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How Do You Get Origin Declaration Form and Sign It Instantly?

this is an origin reading for.declaration so when I surround the UN.positive energy that's why I always.begin the reading I don't know if you've.seen any of my readings but I always.begin by surrounding the room and then.myself and then whoever i'm reading in.positive energy and i normally use.crystals to sort of aid me and add their.energies which generally mean something.psychically to me so they communicate.something as well and this is what i was.using for for that and this is my blue.kyanite this is one of my blue kyanite.shards and i actually had six here okay.and I have my amethyst here as well and.I have to kind of say these two types of.crystals together for the reason that.when I went to set the kaya nights down.on my school here they wanted to rest on.the amethyst and so they mean something.together the amethyst really has to do.with it has to do a psychic protection.it also has to do with psychic abilities.whereas kyanite cancelled through the.throat chakra so it has to do with.declarations that you make it has to do.with having a strong will and willpower.it also has to do with creativity and.really speaking with with clarity so we.can affect the mind.as well because it does give clarity for.words what you're speaking and also even.actions since it has to do with.willpower and creativity okay and then.now so this obviously though is on top.like i said its resting on the amethyst.and the amethyst has to do with psychic.abilities and so this does have to do.with spiritual power and spiritual.declarations and spiritual power like.spiritual willpower spiritual authority.that you're communicating okay this one.is my citroen here again citrine is.solar plexus thumb and this really has.to do with strength and personal power.like an inward power ambition drive.focus passion and I feel like these are.energies that are coming to you and I.get the word Pisces so that doesn't.necessarily mean that you're Pisces um.but you do have this tendency to kind of.get unfocused or be kind of dreamy and.not not let what what's what are you.saying okay okay that's what they're.saying your crown chakra is like so open.um vs some of the other shots like you.use it so much which is kind of like a.piscean thing.even an Aquarian thing but piscean.because they tend to be very dreamy and.kind of float along Aquarians a lot of.times it's more like they think outside.the box Pisces tend to have trouble.grounding a lot of time so like I said.whether you're high seas or not um since.I know that about pisces that's.something that your guys are coming in.with um as a way of saying i struggle.with brown being kind of dreamy and be.kind of unsettled and unfocused but um.so they're saying that this is so open.and you use it so much that it's in like.a lot of territory of expression which.is a good thing but only if you're.grounded there has to be this this.balance and this is also a grounding.stone and it does clear um unfocus stale.energies okay and then the last crystal.that I have here is my summer night one.this has to do with clearing it cannot.do cord cutting it can have to do with.angelic energies and just high energies.in general sometimes it also could.represent Archangel Michael and I did.feel him right away when I saw your.email I felt in and other angels around.you and then your email you can confirm.that as you're speaking about angels and.I think either mentioned the Archangel.Michael however even though right away.like I said I sense these angelic.energies around you um there were a lot.of other energies that were coming in.which were more prominent.for this reading um so maybe they are.wanting to introduce themselves let you.know that they're there I'm not really.sure exactly because I was feeling both.but those angelic energies are not so.much the ones coming forward also when I.set up my circle I usually am playing.music and I have like a list of music by.I and it's all like meditation music for.these readings specifically and even.though I have this list so i pick.intuitively which one to play to sort of.set the energy for that reading and.seeing the throat chakra meditation i do.with that as well so you got to say hey.I could have played that one so that's.obviously a big thing for this reading.as well as throat chakra and they're.also saying clearing the throat chakra.so all these crystals kind of have this.message together um-hmm ok and clearing.the third eye and the crown chakra ok.because these kind of shards are still.in this shaft kind of shape even though.they're very small and so this sill.represents this like cutting and.clearing type of energy even though.they're small which I hadn't really.thought about what your guides are right.about that bringing that up so it also.has to be clearing the third eye.clearing the crown chakra because.they're saying that when it's so open it.can sort of i'm not sure why they're.saying there's.collect dust but i'm not sure why.there's me oh they mean like the brief.because usually saying collecting dust.has to do with like you know something.that you haven't used in a long time.it's been sitting there like a book.sitting there on the shelf and it starts.collecting dust over time because you're.not using it but they're basically.saying that if you're overusing it it.can have the same type of effect um.unless you are grounding properly.they're saying they're saying that your.work with the earth specifically can.help you to brown the bit but since it's.still spiritual work um it's not like.physical actions that you're taking it.still isn't really um necessarily going.to ground you very much.ok so this I'm saying necessarily get it.round you very much but they're actually.coming into the word necessary ok so go.with what you feel um but obviously I'm.just going to say whatever is coming.through whatever the guidance is that's.coming through I mentioned other beds i.will i will get into these these.energies in a bed i am feeling these.angelic energy so in the room also and I.was feeling them at points they're.definitely very present during the.readings but these other energies are.coming here too so you just you just.have more than one type of guy around.you and a lot of them are