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The Information Guidance for Application For Cosmetology Salon License Pa Gov

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Guidelines with regard toApplication For Cosmetology Salon License Pa Gov

[Music].hello.my name is evelyn mangandy and i'm from.salon success in aplan california.i'm one of the teachers i'm in charge of.core class and.stable classes also so today.we are going to be talking and doing a.demonstration of a stable procedure.so just as a reminder for cosmetologists.remember that the doll head has to be.six.inches don't pre-cut it don't.pre-section it.so six inches will be right where the.neckline is okay not the neckline but.where the neck starts.from your doll hey you can always ask.your instructor.if they can give you a guide or you can.do it make sure you don't put your name.no marks no makeup nothing the door.has to be just cut one length and you.have to be there by six o'clock in the.morning because the lady that is gonna.give you the kit she's gonna go over the.kid and what comes in it.just in case you have any questions uh.make sure that you wear black i always.suggest the students wear black and.girls.if the bangs it's a motive for me to.keep going like this and forget to.sanitize my hands i always suggest and.put your head back.okay so put it in a ponytail and if you.wear glasses.just deal with it but every time you.touch your glasses it's not that you.cannot touch them.what you can you what you have to do is.if i fix them.i have to sanitize my hands if you want.to come up with your hair like this.and every time you fix your hair you.have to sanitize the hands because the.examiner believes that the hands belong.only to the student.okay if you live far i always suggest.um if you want to stay in a little.motel so that way you avoid traffic but.you have to be there by six in the.morning.by the time the examiner takes you into.the room it's between.seven around seven o'clock seven.seven fifteen that's when you start with.the first procedure.okay once you're done with the practical.you're gonna go with the written 110.questions.and once you finish more likely you'll.be done with both of them practical and.written.around.then you have to come back at 1 45 and.that's when they will give you the.results if you pass if you didn't pass.if you didn't pass one of them you only.have to pay 75.and then you have to reapply again and.pay of course and just wait for your uh.your appointment um also.no watches at all it doesn't matter how.cheap or expensive they are.no cell phone don't even put it in here.don't even.play it like oh i'm gonna completely.turn it off just leave it in the car.or stable in the building they have.lockers just bring your own little lock.and you can put your personal items in.there lucky but they're not responsible.if something goes missing.so my idea is just leave it in the car.or whoever is going to give you a ride.okay because they don't allow cell.phones at all or watches or.cameras weapons nothing like that don't.forget your id.don't forget your proof of training.without the proof of training you cannot.go and take your stable and then you.gotta pay again.okay well i wish you good luck and i.hope this.video will help you pass your staple.good luck.[Music].and we're gonna start with setup and.client protection.as the introduction.so the first thing we're gonna do is you.open the kit.and you're gonna see your trash bag and.you're gonna place it right here.and then right away you're gonna open.the kit.and you're gonna get your disinfectant.and we're gonna spray this infected.and we are gonna get a paper towel.[Music].throw it away i'm gonna place my.disinfectant.i'm gonna get my hand sanitizer.and i'm gonna sanitize my hands by the.trash.now i get my container and i'm gonna.start displaying everything that i need.for my basic sma.my water bottle my first aid kit.[Music].and this is gonna be my sma.[Music].i have my soil linen bag.[Music].it's a drawstring bag so this goes on.the floor on top of your kit.[Music].and i have my items to be disinfected.container.everything is labeled.you don't necessarily have to place it.on the left i'm a lefty that's why i put.it on the left you're a righty you're.gonna place it on the right.so the instruction says that they're.going to give you 15 minutes to set up.so once you start setting up the.instructions is going to tell you.you can plug in your curling iron in at.this time.so because i have to do my very first.sma.i'm gonna sanitize my hands and now i'm.gonna open.and the reason i put it in a bag is.because you don't know if it's gonna.come in a container if it comes in a.container.that means you're gonna put the.container back if it comes in a bag.that means you're gonna place the bag in.the trash.as i'm setting up everything.i'm gonna put my clips.and i always put an extra one so i don't.waste time.i have my sonics.my combs and the other stomach so this.bag is gonna go in the trash.and because i put my hand inside i gotta.sanitize my hand.so the first thing i'm gonna do is plug.in the curling iron.so when you plug in the curling iron you.just turn it on you don't touch the.metal.i always say what's going to let you.pass is you follow the lesson objectives.the lesson objective says one.you follow safety and infection control.procedures.two items to be disinfected soil linens.and trash are disposed of in a proper.manner.and at the end maintain your work area.in a.clean neat and safe manner throughout.all the procedures that you're gonna be.performing.so now i need to place the items for.hair cutting.i'm going to have an extra towel.and i'm gonna be placing my combs.i always put extra combs just in case i.drop the shears.in my razor the bag goes in the trash.i'm gonna sanitize my hands and also on.the instructions it says prepare your.client for services.so what does it mean i'm gonna get my.tripod.and i'm going to assemble the tripod.[Music].everything that you're doing is within.the 15 minutes and they will let you.know when you have eight minutes left.because i touch the tripod i have to.sanitize my hands.and now i'm gonna get my doll hand which.by the way has to be six.inches long.the instruction says i have to prepare.my client for services meaning i have to.drape her only.[Music].they don't give you a sun exact state.board they give you more.like a towel material so.to make it thicker around the neck so.that way the cake won't fall.[Music].so at this point more likely she said.eight minutes.[Music].remaining.[Music].so i gotta remove the clip i'm gonna put.it in here.i'm gonna sanitize my hands and before i.step back.i gotta make sure that my sma looks nice.and neat.sanitize my hands i always check the.floor and i step back.okay so now the examiner is gonna say.you're gonna have 10 minutes to perform.thermal curling.a complete curl must be formed from base.to ends.am i gonna place two curls on top of the.head and two.on one side of the head and you're gonna.have ten minutes she'll remind you when.you have five minutes remaining.at this point when she says step back.you may continue.i'm gonna sanitize my hands that's the.first thing i always do.and i'm gonna create two curls on top of.the head so the first thing i should do.from the middle of the ear the arch i'm.going to create like a horseshoe.party you don't have to section the dog.head i like it i prefer because it makes.me.more neater.and then the rest of the hair.i'm just gonna clip it back.like i said you don't have to do this i.personally like it.because it's makes me manage the hair.better.so i'm gonna divide this into two.and i'm gonna do one half.don't throw the hair on the face i'm.gonna place the comb.and i'm gonna test the temperature hold.it for like one two seconds.now this goes in the trash.i didn't touch the trash bags so i don't.have to sanitize my hands.so the instruction says i have to create.a curve from base to end.this is getting close to the base.without touching the base.if i wanna on base i'm gonna over direct.forward.45 degrees.