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How Do You Get Tenant Application And Owner Authorization To Bill Tenant City Of Ottawa 2016 2019 Form and Sign It On Phone?

okay can everyone hear me someone gave.me a thumbs up okay we're gonna start so.thank you guys for being part of this.webinar the first thing that I want to.say is I hope you all are staying safe.and doing everything to keep you and.your family safe we should all be doing.that but we're here to talk about.tenants and our shopping centers and the.requests that are pouring in I've been.speaking to many of you and some that.are not on the call large companies.small companies you know private owners.public donors on Monday one of my peers.had 42 requests from tenants and on.Tuesday they had over 175 requests that.was a large company with over 400 assets.so that's just to put into some.perspective as many of you know I just.have a small portfolio six shopping.centers I've had eight requests in the.last two days so what I wanted to do.today for the layout is I'm going to.share with you some of my thoughts that.I have personally and that I've had been.discussing with some of my friends and.then I'm gonna share with you some.actual requests that came in for me and.what I told those tenants and what I'm.doing about that and then at the end.I'll open it up for questions you can.either put your questions in this chat.box and I'll read it or you'll be able.to unmute yourself and ask verbally I.believe we can do that or Josie will.unmute you guys at the end and then you.can ask if you want and that's it and.I'll stay on as long as you need me to.to answer any questions I think that my.comments will go probably about 20 to 25.minutes so the first thing that I want.to talk about and obviously are our.our perspective in our position is going.to definitely have to do with the.ownership of the property so if you if.you have a successful property you may.have a different position than if you.have a weaker property if you have if.you're a leasing agent or a property.manager for a third-party client.obviously the strategy will be different.based on the clients perspective if you.have a property in a weaker demographic.market versus a stronger demographic.market so each case is going to be.different it's going to be a.case-by-case basis so you know there.won't be one shoe that fits all right.one one whatever that's saying it the.good news is I've seen by three or four.different sources today CBRE did a.global call that one of my friends.posted some results from from that call.that China seems to be coming back in.full force I've also seen that in a few.other communications and again you never.know if what's true what you're reading.or hearing but if China's coming back.already I think that's good news for us.I know a bunch of us we talked about.today's in April or May or is it July or.August big difference big difference if.we're back in April or May versus July.and August for our tenants or small hops.but what I think it's what I think a.week ago so some of you that know me in.full disclosure know that I'm kind of a.tough cookie as far as things like this.I kind of fold a hard line and I woke up.this morning thinking about how long.does it take to today and based on a.survey of my peers.the average seems to be about four to.six months to backfill a mom-and-pop.tenant if you can find them right so.based on that and based on.understanding what goes into backfilling.among incontinent the downtime the.commission the TI etc i'm that kind of.permeated my thinking most of today.before this call so so I'm hearing now.just an on a side note I guess there's a.lot of people that aren't being able to.register so we're gonna continue and.then we're recording this so we'll just.have to put this out there recording so.when you're thinking about that filling.tenants versus helping tenants through.this rough time that will be a decision.you as landlords will have to make.depending on your position your mortgage.payment the health of your Center etc.it's also hard to figure out who are the.tenants that really need to help versus.who are the tenants who are trying to.take advantage and and that's with the.rental assessment application that I'm.going to send out to all of you that.we've crafted after this call I think.that getting information is key to.trying to figure out who is who are the.tenants that need help and who are the.tenants that might be trying to take.advantage for those of us that have.smaller portfolios we probably know most.of our tenants for those of you that.have larger portfolios much harder to do.as far as rent statements I've heard.from people that still syndrome.statements we are not sending the red.statements out for April and yes and.I've heard a lot of people are not doing.that kind of in-your-face type of thing.but we're waiting waiting on that.National tenants the majority of this.call is we're going to be focusing on.mom and pops not now she's not nationals.and I a lot of my peers have said we all.need to you know bound together and not.help out the Nationals again I think.that is a case-by-case basis I do think.that for this.all I want to focus on the mom and pops.I did get my first national Tennant.letter today the request was for 90 days.of 50% rent and camp and I'm not sure.what I'm going to do with that at this.point they do have Co tendency.provisions and an another one if my.peers has said that Co tenancy.provisions are being floated out there.with the National tenants so that's.definitely something to be considered to.review in your lease what are the terms.that you have in specific