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The Definite Guide to Qrp 5500 Form

youtube video

Find out How to Write Down the Qrp 5500 Form

what's up everyone Eric with ham-radio.concepts KJ for y Z I subscribe to the.YouTube channel like and share on.Facebook and got a video here that's.gonna probably answer a lot of questions.now I've done videos recently on the.Zygo X 108 G the MC hf r RS 9 1 8 clone.these i gu x 51 0 5 and a trusty a su ft.8 17 so for portable rigs call them q RP.rigs some have a few more watson q RP.we're going to call it a q RP rig.comparison now after the hurricane MO.and now my computer just crapped out.again three of these radios are going to.be sold after this video I'm not sure.which one I'm keeping but I'm going to.show you in a video here different.features on each one quick like because.there's a lot of questions now well you.said this one does this and this one.does that but why would I want this.whenever this one well again I'm not.telling you which one to buy and I'm not.comparing this basically a Yaesu versus.a zygote.I'm a su fan but all these radios have.interesting features that I like and.hopefully this video will give you an.idea of each one without going too.overboard we're not talking about.performance or name-brand we're talking.about just the radio themselves and then.after this like I said I'm gonna be.selling these and one day down the road.I can get more so let's take a look at.each one of them.so with all four of these radios the.price point is somewhere in the same.kind of ballpark for instance you can.find an 8 17 on the internet used this.is the non nd model somewhere around.four or five hundred bucks 300 400 500.adds up they have the Box in the manual.for the age 17 the nd model just a.little bit more X 50 105 about 600 bucks.the RS 9 1 8 clone about 400 bucks 450.bucks depending on where you buy it.these i gu x 108 G about 400 bucks.$420 so somewhere in the 4 or 500 range.for all these radios the X 5105 being.the most expensive at this time unless.you get a new 817 nd talking about new.the 817 would be more expensive but if.you're talking about.they used 817 you're talking about 400.500 600 bucks depending on quality the.age of it and stuff like that so 1 2 3.radios here are new the 5105 the RS 9 1.8 and the x1 o8-g are all about we'll.call it new because the 817 has been.around for many years that's not nothing.new I love this radio though the RS 9.1/8 clone the X 50 105 and the X 1 o8 g.oldest would be x1 o8-g came out a.couple years ago this one about last.year and this one about last month so.the X 50 105 is the newest of all for.that you're looking at so that kind of.gives you an idea of you know which ones.are the newest these I give X 50 105 and.the X 100 eg are both the same company.the RS 9 1 8 here is a clone of the MCH.F it's actually a China clone the MCH F.originally comes as a kit from M 0 NK a.but they decided to clone this.so if you decide to buy the kit yourself.and put it together from the MC HF.developer it'll be essentially looking.like the same radio but maybe a few.different parts and different firmware.perhaps in my quest to always be ultra.portable with minimal power you know.with me for a qrp outing and the - these.two here for a minute because the 8:17.and the 5105 both have a built in.battery now the battery in the ex 5105.is much higher capacity and longer run.time than the 817 battery inside the h7.team has many options for batteries they.have new lipo batteries and an older.nickel cadmium nickel metal hydride and.all that that you can put in here both.of these have a battery although this.one has a lot longer runtime now the ex.5105.and the 8:17 can both be powered.externally as well but in the situation.that you want to be ultra portable on a.mountaintop or something of the four.I've shown you I'm showing you these two.are the only two that have batteries.built-in that can be used portable with.that being said one difference is that.the ex 5105.compared to this if we're talking about.okay both of these are battery-powered.now which one do I want of these two.well talk about the features real quick.are the bands at least they're both 5.watts the 5105 only does HF and 6 meters.but the 817 does HF 6 meters as well as.VHF UHF sideband now that's a big plus.for me because I don't have any other.way of doing VHF sideband contests and.stuff like that so the 817 and this.they're both battery-powered they're.both 5 watts however this one has more.band capability with a much smaller.screen on the flip side of.that the ex 5105 has a built-in tuner.and auto tuner so of all four of these.radios only the 5105 has a built-in auto.tuner that will tune so I if I'm going.portable I don't have to have something.like this if I wanted to be extremely.you know portable with an antenna.mounted on the side of this thing on.battery with a tuner built in I'm done.so you're gonna sacrifice a might go to.sacrifice the band possibilities of.frequency possibilities for the built-in.tuner don't know both of these can be.operated remotely with a computer.however at this time the 5100 5 does not.have just a ready access way to cable to.connect to the computer now they do say.they're working on it and it does have.the accessory ports for connectivity to.the computer as well as the a su does on.the back with the 6 pin mini dim the.videos can be seen on both of these in.complete form but this is just an.overview so that of the for these two.are battery and this one has a built-in.tuner but this one does VHF UHF sideband.as well both at 5 watts okay we go back.to the other side now we're gonna take.these two out for just a second talk.about these two over here now these are.a little more power 20 watts for the X.108 g 15 watts for