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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Finalizing State Of California Department Of Insurance Application To Insurance Ca Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to State Of California Department Of Insurance Application To Insurance Ca

youtube video

Comprehend How to Fulfill the State Of California Department Of Insurance Application To Insurance Ca

hi there my name is Kevin and I am from.health agent Academy comm and I also.handle training for new agents for a.health insurance general agency and I.just want to take this time just to show.you how to get an insurance license in.the state of California now again the.objective of this just to make sure got.the right people watching this video.what we're gonna show you here is how to.get a license to sell both life.insurance and health insurance in the.state of California as a California.resident if you're looking to sell.insurance in California and you don't.live in California you want to first get.a license in your state and then.assuming the state you live in has a.reciprocal agreement with California.you'd be able to set up what's called.the non-resident license but we're gonna.show you how to get a resident license.in the state of California so the.license we're going to show you is.referred to as a full life agent what.that means is that includes both an.accident and health license and a life.only license in California there are.actually two different licenses but you.can apply to do them as one now you can.get just the accident and health license.or just the life only license now my.recommendation is if you're gonna go.ahead and take the time and the effort.to get a license you might as well in.just vests just a little more time in.studying just so you can get both.because otherwise you'd have to go back.in later on and take another exam take.another licensing course and get.whichever you didn't already have so if.you already had the accident health you.have to then later on get the life only.you might as well just start from.scratch and just have it all so if you.ever get the edge to cross-sell or from.the beginning if you think you may want.to cross-sell so if you're gonna sell.life insurance maybe to those clients.you want to also sell health insurance.or accident policies of some sort so I.always think it's a good idea if you're.gonna go ahead and invest the time and.effort again go ahead and just do both.but again if you're going to just do one.or the other the steps we're gonna.outline for you will actually work for.you as well so just to show you what.those steps are I'm just going to.briefly run through those steps.down below I've got more in-depth notes.and I'm gonna walk you through as well.more in-depth but just to quickly run.through that first thing you're gonna do.is sign up for a free licensing course.that's just a course to tell you a.little bit more about insurance and what.the expectations are of you as an.insurance agent and then you're gonna.want to get your fingerprints taken then.you're gonna schedule your exam because.you're gonna have to sit for a state.exam and you're gonna have to apply for.both licenses California as I said it's.basically getting two different licenses.but you can get them both at the same.time and then you need to pass your test.and that is the state exam so we'll walk.you through all that and tell you a.little bit more about what is included.on that exam or just my thoughts on.passing the exam so now let's go ahead.and walk through those steps so I'm.going to show you the different websites.you can go to and again the the notes.are down below if you want to have more.detailed notes on this so here you can.see on this page we've got I would.recommend it's not a bad idea just.because I try to keep this video as.up-to-date as possible but every now and.then they may change the requirements so.it's not a bad idea to come over here.you can click on requirements and like.for example if you wanted to see.accident health as to their life only.agent is here again another accident.health but this is for the life agent.which is again both life only and.accident health is just the term.California uses so if I click them that.for life agent it would take me to the.page where I could get a little bit more.information and again it's gonna it's.telling you that basically since 2008.how they split it up between the two.licenses but you can go in more depth to.see exactly what you need to do to get.those and again there's a frequently.asked question page now we're going to.show you exactly what I found works.pretty much across the board in just.about every state and we're just again.specifically talking about California so.first thing you're gonna do is after.you've just double check just to make.sure that.you got all the steps you need to follow.you're gonna go over here to sign.yourself up for license of course now.you can sign yourself up for a variety.of different courses now what I would.recommend looking at is the track record.of the course not all courses are.designed the same so sometimes you can.take courses that maybe every night of.the week you meet for a couple hours or.certain days of the week commute for 3-4.hours or whatever the case is you can.have in classroom settings now.personally I'm a busy professional and.when I was taking my my exam and taking.the licensing course for it I wanted to.make sure that I could weave it and fit.it into my busy schedule and that's what.I like doing at the online format and.since I've been doing training for new.agents I've gotten to see which courses.work and which don't now in Florida.where I do most of the training Florida.is a