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[Music].so now we're connected to the vehicle.we can open the esi tronic 2 software.there are generally two ways to be able.to do this you'll either have a.desktop icon like so just here or you.may have the dsa.diagnostic software access menu on your.machine.now that would normally apply to things.like the fsa.diagnostic tools or the esa.gas analyzers uh if you happen to be.running esi.tronic from there but most people will.be running it from a normal laptop.and so it'll be on a menu item like so.we double click on that takes a few.seconds to open because it is quite a.large software package now.and we end up with this screen here.so before we actually go and identify.the vehicle we're going to.introduce you to what all these menu.items along the top here mean.first of all over the top over in the.top right we have main menu.and we have a number of items here that.can be just chosen.as our options first of all we have the.multimeter.and the oscilloscope now if you're.running a kts.540 or a kts 560.then you'll find that the uh the.oscilloscope.option will not be there because those.machines don't actually have the.oscilloscope built in.you'll just have the multimeter shown as.an option.a single channel multimeter on the 540.and 560.and on the 570 and 590 models.you get a two channel multimeter as well.as a two channel oscilloscope.over here we move to hardware settings.now hardware settings allows you to set.up how the kts.actually works on your machine so if we.click on.hardware settings we have the option to.change the configuration.or to start a new configuration now i.think what we'll do is we'll do that as.a separate tutorial.as a just a short tutorial on a.different day.going back to our main menu again system.information.takes us to a bit of information about.the.bosch software that we've got a bit of.information about what we're running.there.system information about your particular.laptop or pc.and also some legal information that.boss wants us to take a look at.close that again and we go back to the.main menu.and we've got user settings so this now.allows us to set up.all of our own user settings here like.for instance.what language you're going to we're.going to use putting your own.company data in there so as you when you.do a print out.it shows your company details.any messages that have come in things.like proxy settings if you have to use a.proxy server rather than a direct.internet connection and so on.how you set up your printer and so on.and so forth.you can set up the units that are being.used whether you're using.uh feet and inches or kilometers and.meters and so on and also the way in.which vehicle identification works and.so on.so there's a whole load of options just.in there.closing that if we come back to the main.menu again we've got.protocols now i'll come back to.protocols a little bit later.but it's a bit of a strange one because.we wouldn't really call it protocols in.the uk.we'd probably call it save data from.vehicles or whatever.but it's quite commonly used as a menu.item on a lot of german tools if you're.familiar with the.volkswagen odis tool then they also use.the word protocols.for anything that's been saved coming.down the list here we go to esi ticket.that allows us to uh make a report back.to bosch.if we've got a problem with the use of.esi tronic perhaps we found a glitch.with it or an error in there or whatever.so that allows us to send off a report.by filling in a.form and that effectively gets.electronically sent off to bosch.and then in a in a couple of days you.should hear something from them.uh hopefully with either a solution or.at least acknowledging.what the problem is and whether they can.give you any.immediate solution or whether it's.something that's perhaps going to be.addressed.in a future update online.update allows us to open the online.updating program.again we're going to offer that in a.separate short tutorial on how to do the.uh online updates on the kts.the licensing option takes us to a page.where we can now license our kts.now the kts runs on a licensing system.you have to uh re-license it every year.although there's different options on.uh the packages that you can buy both in.the.the amount of software that you get and.also.uh you can go through like one year or.three year packages.uh with it but you will still need to.license it each year.so they're kind of the options the bits.shown in blue there are the options that.you've got.along the bottom here we've got some.black buttons.and these do some other things so if we.click on vehicle list.it now goes to the internet and opens up.a list.or a web page at least that allows you.to download lists of for instance.the easytronic news the updates that.have been added.recently and then down here you've got.full vehicle coverage lists for control.unit diagnosis.the troubleshooting instructions and.even the truck systems.so you can actually see what's been.added on each update.or even what's uh available for.for your car so in other words you can.see whether the car that you're you're.talking about is actually covered.going back to the esi software again.easy tronic news i've already covered.because that.takes you to the same page as the.vehicle list the trainer option.once again takes you to a web page that.allows you to go to some training.videos that are further down and a.training.program and then opening up the.main menu again if we go to tutorials.then that takes us to a webpage that has.got a few uh.youtube videos on it nothing like as.in-depth as we're talking about in this.tutorial.but a few tutorials from bosch here that.just go through some of the.the basics of use of the the kts.so that's what those black buttons uh.within.uh the main menu allow us to do.big red button over here allows us to.end esi tronic.and in fact we can also nds ironic by.clicking the x.up in the top right corner if we so wish.so that's the main menu items covered.alongside the main menu we've got a.print option.so that allows us to print the current.screen or if we were looking at things.like.fault code data or we were looking at.circuit diagrams or whatever.it would allow us to print diagrams only.diagrams and text or whatever we choose.from the list.down here on the left hand side.obviously you need to previously have.set up your printer.in the bosch software using the print.option that i showed you in the user.settings.but this allows you to then choose what.you print.under the question mark here it opens.the help menu.now this is the bosch context specific.help.so as you see here it is opening up help.specific to the page that we are.currently on so in other words it's not.saying oh.here you go here's a a great big list of.help go and choose what you want.it's actually choosing what page