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[Music].[Applause].[Music].so while I believe in shameless plugs.whenever I can this is not just a.shameless plug about so simple software.so simple calendar is was built on PHP.it was a foundation that the whole.foundation of the societal calendar was.a JavaScript tool running on PHP and PHP.was querying the server over the last.year and a half since FileMaker 16 came.out we started transitioning to the data.API and we're doing is sort of.methodically based on what capabilities.the data API has and so that's why I.mentioned so suitable calendars that a.lot of what I'm presenting today was.informed by this sort of process we've.gone through since the data API came out.a year and a half ago and by the way if.you have used it in FileMaker 16 you.have to relearn a lot of it because.FileMaker 17 really changed again the.the other tool that we have available is.called the the FM gateway for zapier if.you haven't seen zapier before any.people have seen zapier have used a peer.it's a really cool automation tool it.lets you plug things plug one app on the.web into another send automatic messages.when you get payment from PayPal sort of.bridges the gap between a lot of apps.the FM gateway is a toolkit also built.on the data API that turns FileMaker.server turns your FileMaker server into.a web service and so I shouldn't invite.you to check that out as well if you if.you feel like I'm taking a look at that.it's available on our website.and finally the FM rest dot PHP class.file for the FileMaker data API and.we'll talk a little bit more about that.when we start demonstrating this don't.leave now but visit our booth so who.here has has developed is developing.fairly actively with PHP ok great and.how many of you guys started working.with the data API ok wonderful how many.have actually done the two together data.API and filemaker PHP okay cool so we're.going to be talking mostly about that.nugget right there because a lot of what.I'm finding.and I'm sure you'll you'll find as you.might have found already and you might.find going forward is that a lot of.people are in this position of they.built a whole vast array of these PHP.pages and now the data ap comes out and.they want to know Wow do I have to.switch everything over now to start.using the data API instead of C WP.alright and that's a that's a huge.nugget if you've been doing a lot of PHP.development over the years so that's.something we're going to talk about so.yeah so there's a few sort of areas.around that but that but mostly we're.really talking about what's what's so.great about the data API do I want to.move to it what are some good reasons.and bad reasons and and then how do I.actually start making that transition so.let's talk a little bit about where we.were two months ago before there really.was a data API so this is the custom web.publishing engine so the custom web.publishing engine is based on the XML on.an XML API it was it's been available.since filemaker 7 and it's and the way.it works with filemaker server is is it.posts to the to a single URL with a.bunch of query parameters to exchange.its data with file with filemaker server.and filemaker server in turn returns.these XML huge XML documents that then.we have to parse and go through to get.the data that we want it uses basically.authentication and it builds in the.capability if you'd actually add your.username and password to the URL to.bypass that please don't do that and I'm.sorry they gave the capability but I.wanted so that's one of the security.things around this this last piece the.FileMaker connections are dynamically.created this is this is sort of a pet.peeve of mine with with this with cwp.how many of you guys have seen as you're.doing your PHP development and you're.looking at your admin console to sort of.debug what's going on and suddenly you.see like 15 20 25 30 connections start.showing up on your admin console how.many guys see that it's a common sight.right so FileMaker server works with the.C WP engine it's trying to be really.smart and sometimes it really is.but what it's doing is its connecting.these sessions diet these connections.dynamically based on what it feels the.needs of the server are so if you got.one connection that's using up that one.connection and really using sending data.and it can't be bothered it'll open up.another connection perhaps for the same.exact user it'll open up a second.connection and transversely if you got.two users it might actually share the.same connection so you never really know.what those connections are doing and but.it does its best to sort of maintain its.bandwidth by opening up these multiple.connections so it's a really cool.feature but it it sort of one of my big.pet peeves with with CWP so the PHP API.is basically a wrapper class it's been.around since FileMaker 9 it wraps up.nice and tidy as a bunch of functions.that wrap up the XML class and lets you.query your FileMaker server using PHP.functions there are other tools that do.that FX PHP comes to mind is one of the.most popular that was created in this.interim between FileMaker 7 and.FileMaker 9 before pH before filemaker.release their own and what it basically.gives you is easier control the ability.to access your your XML you know the.data from the FileMaker server without.having to learn XML that's sort of how.it works.then came the data API the filemaker.data api is analogous to the XML API in.that it connects directly to your.FileMaker server to retrieve data right.it's so it's not it doesn't include that.PHP component yet so it's direct access.to your FileMaker server it uses instead.of a single URL it uses multiple URLs.which I'll describe as I go into this.and it uses JSON instead of XML and it.uses it a little bit more in a standard.way.because instead of sending everything on.the URL string it you embed as much as.you can in JSON so my last bullet point.on the last slide in my first bullet.point on this slide you have.durable connections the best thing with.with this development and what