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in this tax layer training video will.discuss forms 1099 a acquisition or.abandonment of secured property and 1099.see a cancellation of debt the.objectives of this training video are to.distinguish between the forms 1099 a.abandonment in 1099 C cancellation of.debt will determine if there is taxable.income to report we'll talk about.completing the form 982 reduction of tax.attributes due to discharge of.indebtedness we'll talk about how to.enter a few examples in the tax layer.protests top software first some.definitions and terms a foreclosure is.when a borrower in default is deprived.of his or her interest or rights in a.mortgaged or secured property this is.often a lengthy and expensive legal.process and the laws and procedures can.vary from state to state the lender.regains possession and control over the.secured property or again a repossession.for tax purposes a foreclosure is.treated as a sale of the property so the.borrower will have a realized gain or.loss abandonment occurs when a borrower.voluntarily and permanently gives up.possession and use of the property with.the intention of ending his or her.ownership there's no direct conveyance.to the lender an abandonment is also.considered to be a sale or exchange of.property for income tax purposes an.abandonment is most often reported on.form 1099 a voluntary conveyance.voluntary surrender of property to a.lender in exchange for full or partial.discharge of the debt it secures is.considered voluntary conveyance it's not.considered to be an abandonment it's.also considered to be a sale or exchange.of property for income tax purposes.it's an alternative to the foreclosure.process as tax preparers our main.function is to help our clients.understand what's going on on the tax.return what are the documents mean that.they've received in the mail on the.other side of the desk the clients.perspective on foreclosures we probably.heard phrases like this the bank just.took my house I don't understand the.whole paperwork process I just don't.want to deal with it they just kicked us.out.and again it's our job as prepares to.help the client understand what's going.on on the tax return and how to report a.1099 a or 1099 see that the client may.have received in the mail form 1099 a.box one indicates the date of sale in.other words the date of the lenders.acquisition or the knowledge of.abandonment that's why we have sale in.quotations box two indicates the amount.owed or the balance of principal.outstanding box four indicates the fair.market value on the date of the quote.sale this is the gross foreclosure bid.price box five indicates if this was a.recourse loan if this box is checked the.borrower was personally liable for.repayment of the debt box six gives a.description of the property now we.talked about recourse debt on that form.just a moment ago so what's the.difference between recourse and non.recourse debt well recourse debt the.borrower is personally liable for.repayment of the outstanding debt after.the foreclosure sale proceeds have been.applied the lender can pursue a.deficiency judgment and recourse debt.cancellation may result in taxable.income to the borrower non-recourse debt.the borrower has.personal liability after a foreclosure.in no taxable income results from the.cancellation of debt now going back to.our form 1099 a the difference between.recourse and non recourse debt recourse.debt box five is checked the sale price.indicated on this form is the lesser of.Box two or box four again this is if the.recourse debt box is checked the sale.price is the lesser of the balance of.the principal outstanding or the fair.market value of the property in.non-recourse debt box five is blank so.the sale price is box two the balance of.principal outstanding there's some.additional questions that we need to ask.the taxpayer if he or she receives one.of these documents was the property for.personal use was it business was at.rental property what was the purchase.date was the property a principal.residence was the property of vacation.home what's the cost basis of the.property was there any depreciation ever.taken on the property where there are.any improvements made and where the.property taxes paid and are they current.now let's take a look at our first.example our taxpayer Stephen Cabella.receives a 1099 a on his principal.residence now the sale price is $100,000.the fair market value of the property.because this is a recourse debt he's.personally liable for repayment of the.debt so mr. Coble is on the hook for any.additional amounts owed after the.foreclosure sale in the one hundred and.twenty thousand dollars in box two minus.the hundred thousand dollars in box four.a twenty thousand dollar balance this.may generate a 1099 see in the future so.how do we enter this 1099 a into the tax.layer pro desktop software well from the.clients 1040 screen we're going to.select the income menu or we can double.click line 13 of the schedule 1 capital.gain or loss on the 1040 screen if