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[Music].[Applause].[Music].to score and seven years ago.that's 1974 College of the Atlantic.graduated its first two students from a.patio right here that today we call the.red bricks nine years and six weeks.later the building that said on this.patio burned to the ground and it almost.took the entire institution with it.against all odds College of the Atlantic.was reborn from that fire today we also.find ourselves in flames as a world as a.nation and because of our institutional.commitment to a better future as a.college community our flames are the.fever's of the more than six million.people whose bodies have been invaded by.the novel coronavirus.and the more than 400,000 people who.have died by koban 19 we sweat from the.flames of burning cities we gasp for air.amidst the noxious fumes of charring.rubber gasps for air beneath the racist.knee of Derrick Chauvin as it stops the.breath moving into George Floyd's lungs.and gasp for air in the vacuum of action.as three officers watched George Floyd's.body go limp and lifeless yet with these.times and and in this format this is.indeed a strange commencement ceremony I.think we miss each other's closeness and.camaraderie we miss the smell of freshly.cut grass here on the North Lawn or the.sound of a flapping canvas tent or the.serendipity of a young child screaming.with joy running across the hills of the.North Lawn punctuating the ceremony at.just the right time as strange as the.ceremony might be it is beautiful and.joyous.and perfectly strange sometimes strange.is actually the perfect stick needed to.draw a line in the sand or per marking a.Rubicon that just has to be crossed or.from making a deadline for change.Abraham Lincoln embraced the strange.when on February 21 1861 he proclaimed.that I fear we should have to put the.foot down firmly and then he slammed his.awkwardly long limb to the floor and in.so doing he marked time he marked an end.to ambivalence and he marked an end to.the naive assumption that a civil war.could just be avoided.make no mistake today is a celebration.for you and your families you deserve.this day of pure joy and excitement and.I hope this virtual celebration brings.you a very real sense of happiness but I.hope this somewhat strange I'll be a.beautiful ceremony also will mark a time.where we acknowledge collectively and.you acknowledge individually that we.shall have to put the foot down firmly I.wasn't around in 1968 when the idea was.hatched to build a college on the coast.of Maine dedicated to human ecology I.wasn't around for the Tet Offensive in.Vietnam I didn't suffer the collective.pain of Martin Luther King's.assassination or the riots but somehow I.feel like there's a bit of then in this.now I feel there might even be a hint of.1861 in today's world so in addition to.celebrating your successes here at CoA.in addition to celebrating the long term.love and support from your families.friends loved ones can.sitter this moment as something of your.own personal line in the sand your own.putting of your foot down as graduates.of the College of the Atlantic you are.prepared empowered and responsible for.helping bring much-needed change to this.world we will be there with you we will.always be here for you with love and.much admiration of a great celebration.good afternoon to the members of the.graduating class of 2020 at college of.the Atlantic I'm honored to add hearty.congratulations from the college's.trustees welcome parents and friends and.a special thank you to our dedicated.faculty and staff despite your physical.distances spread around the world your.spirit energy and individual.accomplishments touch us all your CoA.family looks forward to welcoming you.home to campus soon safely and often as.alumni your remarkable efforts and.achievements while students at college.of the Atlantic position you for.continued meaningful roles in a world.never more eager for your important.skills and talents CoA has educated you.to successfully meet and solve the many.post kovat 19 challenges you will face.your teachers classmates staff and.trustees are encouraged that you are.well prepared to lead us in better ways.to live and love in the world's next.normal thank you and congratulations.hi I'm Priam it's a joy to be speaking.on the occasion of our graduation it is.March and my first day in Malaga Spain.studying the life and death of Federico.Garcia Lorca.within hours someone has stolen all my.money and my travel papers from my bag.as I sit in a cafe I'm feeling.suffocated by the colliding world this.coffee and nightmare and Lorca and.lullabies a few days later I find myself.at the Alhambra I'm staring at the tiles.on the walls of the Nasri palace home of.both Mohammed Al Hamad and Charles v the.geometric patterns are reminiscent of a.place I know well and the history that.is well cataloged in my archive entering.the portal between something I'm.encountering for the first time and.something that I remember it's like.finding a space in which I can float and.watch the constellations of different.worlds reveal themselves and connect I'm.not looking for where I am but hoping.for portals three months have gone by.I'm now sitting on the cool white.concrete floor of the Toshima Art Museum.in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan watching.water droplets in motion