the RS 9 1:8 the RS 9.180 being a SDR of the for the only SDR.with a waterfall display on the screen.both of these have a color display but.the RS 91 8 actually has a waterfall and.a lot of other features in between all.these again the full videos can be seen.on my youtube channel so it may be a big.deal for you to go to 20 watts or 15.watts over the regular 5 watts but at.that point you're getting more power but.now you're losing a little bit of HF.spectrum or you're losing at least 16.both of these radios will do HF 160.through 10 meters but no six meters so.if you want six meters enough qrp.portable radio you're gonna have to get.one of these two over here okay so these.two over here do not do six meters.however of the four you're looking at.all four well we're going to call it.three for the sake of this video three.out of the four have PC connectivity and.this one can have PC connectivity it is.possible they have the pin out just.there's no ready-made cable yet maybe.two months from now they'll be ready.cable but of the three here for ham.radio deluxe or jt65 software the good.thing about it is one out of the four.actually lets you do that with just one.cable just using a USB cable you can.connect to HRD and pass audio through.here without a USB or a sound card.interface so you don't have to have a.USB radio interface for a signal link.when you're using this you can do it all.just with one single USB cable to your.computer from cat control and if you.want you could also use the line-in.lineout for that so of the four this one.is probably the easiest and the most.effective with a single cable to get on.and use PSK and Riddhi and jt65 can be.done with all four of them but without.having a sound card interface that's.just one more thing I don't have to have.if I go portable although using this.compared to the way I showed you before.I mean I have to have a signal link or.something but I do have to have a.battery so starting to weigh out a lot.of things here do you want battery do.you want sound card interface what do.you want this radio right here is a SDR.so the SDR and the waterfall display you.can kind of see signals a lot better.when you're scrolling around qrp looking.for ready or seat CW or side band phone.contacts you can see them better on the.RS nine one eight and you could on any.of the other ones of the four that.you're looking at in this video.these two have adjustable filtering the.filtering can be changed to many.different bandwidths if you want to make.it 5 kilohertz wide 10 kilohertz wide.2.3 kilohertz wide 500 kilohertz wide.you can go anywhere in between from 100.or 200 500 kilohertz all the way up to.10 kilohertz or I think it even goes to.20 but you can do that with both of.these radios in the menu settings as far.as the menu settings in both of these.radios they're a little more in-depth.when you're talking about receiver.performance and filtering features and.stuff like that so you have the ability.to customize the filtering in both of.these radios to allow it to cater to.exactly what you want without having to.buy different filters much like the 817.you have to buy external filters to put.them in there and that costs a little.more money are the filter quality is the.same don't know we're not getting into.that today.don't ask me all I'm telling you is this.one has more filtering options being.that you can customise them at different.bandwidths and you can with the other.one of the four radios here the only one.with an if' out stage will be the 50 105.and they are making a pan adapter that.they have they call it a data terminal.za goo and it will go right into here.and it will show you a full spectrum.display of the band or a band scope a.pan adapter or waterfall or whatever you.want to call it here so the option.exists for you to plug it into here to.add on to this Radio none of the other.radios will give you that option now.that being said other options available.for these well ziege does make.an automatic Intendant sooner and.amplifier outboard that will go in with.both of these radios with the accessory.port or the amp port in the back so you.can use that amplifier on both of those.it's 125 watt auto tuner band switching.with amplifier built in this here does.not have any accessories to my knowledge.at this time that mate with it there are.people on eBay or Amazon that make.little Chinese amplifiers that mate with.the 8:17 that are banned switching and.they work on the accessory port in the.back of the 817 those are affiliated in.no way with any manufacturer they're.their own little amps so far they've.then I think it's the MX 50 P and 50 X P.but they've been so far pretty good from.what I've read online so outboard.amplifiers are available for the aft 17.the xyu x 108 G 5105 at this time you.could use me after this if you wanted to.just running it with the antenna out but.no accessory at this time that will mate.with this four band switching or you.know Auto tuning and stuff like that as.far as antenna connectors ex 5105 BNC RS.nine one eight BNC x 108 G so2 39 the AC.FTA 17 has two of them ASO 213 down the.back and a BNC on the front so you could.use of all four of these the 817 is the.only one that you would be able to use.with the strap around your neck and ten.of facing off the top and you know.hiking you could use the antenna off the.front with the radio in front of you or.sitting on a table with the antenna in.the back but adapters like this can be.had for a couple dollars and you can use.this with whatever antenna you want as.far as that goes all four of these can.be used with the ham sticks that I.showed you these are.the mfj BNC ham sticks with the suitable.right angle adapter that I have.somewhere sitting around here on my desk.I can't find you can use