leases.especially for those that are asking for.help one thing I am still very firm on.if I have a tenant that is in default.currently before this happened I would.not be entertaining any kind of.assistance for that tenant I think that.if they were in a prior default or a.problem tenant Oh rent Oakham whatever.it was they were in default I don't.think that personally I'm not jumping up.and down to half that time the.application which you guys will see when.we send it to you asks for a lot of.things I asked if what they want I want.to know what their ask is I don't mind.either myself with my property manager I.don't want to be offering something I.want to see what they're asking for.they may just ask for a month or two of.house rent we don't know what that what.they're looking for I ask them how are.they going to use the abatement or.deferral whatever in whatever manner we.decide to give it to them how are they.going to use it for now are they going.to tell the truth you know who knows but.I want to know what their plans are and.what they're thinking my goal for my mom.and pop tenants is unless the government.shuts them down like a local gym I want.them to try to be as creative as.possible to stay open because I think.that helps them and I think.helps us so if I can give a couple extra.temporary exclusive parking spaces for.Domino's or for my sub guys or for my.anybody that's trying to be creative.with their takeout menus for my.restaurants that's what I want to do I.want it if I can add it I just thought.about this also today putting signage.out on the street advertising which of.your tenants are still open for business.you know I think Starbucks in my.properties are closed all their dining.but they're still open for a takeout and.for a pickup so adding possibly possibly.some signage if you're municipalities.allow it to help bring in the traffic.because you know people might not know.that they're open I'm asking for if I.don't already get the sales and the.application I'm asking for the sales if.I don't already have them and then even.for the ones that I have I want them.up-to-date especially in the last four.weeks and if we make a deal I will go.forward running week by week sales going.forward I asked for I'm not asking for a.credit check I had that I think the last.whip you know the last recession we.asked for a credit check I think that.I'm not doing that I am asking for a.personal financial statements and.there's a form in the application also.in the application I asked have they.applied for any help or any assistance.and I've listed the SBA link the.Facebook link and I think we just in.Florida we just got another brand.opportunity I've listed those three.opportunities for people my mom and pop.tenants to even know about they might.not know that and as we're hearing that.we are sending that out to our tenants.via email and in encouraging them to.apply if I make a deal I will document.all deals in writing and I will include.a confidentiality clause which I'm also.giving you I had my attorney draft.you can have your own attorney drafted.I'm not the I'm not a lawyer I'm just a.neck and I know some of you are probably.smirking like well what that what's not.gonna do you can't enforce it I'm just.hoping it's kind of you know puts a.thought in their brain that if they do.share the information they met the.confidentiality clause says that the.deal's off.I know it's hard to enforce that I'm.just hoping that having that in there as.part of the package is kind of a little.reminder another idea that came up in my.discussions with security deposits.I pretty much have two months security.deposits for all of my mom and pops I.brought that up with someone else today.as a discussion and she said she.believes the lenders have to approve us.using security deposits for rents one of.my other partners is checking on that.with our lenders so I don't have the.answer you and obviously you have to.check with your lenders or you know I.have a favorite saying forgiveness.server permission I know you know some.of my friends that's got too much.security deposit that might be their.lifeline and maybe and then and then.planning ahead and letting them refill.the security deposit you know over the.next 12 months.you know 1/12 of the time but definitely.a lawyer so check with your lenders and.do what you feel comfortable but I like.that idea.franchisees I do I did have of my 7.tenants that requested today one of them.is a franchisee.I instructed them to go talk to their.franchisor and get a to me and let.me know what their franchise Arce doing.for them if their franchisor does not.help them I think that should be their.first line of assistance not their.landlord again I wanted to encourage.them to stay open and not close and.anything we can do to help them be.creative and come up with ideas like.signage you know I'm there for them.business center.optional insurance there's been a lot of.discussion about this my insurance.company has said that pandemic is not.covered and then someone else else else.brought up what about force majeure if.the government shuts them down like our.gyms you know with that so I'm also not.an insurance agent so I think you all.need to call they need to call their.insurance agents and we need to color.insurance agents to see what our.policies to cover one of my friends.landlord in South Florida was proactive.she sent a letter to all of her mom and.pops automatically to mom pops not.franchises not nationals and she.automatically deferred their April rent.their March I think just their April.rent and she said you will pay it in the.last six months of your lease 1/6 so if.the rent