beside me this.is the most beautiful work of art I've.ever seen but this museum is displacing.the turbulent history of local Islanders.December I'm marching in Delhi against.the feudalism and fascism that bores.down like a drill into the stratum of.stories that forms the diverse tapestry.of history circling around to March of.this year in 2020 a multitude of worlds.and histories have seemingly collided.and I found myself tracing back trying.to figure out how I got here but how far.back do I want to go.I am sick of how the concept of a world.is used today at CoA we say life.changing world changing we say human.ecology is a language in itself that it.has the capacity to change our world.we say that everyone's human ecological.language is different because it is.impossible for any two students to have.the exact same experience and that is.what we say we want to celebrate.difference and so I want to consider.what are we talking about when we say.world is it your world is it the.knowledge a new language brings with it.is it the stuff of our imagination and.the multiple perspectives that our.imagination deal.the process of printing in intaglio.exemplifies a dynamic relationship.between the materials and the agent I am.an agent and so is the asset that.inscribes the topography of the copper.plate the plate is an agent that bonds.with ink and when the paper is placed on.top of the plate and run through the.press the drum applies incredible.pressure to facilitate a transference.between the ink holding paper plate and.paper this process is a portal to.remembering to encountering things anew.renewed and changed and within that.portal I'm moving from one state to.another no static objects guiding the.way I peel the paper off the press bed.and stop.India the UK the US are very different.worlds but they are my world all these.worlds contain portals between them.these portals are defined by.relationships and we orient ourselves in.the transition between one world and the.next.the portals that have led me to and away.from see away over the last four years.having some ways to find why I find art.at my center again and again even when I.think I'm lost and yet each time I.Traverse through a portal I understand.the new that I am nowhere partially now.and partially here this portal can't be.a road because there is no sense of.passing time inside of it.I cannot separate the markers that map.the journey and no static objects guide.the way there are portals within portals.and the presence of Hall of the Worlds.chattering and pandemonium in India I'm.suspended between birdsong and squabble.between modernity and tradition between.tragedy and comedy between crime and.justice there is no dichotomy but a.spectrum with everything fitting into me.chaos ensues as patterns are quickly.forgotten and each atom of a person in.box into uncharted territory chaos is a.strangeness that is familiar history is.not something that happened it is alive.change can't wipe a slate clean be.careful of eye careful of we careful of.how we remember our responsibility.towards each other makes every departure.frightening and exciting and we will.need to reorient ourselves between new.worlds and across time to be careful is.not to be afraid but to make way for.strangeness and collisions with multiple.worlds to hope for a world that is.beautifully fragmented and fractal iced.with endless iridescent portals the.world has not fallen apart.it was never hold to begin with I'll.take my leave from here today by sharing.the words of the Turkish poet Yunus Emre.Yunus rights.come let us all be friends for once let.us make life easy on us let us be lovers.and loved ones the earth shall be left.to no one thank you I'm so grateful to.the class of 2020 congratulations and.I'm really happy to welcome Rana Joyce.we'll be giving the next student.perspective water bodies and water have.always been an important part of the way.in which I have located my selves in the.places that I have called home where I.grew up.water is a place of stillness and depth.a lake would stretch stretches for miles.and rests in rock carved by ice as a.child I only ever visited the ocean.during the occasional summer vacation to.the beach my only relationship to the.ocean.prior to here was one characterized by.sudden appearances the sea in its.vastness came to be visible first to the.distinctive salty snow which caused me.to roll down the windows of the car and.inhale the shape of water something that.could be sensed before it was seen here.on this island.I rarely smell the ocean.only on occasion when the wind blows in.just the right way and it seems to skin.salt molecules off of the surface and.disperse them overland when I smell the.salt.I think of unfamiliarity and of a time.when I didn't know you home is a place.of depth here is a place which has.unfolded here the ocean is everywhere.even when I cannot see the motion of the.water.the tides move in and out changing how.far or near the water is for me my body.is always close to the ocean yet even as.I sit on the pier watching the vast blue.extend towards the Scottish Peninsula.there is a distance between our bodies.for a long time I thought that I could.only describe my location to place or my.relation to people as being either.distant or proximate yet distance is.defined as an amount of space between.two things or people proximity