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youtube video

Check How to Enter the Zippo Lighter Repair Form

going on guys so in today's video I want.to talk about the most common problem.with vintage and antique Zippos and how.you can fix it so this is the Czech.beach Zippo the 1946 fo I got at the.antique shop and I refurbished it and.all I did which I'll bring to the.process here it was very simple that's.what I do with some of the older suppose.sometimes I don't bother to do it but.you basically take some rubbing alcohol.the percentage of Apple those need to.make a difference you want to put on a.rag and completely wipe everything down.you take the insert out of the case and.you want to get as much of the actual.dirt and grime and stuff off okay after.that what I did was I use some of my.favorite polish let's polish this tube.I've had for 10 years 11 years or.something like that it takes very very.little each time I put a little on a rag.okay then I go and I polish it very very.lightly okay so keep it on a flat.surface and all it is is a fine abrasive.so I'm getting a nice smooth polished.I'll turn it will get all the sides and.what I'm doing is taking off basically.just the very you know surface just.microns you know I mean it's a very fine.polishing agent for example you can see.I mean it feels like glass it's super.smooth but you'll see they're still like.this part here this is not dirt or.anything it's not even rust this is the.chrome that has deteriorated off of the.brass that's underneath so it's a little.bit of brass showing through.now if you look compare this to the.original video that was a much larger.spot because there was actual surface.rust that was on top of it so I cleaned.off all the rust by polishing it it's.got a nice glean to it and and shimmer.and stuff but it still is intact it.still has the original you know wear and.tear on it there's some scrapes here you.know it's a little dent right there by.the you know the where the case and the.lid meet and so forth the hinge on this.is still very functional of course is a.little playing it as you expect I mean.this is from 1946 so anyway besides just.making a look a little bit nicer and.feel nice and smooth it is 100% fully.functional now what I had to do to.repair this and this is the point of the.video.I'll tell you this is the most common.problem you're going to get with really.old Zippos in the first video just.talking while I'm letting this cool.since I just lit it I mentioned that you.know as years go by the Flint's that are.in your lighter deteriorate they.literally turn to dust or powder.oftentimes after they deteriorate they.turn into powder they get stuck they.clog the tube okay so we take the insert.out you want to undo the screw here and.we take out one of my handy-dandy tools.here just to get this screw started okay.so of course this is your screw that.holds your spring in here and your Flint.there's a spacer on there as well be.careful opening this okay see that spate.I mentioned this before in the past.that's not a flake that's a space as it.pushes on the Flint okay and as I tilt.this the Flint should pop out okay so.there's our actual little Flint so what.oftentimes happens is the Flint turns to.powder but then it Reece elyda Faiz it.could get moist there could be humidity.who knows just with age and it clogs.that tube so a lot of times you'll get a.wheel that spins and you'll take this.out and put a new Flint in but it still.spins freely now as you put a new Flint.and everything and you screw this back.down if you push it all the way in you.see how there's a little gap maybe it.was this here as a pointer all right see.how there's a little gap between the top.of this tube and the bottom of the wheel.you're supposed to see that Flint so if.you push this in and screw it down.everything and if still looks like that.there's still a little gap there that's.because there's an obstruction that.actual Flint has deteriorated and.clogged the tube oftentimes the actual.Flint when it gets small enough it'll.turn will turn sideways you know jam.inside that tube alright so or make sure.when this is you know fully in and screw.down everything if you see a gap there.that's all it is there's just something.clogging the tube and that's something.99% of time it's going to be your.deteriorated Flint so what I did was I.took a very very small hex key that was.able to fit into this.- you see if I push all I see how it.reaches the entire you know length so.you want to get something small enough.that's going to push whatever blockage.is in there outs now the biggest problem.with this is that the wheel is riveted.on so you can't remove the wheel if this.was screwed on you could take the wheel.out it would be a heck of a lot easier.because you could just push all the way.through but you can't access it from the.top you can only access it from the.bottom so this is a huge pain in the.butt but what I did here was I took my.pliers it's happened me some sog pliers.held it held the bottom with the pliers.on the tool alright and I went like this.and I literally I did this - probably 25.minutes because remember it's old and.crusty and solidified in there so I.jammed it in there and it was hitting.that little flint blockage I'd pull it.out and I'd knock some dust out and it.would just be a little bit of dust at a.time it was I was chipping away at it.kind of like you know felt like a really.old prisoner you know hitting a rock you.know they back in the day I guess they.would have to break down massive.boulders to dust I don't know the.progress of keeping busy that's what I.picture when I'm doing this thing but.I'm just you know hitting and hitting.and hitting and hitting it and repeating.this process knocking out the dust.hitting it knocking out the dust if you.had a sharper thing maybe if you even if.you had a long pin or needle or.something maybe that would ship away out.easier who knows