that.basically means is when you establish a.connection when you ask for a token from.FileMaker server and set up your first.connection it gives you a token you'll.see a single connection at the FileMaker.server on the console from that point.forward you will not get another one and.if someone else connects and gets their.own token they'll see one or you'll see.one representing that user and so on and.so you'll always be able to manage those.the better part of even the the cool.part about that is that the at the.administrator can knock those users off.by disconnecting them and so can the.developer disconnect their connection to.manage those connections they can just.say log me out and they're disconnected.and that user disappears off admin.console so those manageable connections.just and just anecdotally I'll talk a.little more about this later when I.start talking about speed I've never run.into that that clumped that that thing.where it sort of the data API stops.responding and that's what's happened.with CWP when you start getting these.huge long list of connections is that at.some point once you hit whatever number.your magic number is different services.of different numbers when you hit that.magic number you start having issues.with connecting over CWP so so far I.haven't run into that at all with data.with the data API and that I'm assuming.is because it's a new streamlined.technology they are not layering this on.top of CWP at all filemaker built this.up from the ground up to be streamlined.he uses JSON and it only passes the data.that you need with the with AC WP engine.you would get Hugh a huge amount of data.every time you ask for something it.would give you all the layout.information all the implementation.information about that about the file.maker the file maker data that you're.asking for and a whole lot more and it.uses finally using industry standard.methods that so if someone new coming on.onboard you they can get up and running.a little more quickly because they're.really standard rest implementation and.it uses token based security which is a.step up from what we're using now so.yeah so the bottom line this this.it's a more scalable date a pedophile.make your data API.by the way file maker insist that I put.file maker before the words data API so.I'm trying to the file maker data API is.as a result really more scalable more.secure easier to learn and easier to.support but I will be the first to say.having been doing PHP development for so.long that it does come with a burden for.those of us who have been doing that so.first of all I said before there's no.standard wrapper class there are half a.dozen companies who have risen to the.occasion and created their own wrapper.class and you're looking at the.co-founder of one of them so we have.these so simple the f-m REST API afm.rest up PHP API and I'll talk about a.few of those.it'll regardless of using a wrapper.class chances are you'll have to do some.relearning as well and I'll talk about.some of these capabilities that aren't.quite the same between the two of them.so the custom web publishing the main.thing and they talked about this during.I believe was at the keynote that the.custom web publishing engine includes.metadata and it's really key in fact.it's one of the reasons why so simple.hasn't completely embraced data API yet.is because we count on value list for.some of the operations we do and without.that value list there's some things that.we can't do so whenever we need value.lists we connect over over the PHP API.still so that's one thing layout script.information database information layout.details metadata all of that stuff value.list all that stuff is not available yet.in data API at all you know and the.other this is the big one the other two.are started much smaller they you can.run scripts in the data API you just.can't call it by itself you have to sort.of piggyback on top of some other call.like yet record or create record or.something like that.the CWP had the ability just to run a.script and pre validation of your.records before you post them on the.other hand FileMaker day two API adds a.couple intriguing things the smallest.one it adds is the ability to set global.fields you could kind of do that with.seed.yupi you would do it with scripts you.can write a script that's set to global.I've actually I don't know how many.police but I've actually gotten.crosstalk with that so that some other.user might pick up the global I set from.one user in in PHP not familiar yeah so.that was that that sometimes been an.issue but in any case it's very clean.obviously in data API because you have.that manageable connections everyone's.got their own token so their Global's.their only global and then the other.piece of the container data has been.completely rewritten which is fantastic.you can now have direct access to post.your containers right up to post your.your images right up to a container.field and you can also retrieve it.really really easy because it's just a.URL I just gave away my big ending so.now that now that we need to sort of.know those parameters we sort of look at.our option and say okay so am I going to.stay with the PHP API am I start.considering using so the technology you.know there's some good reason some bad.reasons we can talk about that you know.for example if you're going to to.filemaker cloud if your client says I.got to move to the cloud to follow make.a cloud that doesn't have CWP so you're.sort of forced to say okay well if you.do it if you got it and so you're.insisting on doing that you still need.these functions I have to rewrite them.in using the data API and there might be.other business reasons that you want to.do that and at some point we don't.really know right.what sort of next generations of CWP we.a lot of people have a lot invested in.NC WP so it may stick around for awhile.but we also know that FileMaker is.putting all their effort really now into.the data API when it comes to web.publishing so it's important to consider.that aspect of it too so the next option.would be to