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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Finalizing Soldiers Privacy Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Soldiers Privacy Form

youtube video

Instruction of Soldiers Privacy Form

when you join the United States Army.there's certain things that you have to.basically give up in this video I'm.going to be talking about things you.have to give up when it comes to privacy.what's up my friends welcome to an.all-new video I'm US Army veteran.Christopher chaos and if you're not.familiar my channel well mind educates.you about things that are related to the.army if that's the kind of things you.want to know about well maybe should.think about clicking on that subscribe.button even click on that bill so you.don't learn too soon as new videos go.live to include the live streams and.become a part of that awesome.notification platoon so let's talk about.what kind of things related to privacy.you have to give up when you join United.States Army now some of these things may.be self-explanatory too you may be.either common sense things maybe you.already know about these things the key.thing and the key idea behind this video.is to give you a little bit of heads up.they're not necessarily maybe deal.breakers for most people maybe for some.people it might be but there are things.that maybe you knew about or didn't know.about things you didn't expect and it.gives you a little bit of heads up so.that when you do join the army or maybe.you're just curious about the topic in.general and you know that hey if I join.the army these are certain things that I.know that I'm have to give up certain.things to expect when it comes to.privacy in the United States Army now a.lot of this probably pertains to the.military in general but as I've said.before in other videos I was US Army so.I try to keep it army related but a lot.of this stuff probably does pertain to.like the Marines or force or whatever.the case is now when you go to basic.training you're probably expected you're.going to give up a lot of things for as.far as privacy some of those things are.pretty common some other showers right.you probably have pretty open shower is.usually in basic training you're not.going to get nice little individual.one-on-one bathrooms and individual.showers or anything some basic trains I.have heard stories where they've gotten.a little bit better privacy but most.commonly a lot of those showers are not.very kind of designed for privacy I.guess my basic training those a long.time ago those back in 1999 when I did.basic training but mine was a big huge.open area with a bunch of shower heads.all over the place most of them have got.a little bit better than that but still.not a lot better now commonly a lot of.them have maybe like a little concrete.barrier this may be like waist high and.there's much a shower head so some of.them have that.some of them may be pretty cool and.having me be like a shower curtain in a.big room with a bunch of showers but.then you're probably still having to.kind of come out of that shower naked.and other people are probably gonna see.you naked so if you're really shy you.kind of have to just try to adapt to.that so when it comes to taking showers.you're probably lose a lot of privacy.there depending on the basic train.location how they have their showers set.up a lot of them are fairly open some of.them may have these cool shower curtains.but you probably still have to go out of.that shower curtain to go get dressed or.dry off or whatever the case is and.someone might see you when you're coming.out of the showers also along with that.and basic training is probably getting.dressed usually you're in either a big.huge bay with a bunch of soldiers then.when you're changing out of your.physical fitness uniform able to get.into your you know combat uniform for.training for the day you're probably.doing this large open area where other.people are getting dressed too so.they're gonna probably see you getting.dressed maybe you're lucky enough that.you have some of those ones that have.maybe like four or five people inside of.a smaller room kind of area well then.maybe it's less people that can.potentially see you get dressed but you.know definitely you're one of those.people that like in gym class back in.high school you were afraid to get.dressed in a locker room because you.didn't want other people seeing you.getting dressed well be aware that's.probably still gonna be a thing when.you're in basic training and even.probably AIT so a lot of that might have.already been common sense maybe things.you already expected from you know basic.training or AIT but it still continues.even when you get to your duty stations.especially first soldiers who live in.the barracks well some of your privacy.may be invaded as far as there's gonna.be people coming into your room they're.gonna want to go through your room see.how you're living barracks inspections.is a pretty common thing for soldiers.living in the barracks you have NCOs.they want to come check on your.well-being making sure they're not.living dirty you're living healthy.you're not having things you're not.supposed to have in the barracks those.kind of things now then I suppose happen.too often because that can reduce morale.in the barracks but they usually have.come kind of some kind of set standard.as far as maybe once a week or maybe.every other week or whatever some may.still say screw it and do it every other.day or every day or whatever the case is.but typically a lot of units try to.reduce the amount of times that NCOs and.leadership are coming to the barracks.because they can't reduce morale and.kind of take away too much privacy but.there is still should be some checks.going on at some point time where.leadership should be coming through.those soldiers barracks rooms to make.sure they're not having things that are.not supposed to have and they're living.you know reasonably and not just living.in filth and mold growing all over the.place so they're gonna come into your.barracks room they're gonna come check.it out sometimes in the morning.sometimes specific days that are.designated as you know barracks.inspection days typically they don't