[Music].[Music].i'm going to place the comb underneath.for protection.this is basically you cannot forget the.comb.underneath because otherwise you will be.burning the scalp.[Music].it doesn't matter if the curve falls all.it matters is that you're following.safety and infection control procedures.now i'm ready to let it go and i'm gonna.use the comb.and you click and there is my first curl.i'm gonna create the second one.again from base to end.and remember for this procedure you only.have 10 minutes.[Music].[Music].so i'm gonna place the comb.and i'm gonna hold it.[Music].now time to let it go.[Music].now i'm gonna place two curls on the.side.[Music].and again i have to start from base to.end.without touching the base.when we say the base we're talking about.the scalp.[Music].now i can place the comb.[Music].now i'm gonna let it go never use the.finger you can use the comb.and now i'm gonna place the last one.[Music].one more time from base to end.and if i don't want the curl to fall all.i got to do is place them on base over.directing 45 degrees forward.always hold the end of the hair the.strand.so at this point more likely she said.five minutes already.you cannot leave fish hooks or marks on.the hair because she will deduct points.but the major point right here is to.place the comb underneath.the curling iron.[Music].so now i'm ready to let it go.as i finished i'm gonna turn it off i'm.gonna place the comb on my sma.i'm gonna unplug the curling iron.as you unplug the curling iron make sure.you don't leave the core hanging.roll it and you're going to place it.next to your sma.because it's still hot.[Music].for safety reasons we cannot leave the.core hanging because i touch the cord.i have to sanitize my hands.and now i can check my curls how did.they look.and i created the four curls as you can.see.two on top one on the side i'm gonna.sanitize my hands.and i'm gonna step back.okay so now comes the next section which.is hair cutting.for hair cutting they're going to give.you 30 minutes.i usually try to tell the students not.to think that they have 30 minutes but.20 minutes.why because you have to have time to.check the haircut.it's not like you're going to do the.haircut and it's done no you have to.make time.to check the haircut so at this point.she's going to read the instructions and.she's going to say you have 30 minutes.to perform her cutting using razor and.her in shears at the end she's going to.say step back to indicate you have.finished she will remind you when you.have 15 minutes.before time expires as soon as she says.you may begin.the first thing we do is sanitize my.hands.and what i'm gonna do remove the clip.and you're gonna see that they're gonna.give you a towel.the reason for the towel is that you're.gonna place the.towel underneath and you're gonna wet.the hair.and when you wet the hair you have to do.it pretty fast.because you don't want to waste time you.don't want to be detangling the hair.because there is no point.they may be walking around and see if.you're dropping water on the floor.and for safety reasons if you see water.on the floor on the floor.you have to wipe it off.because at the end everything is about.safety.just make sure the hair is completely.wet because once you put the towel.the dirty towel in the bag and the soil.in the back.you cannot get it back from there i.think we all know that already.and if you notice also i'm pulling the.hair all the way back because i don't.want to wet the face.oops let me fix that tripod.[Music].i can place my towel right here if i.want to.it's a little loose.[Music].there so i'm gonna sanitize my hands.because i touched the tripod.and i'm gonna continue with what i was.doing.[Music].so i'm gonna place.my water bottle in there.[Music].since i'm not going to be using the.towel i'm going to go underneath.remember this is on top of your kit.you're going to place the dirty towel.you have to close your drawstring band.which is the soylent bag.and you're gonna put it on top of your.kit because i touch that.what am i gonna do sanitize my hands.so as soon as sanitize my hands i'm.gonna divide my hair into four sections.or the t section as we know it.so when i do this try not to put your.your hand on the face.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].as i'm sectioning my hair i'm also.noticing.the floor that i didn't drop any water.also they're going to be checking that.my sub sections and my partings are.nice and neat and clean.[Music].so i have my t-section.four quadrants i'm gonna try to do it.like this so you guys can see better.so when you go to stable you're gonna.get a razor like this.i prefer this one so i'm gonna use that.one.and she has to be looking down and they.expect me to use the razor.creating.[Music].a zero degree.also if you notice i didn't really spend.too much time detangling the hair.because i don't want to waste time here.i go.so i'm gonna grab the razor.[Music].and i'm gonna cut a zero degree.now switch combs.and you cut no less than an inch.so this is going to be my zero.and i cut.and i cut so i have to make sure i close.it.so the first one was a zero degree.my second subsection.almost at the top of the nape area i.always try to pull it up so i can see my.partings.[Music].and i always tell my students try not to.waste too much time.combing the hair over and over because.you're just wasting time.so normally comb it one twice and cut.let's say in this case i comb it one.twice and now i'm gonna do.45 degree you're gonna see your guide.and you cut.my second one i see my guide and i cut.my third one as in my guide.and i cut right away i close it.and now i go with my last time using my.razor.up to the nape area.[Music].remember your soft sections have to be.consistent.[Music].[Music].and i'm gonna divide into three parties.i'll come one twice.and elevate one.twice and elevate.one twice.[Music].elevate at this point i finished using.the razor i'm gonna close it and i'm.gonna put it back where it goes.now i'm gonna switch to shears.and i'm gonna start creating layers.so i keep going with my pottings.[Music].i'm gonna start in the middle because.i'm creating layers.my guide is gonna be at the bottom of.the finger right there.and i'm just gonna cut.[Music].so i only comb it twice.and i cut so nothing at the bottom is.touched because it's already being cut.with the razor.that has to drop my guide is right here.and i just cut i'm going to do the same.thing on the other side.guidance right there and i cut.[Music].cut.and cut.i can put my clips.[Music].this one right here i can make just one.because it's getting narrower i don't.have to do.two and one and one.so i'm gonna start in the middle again.my guide is right there and i cut.[Music].and do the same thing on the other side.[Music].i cut.[Music].and i cut i'm done with this section.i'm gonna put it all down.and i'm gonna start in the middle.[Music].guidance right there cut.[Music].cut in my last section.i cut so when you perform the hair.cutting you have to be pretty fast if.you think you're not going to have.enough time to check the haircut.right away you can check the two.quadrants to make it faster.