as.nearness in space-time or relationship.by definition one can be and feel both.at a distance and proximate to something.or someone at the very same time you and.I became suspended here together.momentarily when I say suspended I want.for you to think of the following.definition of solid particles dispersed.through the bulk of a fluid you and I.have been solid bodies dispersed through.the fluidity of place you and I have.been dispersed many times over the past.years both here and there there was once.the mountains of a studious Spain where.you and I hiked along the old stone.fences and watched the goats traveling.towards the snow another time there was.a tea shop in Tainan Taiwan where you.got that beautiful bowl filled the.strong long tea and foamed milk and I.looked out the window at the afternoon.sunlight coming through an arched bridge.and it looked like the Sun had created a.tunnel through stone.and so even when you were here and I was.there I located myself in relation to.you you were not the center rather.something in motion which shifted as I.moved towards and away from you when I.first moved here I remember how you and.I spaced ourselves apart to work.separately but in proximity to one.another in order to measure space you.pressed your feet along the pine needle.laid in granite I let my hands drift.over the tangle of tree trunks.we used our bodily dimensions to draw a.map of our location our body parts as.scale the ocean has surrounded us for.the past four years I've stared at it.watch the sunset over it seen the force.in it as water extends and falls over.the bulky rocks of the shore maybe on.one of those thrilling star filled.nights in late summer or early fall.someone told you that the.bioluminescence were visible and so you.jumped into the frigid water and flailed.around your limb sparkling as you.wondered if this was the definition of.magic.when I first moved here I drew myself a.map and on it I wrote a note to myself.which said I cannot see the ocean now it.can't be far.I live on an island now at some point.this place became a home to me without.me even realizing it near and far lost.their meaning I was suspended here with.you to the class of 2020 to everyone.thank you for being here it is with.great joy that I welcome the next.speaker sorrel Ogrin dear families.friends housemates and lovers dear.faculty staff and trustees and dearest.after 2020 thank you for everything.during our time at Seaway we have seen.the world change twice I'd never been to.the US before I came to study at CoA I.was nervous of course but as soon as he.arrived on campus smell the ocean and.met my roommates I knew coming to see.away was a good choice school was.exciting and a falsely buying an.explosion of main colors however a few.months into her first term at sea way.the world fell apart it was November 8.2016 when we huddled together in gates.to watch the u.s. presidential elections.we watched a map turned red and cried I.know not everyone who's hearing this.feels the same way but I remember that.the next day felt like a funeral during.the night of the election.my roommate Jennifer crafted the saddest.poem I ever read and walked in through.tab the next day I saw my classmates.whispering screaming and dancing for a.lack of words.I remember thinking that the world as we.knew it had fallen apart I didn't really.know how to deal with that at that time.I still thought that forcing a smile to.say I'm fine.was how to keep going and I thought that.was the point to keep going staying on.the road at any cost so I worked very.hard to keep my emotions separate from.my work but when the world fell apart my.work seemed pointless and my emotions.became overwhelming I had a lot of.learning to do for many of us the world.we inhabit our personal lives in.communities have changed during our.years in college and as we prepared for.a final term as students everything.changed again without breaking ovid the.world as we knew it fell apart for the.second time leaving campus too early was.heartbreaking and covert is scary.but this second falling apart of the.world also demonstrated what see away.and especially all of you have given me.beerus everyone in the class of 2020 in.these four years you taught me that when.the road is going the wrong way.suppressing our emotions and keep going.is the last thing we should do I'm.looking at ever first worked as a social.worker to resist the perils faced by.migrants in Italy Mason his senior.project is a children's book third power.trans identities Donovan is dedicated.his last year at C way to fighting for.few justice and also Lily he teaches.people to fall in love with rivers and.rose who expresses more feelings with.her fiddle than most people can with.words we inspire each other and together.we've all learned to live honestly for.those of you who are listening today and.who don't know what I mean when I say.that we've learned to live honestly.let me explain I mean that in our class.we don't lie about when the world breaks.or hurts we recognize each other's.burdens and carry them we never call.anything unimportant well let ourselves.be mesmerised contemplative and riled up.we fall madly in love with landscapes.and ideas in places in people's and we.protect what we love we know how to be.fine and how to be not fine.how to be enchanted and disenchanted and.how to always build