tell him what's going on me.then I just up because like I.can't get the help I need you know like.I know I I know what like right when I.got here like I'm gonna I'm gonna tell.you guys it's like two days ago my uncle.went into the ICU with breathing.problems today at two o'clock I went to.visit him at the hospital had a complete.conversation with him and then like.around 7:00 o'clock I get a call telling.me he's not gonna make it through the.night.right and like this guy's is like the.second like my second father I didn't.like when that hit me and I got that.phone call like the only thing that I.could think about that moment was like.like you know but like I know that.I have to come here and I have.commitment and the thing I did was as I.walked right into this room and I told.my sponsor and my sponsee brother.immediately right like I don't have to.go anywhere with that pain because like.and I just told all y'all right like I.just drop the pain in here and now I can.leave here and go show up for my family.and be there because they need me right.now right and in before like when I was.using it have been like yo let me pop.this real quick I'm gonna go I'm.gonna pop this and then I'm gonna go.take care of them and sit there and be.with them and then I'm gonna nod out in.the waiting room and miss everything.right and like that's what I used to do.and I did that while my dad was dying so.don't look complacency is the enemy of.all members with substantial clean time.if we remain complacent for long the.recovery process ceases the disease will.manifest apparent symptoms in us right.like I would like I was just saying like.you know I my clean time can work.against me right and and I have a friend.a good friend of mine and he's always.he's always you know he's always.counting his days right and like I can.tell you how 546 days cleaned today.right I don't need to look at a clean.time counter or anything like that.like I count my days on a daily basis.and like if you know me you ask me how.much cleaning time I have I tell you in.days because like I'm just grateful for.another day clean right like a day clean.as a miracle in like that's what keeps.me from getting complacent because like.if I treat myself as if I'm a newcomer.on a daily basis like and I'm hungry for.recovery like I'll never fall to the.trap that my disease wants me to fall to.right like cuz my disease wants me bored.and recovery wants to be saying ah this.meetings are okay those people are.annoying I don't want to go here I'm not.gonna do this I'm not gonna do that and.then all of a sudden I'm sitting in my.house playing ps4 in the dark and that's.not healthy for me right because like in.the dark like that's where my disease.flourishes.writing like here's just one simple like.the first thing to do is stay clean this.makes the other stages of recovery.possible as long as we stay clean no.matter what we have the greatest.possible advantage over our disease for.this we are grateful right like I'm.grateful I'm clean today that my disease.does not have me today like this there's.the one thing that I'm most grateful for.and like my clean time is like my clean.date is the most important thing to me.like and like I can say this and like.there's a lot of people that I care.about in the room and like and you know.like my girlfriend's in the room and I.can tell you that like my clean date is.more important than my mother my clean.date is more important than my dog it's.more important than my girlfriend it's.more important than all my friends it's.more important than my job because if I.don't have my clean date I don't have.any of that right like I lose everything.if I use again right because I've proven.it to myself time and time again that I.will give up everything if I get high.many of us would have had nowhere else.to go if we could not have trusted any.groups of members at first we were both.captivated and intimidated by the.fellowship no longer comfortable with.our using with our using friends we were.not yet at home in meetings we began to.lose fear through the experience of.sharing the more we shared the more our.fear slipped away we shared for this.reason growth means change spiritual.maintenance means ongoing recovery.isolation is dangerous the spiritual.growth like like I said before like I.have to come into meetings and share.honestly and openly and I can tell you.like I don't want ever share me like I I.rarely share meetings you know I'm that.person that that'll share when shit's.going on but I'll never share when.shit's going good and like that's that's.a mistake on my part because maybe the.person in the room who's going through.it needs to hear that they're gonna get.through it.right so like I have to remember that.when.when I'm coming in here and like I have.to be mindful the newcomer and the.message that I give them right like I.can't come in here and constantly.constantly share my pain and not share a.solution right like my recovery has me.living in the solution today we must use.what we learn or we will lose it no.matter how long we have been clean.eventually we are shown that we must get.honest or we will use again right and.like here's here's the thing about that.right like back when I had I had two.years clean right I had I had a gear.clean and someone made a comment to me.they were like Sean why don't you go.pick up an escort because you got a year.clean and celebrate I did right and I.did roadie I there's another I'm honest.you know I mean okay I you know what.like I did because like I thought it was.okay because another member with time.told me to go do that you know he said.oh you know I go to the massage parlor.every once in awhile it's okay.you know and that opened a can of worms.because then I lied to my sponsor about.it I didn't tell my sponsor about and I.didn't tell my friends about it so.that's a little dark secret that I had.and then all of a sudden that little.dark secret turn into a few more dark.secrets and all of a sudden I'm using.over those dark secrets you know I mean.because I'm only sick as my secrets so.you know those are these are all things.that I have