[Music].so even i'm going to check the other.side.one here now i'm going to move to the.sides.i'm gonna place my clip where it was.be careful with the shears they cannot.be like this so.i have them up.my guidance from the back just gonna put.them all together.[Music].my guide is right there and i cut.i'm gonna grab the whole thing.around the hairline you cannot cut.because otherwise.you'll be cutting the length the length.has to drop.otherwise you will create a hole.[Music].so i'm done with this side now i'm gonna.move to the other side.you can do it either facing her or you.can she can be facing the other way.whichever you prefer.so i pull it back all this is my guy so.i'm going to take.some of the hair from the back.so i can find my guide.[Music].see how the length has to drop.[Music].so.so i'm done using the razor and.performing the layers.so at this point probably i have ten.more minutes.so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna check.the top.okay by checking the top.i gotta grab big chunkier sub sections.because i'm just checking the haircut.one of the things that they check is the.top.so where do i find my guide at the.beginning and the end of my finger.whatever is in the middle.that's gonna be my.that's what i need to cut if anything is.missing.[Music].guidance at the beginning and end of the.fingers.what i did in the back i'm gonna do in.the front i'm gonna part it in the.middle and i'm gonna check each quadrant.remember at this point i already did my.razor cut and my sheer.cut now i'm just checking the haircut.[Music].it's fine.[Music].just a little bit.[Music].so i'm going to check the sides when it.comes to the length.[Music].[Music].so.they don't really check the back because.they know you did it with the razor so.they know that.it's not going to be even.but the size yes they will check that it.has to be.a match.[Music].so they're going to check the size to.see if they're even.she will check this on the top.end to end has to meet if they don't.meet that means the haircut is not even.the only way they will that points is if.one end comes like.a huge difference so.if she hasn't said step back or time's.up.the best thing to do is keep checking.the haircut because you don't want.points to be deducted.so as i'm going i'm just checking.and rechecking the haircut.[Music].i always say there is no point for you.to be coming and combing the hair.especially when you start cutting the.hair.okay because you're just wasting time i.would rather be.done than not being done.so at this point i finished the haircut.i'm gonna place my shears my comb.if hair gets on the sma don't worry.don't clean anything.because your area is being contaminated.already so i'm just waiting.and i'm gonna step back what am i.waiting for for.the examiner individually is going to.come and say.may i borrow your call please so she.comes to me and she asks me for the cone.the first thing i'm going to do is.sanitize my hands and i'm going to give.her the comb.so here she comes and she's gonna check.the haircut and then she's gonna tell me.at this time.she's gonna give me back my comb i'm.gonna place it in here and she's gonna.tell me.sweep your area only so what am i gonna.do.i'm gonna sweep my area.[Music].and when it comes to sweeping your area.you have to sweep your area completely.if they see hair on the floor they will.deduct points because hair.makes the floor slippery and for safety.reasons.which is my first objective i cannot.leave any hair.examiners may walk around and see if you.really sweep the floor.so i gotta dump this in the big trash.can.because i touch that i have to sanitize.my hands by.the trash bag and i step back.and i'm waiting for the next.instructions.okay so now we finished the haircut i.already swept the floor.and now we continue with the next uh.procedure.the next procedure is setup and client.protection that's the number.two remember at the beginning we did one.now we go with the second one.so the setup is for the new client that.we're gonna have even though you're.still gonna be using the same.double hand we're gonna pretend stable.pretends that you're using.that you're doing a new client so the.instruction says that i'm gonna have 15.minutes to set up.and remove everything that i use in the.previous section.as soon as she says you may begin.sanitize the hands.so i'm gonna sanitize my hands i'm gonna.open my items to be disinfected.container.and i'm gonna start placing all the.items that i used.except.[Music].the curling iron why not the curling.iron i didn't use this sonic so it goes.in the trash.even though i didn't use it i need to.close this and because i touch that.i have to sanitize my hands so the first.thing we're going to do.is we're going to place everything on.the side.because we need to set up for a new.client.so this is going to go in.soil linens which is this drawstring bag.[Music].i put it in there i have to close it and.i'm going to place it on top of.my kit this moves to the side too.and the first thing i'm gonna do is get.a paper towel.and disinfect my station it's like.starting all over again.because again remember it's for a new.client.so i'm going to place this on the side.this goes in the trash.i touch the trash bag so i have to.sanitize my hand.and now i'm going to get a paper towel.and i'm gonna spray.the disinfectant on the paper towel and.i'm gonna start disinfecting.item by item from my basic sma.as i disinfect them i'm gonna be placing.them back where they go.one by one.spray disinfectant.and at stable you don't have to worry.about your items not to be labeled.because the kid company already does it.for you.so i place my hand sanitizer i get.another paper towel.spray disinfectant.clean my water bottle.throw it away at this point i can move.my paper towels right here because my.area has been disinfected.i get another paper towel.[Music].even my items to be disinfected.container i have to clean it completely.top and bottom and i'm going to place it.back where it goes.i throw the paper away i'm gonna.sanitize my hands.i still need my first aid kit.[Music].place it right here i'm gonna sanitize.my hands.and my last item is gonna be the curling.iron.i'm gonna grab the curling iron and i'm.just gonna clean the tip.the handle without touching the metal.as i clean the cord i'm gonna be.wrapping it between my fingers.throw it away the reason why we don't.clean the metal is because it's still.considered hot.and i'm gonna place it on the side so as.i finish cleaning.i'm gonna disinfect my hands and now.i'm gonna start displaying everything.that i need for all my chemicals.starting with chemical waving.and it's already labeled chemical waving.so i'm gonna use one towel so i can.place all my items in here.and in my cotton.my simulated waving lotion.my combs.as you see everything comes in a bag it.doesn't mean i'm gonna leave it in the.bag i'm gonna display my end papers.my pair of gloves and i'll show you i'll.let you know why i have.two pair of gloves.i'm to place them on the side my.protective cream.i have my rat tail comb.i have my clips.i always put an extra clip just in case.i drop one i don't waste time looking.for another one.the bag goes in the trash.i'm gonna sanitize my hands.extra cotton that i have.the perm rods are the purple rods.i cannot leave them in the bag so i'm.going to empty them.and the bag goes in the trash so i.display.everything that i need for my perm.but the instructions also said that i.need to set up for.all the chemicals that's why for this.procedure we gotta move a little faster.now i need to do.my pd test.supplies and the strand test.