community.the world fell apart twice during our.college years and as we transition into.our next steps we know that during our.lives our worlds will fall apart so many.times.this is daunting but we have learned to.live honestly and we are prepared when.our words change we can step off those.bad roads make our own trails rebuild.our worlds better.Jared tempest Williams asks how do we.find the strength to not look away from.all that is breaking our hearts.there is gasser 2020 thank you for.showing me so many different ways how.thank you it's now my pleasure to give.this virtual podium to sabe he will.introduce our keynote speaker dr..Cameron works in collaboration with.tribes to restore culturally significant.plants she is the co-founder of the.traditional ecological knowledge section.of the Ecological Society of America and.works to help increase access to.environmental science for Native.students when I heard that we can have a.speaker for graduation that Delton.botany and traditional knowledge I was.stunned and excited I was drawn to see.away because I wanted to be able to.study how topics like signs that aren't.for dance and mathematics connected to.one another dr. Kim ER is the founding.director for the center of native.peoples in the environment which makes.those connections between possibly.contrasting topics her book braiding.sweetgrass forms the bridges between.indigenous wisdom and scientific.knowledge and paints the picture of how.I understand human ecology on a.stressful day in week seven I started.her book and almost immediately started.to tear up dr. Kammer explained that.when braiding sweetgrass.one person holds one ends and the other.braids the strands this is much like.braiding my sister's hair one could.braid sweet grass alone but with.a chance for connection the experience.of making things together creates an.outcome more than the sum of its parts.in her book braiding sweetgrass dr. kim.ER talks of finding out that squeak rats.actually thrives better when harvested.sustainably some tribes use sweet grass.for building materials and for.ceremonies and sweet grass uses the.harvesting to make room for its growth.together both are better for the.relationship dr. Kim er talks of the.interdependence and gifts given by the.earth in the shape of plants and this.reflects a lot of what my mother taught.me as a child with my hands deep in rich.earth dug up from under the compost pile.and dr. Cameron's ideas of giving thanks.in a new tradition after losing so much.of the citizen Potawatomi heritage gives.me hope that we can again live in good.relation to the land our feet can touch.the soil and we can feel loved and at.home dr. Kim I wrote about being raised.without a lot of her heritage away from.the tribe and learning science to the.exclusion of being native but her.journey has shown her ability to.rediscover her heritage and incorporate.her indigenous wisdom with who she is as.a professor a mother and a scientist.she's able to build a bridge between a.world of academia and a way of knowing.through stories bringing people together.for the better while at CoA I have.worked not to feel like an imposter.being both citizen Potawatomi and white.hearing dr. Kammer talk about.incorporating her teaching experience.with her science and traditional.knowledge has helped me to illustrate a.clearer picture of who I want to work.towards being I went to build bridges.and braid sweet grass in the hopes that.we can take care of each other.meegwetch or thank you dr. Robin wall.Kim ER for sharing your time with us.mojo and me twitch for those beautiful.words all of you Stu.graduates families friends and community.Manolis got good day and congratulations.to all of those who share in the joy of.this day and we are told in Potawatomi.ways that we must always begin with.gratitude for we are showered daily with.the gifts of the earth the air of a.sweet spring morning pure water to drink.food from the soil the companionship of.clouds and gulls the radiance of your.beautiful faces gratitude for the first.peoples of this place the Wabanaki in.whose territories we convened this.morning and to whom we owe a debt of.land and history and wisdom and you know.gratitude is something that on a day.like this we might take for granted so.full or our hearts but gratitude is so.much more than that simple thank you.gratitude is strong medicine giving.thanks calls us into kinship knowing.that we are not alone in the world that.our very existence is determined reliant.on the gift of others gratitude is also.medicine for hard times and together we.bow to the reality of the suffering that.has touched every person around the.world in these times and from that we.raise our heads and in gratitude.acknowledge not only all that has been.lost but all that we have acknowledge.the gifts of the land the gifts of the.ocean your cherished teachers your.family and friends each other your.ancestors who dreamed of this day for.you.gratitude for this wonderful college.community educating for the world that.we need and more importantly for the.world that so badly needs us.I am so honored that you invited me to.share this occasion with you and I can't.tell you the joy it gives me to know.that my book that breeding sweet grass.has been in your hands and in your.hearts and this connects us my friends.in a very real way I've long admired.College of the