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Tips on completing the Indiana M 203

youtube video

Steps of Customizing the Indiana M 203

[Music].hey guys welcome back today we're out.the middle of a soybean field to bring.you something that's absolutely freakin.incredible.I saw the early prototypes at the last.shot show that I went to and hopefully.it's the last ever I go to and it was.the m203 that was at the Brownells booth.and here it is guys it's live it's in.the wild and I have it mounted up to a.it's a mod XBR in 1601.this is a retro rifle from Brownells.it's a prototype of what would become.the m16a1.it's a cool gun I love the finish love.everything about it I love the fact that.Brownells has jumped in with both feet.into the retro market right down to the.fact that they are now offering a m203.that is for all intents and purposes a.real m203 it's just chambered in.smoothbore 37 millimeter it's.manufactured by LMT.and that means it's an actual defense.contractor producing the parts the gun.if you want to call it that the flare.launcher and that means high quality and.this has not let me down I've been.playing with this now for a little while.you saw me post some Instagram videos.shooting off bird bombs this thing is.frickin amazing it mounts to your rifle.just like a real m203 you can mount it.to a 20-inch barreled gun like you see.here or you can mount it to an m4 if you.ever wondered what that little cut was.in the barrel for you non-military folks.that's so you can mount an m203 to your.m4 carbine we'll do that in a later.video but I just wanted to get this gun.out here this is the classic build.classic m203 handguard classic leaf.sights I mean this is just fricking cool.no matter how you look at it we're going.to play around some different flare.options that you have for the m203 and.37 millimeter now again guys keep in.mind this is a smoothbore this is a non.NFA item it is not considered a firearm.and if you want to make this into a.working 40 millimeter from what I.understand you cannot it's not a simple.matter of getting a 40 millimeter barrel.and sliding it on.won't work however other than that you.couldn't tell this apart without looking.down the bore and seeing that it's not.rifles this thing looks the part.all-metal it feels just like the real.m203 let's see I got some 556 loaded up.here just some old left over freedom.munitions stuff in a 20 round magazine.I'm going to go ahead and load the rifle.up we're gonna shoot this then I load my.m203 with a 37 millimeter bird bomb now.guys these things are kind of hit or.miss sometimes they'll go off sometimes.it takes a couple of tries to get them.to go off these are not the highest.quality items if you take a look at it.you're probably going to realize this is.cardboard this is plastic and this is.the equivalent of a firework that you.would buy on the 4th of July it's not a.high quality product and even though.I've always had these go off they don't.always go bang on the first attempt.we're going to show you some other.options I'm gonna go ahead and stick.that into the grenade launcher close it.has a safety right here for those of you.not familiar with the m203 that is your.safety your magazine becomes your your.pistol grip there are two ways to fire.this thing some folks will teach you to.fire it this way and other folks will.fire it this way the military will teach.you to do it one way and soldiers in the.field will do it however the heck they.want so I don't need critiques folks.telling me oh you're not shooting your.m203 right I'm gonna shoot it the way I.want to because it's my m203 all right.let's pop off a few rounds see if we can.get this 37 millimeter bird bomb to go.off and if not we'll show you some other.really cool options.all right so my bad guys not going down.flip the safety off.and I'm gonna see if I can get this guy.with the bird bomb and that should do it.right about there getting fire three.[ __ ] it right about there okay fell a.little short so see what happened there.guys I had to give it two strikes you'll.notice this is your extractor on an m203.in this case the 37 millimeter didn't.quite extract but that's probably.because of the goofy plastic cartridge.so you guys get the idea of how that.works all right it looks the part.doesn't it.I hope I didn't start a fire with the.bird bomb all right let's fire off a few.more rounds empty out the magazine let's.show you some other options for shooting.stuff out of your m203 from Brownells.don't quite need that right now yeah.Jason I think we started a fire all.right guys we're gonna go downrange and.stomp out a fire Oh.Neverending guys never ending.