you.choose the income menu method we'll.select option 7 capital gain or loss.Schedule D we'll select the new button.on the Edit capital gain or loss.transaction box we'll enter the.information in the Schedule D data entry.box for our example the date the house.was originally purchased was 3 1 2015 at.a cost of $165,000 we'll also indicate.that a form 1099 B was not received.we'll click OK once all of the.information has been entered next we.need to select an adjustment code that.will appear in column F of the form 8949.now recall the form 8949 transfers its.information to Schedule D the adjustment.code is found in line 7 of the Schedule.D capital gains and losses information.menu and we're going to choose.non-deductible loss other than a wash.sale for this code.we'll enter an amount in option eight.adjustment to gain or loss to offset the.$65,000 loss from the quote sale of the.personal residence losses are disallowed.as tax deductions on personal use.property that's why we have to make this.entry on this screen now if I were to.print out form 8949 or view it on the.screen here's what part two of that form.would look like after we entered the.information from the 1099 a and if you.notice box F on this form is checked.long-term transactions not reported on a.1099 B and the $65,000 loss from the.personal residence has been disallowed.now carrying our example a step further.what if the original cost of the.personal residence had been seventy-five.thousand instead of a hundred and.sixty-five thousand at first appearance.we have a gain on the quote sale of the.residence.for the adjustment code we would now.select exclude some or all of the gain.from the sale of your main home and so.in this case we would adjust the $25,000.gain by entering a negative $25,000 on.line 8.and here's what our form 8949 would look.like after we indicate the code and.we've entered the adjustment amount if.the taxpayer lived in the house for two.out of the last five years then he gets.to exclude the gain under section 121.now some other issues that might arise.delinquent property taxes that are paid.before foreclosure or with any.foreclosure sale funds could possibly be.deducted on Schedule A the $20,000.balance from the recourse loan it's.indicated by the form 1099 a will be.reported on a 1099 C in the future and.the taxpayer may have a right of.redemption this varies by state after.foreclosure the taxpayer could pay a.hundred thousand dollars cash for the.house and get his house back some other.issues an incorrect form 1099 a or 1099.C may be issued in the lending.institution should move to correct this.an immediate appraisal can often.increase the fair market value showing a.lower quote gain alright let's look at.another example example two our taxpayer.michael taylor receives a 1099 a on a.piece of rental property and his.condominium unit was purchased March 1st.2013 and it was used as a rental only.the original cost was $120,000 and.depreciation has been taken over the.years of twenty three thousand two.hundred seventy one dollars this is a.non-recourse alone box five is blank so.the sale price is a hundred and eight.thousand dollars from box two.so how do we enter this 1099 a into the.tax layer Pro desktop software well.first we'll select the income menu or.you could select line 14 other gains or.losses on Schedule one from the 1040.screen if you choose the income menu.you'll select option nine other gains or.losses forty seven ninety seven eighty.eight twenty four and from the other.gains are lost menu select option one.form forty seven ninety seven we're.doing this because it's a business.property then we select option one.enter or edit forty seven ninety seven.transactions will select the new button.and will enter the information for the.rental property in the form forty seven.ninety seven data entry box and then.we'll click OK when we're finished now.in this screen appears select type of.transaction we're going to select part.three section 1254 disposition of.property and we're doing this because.this property was depreciated the.program will then fill in the form forty.seven ninety seven menu and if we were.to view or print the forty seven ninety.seven will see that the depreciation.amount appears the twenty three thousand.271 and we have a recognized gain on.this line eleven thousand two hundred.seventy one dollars this is line twenty.one hundred eight thousand dollars the.gross sales price minus line twenty.three an adjusted basis.here's page 1 of the forum 47 97 for the.rental property.the game flows to schedule D on the tax.return now let's move into cancellation.of debt.what does cancellation of debt it's a.release of a debt burden by a creditor.now this can involve a secured debt and.secured debt uses a house a car or other.property as collateral this cancellation.is often a two-step process foreclosure.repossession of property and any debt.not satisfied through repossession of.the property may be subject to a.deficiency judgment in the case of.recourse debt the collection will often.be pursued