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To Fill In Form Hhs 697 Foreign Activities Questionnaire Hhs , Follow the Steps Below:

Prepare your Form Hhs 697 Foreign Activities Questionnaire Hhs online is easy and straightforward by using CocoSign . You can simply get the form here and then fill out the details in the fillable fields. Follow the key elements given below to complete the document.

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How Do You Get Form Hhs 697 Foreign Activities Questionnaire Hhs and Sign It by CocoSign?

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house a.triangular house meaning is going to be.in a triangle.all right and some questions might even.be silenced about this.they will just give you the dimensions.three centimeters four centimeters of.five centimeters.you should be able to know that these.three values should be able to.form a triangle for you but the question.was very.explicit and gave us triangular house.giving us a cheap day triangular house.so you know we need a triangle at the.middle.of his farm so we have our triangle here.drawn at the middle of the farm and then.we need to label it.so we have 3 centimeters one side.another side also.four centimeters and also five.centimeters.so this is the side of the house is.building so this is the.dimensions of the house is building at.the middle.of his farm okay now the question is.what is the area of the farmed portion.so the portion that he has formed what.is that what is the area of that portion.okay now let's look at the area of this.particular triangle this whole farm 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100 because these 50.people that you have in the class if you.mark register.it means that and they are all present.then it means 100.of the class is present simple 100.denoting the total number of peoples in.the class apart from this hundred.percent.we have also been given the number of.the percentage of boys in the class.so we can take a hundred percent and.then subtract.the percentage of boys from the hundred.percent that the total number of people.the total percentage of the class and.they will that will give us the.percentage of the girls.we take 100 minus 46 percent.then we get 54 that is the percentage of.girls.in the class therefore 50 percent.of 50 across 27 now the 50.so we are now converting it back to the.actual number.okay so i want to know the number of.people the number of girls.in class a when we take 54 percent the.54 percent.is the percentage of girls in the class.and the 50.is the total number of people or.people's in class a.so 54 percent times 50 equals 27.right 27 so we have 27 girls.in class a now when we get to class b.in class b also we have the total number.of peoples to be 60.and then we can also use hundred percent.to denote that.we have been given the percentage of.girls which is 40.so straight straight away we're going to.take 40 percent.times 60 okay 40 percent.is the percentage of girls and then.60 is the total number of girls in the.class so we are converted to the actual.number of.girls in the class so 40 percent times.60.that's 24 all right so in class b.we have 24 girls in class a 27 girls.now the question is how many people's.how many people's in the two classes.are girls to get that we take the two.numbers.add them together and then we have our.two term number of peoples who who are.girls in the two classes.that is 51 here.all right this is all that i have for.you in this particular.lesson before i leave i will leave you.with one question.for you to also look at it this is the.question find the.area of the seeded portion portion.please take this question try your hands.on it.ntc examination is getting closer let's.try to practice as.much as we can and then solve it.find the area of the shaded portion this.particular portion.excluding this this side all right.that's all that i have for you in this.video.i hope you like it if you do please.please and please hit the like button.please share this video to anyone that.will benefit from it and if you are new.to the channel.please consider subscribing and hit the.bell notification icon for you to be.notified every time we upload new video.now in our next video we'll look at.prime numbers.whole numbers real composite numbers.factorials and how their questions.and their questions are structured on.the ntc.so for all of that and more i'll see you.in the next video.

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