[Music].this is pd test.i need my q-tip and i'm gonna place my.two pieces of cotton.[Music].throw it in the trash i sanitize my.hands.now i need to displace four highlights.i can place the foil together this is.already labeled it says highlights.virgin.[Music].application.i have my tint brush this goes in the.trash.i'm going to sanitize my hands.i need to display for her color.and it says her color application and.i'm gonna place my tint brush also.that goes in the trash i'm gonna.sanitize my hands.and the last one is the virgin relaxer.so all the containers are labeled.bag was in the trash and i'm gonna.sanitize my hand.so at this point it says see i touch my.hair what am i supposed to do.sanitize my hands table believes that.the hand belong only to the client.anything else that i touch.i have to sanitize my hands so i have to.re-drape her.so i'm gonna get rid of the drape that.she had before because the cape.is only for cutting or styling it's not.for chemicals.and since we all we're doing is.chemicals all this goes in.soil leaning back.[Music].i have to close the bag i'm gonna place.it in here.i'm gonna sanitize my hands.[Music].and i'm missing one towel one thing you.gotta remember.stable is gonna give you miscellaneous.there is gonna be a bag.labeled miscellaneous and another bag.with extra towels just in case.you need another one in this case i need.two.towels and i'm gonna double drape her.when you do this.don't throw the towel like this.it's about safety you can poke her eyes.so i place one i place the second one.and now i'm gonna drape her.and again because i drape her i have to.sanitize my hands because the hair.the hair is considered dirty before i.step back i gotta make sure.that the cape is not touching the skin.[Music].i'm gonna place the hair clip right here.i'm gonna sanitize my hands.i check all my area that is in order.and it's ready for me to start.i step back and i'm waiting for.[Music].instructions.okay so now the instruct uh the examiner.is gonna say you're gonna have 20.minutes to perform chemical waving.and she will remind you when you have 10.minutes remaining you have to roll the.perm from crown to nape.never roll it from nape to crown it's.about following instructions the.instruction says from crown to nape.the moment she says you may begin first.thing i'm gonna do is sanitize my hands.and again.i don't want to detangle the hair.because there is no point.so what i'm going to do is i'm going to.use.the length of the prime rod and i'm.going to take it all the way down.actually we can do it different we can.go from ear to ear.[Music].mix it makes it much easier.[Music].[Music].and i'm going to clip this section.and i'm gonna use the length of the rod.going all the way down.[Music].i can place the roller right here.[Music].i always like to tuck in the ends.because when the ends dry it looks.really messy.[Music].[Music].i can grab a paper towel.or you can go back in the bag and get up.because i don't wanna wet the floor.the hair is a little still a little wet.from the haircut.so i'm gonna make sure with the paper.i try to saturate the hair so my.the floor doesn't drip any water.so i'm gonna start performing the perm.[Music].and when it comes to stable they don't.care if you do double paper.single paper book and whichever.technique you want.all they care is that the ends.don't come out of the end paper that you.have to extend the paper beyond the hair.ends.so at this point since you did the.haircut you're gonna see how your ends.come out from the haircut.if i want it on base i'm gonna over.direct forward.so it will stay on base 45 degree.forward that's my first one if you see.it has a strong base.[Music].i only comb it once because i don't want.to waste time.[Music].when i wet the hair i don't go like this.because i don't want to so i usually put.it by the hair and wet it.so it doesn't drop on the floor.and i have to leave a space so the ends.don't come out.because she's gonna come and check.individually.how you wrap the hair i over direct.[Music].[Music].comb it once.if you want to use double paper you can.if you want to use single paper you can.as long as you use the end papers.correctly that's all that matters.that you extend the ends beyond the hair.ends.[Music].and also what matters is how you place.the rubber band.[Music].and remember always wet the end paper.once you're ready to.start rolling.[Music].[Music].so i'm continuing.[Music].at this point more likely she already.said 10 minutes.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].one recommendation i always tell the.students if you have fake nails you have.to get rid of them at least for that day.because the fake nails they get on the.way it slows you down.a lot so make sure you don't have your.fake nails at least for that day.[Music].also you cannot create fish hooks they.will deduct points if you create fish.[Music].hooks.[Music].[Music].they give you a lot more extra and paper.i mean.perm rods just in case you drop perm.rods that you have extras.more likely you're going to be needing.between 10 to 12.permutes to cover from crown to nape.[Music].so i have two more one thing you gotta.be careful also.is with the end papers at this point we.already know the end papers are so thin.that if you don't grab them right they.can fall on the floor.now you have to stop and pick it up the.proper way.[Music].[Music].and my last one.[Music].so i'm on my last rod.[Music].so i can place my comb where it goes.do not remove anything from your sma.until she tells you to do.so so i'm gonna check.and i'm gonna check my rubber band never.put the rubber band.on the scalp because it's gonna create.marks or breakage.so if you over direct 45 the rubber.bands are gonna fall right on top you.don't have to worry about it.[Music].so i have two four six eight ten yes.that's average so at this point i'm.gonna.check my sma i'm gonna sanitize my hands.and i'm gonna check that the floor it's.dry and clean and i don't have trash and.i step back and now i'm waiting for.instructions.[Music].okay at this point the examiner is gonna.do this part.is untimed meaning she is gonna go one.by one.let's say i'm the first one she's going.to tell me please demonstrate saturation.and attest her so she told me that it is.some time because she's not going to.time you all i know is that you have to.move pretty fast.okay so the moment she tells me you may.begin.first thing is i'm gonna sanitize my.hands.and i'm gonna grab protective cream.when i grab protective cream you cannot.leave the protective cream open.you put it back and you're gonna apply.it around the hairline.[Music].now you're gonna open the cotton bag.the bag goes in the trash.i'm going to place the cotton.around the permanents.[Music].i'm going to sanitize my hands and now.i'm going to wear gloves.i always try to do here instead of here.just in case i drop it it doesn't drop.on the floor.it will fall right here on my sma.[Music].now i'm gonna open my cotton bag.and i'm gonna get a little piece of.cotton always remember to close the bag.and i'm gonna grab my simulated waving.lotion we know it's water.and you gotta place the cotton all the.way to the scalp.and you're gonna go twice one two.move to the next one one two.do it pretty fast.some examiners will let you do all of.them some examiners will let you do like.two or three.and she will say okay stop i'm gonna.pretend that she's telling me to do all.of them.