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Instruction of Sfn 616 Nd Form

[Music].Memorial Day is more than a day off from.work it's a day to reflect on what.others sacrifice in order to make our.country strong and what better way to.honor those who serve than by showcasing.the national pastime today we are proud.to present the orange and black paying.tribute to the red white and blue it's.Memorial Day baseball and it's all.coming up next.[Music].[Applause].[Music].the weather is cleared up here on this.Memorial Day in Denver as we get ready.for Giants Rockies baseball game 1 of.this three-game series welcome to NBC.Sports Bay Area and it's powered by.Xfinity.hiking everybody on Dwayne Kuiper.alongside me is Mike Krukow well.everything looks good for a nice.baseball game on this Monday night and.on the mound for the Giants is going to.be a ruck Andy Suarez and Mike if you're.that little guy on his shoulder what.would he be telling Andy Suarez well he.needed to take it up to another level.right now Andy swerves is coming off his.last three starts where is he ra is 9 0.14 innings 14 runs but 27 guys have.gotten on base if this ballpark you.can't walk people he's got to believe.his stuff he's got to trust it and try.and give the Giants something they have.only had five times in the last 20.starts and that's a start we go six.innings or more good news behind the.dish.Buster Posey alright we're in Denver for.Game one of the series when we come back.we will have the items.first pitch right after this.you.you.and fees vast transparency and by.jack-in-the-box try the new Cholula.buttery Jack part of the buttery Jack.family only a jack-in-the-box.all right back here in Denver and our.game time weather is presented by the.Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Hank great.time to get to the mission report one is.open daily 59 degrees you see the winds.and humidity there is chance of rain but.we're in Denver of course as a chance of.rain.Warriors playoff central is airing right.now at NBC Sports Baria Plus which can.be found on the channels listed on your.screen if you can't find.Plus log on to NBC Sports very calm or.call your TV provider.here's the Giants lineup and it's.brought to you by Southwest Airlines you.know be Hernandez McCutchen and Posey.followed by belt belt will be the.cleanup hitter than its Longoria.Crawford in Williamson Tomlinson will.hit eighth and Suarez Niners all right.on the hill tonight for the Colorado.Rockies will be the right-hander and.that is Chad Bettis this what he has.done in 10 starts one with a330 er a the.Giants on the San Cisco they got three.runs up in six innings when you take.your bats against better sugar you're.gonna see a guy that uses four pitches.and he uses them about the same a.fastball that's can be low 90s high.eighties 20 mins changeup curveball.slider and he'll throw anything anytime.he's a command guys a control guy and.the first pitch of the ballgame is.called strike.so we get started at 6:05 Venice.lifetime against the Giants two and.three with a four 370 RA.[Applause].and it would go to hey our first time.like to check out the new scoreboard.well it's really sweet it's beautiful.not made any mistakes in this ballpark.beautiful of course.field.Hernandez fouls it out of play hitting.315 with five home runs.18 runs batted in.[Applause].Rocky's sorry first place Giants.trailing by three games.this is a different Rockies team in that.and they're ranked 2nd in defense in the.National League their staff er a 4.36 er.it's better than the Giants whose staff.er E is four or five five but this is a.Rockies team that ranks 11th in the.league offensively the Giants on the.other hand they ranked third and both.scored the same amount of runs little.Jam shot and this may be trouble and it.is trouble rookies Hernandez found out.the ball was carrying the right field so.that's where he went.parent let's take a look at the.defense's the Rockies will employ.tonight it'll be Cuevas Blackmon.Gonzales and that's your outfield the.best armored right view with Gonzales.story are not oh that's your left side.of the infield McMahon and Desmond on.the right side and Chris Iannetta will.be in the squad put down the sides you.can go to first without smiling at.somebody you know when you're hot you're.hot what Dusty Baker used to always say.when you get jammed you're going good.well he's going good based on that swoon.here's McCutchen.it in 236.and he pops one up.[Applause].this one's gonna be but it's gonna be on.play McCutchen three home runs 20 driven.in he's 4 for 11 his career against Chad.Bettis there is no batting practice.today for either team so we don't really.know how the ball is carrying remember.they do have a humidor here they've.humidify the balls and there's humidity.in the air so you're not going to get.the normal carry that you usually see.here at Coors Field but it's still alive.on the ground foul.let's check out the exit velocity on.this swing the bat and it was it 39.miles per hour I'm not making it up but.that will make you smile telling you.it's thinking who's gonna go five for.five McCutchin is two for 17 on the road.trip close pitch called by Quinn Wolcott.Kellogg Hudson and oil from first to.third and what cuts a lowball guy he's a.pretty good breaking ball on fire he.will give corners on both sides of the.plate he usually starts out a little.narrow and he widens up as the game goes.on and he could be a bit inconsistent up.around the belt not a bad zone to pitch.to.get the right.it's gonna carry out two things on it's.amazing you forget you're at Coors Field.because that look like a blue and here's.Buster Posey and they moved the fences.back here to accommodate the light air.and trying to give pictures of little.help they created a lot of outfits face.but one thing the ball does here is it.carries the point you just made.Sierra's gone might might have been a.blue here Rutina can of corn.Buster hitting 297 with a couple of home.runs 16 driven in.at the last two days off in Chicago is.his hip has been bothering him and.respect you really just wanted to get.everything calmed down pretty good.stretch of games the Giants had without.any off days but you know what you hear.awful lot at this time of year if it was.the month of September he would play it.really tells you a lot about April and.May is it guys can play through injuries.but why this early in the season he.played through an injury now it may lead.to an injury that put you on the.disabled list.so you err on the side of caution.September a different deal.and a bit outside bust your lifetime.against Bettis is 3 for 13 the guy.that's got ownage on Bettis is on deck.that's belt.[Applause].hello again it's two and one.pound in an outside corner cut.Venice can give you two types of moving.on the fastball and he believes it it's.to seen the ball with blue becoming into.a rowdy who cut the ball going away from.a righty he'll do that in both sides of.the plate there you see the numbers.spelled against Bettis 421 lifetime miss.ownage and a base hit to right field in.your piece is going to make the turn.Warriors playoff central is airing right.now at NBC Sports beer U+ and you can.find that on channels listed on your.screen if you cant find plus log on to.NBC sports very calm or you can call.your TV provider here's belt.belt hitting 350 with 11 home runs.mentioned his ownage 8 419 a couple of.doubles in a home run.the balls and one strike.not challenging for the fastball.belt on this trip never started out in.Houston belt is 6 for 18 and a little.low ball in one strike.[Applause].longoria watching from the on-deck.circle.and check swing foul belt at any dinner.hates that.yeah you kind of feel like you just gave.up a strike what you did you don't mind.give them a strike if they get both.cheeks into a sling but check swing only.one thing worse that's if you put it in.Fair Play.and a nice block by Iannetta.it's 2 & 2.gents just finished a four-game series.with Iraqis at home Rockies won the.first two games of the series Giants won.the last two.the Reds just departed.here's the tutu and belt hits a flyball.to right not be marquise is going to try.to tag Gonzalez is going to throw.and here's one Gloria Carlos Gonzales.has always had where the stronger arms.in National League as a right fielder.and it's a very accurate arm but gorky's.Hernandez had to do is he had to make.him make hard throw so he bluffed off.third got to hard throw is perfect.Longoria for 4:13 checked at for 420 on.the trip.mention the red fur in town the Rockies.took two out of three from Cincinnati.maybe follow the balls and one strike.little anxious.take me to the pitch cast is brought to.you by sofa a modern finance company.again starting a lot of guys off it from.the right side with that first pitch.cutter.outside inside outside inside soft stuff.away hard stuff in when Pettis is right.you won't see many mistakes out over the.river play just stays on the corner lets.his movement run out of the strike zone.and hope you chase.it comes back in tight again it's 2 1.I would imagine even with an open base.here that Venice is going to want to be.aggressive with Mon Toria as hot as.Brandon Crawford has been this month not.a guy you want to face with the bases.loaded he's on deck.get into the left-center field and.nobody's going to get down it flattens.out but this made a lot Buster Posey to.score one it's the sin of the man.here's to throw home.and it's to nothing the two-out hit that.everybody likes to get and the Giants.just got one from Longoria especially.early in this game it was not a mistake.out of rid of the plate and the 2-1.count Bettis went right back in on the.hands what it was is a nice dig by Evan.Longoria and to do it in a two-out.situation see him set up inside that's.right to the glove been arm swing that's.money hitting right there a nice play.from Ron wotus - he knows pose he's.gonna get a two-out jump but he's below.the average running speed.you've got good arms out there and relay.with his Rockies that's a bit of a.gamble I paid off for Crawford 7 for 16.on the trip and he takes low.not had a lot of success against betta.cease to 4:23 but one of those hits was.a home run.and a strike.the first strike.this looks like that's a speed between a.changeup in the fastball.we'll be P fastball.wouldn't surprise me better says that.kind of feel with all his pitches he can.add and subtract.[Applause].Mack Williams.like mention OPP Jen's got in.[Applause].the left or to here.Denver.centerfield for Blackmon.three hits for the Giants too big yet.Longoria Suarez coming out.you.Southwest Airlines it'll be Blackmon.Jameson in Nolan Arenado yes of course.story Gonzalez and Desmond I Annette is.gonna hit 7th and McMann and then Bettis.90 on the hill today eights for the.Giants will be the rookie left-hander.Andy Suarez Suarez six feet tall hundred.90 pounder and this is what he has done.in six starts 104 with five six eight ER.and most of his good starts for his.first three the last three he has had.some problems when he's on you're gonna.see a fastball that go low 90 he did too.and for semen he's got a cutter which is.kind of his hybrid slider he's got a.curveball and changeup and he will throw.anything at any time so both.three-quarter release first time he's.ever faced the Rockies Blackmon takes a.strike advantage at least maybe once.around after that hitters are just.pretty quickly.