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Prepare your I 864 online is easy and straightforward by using CocoSign . You can simply get the form here and then fill out the details in the fillable fields. Follow the key elements given below to complete the form.

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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to write I 864

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How to leverage The I 864?

hi guys this is Rosaleen and now we will.fill out the form I ate six for the new.and updated form i-864 but before that I.already made a video on updated video.how to fill out the form i-130 for 11:45.ds-160 I 129 f4 key one fancy visa you.can check my channel go to play list and.click the folder k1 fiancee visa and you.will see those forms on that folder and.then I already made an updated video for.I four eight five and you will see that.on my playlist the folder is a o s that.forms all that forms are updated so now.let's go and fill out the form I ate six.more so first go to google and type I.ate six four and you will see in here I.ate six for a bit a bit of support.USCIS just click this one and make sure.you will download the form all the forms.to USCIS website okay only to the USCIS.website and then as you can see in here.for my eight six four click this one and.you will download this I already.download the form and I already fill out.the form so we can discuss it faster.okay then let's go to the form so this.is the form of adaptive support under.Section two one three a of the eye and a.USCIS form i-864 expires March 31st 2020.so this is the updated form of.i-864 from the USCIS website and please.take note that when you are applying for.k1 fiance visa you will use form i-130.for and once you.already here in the United States and.you will apply for adjustment of status.you need to use the form i-864 okay the.form i-130 for the rate for the power.household proper household poverty is.only hundred percent that is the portion.that you will check what is the minimum.poverty that you need okay but for the.for my eight six four you need to check.the one hundred twenty five percent of.the household size poverty okay we will.go that later so let's start to fill out.the form and this form the i-864 the.petitioner will be the one to fill out.this form okay and then so number one.part one basis for filing affidavit of.support i the petitioners name and the.sponsor submitting this affidavit of.support because so you need to check one.box 1a or 1b or 1c or 1b or 1e or 1f on.1a you should check the box a if it's.purely a family immigration case if you.are the petitioner who is filing or who.has already filed form i-129f petition.for alien fiancee or form i-130 petition.for alien relative or a family member.you should click 1a okay.and on 1b select this box if you are.filing or have filed form i want for AP.immigrant petition for alien worker for.your husband wife father mother child.adult son or daughter brother sister and.indicate your relationship to the.beneficiary in the space provided here.you need to put the name in here and.then on 1c.select this box if you have an ownership.interest of at least 5% in a business.corporation or any other entity that's.filed or is filing form I 144 your.husband wife father mother and indicate.the name of the business you have an.ownership interest in and your.relationship to the beneficiary in the.spaces provided.so in here okay on one do you select.this box if you are only a joint sponsor.and the one you select this box if.you're either of two joint sponsor first.or second of two joint sponsor and one F.select this box if you are the subs.substitute sponsor a substitute sponsor.is a sponsor who is completing form I 8.6 4 on behalf of an impending immigrant.whose original form i-130 petitioner has.died after the form i-130 was approved.but before the intending immigrant.obtained a lawful permanent residence.the substitute sponsor must be related.to the intending immigrant in one of the.following ways.so spouse parent mother-in-law.father-in-law sibling child at least 18.years of age sent daughter son-in-law.daughter-in-law brother-in-law.sister-in-law grandparent grandchild or.legal guardian the substitute sponsor.must also be a US citizen lawful.permanent resident or US national if you.are a substitute sponsor you must.sponsor each intending immigrant ok so.since Marcus is my petitioner so he.needs to click the 1a ok and the next.note if you are filing this form as a.sponsor you must include proof of your.US citizenship US national status or.lawful permanent resident status.so meaning the petitioner should include.like passport or driver's license that.that prove that the petitioner is a US.citizen or lawful permanent resident so.identification okay so on part two.information about the principal.immigrants so this is me the beneficiary.the family name the given name and the.middle name so provide the full name of.the principal immigrant okay on to a to.2i mailing address provide the mailing.address of the principal immigrant so in.care of the name or write my name in.here my full name in here but you can.just leave it blank it doesn't matter.and then the