and the debt may eventually.be forgiven or cancelled the case of.unsecured debt an example is a credit.card then no property is used as.collateral as a general rule.cancellation of debt results in taxable.income to the taxpayer it's reported on.line 21 of schedule 1 Form 1040 may also.be reported on Schedule C E or F instead.and cancellation is a separate event.from foreclosure or repossession there.are exceptions where no form 982 is.involved a gift.the deductible debt we'd have to attach.a supporting statement purchase price.reduction and non-recourse debt and some.student loan forgiveness programs now.there are some exclusions to reporting.cancellation of debt income found on.formed 982 title 11 bankruptcy.insolvency qualified principal residence.indebtedness now the exclusion applies.only to debt that was discharged after.2006 and in most cases before january.1st 2018 reduction of tax after.buttes this is form 982 part 2 this.reduction of tax attribute serves as.sort of a balancing act for reporting.any exclusion of income bankruptcy.involves title 11 of the US Code Chapter.7 liquidation chapter 13 there's a.repayment plan three to five years.insolvency can exclude cancellation of.debt from income to the extent of.insolvency that's reported on the form.982 and this is a snapshot it's taken.the day before the debt cancellation.liabilities have to be greater than the.fair market value of all assets owned.the extent of insolvency equals the.exact amount of the excess liability we.use the publication 46 eighty one.worksheet or a similar worksheet there.is a worksheet found in the tax layer.protests top software your client needs.to keep detailed records and again we.refer to publication 46 81 canceled.debts foreclosures repossessions and.abandonments for individuals and the.insolvency worksheet is found in the.publication.now let's take a quick peek at qualified.principal residents indebtedness this.goes for the main home only and it may.exclude acquisition debt only that.acquisition debt is used to buy build or.substantially improve the main residence.non acquisition debt home equity debt is.incurred for non home purposes points.and other closing costs that are rolled.into the principal on refinancing of the.acquisition debt are considered non.acquisition debt and the non acquisition.debt those bullet points that's the.first debt to be cancelled this produces.taxable income a 1099 see in this case.would be issued on this non acquisition.debt now if your debt was discharged.after 2017 or your clients debt.discharged after 2017 the client can't.exclude it from income has qualified.principal residence and debt and 'no son.less the discharge is subject to an.arrangement that was entered into and.has to be evidenced in writing before.january 1st 2018 part or all of the debt.may still qualify for one of the other.exclusions from 982 now let's take a.look at the components of the form 1099.see box 1 lists the date of the debt.cancellation box 2 lists the amount of.the debt that's been cancelled box 3.lists any interest if there was any.included in box two box 4 gives a.description of the debt box 5 indicates.if the debt was a recourse debt now.remember if the box is checked this.means were you personally liable for the.debt.box six listen invent code the event.code why did the creditor file the form.and the codes are defined in the 1099-c.instructions box seven lists the fair.market value of any property this is.used only in what we call combo 1099-c.report so what is combo reporting combo.reporting or streamlined reporting is.available when the foreclosure or.repossession takes place in the same.calendar years the cancellation or the.forgiveness of debt some indicators are.real estate description in box 4 or fair.market value listed in box 7 now as far.as the 1099-c correlation to the form.1099 a that we talked about at the very.beginning the 1099 see box to listing.the amount of the debt discharged plus.box 7 the fair market value of the.property equals the balance of the.principal outstanding this amount.correlates to box 2 of the 1099 a now.let's go through an example of entering.a form 1099 c in the tax layer protest.top software our client howard buglar.received a 1099 C from First National.Bank and we see in box 2 of the 1099 see.that the amount of debt discharged.