these on all.four of these radios get a right angle.to put on this one right angle put on.this one right angle here writing on the.front right angle on the back so all of.these can be used with ham sticks so.they all can be set up in a portable.environment without having to have you.know special antennas you do you know.it's just no different than any other.radio you used as far as antennas now.talk about the future of these radios.well just a hint that firmware.upgradeable can be the X 50 105 and the.RS 9 1 8 however the RS 9 180 does have.a USB host here and they're talking.about a firmware that may or may not be.out already where I can connect a.keyboard to that USB and decode PSK and.ready right on the screen now that.probably can be done with a firmware.update but I'm not exactly sure what the.progress is of that but that's what I've.heard.these three you cannot do that with and.on top of that the RS 9 1/8 is a.touchscreen makes it a little bit easier.when you're using it the touch screen of.the 4 talking about screen size and.readability biggest most readable would.be the 5105 for the visually impaired.the smallest would be the 817 of the.four these two are coloured but this one.has a lot of info on it with the.spectrum scope as I said and.customisable different colors for the S.meter and the scope colors and the.waterfall colors and the hot and dark.and all that stuff but this one will be.the prettiest this won't be the largest.to see this won't be the smallest.of the four this one is the most.customizable on the screen now with that.being said in the dark situation or a.readability in in a dark situation the.ex 5105 and the RS 9 1/8 would be the.easiest as far as the illuminated.buttons and the screen size and the.brilliant colors on this on the display.now of the four two of them these eye.goos have standard a DTMF lighted keypad.microphone that you can control the.radio from the microphone change bands.activate the tuner you know up and down.all that stuff and it's backlit so you.can see it in the dark the 870.microphone I only have the standard one.with the up and down on it but you can't.purchase an optional DTMF microphone the.RS 928 is the one that has the worst.microphone of the four it comes with.just nothing more than a bow phone.microphone with a 3.5 millimeter 4-pole.connector on it with no features or up.and down or anything and pretty cheap.this is a bow phone microphone that.they've retrofit this plug here now you.can get a pin out online and you can.adjust your own microphone to this but.from what I've been told of all the mics.these ones when I'm talking with the.x5100 5 and the exponent weights G this.included microphones sound just as good.as my Yasu microphones no problem at all.this one actually pretty poor quality so.if you're going to go with this one this.mic may work but I would plan on wiring.up a different mic or maybe make a.breakout for the mic port here so that.you can use a tape in modular into it.whatever you got to do and with that.being said the only one of these out of.all four that you can actually use.without a microphone 5105 you can.actually transmit with the PTT button.right here.and talk right into the front of the.radio as a microphone without having to.have a wired microphone so I think of.these four regarding microphones this is.probably the coolest that you can use.the included mic or hear that that might.be cool for you know if you have a.couple people sitting around you're.talking the relatives are just ragged.tuned and you know what the passed a mic.back before it's all a bunch of people.hit the button and you know key up and.talk rating them the the radio you know.that's pretty cool it does sound a.little different kind of tinny with a.lot of the inside case that you can hear.when you're talking into it as opposed.to the actual microphone but the only.one you can talk without a handheld.microphone is this one right here.the 5105 so with that being said if.you're familiar with all four of these.radios or you're new to all four these.radios you can find a video on each one.of them on my youtube channel for a.complete specs operation demo online you.know I've done a lot with my 879 always.one of the 817 always I made that video.over the year and a half ago with me on.the beach with a ham stick like this.talking across the United States on five.watt standing in the surf I think that's.always what I wanted to do with 8:17.that was my one thing to conquer I did.it and but I've done a lot with the 817.I like the U at the upper side lower.sideband CW for a VHF UHF on this radio.but as I said three out of the four of.these are going and I think I'm going to.make my decision that of all four of.these I think all four of them have a.purpose all four of them are pretty neat.I've loved using all four of them I.think the one that's gonna stay with me.for now there's going to be a 50 105.I think I'm gonna go ahead and sell the.817 RS nine one eight and the X 108 G so.I did put the the info up on Facebook.that I am going to be selling them.although I'm not sure who to sell its.you first but other things come in.priority hurricane really set me back.and I got to move forward with some.videos so I got to recuperate some in.order to get those going so I hope this.video at least answers some questions.for you as far as which one do you want.because I've gotten you all excited on.different radios that came out but if.you have any questions comment below.make sure you subscribe to the channel.like and share on Facebook and more.videos will be on the way as soon as I.get caught up here thanks for watching.now and 7-3 from kj4.y'see I.

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Qrp 5500 Form FAQs

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