convert your PHP code and I.spend some time talking about that and.the final option would be to reengineer.your project let's say it's a just a web.face just a client facing web page or a.couple web pages you might want to.re-engineer it not even to use PHP.anymore just use Java Script and go.right to FileMaker server and never even.touch PHP so we'll talk a little bit.about that but that's frankly has been.covered by at least two people today so.I'm not gonna spend a lot.that last one how many people were at.Steve winters seminar yeah I was in the.back room for the end that I could.barely get in that was an awesome.session but it was wow it's crowded.so let's talk a little bit about that.that last the conversion information the.conversion piece of this because that's.mostly what we're talking about here.right you've got a whole mess of PHP.code you got to convert it how are you.gonna handle that the first way is just.just start digging in you go looking for.your new FileMaker host password calls.and you say okay I got to replace that.with a curl call you know go through.that so you can go start manually.rewriting your code to address the data.API so that's one method the other.method and so that's this that's that.way with a lot of code and then the.other method is and and that the.subversion of that is then you start.realizing how redundant everything is.and you start creating your own class.files and your own functions and all of.that then the second method is to use.someone else's class file how many.people worth this CWP user group meeting.we got a few of those too awesome so.yeah I was I was there as well really a.couple great presentations we're gonna.talk about marks different interactive.his his FM PDA tool there are so there.are half a dozen of us there is a.community page that shows you all these.different class wrappers there are.compelling reasons to write your own if.you really want to do a certain way.there are compelling reasons to take.someone else's and rewrite it or edit it.to your own specs and there's compelling.reasons just to go whole hog with.someone else's class file once you.decide this is the one I want to go with.and I'm gonna show you I'm gonna spend.some time in ours I'm also going to show.you marks but I wanted to mention a.couple of others there's also another.one that I'm aware of that's not on the.page from is it harmonic is that the.name of the company harmonic data where.are you yeah I'm Monica data also.released one called and I don't remember.the name but it's so cool what is it.give it a rest so there's another one.that's very similar to to drift food and.Interactive's FM PDA so that encouraged.you to take a look at all of these and.that URL by the way is a link to a list.that the same list that rosemary showed.at the keynote of all the wrapper.classes that are available okay I'm.going to get into a demo in a couple of.minutes but I wanted to give you a.little background about how Rascals work.because it is a there's a little.technical aspect to the section session.there's a lot technical aspect to this.session so the first thing you do when.you want to set up a rest call is you.authenticate yourself you say this is my.ID I am kender anzio this is my password.and it gives you back a token you take.that token and for every call there.after you're going to attach that token.to what you're doing right it's not I.don't like getting into your hotel room.in addition to the standard crud stuff.CR you D create read update and delete.filemaker also allows you to search that.global fields and upload containers.so this is a couple of these are sort of.universally understood so the first one.is you go into a webpage and you press.return you go to so simple comm press.return and you end up at a webpage so.that is how many people have done that.not necessarily so simple with anyone.okay so yeah so we got two people have.gone on the web and press typed in an.address and press return and and when.you do that you end up at a webpage and.you just did the get method on the web.that's what get means and sometimes it.includes a query string afterwards that.gives you I want to you know have a.session ID you might see a pen that.automatically or you might actually.purposely append stuff the post method.how many people have I'm reusing a joke.from last year guys how many people have.gone on to a web page and they filled.out a form and they pressed enter after.the form a few more people have.submitted forms yeah so when you do that.you're using the post technology and and.as web developers we've probably seen.that a lot where it says form method.equals post right that's we use that a.lot and we just it's a universally.understood thing that if we do that.we're not gonna see all these query.parameters and in our URL so those are.the two sort of standard ones standard.rest technology adds to more.it adds patch and it adds delete and.there are a few others too but for the.file for our sake of our conversation.these are the only other two that exist.patch and delete so these are the.methods and then we have two types of.URLs one is called the collection URL.and in FileMaker an analogy that would.be let's say a list of Records and so a.collection URL means a list of something.a group of something and notice that it.ends with a slash doesn't necessarily.need to but it ends with sort of this.end of a string and you can get that.members collections you can post to that.to create a new collection and as some.rest implementations you can delete the.entire collection then if you add on to.the end of that string to the end of the.record after afterwards has resources.you add on the ID of that resource and.again we're.generic so far we're done in generic PHP.a generic rest we'll take a look at file.makers specifics in a second you add the.ID and now you can address that specific.member so in FileMaker parlance that.would be a specific record and you can.get details about that record more.information usually then you can get.with just the with just the collection.although in FileMaker I