state that puts out pass rates in.fact Florida even publishes pass rates.by by the licensing course and I found.that license coach has a very good.product they're always updating it and.actually they they have some of the.highest pass rates in the industry in.the states that I've looked at that that.published that so again California don't.have those exact numbers but I'm gonna.go ahead and go out on a limb and say.the course is a quality course and it.works and actually the folks at licensed.course license coach excuse me were nice.enough to give a coupon code to anybody.watching this video so what you wanted.to do if you wanted to sign up for it.just go over here type in the state so.you would type in California and then.click the little thing here that pops us.up in the bottom then click go and then.basically just kind of follow the.bouncing ball taking the appropriate.course now here you do have to decide.which.direction you're going for so I would.recommend again if you're gonna do life.and health click this one here you can.see it's a fifty to our course whereas.if you did a life only and health only.it's thirty two hours of peace.so you'd be saving yourself twelve hours.because you would only have to take the.12 hour ethics course once as opposed to.having to take it twice if you signed up.for those two separately like at.different occasions like it took the.life only and then a year later you took.health only so again you might as well.just go ahead doesn't cost you any more.to do the life and health so again my.recommendation is do life and health and.again if you do decide to go with.license coach just make sure to look.down below because you can save yourself.a little bit of money by using the.coupon code that they were nice enough.to provide so once you've got yourself.signed up for the licensing course what.I would recommend to go ahead and do.just to get this started and get the.process going is you're going to go.ahead and get your fingerprints taken.you know on this page this is again from.the California Department of Insurance.that refer to themselves sometimes the.cd-i so if you are looking at here and.you see CDI that's what they mean.they're referring to themselves as CDI.which is short for California Department.of Insurance a couple things you would.need to do you would go over here to.accurate biometrics or you can call that.phone number there and you could set up.your appointment where you go to get.fingerprinted which is just part of the.background check and then what they also.want you to do is right over here you.see a live scan request form basically.you would just take this form with you.when you go to get a fingerprinted.that's loading here real quick would you.just fill this out it's pretty simple.basic form and you take that with you.when you go to to get your fingerprints.taken so again I recommend try to get.this done early on so you're not holding.up the process because I've seen it.happen to people before where they wait.till the very last.to get their fingerprints done and then.there's always processing involved so.always try to get it done early so that.way when you go to take your exam you're.not having your fingerprints and your.background check holding out the process.so that way you can start selling and.hopefully making money as quickly as.possible and of course helping clients.so then the next step you would do is go.ahead and schedule your exam and this is.the vendor that California uses so you.essentially just create an account and.then register and schedule your exam and.then of course you know they would tell.you like where the closest exam Center.would be and where you could take it so.just make sure to schedule that and.again I recommend trying to schedule it.fairly early on I would double-check.their policies as well so when you.register just make sure it's like how.much time you have to reschedule if you.need to because what I think the best.thing to do is when you're about halfway.done with a licensing course if you.schedule the exam then what you could do.is just have it on the calendar because.sometimes exam centers fill up quickly.sometimes they have lots of availability.sometimes they fill up quickly it just.depends on the exam center in your area.and what else they have going on so you.want to go ahead and just get it on the.calendar so again you have something to.look forward to you know that it's gonna.be at a certain date and time and you.don't have to again hold up the process.so I remember when I took my exam I.remember making the mistake of waiting.until the very end until after I had.already taken the licensing course and.then I couldn't get in for about two.weeks so to take the exam so it kind of.held me up a little bit so I would.recommend just getting this done early.on at least.scheduling it's no again you need to.finish your coursework first but you can.always reschedule it later on if you.need to but again check the policies of.psi before you.a sign up just so you know for sure how.much time you have basically to.reschedule if need be so if the if the.second half exactly for example of the.licensing course is taking a little bit.longer than the first half then of.course you can always try to reschedule.all right so then what you also need to.do is fill out this new application so.this is with the Department of Insurance.filling out your application to actually.get your license pretty simple and.straightforward asks quite a few.questions as with every state I always.recommend be as honest as possible.whenever it asks you anything about your.background I've seen a lot more leeway.from Department of Insurance or.Department of Financial Services and.various states pretty much