[Music].so the Chinese esque looking cardboard.37-millimeter bird bombs aren't the most.reliable things in the world it might.take a couple of tries to get them to go.off and they can start fires but you do.have other options so the 37 millimeters.become popular enough that you can.actually use some military signal flares.flares like twenty six point five.millimeter like this now this is a bigan.this one is an orange smoke grenade so.this is where this leaves the realm of.being a toy and actually become somewhat.useful like if you're one of those guys.who likes to go to tactical training.courses and do things like that smoke is.useful so how do you fire a twenty six.point five millimeter item out of your.37 millimeter gun that requires an.adapter all right so I'm gonna put this.adapter into the 203 barrel down you.have to get it around the extractor so.I'm going to come in from the side I'm.gonna drop it in and now I have my.adapter in place you'll notice it does.not impede the function of the m203 of.the extractor is actually trying to pull.the adapter out now to load this with.this massive smoke the flares are much.smaller I'm gonna be about an inch.shorter the smokes are big the smokes.got to go in from the side too alright.now I have the capability of putting.smoke downrange now this is pretty cool.alright so we're playing GI Joe we're.gonna gun fighting I don't care if I'm.hitting the steel target or not we're.just shooting right you want to mark the.spot right you want to say hey shoot.over there aim right over there.alright that's what we're gonna do right.there see what I just did so I haven't.used my leaf sights so much I kind of.overshot the burn but you get the point.[Laughter].that's what I call America.all right so unload it see how that.extractor grabs that it's working.properly with high quality stuff but the.problem is now what's this you're going.to have to get that out of there and to.do that you're probably gonna have to.take the adapter out all right let's try.that again.that's entirely too much fun just so.happens I have another one of these.smokes now these things are not.inexpensive a box of fifth or 10 of.these is going to set you back about 50.bucks so you're gonna want to use these.sparingly and no these aren't given to.me I have to buy them all right I'm.outta ammo so I'm just gonna pop smoke.all right let's try that again I'm.trying to figure out where I need to.hold on my leaf site to uh to get that.at about a hundred yards man cuz we're.closer than hundred yards so that I aim.up there we went over the top I'm just.gonna aim at 50 yards on the on the leaf.and see what happens that's a lot closer.huh so ballistically that's pretty darn.close I use the 50 yards and it's that.we're right at 50 yards and it came.pretty darn close so with the smokes.it's doing pretty darn good now the.other option you have let's see if I get.that to fall out without taking the.adapter out they fit really tight with.the smokes the other option you have are.these signal flares and this is just a.single red signal flare now because it's.so dry out here we've already set a fire.I'm going to pop these in the air so I.don't set the woods on fire so you can.by different twenty six point five.millimeter products these are gonna fit.in much easier because they're much.smaller all right.well Jason I'll shoot that way away from.the Sun here we go see a signal flare go.up and again that's very useful I mean.that's kind of out of the toy realm and.into the practical realm signal flares.quite useful now I can shoot a signal.flare downrange.but then it becomes a pyrotechnic if.you're looking to set something on fire.you may want to shoot a signal flare.downrange when I want you them into the.air here we go again one more and.there's a whole bunch of different types.of flares out there guys this is just a.single red flare you got multi star.clusters and again you're looking at.about 50 bucks for a box of 10 and.you're gonna find them in these little.wax sealed cardboard boxes a lot of fun.behind all you can they come and go off.the market now one other option for this.bad boy have another adapter in my.pocket this one's much smaller take the.26.5 out you can see the size difference.get rid of that I only have three rounds.of these these are called flash thunder.grenades bought these from West fourth.guns in Gary Indiana they set me back 18.bucks and these are 2-inch we're gonna.actually these are not even 2-inch 1.5.inch I think really short they're not.two and three quarters of an inch this.is a 12-gauge adapter but it's for two.inches not two and three quarters.because if you could put a real shotgun.shell in here this would make this a.short barreled shotgun which would be.illegal so you're going to have to stick.to the the