think they're.equivalent I think you should get the.same the same set back and then patch is.is you use the patch method against the.the specific record to update a record.and delete to delete it some zip through.the URI always use secure FileMaker.doesn't let you do it in the other way.if you try to do HTTP it won't get to.the server then you put in your.FileMaker server name or IP address the.actually fully qualified domain name so.that you're actually using your.certificate fmi slash data is the path.to the data API v1 is the implementation.we're building our string database.follow the word database followed by the.name of your database so the layout and.then so that identifies your specific.layout and then the the records is.filemaker's endpoint for the collection.so this whole string as it stands if we.put it together is the collection URL.and so we can get records doing that or.more post a new record if we add on the.record ID right after that we're now.addressing a specific record and that.would be your UUID and I'm sorry that.went up UUID that would be your get.record ID if you didn't get record ID.and FileMaker it's the internal record.ID of your filemaker record so these are.your two URLs so let's redraw this graph.or redraw this craft in filemaker very.specific terms the first URL is to the.records record collection so these are.your filemaker records you can do a get.or create by posting to that URL and if.you add on the record ID you can get a.specific record you can.at the record by patching it or delete.that specific record all of this stuff.actually I'll show that in just a sec.all this stuff is at is on your server.at that URL if you type in your server.name followed by fmi slash API data.slash the API doc that will actually.give you the same thing we're talking.about and you'll see very similar.information so let me get into some.details okay so what we have here is a.bunch of pages that I set up and these.are all live on this machine.everything's on this machine except for.the some speed stuff I'll show you at.the end and so this is the way we're.doing it now so this is our legacy.folder I'm looking at the first page and.legacy is the way we're doing now so.what we do is we go in and we say new.file maker and we want to create a.records if we press the create record.button we check to see if if the actions.create record just from our this is this.specific page and I do FM using the FM.after I set up the new file maker FM add.new command layout I should obviously we.I should obviously say that part we had.to include the file maker PHP class file.first then we do all that stuff so we do.new add command and we do set field set.field and then we do new record execute.and so when we do that we go to the.legacy page I'm going to just do a.create record and create record before I.do that and I open up my FileMaker file.that's open we have 79 records I'm just.gonna go into my console here I have a.couple blank console windows so I'm.gonna submit that and with any luck we.got a result object which means it.didn't fail I'm not doing anything fancy.like showing you the records is really.just a technical demo but what it did in.the WPE log is it submitted this URL to.two URLs but you can see that it's a.it on your behalf an XML URL is FM FM.results said XML followed by your file.name in your layout and even your.criteria that you want to add your.database ken was the first field that I.added in last was blank.and that's what it's submitted and.indeed we now have 79 record loops then.we have 80 records and I did miss type.it after all but that's created the 80th.record all right so that's we're doing.now the first thing I want to show is.this FM PDA thing cuz it is really cool.wait a minute I got to show you the code.first cuz that's the cool part.so FM PDA I changed three things this is.exactly the same file I went into this.file and I did include once FM PDA dot.PHP I made sure that I am actually.addressing this to a secure server I did.have to change that and the only other.thing that I changed I said new FM PDA.instead of new FileMaker it took the.same parameters takes everything else.the same I did new record FM new add.command I didn't change any of that it's.all identical I go back here I'm gonna.fill out the form and over rest this.time and now when I submit this what.you're gonna see is it doesn't work no I.got the record it worked oh I do not.have a tea before I know I don't see the.I don'ts didn't I fill in my last name I.did let me see what's what I did with.the code here that's the right URL.created the record let me check my my.log actually can tell it worked I got.recognized my connection on FileMaker.server this is recognized even I think.it's the connection to this.so I'm going to tell you all something -.some I experienced doing this demo is.that you don't ever really want to do a.demo there you go you never actually.want to do a demo where servers running.on the same machine as a FileMaker Pro.and I'm learning this the hard way we've.been adapting our entire the booth space.downstairs as a result of that but.that's what's going on here so there we.go I finally did show up in FileMaker.but we saw it here first we saw that it.did actually create these sessions I.want to show you what happened though.right so there was no edit sessions the.CW piece I didn't touch the WP it went.in and the first thing it did was it.posted two records this is actually kind.something cool there did I posted two.records I can tell it did a post and it.went to records and was trying to create.that new record but it got in an error.and then the error was a 952 that means.it's not logged in it does there's no.valid token so then I said okay so I'll.post then two sessions.that's my login URL and then it got back.a token and I posted again two records.and then a in order to be the st. the do.to have the same behavior that the C WP.engine does it finally did a get on that.record ID to get that record back so it.did those four steps and now what's cool.is when I do sorry.so now if I did