to remember they have to be.honest right like I try to be as honest.as possible I'm not a perfect person.like I come out the side of my neck and.I tell people about themselves all the.time and you know especially on Facebook.you know if you're my friend on Facebook.oh but.you know it just it it is what it is.like I'm not perfect but like I try to.be honest when I'm not hurting someone.else right can't just call someone an. for no reason you know and he.relapses may also fall into another trap.we doubt that we can stop using that we.doubt that we can stop using and stay.clean we can never stay clean on our own.frustrated we cry I cannot do it we beat.ourselves as we come back into the.program we imagine that our fellow.members will not respect the courage it.takes to come back we have learned the.utmost respect for the type of courage.we applaud heartedly it is not shameful.to relapse the shame is not coming back.we must smash the illusion that we can.do it alone.right like if you guys have relapsed.before and like you're in here because.like you have a relapse and you're like.you're saying like I only have 27 days.clean like that you have 27 days.clean that's a 27 miracles.right like congratulations you're my. hero today right like because.you're clean right and like.congratu-fucking-lations because like.that's the type of that I come to.meetings for right like I have a lot of.friends with clean time and I can call.them and hear that good Gucci but.like well sometimes I need to come into.a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and hear.the newcomer share of the pain right and.like see somebody do that walk of shame.to pick up a white key tag you know what.I mean like cuz I did it a million times.right like I have a Publix bag of white.key tags at my house you know I'm not.even lying like I have enough white key.tags to like build a house you know I.six years of trying to come back to you.guys six years of being out there and.being in pain hating myself afraid to.come back and then when I came back.afraid that everybody was talking.when I'm Iran no one's perfect some.people are gonna talk but just.ignore them and keep it moving.right like you know in this chapter it.says we came in here to save to save our.ass not our face right like if someone's.gonna talk like them.just keep it.like I used to let that get to me.and let it drive me out and you know.like it kept happening me over and over.and over and then finally like I.remember what when I got my my my one.year medallion this this past one year.medallion my sponsor gave it to me and.he you know he said this isn't a stick.with me he said there's something.different about Shawn this time when he.presented me my medallion right and like.he was my sponsor back when I had the.two years clean and like what's.different I just don't give a right.like the only thing that matters to me.is my clean time like if you like me or.not I don't I don't care us to love you.right like you cursed me out then and.talk all you want behind my back like.it's cool I love you you know I don't.worry about it like it's all good and.like that's that's the one thing that I.never had it was the fact that I was.always where I always wanted to impress.somebody else like even if I wasn't.pressing like you know people in an a.like doing a bunch of service.commitments and stuff like that like.it's all good like you know today like I.have my one little quiet commitment I.have a home group you know what I mean.like I have a sponsor and you know like.I'm just doing this damn thing and like.that's the best I can do on a daily.basis just for today and then like I.just talked about this like if we.realize we may feel guilt and.embarrassment our relapse is.embarrassing but we cannot save our face.and our ass at the same time we find.that it's best to get back on the.program as soon as possible it is better.to swallow our pride than to die or go.on go or go to permanently insane right.like I don't know maybe I am permanently.insane but you know what I mean like.come back right like if you relapse come.back that's all I care about like come.back that's that and like when you come.back I'm gonna tell you to stay.because it sucks out there right like.someone told me when I first came in a.Narcotics Anonymous back in 2009 they.said Johnny when my first friend died.they're gonna they said you're gonna go.to more funerals than medallions and you.know what like that's been the true.since I've been here but it doesn't have.to be that way right like in.this chapter says that we've never seen.I read it before like you've never seen.what is it you got a person working the.program of Narcotics Anonymous relapse.you know I mean like so we come in here.and like we work a program in like.Narcotics Anonymous is my home right.like like I attend Narcotics Anonymous.meetings I have an na sponsor and I work.any steps you know and like that's just.for me like whatever works for you guys.like let it work but like the one the.one thing that I can say is is like when.it came down to making a decision on.what I wanted to do to stay clean I had.to choose one thing because I can't give.a hundred percent of myself to two.different things right like I can only.give 70 and 30 or 40 and 50 to 40 and 60.you know what I mean I can't give a.hundred prints percent of myself I can.give 100% of myself to Narcotics.Anonymous right and you know what like.I'm just grateful to be here today like.you like you know I posted on Facebook.like I have I have nothing to really say.like I'm just grateful like I'm grateful.for all the people that have supported.me I'm grateful for all the people that.said I couldn't I'm just grateful for.the fact that I cleaned today and I was.able to pick up 18 months and the fact.of the matter is is like I'm grateful.that I'm gonna be able to go to go to.the hospital after this and like be with.my uncle in his final moments right and.like I'm gonna do it clean because I'm.gonna use all the tools I have in my.toolbox to remain clean just for today.thank you for letting me share.you.

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