[Music].so at this point the cotton goes in the.trash.i'm gonna place this where it goes and i.have to demonstrate a test curl it.doesn't matter which one you grab so i.can start with the first one and you.have to unwind two and a half times.so i push it down hold.and i go one two and a half i have to.place it back.now i go with the next one and this one.don't slide it you have to unwind it and.when you see the end paper.you gotta hold it for her to see that.the ends of the hair are not coming up.so that was a perfect one at this point.she's gonna say okay.she's gonna move to the next one so what.do i do i remove the end paper.i throw it in the trash this goes in.my items to be disinfected because i.touch that i have to sanitize my hands.and i step back.while she's going around with every.other student once she finishes with all.the students.she's gonna send you a break so right.now we're gonna go on break.the gloves you can remove them or you.can leave them and you can use them for.the rest of the examination for all the.rest of the chemicals.my suggestion would be and i told you.before when i was setting up.that's the purpose of the next gloves.because if i go on break i can use the.restroom i can drink water whatever i'm.gonna do so my.gloves are gonna be dirty so at this.point what i would do i would remove the.gloves.and i would throw them in the trash i.didn't touch the trash bag so i don't.have to sanitize my hands but if you.want to.you can sanitize your hands and at this.point we go on break.[Music].okay now we're back from the 10-minute.break.and because i want to break more likely.when you go break they're gonna.you can use the bathroom you can drink.water.take a deep breath because you're gonna.be nervous whatever.you're gonna be wearing the gloves so.that's why i told you before.why i have an extra pair of gloves.because at this point.you have two options either you just.sanitize your hands and you're going to.be using the same pair of gloves for the.remaining of all the chemicals.or each procedure comes with a pair of.gloves.so what i'm gonna do just to be on the.safe side i'm gonna remove the gloves.i'm gonna throw them in the trash i'm.gonna wear a new pair of gloves.[Music].and the moment she say you may begin i'm.gonna remove the cotton.throw it in the trash and i'm gonna.start removing the perm rats.so my items to be disinfected container.is open.because i can be dumping the perm rods.in there.and i always suggest to start from the.bottom to the top.because it's easier.you gotta remove the paper which is.takes a little bit longer.you're gonna put the trash in there it.has to go in the trash bag.[Music].so the easiest way is to remove it as.you remove the perm rods.to me it's faster that way.[Music].so i finished removing them i close the.container.i have to sanitize my hands and so i.don't waste time what i'm gonna do.is i'm gonna divide the hair into five.because the instruction says.that i have to create five sections.just make sure your partings are nice.and neat and clean.again you don't need to be detangling.the hair.[Music].then when you do the section on the top.make sure that the middle part.as you can see from there the middle.part cannot be too.too wide.because that's where you're going to be.placing the highlights.so i place the comb right there and i'm.gonna clip this.three sections.[Music].so you have five minutes to do this i'm.gonna sanitize my hands.so as you can see i created five.sections.okay i'm gonna sanitize my hands.and i'm going to step back.[Music].[Applause].okay now the examiner is going to say.you're going to have 10 minutes to.perform.pd test and strand test she will remind.you when you have three minutes.remaining at the end she will say.you may begin again first thing is.i'm gonna sanitize my hand i'm gonna get.a.piece of cotton remember always close.the bag.and i'm going to spray water on the.cotton by the trash.and i'm going to use the back of the ear.to clean the area.[Music].throw it in the trash i'm gonna get.another piece of cotton.i'm gonna dry the area.throw it in the trash one of the.containers from.color application i'm gonna open.i'm gonna get a little q-tip.i have to close it.and i'm gonna place it in the back.and i'm done with the pd test now i'm.gonna start.the strand test what i'm gonna do.i'm gonna create a very thin subsection.but before i do this because now i'm.doing a chemical.i have to apply protective cream.i just grabbed enough one time so i.don't keep on dipping on it.and i'm gonna apply it all the way.around just be careful with.your pd test that you don't get rid of.it when you apply the protective cream.so i'm gonna sanitize my hands.and i'm gonna start with.[Music].my strand test create a very thin.comb it only once you're going to grab.the foil.[Music].you're going to place it underneath.[Music].[Music].[Music].don't apply it on the roots.so once you're done you can place the.brush on top of the color.product you're gonna fold it.and fold it again and you're gonna leave.it like this.now we need to get a paper towel.and we need to wet it.so what we're gonna do we're gonna open.and we're gonna clean.remove the color this paper is gonna go.in the trash.you're gonna grab another paper and.finish cleaning the strand.just to finish cleaning the residues.[Music].remember that the product we're using is.not really.color it's just simulated color product.i throw it in the trash i sanitize my.hands.and i step back.okay now since i'm done now she's gonna.read the instructions and she's gonna.say now you're gonna be performing.highlighting.from the hairline towards the apex so.the moment she says you have 15 minutes.you're gonna step back when she.indicates that you're done.when she says you may begin the first.thing is i'm gonna sanitize my hands.and again i have to grab protective.cream.i don't like to be double dipping so i.only go once.if you want to use a spatula you can if.you want to.and now i'm going to reapply protective.cream.don't put too much.i'm gonna sanitize my hands.and now i'm gonna start from the.hairline towards the apex.it doesn't matter if you do weaving.slices.chunks they don't really care.i'm gonna put it on the side because i.need to open my.highlights container and if you notice.all the containers are labeled.[Music].i'm gonna sanitize my hands.[Music].i'm gonna grab my first one.i'm gonna hold it calm.[Music].[Music].so i'm going to stand up a little bit.so it doesn't go on her eyes and i'm.going to create the second one.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].just keep putting it up so it doesn't go.on her face.[Music].i'm being very careful not to drop the.paper on the floor.[Music].[Music].and i need one more.[Music].so.[Music].[Music].[Music].so before i step back what i'm gonna.check is underneath and see if i haven't.caused any bleeding.i'm gonna place the comb in here i'm.gonna close my jar because remember i.cannot leave a mess.i'm gonna place this one on top.my foil got some product i'm gonna throw.it away.[Music].push it right here i'm gonna sanitize my.hands.and i'm gonna step back.