across the.board whenever people are more honest.and upfront about anything in their.background now if you have nothing to.worry about then you have nothing to.worry about but if you do have anything.that you may be concerned about always.divulge it always be truthful it's just.the best policy in general to always be.upfront and honest with people so once.you've gotten that taken care of then.it'd be time to take your test.so the thing about the exam is and again.California I haven't found where they.put out the pass rates but I can tell.you pretty much across the board in most.states that do put the exam rates exam.pass rates out there it's pretty much.around 50 percent so that means half.pass half don't pass now again sometimes.if you have a good licensing course you.may have a higher pass rate or they may.have higher pass rates for their.students which means you may have a.better chance and again that's one of.the reasons why I like licensed coach is.because they generally have higher pass.rates and that is something that like.for example the state of Florida does.publish those and they're one of the.highest but again across the board I've.always found that they have a good.product but again about the exam.sometimes people get really nervous.what I would do to take a little bit of.pressure off yourself is just remind.yourself that every agent out there has.taken the exam and passed it I took it I.passed it you can too.so again just look around all the.different agents that sell life.insurance health insurance they've all.passed it's a little bit of a I guess.you could say rite of passage but again.once you get the exam done then you're.done you have to worry about it then.it's about learning how to best take.care of your clients but the key is you.just got to know the basics and that's.what the exam does now another little.piece of advice I like to give people is.that whenever you're studying for the.exam there's always gonna be certain.topics they're definitely worth for me.there's always gonna be certain topics.that are easier to grasp than others and.some that are harder than to grasp than.others now for the stuff that's a little.bit more difficult and more challenging.if you're having trouble really.understanding a certain topic I've.always found that the best way to learn.something is to teach it so what you.could do is try to take a concept that.you're having trouble understanding and.explain it to someone that has no.background in insurance and the reason I.say that is you're now teaching so you'd.be taking the role of teacher of a.certain concept and the nice thing is to.it's good practice when when you're in.insurance because you're having to.explain what can be pretty complex.topics but you have to explain them in.laymen terms that someone not in the.insurance business understands because.once you pass the exam it's less about.being able to regurgitate terms and.things of that nature and more about.being able to explain in helpful ways to.people so the more you can start.practicing that you're actually just one.step ahead of the game and your actual.insurance career because the whole point.of taking the exam.is to the every license so you can help.clients get insurance so again don't.stress out too much about the exam if.you don't pass it the first time don't.worry there's a lot of really smart.people out there didn't pass it the.first time so just study hard take the.course serious and you should really.have no problem down the road passing.again may not happen the first time but.it's possible I mean I passed the first.time and I know a lot of people have.passed the first time and I also know as.again like I said a lot of people that.didn't pass the first time and there are.some pretty smart people so but again.they eventually passed so if you put in.the effort you will be setting yourself.up pretty well to pass again no.guarantees but try to take some of the.pressure off just study hard and you'll.give yourself the best chance so if you.think you're ready to start this career.insurance really is an exciting career.and it's been good to me it's been good.to the people I've worked with and it's.a very rewarding career because you.really are helping people so if you're.ready to get started I would go ahead.and just get the process of getting your.license started and first thing you got.to do is sign up for the licensing.course so I would just go ahead and go.out there sign up for licensing course.again you can use whatever course you'd.like you can find all kinds of different.ones if you search online if you want.you can use the one I recommend and.their link and the coupon code or down.below if you'd like so once you do get.up and running and you have studied hard.and you pass that test and you have your.license you're gonna want to know more.about insurance and learn from other.people and I think the best thing to do.is find others in the business and one.way you can do that is if you go to.health agent Academy comm you can sign.up for our mailing list we'd love to.pass along some tips and information to.you just to help you as you grow along.in your career so that's the luck in.your new career in insurance and thank.you for watching this presentation.thanks.

How to generate an electronic signature for the State Of California Department Of Insurance Application To Insurance Ca online

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State Of California Department Of Insurance Application To Insurance Ca FAQs

Comply with the below common doubts about State Of California Department Of Insurance Application To Insurance Ca . Talk to directly if you still have other queries.

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