[Applause].they probably watched every game that.he's fished checked out hitters that.remind them of themselves well you see.the guys are mango you're pretty much.gonna know what his breaking ball angles.gonna be.takes a strike these 12 homeruns 25 runs.batted in higher the arm angle the more.acute the break on the breaking ball.[Applause].and foul.allô 3kf quarter or a high sidearm.delivery you're gonna have a flatter.breaking ball.when you till you get that batter's box.you don't know what the the fastball is.gonna do you don't know if it's gonna.jump out you know it's gonna naturally.have sink or arm side run or cut a nice.pitch meaning that Blackman had to think.about it it's 2 & 2.[Applause].got him.let's take a look at the defense for the.Giants tonight playing behind Suarez.starting in the outfield from left to.right OB Williamson Hernandez and.McCutcheon good arms across the board.the best one in left-field.Crawford Longoria on the left side.Tomlinson bailed on the red side Buster.Posey he'll be in the squat foot down.the sides.whose Noel Cuevas hitting 309 with a.home run for driven.and he shoots this inevitability of Asia.so Cuevas not impressed with the first..and here's our natto.Renato it 3:24 ten home runs 29 runs.batted in.again first time.that these two have faced each other.they may have faced each other during.the spring.[Applause].gasps hi when Walden new strikes.whichever story to follow overshift.design for Arenado the right side of the.interview completely open.[Applause].starts to be careful.strike one is always a good idea at any.time and in any ballpark it was pretty.important in this part.they have this one makes you pay for it.a little more than others a lot more.than others.three you know.I think strike one is so important in.this ballpark you say the same thing.about Cincinnati or Philadelphia there's.some live yards not just Coors Field.anymore Arizona.[Applause].but not only walks but just pitching.behind that that's really a recipe for.disaster some pictures can do it but not.many 24 year olds.storia 236 lots of power 10 home runs 35.runs batted in.[Applause].latest sanera notochord.on the ground foul so Suarez gets back.into the strike zone and its own one no.overshift but I like that that first.pitch from Suarez that's a changeup once.you get strike one with your off-speed.stuff your curveball slider your.changeup now said you can try and.pinpoint your fastball fastball gets a.club like this at a ballpark like this.much more effective on a corner that is.that it was a little plate and you can.do that when you're heading to counter.one.this one misses one ball and one strike.good old one pitch I mean that's his.pitch he's got another pitch to do that.here.[Applause].deep to left and with one swing in the.back.rocky stick to leave.it's a 3-2 ballgame.and like I said even without batting.practice and more humidity in the air.than you normally see it's still Coors.Field.Trevor story's got good tnt in both.hands but he doesn't get his lower body.into this I mean he's got reach and it.goes halfway up the bleachers in left.field just gives you an idea how the.ball carries in this ballpark not that.you need an ideal.I mean look that did not scrape the top.of the wall.so here's Gonzalez.[Applause].so what pedro say about now sound to be.a pretty good game.[Music].[Applause].Gonzalez sitting to 41.[Applause].over ship design and this is pops to.belt two hours and that's a big out.we talked about what has happened the.last three stars who swears he has been.good 1486 about 27 baserunners he's got.to be better boy you're in course Vito.you give up a three-run homer in the.first inning you gotta settle down and.get the next guy out minimize the damage.and that was a nice out for him again.[Applause].Desmond.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].we're average for Desmond but still good.numbers very hittable.came on the back foot.little back foot slider Suarez looks.like he doesn't believe in sure desmond.believes you.[Music].[Applause].I don't think I believe it not seen it.enough minute angle.[Applause].so here's Iannetta.2:21 for home runs 11 groovy.judge slid yesterday in the first inning.three nothing.[Applause].here it's 3-2 after scoring two in the.first.55 minute Randall Oh.[Applause].inside one balda no strikes now let's.take a look at the numbers on the Trevor.story home run pointed out 100.miles-an-hour 409 feet let's put you.halfway up the bleachers.[Applause].[Applause].might be one of those games bike.[Applause].Desmond is back.[Applause].certainly not be the first time.the offense was asked to eat over this.wall part it's kind of I think the.mindset of every offense when you come.in here do you have to score some runs.you said it in the open this Rockies.team is the team that's not really.reached its potential offensively but.the reputation is always going to be.that they can score runs here but they.pitch well they got a great bullpen and.they catch the ball well if you want to.play with the Rockies in their yard.that's what you have to do there's your.challenge.[Applause].and that accused this one too.Thomasina honey the dirtiest Rampal so.what is the hell in the inning.five runs scored here in the first.Giants are coming up.[Applause].you.say eh join USAA in honoring our fallen.heroes three to Colorado second inning.here's Mac Williamson they seen Chad.Bettis.big man takes a calls right.[Applause].[Applause].Collinson to follow to 411 on this road.trip for Matt Williamson.[Applause].how to play should be fun part for Mac.Williamson not just to take batting.practice in but try to get the ball in.the air as strong as he is I think.everybody with power if you have 300.at-bats in this ballpark in a season.[Applause].and a little low to even account.[Applause].Winston's face metus twice lifetimes.over 2.[Applause].[Applause].right up the middle but McMahon and the.overshift is there.that you sees that volga blinding.fixit's evasive no doubt but think about.it for 125 years baseball his table with.two strikes shored enough go back up the.middle.now it's a big league hang with him 120.years that's a base hit grade it bad.here's Tomlinson at 216.look so destroy you know and you see.that why would you.short know me typing all the strikeouts.at baseball well there's one of the.reasons for it right there.guys aren't shortening up and not going.back up the middle of two strikes it's.hard to do when you got a guy stand-in.there defending against you.and in fact the Tomlinson would like to.forget about well join us for a pregame.brunch at AT&T Park on Sunday June 3rd.hosted by See's Candies the opportunity.beyond the outfield one track pregame a.box of seat candies lollipops and a lure.box ticket seat attached take on the.Phillies go to sfgiants.com slash brunch.here's Suarez who's overnight and takes.a strike.I used it for his first big league knock.in order to get that you know what you.have to do you have to swing one and two.but for a guy who's got zero experience.as a hitter tough to learn how to hit.for the first time we here at the big.league we're a three.great last time you had advanced and.this is dribble back to Bettis soros.comes back out it's three to Colorado.you.you.what'd you buy redwood credit union.redwood Credit Union offers full-service.baking for all that you love federally.insured by NCUA.[Music].here in Denver it's a 3-2 lead for the.Rockies Brian McMahon Chad Bettis and.then Charlie Blackmon to face Andy.Suarez.[Applause].McMahon.getting out of the 8th spot takes a call.strike.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].soraa's throws the next pitch down low.[Music].[Applause].suits this one Tomlinson corrugation.Smart Play is brought to you by you.Northern California for dealers on this.date 20 years ago with the Giants lead.by two runs at the bottom of the ninth.two outs bases loaded Buck Showalter and.Barry Bonds intentionally walked did not.get around the next better pitcher.Debrett name hit a line drive to right.field for the last out of the game.Olson got the save d-backs 187 touch.John Vander Waal caught that ball in.right field.baby he had that ball on the nose she.did but hey what Shoalwater came out.smelling like a rose on it.I don't think any of us thought that it.was a really stupid idea.no Bettis takes wide scores has got to.throw a strike it's two balls and no.strikes.I'm being corrected that was Brent breed.who looked an awful lot like John Vander.Waal in right field but thank you for.the guys in the truck keep me honest.bunny.I should know that moving art producer.Jeff Kuiper he's a Dutchman and he knows.all the Dutchman who are playing now and.who have ever played he knows what they.looked like it so thank you Jeff.but I like the way our guys on the truck.breakfast they have every right to go.you knucklehead it was not van der Waal.they'll go you know it might have been.that other guy that Brent guy.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].and this is a good part in poggio.throwback.one thing you definitely appreciate in.the national league is a good fun.[Music].for many Betty but you picture and.that's gotta be the one thing that they.can have to be responsible for.[Applause].and that indeed was a perfect textbook.but you know.eventually guys figure it out but it's.just as much of their job to do that as.it is to get strike one to get it out.it's the little things.[Applause].Backman fouls it out of play.[Applause].[Music].when you're out there in the mound.you've got a lot of things think about.you're not only trying to upset the.rhythm of the guy in the batter's box.you're trying to upset the rhythm of the.guy on base so you got to be thinking.about that command with five or six.different movements field your position.now it takes a strike at 92 and it's.nothing into.the American lady Mia put through a few.interleague games you really don't have.to worry about the responsibilities in.the batter's box.[Applause].but it's a big part of your game you.just can't ignore that if you're in the.National a pitcher.[Applause].a lot of players Suarez comes back in.the strike zone again this doesn't need.to get back in the strike zone huh no.two-count especially against a guy like.Blackmon.[Music].that's you know when you get up to this.level you realize the strength of this.level to speed this level now it's up to.you to get up to that strength level and.learn how to deal with that speed.[Applause].advantage of or two counts.I'm going to take two advantage of one.two counts you don't do it by leaving.them up in the strike zone.[Applause].and another one to hit up the middle bar.is there.Blackman's out McMahon to third wave us.gone up a little bit on plaque down it.in with the basketball and there's no.doubt in my mind that Angie Suarez is.gonna be a big league pitcher for a long.time but he's in the process of learning.what it takes a pitch up here he's.learning at the big league level wave I.saw one pitch and drove a single in the.left field in the first he takes a.strike.[Applause].runs the next pitch inside Arenado is on.deck.[Music].[Applause].Torres gets the sign from closing.nice block by buster.that's a run right there and a lot of.room behind home plate.[Music].[Applause].this uses every bit of that go up looks.like a hit him on the heel you get a.ball coming up that high good luck.you're on your own.Longoria grabs it to end the inning as.gray visits it right on the button.life ain't fair Hernandez to lead it off.it's three to rock.you.brought to you by the habit burger try.the new guacamole crunch our burger at.the habit burger grill it's not the same.without the plain.