Atlantic because of this.single focus in human ecology and to me.that really just says it all I had heard.about your mission about the innovation.and the honors and I am so proud to be.speaking with you had knowing that you.have been described as a community I.love this of idealists with elbow grease.and when I read that I thought these are.my people.I saw also your commitment to learning.from the land and I felt a kinship there.and having been taught by the same.teacher myself the land and I know that.when you had to suddenly transition from.learning on land to learning online it.was not at all what you had planned but.you rose to the occasion and so in.gratitude we celebrate your resilience.persistence in the creativity that made.it work I have to confess that I'm also.a little jealous because I didn't go to.the College of the Atlantic here's why.in in Potawatomi ways of knowing we're.taught that each person has at least.four different ways of knowing of mind.body emotion and spirit the four.quadrants around the Medicine Wheel and.if we seek to understand something we.have to use all of those ways or else we.don't fully understand and that was such.a challenge for me when I went away to.college and I was told that I had to.choose between science and poetry and.that's because I wasn't a student at CoA.where you know that not only can you do.a book can you do both but that you must.and so in gratitude we celebrate.education toward wholeness of mind body.emotion and spirit and the very powerful.synergy that is created by them in.Pottawattamie ways we think about time.is not moving in a line but in a circle.and I am especially honored to join you.on this point of the circle of time a.momentous day where endings and.beginnings meet such moments we know are.bittersweet we celebrate both the joy of.achievement and the nostalgia that is.already in the air these moments are.times of reorientation between looking.inward and looking outward and just as.we do before embarking on any journey.look around you take stock of your.landmarks check that you've got to.compass your internal GPS for those.paths where ciri cannot guide you the.place where beginnings and endings meet.is also a time of uncertainty and.vulnerability so in gratitude we.celebrate the gifts of kindness and.compassion that we share with one.another.today we celebrate your accomplishments.milestones reached and the promise of.what you are about to bring into the.world as you celebrate together but.apart we must acknowledge the.circumstances that keep us apart we know.we are experiencing a historic moment on.that circle of time when the forces of.creation and the forces of destruction.are meeting head-on we are experiencing.the tumult of letting go of that which.does not serve life which does not serve.justice and imagining a new way that.supports the thriving of all humans and.the millions of other species with whom.we share the planet we are forced in.this moment to unlearn and to.learn all at once and they say that.teachers come when we need them the most.and the pandemic and the social upheaval.that we are experiencing can be a.teacher for us if we're willing to learn.we learned that we humans are not immune.to natural law we learn how deeply.connected we are we remember that all.flourishing is mutual that no one is.safe unless everyone is safe and that.justice must belong to everyone we.learned that love transcends fear we are.learning about vulnerability and.suffering inequality injustice and we.are also learning courage kindness.inventiveness and moral imagination the.shorthand for the circumstances that.keep us apart has been called lock down.and language is important the words we.choose we can choose to think of it as.lock down something imposed by Authority.which entails restrictions and.deprivation and is driven by fear or we.can choose the more loving perspective.of shelter in place together we could.recognize how our places that is our.social cultural and ecological homes.care for us with gratitude we recognize.that we are sheltered by our places and.in reciprocity we shelter our places.from harm and who better than College of.the Atlantic human ecology students to.cultivate an ethic of the mutual.sheltering of people and a place we've.also learned about contagion about how.things spread and I encourage you to.spur another kind of contagion the.infectious love of place love of one.another a contagion of gratitude for the.gifts that surround us and a commitment.to.tectum can we loose an epidemic of.justice an outbreak of action on behalf.of the good green earth and her beloved.people your class of 2020.also has the distinction of graduating.in the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in.fact I suspect cos existence and focus.on human ecology is tied to the same.social transformation that gave us Earth.Day I'm remembering that first Earth Day.when I was in high school and we created.a teachin that we thought would change.the world and in a way let's celebrate.that collectively it did the powerful.environmental policy shifts the birth of.the environmental movement but it wasn't.enough and one when one of my favorite.students graduated a few years ago we.had a long talk about graduating in that.moment as an environmental scientist and.as someone who celebrated the very first.Earth Day I wanted to apologize to