many things that are just.basically pyrotechnics now I've never.fired any of these these are the only.three I have.and we're just gonna see what happens so.don't even attempt to get 12 gauge a.real 12 gauge round into one of these.adapters all right.stick that in there and let's just see.what this bad boy does think I'm gonna.set a fire hey we got a gallon of water.all right I want to aim downrange I'm.not going to use the Leafs I was gonna.kind of guess and see what we get.we got nothing nothing it's just barely.touching the primer dang not going to.fire another one of those so I don't.know what that did it said on the box it.says it goes off just out of the barrel.of the shotgun amix a loud boom I don't.want to do that to my m203 so that could.very well damage the thing I don't know.what the heck it just did I didn't see.any pyrotechnics go downrange it's.supposed to be some sort of a thunder.bomb all right guys I got to clear the.air about something boy I hate it when.I'm wrong.so this flash Thunder grenade let me.read the description to you guys this is.some serious stuff okay and it did what.it was supposed to do this highly.effective 12 gauge round produces a stun.diversion effect by using a bright.blinding flash with an extremely.powerful concussion blast from a.12-gauge shotgun muzzle well that's kind.of what it did this device is not.restricted by the B ATF and is used by.some of the most elite Special Forces.and SWAT units around the world it.produces 182 DB bang which I kind of.believe cuz both Jason I agree that was.pretty dang loud and 1.5 to 2 million.something flash overpressure and a 1.5.to 2 atmospheric pressure units it is.truly an awesome experience indoors out.of a 1 and 3 inch of wonderful quarter.inch round for use in 12-gauge shotguns.only and not m2 or 3s.guys highly-specialized Special Forces.approved and available at West Force.guns and Gary Indiana for $18 I'm not.shooting any more of them out of my m203.but you know those little tiny two-inch.pyrotechnic cartridges this would be an.adapter for that not so interested in.that anymore I'm gonna stick with my.twenty six point five millimeter.military flares yep you have to admit.that's pretty darn good-looking looks.the part.[Music].alright let's go guys fire over there.smoke out yeah I'm a dork I would never.do that in a public range cuz uh yeah I.look like a complete idiot but man.that's fun.let's go recover that smoke around I.found it well guys you found our smoke.it's yeah it's still hot.there's our it's all aluminum that's.pretty cool you can see all the orange.smoke on the ground I have to admit guys.this is probably more fun than it should.be if you want to go out and just screw.around have a good time but I'm serious.if you guys are wanting to use the m203.or the 37 millimeter flare launcher for.something a little more serious if you.guys are into survivalism or whatever.the smoke rounds and the signal flare.rounds actually have a practical purpose.and even though I just screwing around.there acting like a clown it's still fun.and in my opinion still practical the.bird bombs.yeah that's fourth of July stuff these.twenty six point five millimeter flares.yeah makes this thing pretty darn useful.mounting the Brownells m203 to your.rifle is going to be just like mounting.a real m203 to the rifle it'll come with.a mounting kit now this is the little.tiny handguard for the m4 and it has all.the mounting hardware in it including.the leaf sight everything okay so you're.gonna get one of these if you buy it for.the rifle or the carbine you'll get a.mounting kit and every aspect of it is.straight-up LMT military contract m203.mounting the hand guards legit sights.legit real mil.Terry sites to maintenance your m203 you.can take this handguard off but it's a.really tight fit it kind of tapers right.here and for me I kind of put a flat.head underneath it and push it down it's.just kind of a pain in the rear so I.avoid taking the handguard off when I.clean the tube so what I generally do is.take a little tool like this hit the.release button this is how you release.your m203 to open it there's a great big.release button right there okay hit that.release button and I just look down.inside one of these holes and there's a.little lever down inside there if you.push down on it just right it releases.the barrel from its mount okay now you.can actually clean your your gun barrel.or your 37 millimeters barrel all right.so let's go ahead and do that just.regards know the gun is empty alright so.now you can buy 37 / 40 millimeter.cleaning kits okay so they are available.this one's from clean bore and I do.actually recommend you you punch the.bore on these things if you fire those.bird bombs they