another one I'm gonna.fill that in so I know it's filled in.create records submit now when I fill.that in and I go to the console again it.did the poster record and then record 83.it didn't have to go get that log in a.key again and that's the key part of.what's going on here and I'll show you.the how that works when I get to the.manual version which is now so that is a.really cool library and like I said.harmonic data is also doing something.similar that allows you to really drop.in a whole new you know drop in this.class file and it basically takes over.all the functions that you gave to.FileMaker to the FileMaker class and.in the class file and redirects them to.the data API and from for many things.that's that'll work great for your.project in my opinion it's a great.stepping stone you may not you'll.probably want to re-engineer it at some.point but if it works for you it's a.great way to sort of get over that.hurdle of right my file makers like my.clients moving to cloud and I need to.use the data API so how do I start doing.that and this will do that so that's a.really cool a really cool tool so at.some point you're gonna want to.re-engineer that at some point you're.gonna want to start taking advantage of.the specific features of the data API.because they're not the same the data.API has unique features it you're not.gonna want to burden it with getting.back all the data if you don't need all.the data so why don't you just write.directly to the record make sure you you.created it properly but you don't.necessarily want to get the record back.so things like that you're gonna start.seeing yeah I really want to optimize it.so maybe a drop in class isn't the way.to go.maybe I want to start building it out.myself so this was basically what it.takes to build it yourself so there is.no include anymore right because I'm.gonna write it myself so the thirst.first thing I do is I go and I build the.URL which is we talked about before.that's what the URL looks like and this.is actually the sessions URL I'm gonna.log in with that URL and then I do my.curl in it well curl in it does is.instantiate curl which is the technology.we're gonna use to post to the URL and.get information back you set up a bunch.of options for that in this case I'm not.verifying my SSL but you always you want.to do that you want to verify your.certificates in this case because I'm on.a local file here I didn't I couldn't do.that for your authentication you set up.and all this stuff is in that.documentation I showed you how you want.to configure your headers and you set up.a blank post blank post fields just a.stance just an empty JSON array and a.custom request of post and the other.reason I used that particular command is.because it's easy to change when you.have other custom post types like delete.or patch so I use that function instead.of instead of the more general one and.then you just do curl exec and that's.how you do it manually and before and so.then I get a couple a little bit of.errand from.get the results back and before I.actually finish the function let's just.see how much that does I'm gonna go back.to the console I'm gonna clear this out.so it's clear what we're looking at I.don't really need this one anymore.either and I'm gonna go in here and I'm.going to again I know we're keeping.pretty simple I'm just gonna create.another record I'm not doing FM PDA I'm.going to curl manual I'm going to create.another record I'm doing a lot of ken.records it's not thinking of other names.think outside the box.all right create record I'm gonna submit.that and all I did was in that last key.what I forgot to show you what that.actually was all I did was I did a print.result and then closed my page because I.wanted to show you actually what you're.getting back from server and what you're.getting back from server is this string.with your token so it's response is the.record and then inside there is a token.and this is what we need to continue.call it making the rest of our calls.so then what I'll do is I'll take that.token I'll take that token here and I.grabbed it from token result array.response token and I'll run a very.similar request you'll see the exact.same stuff again I'm gonna grab the.first and last records I'm gonna return.I'm gonna come back to this section in.just a second but I'm gonna set up my.url this time I'm going all the way to.the records right we talked about that.one and I'm gonna post to the record.only this time I'm going to instead of.having the authorization username and.password I'm gonna make a bearer token.that says that's just bearer space and.the token number and this again is in.the you know it's in the documentation.how to do all of that but it's great to.sort of see the context around it so I'm.going to post that and before I do let's.see what happened here so this was the.sessions one that I just did a second.ago and now I just want to post to that.let's go to here back to the manual.coding.oh I just can't think outside the box.here at DEFCON 2018 I don't know.someone's got to feed me some data to.put in here and submit okay.so I got my token up there and then I.submitted the data and then down here I.get my response array I created a record.number 84 and what happened in the.console is I this was the session I did.before I created a session before I just.created a new session and and I got my.and I posted my record I did a post in.my record so the reason I'm pointing.this out is because they're actually art.there's no there was nothing in my code.that said if I have a token then reuse.it so what happens as a result is that I.ended up creating and I'm gonna go into.my admin console to show this I'm gonna.look at my database and I'm gonna see.I've been identifying them by name the.user name is the name of the technology.I'm using so the manual curl engine now.has two sessions and if I were to do it.again you'd see a third.a third a third there it is.and now you have three of them so you.know this is now going to the same.problem we had with the PHP thing we're.gonna have run away sessions