for April was six thousand.dollars in the last six months of their.least she will add a thousand dollars to.their so their rent statement and she.was being proactive they didn't I don't.even know if they had anyone called her.someone else mentioned what they're.thinking about doing is adding a dollar.to the rent to the based rent and.calculating some kind of formula - how.much deferral that they give I thought.that was interesting I don't know I.think that would be hard to calculate.our tenants biggest costs are obviously.the employees and the rent I saw today.that they are going to come there are.trying to do something with some sort of.package for unemployment but I don't.think that helps us I think our.attendants need to keep these people.employed and that goes back to - goes.back to being creative I'm sorry I'm.just looking at the chat chat box is.going crazy so let me share with you a.few of.the tenants that came to me what has.happened in my life in the last like.five days so that's it started last.Thursday last Thursday I had a massage.an Asian massage place call me and she.said I'm closing and I'm indefinitely.and I hope you're gonna help me so what.I did with her is I sent her the.application package the next day no.nothing happened again until Monday on.Monday one of my tenants nail salon who.does extremely well reached out called.me texted me and said can you talk and I.called him that I said and he said I.just want to let you know I'm closing.today until April first I just wanted to.let you know.did it make an ask just wanted to let.you know he's he's a very successful.business he goes because of hygiene.issues I'm closing okay.the next one I got was I got a call from.to competitive hair salons they were.together in one of the hair salons and.one of the hair salons what should we do.should we close I said how are your.sales.well we both had strong books of.business this week and they're dropping.like flies I said I cannot recommend if.you close or don't close I think that.you should look at your business and.make that decision on your own and then.one of them said well I'm both of us.have paid our rent so now they're.together two competing tenants we both.paid our rent and we both feel we can.pay our a program we're worried about.after that and I said make your decision.door closing I hope you can stay open.and we'll talk about it later they did.not ask I did not send an application.the franchise he reached out today a.cell phone store I said I responded by.saying please discuss your needs with.your franchisor that was to the.franchisee and then home improvement.retailer reached out and said we have no.traffic we're not.closing but we can't parent and I sent.them the application those are all of.the tenants that have reached out and.what I've done with each one so that.that those are my thoughts I mean Co.someone else said another very large.company that has hundreds and hundreds.of shopping centers sent out a letter to.all of their tenants.I believe nationals and locals and they.said we are so sorry that this is going.on it's a crisis for our country yada.yada yada we expect you to pay rent in.full we will not be honoring we will not.be defaulting you or we'll be ignoring.Great Spirit or something honoring grace.periods or not not paying attention to.grace periods so basically they were.saying if you can't pay rent by the.tenth we will default you so that was.another larger company that sends.something out I think that we all as.landlords have short-term concerns and.long-term concerns long term is.obviously asset value and that was going.back to what I said at the beginning of.the call.normally I'm more tough about this but I.think if we can help these mom and pops.over on a month or two hoping that if we.follow in China what happened in China.hopefully in a month or two we are.healthier and we keep them open and in.business one of the tenants that called.me I didn't mention her so another.somewhat massage place a foot massage.person called and then I literally had.to talk her off the ledge she I think.she was she had sent me a text and an.email and she I'm gonna close my.business I can't afford this I don't.have capital reserves.and I just said let's talk and she goes.I can't even talk to you I'm just so.upset and so that I waited 24 hours and.I called her and I said are you still.open.she said I'm still open but you know.business is down significantly and I'm.like and I'm saying okay well let's.we'll work through this she's a great.tenant she does about three hundred and.thirty thousand dollars in business.twelve hundred square feet I'd hate to.lose her but she was panicking so I.talked her off the ledge I haven't sent.her the application she hasn't asked but.she was just ready to throw up her hands.and end her business which would have.been very not good for me as a landlord.for her shopping center for her so so I.think that as we are getting the.Burridge's I can't imagine you know.Chris rice and I talked about we were.talking do we need a waiver people in.our companies because we have to deal.with so many waivers well when you have.a company that goes from 42 requests to.154 requests and 24 hours the larger.companies that are on the phone the.property management teams your property.managers in the field you know I can't.obviously handle all of this so I do.think temporary teams that will handle.this and can make decisions but again I.think after we get information I do.think that there are opportunities for.us as landlords to make leases healthier.so I think that if we do help tenants if.for some reason we acquired a shopping.center and the prior