her.that we hadn't fixed things yet the same.is true for the civil rights movement of.that time and yet institutional racism.continues to deny justice for people of.color I'm sorry I said I thought we'd.have it figured out by now like I want.to apologize to you but when I thought I.should be comforting her she began.comforting me she reminded me that the.beginnings and endings on the circle of.time meet in the same place no she said.don't you see that this is the best.possible time to be alive climate chaos.the extinction crisis I didn't get it.and she looked me in the eye and said.right we are on the precipice.and when everything hangs in the balance.it matters where I stand and how.wonderful it is to live in a time when.everything that I do matters when my.life matters.dear people you have what it takes you.are equipped with the minds the hearts.the knowledge the compassion and the.openness a leadership and imagination.for the transformations that are.possible and you are not impeded by what.you don't know because you know how to.learn and know that I as well as.generations past and generations yet to.come stand shoulder to shoulder beside.you we will do this together this moment.is what the great philosopher Joanna.Macy has called the great turning the.essential adventure of our time shifting.from the age of industrial growth and.exploitation to the age of.life-sustaining civilization in which.human life is aligned with ecological.processes not against them what do we.need to propel the great turning we need.leaders and dreamers and farmers and.dancers and scientists and artists as.counterweights to the forces that would.throw it all away.we need educated people and what does.that mean to be an educated person there.are lots of definitions as you know.somebody who spent years in school or.maybe somebody who assiduously avoided.school it said that an educated person.is a danger to dictators a friend.delivery the blossom of civilization and.someone who never stops learning but in.traditional Pottawattamie ways we say.that an educated person is one who knows.what their gifts are and how to use them.for good in the world educated not GPA.or letters after your name but knowing.your gift.and how to use it and that makes your.education different from anyone elses.for we each carry different gifts the.beautiful handmade gifts that are our.lives and since it is this book that has.brought us together you and I I will.close today with words from braiding.sweetgrass in the teachings of My.Ancestors responsibilities and gifts are.understood as two sides of the same coin.the possession of a gift is coupled with.a duty to use it for the benefit of all.a thrush has given the gift of song and.so has a responsibility to greet the day.with music which is in turn received as.a gift to us all as we watch the sky.grow pink in the morning salmon have.been given the gift of travel so they.accept the responsibility of carrying.the food of the river so when we ask.ourselves in this moment what is our.responsibility we are also asking what.is our gift how do we reciprocate the.gifts of the earth with gratitude with.ceremony by paying attention with acts.of practical reverence and land.stewardship in fierce defense of the.places and the people we love in art in.science in song in gardens in healing in.ballets in stories of the past and.imagination for the future we.reciprocate with creative resistance in.how we spend our money and our precious.lives we reciprocate by raising our.voices by raising good children and by.raising a ruckus by refusing to be.complicit with the forces of destruction.the moral covenant of reciprocity calls.us to honor our responsibilities for all.we have been given and for all that we.have taken it's our turn.let us hold a giveaway for Mother Earth.spread our blankets out for her and.piled them high with gifts of our own.making I am imagining the books the.paintings the poems the clever machines.the compassionate act the transcendent.idea and the perfect tool the beautiful.handmade gift that is you whatever our.gift we are called.to give it and to dance for the renewal.of the world dear young people love.strong hearts and open minds I.congratulate you on your splendid.achievements and ask for blessings on.your path ah how me courage thank you by.the power vested in me as chairman of.the board of trustees of college of the.Atlantic it is my privilege to confer.upon Robin wall Kemmerer the honorary.degree of Master of Philosophy in human.ecology her name will be joined to the.distinguished group of honorary degree.recipients Thank You dr. kemar we are.delighted to honor your contributions to.human ecology.welcome everyone congratulations to the.graduating class and their families this.is my final year at CoA to which I guess.makes me a member of the class of 2020.as well before the corona crisis arose.Darren asked me asked me about an end of.career celebration thank you I said but.no now I have changed my mind I know it.is impossible for many reasons but.actually I would enjoy a dinner party.with all of today's graduates here on.campus with three special guests whose.lives made this College our lives in.this day possible.zedd caliber IDI was hired in 1970 as.president of a college that did not.exist he worked closely with Jim Gower.les Brewer and other founding trustees.they came up with a name