street if there is an.apartment the city state zip code.province and postal code just leave it.blank and then the country USA okay and.then the other information country of.citizenship or nationality provide the.country of the citizenship or.nationality of the principal immigrant.then the date of birth of the principal.immigrant in format of month date and.year month day and year okay and then.the alien registration number in a.number if any so since I am under k1.fiancee visa I have an alien number so.you can check your alien number to your.notice of action tool or Noah to or I.719 seven so when you check your Noah.tool at the top of your name at the top.of your name there is a word.and beneficiary and then beside that.beneficiary word you will see your alien.number it will start with letter A then.followed by nine digits number so that.is your alien number but and also if you.receive the copy or the approved copy of.your I 129 F usually the US Embassy will.send you the eligibility letter and.together with the eligibility letter you.will receive the copy of form i-129f you.can check your alien number on your.approve I 129 F but if you did not.receive that it doesn't matter just get.your Novato and you will see your alien.number to your notes okay and then the.USCIS online account if you have.previously filed an application petition.or request using the USCIS online filing.system previously called USCIS.electronic immigration system or USCIS.Lise provide the USCIS online account.number you were issued by the system you.can find your USCIS online account.number by logging into your account and.going to the profile page if you.previously filed certain applications.petitions or requests on a paper form by.USCIS lockbox facility you may have.received a USCIS online access notice.issuing you a online account number if.you receive such as such a notice your.USCIS online account number can be found.at the top of the notice if you were.issued the USCIS online account number.enter it in the space provided the USCIS.online account number is not the same as.an alien number that is difference but.usefully we don't have USCIS online.numbers just leave it laughs so the day.time telephone.just type in here make sure your.telephone number is active okay and then.next part three information about the.immigrants you are is sponsoring I am.sponsoring the principal immigrant named.in part two which is me so you know you.need to click yes you need to click no.applicable only if you are sponsoring.family members in point three as the.second joint sponsored or if you are.sponsoring family members for.immigrating more than six months after.the principle immigrant okay so on item.number two family members immigrating.within six months the immigrant you are.sponsoring or the principal immigrant.may bring a spouse and/or children to.the United States if the spouse and/or.children will travel with the principal.immigrant or within six months of the.principle immigrant immigrants entry.into the United States and you are.sponsoring them you should list the.names and other requested information in.the spaces provided in item number two.if any dependents are not immigrating.will emigrate more than six months after.the principle immigrant arrives in the.United States or you are not sponsoring.them do not list their names here a.separate form I eight six four is.required for them when they apply for.their immigrant visa okay on number.three family members in greeting more.than six months more than six months.after the principle immigrant if you are.filing this for my eight six four for.the principle immigrants family members.who are immigrating more than six months.after the principle immigrant you should.list the names and other requested.information.in the space provided in item number.four a to 28 which is this one up to.here 20 okay so since I am the only one.so you just need to click yes and just.leave it lamp all of this questions okay.and go to part three information about.the immigrants you are sponsoring and.third the total number of immigrants you.are sponsoring on this available which.includes the principal immigrants listed.in point two meaning this and that is me.okay.any immigrants listed in part three item.number one 228 and if applicable any.living immigrants listed for this.question in part 11 additional.information do not count the principal.immigrant if you are only sponsoring.family members and enter more than six.months after the principle immigrants so.since I am the only one so he needs.support one in here okay don't forget.that because this part number 29 if you.put one it is automated that it will.automated in here okay and then.automated it will compute okay so let's.finish this first so just type one or.number 29 since I am the only one so.part for information about you the.sponsor.meaning the petitioner family name given.named in the middle name and then the.sponsors mailing address in care of name.his name then street number if there is.an apartment city state zip code.robinson postal code just leave it blah.and then country USA is your current.mailing address the same as your p.sickle address so yes you click yes.because it is the same but if you click.no