you are.actually on so if you've selected help.from this page.it will give you help about this page.it's really one of those things where.you need to explore it.but there's a hell of a lot of help in.there for you.the next button along at the top here is.allowing us to switch to online mode.now currently we've got all of these.options along the top here would be.available once we've selected a vehicle.using local data in other words data.that's stored on your.particular laptop but if i click the.online button here.it now switches to online mode and.whilst you've still got basically the.same.menu items along the top here you've got.addition of things like known.fixes and so on because they are.available online.but most of the data is still the same.but instead of picking up locally.it's picking up from the bosch servers.so as the.the data is really very up to date then.perhaps you might see some stuff on.there.that hasn't been launched in the latest.update because it is so.new generally and partly because i'm.familiar with it.i run my machine in offline mode because.then i haven't got to guarantee i've got.an internet connection.so it's ideal if you're going out and.doing a road test.but i do occasionally switch to online.mode if i can't find the data i want.within on offline mode.so that covers the menu items along the.top here.just to indicate what kts 570 and this.little green bluetooth icon means that.tells us we have.got a kts 570 currently paired to the.laptop.and then the green bluetooth symbol.indicates that the kts is ready to.communicate with the.diagnostic software if that symbol was.either amber or red it would indicate.that it would have got.no communication if it's red or if it's.amber it would indicate that it's trying.to communicate with the kts.but it hasn't done so as yet.so that covers all our items along the.top here in this menu.row here you'll see along the top.set of tabs here we have a number of.options.most of which are currently greyed out.and the reason for that is that we.haven't got a vehicle selected.so what we need to do is we need to.select a vehicle.so that involves coming down to the next.row of tabs.and the next row of tabs have quite a.number of options.so the first option and it's the option.that it defaults to.is by description so here we've got.all countries selected you could narrow.down the target market if you wanted to.but i tend to find for the relative few.seconds extra that it takes to do a.search.it's better to have it left on all.particularly if you do a few imported.vehicles or whatever.where they may not fall under a uk.spec vehicle next we choose whether it's.a car.truck motorcycle or whatever it happens.to be from the next.item menu and then we choose.whether it's a petrol diesel electric or.some other type of engine.the next option is to choose the make of.car that you're going to go for.so you can choose from the entire list.here.and as you see bush cover quite a range.of vehicles here.doesn't do everything we know that there.is no tool that does everything.but you can see here they've covered a.hell of a lot of vehicles.over the 25 plus years that bosch kts.and esi has been running.once you've selected a maker vehicle.you've then got the options down the.right hand side become available to you.to choose a model.model type and then that will.allow you to either choose the engine.code.or if there is only one engine code fits.that model you'll just have that one.engine code listed.once we've selected everything we can.there.if we click search it shows you in this.panel at the bottom here.what is the resulting items that.match your search criteria so in other.words if you've not managed to narrow it.down.quite enough and there's two or three.vehicles falling to that criteria.it will give you a list of those items.for you to then go and choose.the correct one so that's if we want to.choose the vehicle manually by.description.i'm going to come back to a vin.identification because that's what we're.actually going to do on this vehicle.in a few moments so i'll come back to.that.last 30 vehicles allows us to now select.from the list of the last 30 vehicles we.have been working on.which vehicle we want to use so this is.particularly useful if you've.had to come away from using that vehicle.and go to a different vehicle.or someone else has used the kts in the.meantime you can just go back and select.the vehicle you were recently using.it's quite simple you just select it.from the list.like so and as soon as you've selected.it you've got all your options available.in this top row of.icons here on these tabs to go and.select.all from any of those relating to this.vehicle.if you see in this column here where it.says protocol.that indicates that we have got stored.information.on this vehicle from where we have been.previously working on it.in the protocol section that i mentioned.earlier on.and this gives you the option of either.creating a new log.in the section now for protocols or.carrying on where you left off.with the protocol so as it carries on.logging whatever you've been doing on.that vehicle.the next menu item is rb key.now bosch ever since they started.developing the esi tronic software.has awarded every vehicle make and model.with a unique.robert bosch key so that's what rb key.stands for.so if you go back to the last 30.vehicles list here you can see down the.left-hand column there.you have a list of all the uh the rb.keys for the vehicles you've selected.if you happen to know the rb key and.being realistically you're not going to.know the key unless you've stored it.from.previously working on the vehicle then.you can enter the make.identifier from the drop down list here.and then enter the number into this.column here and click.search and it will find the individual.vehicle for you.we find some garages find it quite.useful.to note on the customers details the rb.key for their particular vehicle because.it may save them a few minutes in.searching for the vehicle details.when they are next working on that.customer's vehicle.it's just a useful thing if you want to.use it.it's also used quite extensively if you.happen to be working on a particular.vehicle.and you have to ring the bosch technical.helpline.you can say to them i'm working on an.abc123.and they can look up the same details as.you've got in front of you.and that means that you can all sing off.the same hymn sheet then.in addition to the rb key you'll find.that there's a few more menu items along.here.and you'll notice that some of them have.a a letter at the end of them.that indicates the country that they are.to do with.so for instance this katashiki number.is for japan so that's like their.vehicle registration number.unfortunately we haven't got that.facility available to us in the uk as.yet it's something that bosch have