[Music].free to elite for the Rockies is dorky.Cernan is elite things off.Corky's it's a high drive to left back.as Cuevas here and this game is tied.we're gonna have to add up the two.distances on the two balls that gorky's.is it tonight.well one he hit at 39 miles per hour.this one.oho I'd hire let's take a look at the.pitch he gets they sent an outside.target and that's just a gift at 81.miles per hour he's not fooled gets a.lot of hands a lot of back leg stay hot.gorky's Hernandez and his McCutcheon.takes a strike home run number 6.remember you didn't have any on the.ground a fair ball here's Arenado Stroh.not being able to hang on to it as.Desmond otherwise it'd have been a great.play and McCutchen's got a hit now we.come to expect miracles from this guy at.third base and this would have been one.of those you can add to the list of.miracles we've seen him make over the.years defensively.[Applause].I'm just shocked you didn't throw it all.the way in the air.[Applause].you're right not only one with strongest.arms well no more accurate arms.so here's Buster Posey.[Applause].touch it with his lead.mr. take slow buster Jove of alright.pass Desmond for a basin in the first.and then he was on base in sport when.Longoria doubled.[Applause].not close to a nope let's dig out of the.dirt there by Iannetta.[Applause].the momentum of the ball he cocked his.shoulders as he caught her on a backhand.and he immediately comes up thinking I'm.in position to throw is there an.opportunity at first base he's got a.great honor.[Applause].$3.[Applause].the belt on deck certain arena.[Applause].this one is just a reminder of where.you're at.but it is Denver stuff comes in here.rather quickly but it leaves this is a.mister.[Applause].is that a Wisconsin term that is an.Arizona term it's the only time I ever.heard it the misters up cozy on the.ground to third Arenado back sit down.he's going to pick it up no throw so.we'll see if the official scorer has the.nerve to give Arenado and air I did e5.and he kind of got into a do-or-die.situation with a high back editor that.comes up on him his hands are so soft.you just don't ever see a clang and this.had some clang to it now I don't you.look good.I think it's an error but that's not an.easy play.[Applause].here's belt Bell popped out to right.field of the first.[Applause].switch.[Applause].noria to follow.[Applause].belt on the ground will try to turn this.one that's one.well you never bet against the.shortstop's arm because they always.seemed to be able to add stories got one.of the best artists on this rockies team.he just reached back and let her go and.got the out.I didn't think you had a chance to get.him here's Longoria.[Applause].while Greg came up with a really nice.two-out hit and the first he's gonna try.to do it again here in the third.[Applause].straightaway the outfield slight formal.outside yet field defending Longoria.straighten up.anyone's account.Dodgers and fillies are underway in Los.Angeles drop the force but at the docks.it's for nothing.[Applause].gloria dribbles one foul.[Applause].let's take a look at the numbers on.Gorky Stern and his home run heat at 98.miles per hour he's about 60 miles per.hour harder than his first hit went 382.number six and that's a 10 game history.we already confirmed that in the first.at-bat tonight.great block with run our third.do it too.[Applause].three and two.it's 52 pitches now 53 Bettis.[Applause].fair ball to Arenado Hernandez ties the.game up with his sixth home run of the.season it's it sails into the bleachers.in left.and with that homerun it's 3 to 3 coming.up.[Music].you.you.[Applause].three three ballgame here Suarez to go.after Nolan Arenado which pitches high.one ball and no strikes here another.drew a walk and he was on basement story.hit the home run stories on deck and.then Gonzalez right back to where it.came from and that's almost like a gift.on two pitches yeah that's better than a.strikeout alright next hopes and the.Giants are gonna take on the.Diamondbacks at on Monday June 4th we.celebrate Korean heritage night special.event package will include a ticket see.guys take on the be back Diamondbacks.and a Korean Giants t-shirt reminder to.receive the t-shirt you need to buy a.ticket coded sfgiants.com / special.event so you get that ticket story hit.two home run in the left-field so facing.Suarez now for the second time.[Applause].overshift design and it's why I don't.know.[Applause].[Applause].so.Jojo.[Applause].nothing we've learned about Angie Suarez.I mean he's not intimidated by the.environment we saw it.probably his best game in Arizona when.it was playing very lively.[Applause].stupid sequence change up outside dan.Rather who's that elevated fastball in.local letters.yeah look if you look at him from the.outside in the big stage doesn't seem to.bother.[Applause].you know when he gave up a three-run.homer in the first inning fact that he.silver righted and got the next guy out.he had a guy who was kind of a bad break.but then he closed out the ending I mean.those are things that managers and.pitching coaches watch.here both managers and pitching coaches.say you want to find out how a guy.competes and that's one of those times.would it when he tells you he's a little.ticked off about the home run where you.got to compete against the next guy and.then the next guy after that and so on.and so on.Maria knocks it down not in time.Dave Fleming is on assignment John.Miller will be in with Mike in his four.five and six I'll head over to the TV.side and be back here in the seventh.there's Darren chin.Jos got his Memorial Day hat special day.for John Miller who lost his father in.the Korean War when he was one and a.half years old.here's Gonzales.[Music].[Applause].and see that right they gave story a hit.[Music].[Applause].well they don't have an air up there for.[Music].that's got to be an error it has to be.an error that'll change.inside one ball and one strike.it's too hopper I mean look this is a.tough infield if ball will explode on.you but that's an error.up to minute off the glove of Tomlinson.and it'll be runners at the corners.unforgiving.now that's a hit you know over the years.here but we've seen this infield to.where it was just the hardest hit field.believes like a parking lot here thought.why would you do that you're not given.the pictures anything I mean now it's.it's still fast that's slower than it.once was but comment you made about.unforgiving it's an example but right.there you don't give your midfielders.much range when you have an infield that.has that type of speed.[Applause].Desmond was hit on the foot the first.day.tics inside one ball and no strikes.[Applause].first and third one out.[Applause].download nice play by coaster coaster.[Applause].Iannetta is on deck.that followed to one.[Applause].[Applause].after Tomlinson looking for a double.play ball.the pitch dip Suarez wanted Desmond to.swing it to get the DoublePlay ball.the 31.on the ground intubation sharp single up.the middle Rockies take the lead.walks and air as you can't do it.[Applause].now you can't they have a way of really.coming back to haunt you here.I said side out approach from des burn.an example of the type of speed that.this Enfield has.yeah I think we've seen this infield.little shaggy er the last several years.since they put the humidor in I think.they may have put a quicker infield back.hit this ballpark that is something you.have the decision to do as the home team.you can make an appeal as fast or as.slow as you are.I better rolled out.to Tomlinson.takes a strap.[Music].[Applause].grass how high you cut it the dirt how.soft or how hard it is out front of home.plate those are all things you have.control over if you're the home team.oh and one died Aneta.one ball and one strike.[Applause].and I've seen in fields where the right.side of the infield a second baseman the.first base that didn't have great range.well half the infield was cut higher.slowed the ground balls down and a.strike one two.[Applause].Gonzalez at second and Desmond at first.to run in.GFG.[Music].[Applause].[Music].there's McMahon who's on deck.got good breaking ball.second strikeout for Suarez and that's.where you want to go to swing at it.start it below the strikes don't let.your movement take it below the zone let.him chase in order for a big league.hitter to chase you've got to have some.quickness at the end of that break.that's a good one.McMahon picked up a base hit in the.second.[Applause].sweat in a bit soon so on one horse has.a base to play with but this ballpark.matter who's coming up you hate to see.the bases loaded.[Applause].and the old one here it is pitched.[Applause].[Applause].Rocky's like this young player.you're Belinda.got man can't believe it.Rocky's take the lead John Miller obn.I'll see you back here in the seventh.you.it's brought to you by so fine a modern.finance company for three Rockies were.going the top of the fourth inning on.Memorial Day we're in Denver right now.we'd like to welcome our old pal John.Miller welcome hey thanks nice to see it.missed you in Houston and Chicago and.everybody was asking about you.especially in Chicago it's hard not to.go back there they took it personally.the curveball for a swinging strike one.to Brandon Crawford just know that I.wish I could be there Crawford had been.so hot in the month of May chance fans.knew all about that little light rain is.falling once again here at Coors Field.by the way but as he takes outside for a.ball this is a pitcher who has plagued.him over the years he's had only two.hits in 24 lifetime at-bats against Chad.Bettis and the count goes to 2 & 1 that.one in the dirt.you see the ball well right now he's a.tough out for anybody even guys that had.simona job.yep you'd need to have a slicker on.slickers all over the ballpark nice.backhanded grab by Desmond that is.covered Crawford hit that one sharply.he's old for two in this game well I.think the toughest play is a high back.hander that comes up on us exactly when.Jasmine gets squares up underhand you.want to flip that goes above the belt to.put your cover first job well done.that's why the underhand throwing it's.much easier to throw a hive from.underhand and it is over in.