but the.design of this is that we don't need to.do that the design is that we can now.capture that token use that token for.all future calls and and never repeat it.so we'd have to do with that with that.curl functionality is we'd have to say.up here before we even issue it we'd.probably do something like mark did with.with the FM PDA codes we probably say if.there's already a token or try let's try.to do the post and see if we get an.error and if it does know if there's an.error of 952 which means there that you.didn't that there was no token then do.it then get the token and go do it again.right so you need some kind of logic in.here and you can also see obviously that.this code gets really redundant real.fast so probably very least if you're.rolling your own you'll probably want to.have a curl function that does all that.part for you and you just feed it those.stuff you want to send so that's the.roll your own version so let me step.into ours so our pH our rest engine our.FM rest dot PHP class file is a really.simple class file and I'm not I'm.actually not petitioning that everybody.use it honestly it's a great I think it.we use it we use it for so simple we use.it for our clients so far as we're.rolling them over we've been using it a.lot it's it works great for our purposes.because I like to keep some of the I'll.tell you what it is what's great about.it what's great about it is that the the.way we set it up is we is the function.calls themselves you see create record.as a function delete record takes very.minimal parameters edit records a.function and if you look at the the.documentation you're gonna see the exact.same thing create delete edit get get.get single record get multiple records.upload in the container field.those are reflected exactly as the data.API define them so that it's easy to get.up in here and sort of see how we did.things and how it works and easy to edit.it if you want to edit it so this is a.this is an excellent class file for sort.of digging into the data API and seeing.how it integrates with with PHP.I will say that we also do do do the the.token caching so we will check to see if.there's a token will use it if there is.we'll reconnect you if there isn't so we.manage all of that as well so you don't.have to say login first you can actually.just say create record and we'll take.care of the logging in so I'll show you.what the code the equivalent code for.this looks like using the data API so.this is the client file same exact code.instead of including filemaker we're.including FM rest PHP that's our class.file we're doing new FM rest looks very.similar this is where it's a little bit.different and I promise you I'd dig into.this in a second but what I some in the.wrong file I'm in options let me go here.to the simpler one right.okay so include FM rest new FM rest.create record and it did that little.dance to to create the record and then.all it does is run one single command.that says if you can read it in there.result equals FM create record and.encapsulate the data so that one command.is all we used to create your record and.that goes on it logs in goes and creates.the record and comes back and we do that.for all of them right so we'll use the.record ID to delete so result is FM.delete record record ID and if you have.additional data we can pass that as well.an additional data for in that example.might be a script you want to run when.you do the deletion so the way this is.so let me run that first and then I'll.show you how this how that's set up so.there's the FM rest class file same.thing.FM rest dot PHP is the class file and.create and before I do this let me go.here clear this out submit it you see.down here it gave me record ID 86 was.created.and and this by the way comes right out.of the FileMaker data API it's.unmodified and that way you know part of.the goal of this class file is that it.uses its so structured right up against.the data API is pass it back exactly.what they created it's not trying to.enhance it it's really just trying to.mimic it in PHP so that you so the.advantage is another advantage to that.is that later on you might want to use.JavaScript it's gonna be much easier to.just start writing the stuff in.JavaScript because the the terminology.are using is gonna be identical and so.what that created same deal I created a.session because there was no there was.no token they created went to the.session and then it posted the record it.didn't try to retrieve the records could.I didn't ask it to.and so that record hopefully it was.created create again nope that's is that.it 83 I think I was 84 I was waiting for.no catching up there you go created that.record so yeah I really invite you to.dig into that to that class file but I.also really encourage you to look at.other class files because they vary some.of them add a lot of tools that are.useful that work similarly to the way.the f-m PHP class file works that it you.can create records and queries.automatically so I will also just touch.on this because I said I would this how.we set up the data that we're sending.so that section there so basically what.we're doing is we're saying okay I need.to create a record with my first name.and my last name and the value and the.reason I need that is because I need to.send it that's the way the data API is.expecting it and I need to put that.inside another data point called field.data because that's what the data API is.expecting and so if I look at my respond.I at the code that I sent it this is my.file get array I should have debug code.down here there we go and here's my.payload and so my payload looks like.this it's feel it's an array.that has field data first last and when.it gets translated it turns into.something almost identical to that and.where that comes from.is create record request example just.like that right just like this showing.the documentation and now the advantage.one of the advantages of tying directly.to that to that structure is that when.they when FileMaker added scripts to it.we didn't have to modify our code much.because