coming forward.different types of energies okay but.anyway so like I said do with what you.feel ultimately go with what you feel.however what they're saying really about.this some this seller gateway chakra of.the earth and clearing it they're saying.that in some ways it isn't really.necessary for you to do that at this at.this time for the reason that it's not.grounding you and that I need to focus.on yourself not so much the awareness of.others or at the world at large because.they're sending me was feeling almost.like there are physical actions that.you're going to take and take advantage.of those physical actions when it comes.to spreading a message of awareness to.multiple people in a physical way and.that that is going to send the most.energy out and also that's when you're.going to experience the most balanced.that's when you are going to be the most.balanced individual that you can be.they're saying that it's been a struggle.for you to get grounded and they're.saying that you don't that they're not.saying cut out spiritual activity you.can they're saying you can be a.spiritual person in a different way um.whether it's not just all about.meditation all about um connecting to.divine powers and influences and.energies without doing something by a.physical means they're saying in fact.you can connect to um you can connect to.your physical energy okay and you can.connect your guys more physically where.you bring them more down into the.physical where you feel them having a.physical impact more if you are grounded.if you are speaking your mind if you are.implementing physically these spiritual.teachings that want to come through you.and be expressed by you but yeah they're.saying that you've had a struggle with.physical grounding and they're saying.that you need to get in touch with that.and they're saying that breaking free of.it isn't really going to come through.you avoiding um this physical prison in.a sense they're saying because they're.saying they know that you are if you are.kind of dreamy and you're this free.spirit and you can be kind of.free-floating and they're saying that.you love to to laugh and in think.outside the box and not have really a.structure they're saying you're saying.that they know that and they love that.about you um a better say.there's a difference between being free.and having no structure and they're.saying that you have to come to some.conclusion about this and that this.really needs to be a priority for you.now and they're saying that yeah if you.that meditation in some ways can.actually distract you from that they're.saying um if you're hating too much if.you are they're saying it's not.meditation that's the problem and.they're saying which is true most people.who need to meditate and they need to.acquire inner knowledge but they're.saying you on the other hand have this.this fire and this passion that needs to.be let out through the physical through.the physical vibration that's when.you're going to make the most impact.that's when you're going to put out the.most that's when you're going to make.the most sound they're saying it's just.going to be this roaring Rumble that.goes out and it's a vibration but it's.through the physical it's through.physical action they are saying that.you're a teacher they're saying that you.are a healer that you are in inspire.you're saying that you're very creative.but they're saying to use these things.in a physical way and they're saying you.know branch out do your own thing that's.fine that's good you know it doesn't.have to be in some structured imprisoned.way but at the same time they're saying.that there does need to be some.discipline either doesn't need to be.focused and it can't just be discipline.when it comes to certain spiritual.practices they're saying and they're.saying especially not.spiritual practices are involving.awakening others um that they're saying.they're saying that if you're going to.meditate at least focus on yourself um.and clearing this block that you have.they're saying that that needs to become.a priority um this physical grounding.block that you have oh yeah and I do.feel your energy now um like I'm sure.you saw on my website you know when you.sold the readings guide angel medium and.I don't like read people's energies but.obviously sometimes I'll feel it's off.of the person's picture and yeah I am.feeling that does feel very like kind of.um like what they're saying kind of kind.of dreamy kind of up in the air kind of.floating a little bit so they're saying.to get focused because they're saying.that you have a lot to bring through and.they're saying that there is a fire.there so there's this fire and this.water because dream eNOS you know um.that's why places have this dreamy.quality because this is water it's this.water elements water element tends to be.pretty dreamy or as fire tends to be.more grounded or focus on physical.actions and they're saying both are good.when you have balance but they're.showing me Taurus the Bull and you know.the bowl is very very grounded obviously.you know very very grounded.for some reason your guides are also.pointing out they really don't need a.lot of fuel to be that way you know.their veggie eaters but they are really.big and physically they have a lot of.stamina and they're saying they have a.lot of love will like they're there um.even mentioning like like bull fighting.not that yeah they're sending an energy.like not that they like anything to do.with that it's horrible but just they're.saying as a for instance you can see.this like ferocity with a bowl and it's.grounded nature also it's gentle nature.you know if it's not fighting if it's.not being attacked or something by a.human you see you know that it is very.in harmony with nature it's very.grounded but it's able to take physical.actions in a harmless way or it is able.to protect and defend itself as well but.it's about bringing these teachings down.and implementing them into the physical.they're saying that that needs to be.your goal this year to come to some.conclusion about um this ungrounded way.of being um and needing structure some.type of structure like they're saying.not a confining imprisoning structure.and and you know like they were saying.yeah they realize the earth can be a.kind of overwhelming imprisoning type of.place but