landlord gave them.four or five year options can we get two.of those five-year options back.certainly if we have tenants that don't.provide sales that 100% should be a.non-negotiable if we proceed with.helping out the tenant maybe there's a.very wide use clause that we can narrow.down that would be helpful for us going.forward so I do think that we can take.this this these situations.and create opportunities to strengthen.our assets on the long term as we help.our tenants on a shorter term before I.go to questions oh yeah so Chris.president chief production officer I.don't want to create a title or a.position because hopefully this is going.to be done in 60 days right but the last.thing the icsc two days sent a letter.that we all need to send to our.congressman and our representatives it.took me it didn't take me ten seconds.the way they gave it to us.you know it self populates your.information and when it sends out they.knew which three state representatives.to send it to please please please we.have 500 people on this call 500 letters.should be going out at the end of this.call because you know we are a powerful.group we do have a lot to do with small.business and we can all make a.difference I think by sending out that.letter and if you don't have the icsc.letter text me when we hang up and I.would get it to you so now what I want.to do is I hope that helps I want to.start answering some questions either if.you want to unmute yourself or I can.answer them from the shaft.I think figure out how to do it so any.questions data verification must be part.of the application process trust but.verify absolutely part of my application.is three months bank statements I put in.things that I'm that hopefully we can.verify but if any of you have any great.ideas of how to verify better than what.you see in my package email it and I'll.send it out to all of you and and.obviously this application is for you.guys to take and amend in whatever.manner you see fit for your own assets.so someone just said did we get the.force in this your letter from Subway.and everyone's writing for everyone.that's got subway it's a tenant.I guess they sent out a letter I don't.have a subway so but they sent a force.majeure letter so I think that you guys.need to ask your attorneys on what to do.about that I don't I don't want to.represent you know myself as an attorney.what type of time frame do you think is.acceptable for the landlord to respond.oh good point another one of my friends.larger tenants lar larger landlords said.that they are not making a decision for.30 days I don't I think that is.[Music].to law personally Chris what do you.think about that I mean I know things.are changing and maybe we don't we can't.make a decision but I think we could.lose tenants quickly if we don't answer.them in 30 days.so personally I'm gonna be responding.probably once they get me the.application full of all of the.information I've asked for which is.going to take them a few days and when I.found the last time we went through this.is so serious people fill it out and the.people that are trying to take advantage.don't because it's work they have to.compile information and they have to.work so I do think for me once I get a.full package I will respond within 24.hours I'm not going to wait 30 days.because I don't want to wake up in 30.days and have four or five vacancies.that I could have done something about.margin so mortgage companies are.currently considered a yeah so other.people have said that they've asked.their mortgage companies to go to.interest-only go for it.I know let me see if I can unmute you.[Music].[Music].how I find out if what I do with sales.is I asked them to give me what they.report to the state government so in.Florida they have to give a certain form.that's for my one if they're going to.lie to the state government I want the.same lie.I'm trying to move everybody you guys.it's not working I'm sorry they're.they're making more money I'm trying I'm.trying I'm trying.I am as soon as we hang up are you.including the rent referrals on the good.guys are just the lead on the least for.small tenants are you including the rent.referrals on the good guys are just on.the lease for small tenants I don't know.what that means during this time is it.to try no you should if a mom-and-pop is.trying to sell their business I don't.think now is the time to do it.have you ever heard of the vacant.drive-in movie theater movie theory when.it comes to whether or not a landlord.you should throw a tenant a relief a.lifeline have you heard of the vacant.drive-in movie theory no I'm not heard.of that sorry how do you decide to waive.or defer rent I think we should all.defer rent I don't think anyone should.waive rent for sure I would only defer.so the end of the term or that's what I.would do I would only defer I wouldn't.wave it at all.sales paxton be aware that if your bank.gives you relief it may hinder your.ability to borrow in the future from.that Bank major banks keep track and.often count that as a default a default.may disqualify you from borrowing from.that bank in the future that would be.important thing to check any other.questions we've been trying to respond.within 15 days and have been.communicating that so another company.said they're trying to respond within 15.days I'm looking to see if there's any.other questions that I didn't answer I'm.curious to know I'm curious if anyone.knows whether property owners can go to.their banks call your lenders people are.calling.lenders now some of my friends have gone.from amortized loans to interest only I.will put a link on my website for the.ICSE letter good