go.through like your drawers and everything.like that but they're gonna go and look.through your rooms and maybe look inside.your closet or whatever and see if you.have things at least somewhat organized.make sure you don't have like a pizza.box it's been sitting there for the last.several weeks or whatever from you know.your partying days from you know a.couple weekends back or whatever the.case is a lot of you know dirty dishes.Lena the thing that are growing mold you.know those kind of things so a lot of.its cleanliness a lot of its just.general living conditions and making.sure that you're living well now when.you're in the field it kind of goes back.to the kind of like those same kind of.circumstances in basic training where.you're probably inside of a tent and.lots of a lot of common situations and.you're gonna have to address in front of.those other soldiers so you're changing.maybe from whatever you were sleeping in.to get into your uniform or maybe.whatever else it calls for so there are.going to be some situations during like.the field where you're gonna have to do.that and usually it is segregated.between men and women in most cases they.usually still have some kind of like.divider maybe between the men and women.that way they can you know get changed.you know a little bit private leave so.that the men are getting changed with.other men and the women are gonna change.with other women and that kind of stuff.if your anus specific type of field.environment has showers well then you.might have that certain case most field.problems don't have showers and you have.use baby wipes and everything but.there's some cases like maybe NTC.sometimes they might have some shower.trailers that occasionally work or don't.work most common cases you don't have.showers though another big one.especially compared to the civilian side.is when doing a urinalysis doing their.drug test on a civilian side I've heard.lots of stories of people that have.their ways of you know being able to get.past a drug test because it got fake pee.or whatever it is but that's because on.the civilian side usually we do drug.test you go to a place that is.authorized to do drug testing maybe a.hospital or something like that some.kind of clinic and you go inside the.bathroom by yourself.pee in the cup come back out hand over.your sample to the doctor and then you.know they test that for drugs well in.the army it works quite a bit.differently when you do this in the Army.you have observers and the observers.have to watch you physically pee inside.of the.to make sure that you're not tampering.with that sample so that make sure.you're not using something like fake pee.or somehow contaminate the sample to.give a false result so that means both.male and female side you know you have a.male observer to observe the males and a.female observer to observe the females.and they're supposed to physically watch.you pee inside that cup so when you go.in the bathroom you're holding that cup.that you have for the sample over your.shoulder so they can see it in place.you're walking into that bathroom you're.unscrewing it so they can see it and.then have to physically watch you take.you know your private parts out and pee.into that cup now sure there are a lot.of cases where you know people don't.want to sit there and you know look at.your junk while you're peeing into that.cup so they might just kind of stand at.the back and kind of be there and kind.of watch from a distance some people.would take a little bit more seriously.and get you know right up there and.you're really up in there checking out.what's going on kind of a thing so it.kind of depends on the individual but.technically bystanders they're supposed.to physically be able to observe the.urine coming out of your private parts.and into this cup to make sure that.you're not you know having fake pee or.tampering with that sample in some way.so just be ready for that so when you do.have to urinalysis which you do oh a lot.of them a lot of times in the military.someone's gonna be watching you pee in.that cup the next one kind of.medical-related it as well and that is.doctor's appointment so on the civilian.side you have something maybe.embarrassing the UFO go see the doctor.for you just tell your employer you know.hey I'm taking a couple of hours of sick.or I'm taking a sick day or whatever.because they have a doctor's appointment.to go to.no questions get asked beyond that well.in the Army not so much now you may not.need to necessarily share with the.entire platoon but there's gonna be.someone probably in your platoon you're.gonna have to let someone know you know.why you have to go to the doctors why.you need to go see the medics they're.gonna want to know the specifics so if.it's something like I don't know you.were having a crazy weekend and slept.with someone that you maybe you're a.little suspicious of or you got.something going on because of it or.whatever you're gonna probably be a.little bit up front and tell someone hey.I need to go to get an STD check or I.need to go do this or wherever the cases.are probably someone in the platoon it.might be like your first line supervisor.might be your platoon sergeant maybe.your platoon leader someone you trust a.lot of times there's least someone in.your leadership that needs to know why.you're specifically needing to go see.the medics why you're specifically going.to see a doctor for something.they're not supposed to go and like.spread that around like so if you trust.you know that squad leader that platoon.sergeant whatever and you have to go get.an STD check or something like that.something you don't want it all while.all the other people in your platoon.knowing about you right they're not.supposed to be going and sharing that.information to say it doesn't happen you.know yeah it might happen you may have.some corrupt individuals some people.that you know do things they're not.supposed to do right but technically.they're not supposed to share that.information so let's be confidential.between you and your leadership but just.be aware that you know I guess they.still could use depends on how.trustworthy that leadership individual.is I guess it's another one as far as.privacy that you're going to