at the same time you can't run.from from that um you can't let it can.find you and they're saying you have.that gap.and that's a good thing they're saying.um yeah like they said these are good.qualities you just have to mix them with.a grounded nature and then you're going.to have both you're going to have the.best of both worlds and they're going to.mesh and collide in a positive way and.you're going to take these ideas and.these teachings and you're going to.implement them into physical actions.that they're saying that prepare people.for the new energies coming in they're.saying that there are these new energies.coming in I think you asked the question.about something related to new energies.and they're saying and you have to be.prepared for it they're saying its.energies of awakening and they're saying.that the earth is is doing it herself.and they're saying this vehicle your.physical form they're saying is the.driving force of that they're saying.that's what brings the awakening so.they're saying that this quality of.grounding they're saying it is there it.isn't side you because it's necessary.for you to complete your mission here.what you were here to do okay so now.we're bringing up this again so this is.something that came in before I even.began the reading it came in like as I.was putting something crystals down so.before I haven't even started right away.there was this energy of Arcturus there.were some other like connections that I.was feeling but the strongest one.what when it had to do with origin I was.doing very strongly all Tories and that.was something coming in ok another thing.um that came in when I was setting up.the room is a salmon totem so that's.something that I'm going to look up and.I'm going to go ahead and send you and.maybe oh and place it down in the video.description because maybe somebody else.who watches this has a salmon totem to.or maybe they'll get something from that.whoa.it's crazy I could be bringing you the.message that the most valuable things in.life must be fought for are you locked.in one of the hardest struggles of your.life cannot get up despite seemingly.impossible odds and struggles and then.down here saying alternatively the.salmon may also be telling you that it's.time to transform and point yourself.towards the next big goal get back on.track and move forward with renewed.passion and eager well that pretty much.confirms everything that they're saying.it represents determination strength and.wisdom you're able to overcome adversity.and achieve success alternatively.suggest that you're comfortable with.expressing your emotions and dealing.with them saimin people also strong.spiritual desires and work tirelessly to.manifest them you are also tough and can.persevere when others are not able to.often you pick a life filled with.challenges knowing that within each.challenge lies a positive goal and the.opportunity for growth ok so this this.part is the part that really sticks out.to me which is which is the first part.if Sam has come swimming across your.path it may be telling you that it's.time to transform and point yourself.towards the next big goal get back on.track and move forward with renewed.passion and bigger not really really.confirms what they're saying.no idea what Sam and totem was never.heard of like never gotten see him and.told him in any reading before I.wouldn't even a thought of salmon totem.um now should get into that yet well I.better get into that because there's.only a few more minutes left of this.reading ok but so the music that that I.was playing I don't think it's starting.to say that and then I didn't because.I've been feeling as she get into these.other energies yet but the music that I.was playing they were saying it could.have played throat chakra music but the.one that I was feeling was um this.meditation music called walking with.Merlin and also I didn't actually have.my my rooms here um and I haven't felt a.pull any but I do have them sitting over.here and so obviously some kind of.Celtic Merlin types of and just just not.necessarily even Merlin specifically um.but Celtic energies coming in okay yeah.and there were also some dolphin.energies coming in as well at the.beginning dolphin and whale energies.that were very present and there's.definitely a a dull 11 till this as a.totem this feels like a guide for sure.this feels like a guy um this dolphin.totem and I do sense a Syrian connection.as well and there is this connection.with dolphins here and whales here even.even fish here I mean you had a salmon.totem coming in um but part of this has.to do with other worlds I do.like a Syrian lifetime that you've had.even though the origin I was picking up.on that they were sending was all.tourists still there there's also like a.connection to create ease those a.connection is too serious there's a.connection to Egypt I did since that a.little bit at one point that doesn't.feel quite as strong to me um and then.there's this uh Merlin like you know.runes Celtic kind of kind of connection.I don't just want to say Celtic um.because it even feels Germanic to me as.well there were a lot of different.cultures that use types of runes um or.that were up near that region you know.Europe um that didn't even necessarily.we use rooms but they still had certain.certain methods of spirituality kind of.common and I do some some lifetimes.being being in that region like a.Germanic region so so Europe and also.Celtic type of region so like you know.great britain in there but then egypt.also is coming up as a lifetime okay.this this guy this guy coming up when.when i set dolphin energy all of a.sudden I have this guy here so intensely.and and large almost like humanoid you.know.no way like standing and then I haven't.behind me now it's over here again and I.feel this connection to you too serious.so this is some type of this is like.some kind of humanoid armor type of.person but then there are also dolphins.energy dolphin energies coming in as.well whale energies coming in as well.and I do sense a significant Syrian.lifetime okay but our time is up so um I.really hope that you got most out of.this reading and declaration I truly.hope that this is benefits you and thank.you so much for allowing me to do it for.you namaste.

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