you have to indicate your pistol.address here on for a - 4-h ok and the.number five country of domicile us a you.can write it down United States of.America you can just write it down USA.it's the same then date of birth city or.town the bird state or province of bird.then country bird then the US social.security number so all of the US citizen.and then permanent resident has a social.security number and then under sparked.the citizenship of presidency 11 a I am.a US citizen so he is a US citizen so.just click 1180 then if you are national.US national click be if you are lawful.permanent click see and then just type.your alien number in here so since.Marcus is a US citizen he don't have.alien number and then he don't have.sponsor you as CIS online account number.also you don't have so just leave it.black so military service to be.completed by petitioner sponsors only I.am currently on active duty in the US.Armed Forces or US Coast Guard so he.click no ok then after that so part 5.sponsor household size so make sure you.need to review this part cause as far as.I know most of the RF e this one is the.reason why they have RF e okay so number.one provided the number you entered in.part three item number 29.so one so just what I.told you before the one that I mentioned.before if you did not write down or type.anything in here automatic there is no.number one in here okay and then you.cannot type one two three in here no.because it is automated you have to type.the number or in the number 29 you have.to put the number in here okay one.because I am the only one and it was.here because it is automated okay and.then number two yourself it is automated.also it is number one okay and as you.can see it is automated it computes okay.but if you will fill out this form by.hand writing so you have to write one or.number twenty nine don't forget that and.then you can write one on number 20 on.point one and then you can write two on.your you can write or number two number.one is it clear okay I will repeat if.you will write and fill out if you will.fill out this form through handwriting.you need to put the number on number 29.if it is one and then in here we just.need to write the number also and then.here you need to write the number also.and then you have to compute the.household size in here if you will use.handwriting but if you will use PDF it.will auto Matic it will reflect once you.type one or any number in here or number.29 it will reflect in here.on part pipe number one okay and then.number two it is automated and it will.compute automatically also okay so.number three if you are currently.married and third one for your spouse if.not just zip it down if you have.dependent children write the number in.here if you have any other dependents in.here and since I don't have any.dependents and Marcus also don't have.any dependents and he is only one living.in the house so just one one so the.house of science is - okay and then part.six sponsors employment and income.I am currently so employed so just write.what is the position and the name of the.employer so he don't have employer - he.is not self-employed so just leave it.blank and then he's not retired he is.not unemployed so just leave it blank.but if yes just fill this okay my.current individual annual income is this.you have to look for your recent income.tax return you will see your annual.income okay so income you are using from.any other person who was counted in your.household sizes including in a certain.condition since we did not write.anything on three four five six seven.excuse me in eight at seven so we don't.need to fill out this fortune okay.and on part six sponsors employment and.income number twenty my current annual.household income total all lines from.part six item number 7 10 13 16 and 19 I.think this is Auto.method also three six four seven nine oh.yeah it is automated once you type.anything in here check I will delete.this number seven then you will not see.anything on numbered.right so just type in here again oh my.gosh okay you step in there and.automatic it is in here okay so it is.automated okay and then 21 the people.they said in item number 8 11 14 he did.not click this he will not click this.because as I mention he don't have any.on three four five six seven only me and.him so just leave it blank 21 and 22.okay so number 23 8 have you filed a.federal income tax return for each of.the three most recent tax years so click.yes and if not just click no note you.must attach a photocopy or transcript of.your federal income tax return for only.the most recent tax year so meaning you.click yes so once you send this form you.need to attach your income tax return or.transcript of your read transcript of.records of your federal income tax most.recent year so meaning this year's 2018.you need to submit 2017 transcript of.your federal income tax okay so on 23 B.this is only optional you can submit the.three most recent tax years or what I.mean is the second and third most recent.tax years and then you can just ignore.this okay.but if you have a copy of your tax.return second and third most recent.years and you want to submit that just.click this 23 B and you need to write.here the tax year 17 2016 2015 