[Music].okay once the time has elapsed the.examiner is gonna come.and tell you or she is gonna open one of.the foils.so let's say she tells me open one foil.so i can pick whichever i want and i'm.gonna pick the second one.more likely she's gonna tell you to do.it and what she wants to see is the.saturation.two she wants to see that you didn't.place it on the roots.i don't know if you guys can see.but it's not touching the roots and it's.fully saturated.so once you open it then she's gonna.move to the next one and the next one.until your.she's done with all of them more likely.it's gonna take her just a couple of.minutes to do that.so at this point i'm just waiting right.and now she's gonna continue with the.second i mean with the next uh procedure.which is color retouch.so now she's gonna say you're gonna have.10 minutes to perform a color retouch.the client doesn't have more than an.inch so when you do the touch up you.have to do.one inch she's gonna say she.you will be reminded when you have five.minutes remaining the moment she says.step back to indicate you have finished.you may begin.i'm gonna sanitize my hands and again i.have to apply protective cream.[Music].i have to close the container.[Music].and i go all the way around.[Music].i'm gonna sanitize my hand and i'm gonna.use one of the back sections to do my.color retouch.[Music].i'm not going to use the one where the.pd test is because i don't want to get.rid of it so i'm going to use this side.and the first thing you're going to do.you're going to open the color.application.and you're going to outline the quadrant.so i outlined the whole quadrant.now i'm gonna start from the back.you don't necessarily have to clip it.[Music].[Music].so.[Music].[Music].so.[Music].[Music].so i am done.i'm gonna close my jar.place the brush i'm gonna sanitize my.hands.[Music].gotta make sure everything looks good.sanitize my hands and i step back.okay now that i finished the color.retouch she's gonna read the.instructions to everybody.the next section is untimed meaning the.examiner is going to go.individually asking you to perform a.virgin relaxer application.you're only going to do it on one side.of the head and it's only.one strand one subsection so the moment.she says you may begin.the first thing i'm gonna do is i'm.gonna sanitize my hands and again.i'm gonna apply protective cream.close the container.[Music].so i'm gonna sanitize the hands.[Music].remember i did the strand test right.here so i'm gonna use the other side.and i'm gonna use this section.this squadron i should say so i'm going.to open.my relaxer simulator.[Music].and i'm going to create one tiny.sub-section.so when you perform the virgin.application.it cannot touch the roots or the ends.so like a half an inch away from the.roots and you go under.then you place it on your hand.now you grab more and now you're going.to apply.on the roots top.bottom ends at this point she's going to.tell you to perform smoothing you can.use the back of the comb or your fingers.and you do it fast so you put it on the.roots and you go one.two and that's it so at this point i'm.gonna grab.a paper towel i'm gonna wipe off my.hands.she's gonna move to the next student.so at this point i'm just gonna close my.container.put it in here.get a paper towel.throw it away i'm gonna sanitize my.hands.and i'm gonna step back.okay so now we finish another section.which is all the chemicals we're done.at this point the examination is going.to tell you she will give you 10 between.10 and 15 minutes.to put everything away the only thing.you're going to end up with is your.basic.sma so you need to get rid of the tripod.you need to put everything away.just your basic sma and the doll head so.the first thing i would do.everything that you see in here if it's.reusable we have to open the container.items to be disinfected and we're going.to start placing everything in here.make sure the jars are closed completely.[Music].clips.the foils that you didn't use and the.end papers that you didn't use they go.in the trash.you sanitize your hands.you close this sanitize your hands.towel goes in.[Music].soy linens.[Music].i close the bag i have to sanitize my.hands.now we can place the curling iron in.here.sanitize my hands because i touched that.and now i'm gonna get rid of.the extra clip sanitize my hands and i.gotta remove.the foils always pulling back.so the product doesn't get on the face.i'm gonna throw it in the trash i'm.gonna sanitize my hands and one thing i.will suggest you.get to paper towels and you're gonna.wipe off the product that is on the hair.because you still need to do the facial.and we need the dough head.and at the same time clean around the.hairline from all the protective cream.that we apply.[Music].the pd test.[Music].[Music].i'm gonna sanitize my hands and i'm.gonna remove.the cape.cape and towels you just put them.in soy lemons.[Music].i close it put it on top of the kit.and i'm going to sanitize my hands.[Music].i'm going to place the dollhead right.here and now it's time to close this.the tripod.[Music].so my tripod is closed and i'm gonna put.it just.on top of my kit.[Music].i'm going to sanitize my hands.sanitize my hands i step back.and i'm waiting.[Music].okay now we move to the next section.which is blood exposure.blood exposure you're gonna have 10.minutes to do it.the examiner is going to read the.instructions and she's going to say that.we're going to create a little scenario.where you cut yourself you have.sustained a minor cut on your index.finger regardless if you're a lefty or a.righty i'm a lefty so i usually do.everything with the left.so you have sustained a minor cut on.your index finger.but you can still work with a client.your area hasn't been contaminated.they give you ten minutes the moment she.said five minutes you have five minutes.remaining.step back to indicate you have finished.you may begin the first thing is.i'm gonna sanitize my hands i'm gonna.open my kit.and i'm gonna look for my blood exposure.bag i close the kit.and i place my blood exposure i sanitize.my hands.and i'm gonna remove the gloves you're.gonna see a pair of gloves.you don't have to wear both my blood.exposure bag has to stay.open because all trash is gonna go into.the blood exposure.i'm gonna open my first aid kit and the.first thing i'm gonna do is.i'm gonna wrap a paper towel to my index.finger because i cut myself.and now i'm gonna get.my antiseptic.trash goes in here i have to remove this.paper.and throw it in there and right away i'm.gonna clean it with the antiseptic.[Music].i don't wanna let it go yet so i'm gonna.have my.[Music].band-aid.this goes in blood exposure.i don't want to let go of the antiseptic.yet.now i can let it go and right away i'm.gonna place the band-aid.i'm gonna wrap the finger and close this.put it in here.[Music].it's optional if you want to wear both.gloves you don't have to.with one glove is okay this is my.injured finger.and that's why they give you two gloves.you don't have to wear both.just in case you're working and you feel.comfortable working with both hands with.gloves that's.fine if only one only one so at this.point i'm waiting for her to say.show him show your hand she says.show your hand i'm gonna show my hand.and then she's gonna say okay.remove it what i'm gonna do is remove.both of the gloves.i'm gonna place it inside the blood.exposure bag i'm gonna remove the.band-aid.i'm gonna throw it in the blood exposure.bag.the bag has to be closed tightly.and now it goes in the trash sanitize.your hands.and you step back.okay now let's move to the next.procedure which is basic facial.basic facial you're going to have 20.minutes to perform it.you're not going to be doing it on the.regular station you're going to do it on.the money table.okay so there's gonna be a money table.and you're gonna have a stool.so the first thing she says you may.begin.i'm gonna sanitize my hands and right.away i'm gonna grab the disinfectant.a paper towel i'm gonna move my table.place it on your sma.disinfect the table.i'm gonna move the trash back and i'm.gonna put it next to me.i'm gonna move the hand sanitizer and i.want to sanitize my hands because i was.cleaning.and right away i'm gonna go into my kit.and i'm gonna get the supplies that i.need for the basic facial.so what do i need first i'm gonna apply.not apply but i'm gonna place the towel.and i need to place all my.supplies that i need.so i have my cleansing cream my.astringent my exfoliating cream my.massage cream.and my moisturizer i have my sponge.but one thing we need to place it's.paper towels they're gonna give you.paper towels.