[Applause].here's Arenado.he's the gold Glover year-in year-out in.the National League and he showed why.there and he's playing back in respect.to the power that Williamson has and a.swinging bunt and he the most their.baseman that's just a base hit and for.Arnaud Oh what is so unique about him is.how much he could get on the ball in.that play.and you made it look easy and it's not.Kelby Tomlinson now that's a base hit to.right field and cargo on to throw him.out at first but Desmond was not at the.bag he came up ready to throw and then.Desmond was several feet off the back so.he be reframed now they had Gonzalez.playing shallow in right field and with.his arm um he's always gonna think even.with a guy like Thomas and he's got.great speed he's gonna think he can have.a chance how many times you see the guy.thrown out of first base from the out.for you.probably a half-dozen.the cargo he really wanted to do it.right there it almost happened to me my.first big league hit no yep and this.somebody made a play on you Jeff.Burroughs is playing right field.here's Suarez and it's ball one buzz.Katherine a pitcher for the Braves and.throws it up a hit up line drive to.right field I'm going yeehaw daddy I got.a seven he's gonna throw me out and it.was bangbang.but that was my first big-league nut.that have been bad.called a strike the swans but we're in.Wrigley phenol they have new dugouts at.Wrigley now look nice.they're big it looked like Coors Field.dugouts and my favorite story from the.old Wrigley where they maze had a bet.with I don't know with Russ Hodges five.hundred on her bad about from whether on.her bow would get a hit outdoors that.year or not.her ball was one of the worst hitting.pitchers of all time had only two hits.in his career both at the Astrodome and.and he rips one in the right field at.Wrigley Field and will he jumps up and.hits his head of the dugout and it.knocks him out he's out cold and that.meant he when he went out cold he.thought he was out 500 bucks with the.right fielder throughout Ron Herman.devis throws out Suarez he woke up.little woozy they said hey you don't.know anybody 500 bucks congratulations.you.may not be reproduced or retransmitted.in any form and the accounts and.descriptions of this game may not be.disseminated without the express written.consent of the San Francisco Giants.baseball club LLC there's the rocky.mountain stream out in centerfield in.the Christmas tree farm.I always like it when a guy hits a home.run out into the Christmas tree farm.stream the Giants on the go by the way.great news Giants fans this season once.again you can stream every NBC sports.Bay Area Giants broadcast on your.desktop or mobile device Giants games.streamed on the go on the NBC sports app.I thought we were just showing that.because it's so beautiful out there but.it went so beautifully with the.streaming spot it did I wasn't gonna.read it I love that thing they have out.there behind the wall and that pond.right there I heard forget when Barry.Bonds hit a home run out there they went.out there to go look for it and they.went down there and there was about 90.balls down there that had been hit over.the year from batty practice.but it is it does give you a sense that.you were under watching us.Chad Bettis second time in a row that.he's taken two pitches out of the strike.zone to start his at-bat he was trying.to bunt and move the runner up in the.second inning and finally he did that's.in there strike two call for two three.the Rockies lead the Jets an unearned.run for Colorado in the third inning as.a result of the error charged to.Longoria tough errors both on Longoria.and these are two of the premier third.baseman in the game they both got tough.in between hops in the same inning I.don't think it's the night that favors.the infielder at all this is a very fast.explosive infield and that is all for.Chad Bettis well speaking of Barry Bonds.how far would you go for a Togo brought.to you by togo's pretzel rummy on this.date 12 years ago Barry Bonds hit career.home run number 715 up jung yong kim of.the rockies to pass Babe Ruth on the.all-time list.[Applause].here coach Charlie Blackmon.[Applause].like when it struck out and grounded out.to Brandon Crawford it takes a called.strike.today that Dave Fleming was on the radio.for the historic call and the mic his.mic went out still one of the great.unsolved mysteries everything else.stayed on if you hear the roar of the.crowd.everything except Dave's mic and they.could hear Dave in their earphone the.mic itself was actually working in the.booth itself they could hear Dave's call.a total conspiracy.Toula conspiracy on to the count -.Blackmon.[Applause].blackman you think he was happy to be.home this weekend he had two hits in.each of the three games against the Reds.strikes recall that's four strikeouts in.row for Suarez and he has locked into a.rhythm where he is just painting the.corners down at the knees right now this.is a perfect two strike pitch see you.it's twice at Blackmon has been called.out on strikes and our computerized.strike zone is reading those as strikes.so two down here is Cuevas who has.single go left and lined out to third.Blackmon is not buying that.computerized strike zone argument though.they buss Bluffs the bunt takes ball one.I think if you ask me any big league.player if you would like to have an.electronic strike zone it would be.overwhelming yes we would yes and then.if he had one there he might not have.been too happy with it.[Applause].not hit that hard Tomlinson throws him.out best inning of the game for Andy.Suarez on to the fifth top of the order.coming up Gorky's Hernandez.[Music].you.now the timeless moment brought to you.by Coors Banquet on this date.sixty-seven years ago Willie Mays still.looking for his first career hit was.facing another future Hall of Famer.Warren Spahn and he got his first career.hit it was a home run he hit more home.runs against spawn in his career.subsequently then against any other.pitcher that was the first of 18 home.runs Willie Mays against Warren Spahn.rookies Hernandez drilled Y and into an.out caught by Desmond of course he had.one that he hit 39 miles an hour in the.first inning on which he got a base head.dad evens out.but Heather great at-bat from court.Keith Hernandez meaning I really look.forward to his at-bats now he is so hot.and on the two head game for him the two.last night in Chicago he had three.Saturday at Chicago but you could just.see the way he gets to the batter's box.and he knows he's gonna square it up.that's the kind of body language you.could smell when you're pitching to it.McCutchin skies one Blackman today the.kuchen is now 1 for 3 he had an infield.hit in the third he also lined hard to.the right fielder in the first so here's.Buster Posey who has singled and reached.on an error by Nolan Arenado 299 average.for Buster Giants down by a run for 2 3.[Applause].Chad Bettis on the mound for the Rockies.[Applause].outside ball one he started to settle a.little bit after gorky's hit the homerun.in the third to lead off the inning then.he got into trouble in the McCutcheon.hit and then the error by our annatto.big chance have not done much against.him since then right to the second.baseman McMahon the Giants are gone in.order and he hardly broke a sweat an.entity.Arenado will be coming up.you.Oh military by sharing a photo or video.with hashtag hats off for Heroes for.each post t-mobile will donate $1 to.support veterans Crisfield Denver on.Memorial Day 2018 the Giants and the.Rockies 4 to 3 Colorado is leading and.the power is up as we go to the last of.the fifth inning and right now.Suarez seems to have found himself but.we'll know more after we see this at bat.from Arenado who has walked and bounced.run right back to Suarez and the.curveball is off the outside one ball.and no strikes Trevor story is on deck.[Applause].Arenado hitting well over 300 and.getting a lot of walks there's story.high in the air to right moving.laterally toward the foul line in the.caption Holloway catching his way over.to right-center.so one doubt of his story we launched a.three-run homer in the first inning now.depressive homerun is just his hand.straight to me he's gets out front it.gets off his back leg with a little.slide but the hands stay back and he had.loads in it which an idea why his.consistent double-digit home run totals.are no fluke.not with that type of hand straight 11.home runs for the year now nine of them.have been in this ballpark like a lot of.Rocky's he has a real comfort level here.into the upper deck although such is not.the case so far this year anyway with.his teammate Charlie Blackmon at least.when it comes to home run Blackmon has.only one home run here this year.the road which that's it just doesn't.compute with me.stunned by that it's an odd stat and the.only way you can explain it is just say.there are lots baseball but it it is.impressive especially when your last.year he was one of the finalists for MVP.voting that's the type of a statistic.that will definitely bring guys over to.your side even though you have a lot of.home runs but that you played in the.longest time Denver has really not.helped hitters who've had great years.because of how lively this ballpark is.but that's stat alone I mean it gives.credibility basically the black but.because he's getting more home runs on.the road than here Coors Field that's a.good point.story now the counter to it to Carlos.Gonzalez is on day story had 37 home.runs last units that and a real high.batting average.he's on pace for about the same number.home run so far this year doing it again.but most of those home runs have been on.the road too too.he got him to chase one of those high.fastball for strike one the last time.story was up there but not since I mean.that's a pitch to the Scout that's a.good pitch because we just what you said.he got one strike why not go through.again it's just right get him again.back out of play let's ran to the cow.Jax had three infielders shifted to the.left side of second you see cargo on dak.here's the Giants defensive line the.outfield is deep pretty much straight.away only belt is on the right side of.the infield he's equidistant between.second and third strike three call and.again strike zone said yeah good call.[Applause].good Wolcott is a lowball umpire he will.give some wits on either side of the.plate this thing is right there down and.in and I mean that is a perfect pitch.and on a 3-2 count hitters will always.argue it pictures are always defended.now Wolcott didn't ask him to or didn't.order him to pick up his bat yeah what's.up with that there is cargo and he takes.a called strike at the most right there.I take a look at me that's just.caressing the inside corner of the.strike zone one the count.yes James Roy the third-base umpire made.the call it's on two now two down nobody.on the Giants with three infielders.bunched up on the right side and.Longoria is over it shortstop Crawford.is actually playing the second base.position now in the dirt outside now.with a one ball two strike count.Longoria and Crawford flip-flop.[Applause].ask.how that works wanted to weigh inside.but one thing that the Giants know has.every other team the league that faces.Carlos Gonzalez from left-handed.pitchers he will chase breaking balls.out of strike zone that has always been.tough for him to layoff break the balls.down below the zone to a to the count.struck him out he went out of the zone.on a low fastball that time on the.inside down and in heater perfect.seventh strikeout on to the sixth.Brandon Belt coming up.you.there's gonna be Jeff Samardzija the.right-handed.the left-hander take a look at their.record so far this year so March of 103.freedom four and five and you'll see.that game right here.that's our Wells Fargo a look ahead.Brandon Belt comes up belt is over to.him pop fly to shallow right and a.ground ball DoublePlay.Bell was over to 11 days ago in the.Giants face Bettis in San Francisco the.Janssen is sick sending we're down three.to one.to Bettis and the belt came up and hit a.two-run homer the deep right-center and.that tied that boy.[Applause].so this if history will repeat itself.here belt.has had a history of doing pretty well.against Bettis in the past came into.this game hitting 421 lifetime against.him that's a foul tip 2 & 1 now I've.given it to him on the 200 Cal that.change.