$20,000.00 we see in box 5 and mr..Buckner personally liable for repayment.of the debt it's a recourse death we.have an identifiable code in box 6 code.G and this is used to identify any.cancellation of debt as a result of a.decision or defined policy of the.creditor First National Bank.to discontinue collection activity and.cancel the debt box 7 lists the fair.market value of the property at $100,000.the debt description is a resident 600.Elm Street Augusta Georgia 309 oh four.so that we can relate this example to.the tax program we're going to assume.that the discharge of mr. Buckner's debt.is subject to an arrangement that was.entered into an evidenced in writing.before January the 1st 2018 and remember.qualified principal residence and debt.Innes is any mortgage that you took out.to buy build or substantially improve.your main home also must be secured by.your main home so how do we enter this.1099 C into the tax program into the tax.layer pro desktop software will select.the income menu will select the other.income menu will select option for.cancellation of debt 1099-c.will select option one form 1099 C.cancellation of death will select a new.button from the form 1099 C entry box.and will enter the information from the.form 1099 C and click the ok button the.creditors ID number creditors name for.our stash whole bank and the amount of.debt canceled $20,000 we can review the.information from the form 1099 C and.then exit this menu if the information.is correct now if there's only one 1099.see on the return will exit the form.1099 C input box now because the 1099 C.was generated from the quote sale of a.personal residence we're going to access.form 982 the reduction of tax attributes.we're going to indicate that the amount.to be excluded from income is due to the.discharge of qualified principal.residents indebtedness and we'll click.the ok button next we're going to enter.the amount to be excluded from gross.income the $20,000 and they'll show up.on the form 982 menu the total amount of.indebtedness excluded from gross income.as a negative amount so now what did we.just do well we've reported the 1099 C.to the IRS and we've subtracted the.discharge from indebtedness from the.taxpayers income and below is a copy of.the clients form 982 and again in this.example all of the mortgage debt most.qualified principal residence.indebtedness now for our final example.we'll look at an insolvency 1099-c.issued by the visa credit card company.to Clark Howard and his credit card debt.and the amount of debt discharged fifty.three thousand five hundred dollars and.a bankruptcy event code is not listed or.present so we go to insolvency.now to enter this 1099 see into the tax.program again we start off at the income.menu I'll select the other income menu.we select the cancellation of debt.1099-c menu we select 1099-c.click the new button and we enter the.information from the 1099-c.when everything is correct we'll click.the ok' button.we'll review and then exit the 1099-c.information menu and we'll exit the form.1099-c menu we only have one 1099-c to.enter now comes the fun part to enter.the insolvency worksheet information for.the client.we'll select form 982 from the.cancellation of debt menu well check the.appropriate box discharge of.indebtedness due to the extent insolvent.and we'll click OK we'll select option 2.to calculate the amount of indebtedness.to be excluded from gross income you'll.now be at the insolvency worksheet menu.will enter the client's liabilities and.assets to determine the amount of.insolvency first we're going to enter.the clients liabilities he's got credit.card debt a fifty three thousand five.hundred dollars.he's got mortgage on a house of one.hundred seventy five thousand and he's.got other liabilities or debts that.aren't included above of thirty two.thousand making a total of two hundred.sixty thousand five hundred dollars now.we'll enter the assets as cash and bank.account balances of forty five hundred.is home including the value of the land.value.190,000 cars and other vehicles 15,000.household goods and furnishings 10,000.making the fair market value of his.total assets 219 thousand five hundred.dollars so now the total liabilities.exceed the total assets and the client.will be able to exclude some of the debt.the amount of insolvency 41 thousand.dollars the amount to carry to form 982.the same $41,000 the calculated amount.from the insolvency worksheet will pull.to the tax layer Pro desktop form 982.menu total amount of indebtedness to be.excluded from gross income $41,000 now.according to the insolvency worksheet.the taxpayer are cowards not able to.exclude all of the credit card debt but.he will be able to exclude 41,000 and.here's what the clients copy of the.insolvency worksheet looks like.and so in this case the taxpayer will.have $12,500 of income to report on.schedule one line 21 form 1040 and the.other income menu this will carry to the.income menu of the program the other.income line.close to schedule one of the form 1040.and eventually will show up on line six.of the form 1040 itself so in summary.foreclosure and cancellation of debt are.two separate reportable events for a.taxpayer they're reported on a 1099 a.and a 1099 C in some cases streamlined.reporting the taxpayer will receive a.1099 C only in some cases the 1099 a.will precede the 1099 see information.gathering is essential for correct.reporting and minimizing the tax.liability for our clients the remember.foreclosure is reported as a quote sale.canceled debt is ordinary income unless.an exception or exclusion applies and.you report these on Form 982.thank you for watching this tax lawyer.pro training video 1099 a and 1099 see.reporting.

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