[Music].so you can place it in on um.on top of your sma.since it's the spa the face it's.more delicate so.[Music].everything that comes in contact with.the skin especially on the face.makes it more delicate i have my shower.cap.and for this she's gonna give you two.minutes to set up.bag goes in the trash.[Music].i'm gonna do my face mittens.i have my wet towel.and i have my container basic facial.if you don't finish setting up in two.minutes.because you have to dispose of.everything don't worry you can continue.after.so now i'm gonna place the shower cap on.her.that's why it's important to remove the.product before.when you perform the chemicals.so i'm gonna place it in here.[Music].i'm gonna sanitize my hand.and now i'm waiting.what am i waiting for for her to tell me.that i have 20 minutes to perform the.facial.and when i'm done to step back to.indicate.and i am done so now she's gonna say.you have 20 minutes to perform your.basic facial.you will be reminded when you have 10.minutes remaining step back to indicate.you have finished.you may begin first thing is i'm going.to sanitize my hands.and i'm going to move.[Music].my stool.because i touch this tool i'm gonna have.to sanitize my hands.and right away i'm gonna start.i touch my hair i have to sanitize my.hands again.and i'm gonna start with the cleansing.cream.you cannot double dip so when i do this.i just can't get enough one time.just for the eyebrows i put it on my.hand.i throw the spatula away and i have to.clean.uh close the cleansing cream from here.i'm gonna put it on one eyebrow.and then the other eyebrow.now i'm gonna get.[Music].a face mitten so make sure you fold it.because it cannot go like this i'm.touching the eyes.so make sure you wipe it off.on both sides if you want to do one.eyebrow first and then the other eyebrow.that's fine too.so i throw it away now i'm gonna get.more cleansing cream.and i'm gonna do the lips just a little.bit.you throw it away you close it.and when you apply it on the lips it.goes out and in.so you go out and in out and in.out and in out and in you do it like.three times.now that you remove the lipstick it's.time to remove the whole thing.[Music].and you remove it the same way don't.scrub.[Music].so you remove the lipstick now i gotta.get.more cleansing cream another spatula and.now is for the rest of the face.[Music].throw it away close it.remember your sma always has to look the.same as the way you started.and you put different dots because now.you got to remove the whole makeup.and i tried to use these two fingers not.this because this is what helps me grab.everything so these have to be clean.so i use the end.the ring finger one hand has to be here.because you gotta remove the makeup.[Music].you're not massaging you're just.removing the makeup.the foundation the blush.the eye shadows now.if you want you can have two mittens or.one if you want to do it at the same.time.that's fine so here i go.in here you go up.[Music].on the cheek area you go up you don't.pull down.you go up.and around the eyes you go the opposite.[Music].way.don't put too much lotion because it's.gonna look too shiny.[Music].so i'm done removing it i throw it away.and i'm going to apply a stringent.[Music].don't dip just do it by the trash.[Music].you place it in here.[Music].and you dab the skin.[Music].so i place the astringent i throw it.away.now that i'm done with this i'm gonna.get the exfoliating cream.[Music].and for that i'm gonna use a sponge you.cannot double dip and go just grab it.once.just grab enough close it.put it back where it goes.you throw it away now what i'm gonna do.is grab my scrubbing brush.your hand has to stay here.and you start scrubbing the face.so remember to do this procedure you.only have 20 minutes.[Music].you gotta be gentle.just grabbing the dead cells.the moment you're done the brush goes.right here.and now you're gonna sanitize your hands.you're gonna move to the side and you're.gonna sanitize all the way to your.elbows.why because you're gonna get the wet.towel.bag goes in the trash.[Music].the towel is already wet and you're.gonna test the temperature you do one.two.one two and you gotta create the.triangle.okay triangle means.she still can breathe i'm gonna try to.put it like this so you can see.you're gonna start removing the.exfoliating product.[Music].now you're gonna open and you're gonna.slide it and place it back.and you're gonna do the same thing now.you do the other half.now that you're done don't lift the.towel you just fold it one.twice and you slide it back now you're.gonna go to your.soil leaning back.you're gonna place it in here you're.gonna close the bag.because i touch that bag i have to.sanitize my hands.and now you're gonna get either the.mittens or cotton.and you're gonna finish removing any.leftover exfoliating cream.[Music].even if there is anything in it you.still have to do it.because we're pretending.so we're going to throw this away.i'm going to sanitize my hands because i.touch the trash bag.and now i'm gonna continue with the.massage cream.[Music].this is one of the most important that.you cannot put too much.otherwise it would look too shiny.i have to close it.when you grab it from here you cannot.have any product on the hand that's why.it's important not to put a lot.[Music].and i'm going to start with the airflow.ratch.i have to spread the product first.[Music].[Music].so you have to demonstrate the average.the petrosuch and the tapotment.be careful with the eyes that it doesn't.get any massage cream.if you let go both of the hands she will.deduct points because you're breaking.contact as long as you have one hand at.a time.that should be fine so make sure you.don't break contact.[Music].so i'm ready to start the massage and i.have to know how to break contact.so normally i will slow down little by.little.then i let go one hand and then the.other so once i'm done i'm gonna get.one of the face wipes i'm gonna wipe off.my hands first.[Music].i'm gonna sanitize my hands and i'm.gonna start removing the makeup.i mean the the massage cream so i'm.gonna place my hand right here.and i wipe off going up.[Music].[Music].[Music].i'm gonna throw it away now i'm gonna.get.another piece of cotton and i'm gonna.apply one more time astringent.always do it by the trash that way if.you any product.will fall inside the trash i'm gonna.close the astringent.container and i'm gonna dab.[Music].i'm gonna throw it away and the last.step would be the moisturizer cream.so i'm gonna grab just a little bit.throw it away close it.and i'm gonna distribute it around the.face.[Music].so at this point i'm done i'm gonna grab.[Music].one of the face mittens i'm gonna clean.my hands.i'm gonna push this tool back here.i'm gonna sanitize my hands and i'm.gonna step back.