been.discussing with the.uh the ministry of transport about.making available the.uh the vin look up from uh from the uh.registration number.um but uh it isn't available as yet.so we're stuck with really using these.first three ways.of looking up the vehicle details as.promised we're going to go into this.vehicle.using vin identification so if i click.on vin identification.as you can see here it opens up the menu.item.that allows us to enter either manually.the vin number.so if you want to read the vin off the.screen you can enter it in there.or if the vehicle vehicle's capable of.it we can actually tell it to go and.search.the vehicle vin from one of the ecu's or.one of one or more of the ecu's even.and once we've got the vin readout the.kts should be able to understand.what vehicle it actually is so we're.just going to go and switch the ignition.on.on the vehicle now and then we can tell.it to search for the vin number from the.vehicle.now that the vehicle ignition is on we.can click on.vin readout and it will start to try and.communicate with the vehicle.this may only take a few seconds and as.you see there is found the vin number.from the vehicle.and it has shown me down the bottom here.that that vin number could apply to one.of two vehicles.it's quite simple really this one is the.four wheel drive version.and luckily from the fuel economy point.of view my car is the two-wheel drive.version now that i've selected that.vehicle.you can see that i have all of my icons.up the top here.are now colored in rather than greyed.out.in these tabs at the top here and that.means that they're available to.me so if i click on vehicle info.this opens up a bit of information about.the vehicle.tells me a little bit about the the.setup of this vehicle.that it's a five cylinder it's a diesel.engine turbocharged and so on and so.forth here.and even where it was made.if we click onto equipment systems here.this will open up a page that tells me.all about the various.ecu's and uh information systems if you.like that are on this.particular vehicle.as you see here it's showing for.instance the airbag.ecu being airbag ab9 system.supplied by bosch and these x's in these.boxes here.tell me a little bit about what is.capable um.on the kts so the way we've got the the.little plug-in.icon at the top here that's telling me.that.my kts can talk to that system on the.car.and then we've got this little um hazard.symbol and the uh.the uh magnifier there.because there's an x in that box there.it tells me that i've got technical.information.about that particular system uh if we go.further up the list we can see here that.under the lambda sensor we've got.technical information about the lambda.sensor.but we can't directly talk to it because.obviously we'll be talking to it through.the engine management ecu which is here.and we have technical information for.the engine management as well.if i were to click on the x either for.the diagnostic side.or for the troubleshooting side the.information side.it will take me to that chapter either.on.the diagnostic tool or on the technical.information.system so it gives you like a shortcut.to those particular.systems if i click up the top here where.it says diagnosis socket.it now opens up an additional window.and it takes us to volvo v70 mark iii.which it.because it knows what the vehicle is and.if i click on that.we now open up a little schematic.diagram.showing us a picture of a car drawn by a.six-year-old i think.it shows us the likely location of the.diagnostic socket.it may give us a brief description of.where the diagnostic socket.is it gives us a pin layout of the.diagnostic socket.and then at the bottom here it gives us.a table showing us which pins are used.in the diagnostic socket by which system.so as you can see here pretty well.everything on this car comes out.through pins 6 and 14 via the standard.can bus.but anything that might be security.related we can see are actually on pins.3 and 11.because the vehicle manufacturers are.allowed to do their own thing with some.of the security.information so they've decided to put.that on 3 and 11 in this case.this chart can be particularly useful if.you've got a pre-16 pin.vehicle because obviously on older.vehicles we may have to actually pin out.the diagnostic sockets.take for instance the old mercedes 38.pin sockets.we can actually pin them out.individually and you obviously need to.know.which pin numbers are connected to which.ecu's so that's.important information there when it.comes to this type of vehicle because.we're using the multiplexer built into.the kts.and the standard 16 pin cable the kts.will.automatically default to whichever pin.or pair of pins in the case of can.communication.it requires to go to because it already.knows what this vehicle will be.communicating on.and it will automatically address those.pins in order to communicate with the.the particular ecu just going back to.the top diagram a second.as you can see that's obviously set up.for a left hand drive vehicle.so obviously for a lot of right-hand.drive vehicles you may have to transpose.that over to the other side.uh because of the mirror image of the.dashboard for you.the uk market just going to close that.and that takes us back to.the menu we're already on so that's.diagnosis socket.dealt with under important and important.make info is a whole raft of information.now that information may refer to things.like.connection to the vehicle any problems.with.communicating with the vehicle it may.give us an overview like here if we go.down to this one here.it will give us an overview of how the.california air resources board iso.communication system.actually works and so on so it's it's.good information that you may need to.refer to if you're struggling to get.communication.along the way i'm not going to go into.each individual section of there because.there's a huge amount of information.and then the last uh tab i'm going to.talk to here to talk to you about here.is abbreviations i'm just going to make.that bigger so.we can see it a bit better as we know.the motor trade is absolutely.crawling with abbreviations um we can.never know.all of them no matter how long you've.been in the trade we're never going to.understand them all.and so bosh have compiled a massive.abbreviations list here like a.a dictionary for the motor trade almost.so if somebody said to you what does.lwr stand for you could go in here click.on.l it will open up the chapter for l.scroll down to lwr.and lwr stands for headlight vertical.aim control.stands to reason doesn't it really it's.uh it's obviously derived from a german.abbreviation.and uh lwr in this case is actually the.uh headlight vertical aim control.and just to prove that the the germans.do have a bit of a sense of humor uh.we've got a very commonly used uh.acronym in the motor