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How to Fulfill the LEE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MUSIC Form in the Folliwng Steps on the Computer?

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LEE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MUSIC Form: Personalize, Finish and download

hello everyone welcome to the leader.mercy school of music we are so happy to.have you with us today I'm sitting here.in our Squires recital hall and looking.forward to having wonderful students.here in the fall today I have lots of.friends joining me for this video chat.so I want to introduce some of them to.you dr. Phillip Thomas is our associate.dean of the School of Music.Doug Warner is the director of applied.study dr. Randy sheikhs is our.coordinator for music and worship dr..Suzanne Burgess is our coordinator for.music ed Nick Tomasello.is our recruitment coordinator and we.have two wonderful recent alumni with us.Kaylee Wingo on music ed grad and.Demetri for raucous music and worship.Brad and I'm dr. bill green with these.the School of Music so welcome we're.honored to have you here we have a.vibrant and exciting School of Music and.we hope that some of you will join us in.the fall in the coming years that to be.a part of this great family here we have.over 300 music majors at Lee a very.strong strong area of School of Music we.have over 25 full-time faculty and as.many as 50 specifically trained applied.instructors to help you in your music.study so we're gonna talk a little bit.today about our degree programs about.some things that are common to all music.majors we're going to talk to our alumni.about their experience here and then.we're going to talk about what does it.mean to audition for the School of Music.and how you get into our programs so to.begin let me tell you we have five.undergraduate music programs we have a.Bachelor of Arts in music a Bachelor of.Science in music business emphasis we.also have a Bachelor of Music and.worship a Bachelor of Music in.performance and a Bachelor of music.education so I'm gonna ask dr. Phillip.Thomas if he were to talk about the BA.in music and a Bachelor of Science in.music business dr. Thomas.Thomas I believe you're muted.you.good afternoon I'm delighted to join you.today and the first degree program that.I want to talk about is indeed the BA.and music and I would tell you that it's.the most flexible of our degree programs.and it's specifically designed for.people who would like to just explore.music they love it.but are not possibly sure or completely.sure what they want to do 10 15 years.from now that's perfectly fine for you.at this stage in your life.parents relax everything will be fine we.will lead your kids and guide them in.the ways that that we can help them.pursue their dreams.this degree also has a lot of.flexibility if you're if you know that.you want to do music and something else.for instance let's say that you enjoy.psychology or English or some other area.in the university and you want to pair.that I'm thinking of people who might.want to go to graduate school in music.therapy maybe you want to do that double.major in music and psychology or music.and business sort of straight business.or music and and you get to fill in the.blank that's one of the beauties of the.BA in music another thing that we are.beginning to offer this year that we're.really excited about is an emphasis in.the BA an emphasis in composition where.if you want to be a songwriter or you.want to be a composer of any style of.music we invite you to enroll in the BA.with an emphasis in performance I'm.sorry with an emphasis in composition in.this degree program with the emphasis in.composition you would do a senior.project that would be your own pieces if.you decide one of the other ba options.you could do a senior thesis or a.recital and you could do research go on.to graduate school in music history.music theory lots of options in this.degree.and I think you would find it really.quite exciting the other degree plan I.want to mention to you today is the BS.in music business actually it's an.emphasis and you may be interested in.one of the many aspects of the music.industry like production or performance.artist management film music this is the.place for you to do that.and we're excited about the.possibilities that our announced new.studio will bring to this degree area in.this degree you'll have the opportunity.to do internships maybe in Nashville.which we're about two and a half hours.away we've had many of our graduates go.there and do internships some of them.have even been hired right out of.internship but it's not limited to.Nashville in fact we have other.graduates around the country doing.wonderfully exciting things so let's say.you want to do this degree how do you.finish you finish with a senior project.that may be a recording or a recital of.your music or a business plan or maybe.you become an event planner or an artist.management the sky is the limit and we.want to help you dream thank you dr..green thank you dr. Thomas one of our.most exciting programs is our program.and music and worship and dr. Randy.sheiks heads that up daughter cheeks me.tell us about that program hello.everybody it's great to have you at this.virtually day and I'd like to tell you.about our music and worship program if I.have to give the short version so let me.say this about music and worship we.believe that a complete worship leader.is really four things first of all a.musician so this is a music degree you.study to develop your musical skill.strongly but in addition to that you.need to be a disciple we talked about.being called of God to to music ministry.and being the real thing when you get up.to lead worship you know what worship is.thirdly a complete worship leader needs.to be a theologian you need to know.something about what the Bible says.about worship to select good song.to sing lastly and this is the part that.I didn't understand until I actually did.music Minister you need to be a leader.so we have a curriculum of classes that.jumps across these different topics and.we really feel like Lee is a great place.maybe the best place I know I'm biased.but I can't think of a better place to.study music and worship if you think.that maybe I just talked about it I want.you to know that before I came to teach.it leave for 23 years I worked in a.local church as a full-time minister of.music worship leader so I tried my best.to bring real life experience to the.classroom and one of the things that I.love about Lee is that you get real-life.experiences you might be talking about.music worship music and worship in the.class on Friday and then on Sunday find.yourself with one