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Today, we’re pitting two of the world’s.greatest economic and military powers against.each other: China and the United States of.America..These two modern titans regularly go toe to.toe on trade deals, cultural influence, and.intellectual property, but today we’re talking.about soldiers..We’ve previously compared the US and Chinese.military, and the average American and Chinese.citizen, but this video is something in between.– In a modern ground war between American.and Chinese forces, which infantry soldier.would come out on top?.We’re about to find out, by looking into.each army’s combat history, tactics, capabilities,.training, and equipment..If ever China and America go to war, the whole.world is in trouble..We’re talking about two of the largest and.most well-equipped militaries on the planet..China, being one of the oldest civilisations.in the world, has an incredibly illustrious.military history..The country can be credited with pretty much.inventing rocketry, as well as giving 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