and how.much is the total in.for this year's okay but this is only.optional but as for me when i submit my.adjustment of status and i submit this I.ate six for I or I also submit the.tree-tops here the second and third most.recent taps here okay then 25 no I was.not required to file federal income tops.okay just ignore that but if this is.applicable to you if you did not file.you need to submit a supporting.documents for this okay and then part.seven if your income or the total income.for you and your household from part six.item number twenty this one and or 24 a.or 24 see it stills the federal poverty.guidelines for your household size you.are not required to complete this part.seven so we skip the part eight so since.his annual income is thirty six seven.forty nine he don't need to fill out.this part seven so you need to check the.household size poverty guidelines just.go to USCIS website and then check the.household sites poverty guidelines.that's what I mentioned before when you.are filing your advancement of status.filling out the form I ate six four you.need to use the hand read the one.hundred twenty five percent of household.size poverty guidelines so since only.mini and Marcos I need the check number.two household size two and then the one.hundred twenty five percent is twenty.thousand five hundred seventy five which.means that his annual income is bigger.than the household size poverty.guidelines.meaning he passed he passed the.household size poverty guidelines so he.don't need to submit he don't need to.fill out the form the part seven okay so.when you're filling out the form I ate.six four you need to check the household.size poverty bracket so you will know if.it is enough or not if you need a joint.sponsor or not okay and then after that.so this one is continuing showing so.part eight sponsor a contract statement.and quantum information declaration.certification and signature.okay sponsor statement select the box.for I don't know item number 180 or 1b.if applicable select the box for item.number two.so one a I can read and understand.English and I have read and understand.every question and instructions on this.affidavit and my answers to every.question so click one eight okay and.then sponsors contact information and an.email address make sure that your.contact information is up here and make.sure your email also is updated okay.then after that sponsor signature don't.forget this this is very important once.you print the form you need to sign this.form okay and then type the date and.then if you have interpreters and.interpreter needs to fill out this.portion okay and signature of the.interpreter and then preparers full name.meaning you wanna D you are not the one.who fill out this form and not the.interpreter then the two is different.okay interpreter and then the prepares.interpreter meaning you are the one who.fill out the form but you need an.interpreter to explain to you what are.the questions on this form but preparers.meaning you are not the one who fill out.the preparers is the one who fill out.this form like a tiny something like.that so you need to fill out this form.then signature and then this part 11.[Music].okay that's it so you need to print page.one up to page 10 okay so I hope I.explained it well but if not I'm so.sorry.if you don't understand explanation if.you don't understand how I fill out this.form.I'm so sorry and you can also do a.research to fill out i eight six four so.you can you have another option and you.can compare how I fill out this form and.how the other person fill out the form.you can do that okay I'm not saying that.I'm perfect that this form is perfect.and you will not receive an RF in no I.am NOT a lawyer I fill out this form.based on my experience and then also I.asked question how to fill out this form.okay so just do a comparison if you can.find another updated ia-64 form then.search for that and then compare it on.what I explained on this video okay so.have a great day everyone and bye bye.

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I 864 FAQs

Here you can recieve replies to the most FAQs about I 864. If you have specific misunderstandings, choose 'Contact Us' at the top of the page.

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Do I need I 864?

Read the I-864 instructions for exactly what you need to include. Generally, you will need to include your tax returns for the most recent 3 years. If you did not file a tax return for any of the last 3 years because your income was below the threshold for needing to file, you need to include a statement stating so. You should also include the last several months of pay stubs, if possible, to prove your current income. If possible, a letter from your employer confirming your current income would also help.

Is affidavit of support required for I 130?

How may “public charge” affect my I-130 application for my spouse? My income is low but my mother has enough salary and will be my sponsor in the Affidavit of Support. If YOU are a “public charge”, it is doubtful an I-130 for your spouse will be approved. You can’t take care of yourself, and certainly can’t sponsor someone else.

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