have a real white chalky.powdery Chinese pyrotechnic caked on.leftover junk to them and you're gonna.want to use the bore brush to clean it.out because you will scrub tons of junk.out of it if you shoot if you shoot.those bird bombs then you have a mop and.other things so I highly recommend.cleaning this now on here when you get.it it's gonna have a white lithium.grease there's a little bit of that.leftover I'm just using the battleborn.grease for mine which is clear you can.see it there so putting grease on it's.not a bad idea alright so I highly.recommend picking up the cleaning kit to.put it back together very simple if you.still have your sling swivel.on your sling swivel needs to go forward.if you put it back you're gonna seize.the system up hold that forward simply.push and you're m203 is back together.again to release it to load it button.right there that's it super super simple.install time probably about 15-20.minutes once you get all the parts laid.out and read the manual go through it.not hard to do can be done with simple.hand tools and very very easy to do and.definitely worth it in terms of the end.result look at the smoke.beautiful thing beautiful thing love my.m203 life is good man life is good.I hope you guys enjoyed come out to the.range with us this afternoon is shooting.the 37 millimeter flare launcher from.LMT sold by brownells guys I'm telling.you having used a reel in 203 this thing.is a real m203 just in 37 millimeter.this thing is awesome.however the $1600 price tag is gonna.make a lot of you probably spit your.milk or coffee or whatever it is you're.drinking all over your keyboard right.about now yes it's expensive yes you.could go buy fifteen PSA ar-15s for that.or whatever is normally set down in the.comment section the point being is is if.you want a real m203 this is as close as.you're going to get without buying a.destructive device especially if you.live in a state where DDS are not legal.this is a good alternative it looks.perfect on a retro build on a current.build the thing works a hundred percent.you know that the cheap cardboard.pyrotechnics and 100% function with the.actual military flares using the adapter.and the thing just looks the part I.absolutely love it yes there are other.37-millimeter options out there that.look like an m203 with the cheesy.cocking handle here but guys those just.look like kids toys this if you show.this to somebody that's actually been.around an m203 or used one they're not.going to know the difference.until they get a close look at it this.thing really really looks the part the.only thing I'm going to say that's a.little bit different than the ones that.I'm used to from the military days the.trigger guard on this is very stiff and.rigid so this thing took a lot of.pressure to get up onto the magazine.well when you put this on you're no.longer just going to pop your pin and.break your action open you're going to.probably want to pop both pins to take.the upper off and it's going to take a.lot of pressure to get that back in.place.I used a punch put a muzzle down on the.bench and got it to pop over the lip.you are gonna Mar your finish on your.rifle it when you use this in 203 just.so you guys know it looks great on this.Brownells retro m16a1.early prototype and yeah I'm just like I.said I'm so glad that Brownells is into.the retro grant game so heavily guys if.you'd like to support us here at the.military arms channel the best possible.way to do that is to become a patreon.supporter we do not take money from.industry people we don't take money from.importers or manufacturers we are 100%.viewer supported and our promise to you.is that we will never accept industry.money as long as our patreon continue to.support us because we are your advocates.not the industry advocates also if you'd.like to support us a great way to do.that is a swing by Forge from freedom.comm check out the matte collection it's.our t-shirt store you can pick up your.own Mac t-shirt check it out link down.below also swing by check out copper.custom comm which is our online store.guys if you're curious about how we fund.ourselves and how we keep the channel.moving forward financially all that is.broken down for you in the description.below but there's also some cool.discount codes down there for you guys.to use from various places and we.receive no kickbacks from the use of.those codes that's just to thank you for.you guys watching and supporting the.channel thanks for 10 years of support.we'll talk to you guys soon.

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How to decide my bank name city and state if filling out a form, if the bank is a national bank?

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