trader we have rtfm.when we're suggesting that somebody.should perhaps go and read the manual.about the vehicle.uh and believe it or not rtfm is.in the uh the kts esi.uh list here and as you can see here.it's an abbreviation commonly used by.programmers as a way of demanding.that you should read the operating.manual other possible interpretations.are.read the fine manual read the full.manual read the field manual.read the famous manual but it actually.stands for something more crude well of.course we all know what that stands for.just proves that the germans do have a.sense of humor after all.so we're going to close that and we end.up back at our main menu like so.so that covers all of the sections here.in these.tabs at the bottom here so what we'll do.now is we'll go across to diagnosis and.that.tab allows us to actually do our.communication with the vehicle.so by clicking on diagnosis it now gives.us another five.tabs underneath it that we can use.so the first one we're going to go to is.system overview.and in order to uh do a system overview.and in.in effect what a system overview is is.it opens up.the communication device and makes it so.as it talks to every ecu on the car.either directly or via the can gateway.depending on the.the vehicle type and it will then do a.system search.to find all the systems that it can find.on the vehicle.so we'll start that now and this can.take a few moments to do now for those.of you are familiar with.vehicle communication the way in which.any computer has to talk to another.computer.which is effectively what we're doing.here our kts computer.is talking to the computers on the car.in order to create.communication it has to send a signal.wait for a ping to come back from the.other computer.it then has to do what we call a.handshake that handshake is where it.decides what language it's going to talk.what speed it's going to talk that.language at and so on and so forth.it may even have to do some security.exchanges there.in order to communicate and then once.both parties i.e the kts computer and.the computer on the car.are happy then it will actually start.talking to us.so as you can see here it's now gone.through.four ecu groups and it's.sought four different ecu's.from 38 options.as you can see it builds up this list on.the left hand side although the list.actually gets reversed when it has.finished searching.to make it a little bit easier for you.to find things in the list.and you'll find that the list is always.in the same order.no matter what make and model of car it.is so you'll always see engine.management then abs then airbag and so.on down the list.unless of course those systems don't.happen to be fitted.and in the right column there it shows.you the number of a number of errors.it's detected in that particular ecu at.this point in time when we've done this.communication.now on some vehicles this is really.quite fast because.all of this data is stored all the time.in their.local can gateway so for instance later.volkswagen audi cars.have the the can gateway and it stores.all that information and you'll find.this in just a few moments.uh we'll find it uh all the information.out from the car in just a few seconds.other vehicles the the can gateway may.allow the.kts to talk to all the ecu's on the car.but it doesn't actually hold all the.fault data for each individual ecu.and so what the kts is doing is it's.going via the can gateway.to talk directly to each individual ecu.and is plucking the data out of each ecu.and as i say this can take a few moments.depending on the vehicle it might be.worth going over and a cup of coffee and.while it's doing this.so the uh the full system search has now.finished.and as you can see here it's now giving.us a list of all the systems that it has.found.and any fault codes that are in those.systems uh or at least.the quantities of fault code now this is.something where you would perhaps be.doing this.type of search if you are having the.vehicle in for a service.even if it hasn't actually come in with.a specific fault most vehicle.manufacturers now recommend that you do.a.full vehicle fault code search on it.and you can do this by this method and.that satisfies the.uh the service interval uh protocols if.you like so that you are.servicing the vehicle to the vehicle.manufacturer's.recommendations if we want to see what.these fault codes actually mean if i.click on.fault details down the bottom here.it now expands everything out and shows.us the fault codes.and what they actually mean for each of.the ecu's that has actually got a fault.code in it.as you can see it sort of does away with.the other ecu's there because it doesn't.need to list them because there are no.fault codes.so again this is something where you.might want to save that using the save.button down here.and then using the protocols item in our.main menu up here use that to print out.uh information for your customer so that.the customer can see that they've got.fault codes.and then of course you may be able to.use it as a way of getting the customer.back to you to have.the work done by saying and when would.you like to book it in.for us to investigate these uh these.faults.you have got the option at this stage to.delete all the fault codes out of the.ecu.and you've also got direct selection.here so you can directly select.individual ecu's from here by.highlighting the ecu that you want.like so and then going direct selection.we'll be doing more of that.in a little while when we go through to.the repair view just here.we can return from here and just to fill.in what this little bit along here is.that's showing you the part number of.the.connector that is being used on the kts.to connect the kts to the vehicle.if i were to click delete all faults now.it will attempt to delete all the fault.memories out.on the entire vehicle not necessarily.something i would recommend doing.unless perhaps you've got a few can.faults coming in.and some vehicle manufacturers sort of.say oh yeah just delete the can fault.and if anything comes back then you know.investigate it.um so you know you've got to use your.your own.uh experience there to know whether.deleting all the faults is a good idea.or not.just remember there are some vehicles.out there that only allow you to delete.fault codes a certain number of times.so you um you might want to um consider.that before you just glibly.delete the fault codes.just wait for that to finish just takes.a few seconds depending on the.speed of the the vehicle communication.system and of course.the number of fault codes that you've.got in there.okay so that's fine i know that one.always comes back because the um.the battery is faulty in the uh.telematics system on the car.so that's basically your system overview.there.the next section we'll move on to is the.repair view.[Music].you.