but about 20 minutes.later of repeating this process.it was clear I can get the tool to go.all the way through then I kind of like.rub the sides to make sure there was no.blockage so when everything is all said.and done when you put in the flint you.drop in your flint you put in your tube.now if you happen to have a spacer.that's missing you can just put two.Flint's in there just a little Zippo.hack alright because sometimes when.people take these apart that piece will.fall out or something but that is just.the metal spacer so it keeps even.pressure if you just had the spring.it just doesn't push on this on the.Flint in the proper way so you could.double off the Flint's if you need to.but you're gonna push this whole back in.you carefully screw this back down it.gets started wanna make sure that I'm.not cross threading or anything okay and.then in all Zippos.you want to be able to see that flip see.how the Flint is stick it up a little.bit that's what's gonna give you your.spark okay I only put enough fluid in.here to kind of get it started well.there you go so we have a functional.insert so my $2.00 purchase happened to.work out just fine because I was able to.fix that but I'm telling you there's so.many people out there that buy these old.Zippos and they could be ten years old.20 30 40 years old this is over 70.something years old in 1946 that you do.the math 70 something I don't know off.top my head but um but yeah I mean that.is a very very old lighter but it.functions just the same as the ones.they're sold today so very happy to have.refurbished this let's have some work.load in here this Ally had flowed by the.way I closed the cam and flip it around.put it back in the case in case it drips.out I've done videos on this before but.this way once it's done being filled you.rotate it just like this and pop the can.back down alright so this way if you are.filling it and just dripping out the.bottom it's not falling everywhere all.right which is hazardous and messy so.we're gonna pop our top on our fuel this.did not have the felt pad on the bottom.it was just the fill all right I took.all this fill out and I ended up pushing.the wick up a little bit and trimming.the wick as well it is the original.padding and the original wick now that's.it you don't have to fill it until you.see fluid Foley out that's too much you.just want to saturate the fill that's it.and now inside the wick is kind of weave.back and forth in this bill so as that.gets saturated the wick gets saturated.and it rises to the top and that's how.you know your lighter works now when.your lighter gets too dry your actual.wick starts to burn you don't want the.wick to catch fire so if you you know um.we leave this upside down for a second.let gravity do its job but if you all.like your Zippo and your actual wick is.like smoldering it's too dry okay you.want the fuel to burn around the wick.not the wick so as time goes on when.your wick dries up and gets burnt it.doesn't hold a fuel anymore so that's.another problem with suppose is that.when you go to light it it just sparks.even though you know you have fuel it's.not lighting it.because your wake is probably you know.just a couple of wires there's no.material left to hold on to that fuel so.that's when you would lift it up and.trim it but yeah so that's our 1946.Zippo fully refurbished to a functional.lighter alright but the main point this.video I want to make was that if you.have these old Zippos and if you're not.getting at the spark even though you put.a new flame that's probably what's.happening is there's a blockage in the.tube and like I said I mean they're I.don't know what else would possibly be.in there.99% of time it's just old Flint that's.deteriorated and re solidified into like.a little concrete block alright it's.like a plug and you have to kind of.scrape that plug out from the bottom all.right so it might be painstakingly slow.process but it's worth doing because.obviously could fix the lighter pop new.Flint in and then you're good to go so.there's not a whole lot of things that.can go wrong with old Zippos the only.thing you really want to test for is the.one thing that I can't personally fix.myself is at the cam spring alright so.underneath this cam there's a piece of.metal it's just a spring metal spring.steel when those brake the cam flops up.and down so if this is floppy there's.nothing you could do that has to be sent.back to the Zippo but keep in mind it.doesn't matter the condition of the.Zippo even if it's fully broken the cam.spring is broken I mean the wheels.missing if it's two dollars you can.still send it back and they'll replace.it remember they have like the best.warranty of any company ever there's no.questions asked I've shot Zippos on.purpose send it back and they replaced.it so if you find any Zippos in any.condition in any year that you could buy.for less than $10 you can send it back.the Zippo and they'll give you a brand.new one and the cheap a zip will they.sell is ten dollars so if you look at it.that way it's always a win if they're.less than 10 bucks so anyway that is all.for now thank you very much for watching.hope you guys have a wonderful day and.in the comments once you tell me your.oldest Zippo that you either use or.happen to have in your collection I know.some guys that have really old Zippos.and they love using them that's that's.the whole fun of it as I mentioned.before the value of this I mean yeah.it's worth something but it's not so.ridiculous that I'm scared to use it.it's kind of fun to be able to use.a 70 plus year-old lighter you know and.when you break it out it's still.recognizable it looks pretty much like.what they look like today I think that's.pretty cool and that's why I enjoy the.Hobby of Zippos so hopefully you guys.learn something if you did let me know.down in the comments hope you guys have.a wonderful day and I will see you.tomorrow with another video.take care.