[Applause].during this hot streak for brandable you.haven't seen him reach a whole lot he.has been fooled by a mixture of speeds.Arenado is overage we know that's going.now with the to a two-count - Oh change.up to one cutter.Longoria on deck granted Crawford do.three trips a base hit to right field.nice leadoff at-bat.it's his ninth career hit in 22 at-bats.versus Bettis so here's Longoria who.started the scoring in this game and he.did a shot into the gap in left center.to knock in two runs with a double.grounded out to third his next time he's.won 4-2.eight homers 26 batted in leads the club.with 15 doubles.[Applause].and the right-field line foul.tomorrow's game.5:40 first pitch California time Pacific.Daylight Time also 5:40 on Wednesday.after which the Giants will come home.and fightin Phils will be coming in on.Friday at AT&T Park.Rhys Hoskins & Company.into the cap again left-center field two.hops to the wall then 2/3 he's being.waved story would not make a strong.another double and the third RBI of the.game for Longoria four to four talked.about.ten Venice is a guy that doesn't make a.lot of mistakes out over the middle this.is the second one this inning that is.right there on a tee and Longoria who's.seen him well just drops the head black.men to center fielder I mean he had none.chance.and Brandon Belt score from first double.with leaking oil by the time he got the.whole plate.[Applause].hundreds six miles an hour off the bat.of evan longoria man he smoked that one.here's Crawford check swing did he go no.no she's James Olli.at this time hey the airs thin up here.he showed a picture Brad the belt a snug.at it he was looking for Samara you know.I asked longoria I said if you played it.before having been a career my American.labor.he said yeah couple of times I said.how'd you like this ballpark there's.well I like it all right but I need.oxygen that's back to business and he.got it then the wild sort of first.Crawford will have to go back as the.carom came right back to Desmond.well Bettis field his position extremely.well there and he was able to throw out.Longoria who were just sure that ball.was going to get past it you know if.you're in runner second page the rule is.if the ground balls in front you stay.there if it's behind you.you go and he's reading up off the fat.he's thinking it's gonna be behind him.he's not counting on Bettis making the.good play but then it's kind of an.awkward play because of how far.Arenado was off the line he never did.get back to the base.[Applause].so here is Mac Williamson on 1.Williamson has grounded out to second.and.he was victimized by an Arenado and an.outstanding play to get him from behind.third base back in the force he's over.to Crawford the runner at first one out.of the inning.as well as right now.Florida for sixth inning Giants have.eight hits in this game now but they're.not getting many with runners and scrubs.as she one hit in six at-bats for the.runner at second or third or both Roy.has knocked in three of the four runs.Crawford dive safely back one thing.about you see the shifts put on you see.guys move way out of position it alters.the way that a play can be made.see three infielders on the left side of.second base here are defensive waves.Steve you gotta win me with Crawford up.they had are not away off the line at.third base.[Applause].Denis I mean when he got that ball he's.they could play at third.wasn't that easy for Arnaud Oh get back.a good position to make that play.[Applause].and he found chipped that ball still.alive CR dot o 1/3 the seer he got the.ball and he never could get back to face.and he want to get a pretty pretty good.plate just because of the timing of the.play Chad Bettis didn't really have that.much margin for error no I guess he.didn't get that ball not a foul tip so.Williamson swung and missed of the ball.in the dirt that time badly fooled it.becomes Tomlinson.craw hurt at first and that's a base hit.and a curveball and he drilled it second.straight hit for Tomlinson and Pablo.Sandoval's going to come up now John's.bullpen is busy with Reyes moranto.warming up bob was gonna hit for Suarez.[Applause].there is Murata.near the Christmas tree farm.[Applause].Papa's had a BA in Wrigley Field beating.out what looked like a pretty routine.play in Wrigley Field get the time on.that cuz that's max effort right there.[Applause].an RBI on that one and high-fives.attaboys a nap was for Andy Suarez in.the dugout would he absolutely settle.down after the first inning seventh.strikeout night five innings job well.done.[Applause].two men on Giants had tied the ballgame.looking for a clutch hit here from Pablo.but strike one he gave up a three-run.homer in the first inning.and you're wondering how is it how is he.going to go how's he gonna handle this.what's he gonna go what you gonna do.from here.and after that he gave up one on her run.[Applause].base hit to left field Crawford's going.to be waived by wotus here comes a.throne cut off the throw to third and it.would have been late anyway but not.happened by story malasada dog delivers.in the clutch and Kelby Tomlinson with.some very daring base running makes it.into third five to four Giants bobble.Santa ball just makes the move from.Bruce Bochy look good with that swing of.the bat Steve Foster the pitching coach.for the Rockies gonna come out trying to.calm things down there is no activity.yet in the Rockies bullpen although.we're starting to see a few guys move.around.but Santa ball when you've seen him use.that side of the field for the left side.a lot and guard the left here paid off.the Big Daddy Suarez has a chance to get.a win tonight.[Applause].watch the pitch on the outside corner.with to see movement going away just go.with the movement the opposite way a.two-out jump from proffered no doubt.about Ron wotus ending cropper.there's the daring play you're tight.about John with Kelby Thomas and getting.the third so here is score Keith.Hernandez along the right-field line and.cargo gets there just in fair territory.to retire gorky's and the giant the two.runs would score 5-4 giants.[Applause].you.victory of their until there's a cure.day presented by Jalad sciences and the.Giants Community Fund in 1994 the chives.became the first-ever professional.sports team to host an hiv/aids.awareness game so join us at the.ballpark as we honor those that have.made this annual fundraiser for AIDS.prevention education care and services.possible reyes moranto in from the.bullpen in relief of Suarez and there's.ball one when it's time for a change.think speedy oil change and auto service.your oil change tune-up and the great.experts who picture now for the Giants.Reyes Murata 23rd time he's come in this.year that a good solid season 15 hits.allowed 23 and 2/3 for the hard-throwing.softly hit Tomlinson old man that took a.really bad.another example of how hard the infield.is nothing has been easy for any encoder.today.charge it he knows he's got a hurry.because of the speed of Desmond Paul not.hit hard but watch it come up I don't.think he ever touched it with his glove.that ball hits him up over looking above.the wrist and they're gonna charge him.with an error well they should.she left the tarp off there in the rain.a little hard out there.[Music].and ball one to Iannetta hearts or who.did you bid to high nineties.curveball a slider.Giants leading five deform.[Applause].the last of the sixth inning Desmond.and he was later that fastball at 96.miles an hour.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].McMahon the rookie is on deck.[Applause].Janice bullpen is busy again back of.moranto the left-hander will smith not.throwing out there.[Music].his Will Smith with Matt her just a.bullpen coach alongside her kisses one.get warmed up in these building many a.time over the years and Musgrove.Harrison Musgrove the left-hander up in.the Colorado pen.[Applause].this could be trouble down the.left-field line and it's in the most.part by Longoria.[Applause].it never gave up on that one and almost.tracked it down I'd have bet close at 50.yards trying to trail this thing down.you do have a lot of room on the sides.for your quarter in fuel or outfielder.Liguria almost pulled it off now he made.some oxygen.[Applause].Harrison must grave by the way warming.up in the Colorado bullpen that Musgrove.Musgrave and in our case we must get it.right.we must that's our job.wanted to to iron edit.[Applause].trans men to move today bringing up.Derrick Rodriguez from the minor leagues.from triple-a Sacramento there he is out.of the bullpen Derrick this son of Hall.of Famer Yvonne Pudge Rodriguez the.great catcher has drafted as an.outfielder by the twins who then.converted him into a pitcher in 2014 the.highest level he ever got to it the.trends was double a strike 3 with the.off-speed pitch it's good curveball.that's gonna be it Pudge Rodriguez Hall.of Famer one of the all-time great.catchers and one of the great arms he.was a weapon behind the plate and he had.power.[Applause].these are all those guys would you watch.him play you knew you're a watch of the.future hall-of-famer there's just no.doubt about it and he indeed is a.hall-of-famer well tonight his son is a.big leaguer Derek Rodriguez who also has.a very strong arm needless to say Will.Smith in for the bull pen.the McMahon due up we'll be right back.you.of course field in Denver and the new.picture of the Giants is Will Smith and.relief of moranto with a runner at first.one out in the left-handed hitter coming.up McMahon great numbers for Will Smith.at his first 11 games since coming off.the disabled us he's been fantastic 11.strikeouts at nine at two-thirds.fastball curveball slider basically but.really acute angles of all over.very very consistent to the strike zone.of all of his.Gerardo Parra has come out on deck with.the pitcher due up next Desmond who is a.threat to steal back to the back Rockies.have done well not that they have been.real prolific in terms of base daily but.they've had 33 steals have only been.thrown out seven times.it's a foul out of play and dad's been.the runner at first is one of those guys.who can steal he's had five steals for.them second-most on the team.this desert at first the first base.coach Tony Diaz chatting with it.McMahon has singled to center and struck.out looking the top prospects in the.Rockies farm system.[Applause].one ball one strike now.[Applause].[Applause].there goes the runner a swing and a Miss.and this early descent of here now.Desmond but later they had Lika third.and he makes it.it looked like Posey kind of hooked this.ball he comes out he doesn't get into a.high position with his arm and throws a.one hop sinker now.Desmond does not get a great jump off a.second base I don't know if you saw this.ball Michelin that's a late start to.first belt to the plate boom and he he.just ran home plate.it's straight to the face or to the.plane who's gonna be out put a smile on.Buster Posey as well as the umpire Quinn.will guide a little entertainment right.there yes one thing about Brandon Belt.you know he has a great glove over there.but he could throw that's perfect.so now we have the Aztec two-step dance.and Desmond does it well you know.she doesn't have to leave with home.plate guy has nowhere to go except a.home plate but he was juking and jiving.finally tagged him out here is Gerardo.Parra now evening is over for Chad.Bettis.[Applause].[Music].para veteran left-handed hitter 276.average with three home runs a 321.on-base average.see if they if they stride steel McMahon.here.