College of the.Atlantic a potential campus became.available Edie hired an assistant and.peach their work place with a former.caretakers home that we now know as.peach house it was there that this.brochure was written an announcement of.college of the Atlantic described the.ideas and ideals that would be the basis.of a new kind of College the strength of.the college president caliber proposed.will lie not in an attempt to cover the.breadth of the well-known liberal arts.colleges but in setting the standard of.excellence in the interdisciplinary.study of human ecology and will allow.students to prepare themselves to do.something about the world in a rigorous.understanding and compassionate manner.the initial faculty were then hired a.first class of students arrived in the.fall of 1972 this vision and Ed's words.brought them and also myself a few years.later CoA grew fivefold in its first.decade before Eadie retired he joined a.weakened faculty retreat there was a lot.of talk about innovative education the.meaning of human ecology and how to.shape the curriculum Edie stayed up that.night and wrote a memorandum to the.faculty and staff it starts with this.human ecology is not a discipline not.another field to be taught alongside.other subjects human ecology is a.perspective or a point of view for.finding effective ways of interrelating.disciplines and of relating thought to.practice I've always liked how it frames.serious educational philosophy.it was my guide as academic Dean it.still is.I remember reading our next guests.award-winning books the see around us.and Silent Spring in high school.Carson's college years began in poetry.they ended in a love of the living world.especially the sea following graduate.studies in aquatic ecology she worked.for the Fish and Wildlife Services the.science of ecology was little known to.the lay public before 1960 Rachel Carson.opened the door her blend of careful.research and graceful prose bought the.freedom to settle on the Maine coast her.cabin overlooking Sheepscot Bay was a.center for endless adventures amid tide.pools and woodlands many shared with her.adopted nephew Rodger the sense of.wonder Carson's book based on them was.her guidance to parents when introducing.children to the study of Natural History.it is not half so important to know as.to feel in Silent Spring acclaimed as.the book that launched the environmental.movement.Carson introduced the basics of.ecological interactions to millions.terms like food chains trophic levels.biomagnification became household words.her meticulous research showed how.classical notions of simple cause in the.flat a cause-and-effect were no longer.adequate the living world is more.complex than that.it is a dynamic ecological world and we.are in amongst it had Rachel Carson been.alive when CoA began Edie kelvar surely.would have found a way to include her.I'm certain she would have happily done.so our third guest Renee DuBose was.alive when CoA began and became an early.trustee of the college his book only one.earth set the tone for the first UN.conference on the human environment.Duboce was a master at capturing big.ideas in few words think globally and.act locally his most well known Maxim.was the slogan for the first Earth Day.as his biographer Carol Moberg notes.local was not necessarily a place it was.also.BOCES way of saying that what seems.small and personal can have profound.implications and that what seems right.is worth doing the wooing of earth his.final book concludes with a list of.major threats to humankind and the earth.at the top was nuclear war second above.pollution above overpopulation and above.environmental degradation was failure to.provide meaningful livelihood for young.people mind-numbing labor for DuBose was.dehumanizing work is not enough he said.it also takes love I admire the stance.on a human centered concern these themes.of compassion commitment and service run.through the lives of all our guests the.underlying wisdom and counsel common to.all of them is this discover what you.love know it well let it guide your path.then find a place in the world where you.are needed that is meaningful livelihood.making a better world will be.challenging it's okay to enjoy yourself.this is how ad caliber Rachel Carson and.Renee DuBose lived their lives it is the.essence of your co-education take pride.in your human ecological perspective.find how it fits into the world do work.your love where it is needed and create.a wonderful life.mr. chairman the graduate committee the.academic deans and faculty of college of.the Atlantic enthusiastically recommend.that the following students receive the.degree of Master of Philosophy in human.ecology these students have completed.their coursework with insight.originality and breadth of vision Julia.Alessandra Cardoso congratulations.Natasha Pasteur congratulations by the.power vested in me as chairman of the.board of trustees of college of the.Atlantic it is my pleasure to confer the.degree of Master of Philosophy in human.ecology on Julia and Natasha and welcome.them to the ranks of the college's.alumni with all the attendant rights.privileges and responsibilities from the.tick-infested lawn of which cliff now.for something completely different.you know we celebrate retirements here.on a case by case basis that is we we.try and figure out what exactly.each