idea we all know and we.should all be sharing that we should be.sharing that our tenants should be.sending that letter out it's so easy.earlier this week we had a handful of.tenants who unilaterally call closed.without calling or texting we saw it on.social media before the government shut.down do we take a different approach to.those who don't reach out I would I find.that shocking that you had a number of.tenants that closed without reaching out.to you my guess is that they were.already super weak because I mean that's.shocking to me my guess is those tenants.were in big trouble already and that's.what happened yeah this is a good.question I don't have the answer to it.if you give the tenant retro leave and.then they get some grant assistance.should the landlord get a benefit from.that and how do you track that the big.question is how do you track that I.don't I don't know how you would track.that but in my application I say have.you applied and if you have what have.you applied to I just if someone has a.great idea of how you would attract that.I have no idea I think that if the.government starts giving grants to.tenants they should have their landlords.sign releases like permits because the.landlord's shouldn't get the shaft when.if the tenants do start getting some.some help if rents are adjusted don't we.need to amend the leases to document yes.any anything you do you should document.in my opinion I'm sure there will be new.lease language for future this leases to.protect against Co tendency clauses and.interruptions of as I'm sure there's.going to be a lot.changes in the future based on this I.think that I believe I got all of the.questions on the chat I think if you.have any more questions I'm going down.to the bottom of this chat if you guys.would you suggest deferring the rapper's.yes can I sell the closet during this.time no you cannot sell the plaza during.this time if you if you have if you're.in my opinion I mean unless you're.already under contract and someone's.doing due diligence but even then I.believe that that no one's selling a.shopping center during this time get a.personal guarantee with money if you.don't already have a personal guarantee.someone is recommending getting one if.you give the deferral what about the.business that has been shut down by the.government yeah that stinks for him and.it stinks for us same I think I think.everything I've just said applies to.people shut down by the government and.not shut down by the government if you.have a strong tenor would you consider.if you have a strong tenant would you.consider giving the tenant or free rent.period if they're exercising option.early I think that's something that I'm.probably going to be considering but I'm.concerned that they're gonna want.something for it beyond just a deferral.but I'm looking at all of the terms and.conditions in my lease if I'm going to.do a deferral I'm going to then look at.like I said earlier options annual.increases exclusives kick outs con.tendencies all of that I'm gonna look at.all of that any thoughts of what can be.done to scale down in kam for sure.garbage I mean a lot of our I think a.lot of.a lot of restaurants that are not doing.the sales I think that's like 20 minutes.before this call I called my property.manager and said reduce the garbage but.landscaping in Florida you can't you.can't stop doing the landscaping if.anyone else has any other ideas jump in.on how to reduce cam I actually stepped.up cleaning last week and I usually.pressure cleaning quarterly and I told.my property manager to pressure clean by.the restaurants with hot water and.bleach just for the book cleanliness.thing so I'm adding costs with that with.cleanliness how would you treat a tenant.that was supposed to open this month and.start paying rent I talked to them.they're probably going to delay their.opening and I would just delay their.opening and defer the rent commencement.and the opening to the end unless it's a.you know I'm negotiating with quest.right now the lab you know the lab.people I think there are some tenants.you know I said to to Kara let's go find.some tenants that one open now and we.she actually got attended that called.her today for Tim for attempt beliefs.and I said do it so being creative and.trying to figure out you know hospital.uniforms being demand and will like the.uniform people want a temp store yeah if.tenants close without calling you I.would say the deal's off I wouldn't.discuss it how do you not call your.landlord when you're closing for.business I mean maybe not that first day.but all of my tenants all of them called.me prior to the three or four that.actually closed well he called me before.I'm going to email the application I got.a renewal done with Albertsons on Monday.good for you I'm waiting for a devious.lease and I'm hoping I get it I'm hoping.the Nationals.especially now that.traveling I'm thinking you know those.managers are traveling so they can get a.lot of deals done I hope we'll see.prospecting so I posted this on LinkedIn.you know the queen of prospecting I do.think it's a little insensitive to be.facebook prospecting I said last week.now it's the time to do great get your.kids involved Facebook profit probably.not a good time then someone else I.linked and said we'll wait a minute we.could reach out and you know just kind.of chat or be caring not be that you.know the typical salespeople maybe I do.think that we have to be careful and.he's thinking about restaurants.yesterday she goes yeah it wasn't going.well so and what about renewals that.we've been working on would you defer.negotiations now I would because I think.that