[Applause].probably not at this point as Williamson.has it so good work there they had a.runner at third one out and they do not.score five to four Giants today on this.Memorial Day.USAA honors our fallen heroes.you.Toyota dinner through six full innings.of play it is the Giants five runs on.ten hits the Rockies have four runs on.five hits four errors in the game.tonight and the star of the show really.has been Evan Longoria two for three.with a couple doubles three RBIs and.Andy Suarez gave up three in the first.inning settled down gave them five gave.Bochy five solid ending struck out seven.and that's our Toyota game summary right.now when a Stanford chasing speedy oil.change and out of service your oil.change tune-up a break experts new.picture now for these Rockies is going.to be Harrison Musgrave the left hander.former starter who has been converted to.a relief guy before pitch pitcher and.here to tell you all about it once again.a pallet wait got my writing and.McCutchen stands in or the condom no.balls and one strike.[Applause].kuchen one here.and repacked.[Applause].such fouls in at the plate.[Applause].Buster Posey on deck and then belt is.good spot in this lineup too.at an insurance run or five.or five.[Applause].do it too.[Applause].Venice started now it's musgrave.[Music].[Applause].fall back.the Giants war has started karate and.Smith.turns outs Morris end up striking out.seven.I thought he did great him yeah he could.have gone either way after the first hit.he give it up a three spot considering.what he had done the previous restarts.and he had three rough starts.[Applause].and the kuchen got fooled and strikes.out swinging now on the next home since.Sunday June 3rd.the first 35,000 fans are going to.receive a 60th anniversary Willie.McCovey bobblehead and it's presented by.Chevron sfgiants.com.who's Buster Posey Buster's one two.three.[Applause].got to follow.[Applause].changeup we mentioned Musgrave a former.starter and he's got the fastball.curveball slider changeup prior to this.season he had been 77 games in his.four-year minor-league career he had.started 75 of those games.[Applause].tried to come inside he did the Buster.maybe do you want to throw that for a.struggle I think he put it right where.he wanted at that ot counter Musgrave.one of four left-handers the Rockies.have in their bullpen.on the ground to Arenado.[Applause].[Applause].yours belt.Belt opened up the six of the base it.eventually scored so he's 1 for 3.this evening contest as he waits in the.pitch.it's striking at all.[Applause].I think that hit the microphone head-on.right behind home plate.it's almost like he was trying to do.that on purpose it's one ball in one's.right.belt pop-up that's gonna reach the seats.[Applause].and a scramble.yep.please have a good seat now he's got a.seat here it's the billion-dollar mom.smile right there.[Applause].Bell little dribbler.[Applause].and I'll end the inning so Musgrave with.a very very nice seventh-inning the.Giants had sent seven men to the plate.in the 6th and Musgrave goes out gets a.1-2-3 7th inning.the scheme was delayed at one point by.55 minutes due to rain so on this.memorial date we're just patiently.waiting for the PA announcer to announce.the ciggy Nova I believe god bless.america.country with the performance of god.bless america.performing god bless america today.representing the Navy Band of Northwest.his chief musician Evan this please.welcome chief musician vist and join him.by singing along - god Bless America -.the oceans.Bless America my home sweet home god.bless our merry car my.[Applause].you.brought to you by Southwest yes too low.fares with nothing to hide.that's transparency by Heffron and.insurance brokers insurance and.financial services for you and your.business visit Hef I NS calm and by.Xfinity x1 will change the way you.experience TV here in Denver the Giants.with a 5-4 lead his Will Smith goes back.out to face the top of the order and.that would be Charlie Blackmon and then.Noel Cuevas and then Nolan Arenado.News Blackman and the pitch black man.has not been that happy with Quinn.Walcott to home plate umpire.but look I looked at some of the replays.thanks those pitches have been strikes.yeah I think so.[Applause].kind of the classic case of somebody's.going to get their picture is going to.be upset or the hitters going to be able.to that's where those pitches were they.were right on the outside corner at the.knees.he goes back and looks at I mean it's.close enough there he needs to protect.it let's put it that way.cf Dyson.[Applause].heating up.can't fouled a bigot wanted to.[Applause].and that's exactly what hitters pitchers.both do after the game they go back and.then look at close pitches they did get.or pitches that went against them a lot.of times I don't even wait till after.the game they'll go back in find out.during the game.[Applause].on the ground foul big high hopper.[Music].have all newts here at Coors Field play.commando no gloves oh yeah.no sceptic me.[Applause].in the center field that one's gonna.open up meaning with a basic.here comes the skipper.so it's gonna be Dyson coming in.when it's time for a change think speedy.oil change an auto service your trusted.oil change tune-up and brake experts.will be back.[Applause].you.billion dollars download beat the street.today in the App Store or on mlb.com /.BTS.[Applause].five four Giants are leading Dyson comes.in to face the right-handed hitting in a.well Cuevas.Will Smith was going to play it face.Charlie Blackmon it and no matter what.happened niacin was going to get the.ball as it is he inherits the ball for.the 25th time but first nobody out in.the ground ball situation and that is.significant because that's exactly what.dice could give you a good hard sinker.get you a lot of ground balls.[Applause].Jazze you take one that gets two outs.right now.Lavis is 1 for 3.[Applause].Blackman's got four steals on the air.remember Dyson is not that quick to home.plate you've seen number of base.stealers take advantage of that well.especially you got a guy like Dyson is a.sinker ball he's gonna put the ground.ball to ground in all likelihood start.that runner try and stay out of a double.play that's the motivation for blood.black blackbird ghost Moses got it.mister on the money.[Applause].perfect strength to that oh he'll be.Thomas alone had to do was catch it I.mean that was so good nobody's even.looking at it.right on the dot take a little bit and.it's so important to have a stride step.directed to your target that gives you a.straight ball crossover you could throw.a two-seamer big sinker out there that.was a perfect strike follow it's nothing.it too.[Music].Nucky's has stolen 16 straight sister.[Applause].here's the O to pitch to play bass with.the breaking ball good location on O to.count.[Music].get in there and Dyson and you're.thinking sacred but he's got four of the.things he could do the ball there that's.a perfect breaking ball right below the.zone at 350th Arenado is offered both.attuned to a walk and his score to the.first.[Applause].and their runs inside one ball and no.strikes.[Applause].the one oh wow second level.cut off but you see hit laid out of 100.fastball.[Music].nice one dad like Miss OH - about 1o.but it's an easy trap to fall into if.you're a pitcher thinking they might.assume kind of by it he was late it's.tough to do it a second time.[Applause].[Music].take a look at the top time 1.97 seconds.[Applause].from Sam Tyson's perspective that's.about as fast as he could unload it he.did a good job giving Posey a chance.[Applause].two balls two strikes.[Applause].gets the sign overshift design for.Arenado.the right.good solid two strike pitch you get.advantage another guy and two - you have.the advantage you want to make exactly.the kind of pitch that Dyson just made.who quality hitter in a one-run ballgame.like he just did to Arenado.[Applause].[Applause].tired awaiting steps off it's two balls.two strikes.[Applause].this time that was on Arenado.[Applause].on the ground Tomlinson got it spins you.better hurry.got a nice play and that'll end the.inning enemy Longoria to lead things up.[Applause].you.the San Francisco Giants into your.vote and get live stats on your TV by.the way changed the way you experience.TV with Xfinity x1 it's a 5-4 lead for.the Giants Musgrave who had a 1-2-3.inning goes after Longoria and a crown.strike.[Applause].now Gloria's got two Devils.[Applause].with those two Devils he's got three.RBIs he fouls this one back Rockford on.deck.and then Mac Williamson spent too many.too many days and hours and innings in.this booth to know that the one-run lead.is not good enough in this part.in the right field this is playable for.Gonzalez.and here's proffered.Buffett is over three.[Applause].plenty less shot right on the line to.McMahon today he's had the out of ball.going tonight.so here's Mac Williamson.still solid bats keep swinging.cabana Crockford literally has been the.hottest band about the bay and all.baseball.we use it takes high and wide one ball.and no strikes you look at the box score.tomorrow they might say oh four four but.he's hit the ball hard three times.got the foul.[Applause].[Applause].- third bronchi to hit it to side.retired.must grade six up six down bottom of the.eighth coming up story will hit first.[Music].[Applause].you.my Provident credit union is here 12.season NBC Sports Bay Area program is.the all-star teacher program recognizing.teachers that make a difference they do.it every day.well five have been singled out the.winners gonna receive $20,000 for his or.her school you need to vote good NBC.Sports Bay Area calm and cast that vote.5 for Giants for the bottom of the.eighth-inning when it's time for a.change think speedy oil change an auto.service your trusted oil change tune-up.and brake experts 20 Watson in for the.23rd time this year.[Applause].story hit a three-run home run in the.first reached on an air and scored in.the third struck out in the fifth.his Blanco is had left that's double.switch Walker will hit the ninth spot.in type 2 No.try the crowd story.they have guys of power get extended.now he's got to come into her down from.count to Oh.[Applause].what an event two balls and one strike.I change it was such a neutralizer to.right-handed hitters especially power.that story sitting at two I'll count.he's got drool bees that are literally.hitting on the top of the feet looking.for just a mistake and all of a sudden.here comes that - Oh change up his way.out front this is going to be out of.play on a pop-up now the right-field.line is too.[Applause].backed it up to the change.[Applause].to change ups definitely set up inside.with something hard.[Applause].Lester called a fastball in watts it.shook it off wasn't changing back.[Music].[Applause].call well it me he obviously loves that.changeup too right he's it's been a.great pitch for but it's set up for a.back foot slider he could Browns a.curveball the dirt he could come back.inside with that fastball again he got a.sneaky arm action and that fastball.could get in on.[Applause].one thing about Watson via all the.pitches in he has he'll throw up anytime.[Applause].[Music].one fastball he gave him a lamb it was.down it away but what's it had to come.into him nice to strike at bathroom.cover story to put him on bass to leave.things off here right up the middle I.don't know what the speed on that was.but it was blistered went in at 91 it.came out of 104.[Applause].so here's Gonzalez one for three.