you can pass the script the same.way and so you would add instead of just.the field data element on that record.you would add these script you would add.the portal data and start adding these.other options and I will invite you.explore this file later on the there is.one other option file and that's this.one here that we dressed up the same.exact thing but because we started.getting overwhelmed with all the options.that you have in data API we don't show.the fields you that you have access to.until you choose a function so this is a.create record and it uses the first and.last field to create the record and our.particular script but you can also send.these parameters script with a script.parameter pre request script with.approve request script parameter so you.can now start running these other these.other scripts when you when you post.your stuff you can also create portal.data which is kind of cool but I really.wanted to show you though and you can.also set Global's with with directly.with just with SEC Lobel field but I.really wanted to show you was this.upload thing so they upload things.really cool the upload thing is very.little code let's pull that code up.that's right to record ID 1 and we're.just gonna submit that I'll show you the.result first that uploaded photo to.record number 1 so it's done separately.from from creating the record and if we.look at that and we go back to photo.number 2 recognizes eventual.hello records refresh let's see if it.knows how yeah that's just annoying it.told me it did let's make sure the we.actually got our solid results yep.modified okay so it definitely did she's.not showing up yet unless unless oh wait.there goes boy yeah I apologize for that.this really is FileMaker catching up the.the data API it was really zipping and.I'm so it's really kind of a drag to.show you this demo that when FileMaker.is little lagging because of this this.thing that I'm running server on the.same machine and it's all it's all a.result of that but this is that came up.now and then what's so that's so that.was a fairly simple operation.what's even simpler though is if I want.to show that result.let's do get record you get record.record ID one and I choose submit this.is the really cool one I'm not gonna.show you that yeah let me show you so I.go in here I do get record and I want to.display that record.let's do display now this is not options.sorry options.and display and I'm doing get record.yeah sorry get record.there's my get record function and at.the end of the get rock record string.I'm gonna show a display stuff and this.is the cool thing.so it says photo image source equals.field data and this how I retrieve any.data from from from the data API.I just include field data photo and that.gives me the URL so I'm gonna submit.that now and there's my gift coming from.FileMaker alright that's pretty cool.it's so easy and all that's doing is.giving me the the photo here comes in as.a stream that's the whole record so real.quickly the JavaScript thing I'm not.going to show it cuz like I said has.been shown in so many other places I.just created a new record using.javascript it didn't even submit the.form went right to FileMaker server and.I created another record there well it.would have so I also have a bunch of.speed tests not gonna run them all I'm.just gonna run just this one micro.create one the because the bottom line.is there wasn't a huge speed difference.to write home about I didn't want to do.the test just to be able to show you.file GWP actually was neck-and-neck and.in most in many cases beat out the data.API in retrieving records these are.small records they're not real good test.sets they're only you know a couple.little fields but even with some bigger.data sets I did a big read here where I.just grabbed a ten thousand records off.the off the system and it took you know.a second a second quicker to pull it up.from de Dave a nine second split second.quicker the by and large they're very.very similar I wouldn't do it just for.speed but I would say that the.technology is more stable and more.scalable because of that session matter.because a connection management with FM.data so don't expect great speed.improvements but but I would expect a.lot more stability.and scalability so before I wrap up I.just want to do one more thing I.discovered something as I was doing this.demo that was really neat so this is the.exact same form I had before I just.removed everything else except for the.submit except for the upload container.but what I discovered that was really.cool is actually JavaScript technique.that I or actually an html5 technique.not even JavaScript that I really loved.and that is and that is it so there's a.standard input file file type lets you.choose a file but what's really neat.about it is that I added this accept.image slightly if you can see that I.just added a little string to my normal.input file type of file that says image.slash star so any any image type capture.equals camera and that's an html5 code.and what it allowed me to do and.unfortunately I didn't get have time to.connect this because like I said I did I.sort of discover that last minute is.that I meet ooh go on my phone and let.me just go connect to a more public.server than this little local server.and I can go in here and I can say I.want to use the camera as input and it's.kind of cool if it actually was works I.love doing live now I really did this.once like a little quick test I was like.I know works and I apologize to Steve.winters because he actually did the same.thing a few sessions ago and he had a.really much slicker looking interface.and all that than I did was able to demo.this but really this was I was gonna.show this anyway you know that's not.it's not good I saw his demo but it.really was cool I can take this whole.picture and this is not gonna be a few.and it should just pop right in here.after I click Submit right so I'm gonna.use this you're not seeing my interface.but I grab that and I can post this.image and remember for posterity because.now it's stored in