those tenants that you're working.renewals on now are not in the right.headspace if you can wait 30 days I.think hopefully with what we're seeing.with China in 30 or 45 days we're gonna.be in a much better position so I would.I would you know kick the can on that.for 30 days if you give a tenant relief.and then they I don't know about them.getting assistance from someone else.would you advise if you can with.reserves to further the next three.months of rent and extend the lease by.such term possibly longer so so if they.were coming up for renewal salad would.you advise if you can with reserves.defer the next three months and extend.the lease keeping them calm I think.keeping them calm if you want them in.your shopping center I do think that we.are going to be part leasing agent and.part part.counselor we need to keep our tenant.calm and if we want them to stay and I'm.there are time there.that's all yesterday that there are.tenants they they don't want them to.stay and this is an opportunity you know.that's a case-by-case asking for ongoing.bank statements maybe is one way to.track if the tenant received a grant or.loan assistance well I think I think.loan assistance is different than a.grant I would love for them to all get.grants and not really low is because.loans is just going to burden them even.more I have had four deals tanked in the.last ten days and three closed with a.few that will come back to life once the.landlord determines whether it should be.over the new tenant a few more months of.free rent yeah deal we've had we've had.we had one deal tank and I'm hoping the.other two or three we have on our plate.are going forward in the rental.application I'm listing the SBA link I'm.listing the Facebook link and a listing.of Florida a state of Florida link I max.I've been asked to waive rent for the.next six months and add it to the end.I'm considering asking to be caught up.on rent sooner than the end what if the.tenant fails I I don't have a crystal.ball I think I don't think you should be.waiving rent waiving rent that means not.having any rent for the next six months.is a bad call I think deferring and I do.think this this might be something well.that we're doing month to month the.month unfortunately but again hopefully.this is done in 45 days and you know and.there are people like the National.tenant I spoke about earlier is they've.asked for a 50% wrap so you can consider.doing 50% rent but I personally I would.only be talking to my tenants right now.about April and and I know I don't have.500 shopping centers so those of you.that do can't do case by cases on this.but I don't think I would be doing the.snacks.tenant in the event I do help them.they've asked for 90 days I maybe I.would do 60 but I wouldn't I'm not gonna.do anything certainly more than 60 I.don't think that I'm gonna be puffing.positive and think that we're getting.back to business by that point okay I.see I'm seeing the same questions.yes I'm sending the application for.Turing yes thank you.I do think we can reduce the portering.we don't need Porter's six days a week.if we don't have traffic at our centers.someone said HVAC maintenance contracts.I don't have any of those but yes that.would be a good idea.what about parking lot lighting.attendants are closing early so I keep.my parking lot lights on you know from.sundown sundown to sunup for liability.purposes I would not reduce my parking.lot lighting reduced frequency suite.reduced frequency of sweeping turn off.utilities and vacancies where weather.Hall allows hold off on minor repairs.I like the sweeping reduction lack of.traffic I keep my utilities on to my.vacancies if I have 20 vacancies I don't.but I only have two or three and I keep.the lights on at night because I'm.hoping someone will leave space for me.when they see it at night there's a.fantastic tool for disinfecting patios.and there's a link this is this is a you.guys should check to check some of these.these chats.it's a Clorox system and a mist is an.individual on the lease with a shelf.company personally liable on the good.guy for the rent deferral well if.there's any doubt first of all talk to.your attorney if there's any doubt then.I would make them sign personally for.the rent deferral okay have your Porter.be your eyes and ears since that's what.we so my property manager with all of my.people are working from home but my.property manager drove every.pretty took a picture of every sign in.every window that talked about posting.new hours or if they closed or not and.is keeping a daily list up but if you.don't have property managers that can do.that your properties having your.reporter or someone to give you.community to communicate because I do.think it's important ninety days from.now or whenever we're back to normal.when did they close what was the day.that they closed account your.accountants are going to want to know.that asphalt repairs.I always fix the potholes liability fix.the potholes for my Bible on occupancy.cost I still end because it's Larry has.a lot of information on here if you guys.wanted on his positions he's a lawyer on.some of these situations check his 540.comment read that but consult your.lawyers consult your insurance companies.and consult your lenders was this.helpful I hope this was helpful next.week I'm doing the webinar for CRM.because now some of your leasing agents.have time to start using it and I'm.going to have five or six users talk.about all of their different CR CRM.products that they use and I'll be.posting that on LinkedIn thank you guys.please be safe and I hope this helped.

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