[Applause].and Gonzalez tries to quietly bunts it.foul felt like it was there for him to.tape I think if he doesn't that it.hits up.[Music].[Applause].[Music].run Indians right understand.[Applause].he's got him in his book suite for 12.with a homerun lifetime.[Applause].way off the plate.[Applause].floating the cutoff man.[Music].no hesitation whatsoever with Trevor.story what's that ball got through the.infield he was thinking third base and.with his speed he makes it easy.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].not story the baserunner no hesitation.so the Rockies have it set up the way.they want it the first and third nobody.out and it's a strikeout situation here.for Watson.Desmond one for two.is he did I just see that I don't even.know what's going on.[Music].Desmond looking like he's trying to push.a bunt on the right side that desmos got.good power he's got nine home runs in.twenty five RBIs coming into this game.[Applause].his numbers against Watson.vote for seven with five strikeouts I'm.him I'm probably but to them.[Applause].striking out five times you don't have.to strike them out.[Applause].belt.[Applause].you can get Desmond here then you got.a shot with a double play ball.[Applause].[Music].I want to.- right here McCutchin coming in he's.going to make the running catch it's.going to tie the game.and it's five to five.pretty nice at-bat there for bezel to.get that fly ball and a very solid play.from the kuchen to go a long way to snag.it and that could have been a whole lot.worse than just a sac fly the ties the.game.[Applause].so here's Iannetta.[Applause].give it to the old 475 strikeout history.this is a to strike.nasty pitch a changeup on the outside.corner that Desmond finds a way to get.it out there deep enough to get the job.done that's a good at bad design that.out of the swing.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Iannetta his only feast.Watson a couple of days.150.[Applause]. to changeups to swing-throughs.I'd like to know what the conversation.is that I had that is half with himself.from the dugout earn the batter's box.after he swung through the second.changeup.and he's thinking about I don't want to.get back to the dugout just thinking.about is they gonna throw.Thanks.[Applause].oops close cutlet I'm tying a guy fat.not so to change up sets of a fastball.and a seat did he swing no good call.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].he brought his glove he's ready.[Applause].up the middle boxes got it and that'll.be a double play to end the inning.game is tied.ninth-inning coming up.you.another for Game two of this three-game.series.pregame live the hour-long pregame I.will start at 4:30 who have a game for.you at 5:30 back in the Bay Area and you.can see it right here on NBC Sports.period streaming live on the NBC Sports.app the closer is in the game it's a 5 5.ballgame and that would mean that that's.way Davis when it's time for a change.think speedy oil change in Auto Service.your trusted oil change tune-up and.brake experts take a look what he has.done in 23 games 18 saves on the year.twenty five strikeouts in 22news his 12.hits allowed.one flaw nine walks he can get a wild.hair pastels good stuff you talk about a.bit mad decent fastball curveball the.slider all can strike you out.[Applause].that's one ball and no strikes Tomlinson.said a nice little games get to hit sees.two for three.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Desmond with an iceberg one out.and here's Blanco.[Applause].[Applause].Gregor Blanco baton for the first time.you see his numbers.[Applause].trying to get out.where peace Hernandez.[Applause].strike.this way to take out strike along with.that curveball it's not the picture.going to look for the first pitch but.gets Davis.[Music].to us yes with the slider but you could.see the quality of the two breaking.balls one at 81 miles now then I would.89 both quick Oh big.both with downward movement.[Applause].goofball Snider curveball now if you're.black Blanco it's fight.out of sight you're right.on the ground a second there McMahon has.it two hours for the Giants talked about.how quiet they've been Musgrave went six.up six down Davis now retires the first.duty.so here's Corki surrenders.2 for 4 with a line out to first four.keys.[Applause].outside his home run in the third inning.very high towering over oh just a cutter.that Bettis left middle into the strike.zone.they set the target away that's a.mistake now Hernandez is not visible.[Applause].becomes a threat now to think didn't hit.one out anytime.it's got six why Whitney feel that way.he's got a Tuhoe count.[Applause].[Music].juice is not a strike yeah that's when.you're gonna have a conversation with.yourself about.the 2-1 pitch here it is.say this about Wade Davis in Gorky.savannahs Davis is pitching him very.very carefully.[Applause].touching on deck.[Applause].I had about three good takes in that.at-bat I can't explain the two Oh swing.but everything else was solid we did an.idea how he see the strike zone Davis.wants to know where was that but the.Giants get her baserunner and they get a.base stealer.and with the gaps the way they are now.you can score a run with a guy on first.McCutchen he's 1 for 4.and Davis and slow out of the stretch.[Applause].foul breaking ball and snow balls and.one strike.1.46 that's very slow 1.25 is that's the.average the equalizer is the arm that.Iannetta has he's got a cannon catch it.through the Rockies.he's started to go in and he put on the.brake so it's one ball and one strike.cool quicker from Davis that time didn't.work you swear they had a good job.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].average lead for Corky Cervantes at.first.Jason back.to ground balls in a walk.Buster waiting on deck belt at the top.step.the pitch.and five mile an hour fastball it's vile.one of cool.he does not go it's like TMT that's a.great pitch and that is a great take.that's exactly where Davis gets a lot of.strikeouts.that's explosive that good mrs..Schneider.that pictionary is what makes him a.closer.a little bigger lead for Gorky's.Hernandez but not much.runner goes in the dirt and Hernandez.steals it he picked a good one.think of all the dirt advantage.baserunner.thank you.Oh easy take.we talked about Davis can get a while.here if his nose and that's an example.of it so Iannetta is going to come out.and use up a bound visit and it's to do.nothing more than commas frustrated.closer down.so Buster who singled in the first.reached on an air in the third bounced.out in the fifth and in the seventh.and Davis do not have a lot of history.all he wanted.Davis looking into Iannetta rookies.Hernandez with a good lead at second and.a foul.start to even account.go to ball on a strike.follow the third-base side 1 & 2.but a narrative Ricky Bahl is.a bit of a hanger that you know he got.that was early the design of that pitch.but it was just good hump a little too.much off the plate in.so it's one and two.on a placed weld a good pitch cozy no.cheek at all just a protective to the.piece up stay alive back.quality pitch.a good battle Davis Posey.[Applause].[Music].and it hit him so the bases are loaded.forget graze off his left hand.[Applause].so another example of wildness up and in.indeed to hit him right on the top of.them into the left-hand mount visit.another one used up by Iannetta.[Applause].there's belt.melton Davis have only two at bat.history see the bottom hand the left.hand just skim it across the knuckle.the thing about Bell T's got such a good.eye.remembers McCutchen imposing oh you.we tried cherry pick you on this first.pitch.[Applause].on the ground foul if it's fair it's an.out no balls and one strike you can see.he's thinkin though two walks a hit.batsman bases-loaded.Davis gonna get in that strikes off him.he was ready for it.we've gotten 23 pitches out of Davis.on ball and one strike.take the lead here in the night.fire look out right over Longoria.fastball at 95.let's have their leading RBI man at the.plate.of all in two strikes.- block - and - with pitch good block.could take.breakin balls at that velocity and with.that much tilt out of it it's just not.an easy take.which before he's got three pitches and.they could all strike you out they're.all swinging this pitches.two and two.and this is gonna add on the soft line.drive to the.McMahon is going to leave things up.[Applause].you.now tonight and II swear it's really had.a quality start he capable three-run.homer of the first and then after that.he shut him down gave a boy under and.run and he struck out seven and you can.take a look at the location with.breaking ball which was very solid he.got a lot of strikeouts with that and he.also set it up beautifully with his.corner pitching with his fastball here.he goes inside to get a swing and a Miss.and for Andy Suarez who had had three.rough starts coming into tonight he's.got to feel very very good about how he.threw the ball.so Watson stays in the game that it's.Ryan McMahon the left-handed hitter.delete things off and the first pitch is.wide.[Music].[Applause].McMahon.[Music].[Applause].and then Daniel Castro. right again.[Applause].wotcha needs to come in.strike three balls and one strike.man taking all the way.so easy to fall into the home run derby.mindset here in a tie ballgame at Coors.Field.[Applause].- to who.[Applause].and the to to offering got him on three.pitches three pitches where he didn't.even swing that's a hard at-bat to.explain first strikeout for Watson and.all this tells you is he's guessing with.a two strike count and he's looking for.a breaking ball he never got that's the.wood that says I guess wrong.so they pulled Castro back.so a lot of dull in San Francisco.rakesh think very highly of his kids he.fouls this one out.[Applause].black men to follow.and a foul again delegate to he was not.only trying to hold on he's trying to.hit a little third deck.we solid San Francisco me he never had.an over swing like that.[Applause].Oh two pets here it is and it's wide.[Applause].and it's playing defensively.straightaway there's a little pop up out.of play.so Watson drumming up a new baseball.John's trying to get it to the 10th.[Applause].[Music].whoo - a - that's a good remark at I.don't think you could describe to any.better than that.- things crossed your mind number one.why was that a strike and number two why.didn't the guys swing with it in a.one-two count.[Applause].Lester set out there again this is.flared elastic that's just way to go.again.he fights it off and Dahl is a guy that.could steal a base.yeah that's a force field hit right.there.so here's Blackman.[Applause].like Vince.one four four.[Applause].[Music].download all of their strikes.[Music].[Applause].Tomlinson offered.the plate depth.[Applause].the left heel.two hours.and use play bass.so what she's gonna let once it finished.this is confidence that he has it wants.it to get out not only left he's been.right he's too heard that throughout his.career.[Applause].he gets past Cuevas I don't know if.you'll let him pitch to Arenado.[Applause].what.but you'd love to have Watson finish the.sitting out and he would still have his.closer to the Giants to believe the top.ten.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Applause].bottom of the ninth.[Applause].changing you cannot throw a better.changeup in a better location when you.throw one like this if your buster posey.you thinking i got throw another one.rose.