[Music].okay now that we finished the facial we.go to the last step.and it's the last procedure as she said.and it's the sculpture nail.with extension for that we're going to.be using the many table of course and.they're going to give you.five to ten minutes to set up so we have.to remove everything that we have in.here and put it where it belongs.and then clean the state clean the money.table and place the items that we need.for the sculpture now the moment she.said you may begin.i sanitize my hands i'm gonna open.my items to be disinfected container and.i'm gonna be placing.all my facial items in here.my brush any unused.spatulas goes in the trash i'm just.gonna leave my hand sanitizer.any leftover white piece i'm gonna place.them in the trash.this goes in the trash.doll here you can just place it on one.side of your station.towel goes in so your linens.paper towel goes in the trash.towel goes in here.close it.sanitize my hands.[Music].this i'm gonna open the kit and i'm.gonna put it in there.close it and i'm gonna sanitize the.hands.now i'm gonna get my disinfectant but.before i do that i need to close this.remember this cannot stay open.i'm going to sanitize my hands again.because i have to close it.[Music].disinfectant.[Music].throw it away.i'm gonna disinfect my hands and i'm.gonna go to my kit.and i'm gonna get my sculpture nail.supplies.first thing i'm gonna do i'm gonna place.a towel.on top of the towel i'm gonna place one.paper towel.[Music].and i'm gonna start displaying my items.that i need.my cuticle oil this is the hand that.you're gonna get at stable.we're not gonna use this one today.i have my nail dehydrator.my orderless polymer i have my alcohol.my orderless monomer.my buffers.[Music].my two dumping dishes.finger primer.orange wood stick acrylic brush.different brushes my nail forms.my abrasive boards.[Music].in this container i'm gonna close it.i'm gonna open the kit and i'm gonna.place it inside the kit.i close it i sanitize my hands.and i step back.okay let's move into the last section of.the examination.sculptural nail with nail extension you.will have 20 minutes to perform your.nail.you will be reminded when you have 10.minutes remaining at the end she will.say.step back to indicate you have finished.the moment she says you may begin.sanitize your hands you get the little.stool.because i touch the stool i have to.sanitize my hand.and we're gonna i'm gonna put the finger.closer so you can see.remember the hand already comes with the.nail tip.[Music].so this is what we're to be using.and the first thing we're going to do is.i'm going to sanitize my hand.i have to sanitize the whole hand i have.to assign.sanitize the assign finger.in this case is the index finger.remember stable.that day you will find out which finger.you're gonna be assigned.you don't know before until you get to.stable.in my case she gave me the index finger.so i'm sanitizing the index finger and.now i'm gonna remove with the buffer i'm.gonna remove the shine.buffer goes in the trash i have to.remove the dust.[Music].i'm gonna get a piece of cotton and i'm.gonna apply cleanser.which is dehydrator.[Music].and you just pour it by the trash and.you just put a little bit.close it.[Music].throw it in the trash now you're going.to get.you're gonna prepare your monomer and.polymer which i have them right here.and they're odorless.[Music].sanitize my hand i touch my hair.and now i'm gonna get the nail form.remember the hand already comes with the.nail tip.[Music].so i'm gonna throw this paper in the.trash i didn't touch the trash bag so.i'm gonna.place.the nail form.[Music].you have orange wood stick just in case.it gets around the nail wall.or the side walls you can clean it in.there.[Music].so before i start i'm going to apply.nail primer.when you apply the nail primer you got.to be careful just to put slightly a.little bit.there you go i close it.and now i'm ready to start.[Music].the application of monomer orderless.monomer and polymer.and i'm going to start building the nail.[Music].i'll move to section 2.and then move to section 3 which i'm.pretty sure you guys know what i'm.talking about.wipe it off that's my first bead.now i'm going to move to the second one.[Music].i'm gonna go to the apex.to the cuticle area.[Music].that was my second bead i'm gonna create.one more.[Music].[Music].so i'm making sure that i don't have any.lumps.if at the moment that you're doing the.nails you see that there is.lumps you gotta dip it into the monomer.[Music].and just wipe it off i don't have any.lumps so.i'm just checking my nail it seems like.it looks pretty good.[Music].[Music].and it's done so i'm gonna place the.brush right here.i'm gonna throw the paper away.and we gotta remember that when we use.odorless product the only way we can get.rid of.the tacky layer also known as the.inhibition layer is if we use.either dehydrator alcohol.or acetone so.i'm gonna wait a couple of seconds.it looks pretty good.that's the difference between odorless.and the regular one that the regular one.you have to wait until it dries.or less the only way you can set the.nail or cure the nail.is if i grab a piece of cotton.i have to close the bag.and i'm gonna use either dehydrator.or i also have alcohol so i'm gonna use.the hydrator.and i'm gonna pour it by the trash.[Music].always remember to close the containers.[Music].and i'm gonna wipe it off.[Music].so.[Music].so i throw the cotton away and now i can.remove.the nail form.this goes in the trash.[Music].i'm gonna sanitize my hand and if you're.not sure if it's dry.you can always try and put more.dehydrator or you can put more alcohol.whichever you want.so i'm going to try alcohol it's already.dry.[Music].but i just want to make sure.[Music].[Music].i throw it away now what i'm gonna do.i'm gonna use the abrasive board.remember the abrasive ball replaces.the drill so i'm gonna start on the.[Music].sides.[Music].[Music].so.[Music].so.[Music].so.[Music].[Music].so.[Music].so at this point i'm done i'm gonna.throw this away.i can sanitize my hands if i want to i'm.gonna get the oil.i'm gonna get a piece of cotton.[Music].i'm gonna pour it by the trash.close it.[Music].throw this away and i'm gonna use the.[Music].buffer.[Music].as soon as i'm done i throw the buffer.away.i look at it there is no build up there.is no lumps.and now i can turn the hand toward the.examiner before i do that.i'm gonna close the containers that i.have.organize my sma.[Music].turn the hand towards the examiner and.i'm ready to show her.what it looks like.[Music].so that's the way the extension is.supposed to look like.so at this point you turn the hand.and you step back and you wait for.instructions.[Music].okay so at this point we finished the.practical examination.she's going to tell you she's not going.to time you at this time she's just.going to say put everything away.go return the kid once you come back.from returning the kid you can go into.the other classroom and take the written.test.the written test contains 110 questions.plus some constitution questions you're.going to say why constitution because.the computer the written test is all.computerized.okay abcd there is no fill in the blank.there is no true and false it's just.abcd.so it's color coded like it has a green.red yellow and blue button.keyboard and like if you want to change.the answer you know which one to change.for example if they asked me who was the.first president of the united states and.i said oh it was donald trump and then.later on i said wait it wasn't donald.trump i need.i need to know which caller it is to.change the answer so when you're ready.to take the test.it's going to tell you on the bottom are.you ready to start with the test you can.click and then you can start.okay so at this point i'm just gonna get.rid of everything.okay.you.

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