have to.disclose is marriage status on the.civilian side you might be able to get.away with a lot of employers just simply.telling you're married or you're single.or whatever and they need to know that.for tax purposes or whatever but may.they don't need to know any more.information beyond that depend on the.employer I guess but on the army side.you have to be pretty specific about a.lot of things you have to tell them if.you're married or not you have to tell.them the name of that individual the.social security of that individual the.the gender of that individual so there.are a lot of things you have to disclose.maybe you're worried about being you.know discriminated against because.you're a male who's married to another.male or a female married to another.female and you want to be you don't want.to be discriminated against for that and.you're concerned about that well you.still have to disclose that to your.leadership for someone on the civilian.side they might be able to get away with.not disclosing that right they can just.simply say yes I'm married but don't.give me more details you know beyond.that so the employer doesn't know if.you're married to a male or a female or.whatever the case is but in the military.I like I said you have to be fully.upfront with that because they need to.know all this information for them.because that person spreading the ID.card you're getting paid near bah for.the basic housing allowance and.everything else like that and so they.need all that information on who your.spouse is also a lot of times for.security reasons especially if you're.someone who has a security clearance or.is getting a security clearance well.then you know the people you're living.with so they need to know everything.about that individual as well now that.even goes for let's say if you were to.get divorced or you having to kind of.marriage problems those are things you.also have to disclose with your.leadership as well you don't have to.necessarily do that on the civilian side.but in the Army you do on the civilian.side if maybe you're having some kind of.marriage problems maybe you're.separating or you know you're living a.separate from that individual to take a.break from them or whatever you don't.have to necessarily disclose that with.your civilian employer but you're gonna.have to disclose that with your military.leadership to let them know that because.you.be potentially a security risk you can.be a health risk maybe they're worried.about you maybe getting really depressed.or committing suicide or something like.that so there's a lot of these things.they want to know about those kind of.things especially if it comes down to.divorce because then that you know.changes maybe your status of if you're.qualified for basic housing allowance.certain bas so you have to disclose who.you're married to.who they are if you get divorced if you.disclose all that stuff and even a lot.of times marriage problems another.really big different ones from the.civilian side to the army side is what.you do with your free time a lot of.times your civilian employer they don't.care right they want you to show up to.work watch you work on time and do your.job well well I mean the army wants to.do that too but they also want to know.what you're doing when you're not at.work.examples of that is you're restricted to.like a limited area as far as a mileage.range 250 miles within the base so.civilian employer they don't care if you.go on a weekend trip you know to Vegas.or New York or to Florida or wherever.the case might be the army does because.you're restricted in that 250 mile.radius so if you're gonna go outside of.that you have put in for a pass and they.want to know specifically where you're.going to that also goes for like leave.if you want to take vacation on the.civilian side you simply put in for.vacation if you don't care where you're.going on vacation what you're gonna do.on vacation but in the Army they do you.have a form you have to fill out when.you take vacation in the army or take.leave em in there they want to know the.address of where you were going to and.then also if you're going to go outside.of the country you have to get a.specific briefing you have to let them.know about that and they have to do.other classes with you and everything.like that to make sure that you know.you're making definite yourself.appropriately when you're in another.country so the inside know care you just.put in for your vacation and take off.and do whatever you got to do but in the.Army you have to tell them where you're.going if it's in the United States.outside the United States and if it's.outside the United States will you get.some extra stuff to do now there's.probably a few other things here and.there that are privacy related that you.have to give up on the army side these.were you know a handful of them that I.wanted to kind of outline some really.big ones if there's something that maybe.I didn't mention in this video you can.you know mention it down in the comments.section to let other individuals know.about certain things that you want to.kind of point out as far as privacy.things you have to kind of give up.inside the Army for those of you that.may be kind of curious about some of the.things I talked about or maybe things.you've heard about won't leave some.comments down below I'll do my best to.try to answer those maybe some of my.viewers that are maybe either already in.the Army or military or veterans.themselves can maybe help me out answer.some of those as well.try to help you out and try to answer.your questions that you might have so.drop those down below now if you liked.this video hit that thumbs up maybe and.think about sharing the video with some.other people that may enjoy it as well.share the love right check out some.links down in the description for social.media all sorts of other stuff thank you.so much for watching I'm Chris for chaos.I'll see you next time see you.[Music].[Applause].[Applause].[Music].

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Soldiers Privacy Form FAQs

Comply with the below common queries about Soldiers Privacy Form . Talk to directly if you still have other queries.

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