[Applause].check the runner see that thumb go out.in the catcher and using all the first.and they got to picked off belts got it.historic offer in time its proper.dropkick.bothers her.Dali's heard he went into the bag very.hard and in those bases do not move.[Applause].but black now reaching.let's take a look at the left leg.ouch.[Applause].Dropper puts a tag out of here Zuri hits.it.[Applause].look like the right ankle as it goes up.the shin it could be anywhere sistahs.his left foot he shies favor and that's.the contact he made with Crawford.[Applause].that could be a stinger he's trying to.walk it off.[Applause].it's an important.absolutely important.spot to be an inferior to potential.winning run at second base but blacks.got two guys that he can go to he's got.Castro as you mentioned him he's got.Tony Walters catcher who's got good.speed.this doll can't go.his left leg is tucked in there and.that's the contact point that he made.with Crawford interesting Crawford never.even rubbed his leg you just want to be.in a shinberger yeah.so they rule that a stolen base yes they.did.[Applause].it's Owen tooth to play Vasa now.[Applause].hockey's you're thinkin you know what we.could go home.Mott's insane I don't think so followed.out a plumber.there's that another change it.knuckle sets up a changeup more than a.three minute wait Cuevas did well to.fight that one off.[Applause].so beef pitch number 34 for Watson.[Applause].and it's hot I think West opposed he.wanted that just to cleanse the palate.of the eye.[Applause].but you see a lot of soft stuff down.below the strike zone away here so we're.heading with mile an hour fastball above.the strike zone that kind of sets up the.lower part of the zone it below the zone.again.[Applause].this would be out to Blanco and it.should in the inning.and it does so we'll head to the tenth.inning here at Coors Field it's 5 to 5.[Music].you.et AT&T official sponsor for.extra-inning.it's a five five game we've had a rain.delay to start this game and now we've.got extra innings Brian Shaw is the new.pitcher as he comes in to pitch the.tenth I don't let that 6.04 fuya this.guy's nasty a couple bumps in the road.for relief when you can pump up your PRA.with a bump or two what he brings in is.unique it's a mid-90s cutter and a hard.slider.well longoria is going to lead things.off he's had two doubles in this game.one that knocked in a pair a two-out.double and then another one that knocked.in one run in the sixth inning so he.will lead things off.a couple guys that faced each other in.the American League strike get it sold.that's a 94 our cut has advertised in a.perfect location.[Applause].[Music].they sit and for a right-handed hitter.that's how you beat cotton you picked.the opposite way.first hit Longoria has ever had against.shows now 1 for 9 lifetime and here's.Crawford.robert's hitless but he's had good.at-bats what smooth.[Applause].[Applause].austan Jackson's grabbed a bat he's on.deck.[Music].[Applause].for ticks low one ball and no strikes.[Applause].find shop that you're that really.inspired by Mariano Rivera horizon hey.I've got that type of velocity with that.cut movement and then propelled him to.the big leagues whoa.two balls and no strikes if there's such.thing as a magic pitch and mid-90s cuts.just about it.[Applause].you have a guy that you threw it on both.sides to play like Rivera could do.anything lovers who you could guess with.proffered raps one into centerfield.that's a bass it.better pull it off the bat of Brandon.Crawford alright so now you got Austin.Jackson and whose folks has got a.decision to make I mean you look at what.Bryan Shaw has done lifetime against.Jackson he's faced him a lot and.Jackson's hit him well hit 364 4 for 11.with a couple of doubles in a triple.[Applause].time for a conference two of them going.on black on the mound and Lotus with.Jackson alright there's your mound.visits it'll put a number up there they.put a black cube and when you use the.one up to take it away so Rocky's with.three left the Giants with 5 and the 3.mound visits have al happened the last.two innings for Robinson's they have.[Applause].so here's Jackson.[Applause].and one ball and no strikes so with.protein and we see this a lot he'll put.a bond on.and they don't take it off or he'll go.up there after a guy swings at a first.pitch fastball then he'll put it back on.me he does it he's not set in his mind.as to what he wants to put the bunt on.[Applause].but given the history that Jackson's had.against Shaw you know it's got to be in.the back of the mind of Bruce Bochy.[Applause].[Music].so this all time guys it's hard to hit.hard to pump too well.desmos get very good at first base he's.got a very strong arm.are you.ideally you should try a bucket ball to.third base but a 94 Mon our cut is not.an easy pitch to bunt to third base.[Applause].so is the count one and it's now wanted.to.[Applause].[Applause].so Jackson now swing away.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].taps this one and Desmond's going to go.to third and they got.Desmond's throw was a little offline but.Arenado either stayed on a bag or tagged.it one way or the other.[Applause].don't see too many 3 5 plays but here's.one well and there's an example the arm.were talking about I mean yeah that's a.laser and they did a deep yet of a nice.play with the tag put on by our knot on.the back end of that play.Sooners Tomlinson two four four and a.nice at-bat against Davis but he did it.right at Desmond in the ninth speed with.he's not going to get a two-out jump in.the best army could rock his hat was in.right field and they're playing Carlos.Gonzales a bright shallow thank you both.Kelby Thomas is going to go to right.field with whatever he hits her because.of the cut that he's going to see from.Shaw.[Applause].r12 Tomlinson Crawford.[Applause].at second and the pitch is low Crawford.and Jackson are your baserunners.[Applause].couple of hits to open up the inning.[Applause].[Applause].and foul line about it.[Applause].one or two.[Music].ja and it's rolled foul just now kids.father.smothered that breaking ball so spirited.at bat from Tomlinson here in the.top of the 10th inning so crowd is hung.around there's at 1.30 2409.[Music].pitch number 14.[Applause].they only get one so block is going to.hit with runners at first and third.we're back into the spot again where the.Giants need something to happen with two.outs that two out not significant though.and they Crawford does get the third.base for Shaw if he's thinking about.trying to do a slider in the dirt he may.have second thoughts about it.[Applause].but it is a strikeout pitch for him.especially the lefties Rocco and his.only at-bat game against Davis in the.ninth and he grounded out to second.[Applause].follow snowballs and extract the cutter.running in on pansy who's left-handed.hitters.[Music].[Applause].Oh.big fellas coming up we go to the bottom.of the gym.[Applause].you.if you can't find plus log on.sports very calm or call your TV.provider.it's a 5/5 game.and the new pitcher is hunter strikland.take a look at the numbers for.strickland 24 times these come in but a.very solid first half 21 baserunners.allowed in 22 innings we're averaging a.strikeout it in it dance are still.hanging in there.and it'll be Strickland against Arenado.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Arenado takes a strike and out of every.three consider up a fastball 96 on the.outside corner perfect location.[Applause].hello on deck his story said this is the.beef than it is the defense yeah we.always talk about the home run derby.that X turning game can become.especially in a ballpark gets as live as.this one well this is the part of the.lineup day a big home run derby every.time they stay after the batter's box.and they have to be a tie ballgame in.the bottom of the 10th.[Applause].two balls and one strike.[Applause].mr. fun replaces Watson.[Applause].it's three in one he's got to come to.[Applause].Arenado knows it.[Applause].[Music].so what the strickland wanted.despite inches.[Applause].every one you got to get that strike.zone.[Applause].[Music].yeah.now you get a pitch through it.[Applause].so your story.stories had two hits one a home run a.three-run home run of the first set this.one fouls it back good first a fastball.hitter and he had one two hit there one.thing from Strickland's perspective is.you don't have to worry about anybody.fun this is not the bunt part of the.lineup.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].story two four eight lifetime against.Hunter Strickland.[Applause].good pitch strike.[Applause].[Music].we're in the 10th.[Applause].you can't completely ignore our natto it.at first that's a big 90 feet you've got.to make sure that he stopped before you.come home if you're Strickland it's not.showing signs that he's gonna go as this.is fouled out of play but he's a really.smart player really all you have to do.the last thing you do before you go home.is just give a look just hold him there.make sure you stop I'll let him walk.into a lead.[Applause].it's all aside debt doing some work as.please.[Applause].wanted to.his Hernandez catches and Arenado he's.been a baker.so that you get a predictor productive.out out of it they do move them into.scoring position.[Applause].they can look at the breaking ball just.kind of laid out there in story when.he's heading back to the Rockies dugout.they could he just missed it it backed.up Hernandez who's got a pretty good arm.but even from that depth you know I'm.not enough to stop Barnato from.advancing the second.gents are gonna walk Gonzalez.there's death.[Applause].Desmond lifetime against Strickland is.over eight.[Applause].the balls and one strike.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Giants with 12 hits in this game.Rocky's with nine.[Applause].good pitch.[Applause].watch the breaking ball oh one count.just take up that inside corner.[Applause].direct feel McCutchen dives he came he's.gonna throw.and the bases are loaded.so a base hit for Desmond man-years.Iannetta.another breaking ball this catches a.little bit too much strikes on a second.time tonight we see Desmond the 2 strike.count go to right field not an.aggressive swing at all just trying to.make contact.sometimes those balls are just scary.right on out to the outfield.so Iannetta down to the infield in and.with the fast and feel they have to play.all the way and Iannetta takes a strike.miss Virgie.it's tough to get one buy and then on.the inside corner and he's quick that.side of the plate and that bunched him.up so that's a big old one now he's got.two pitches and he's pitching for the.strikeout played a simple.up the middle.so in the tenth inning.the Colorado Rockies with the help of a.leadoff walk.always seem to hurt.it hurts in this one.the Giants played a nice ball game in.the end it doesn't matter they lose six.five all right.it doesn't matter their woes continue on.this road trip and.the hunter strikland I mean he knows the.deal a leadoff walk even to a guy with.power you're trying to be careful with.is that something that you can get get.away with and it came back and it really.haunted him tonight so game one on this.three-game series goes to the Rockies.and the final score Rockies six Giants.five thanks for joining the state to in.Giants post game live presented by.Toyota starts right now.[Applause].you.

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