of your professors.leading worship on a Sunday morning.somewhere through our ensembles and.Chapel bands there are so many ways to.practice what you're studying so I.highly recommend our program and I'd.like to introduce to you Dmitry for aqus.who graduated a few years ago and is now.in full-time ministry and I'd like to.hear your thoughts about how this.program prepared to you for what you're.doing now hi everybody I'm Dimitri and I.guess I'll start out I'm the worship.leader at love and truth Church in.Savannah Tennessee right now actually.the day after I graduated from Lee was.my first day as a worship leader and so.I mean I I hit the ground running right.right when no no break you know and so.but I'd say exactly what mr. Sheikh said.you know when I came to be a music major.when I when I started I really didn't.know exactly what that was gonna entail.but when I got there I felt like I just.got engulfed in music in the best way.and but like mr. Sheikh said there was.more to it than that I feel like as I.progressed in the in the music.department I was learning a lot of.things that that helped me now like one.of the best things I learned was.communication that's something that we.talked about a lot in in our classes.with dr. sheiks and in our leadership.classes communication was one of the.best things that I now have.whole on some of those thoughts and some.of those ideas and some of those books.that we read even now today when I'm.thinking about my team and what I'm.thinking about leaving them so that's.just one thought maybe that I can just.tell you all today so.thank you thanks to me tree we are very.proud of you and you've done a wonderful.job where you are and so excited that.you are living that dream all students.in this in the School of Music.take applied means when you take private.lessons in a particular area dr. Warner.handles that area for us and he's the.director of applied studies and he knows.a lot about our performance degree so we.have a Bachelor of Music and performance.doctor would you tell us about that.program.sure like others have said it's great to.see you even though we're not exactly in.person I'm really thrilled that we're.able to to be able to communicate with.all of you this way our performance.degree is as it says it's designed for.the student who wants to perform mostly.full-time if you love to sing if you.love to play you're your instrument and.you desire to do this extensively.through your career this is probably the.degree for you if you have aspirations.of being say a concert artist a concert.pianist or you're a vocalist and you.want to sing opera as a career perhaps.you want to play in a major Symphony.Orchestra or you want to make one of the.prestigious military bands or possibly.even be a university professor who.specializes in teaching applied music.these are all areas that you can really.work on your skills and preparation for.through the Bachelor of Music and.performance it is probably our most.highly selective degree as far as.performance goes we have rather high.standards for who we accept into this.degree program but that's because we.expect to you to be very serious about.performing we we have graduates all.across the u.s. however who.have come through our performance degree.program and are now either enrolled or.already finished their graduate study at.very highly respected institutions some.have gone all the way on for their.doctorates and are now teaching on the.university level we have other people.performing opera professionally we have.other university professors as well it's.it's a very exciting degree program oh I.should mention I just I almost forgot.about this most of the fields I just.mentioned are all what we would say.classically oriented and that is by.design we have one new area of emphasis.that isn't specific to the classical.area and that is in you can do a.performance degree in commercial.percussion that's the that's the only.instrument we have that for right now.but it's a brand new emphasis and I.think if you are interested in.performing in the commercial style with.percussion this degree would be a great.opportunity for you.so if this is what you are interested in.I strongly encourage you to look at it.contact either Nick or myself if you.have questions about what we're actually.looking for on the audition because we.can help you to make sure that you are.adequately prepared when you come.audition for us if you want to pursue.the performance degree dr. green thank.you so much dr. Warner what about those.successful programs over the years has.been our bachelor of music education we.have wonderful placement numbers there.and our students have done extremely.well in the public school world dr..Suzanne Burgess heads that program up.for us dr. Burgess will you tell us a.little bit about the music.you.I believe you're muted.how's that I'm glad you're here today.I'm I'm excited to tell you about our.program in music education we work.throughout the four years to help.students discover if teaching is their.calling that the whole idea of looking.at the servanthood of teaching is a real.important piece of how we approach this.program the degree plan takes to two.basic divisions one one focus is for.vocal and choral students and the other.is for instrumental students so students.who come to us that are interested in.teaching in high school choir or.elementary general music typically.choose the vocal choral option we have.students who come to us that are just.real excited about teaching high school.band or Orchestra and so they choose the.instrumental both of those programs are.very similar at the beginning and then.as you progress through the program they.diverge into those specialty areas so.we're putting students in classrooms to.observe and engage with working teachers.from the very beginning the very first.course that our students take.introduction to music education we're.placing them in schools from the.beginning so they get that clinical.experience that hands-on this is what a.classroom really looks like and I would.say to that we are anxious to help.prepare students to teach in whatever.environment they're looking for a lot of.times people think that a degree in.music education means you're going into.a public school and certainly that.occurs but there are lots of ways to.experience teaching music we have.students that are looking to teach.internationally and work in music.education in other countries so we do.our best to help students discover where.their place is in the world of music.education in Tennessee we currently are.participating in a program called EDT PA.a teacher preparation.assessment and all of our graduates.engage in this process to acquire.licensure