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Here's guide add an electronic signature for the Cdr Amp Pcsr Request Form Cpca on iOS:

  1. Download the application from Apple Store.
  2. Register for an account either by your email address or via social account of Facebook or Google.
  3. Upload the document that needs to be signed.
  4. Click to the place where you want to sign and select the option 'Insert Signature'.
  5. Write your signature as you prefer and place it in the document.
  6. You can save it or upload the document on the Cloud.

How to create an electronic signature for the Cdr Amp Pcsr Request Form Cpca on Android?

The large popularity of Android phones users has given rise to the development of CocoSign for Android. You can download the software for your Android phone from Google Play Store.

You can add an e-signature for Cdr Amp Pcsr Request Form Cpca on Android following these tips:

  1. Login to the CocoSign account through email address, Facebook or Google account.
  2. Click your PDF file that needs to be signed electronically by selecting on the "+” icon.
  3. Direct to the place where you need to add your signature and generate it in a pop up window.
  4. Finalize and adjust it by selecting the '✓' symbol.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Get and share your document, as desired.

Get CocoSign today to help out your business operation and save yourself a great amount of time and energy by signing your Cdr Amp Pcsr Request Form Cpca wherever.

Cdr Amp Pcsr Request Form Cpca FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Cdr Amp Pcsr Request Form Cpca are:

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