retiring faculty member would would.absolutely love for elmer beal it was a.potluck for Ernie McMullen it was a trip.to New York City for an arc opening and.for rich bored and we just asked him to.do more work and give a speech to the.graduating class hmm at some retirement.gift I can't pull off Rich's request for.a dinner party with Edie Calbre Rachel.Carson and Renee Du Bois but we do have.a special surprise today along with the.MPhil candidates Natasha and Julie we.are awarding rich Borden his own master.of philosophy in human ecology.importantly this isn't an honorary.degree it's not a dis honorary degree.either but it's an actual degree and I.had to go to the very top for this to.our.agency net J and get their permission.also to the board and to your faculty.colleagues and they all wholeheartedly.embrace the idea of giving you this.actual degree in human ecology well.deserved so on your resume you'll have.your BA from Texas your MA and PhD from.Kent State and your MPhil from CoA in a.very real sense you're part of the class.of 2020 rich thank you for your.leadership your friendship your guidance.your intelligence and everything you've.brought to this incredible institution.come back and visit often and your.tuition bill is in the mail Phil over to.you by the power vested in me as.chairman of the board of trustees of.college of the Atlantic it is my.privilege to confer the degree of Master.of Philosophy in human ecology on.Richard Borden and welcome him to the.ranks of the college's alumni with all.the attendant rights privileges and.responsibilities mr. chairman the.candidates who will come before you.today include students who have.completed all their requirements for.graduation and those students who will.finish the research projects in the.summer or the autumn the academic deans.registrar and faculty of college of the.Atlantic enthusiastically recommend that.the following students receive the.degree of Bachelor of Arts and human.ecology.[Music].ha Triana Anderson congratulations.[Music].Eugenia congratulations.[Music].yo Ichiro Ishida congratulation.[Music].Emme worry now every weapon.congratulations Helena Bader.congratulations.[Music].Lily say Bethan McNally congratulations.[Music].Katherine Bradley congratulations.Christopher Alan bun congratulations.[Music].are Ponyta bushi congratulations.[Music].Aleksandra curve worst congratulations.[Music].Elizabeth Chaput congratulations.[Music].priyamvadha Chaudhary congratulations.[Music].now on children congratulations.[Music].Sadie best cruise Nelson congratulations.[Music].hope Amelia Tory Cullen congratulations.Lita Ellen d-town congratulations Molly.Natasha Tomlin congratulations Jennifer.rose Elliot.congratulations.[Music].Felipe font heo Gutierrez.congratulations.[Music].sorry Gibson congratulations.[Music].Donovan Glasgow congratulations.Beverly fern away congratulations.[Music].Chloe Olivia Hanken congratulations.Rebecca hi Cola congratulations.[Music].Rosalie Tyner Jackson congratulations.Rayna Katherine Joyce congratulations.[Music].Elias Khan congratulations.[Music].Lily Kendall congratulations.[Music].Petco Lao Chi Cova congratulations Sarah.Elizabeth Lovgren congratulations.[Music].then Laura Lee Lee McNish.congratulations Jamie mom Ellie.congratulations.[Music].they'll communicate the message a.congratulatory choral mottos.congratulations.[Music].between the circle imagination.[Music].max McKeon congratulations.aerial Moreau congratulations.Bekka muffler congratulations.[Music].Rockefeller nice lecomba.congratulations congratulations you go.Leonel Navarro Indiana Nunez Scherer.congratulations.Emma Kieffer uber congratulations.Mariana Oh Diaz Lopez congratulations.Mason Alexander coloring congratulations.[Music].Stephanie Perez congratulations Caroline.Christine Potter congratulations.[Music].Destinee powell congratulations.[Music].please freakin right.[Music].Jenny Claire record congratulations Maya.row congratulations.[Music].Elliot Santa Vika congratulations.[Music].Melissa Beth Scott congratulations Julia.spacious.congratulations emolia team set - yah.team congratulations.[Music].our settle congratulations.Holly Chelsea Lewis man congratulations.[Music].la Fiera.moon Stevens congratulations.[Music].Mauri strand do Roedean congratulations.[Music].Ava torta congratulations.Amelia Gwyn Troyer congratulations.[Music].Marina Lika Oh a hard.congratulations.[Music].Toula London dumb congratulations.Darwyn feet goroh congratulations.[Music].Hannah Whitesell congratulations.annalisa wittenberg congratulations.[Music].Tania right congratulations.[Music].congratulations anna-marie Azula.[Music].by the power vested in me as chairman of.the board of trustees of college of the.Atlantic it is my pleasure to confer the.degree of Bachelor of Arts in human.ecology on all seniors graduating today.and to welcome them to the ranks of the.college's alumni with all the attendant.rights privileges and responsibilities.so that's it I want to thank everyone.who's made this graduation ceremony.possible especially Robin wall Timmer.our student speakers and rich Borden.graduates now your alumni and this world.needs you now more than ever go off and.do great work never stop being creative.curious learners and definitely be sure.you come back and visit us sometimes.here in Eden bye for now.[Music].

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