to teach in the state of.Tennessee one of the nice things about.that is that edtpa is really a.nationally recognized program so if a.student graduates with with a degree.from us and they achieve Tennessee.licensure very often that licensure has.reciprocity in the state that they want.to go to to teach we have Kayla Wingo.here with us one of our recent graduates.and she has actually just experienced.that she finished her degree with us and.she's now teaching in Kentucky Kaylie.you want to talk a little bit about.jumping into the classroom your first.year sure yes I am teaching at.Providence Christian Academy in.Georgetown Kentucky and I graduated from.Lee Ann Tennessee and that transfer of.license was smooth there may be an extra.test or two but it was not anything too.bad and but I am really enjoying my.first year of teaching I teach music.pre-school all the way through eighth.grade which is something that I was I.was really focusing on elementary school.and I'm so thankful for the teachers at.Lee University who prepared me for.teaching preschool all the way through.twelfth grade and when we teach in.eighth grade but I do feel prepared to.teach any grade because of the teachers.there at Lee thanks Kaylee um so oh go.ahead.oh I'm just gonna say Thank You Kaylee.can I just ask you a quick question.carry me yeah we have students watching.this today that are looking to come from.a high school experience and what they.do in music to a college experience and.what they do in music how was that.transition for you yes so I grew up in.chorus all through elementary middle and.high school and I was in a very top.mastery level high school choir and when.I jumped into the college level that's.what I really expected to do I really.wanted to teach high school choir.because that's what I fell in love with.during my high school experience and I.wish I had known to keep my options open.a little bit.or throughout my four years because now.my heart is fall in love with the.elementary students and that grade level.and I feel like I was really focused on.high school and I was said that's what I.want to do and although I still do love.high school and I still love teaching.those older kids.my heart has warmed up for all grade.levels and I wish that those.opportunities I would have taken those.opportunities my full four years instead.of just my last one great great well.we're talking to former students here.Demetri let me ask you a quick question.here I know I remember when you were.here you were involved in a lot of.things some music some not music tell me.about being a student at lis what was it.like you know one of the first thing.that comes to my mind is even non-music.majors are musical you know I met so.many people that that were there were.very musical I remember in my dorms.people were playing guitars and singing.and so I like I said before I just I got.surrounded by music I'm not from a very.musical family and so when I when I came.I learned so much but I one of the one.of the things I was involved well I was.involved in the jazz band that was I.played trumpet in the jazz band that was.one that I really loved learning from.Allen Wyatt it was it was amazing I.still use some of his his rhythm mindset.things today and I was also one of the.other things I loved was being in the.Dickson Chapel band I got to lead.worship to my peers and that was a.really amazing experience for me because.I could see my friends out there and it.can be a little bit nervous sometimes.but it's it was really fun so those were.some things that I really loved about.being at Lee and I think about them to.the city.thanks a lot Demetri I were to wrap up.here with a few words from Nick Thomas.hello Nick is our recruitment.coordinator and he handles all of our.auditions to be in the School of Music.you not only applied to Lee and except.to Lee University but you also audition.for the School of Music and there's a.little process for that and Nick can you.tell us a little bit about how that goes.yeah absolutely.so the audition process is pretty simple.it's pretty streamlined.moved everything for the rest of the.summer to a video submission audition.process so basically to get started you.would just email me let me know that you.want to audition.my email is n Tomasello t om ase ll o @.li university edu or if that's too.complicated just music at Lee University.that et you will work as well so let me.know that you went to audition and then.I will send you the registration link.and the guidelines and everything else.that you need to know real quickly the.guidelines basically it's just two.pieces to repertoire pieces of.contrasting nature one of them should be.classical in nature and there's gonna be.a quick a pitch matching or a sight.sight reading example exercise so the.way that works with video submissions.you let me know when you want to do this.pitch matching or sight reading exercise.say like Thursday at 4:30 p.m. so at.that time I will send you an email with.the instructions and the guidelines and.what you need to do and you'll have an.allotted amount of time to record.yourself doing the pitch matching sight.reading exercise and send it back so.that coupled with the repertoire videos.is really all you need to do for the.audition it's very simple so again if.you have any questions email me and.music at Lee University dot edu and feel.free to check out the School of Music.website that's Lee you music connect com.thanks thanks Mitnick does so many.wonderful things for us and he can help.you in this process so if you're.interested in finding out about more.about Lee about our auditions or about.our faculty you can even set up a zoom.session with one of our faculty members.and help you see what it would be like.to study a lesson with with one of our.faculty members he's more than happy to.do that.and please please use it utilize his.resources he's a great resource for us.and we would love to for you to connect.with him I'd like to thank our faculty.and students today for being with us and.helping us in this process helping us.share a little bit about the School of.Music a little bit about what we do at.Lee we have a lot of people involved in.music and Lee is a place that lives.music.the past in the past our president has.said that music is to Li what football.is to Notre Dame so we really believe in.music here and music is just such a part.of our culture and if you'd like to come.study music here please contact us we.would love to to talk with you about.that if you have questions please feel.free to contact us at music at Lee.University dot edu and we'll respond.with the answers thank you so much for.being with us today.

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