my did you guys sign.a release for this you know I don't.think so.and there's your image right so you.could download those really the whole.purpose of this was to be able to sort.of give you an overview of how what the.technology provides with how you want to.transition what your options are I hope.I've accomplished that and I would like.to take questions if anybody has any.questions please come to the microphone.and I'd be happy to answer any questions.you have so there so there isn't in the.custom web publishing there was a lot of.whenever I was doing PHP integration I.would be able to leverage value lists.inside a file maker so if a client had a.valueless that they were maintaining a.you know custom you know custom static.values I would be able to leverage that.through the custom web publishing there.there doesn't appear to be anything like.that in the rest API you know what there.is nothing like that but you know there.are a lot of ways to sort of accomplish.different tasks there is actually a new.feature that I didn't mention I.mentioned it but not I didn't mention.the specific part of it it's really kind.of cool with when you do a script in.FileMaker yeah you can actually spit.back the results from that script when.you say exit script and you give a.results okay so use value list items.so you can grab it like that for example.yeah there are different ways of doing.it all right that's a good idea.Thanks yeah as far as the difference.between custom web publishing and using.the API isn't a custom web publishing.basically free to use and filemaker.charges us to use the api i missed the.end of that so if they charge with the.data api yes yes they do and i'm.wondering i mean i was i was looking at.the numbers that they charge yeah and if.you've got a very active web page in a.matter of hours you could eat up a.year's worth of data and just doesn't.sound very practical yeah frye I was so.I think the jury's out on that I think.it's a good question and I think we're.gonna at time will tell but I think it.does change how you design your websites.and how much data you're paying for one.direction you only paying and correct me.if I'm wrong it's submitting data.correct no you're paying for pulling.data and trying to pull the data out.yeah and that's going to be a real.bummer right because if I'm pulling.lists of data and sorting through them.and pulling a particular record that.you're paying for all of that that's.accurate so yeah so so that if that's a.good consideration and the best I could.say is track your data and see how.you're doing it from what I've seen so.far and again I work mostly with micro.data not huge amounts of data what I've.seen is that it's it's fairly negligible.and we're not gonna eat up the data.right away but again I'm working with a.lot of micro data not not big chunks and.big lists and stuff like that I hope.that helps I haven't read the.documentation on this I have just a.question about getting container data in.the new API can you get container data.directly or does it sort of get.container data URL only now it's a URL.and when you when you grab that URL it.streams the data to you so the first.step is yet container data or get the.get the record and the record includes.that filled with a container with a.stream to that container data then you.use that URL however you want to whether.it's JavaScript or PHP to then retrieve.it.do something with it in my example I.just used it as an image thing because.though I knew it was gonna be an image.okay but I could also have downloaded.and done something with it I just.haven't got that to work in the previous.PHP API that's also the PHP API did the.C WP yeah yeah I know it's difficult.it's difficult then with that with the.new version with this data API it's just.using just works yeah yeah it's really.using thank you yes sir what about.mixing C WP and data API and the same.web page missing yeah you absolutely can.you know I recommend clean code but.other yeah yeah actually like you get.the value list in one of them X.absolutely and we're doing that with.with with our calendar what we do is is.the first time you draw your calendar we.need to get your valueless information.so that we use filemaker PHP api to do.that if you've set up the data api every.subsequent call after that will use the.data API because we don't need the value.at list anymore we can get in there.quick get out disconnect recession if.you want to you know so we have a lot.more control and then the C WP has the.bug you're the problem you're talking.about was with web publishing engine.this isn't using that is that it's not.using the custom web publishing round.out feeling a separate set of code thank.you to use the data the data API you to.fire a script it has to be part of a.payload correct Hurra.and is it fired after the other payload.event happens so for example if the.first part is to create a record as the.script always after that or can you have.a script fire because there are three.places you can put it and I believe I'm.thinking about it I think all three of.them come after the payload so you do.the payload first you do that you do the.whatever function call you did first and.then there are three of them that run in.sequence one is pre request wait.pre I have to look.I don't think it's pretty query I think.it's I think it's pretty let me I have.to double-check that.if I go to.right so the three three sections are.Priya so that they're pre request.scripts now as a script which runs after.everything the pre requests script which.sounds to me honestly I just haven't run.that request script I believe would run.then before the query but I'd have to.double-check that and then and then.there's a pre sort which is after you.get the query back but before you sort.it okay thank you.anybody contradict that I want to make.sure I got that right not give.misinformation thank you any other.questions well wonderful thank you guys.so much you've been a great audience and.I have to say at the time thank you.[Music].

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