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Zippo Lighter Repair Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common queries regarding Zippo Lighter Repair Form . Let us know if you have any other questions.

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How do you fill up a Zippo?

First of all you feel the resistance the filter creates when taking a draw. Then you feel the heat (the longer you smoke a cigarette the hotter it gets as it's closer to the filter and travels shorter distances and thereby has less time to cool down). After that a hit (I would describe it a scratching or itching) in the throat. Following is a warmth in your body (mostly in colder times of the year) and (especially when you just started smoking) a coughing reflex and a very strong burning everywhere the smoke was. This gets noticeably better the longer you smoke. The “fun part” is the exhaling. It fe Continue Reading

Can you use petrol to fill your zippo lighter?

No. Don’t do it. That is way too dangerous. Petrol is highly flammable, and very unstable. You will most likely start a huge fire with this, and you may even cause an explosion from the vapors.

What are some ways to fill a Zippo lighter with fluid?

I was on my way from China going back to Canada a few years ago. Maybe back in 2012 or 2013. And Air Canada changed their policies (I found out in the airport) which was different when I purchased the tickets months before. It used to be allowed that travelers back then could have each two checked bags. So I had brought back two big commercial suitcases. Both were overweight, and I knew they were already overweight and I was expecting to pay $30/each bag + taxes for the overweight bags. But Air Canada - because of their policy change caused me big issues here. Because of the policy change, I had Continue Reading

How do you refill a Zippo Lighter?

What you need is naptha it will burn clean, when I was in the army we occasionally used the aviation gas 115/145 octane. It worked pretty good, but it is difficult to find if you are not around aircraft much. Charcoal fluid would probably be hard to light and taste funny. The cleaner burning the better !

How hard is it to refill a zippo lighter?

What you need is naptha it will burn clean, when I was in the army we occasionally used the aviation gas 115/145 octane. It worked pretty good, but it is difficult to find if you are not around aircraft much. Charcoal fluid would probably be hard to light and taste funny. The cleaner burning the better !

When should I replace my Zippo Wick?

You should trim the wick when if it’s more than 50% black. This is because of carbon buildup. This can cause you to have to strike it more than once to get it to light. A Zippo wick is 4 in. in length, and the insert of a Zippo is 2 in. in length from the top of the chimney to the bottom. When you have less than 2 in. of wick left, you should replace it.

How long does Zippo Lighter last?

Zippo lighters used to come with a lifetime guarantee. Maybe they still do. That may or may not be true of the Zippo candle lighters. Any lighters made by Zippo have a high probability that the quality is as good as it gets and long life of usability is a given. Zippo is a great American company, founded by inventor George Blaisdell starting out in his garage at Bradford PA (I guess in the 1930s or 1940s). If you visit that town today, you will see a large Zippo factory, employing many people, and trying to diversify and survive despite growing unpopularity of smoking. (I don’t know if smoking is declining in the USA or not, but there is a continuing PR war against it.)

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